Veltroni in New York


From Il Corriere della Sera dated Monday 22 September 2008: “After the intense New York days and the meetings with American writers and politicians for the presentation of his book: The discovery of the dawn, Walter Veltroni is back in Italy and is getting ready to tackle an Autumn packed with engagements.”

In one of his intense New York days, the New York MeetUp asked Topo Gigio Veltroni a few questions and they have sent me the video of this precious witness.
You have supported the war in Afghanistan, you are in favour of the new law on phone interceptions. You also said that incinerators cause no damage to health. You have said the same things as Berlusconi says. And earlier you spoke of a block on the country with a system like that. I want to ask you: Do you think there is still an Opposition in Italy? And do you think that you represent it?
What you mentioned are exactly the positions of the American Democrats, and they too are an Opposition in relation to the Right, and so… As you see, taking that parameter is not sufficient.
But I am talking about the majority of the population. The Opposition that walks in the street.
Exactly. On 25 October in Rome there will be a demonstration. And it will be a really big demonstration.
A national demonstration organised by the Democratic Party, against the Berlusconi government. So, as you can see….
And why did you not participate in Piazza Navona?
Because it was not right!
That’s not true.
We have different opinions. Democracy is like that. We can have different opinions.
I’ll ask you two questions…
No, you have surprised me enough… However I’ll expect you, eh…
In the Democratic Party
It’s not that I am against you. It’s just that who can believe in you any more?
For example, what has happened to Grillo? Since we’ve had the government of the Right he has disappeared. He has never been heard since then. When he wants to be heard, he knows how to make himself heard. He is an intelligent man.
The referendum that Grillo proposed, when are we going to have it in Italy?
But it’s not an issue of referenda.. But that can be done with a law, a referendum isn’t necessary.
Doing politics in Italy these days is difficult. But living politics … - to put forward a proposal and carry it out.
You have to win the elections to do that. It means not letting the others do wicked things and letting them instead do good things.

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Pinov: Yes, it's hard to wrap one's head around with the things Italians put up. Travaglio says that Italian politicians piss on their people and telling them it's raining. Maybe so. But Italians should have enough experience with their media and politicians to know the difference between piss and rain. I mean what other Parliament sits over 70 members with a criminal record? What other government in Europe is led by a serial law-breaker? What other Prime Minister blatantly makes laws so that he can avoid going to trial? What other country elects people with mafia connections to government? One could go on and on with the malfeasances of a bankrupted ruling class that Italians follow like sheeps. Italians have no clue when they're being patronized, disrespected, and mocked by the people "che contano." Case in point: for the last few weeks I've been following American media covering the economic crisis the "American shadow banking system" is going trough. Of course at the beginning of the crisis the American Administration attempted to diminish the serioussness of the situation when Bush told Americans that "the fundamentals of our economy were sound." But in the last seven or eight days every economist, tube heads expalains the crisis as though the sky is falling. As they should since the American economy is in "deep shit" and when the American is in "deep shit" so are economies arouns the world. Millions of people lost their savings, pension plans, thousands of people are going to lose their jobs. As one economist put it this crisis is of historical proportions. Another one call it a tectonic shift changing the market system. Even Greenspan thinks that this crisis is as bad as it gets. Well, last night I was watching Ballaro', and at one point the economic crisis became the topic of discussion. All the guests gave their opinions and agreed that the Italian banking system was relatively safe from the traumatic economic event oversea. But as Schifani began illustrating the catastrophic crisis the minister warned: "non facciamo allarmismi." The minister might as well have told Schifani to watch what he was saying lest he frightened the millions of "children" watching and listening. Small detail? Sure. But telling. Telling of a ruling class forever coating and hiding the truth. A ruling class forever attempting to deceive. So Pinov, as much as you're right about the Italian people bending backward and practicing "bonismo", I think the morale of Italian people has been broken, Italians lost courage, dispirated, don't have the discipline needed to change themselves and endure hardships, lost their confidence and enthusiasm to be innovative, the will to change. Yes you're right, we should try and regain some of those traits but for myself, I have to try really hard to believe that the recovery is still possible.

Posted by: lou pacella | September 24, 2008 04:38 PM

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