The Mediaset Takeover Bid

Emilio Fede on Roberto Saviano

The psycho-dwarf has raised the alarm for the companies that are at risk of a takeover bid.
The takeover bid is an offer aimed at buying financial products.
If the shares of a company are worth a little or nothing, then to start a takeover bid is cheap, you offer a figure greater than the quoted value of the shares and you gather up the shares from the market until you have got the majority.
The shareholders who prefer the egg today rather than the (possible) chicken tomorrow can sell their shares (and usually they do that) to the one behind the takeover bid and get a cash benefit that is much higher than they are worth.
To take a casual example, the psycho-dwarf’s Mediaset is at risk of a takeover bid. Yesterday its value on the Stock Exchange was 3.990 euro a share. That’s 41.11% lower than in 2008.
From the beginning of 2007, Mediaset has gone down from 9.501 euro to 3.990 euro. If a year ago you needed to pay 100 to buy the shares, today they cost 40. A bargain.
A takeover bid for Mediaset would produce numerous benefits. The Office of the President of the Council and in the future that of the Republic. To remove from our hair Emilio Fede and Paolo Liguori and Clemente Mimun. Gain a mass of wealth thanks to the advertising revenue coming through Publitalia. Limitless official press releases.
And not just that. There would be true information. Travaglio director of TV News. Saviano special envoy (and not emigrated abroad). Dario Fo responsible for culture.
What would it cost us to get liberated from Tar Head’s straitjacket? Not much. You would just need to find who has the money to put forward.
There are all the prerequisites to launch a takeover bid. I need industrial partners. The BBC for example. I am available for the communication of a public auction. On one condition: to share out and publicise the programming structure and the presenters before the takeover bid.
I’m waiting for a telephone call, a fax, an email. No time-wasters.

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If (Sorry for doubting.) what I heard on Porta a Porta that Minister Brunetta actually cured the malady of absenteeism afflicting the Italian public "servants," then he is a hero in my books and deserves all the kudos in the world. Now, we can only hope that the public "servants" will actually "serve" the citizens and stop making them feel like rompicoglioni.

They finally nailed Marco Travaglio. No big deal. That sentence is a badge of honor for a journalist.

So, they kicked the "foreign" kids out of public classrooms; they don't want Roma people drinking from public fountains and they expect "foreigners" to give up their seats on the bus? In 1964, President Johnson, signed the Civil Rights Act and ended segregation. Berlusconi should give that document a look.

They say this economic crisis will change the face of capitalism. Yes, it will make it meaner. They say there is a silver lining in the dark clouds of capitalism. Yes, more poor people. They say that every economic bust has new opportunities. That's right. The "oppurtunity" for the international political-economic oligarchies to make First World Countries' wages par with Third World Countries. That's what this crisis is about.

Posted by: lou pacella | October 18, 2008 01:34 AM

Credo che se l'affare e' profittevole non mancheranno adesioni da parte anche di piccoli risparmiatori, che in questo momento non sanno dove metter i propri risparmi.. A buon intenditor...

Posted by: emiliano laruccia | October 17, 2008 01:31 PM

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