The death of Riccardo Rasman


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The Rasman trial will take place in October in Trieste. The blog will follow the main hearings.

ĒThe police officers came here at two thirty in the morning. They told us that Ricky was dead, that they had taken him to the mortuary in via Costalunga. We asked what had happened. They told us that he had thrown firecrackers and damaged the ear drums of a girl who lost blood. They had called the Fire service, they broke down the door of Rickyís one room apartment and that Ricky collapsed. Thatís what they told us. We asked why they hadnít called us, but we got no reply to that. Only five days later, on November 1, they let us see and we understood why notÖ. From the photographs you could see that he had been massacred with blows to the face, they had broken his cheekbone, then there was the signs of being gagged, blood from his ears, nose, mouth, you could see really well. We went into that apartment only in March, it was a disaster, there was blood everywhere, a blood stain on the way to the kitchen. Then from the photographs I understood that they had moved him with his head towards the door so as to hide the blood stain that was there. There was a fracture, his hair was full of blood, there was a fracture even behind his neck, there was blood on the table, on the walls, on the bed sheets, behind the bed on the ground, there were blood stains on the mat underneath which we even found pieces of flesh, hidden. Under the bed we found a piece of wire bent four times into a figure eight. Then the autopsy found that he was tied with wire even round his ankles, his wrists. The signs still on his body are typical of those made by wire and not with handcuffs and then not counting the blows on his back: here there were signs 4 centimetres wide left by the impact of a chair, surely to hit him they even used a chair, thus Ricky received so many blows that you would need to ask the police how come they let themselves go like this. For two firecrackers? Given that it was really Ricky that had thrown these two firecrackers! Why is it that according to us they are not to be found in the acts. We deposited the affair with the wire but they didnít. Not even did the girl have an injury to her ear drum as they said in the beginning. Ricky was never in that one room apartment. If he was there he was accompanied by his father or by myself. He never went on his own because he didnít live there. He stayed with us, all the time. With the fear that he had for some time, so much that he never wanted to go anywhere, the doctors had taken away his medication. The doctors when they wanted to see him, they came here to the home of his parents. After signora Pollanz called 113, the police asked for information about this Rasman. Police officer Miraz, the first to go to the one room apartment said: ďthis Rasman, I know him.Ē Then on the photos you can see the collars of the shirt dirtied with blood. Sure already in 1999 they came here to our house to beat up Ricky, round about September, a neighbour who got annoyed called the Police because Ricky listened to the radio in the car. He himself came armed with a stick with his wife and a dog to threaten him, soon after the Police arrived here to beat him up. So they knew him. Perhaps they were not happy that Ricky, put on trial for that happening was absolved. The mental health centre showed that Ricky was a person who suffered, he was a 80% sickness invalid because of his military service, during which time his fellow soldiers had destroyed his psyche by playing tricks of every type on him, they destroyed his personality and Riccardo wrote in the acts that he didnít react when then did harm to him out of respect for the mothers of those who harmed him, so as not to make them suffer. He was good natured: he received harm rather than give it. He was in care, however it was not a cure. I and my father we were always going to the mental health centre but for this reason we annoyed the doctors because we wanted Ricky to make progress, and we had taken him to Preganziol in Pisa then luckily Ricky seemed to be a bit better, so much so that he had started to do some small jobs however I believe they had him in a bind, they told him that if he had treatment outside Trieste they would not have given him treatment. So he always had highs and lows, he didnít have a normal life, for the medication, the doctors didnít come to the house, it was Ricky who had to go to the mental health centre, but with that illness he couldnít be regularÖ He slept so much in his life, I wonder what disturbance he could have caused, he slept so much poor thing.. everyone knew him to be a respectful person, well-mannered, even though he was ill, we was polite towards everyoneÖ. The police officers were absolved without seeing what we had written in the actsÖ In that week in the daily paper "Il Piccolo" there was an article that said that they had done their duty so that they came out of this situation with their heads held high because itís not just a matter of having a trial, now itís time to do other investigations, because things are still not clear, thanks to our lawyer Giovanni Di Lullo who on 28 February this year presented substantial documentation and so the judges could not archive the case. They have to explain why they broke down the door of the home, how much confusion he could have done with a little radio like that is not known, there are too many things that donít make sense. For us itís just a fabrication, mud, just lies, lies, lies. They took down the pictures in the entrance before breaking down the door. Why did they take down the pictures? Because they knew that they wanted to act with brutality, so as not to ruin anything, because it was better to move a bottle than the pictures from the wall. The bottle is more dangerous. Then we discovered that it was they who had placed the bottle, since Ricky didnít have any glass bottles. That evening the only bottle that we found was the Coca Cola one, the only one that Ricky could have drunk. So it was just lies, lies, lies! Calumny. Anyone who has told lies and calumny must respond to the law because itís not possible to slander a dead person.Ē Giuliana Rasman

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