The assholeís optimism generates monsters

Regional elections in Abruzzo. Costantini v Chiodi

I have purchased two washing machines, three fridges and a plasma screen. They do get in the way a bit, but I couldnít ignore Tar Headís appeal from Abruzzo. The blame for the recession lies on the shoulders of those who do not consume. Of the pretend-unemployed. The companies donít produce and Fiat has its storage areas full of cars. Itís a law of nature. If you donít buy, the company closes.
Italians, fish out the money from the mattress, you are worse than the people of Genoa. Just think of that man. Think about what he has had to suffer for our country which has become his property. Think of his villas in Sardinia. Of his thousands and thousands of billions. He deserves the cash. You know he is endlessly rich thanks to you. With the mechanism of communicating money. Advertising is the bribe that you pay on each purchase. When you buy a snack or a tin of tomatoes, you are funding Mediaset. The advertising is part of the price of the product and you pay that every day. When you consume, he gains. If Italy is poorer and he is really rich, there must be a reason. If you like, call it, P2.
If you donít consume, he becomes sad and we will no longer listen to his famous jokes about the Obama who has a tan like Naomi Campbell and about Mangano, the hero of Forza Italia. If thereís a fall in the advertising income for Publitalia, Mediaset shares suffer even more than Veltroni does when he is doing Opposition. If it goes below a euro, who will be the one to tell Confalonieri?
It has taken twenty years to consume Italy, but he has succeeded. Itís true that he has had the support of the collaborationists Bossi, DíAlema and Violante. Itís true that hundreds of journalists have sold themselves. But letís say it, the collapse, above all, is due to him. The 400,000 precarious workers who will lose their jobs by Christmas must not disappoint the psycho dwarf. Let them go with their families to the nearest branch of Mediolanum, the bank that is round them. Let them ask for signor Ennio Doris. Let them say that they have been sent by Berlusconi, the co-proprietor of the bank, and that they must consume. A loan, a mortgage with a facilitated rate and theyíre off towards the nearest shopping centre for a quickie in the between the shelves.
Anyway there is a remedy for restarting consumer spending. Tremonti is working on a package for 80 billion euro that will be invested in public works. The 80 billion will be taken from the taxes paid by the Italians. We get rich and we get into debt on our own. A movement of cash to the accounts of the others. Take from the tax payers to give to the Confindustria.
Leave the light on even in the daytime. Leave the water tap running, the heaters at full blast. Use three condoms at a time, one on top of the other, and two boxes of Viagra each evening. Consume. Consume yourselves. The assholeís optimism generates monsters

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Ecco cosa potrebbe succedere a chi non fa professione di ottimismo a tutti i costi.

It happens as optimism is compulsory...

Posted by: Massimo GIANNINI - M.G. | December 1, 2008 06:01 PM

The politicians suggest tackling the recession with optimism. Why? Does it get worse? How worse can it get for a person forced to scavange for food in a trash bin? Or how worse can it get for a jobless person who can't feed his family? How worse will things get when the bank is about to repossess your home? Can't get any worse than that. There will be more of these situations but not worse. And when things can't get any worse, telling people to be optimistic is a nonsense, if you ask me. And nonsense-talk is employed when one attempts to get away with something. And what that might be? The fact that this economic crisis is congenital to Capitalism and taxpayers will burden the damage done by speculating bankers. So, when Berlusconi tells us to be optimistic he tells us to have faith in the system. A system that made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Posted by: lou pacella | November 26, 2008 05:41 PM

Maso has posted on his humorous site something that may be relevant to the problem of politics in Italy: the inability to adapt to reality.


Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | November 26, 2008 01:39 AM

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