"La Serenissima" unemployed


Epifani obviously reads this blog. That’s a certainty. After having carefully read my articles regarding the fast approaching spate of mass unemployment (two million newly unemployed people) he said: "After careful investigation I can say that an avalanche is on its way here. What we need are some major interventions". Do you hear the sound of bison hooves approaching? They are trampling the prairies of Northern Italy. From West to East.
If it is true that Piemonte is shutting its doors and that Lombardy is facing a storm of dismissals, then the Veneto has been hit by the bubonic plague.
I did a little “investigation” of my own in “La Serenissima” (Venice), which I will forward to Epifani. The bison will arrive in a stampede, a huge disorderly attack. At the moment it is limited to a few fathers of families, sitting without work and out in the street. Men who are perhaps just a little ashamed to look their children in the eye. This is about to change, you’ll see that this will change. They are becoming more aware. No one will be able to stop them. The trade unions have betrayed them, the politicians have used their taxes to increase their own wealth and the media have taken them for a ride.
A bulletin from “La Serenissima”. "The bug infuriates you, the bread is lacking. The white flag flutters on the bridge!"

PADOVANO: one and a half million hours on unemployment benefits in the Padua area.
SCORZE' - TREVISO: 347 workers from Aprilia to be laid off soon.
CASTELFRANCO VENETO - TREVISO: 480 retrenchments at Berco (Thyssen Group).
TREVISO : 390 retrenchments at Osram.
SUSEGANA : 350 jobs at risk at Electrolux.
VERONA :100 retrenchments at Glaxo.
LAVAGNO - VERONA: 114 temporary contracts at risk at the Casamercato Megastore.
MONTEBELLUNA - TREVISO : 250 retrenchments at ACC
PADUA: Hundreds of jobs at risk.
MESTRE - MARGHERA : 1,000 jobs at risk.
VENICE: employment levels crashing.

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Hi, Guys,
I would only like to add that I am not too sure about the translations from Italian (into English, obviously) that we read here. Maybe higher attention should be paid by the translators ,to details,grammar and expecially "idioms" ....you know? Most of the times, it does not make any sense to translate word by word....ciao
Daniela Giachin

Posted by: Daniela Giachin | December 8, 2008 09:03 AM

Odello, you are absolutely spot-on... only after some catastrophe wipes out a large portion of the Italian population will you see some change. Italian's are fundamentally stupid - hence the rise of the tar-head.

Posted by: Giorgio Bavalonghi | November 26, 2008 08:54 AM

where do you live??in usa?
you say you've met miss fallaci in the gulf war the 1st,do you call that world mafia business "the gulf war".....?obviously yes!useless to ask what do you think about the other gulf war and the afghanistan war then!!my shame to be italian increase furiously when i think about miss fallaci and all the "ittalians"like you just looking for "fame" and money and nothing more in the most indecorous way trying to get the Yankees indulgence by disqualifying your own culture(oops...same same as criminal berlusconi which is very well known as bush ass leakier).for the italians average mindset you'd say that the average's average his for those expatriated to the usa like all the Sicilian calabrian(shit of the shit)very well known in the skill they represent the excellence in the world.......like disgusting oriana fallaci siciliana that never esitated to drop shit on the islam,and also never reported one,i say it again,one single mafious member among the thousands she knew as all the sicilians do nor she spent a tough critic word against the beast bush .
mr odello there are many more good families in italy than america and you know that.
life is still much safer in italy than america
excuse me for my spelling.....when i get angry my capacity drops down.

qui continuo per peppe
ieri avevo scritto un commento in risposta a daniela piuttosto crudo ma vero.
perche non è sul blog?
Lo hai forse censurato visto che era apparsa una schermata che informava la messa in visione da parte del prop del blog per accettazione di tale messaggio?? e poi perche spessissimo si trovano messaggi firmati finti tipo edededed o 11100 ecc.ecc. e pio magari non pubblichi i miei magari duri ma sempre rigorosamente firmati con tanto di indirizzo?
peppe mi fai capire chi sei????
ti pregherei di darmi una risposta chiarificatrice perche da quella dipenderà un resetting del mio pensiero

