Alitalia: the consortium of monsters


Brussels has decided: the 300 million euro bridging loan to Alitalia is State aid. It will be charged to the State, to the "bad company", thus all of us. Happy to have a further 300 million to pay?
The billions of euro thrown to the wind for not having let Alitalia go to Air France in the spring, who pays that? The psycho dwarf or the unemployed from the factories that are closing down each day?
The newspapers have decided: the fault lies with the Alitalia pilots and cabin staff. First they isolate them, then they demonize them, then if they can, they sack them.
Even this time, the guilty ones have got away with it. Where are the billionaire Cimoli, the Presidents of the Council, and the Ministers of Transport of the last 15 years? The real destroyers of Alitalia?
Itís politics that has that has made Alitalia collapse by using it as a reservoir of votes and a placement agency for friends and relatives.
Instead, the fault lies with the pilot and the hostess in the care of a consortium full of people sent for trial and even former prisoners among whom the only ones missing are the Lupo Mannaro and the Monster of the Green Lagoon.

PS On Monday 12 November at 9:00pm, in Bologna, the Casa della Legalitŗ and the Bologna Meetup have organised the public presentation of the investigation into the illegality of the assignment of public housing that the politicians put into effect in spite of the rights of those in the waiting list. For all the information click here. For the video click here.

On Friday 14 November, I invite all the people of Milan to go to the office and to school by bicycle. Itís the fastest, cleanest and cheapest way. Anyone going by push-bike does not depend on the price of petrol nor on the dis-service of public transport. The bicycle is revolutionary. I will be in Milan in the early part of the afternoon with my powerful legs. No to polluting vehicles that you have to pay for. No to childhood leukaemia. Yes to clean air and to the freedom to move about without the risk of being mown down. How many Milan town councillors and cabinet members go to work by bicycle? If there happens to be one Iím waiting for them to call me to speak. Beppe Grillo <<

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Caro Beppe,
scendi in campagna elettorale con le liste civiche, con Di Pietro, con chi vuoi, ma differenziati dai partiti in nome di una reale trasparenza.

1) elezione del candidato della tua lista secondo il numero di preferenze raccolte.

2)scelta degli eventuali futuri collaboratori ( gli elettori hanno bisogno di sapere chi saranno i loro rappresentanti in parlamento per cinque anni. (coraggio nella scelta in quanto con nomi di prestigio non puoi sbagliare)

3) Un chiaro programma da attuare. (le proposte di base si possono discutere nelle pre-assemblee dei tuoi gruppi in ogni citta)

Non mi dilungo, ma scegli la strada della chiarezza, perchť la gente si ť veramente rotta le scatole delle balle e del finto ottimismo che racconta il centro destra e della inconsistenza politica in termini di uomini e contenuti del centro sinistra.

Alle prossime elezioni ne vedremo delle belle.

Un consiglio agli elettori?...rispondete a "cazzo di cane" ai sondaggi che vi propongono.

besos y abrazos.

Posted by: dino franceschini | November 21, 2008 05:17 PM


"We're are not in the business of making steel, we are in the business of making money" is what we were told by a CEO while on strike.

While we were concerned about making better steel, he was concerned about making money. The phrase came back to me after seeing the Eaton's workers from Massa, looking lost and shocked by the way their living was taken away from them.

Yes, you're right. There is nothing new in all of the above and the slogan on their shirts, "USA e getta" tells all.

Posted by: louis pacella | November 12, 2008 04:49 PM

"the only ones missing are the Lupo Mannaro and the Monster of the Green Lagoon."

I had to look twice but I finally figured it out:

lupo mannaro = werewolf
Monster of the Green Lagoon = the monster from the B movie "It Came from the Green Lagoon"

Interpreting this "spaghetti English" is quite a challenge!

Cheers to all,

Posted by: Gianna Mian | November 12, 2008 12:12 PM

Attendiamo commenti sull'annullamento delle firme del referendum, giŠ preannunciato da tutti coloro che conoscono un pů (solo un pů) la legge italiana.
Tutto somiglia ad una grande sola organizzata per babbei...

Posted by: Stefano Rocci | November 12, 2008 10:07 AM

When Paolo Maras, writes that they are convinced CAI has only a financial interest in the new airline and that the appointed manager knows nothing about airline transportation, he is right.

CAI is in this project only for the money. Berlusconi and company are not in this for Italy's glory, they're in it for the money and the money only.

A CEO once said, "We're not in the business of making steel, we're in the business of making money." Bosses are all in the business of making money. People and quality mean little to them.

Posted by: louis pacella | November 12, 2008 02:20 AM

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