Mills on trial, Berlusconi convicted


I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s presentation:

”Good day to you all. Today I should have still been talking about Alitalia, but we will talk about that on Thursday on Annozero, when we start again, on RaiDue, and we will have the opportunity to reflect on that. Today I would like to talk about an issue that links Israel and Italy. Perhaps because I heard, at the end of some TV News programme, that Prime Minister Olmert has resigned as he had promised.

According to the newspapers, Olmert was under investigation for corruption. In reality, in Israel, the crime of illegal financing and corruption are the same thing so he is accused of having taken money without recording the money in the accounts of his election campaign.
He has been accused after he became Israel’s Premier following the ictus that struck the previous Premier Ariel Sharon. He has not yet been sent for trial, that is, he has not yet been formally charged, he has already been interrogated three times and each time it was he who rushed to the magistrates.
In the end he decided that in that situation he could not stay as President of the Council of State in Israel. He announced his resignation and then precisely he resigned and will be replaced by the woman minister Tzipi Livni.
Why am I talking about Olmert? Because this summer the inverse has happened in Italy: as usual, with us, in similar situations dissimilar results follow – in fact the opposite happens.
Berlusconi, defendant – he was sent for trial, already in an advanced stage of the discussions at the first level for judicial corruption of a witness, the Englishman David Mills – under investigation for having bought – or tried to buy Centre Left senators a year ago.
A defendant with a request for being put on trial for having bought the services of a director of the RAI that is the competing company, that is also paid by us, in relation to his company - and is in turn sent for trial in another trial for tax fraud, false accounting and misappropriation – the trial of the Mediaset rights, the one in which he is accused of having disproportionately inflated the real price of scores and scores of films bought in America, not directly by his companies but that were bought by misty companies of the Fininvest Offshore division that passed them from one to the other and each time the film passed from one misty company to another, the price increased.
At the end this whipped cream of surplus price in relation to the real price, ended up, according to the accusation, in the pockets of “il Cavaliere” and his family members.
OK, a gentleman in these conditions – two trials happening in the Tribunal and two preliminary hearings happening in Naples and in Rome not to mention all that comes before, that is the 6 time-outs for the Statute of Limitations, the 2 absolutions on the basis of the decriminalisation of the crime of false accounting that he did – let’s forget that … - a gentleman in those conditions, he too decided that it was not appropriate that a President of the Council has investigations and trials that are ongoing.
It’s just that instead of resigning, he cancelled the trials that were happening with the Lodo Alfano.
In Israel they didn’t have the same idea, it didn’t occur to Olmert to do a Lodo Olmert to abolish the investigations against himself: he had the good thought that a Premier under investigation is the one who must go.


Who tells the story of the scandal of a law done especially for Berlusconi to block a trial that he continues to block even now that he is out of it?
Who tells the story of the scandal of a Parliament that is called together and sent away according to the hearings and trials for Mills and no longer for Berlusconi?
Who tells the story of the scandal of a Premier who freely lies in front of the justice and in front of the Italian People?
Have you found any trace, apart from the gossip about the young and delightful female lawyer, in recent days on the TV?
It seems to me that we haven’t known anything, as we have not known anything about Alitalia, in fact the TG1 news continues to lick the feet , to say no more, of the government consortium, directly calling the strikebreaking commanders to talk against their own unions in favour of the government.
It’s 360 degree regime information and naturally there’s the same antidote: spread the word!"

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Hi Beppe ,
In truth, whoever was prime minister, you would have no good to say of them .
Corruption is part of the daily life in Italy, without sleight of hand nobody achieves anything in Italy . Many other countries are the same, I live in Thailand now !
Berlusconi is the best that Italy has at got present . As people said to me about the
"Clean Hands" trials ,"Yes,but dirty feet", there is no pretending,no escaping, Italy has to live with the reallity .
Italy has the government it deserves !

Posted by: David Barneby | September 24, 2008 09:02 AM

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