Posted by: michele tamagnini | November 25, 2008 05:01 PM

I had the immense fortune of meeting Oriana Fallaci during the first Gulf War in 1990 when I was covering the war for NBC news network. I was struck by both her knowledge of international affairs and her common sence outlook to world events never experienced before with any of my Italian compatriots.
Having lived out of Italy for so long I was not aware of this little Italian lady buzzing around a war zone. Subsequently I red some of her books and realized only then that I had met a real Italian gem.
As Daniela Giachin points out in her reference to Fallaci's writing is most correct on assessing the average Italian mindset. When unfortunately this very same mindset is ingrained within the very individual family as I have experienced with my own this is real cause of concern.
For many years I have been under the impression that this particular trait was peculiar to my family and an exception within Italian families. What I have finally discovered that in fact this is not the exception but the rule within Italian families.
Hence it becomes impossible to change the mindset of an entire people when it is sick from within.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | November 24, 2008 03:21 PM

Daniela, there is a cliche that goes like this, "The people get the politicians they deserve." By the way, there is no need for Osama bin Laden to blow up la Torre di Giotto or la Torre di Pisa. Before Berlusconi's mandate ends both towers will be razed down by his people governing the cities. They are using their political majority to dictate to the political minority in the country, the regions, cities and towns. If there is something positive to say about Mussolini is that he never made any bones about being a dictator and that Italy was a dictatorship. Berlusconi rules by decrees, unilaterally, with a vindictive spirit cloaked by democracy and a big smile - and that goes for his people ruling Italy's city halls. They rule to make money for themselves as Alitalia's fate shows. Italy has become the property of the so called Popolo della Liberta'. They should call themselves Popolo del Cemento.

Posted by: louis pacella | November 24, 2008 12:44 AM

The devil in the details.
Credibility, Credibility and Credibility, I am trying not to be repetitive although when it comes to Italy and the Italian administration it’s virtually impossible.
With a school system at par with Peru, structurally at par with Haiti, Transport at par with Tajikistan, Financially first of class, Corruption at par with Seychelles, what should every Italian expect from the Administration?
From yours Truly Leader “A positive attitude, spend more, support the economy and everything will be all-right”.
By the way, all the G8-G20 are suffering and therefore reducing taxes and consumptions, while Italian Administration already collecting 50% of GDP will increase for the current year an estimated 1.6%.
A very warm thanks goes to all the Italians, and by the way stay warm for the Holidays, oil is at $50 per barrels and in Euros 40 which I wouldn’t have guessed that by the Energy cost I saw over there.
Ever wonder if Mr. B. has Alzheimer, way too many nonsense, slip ups and plain wrong decisions, reminds me so much of that President nobody will remember or rather forget in the history books.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | November 23, 2008 04:35 PM

Vivo a New york da 11 anni, ma sono italiano come te e come tutti quelli che credono nella tua causa. il telegiornale italiano e una merda come tutti i giornalisti che ci lavorano dentro,Certe volte mi vergogno di essere italiano per quello che sta succedendo in italia.Sei grande beppe continua cosi e ti faccio i mie migliori auguri ;da un ragazzo che era orgoglioso di essere italiano.
Good luck,
Maurizio and Nadia

Posted by: Maurizio Nicita | November 23, 2008 06:05 AM

Vorri approfittare della visibilita´di questo Blog per reiterare e diffondere un pensiero di Oriana Fallaci sui politici italiani. Sono sicura che moltissimi condivideranno le affermazioni della scrittrice: "È un Paese così diviso, l'Italia. Così fazioso, così avvelenato dalle sue meschinerie tribali! Si odiano anche all'interno dei partiti, in Italia. Non riescono a stare insieme nemmeno quando hanno lo stesso emblema, lo stesso distintivo, perdio! Gelosi, biliosi, vanitosi, piccini, non pensano che ai propri interessi personali. Alla propria carrieruccia, alla propria gloriuccia, alla propria popolarità di periferia. Pei propri interessi personali si fanno i dispetti, si tradiscono, si accusano, si sputtanano... Io sono assolutamente convinta che, se Usama Bin Laden facesse saltare in aria la Torre di Giotto o la Torre di Pisa, l'opposizione darebbe la colpa al governo. E il governo darebbe la colpa all'opposizione. I capoccia del governo e i capoccia dell'opposizione, ai propri compagni e ai propri camerati." (tratto da: La rabbia e l´orgoglio)
Daniela Giachin

Posted by: Daniela Giachin | November 22, 2008 09:55 PM

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