The choice of the “other world”


For the August holiday , a great book: “Manuale per una morte dignitosa” {Manual for a dignified death} by Andrè Ruellan. manuale-per-una-morte-dignitosa.jpg In a period of insecurity and of degradation, of wretchedness at our door, there’s need to look forward. Not to let ourselves be gripped by discomfort and resignation. To treasure the few certainties that are left to us. To nurture them carefully. What certainty is more certain than death? Why ignore it during life? “life is never too long to learn to leave it” The Great Consoler however has to be helped. The location of our eternal permanence is to be decided in advance and in the tiniest detail. The choice of the other world has not yet been taken from us by the Governments or the institutions. Play your hand before the “rien ne va plus”.
”There are so many other worlds and they have unequal values: many of them stay this side of what is asked of them, and almost all imply a hateful inequality between the destinies of beyond the tomb. We use the term “hateful” because the reasons for arriving at any paradise are based on conventions and they vary according to the religion followed. In this light, certain misadventures are to be feared. For example, let us take the case of a Christian who has spent his whole existence in the rigid observance of “thou shalt not kill” and who at the moment of death is a victim of an orientation error and is sent to the other world of the Vikings. Once there, he will have no chance to enter into Walhalla, the place reserved for warriors, and so he will see himself pushed into hell, that offers a decidedly unpleasant stay.
On the other hand, when that arbitrary inequality does not exist, you find yourself a more worrying leveling: the “Aralu” of Mesopotamia takes all the dead without distinction, whatever their virtues, but, once they are there, they spend their time eating dust and chattering their teeth in obscurity. That is to say that, on the face of it, the choice is not easy.
However, in the mean time, as long as the preparation for death has not been ignored, you will have tried to get to know some influential dead people. This method is the one that offers the greatest guarantee of security, and it is the only true hope that we can cling to if we think of the exchange of dossiers that can take place between one office and another. This is particularly valid for the Chinese other worlds, that are terribly bureaucratic, but it is still valid for all the others, given that, for example, the Christians recognise the efficaciousness of prayer in this environment. For them, the saints, are people who have definitely to be frequented if you want to sound the trumpets rather than burn in the flames. Once these precautions have been taken, you can start to study the proposals of the various religions. There are two possible attitudes: follow to the letter the moral principles of one of these and thus prepare for yourself a dwelling of blessings – with the help of an excellent dead person; or otherwise choose a religion that has a supportable hell, which assumes that you will behave in life like a pig and a savage. The first solution requires strength of will; that makes for an exhausting existence, but at the same time it shortens it in an advantageous way. The second, instead, is very difficult to apply since the people of the underworld have on the whole been described by sadists and in general, it’s not great ending up there. In spite of all that, it’s always possible to aim at a transitory hell, like that of Mazdaism or of Islam, rather than going voluntary to risk an eternal hell, like the Hebrew Gehenna or the Christian hell.”

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