Sequestration of Marcegaglia’s incinerator

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Good news: In Modugno, near Bari, Marcegaglia’s incinerator has been sequestered thanks in part to a declaration by the young people of the Bari 2 Meetup. It is a great victory for the health of the people of Apulia. A defeat for the politicians and the Confindustria people who are aided by the State.
In relation to the environment each one has the Ministers they deserve, but we have exaggerated. Two declarations that would freeze Dracula’s blood:
- Stefania Prestigiacomo, minister of the Environment: We are really doing badly on Kyoto. We have a growth trend in emissions of 13% instead of a decrease of 6.5% but even here… does it make sense that it is we who take on the job of the pollution of the world when to wriggle out of Kyoto are the countries like the United States…?”
Renato Brunetta, minister for the Public Administration and for Innovation, on the reduction of polluting emissions: Europe has little to punish us for because 20-20-20 [20% more in energy efficiency, 20% less in polluting emissions and 20% of energy sourced from renewable sources by 2020, editor] is madness. For the companies and for the country… It is madness above all for a manufacturing country like Italy that has an intensity and a density of companies greater than the European average because our country would have disadvantages.” But he added reassuringly: “We want a clean environment. We want controls of an environmental type that do not kill our companies and our families.”
Give me a bucket so that I can vomit….

"Ciao Beppe,
I am Lello Ciampolillo of the Bari 2 Meetup. I wanted to let you know that in a sea of ‘rubbish’ news today we have a positive item. The magistracy works. Politicians no.
On 22/09/08 Dr. Francesco Bretone prosecutor at the Procura of Bari, has sequestered the building site for the construction of the incinerator of Eco Energia Srl (Marcegaglia group) at Modugno (BA) and he has placed 4 people under investigation; one of these is a director of the Ecology Section of the Region of Apulia. The sequestration has recently been confirmed by the Magistrate for the preliminary investigations. The investigations have been carried out partly as a result of two denunciations presented by the Bari 2 Meetup with the help of the lawyer Gaetano Filograno. The declarations provide evidence of the dangerousness of the establishments between Bari and Modugno of a turbo gas electricity generating station and the incinerator, inserted in an environment that is already heavily polluted by the industrial zone just by the city of Bari, as well as the presence of an Enel electricity generating station inside the city, recently converted from combustion oil to gas about whose legitimacy our Meetup is carrying out technical and judicial investigations to be submitted to the relevant authorities.


They will never give up, and neither will we.” Lello Ciampolillo organizer of Bari 2 Meetup

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Maroni and the detailed instructions, il video non e piu disponibile in u tube, could you post it in your blog?


Posted by: roberto protei | October 30, 2008 09:39 PM

As Lou Pacella commented on the previous blog, comments are being taken down without discussion or explanation.
To give some indication as to the reasons might be the polite thing to do.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | October 20, 2008 04:49 PM

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