Hooves of the bison

Eaton closes down in Massa. Workers rebel.

I put my ear to the ground and I hear a noise. It’s getting closer. A rumble, a charge, an outburst. It’s millions of newly unemployed. How many extra will there be in a year’s time? Two million? Three million? With nothing more to lose. The batons will not be able to stop them. They will mow down everything and everyone and they won’t take prisoners. Anyone on their route will be mown down. Colluding Trades Unions, servile journalists, self-referential parties. Topo Gigio’s loft and the psycho-dwarf’s Sardinian villas. Mown down. The Wave of the Students is coming first. After the Wave, comes the Tsunami of work. No one is talking about it. Every day dozens of big and small companies are closing down. Jobs lost for ever. A father of a family without a job, without a lump sum handshake, with nothing. What alternatives does he have? He goes home and looks at his children and nothing has more importance for him. The army will have to take control of the supermarkets first and then the offices of the parties straight away after that.
From today I am collecting evidence about “lost jobs”. I’m starting with Motorola in Turin and I’ll soon pop in there. They will never give up (but would it be worth it?). Neither will we.

Dear Beppe,
Thank you for talking about Motorola. As you have said we are among the first examples of this crisis that is sweeping across the world and that will soon destroy our country too. Everything has happened so suddenly. Thursday morning we were slaving away for mother Motorola. Many of us were even working the weekend so that the production is finished on time. All useless effort given that in a simple announcement, the president of the Mobile section declared the immediate end of the product range that we were working on. Immediately after that an email told us there was a meeting on Monday morning with the Motorola boss responsible for the EMEA region. Many people fell into a state of anxiety. While many were still optimistic. The worst thing happened between Friday and Monday when Motorola together with the directors left us literally alone at the mercy of the press: “Motorola, the end of a dream, 300 researchers at risk – At Motorola three hundred at risk”, I read in the press at three o’clock in the morning of Saturday. Then when we got to Monday morning when, as I said, they gave us good service after telling us that we are among the best, that we are an excellent centre, but that we are not needed any more…. And lots of greetings and good bye. But we meanwhile knew before the press. Anyway, they made out that we are thieves saying that Motorola had already removed all the boxes from the building to avoid theft. And loads and loads of other rubbish written by lying journalists who should be sweeping Turin’s streets…
The moral of the fairy story is that there are 370 engineers plus about a hundred consultants, all out of a job … without social security … without anything. Many of us have families … Now given that we are on our own I’m wondering whether you Beppe could come and visit us… - to encourage us… I am certain that we will welcome you with open arms… - Warm greetings” Marco

Read the article on the job losses at Motorola.

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What is to be done? Build a nationwide movement based on non-violence and civil disobedience.

Posted by: lou pacella | November 10, 2008 11:26 PM

Tutto quello che leggo mi riempie d'angoscia; ci siamo illusi di vivere un periodo di benessere,progresso e relativa pace. Gli scenari che si prospettano sono forse quelli del bivio: da un lato il Nuovo Ordine Mondiale (che e' poi il dominio del binomio capitalismo-tecnologia), dall'altro la violenza e la distruzione (la guerra di qualsiasi forma essa sia).
mi chiedo se nel mezzo ci sia ancora posto per fare qualcosa. Anche noi, qui nel nostro misero e debole Paese, forse possiamo fare qualcosa. Al di la' del nano e del topo, i burattini, forse possiamo cercare di contrastare il burattinaio. Come, ancora non lo so, ma credo fortemente serva un'idea concreta di azione, sia essa movimento politico, civile, azione, boicottaggio. Unitario. L'analisi e' importante, il reportage altrettanto; ma ora piu' che mai dobbiamo tornare a porci la domanda di sempre: che fare?

Posted by: Nicola Pagano | November 10, 2008 12:00 PM

Caro Beppe

Proprio ora ho finito di vedere un film (in inglese) Zeitgeist.Addendum. Avevo visto anche gli altri, ma questo spiega perfettamente quello che sta accadendo nel mondo; riguardo il NWO: Nuovo Ordine Mondiale. Mi soffermo solo sulle cose piu' importanti, cioe': Privatizzazione dell'acqua e di tutti i settori pubblici, tagli alla scuola e alla sanita' ecc, economia controllata dal Fondo Monetario Internazionale, etc... Qello che sta accadendo; non solo in Italia, e' un disegno progettato da anni a tavolino, e che adesso si avvia inesorabilmente al traguardo. Non vorrei fare il drastico; anche perche' di natura sono sempre stato ottimista; ma oramai credo che non vi sia un rimedio. E' triste ammetterlo. Spero solo che questo film venga tradotto in lingua italiana, e che lo guardi il maggior numero di persone: Al piu' presto possibile..... oppure scoppiera' molto presto una guerra civile, internazionale.

Dall' Irlanda (sempre piu' inca..ato, emigrato)..

Renzo Colameo

Posted by: Renzo Colameo | November 10, 2008 08:00 AM

Ezra Pound: When the total nation hasn't or cannot obtain enough food for its people, that nation is poor. When enough food exists and people cannot get it by honest labour, the state is rotten, and no effort of language will say how rotten it is.

Posted by: marco saba | November 9, 2008 10:07 PM

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