Italian sharks

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Each year, humans kill 40 million sharks. Each year, sharks kill 10 humans. If a shark comes across a human, it should get the hell out of there.
Six immigrants were murdered in a single day in Castelvolturno by the camorra. An African Italian was beaten to death in Milan by a father and son pair, amidst shouts of “Dirty nigger”, for having stolen a few biscuits. An Italian pensioner has murdered two Ukranian women. He was jealous. Hundreds of foreigners die in workplace accidents in Italy, swallowed up by a manhole or incinerated in a furnace. Young foreigners, often mere children, are raped in their hundreds by so-called “good Italian folks”. The prices are very reasonable: 20/30 Euro a pop. Foreigners simply go missing in the tomato harvesting fields of Puglia. No trace of even the bones of these people has ever been found.
Italy is the global landing strip for cocaine. All of the cocaine comes through Italy via the Gioia Tauro Harbour. A single dose costs 5/10 Euro, about the same price as an aperitif. There is so much cocaine in Milan that you can sniff it in the air, free of charge.
The army stands guard at the waste disposal dumps run by “Impregilo” and the rubbish bins, while on the street corners the camorra proceeds to kill off all the court witnesses, one by one.
If an honest foreigner comes across an Italian, he should get the hell out of there. Italians have become the great white shark of Europe. What other country has more sharks in Parliament? Dell’Utri and Cuffaro have exceptionally sharp teeth. The psychodwarf has nothing but canines in his mouth, while Topo Gigio Veltroni has false teeth (since he is only a second-class shark). Where else in the world would you find criminal organisations of the calibre of the Mafia, the Ndrangheta and the Camorra? No other country on Earth has tiger sharks quite like ours.
Since the collapse of the Towers, the Muslims have become the enemy. However, since 2001, not a single Italian, not ONE, has been killed in Italy by a Muslim person for religious reasons. The Lega prohibits the establishment of mosques, which are places of prayer, but does nothing about the spread of the mafia and the drugs in the North.
One shark will not attack another …
In Italy, simple survival is already difficult enough for an Italian, however, the foreigner really puts his life on the line. He arrives here and lands up either in a transit camp or in jail. If he refuses to pay protection money he gets murdered, he is obliged to work illegally and, in the case of a female or a minor, they run the risk of being raped.
The only ones that immediately feel entirely at ease are the delinquents. They are not at risk here. In fact, they are better off here than in their country of origin. But then they are, after all, in shark territory.

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As a foreigner living here for the past three years i have experienced alot more than anyone cos everyday its a new story to tell from where i live in northern Italy. Job without contracts(surly you need this contract to get your permit of stay>>figure that out or would become an illegal alien)aggresive neigbhours,and all sort of secret discrimination that you can feel even when not acted.
we foreigners do respect the laws of Italy but little incident makes the citizen act funny and wierd and it make many foreigners feel sad and depressed ever living their country of origin.
With the new security laws its like we all under a kind of 9/11 watch list because of the color of your skin and easily identified.
But notwithstanding i still believe that many italians still love foreigner and i remember an occasion i was working in the city of milan and and an elderly lady stopped me and wanted to chat with me and know all about me, despite that i was in an area where people are often unfriendly. i just think its a matter of time and people would integrate and know us(foriegners)better.

Posted by: Edward James | October 1, 2008 01:16 AM

Lately, after reading or watching what's happening in Italy I stare at the computer monitor or TV screen for a few minutes in disbelief. Then, inevitably, the question pops up; "What is going on in Italy?" Or, as after the news of Abba, the nineteen-year-old black Italian who was beaten to death for allegedly having stolen a few biscuits, I ask myself, "How did Italians turn so ugly?" "What kind of hate unleashed such brutality?" "Was it congenital hate or was it cultivated?" Then I imagined the scene: the black teen raising his arms attempting to fend off the blows of a steel bar. I see ill- will, arrogance; in-your-face violence. Father and son blunting all their human emotions in order to punish a human being considered sub-human. In the 1890s, Blacks left the American rural south in droves for factory-jobs in the industrial North. The exodus created an unprecedented labor shortage for owners of cotton-fields. They urgently needed new manpower. They found plenty in Southern Italy. Soon, thousands of destitute Southern Italians sailed to New Orleans to work in the fields of Louisiana. In the South, as in most of the United States, racism, fanned by theories of white supremacy was rampant. People from Southern Europe, according to these racist theories, were not considered white. To make matters worse for Italians, was the rumour that they all belonged to a secret criminal organization called the Black Hand, sometimes called mafia. Racists seized on these rumours and created a climate of fear among the locals making them hostile to all newcomers. Soon Italians in the Louisiana of the 1880s became less popular than are Roms, Romanians, Albanians or Black-Africans in the Italy of 2008. The then New Orleans' chief-of-police was an outspoken anti-immigrant and spoke bitterly about the dangerous "dagos" -as Italians were derogatorily known. One night, in 1891, the same chief-of-police was shot. He died in hospital. The word "dago" was his last. As expected, Italians were deemed as the "usual suspects." Over two-hundred Italians were picked up and taken to jail. A few days later all, but twelve, were released. By this time false, ugly stories about Italians appeared in newspapers whipping the people of New Orleans into a frenzy. The word "lynching" gained popularity. Eventually, the twelve men accused of murdering the chief were put on trial and found innocent. But they could not be released as an angry mob had gathered in front of the courthouse. The decision was made to transfer them to the city-jail to keep them there for the night for their own safety. In the meantime, the mob was now screaming, "death to the dagos!" A few hours later, after the transfer, the mob, armed with shotguns, crashed the main door of the jailhouse, rushed to the holding-cells, crashed the doors and began firing on the Italians huddled in two groups against the wall. They were all killed. The murderers dragged the bodies into the courtyard of the jail-house and later hung the Italians on the lampposts of the city. Should anyone think this lynching to be an anomaly in an otherwise uneventful history of Italian immigration, they should think again. Other Italians and Jews were lynched in other parts of the United States, as thousands of blacks were hung, their bodies set on fire by Ku Klux Clan-inspired mobs. Abba, in Milan, was not lynched. But, he might as well have been as (as far as I know) no passersby attempted to stop the fury of father and son. And, as far as anybody knows, there is no Ku Klux Clan in 2008, Italy.

Posted by: lou pacella | September 21, 2008 05:04 PM

Devastating and painful to read. Many of these problems have been long in the making, but the current situation is qualitatively worse than anything I can recall. My only consolation as an Italian American who loves (used to love?) Italy is that things are even worse here in the USA. Some consolation!

Posted by: Giorgio de Stefano | September 21, 2008 02:51 AM

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