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Obama has won, thanks in part to the Internet. Online he collected funds amounting to a billion dollars for his election campaign. "A campaign powered by people, not the special interests".
The “Obama de noantri” {everyman’s Obama}, in ordinary life known as Topo Gigio Veltroni, after having got all the Italians mad about how he is similar to Obama (an insult worse than the “tanned” insult of the psycho-dwarf), wants to give the Internet a helping hand. All the bloggers are holding each other.


Topo Gigio is worse than spyware, than malware, he’s a really insidious virus that transforms everything he touches into a Walterloo. His PDminusL man in charge, with the stage name of Franco "Ricardo" Levi has placed before the Culture Committee of the Lower House, with a few adjustments worthy of Pol Pot, the infamous Levi/Prodi. Also called “blogger-killer”. A law that is rebaptised Levi/Veltroni thanks to the new clauses.
- every blog is considered similar to a publishing product
- every blog that publishes Google’s Adsense or a banner can answer to the Tax Collecting Agency for that
- every blog has to register with the ROC {Registro degli Operatori di Comunicazione= Register of Communications Operators}
- every blog is subject to the regulations on the responsibilities connected to crimes via the printed word
- every blog that does not register with ROC can be denounced for the crime of “clandestine publishing”: two years in prison and financial sanctions.
A blogger can choose to register with ROC and run the risk of one of the innumerable criminal and civil actions on the crimes via the printed word that go back to the “Codice Rocco” of fascist times, or alternatively, enter clandestinity before entering prison. Basically he can hang himself or shoot himself in the head.
The Commission that has to examine the draft law will soon start work on the “blogger-killer” law. Support from the Internet will help them take their decisions.
They will never give up, (but would it be worth their while?) neither will we.

Send in your photos with the words: FREE BLOGGER":
Send an email to with:
- subject: your name
- text: the address of your blog
- attached: a photo of you with a sign saying “FREE BLOGGER”.
The photos will appear in the top bar of the blog.

- Article in "Punto Informatico"
- Analysis by Daniele Minotti
Spread the word

PS C6 TV, that today - 13 November – is trying to beat the record for the web broadcast with the greatest number of live interventions, will have a live broadcast of tomorrow’s biciclettata in Milan starting at 2 pm on

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Posted by: Pam | March 2, 2009 08:33 AM

Thanks for you messages. They are so englightening. Recently i followed a video on YouTube were you spoke about Fractional Reserve Banking or "Sinioraggio", however i think that the topic of how illuminati work is imprtant as well. Certain aspects may lack credibility but information like this should not lack in any blog that tackles thease subjects. I just want to ask a question. Is Berlusconi part of the "Club of Rome?". Why do you call him "Cavaliere"?

Posted by: Brian Ciancio | November 14, 2008 02:57 PM

Surely as far as the Italian politicians go the people who voted for them deserve them. It is very unfortunate that Italians are so ignorant of this fact that they continue to vegetate in the dark ages and kept in the dark. Just like mushrooms they grow in the dark.
My advise for Italians is to seek some light and catch a wake up. You may discover that real & free life is better than you think.
Right now you deserve the politicians you have. You have chosen them and you are stuck with them.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | November 14, 2008 01:43 PM

It's interesting watching the puffed up, self-important mannerisms of Italian Politicians alongside their Russian counterparts. It's impossible to tell the difference between one Fascist and another. Just my observation.
Anyway Free speech is enshrined in the Constitution and in EU law. What I want to know is are they going to persecute all blogs from everywhere? Or are they going to do what the Chinese Government do which is to ban all blogs from outside the Country's physical borders and imprison all bloggers from within? Honestly, Italy might have Europe's most highly paid Politicians but they are without doubt the thickest and most ignorant... if not the most corrupt. And the victims as always are the Italian public whose democracy has been drowned in the faeces of Italian Politics.

Posted by: P Vintner | November 14, 2008 12:29 PM

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