From blog killer to blog screwer

The little werewolf

Italy is going bankrupt. Families only manage to survive through to the third week of the month before. Two million people unemployed again within just one year. Yet our very own little Marie Antoniettes, firstly Levi (Pdwithoutanel) and now Cassinelli (PDL) have nothing better to do than work day and night, PAID FOR BY US, in an attempt to gag the Web.
Just when Levi stated that he had withdrawn his blog killer proposal, along comes Cassinelli with a new blog screwer law. The difference between the two is significant. If it is true that Levi was attempting to kill the bloggers, then Cassinelli first screws them, making as if he is trying to help them and then he kills them, as explained in the Punto Informatico article.
In all honesty, I no longer understand these politicians. What point of public exasperation are they trying to reach? They will land up turning the Italians into absolute little werewolves. Companies are shutting down, a lifetime’s worth of savings have been shot to hell and three workers a day are being killed in the workplace and yet, while all of this is going on, all that these irresponsible morons can talk about are the blog killer law, Villari and the RAI Oversight Committee. RAI and Mediaset should both be shut down forthwith. They are nothing but filth; CO2 mixed up with lies and private interests.
This political system of ours is being kept on its feet by the media. Without the media, the system would collapse overnight. That is why the politicians are so concerned about the Internet and keep such a tight reign on television broadcasting. Come on Cassinelli, stop busting everyone’s chops! The Internet doesn’t need your laws. It doesn’t need any new laws. It is in perfect health and continues to run down the bullshit ideas expounded by your party, Forza Italia, every day, every hour, every minute and every second. You don’t represent us, simply because you were never elected.
I am hereby inviting all bloggers to post their comments regarding Cassinelli’s law on their blogs, namely to or, (if they don’t post your comments) send a mail to:
Say “No” to the blog killer. The instigator’s name has changed from Levi to Cassinelli, but the law still bears the Veltrusconi trademark.
They will never give up, but neither will we.

Comparison between Financial Times and La Repubblica headlines of 21/11/2008.
The main headlines. FT talks about the collapsing economy while La Repubblica (like the other national papers) talks about Villari, therefore, about the political parties’ control of the media.



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@ G...i...o...v...a...n...n...i V...E...S...T...R...I

you are very , very idiot.....the italian man more idiot ....
more of the first minister !!!!

yes , the italian people not is as you...but many millions so!!!!

the big italian problem !!!!

not possible a man as Obama in Italy , too much idiots !!!!!

Posted by: Antonio Desani | November 22, 2008 11:15 PM

Dear Mr.Beppe Grillo

I am a new reader from Sweden. I am so happy to have found you. Your views are so needed!

This blog/internet law do you happen to have a link with some deep information on it in English? I tried some searches but no good luck yet.

From the very little information I have is it correct understood that:

- the law obliges anyone who has a website or a blog to get a publishing company, register it with the ROC, a register of the Communications Authority, produce certificates, pay a tax, even if they provide information without any intention to make money.

- have a journalist who is on the register of professionals as the responsible director.

Are the politisans who came up with this law in any way members in the EU parliament etc? If no does their party member share their views?

Keep up the Great Work!

Best Regards
Your reader from Sweden

Posted by: Nadia | November 22, 2008 12:47 PM

Whatever happens bloggers and Web from abroad will help Italians. We can change Italy but unfortunately we are not yet majority to willing it. Just switch off RAI and Mediaset TV and stop reading italian newspapers.

Posted by: Massimo GIANNINI | November 21, 2008 09:31 PM

Mass unemployment, idle factories, markets plunging, banks crashing, prices rocketing, poverty rising, students adrift, starving wages, rampant nepotism, systemic corruption, toxic waste burning, garbage mounting..."fry me an optimist for breakfast," wrote Marc Twain to a friend. Anno Zero had one to fry last night. Super-optimistic member of Popolo della Liberta', chastizing Santoro throughout the show for the negativity he radiated on the country. According to the "onorevole" of the PDL, Santoro ought to seek the pleasant side of Italy, like...Northern Italy: what the real Italy is all about; no government hand-outs for the intrepid entrepreneurs and the frugal, busy-beavers folks creating jobs, welcoming people from all over the world. Yes, the North, show them the North and see how hard everybody works Mr. Santoro. It was sad to hear how Italy treats her bright, smart people. But listening to the optimistic "onorevole's" bullshit was much, much sadder.

Posted by: loui pacella | November 21, 2008 04:48 PM

It is a great pity that the e-mail address for Cassinelli you supplied above is incorrect. I regret I was not able to send him a piece of my mind directly.
As a matter of fact I recommend that the e-mail addresses of all the scumbag Italian politicians are handed out as a matter of your movement policy in order that unsatisfied Italians may approach the unaproachable directly. In such an event these filth should be bombarded by so many unsatisfied patriots that they may themselves give up on the electronic media.
Can this be done?

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | November 21, 2008 03:28 PM

As e European citizan and with admiration and respect for the Italian people, I really ask myself
If the Italian government do respect our freedom and democracy!
I have my doubts if the actual Italian government deserves beeing a member of the EEC!
Mr Grillo, don't give-up!
You have a large support also from democratic non Italians!
We all respect yr country and people.

Posted by: piet hein | November 21, 2008 02:51 PM

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