The two faces of Italy

Gelli will be presenting "Venerabile Italia" on Odeon Tv

The Country has been struck by a bad case of digital divide. Two different groupings have formed. One gets its information on the Net, while other gets its disinformation via the newspapers and the television.
In certain Countries the Internet is controlled, just as the other media are and, therefore, all of the country’s citizens get the same information. In other Countries, there is freedom of information and freedom on the Internet, so those Countries’ citizens get their information from both these sources. Only in ONE Country, namely Italy, the only such case worldwide, the newspapers and the television are controlled, but the Internet not, yet!
Millions of people are living in two different worlds, separated in their own homes. Within one single family, Grandpa may believe everything Vespa says, while his grandson may tell him to f-off. This is a very unhealthy situation. The more time goes on, the more this lack of communication between the two faces of Italy grows, accompanied by reciprocal intolerance. However, the Internet has two major weapons in its armoury. The youth who browse the Internet (the oldies will die long before they do), and the anorexia of advertising on the old fashioned media. Without the advertising income they will eventually close down. And that is precisely what will begin to happen. Advertising revenues for advertising space in the newspapers and the television channels are falling and are set to crash within a year. Some of the advertising will switch to the Internet, advertising space that is not controlled by a bunch of liars. They are well aware of this and they are getting extremely nervous.
Confalonieri quoted me to certain financial journalists, with regard to the Mediaset share offer. I assure him, it is not yet time to buy. I only buy shares once their value drops. We will talk again when the shares in Mediaset, a company that basically lives off advertising revenues, drop to below one Euro. In the meantime, let’s appeal to the browsers (as opposed to the navigators=sailors): Please help Confalonieri. Don’t post any Mediaset clips on Youtube. It’s illegal. Fidel says so. We are all for complying with the law and cancelling every Mediaset programme that has ever been illegally posted on the Web. Let’s not pollute the media, Buddy.
Three publishing houses control all the information in print: RCS (Corriere della Sera), controlled by ABI and Confindustria, Mondadori, the psychdwarf’s group and De Benedetti’s l'Espresso, Champion of Topo Gigio and Swiss asylum seeker.
The Shares – losses since the beginning of this year:
- RCS - 54,84
- Gruppo l'Espresso - 60,97
- Mondadori - 51,78
We’re heading down the right road guys. Where politics was unable to succeed, the economy will.

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By the way, I have been hearing on radio alternative media here in US that a bank that received 8 billion dollars as part of the bailout plan and it has paid 7 billion dollars as executive bonuses and shareholder dividends.

How is that going in Italy? Has the government allocated 10 billion euro and paid 9 in bonuses for Berlusca family plus probably a couple of millions to the PDminusL. They are cheap to buy nowadays, their stock value is almost 0.

Posted by: Steve P | November 1, 2008 04:30 AM

Basta distrarsi un attimo e ti incastrano (per non dire diversamente). Vedi nel regno di Murdoch, Australia.

A bill introduced this week by Australia's Parliament would give the Australian federal police the power to control which sites can and cannot be viewed by Australian Web surfers.

Beppe, se non cominciate adesso una campagna attiva e preventiva, vi toglieranno anche la rete.

Prima sara` a causa dei siti pedofili, poi qualche sito di presunti terroristi -come il tuo- fino ad arrivare alla censura totale come in Cina.

Godiamoci la liberta di espressione, finche` ce la lasciano.

Posted by: Steve P | November 1, 2008 04:23 AM

Lorsque un grand 'maestro' renaît, on réveille les anciens grands maîtres.
Les Chiens les happeront.

Posted by: Andrè De Molay | November 1, 2008 12:17 AM

The devil in the details.
The issue finds me in complete agreement with Mr. Grillo, and I already ignore any Italian publication for two reasons Irrelevance and cost (Overseas their cost is absurd for the relevance!).
I would like to add the fresh news that Libya (Thanks to Mr. B. graciously gave it 5 Billions) has settle all the Terrorism claim with the US.
The bill was for 1.5 Billion, while Unicredit investment about 2 Billion, that would leave Mr. Kaddafi with 1.5 Billion insufficient to do anything, to the point that Libyan Travel Agency (aka. LTA) has decided to increase the cost of any cruise from Libya to Pantelleria unit cost 10,000.00 one way only.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 31, 2008 09:56 PM

The European young and middle age have computers and surf the net. The European 65+ think either they are too stupid and can't or are stuck in the fountain pen and pencil past. This is based purely on my own observations and personal acquaintances.

Here in the US that situation doesn't seem not occur nearly as much. As for myself I took up video editing at age 69. This would be considered "off the wall" in Europe.

What will happen with the newspapers in Italy has been happening for some time in the US. In Phoenix, there is a good chance that this Recession will put the city's only major paper, the Arizona Republic, known locally as the Arizona Repugnant, out of business. Good riddance!

Beppe, you're right, Italy will finally have an advertising cleansing. Buona fortuna!

Posted by: David B. Monier-Williams | October 31, 2008 07:42 PM

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