Sentenced criminals in Parliament come of age

Al Capone

The sentenced criminals in Parliament have just come of age. In fact, they have just hit their 18th conviction. This result was made possible thanks to the performance of Giulio Camber, PDL Senator who was sentenced to eight months of imprisonment by the Court of Cassation last September after being found guilty of blatant pretence. This was the one offence that had still been lacking in the collection of photograph cards.
Until now, Parliament only contained people found guilty of the following offences:
- perjury
- corruption of a public official
- abuse of power
- personal injury
- resisting arrest and insulting a public official
- aiding and abetting
- false invoicing
- tax fraud
- giving false testimony
- receiving stolen goods
- armed robbery
- aiding and abetting
- attempted bribery and corruption
- aggravated arson
- fraudulent financing
- corruption
- complicity in bankruptcy
Hell buddy, thatís enough to frighten even the Casalesi clan. Iím having to study the entire Penal Code just to keep up.
The signatures gathered in support of a Clean Parliament have been deemed to be valid. The Senate Commissione Affari Costituzionali is currently examining the popular law proposal. Three proposals: no sentenced offenders in Parliament, no more than two legislatures per parliamentarian and direct voting of candidates.
The Committee is chaired by Vizzini (PDL) and includes Benedetti Valentini (PDL), Incostante (PD), Adamo (PD), Bodega (LNP), Bastico (PDL), Battaglia (PDL), Belisario (IDV), Bianco (PD), Boscetto (PDL), Ceccanti (PD), Cossiga (UDC-SVP-Aut), De Sena (PD), Fazzone (PDL), Lauro (PDL), Malan (PDL), Marino (PD), Mauro (LNP), Nespoli (PDL), Pardi (IDV), Pastore (PDL), Pistorio (Misto), Procacci (PD), Saltamartini (PDL), Sanna (PD), Saro (PDL), Sarro (PDL) and Vitali (PD).
I am asking the members of the Committee whether they would be prepared to express their personal opinion regarding the Bill in question in a letter or an interview with this blog. None of them are previous offenders sentenced in a court of law and this would make an excellent starting point.
They may never give up, but neither will we.

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Clean Parliament need to start form how the ranking work for be a member

Posted by: Alex Filippi | November 27, 2008 07:12 AM

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Where have all the comments gone???

Eh? Eh? Eh?

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | November 18, 2008 04:25 AM

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