The battle for wheat

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If the wars of the day after tomorrow will be fought for water, the wars of tomorrow will be for food. Wheat, rice, corn, soya. Revolts and attacks on bakers have already happened in many countries, from Egypt to Indonesia, from the Philippines to India. The harvests are becoming more important than petrol. Itís better to die while you are still, than to die of hunger while you are moving.
The over-populated states are moving on the world chess board and buying up cultivatable land. China in Brazil, Laos, Kazakhstan and Tanzania. India in Uruguay and Paraguay. South Korea in Sudan and in Siberia. Egypt in Ukraine. In parallel, a new protectionism is being created, that of the starving hungry. The States that donít produce enough food resources for their own population are blocking exports or are increasing the customs duties. Itís human nature. The price of foodstuffs is going up at a mad speed in the whole world, thanks also to financial speculators. Itís the economy.
The mechanism that has started to act is hellish. One State, for example, China, is increasing the number of mouths to be fed while it is destroying cultivatable land. In China in 2005 the expropriation of land from the farmers increased by 15 times in relation to 10 years earlier. Land that has been transformed into residential and industrial zones. Less land, less food, more Chinese. The equation is resolved by buying more land for food elsewhere. In the countries where, for now, they can allow themselves to export agricultural produce. But even in these countries, the population is increasing, the land for food production is decreasing, because of building speculation and bio fuels, and water for irrigation is scarce. What will happen when the Brazilians see their corn disappearing and they have no daily bread? Any government would not last a week and the lands sold to foreigners would be nationalized. The lighted match would be in the hands of China and its armaments.
China is the prime world producer of cereals and rice. Once upon a time it was exporting. In 2007, China produced 501.5 million tons of wheat and the Chinese consumed 510 million. According to the FAO, in 1985 the Chinese ate 20 Kilo of meat each, in 2018 thatíll go up to 70 Kilo. To produce meat you need cereal and land. China imports already today, 60% of the soya that it needs.
If the top world producer has to import, the others, like Italy, what will they have to do? Seen from above, our country seems like a building nightmare. It is disappearing under the cement. The priority must be self-sufficiency in food, not the parking lots and the incinerators.
PS. A word of advice: create your own kitchen garden on your balcony or in a tiny piece of land.

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Egreggio Beppe Grillo, come dice lei " solo lei mi puo aiutare che e` un comico" ho ordinato tramite il suo sito 3 DVD il 29 Luglio e mi e` stato detto quando il 27di Agosto ho mandato una mail a staff di Grillo che hanno dovuto mandare i DVD il 28 Agosto perche erano in ferie dal 1 al 25 di Agosto questa sembra una batuta che andrebbe bene se si vuole far ridere qualcuno, che pero` i 3 giorni di Luglio e i 3 giorni di Agosto nulla e stato fatto del mio ordine ma solo quando ho mandato una mail dichendo che facevo sapere a Grillo dei mancati guadagni che avrebbe scontrato dopo che avrei annulato tramite la carta di creadito il pagamento, che cosa non ancora ho fatto.
Come vedi io non vivo in Italia ma ho vissuto per 15 anni e ci vado spesso (Roma), possiamo dire che la Posta Italiana, o gli Italiani con la posta sono do una qualita unica, come io ricevo posta dalla Calisornia, HongKong, Brasile e non piu di 10 girni di calandario ricevo la posta e dall'Italia dopo 18 giorni e 47 di aver fatto l'Ordine non ho ricevuto i DVD, forse la risposta e` nei anunci di ebay che molte volte specificano che non manderanno l'artico ad indirizzi Italiani, lo stesso sara` mandato nei USA, UK, Francia, Germania ma non Italia.
Io a questo punto non faro con gli azionisti della FIAT quando hanno sentito della Ziguly, che si sono butati dalla finestra, ma perdero` interesse ad ricevere i DVD chiamero` la mia Carta di creaditi e annullero il pagamento che mia hanno detto (BarclaysCard) che e possibile perche` non avete rispetato i 10 gioni di consegna che publicate sul vostro sito.

Dimenticavo, io lavoro nel campo they computer ( consulente informatico) se un compiuter non e` buono si cambia, se il servizio di posta non e` buono si cambia o si fa` qualcosa per cambiarlo.
Cordiali saluti e grazie per essere une dei pochi Italiani che fa` qualcosa per L'italia.
Dino Ulgiati

Posted by: Dino Ulgiati | September 15, 2008 06:32 PM

China's land is slowly being poisoned or removed from agricultural use. Their water resources are being polluted at an alarming rate. In short, their domestic ability to feed their growing population will become impossible, and their need to find resources elsewhere will inevitably lead to conflict.

Posted by: David Epstein | September 4, 2008 04:47 PM

China in Malaysia too. Not only for food cultivation, now they are investing into so-called renewal energy, of course at the expense of the natives! The tagline is Politic of development, but salary offered remain RM12 per day (USD3$), do not believe switch on to Sarawak FM for segment sponsored by Ministry of Human Resources.

Abdul Hakim Bujang, Sarawak, Malaysia

Posted by: abdul hakim bujang | September 4, 2008 04:06 PM

Thanks for the advice, I'd like to underline it!
I'm an activist in the urban vegetable garden issue.
Producing vegetable in your garden is something more than just provide fresh food to your table!
You can understand the hard work which is behind the stuff that you buy at the supermarket.

Posted by: Alessandro De Angelis | September 4, 2008 12:05 PM

Thanks for the advice, I'd like to underline it!
I'm an activist in the urban vegetable garden issue.
Producing vegetable in your garden is something more than just provide fresh food to your table!

Posted by: Alessandro De Angelis | September 4, 2008 12:03 PM

Italy is already importing pasta and 'grano duro' with which to make it; we in Australia profit from it, but as our rainfall is becoming less plentiful it is possible that we too will find it difficult to feed our own increasing population.
As sea levels rise and low lying land becomes inundated, less area will be available for food production and the higher ground will become crowded with refugees.
There is also a real possibility that many traditional freshwater sources will become saline and/or contaminated with industrial and domestic pollution from flooded waste sites.
Emergency measures are needed *NOW*, but few either know, or want to know, the real possibilities for total global disruption that lie before us.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | September 4, 2008 01:48 AM

Greetings fro Puerto Rico:

It is sadly but true. The world is willingly ignoring the threat that the production of biofuels and other "green" alternatives are causing. The day will come when we will have full gas tanks but empty stomachs.

Posted by: Michael Castro | September 4, 2008 01:29 AM

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