If all the bloggers in the world were to join hands…

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The blog-killer draft law is no one’s offspring. Perhaps it could be a whore’s offspring. Of an unknown father and an uncertain mother. Born in a test tube and by parthenogenesis. Apart from that of Antonio Di Pietro, no parliamentary voice has been heard in favour of the Internet. And yet it should have a certain relevance to them. Millions of Italians live it, use it, discuss it and get information from it.
The draft law was presented by Franco 'Ricardo' Levi. Levi is PD. The Secretary of the PD is Veltroni. Either he knows nothing about it, as I’m told happens often, or he is in agreement.
The true journalists work via the internet. You know some of them. They are called Ricca, Martinelli, Byoblu. Apologies to those I am not mentioning, but there are thousands of them. The internet expresses a different Country. If the lobotomized ones of the TV stations and the trio CorriereRepubblicaLaStampa were to get there information via the internet, the psycho-dwarf would be a permanent guest of Putin’s in Siberia and Topo Gigio Veltroni an usher in a cinema.
The blog-killer law is not to be taken lightly. Even in China, they haven’t even dared to go so far. If it gets passed, the internet will disappear. I have read a lot of comments advising bloggers to move the blogs abroad or to register them with an address ending in .com, .net or something else, not subject to the Italian laws as “.it” is. Why should we do that? Let them do it with their shXt websites. It’s been years that we are the hares and they the dogs. That we are playing in defence. Every day a new rubbish idea. It’s time for a change. I feel like a sabre-toothed werewolf. It’s a great feeling. Chasing after the one running away. Hundreds of bloggers are showing their faces, their first and second names, their http address with the “FREE BLOGGER” initiative. It is they who are change. You will not stop that.
If all the bloggers in the world were to join hands…

Send in your photos with the words: FREE BLOGGER":
Send an email to freeblogger@beppegrillo.it with:
- subject: your name
- text: the address of your blog
- attached: a photo of you with a sign saying “FREE BLOGGER”.
The photos will appear in the top bar of the blog.
- Article in "Punto Informatico"
- Analysis by Daniele Minotti

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On Friday 14 November, I invite all the people of Milan to go to the office and to school by bicycle. It’s the fastest, cleanest and cheapest way. Anyone going by push-bike does not depend on the price of petrol nor on the dis-service of public transport. The bicycle is revolutionary. I will be in Milan in the early part of the afternoon with my powerful legs. No to polluting vehicles that you have to pay for. No to childhood leukaemia. Yes to clean air and to the freedom to move about without the risk of being mown down. How many Milan town councillors and cabinet members go to work by bicycle? If there happens to be one I’m waiting for them to call me to speak. Beppe Grillo <<

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So, a member of the party rooted in the the Constitution, guaranteing freedom of expression, is planning to gag bloggers and turned them into compliant user of the net? Does he even know what a blog is? A blog is a daily written presonal record of the writer's own experiences and thoughts on current events and whatever else the writer is interested about. Forcing bloggers to register is no less, if not more dangerous, than having nomads'children fingerprinted. Registration is to pen bloggers in a reservation where their thoghts can be monitored. This draft-law signals that the PD has not the people's best interests in mind, but doing Berlusconi's dirty work. This draft-law, like the fascist thugs that have attacked high school kids, aims to quash dissent. Simmering hostilities are making the chikens come home to roost in Italy, the last thing the country needs is this draft-law gagging bloggers. All that aside, parliament should know that gagging bloggers is a useless exrcise. Bloggers have no tolerance for interlopers. Government intrusion will force bloggers to leave the country looking for freedom of expression: their existential food. But don't think for a moment their ideas will stop streaming in. So, parliamentarians should forget this law and start working on more important things.

Posted by: lou pacella | November 14, 2008 04:30 PM

And the truth shall set you free.......
If able to log into David Icke's web.
Dear Italians seek the truth and set yourselves free.
And the truth in Italy is hard to find as every media seems controlled by the powers that be. Italian TV is but a joke and for the so colled "journalists" of the major newspapers they might as well be PR's for the beurocratic system.
Only once Italians realize that they are mere mushrooms (grown in the dark that is) of a Modern Feudal System and seek the truth will they be able to loosen the shackles that bind them.
Good luck.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | November 14, 2008 09:56 AM

By the way the Internet is designed, it inherently reacts to censorship as damage to the network, and automatically routes around the damage.

Self-serving cretins do and will attack the net from time to time, but the net will survive.


Posted by: Bear Albrecht | November 14, 2008 04:27 AM

Stefano, you are so, so correct.
The unholy trinity of politics, commerce and religion will always fear the emergence of truth.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | November 14, 2008 02:13 AM

Dear Beppe, I find it very strange that you seem surprised that our politicians do not show any interest towards the internet, and that it should
have a certain relevance to them.

All the contrary, the British have a saying which is very fitting:
" The silence, was defeaning "

It has a LOT OF relevance to them, and to their many financial friends and accomplices, exactly because the internet makes it possible for millions of people to find out the truth, and what is really happening, in spite of all their efforts to lobotomise people through the regime controlled media, so that they will never find out what really happens, and the real why, and so, it must be stopped, or censored, at all costs.

It has so much relevance, in fact, that they cannot wait to make it illigal and to stop it from being an alternative means for honest people to really get informed, to communicate, research, and exchange ideas, and find out what their "representatives", and their friends, are really doing behind their backs, and behind the official explanations, which they will never know from the regime controlled medias and which, at present, cannot be stopped by those who have a vested interest at suppressing the truth.

Their feelings and attitude towards the internet can be best summed up by a quotation from Joseph Goebbles, the Nazi Propaganda minister:

" The lie can be mantained only for as long as the State can protect the citizens from the economic, political and military consequences of the lie. It thus become vital for the State to use all the means at its disposal to suppress the truth, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus, by extension, the truth becomes the mortal enemy of the state. "

Posted by: Stefano | November 13, 2008 11:35 PM

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