Public highways, private profits

Mapuche vs Benetton
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In recent days, the half-yearly financial results of some of the major companies have been made public. Companies must be divided into two categories, namely, market companies and State concessionaries. Those in the first category are often having a hard time while those in the latter, instead, have the constitution of an ox. These concessions are seen as a licence, issued by the Government, to exploit the citizens. The kind of concessions handed out may involve the provision of water, refuse collection, electricity and roads, in other words, the kind of primary services that people can no longer do without. Once upon a time, the kings would hand out duchies and counties to his feudal lords in exchange for favours, while these days instead, the parties hand out State concessions.
The only option open to the Italian in the light of this intensive exploitation of tariffs is to consume less. However, to his great surprise, he finds himself nevertheless paying more. As a matter of fact, the concession holders are driven by a very strong profit motive. In order to make this profit, if the market goes down, prices instead go up. It is a question of prestige, which allows these new private monopolies to publish excellent balance sheets and superlative six-monthly financial results, and to openly make electoral contributions to the parties.
The Benetton family’s holding company, Atlantia, controls Autostrade per l’Italia (Motorways for Italy). You can recognise them amongst many thousands of others that you may come across on your holiday trips: they are the ones where there are road works in progress. At this time of global recession, the Benettons are a perfect example of someone that is bucking the trend. Great industrialists in the business of government authorised highway extortion. Atlantia’s revenues have increased by 7,8% in just six months and now stand at 1.6 billion Euro. 1.3 Billion Euro of this comes from toll fees, notwithstanding the fact that motorway traffic levels have remained stable over the same period. As a matter of fact, toll fees have increased by some 3,6% since the first of January 2008.
“The Benetton family’s holding company, Atlantia”. How good these words sound, they grant a certain lineage to the concept of tolls. Atlantia, meanwhile, has posted profits amounting to 366 million Euro in a single six-month period (+7,4%).
When the highways were still controlled by the Government, these profits still belonged to the Italians. Now, instead, they are being shared out amongst the industrialists at Benetton and the political parties, while the Country becomes increasingly poorer.
“Travel by all means, but avoiding the toughest potholes …”

P.S.: Tomorrow, 9 August, at 21h30, in the courtyard of the Baronial Castle of Scanzano Jonico, an unveiling ceremony will be held for the book entitled "FRAGOLE E URANIO. Scanzano Jonico: storia di una rivolta" (STRAWBERRIES AND URANIUM. Scanzano Jonico: The story of a revolt).

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I try to post here...

Becouse i think , some stupid banned my account.

Posted by: Maximilian | August 11, 2008 02:19 PM

it happens to holland this time
an obscure nembo is taking her
a lot of spider
we call people
coming from the darkest
interests of the false satan
addicted people
read vatic-ano
radio vatican
entered in this really
and changed it
into a despoir and no more
rebel city
before with the diseas
after with the north african and east europe
what happend to the music of the nineties
and what ever happend to us all
my friends
we were poets, artists
we were believers
of the darkness and of the pain
trying to get rich
and live then
tryinag to be always into
it's raining
like a van gogh paint
onto the houses
coloured with brown deception
and the wind
take us away
from our belief
into a spiral of deep and rotating
like the universe
back to his origin heavy
on the top of the sky
that want to be a black hole
blue deep and black
and crows flying
of death

fuck off to all the church believers...

Posted by: andrea dino | August 10, 2008 11:41 AM

What happened to ",.. the owner of the Blog can delete messages at any moment and for any reason."?

Some of the messages that are allowed to come through are definitely irrelevant, obnoxious and a pain in the 'a' ... :-(

Can someone please do something about it?

Thank you.

Posted by: Adriana Mian | August 10, 2008 02:19 AM

This may be off topic in this particular space but here is a snippet from an Australian Federal Police article about drug seizure and the importance of telephone tapping ...

Australian police claim 'world's largest seizure of ecstasy'

SYDNEY (AFP) — Australian Customs and police said Friday they had seized 4.4 tonnes of ecstasy tablets worth nearly 400 million dollars, describing it as the biggest haul of the illicit drug anywhere in the world.

Police said the seizure of the drugs, which were concealed in tins of tomato shipped to Australia from Italy, had resulted in the arrests of 21 people across the country beginning in pre-dawn raids.

...The ecstasy haul, estimated to be worth at least 440 million dollars (394 million US) had been kept secret until now to allow the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Customs to carry out their investigations.

"There have been 185,000 telephone intercepts in this operation, there have been 400 members of the AFP deployed to this operation, there have been 10,000 hours of surveillance deployed to this operation to find the perpetrators of this world's largest seizure and importation into our country," Keelty said. ...

Full article:

How many phone taps did Berlusconi quote were carried out in Italy???

Posted by: Adriana Mian | August 9, 2008 10:52 AM

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