The Land of Fires

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Italy was the Land of Persimmons, then of Indian Fig Opuntia, now of fires, set in the whole of Campania to destroy toxic waste. Dioxin is oxygen for politics. I have no more news of the trial of 'O Governatore, whose real name is Antonio Bassolino. Is it still going on while awaiting the time out for the Statute of limitations? Will someone let me know.

Dear Beppe,
We are young people committed at the coal face for an environmental drama that finds ample reflections even in the pages of V. The final chapter of the book is dedicated to that: “The Land of Fires”. Just as in the rest of the country, here the serious problems are ignored by the official media. So, while the country is chasing after the scurrilous choices in relation to the environment, by the one government and by the other one, and everyone is getting worried about incinerators,… in the meantime, tons and tons of specialist refuse (*) is still being poured out onto the streets in the outskirts of Naples and Caserta. The whole lot is set fire to, especially at night. Within site of everyone including the Italian Army.
The Refuse Emergency is transformed into the single and “simple” issue of urban refuse. With risks and sacrifices, putting at risk personal safety for about six months, we have denounced with videos and photographs a scandal that has been going ahead undisturbed for years, as can be seen on the website It seems like a battle field. Great columns of dense black fumes are rising from the ground. It brings back memories of Kuwait when the oil fields were burning.
Some TV channels have started to take note of the issue, but that is not enough. A real vast area (the province between Naples and Caserta in particular the urban areas of Scampia, Ponticelli and those adjacent to the towns in the province of North Naples like Giugliano, Qualiano, Villaricca, Mugnano, Melito, Arzano, Casandrino, Casoria, Caivano, Grumo Nevano, Acerra, Nola, Marigliano, and Pomigliano; on the Caserta side there are the towns of Parete, Casapesenna, Villa Literno, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Casal di Principe, Aversa, Lusciano, Marcianise, Teverola, Trentola, Frignano, and Casaluce) is still transforming itself into an immense incinerator with cells dotted around” There intensity increases as the sun goes down and they burn the whole night long. The fires are interminable even during the day. But what happens at night is indescribable. The air pongs like the whole Earth is in putrefaction. There are hundreds of families obliged to close themselves indoors. The whole thing is documented from satellites. It’s enough to take a tour of our site on Google Maps. We have created a map with a census of the locations. Among the specialist refuse there is glue, solvents and industrial paints, off cuts from manufacturing processes. From textiles to manufacturing of footwear, going on to mechanical, bodywork and thermo-hydraulics. From electric wires to the shells of white goods. The killer Eternit, full of asbestos is burning! What is externally visible is that old tires are burning. In other countries they are completely recycled. Here they are burned to enrich criminals who poison our lives. From the evidence collected, we have reached the conclusion that the fires are done because they feed the illegal market for the disposal of special refuse. And at the same time the illegal recovery of certain materials, form “precious” copper to common metals like iron and steel.
Health, Agriculture, the image, the Economy and the Development of Campania are compromised beyond every limit. As well as the holes for burying dangerous refuse, there are above all the FIRES. In Marcianise some independent doctors are engaged in clinical research that is showing that mothers are advised to reduce breast feeding. Because of too much dioxin in their milk. Raffaele Del Giudice, protagonist of “Biutiful Cauntri” and the leader of Campania’s Legambiente, has declared that the environmental strata have all been compromised. Important biological indicators are beyond every possible tolerance limit. Has anyone ever asked the reason for all the miscarriages? And the male infertility, the thyroid illnesses, the child allergies and the problems to the respiratory system? When the doctors examine us, they can say where we come from just by the types of pathology that we have. And yet no one is talking about this! Why is health spending in Campania so high? Is it all bad management and theft, or is it that we are really sick? How many more deaths do we have to weep over? With a tiny fire everything is contaminated. The air, the water table and enormous sections of the surface. Even at a distance of kilometers. For the mozzarella with dioxin, they have examined the buffalos. And the population?
Those responsible are not people. Like the medieval plague-spreaders, these mad assassins disseminate the plague and poisons in a subtle and silent way through the whole of the population. To those who in critical moments have accused the people of Campania of being absent, we respond with the institutions. Where were the institutions and where are they right now? The phenomenon has been going on for many years. It has been written in the reports of Ecomafia, and of Legambiente. Now, however, thanks to “Gomorra” it’s as though everyone has read the reports. Help us to spread the word about the website Everyone is called to take care of their own land with a civic action of video-denouncing environmental scandals. A mobile phone is enough. Given that with a single action there is an attack on the health of millions of people, we want really severe penalties for the environmental criminals.
We are a group of young dreamers who want to believe in the institutions. These, however, do everything to discourage us. We have sent appeals to the highest positions in the State. From the President of the Republic, the Honourable Giorgio Napolitano to the current president of the Council, the Honourable Cavaliere Silvio Berlusconi.
Anyway, in recent days, with the statements of esteem and solidarity that Roberto Saviano is receiving from the whole world of politics, here at Gomorra, the scandal continues…” Angelo Ferrillo – president of Associazione La Terra dei Fuochi -

(*) The specialist refuse is that derived from: agricultural activity – construction activity, demolition and excavation – industrial work, artisans, business – service activity, recovery and disposal of refuse – health service activity – obsolete machinery and vehicles and engines that have been scrapped. (art. n° 7 D. Lgs. 22/97)"

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Lega-man at Ballaro', understood nothing about the new economy. To be expected: people blinded by home grown prejudices and crude patriotism tend to stick with the familiar. In the show, Castelli made the case for an economy resetted in the old format. That is: bank loans to small industries and businesses. Let them compete in the global economy. And let's all watch the wealth trickle down. Problem is we heard that before and guess what? The money got sucked up! So minister, it's time to push the reformat button! Listen to this: The United Nations Enviroment Program launched a "Green Economy Initiative" along the lines of Franklin Roosvelt's" New Deal". Pavan Dukdhev of Deustche Bank, which works with the "Initiative" said, "Investments will soon be pouring back into the global economy. The question is whether they go into the old, extractive, short-term economy of yesterday or a new green economy that will deal with multiple challenges while generating multiple economic opportunities for the poor and the well-off alike." So the question is, "Deal or New Deal?" Lega-man, keep in mind where the investment money is coming from.

Posted by: lou pacella | October 23, 2008 05:30 AM

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