The new P2 and the old Red Brigades

Licio Gelli: "Only Berlusconi can go ahead ..."

Licio Gelli: ''If the Red Brigades were to come back there would be even more slaughter: the ground is very fertile as the Red Brigades could find many followers because of the poverty existing in the country.” Is this a warning to all shipping? To the P2, PDL, PDminusL and organized crime?
Gelli is right. The ground is VERY fertile. There are two reasons for this: the economy that will cut our country to shreds in 2009 with millions of new unemployed. The impossibility of controlling information in relation to the years of lead. At that time, Pecorelli was killed and they were in peace for a decade. Today it would be necessary to muzzle the Internet. They will try, but perhaps it is too late. perhaps it is too difficult
A lot of people, a stream of young people, know everything about Dell'Utri and Andreotti, the convict and the “prescritto”, Senators of the Republic (once it was a title of honour, now it gives you the shivers). The couple were guests of the programme "Venerabile Italia" presented by Gelli on Odeon TV. The young people know who Gelli is. They know about the infiltration by the Secret Services in the State massacres. They know about the activity to set the investigators on the wrong track, put into operation by Gelli in the Bologna slaughter, 85 dead and 200 injured, with the definitive verdict of the High Court.
The comedy of the white truck in Piazza Navona and Cossiga’s words are indicators of a new “strategy of tension”. New because there are no longer parties against parties. But citizens against politicians. Will the stadia be enough? They will have to interrupt the football championship to lock up the demonstrators. The Red Brigades will not come back. However the citizens who are angry and without work are ready. When they realize that they no longer have anything to lose, who will be able to stop them? Gelli knows that. His best pupils from the psycho-dwarf to Cicchitto, are in government. It’s as though he were there. In fact he has asked for the copyright on the “Piano di Rinascita Democratica” {plan of democratic rebirth}. The others are taking the credit while he is confined to Villa Wanda with his tatty overalls.
Prevention is better than cure. The army in the streets is becoming a habit, like in Colombia. Anyway, Italy is the world aircraft carrier of cocaine. The informed citizen is an angry citizen. The informed and unemployed citizen can become a freedom terrorist. To disinform and employ at the same time is a difficult equation to resolve. The P2 in government is working at this, day and night. Time flies and perhaps in a bit, so too will the P2-ists. They will never give up, neither will we.

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The Great War and patriotism were last night's themes, at Porta a Porta -much to the chagrin of Senator Andreotti who, with the child-like sponteneity and innocence acquired by aging, blurted out, "Ma e' possibile che dobbiamo parlare sempre di guerra?" I guess the senator didn't expect patriotism and war to be the show's topics and neither did I, frankly. On the eve of epochal changes, such as the possibility of a black man becoming President of the United States, and the students' mass protest, talk of war and patriotism sounded out of tune. Especially, when in France and Germany commemorations of November Fourth have been allowed to whither away. In World War One, nine million combatants died, 6,000 each day, for what the English poet Wilfred Owen described "The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori". La Russa, seemed a tad turned on by today's celebrations: perhaps he should pause and reflect that the patriotism he describe it's not what he makes it out to be. Patriotism should rarely be voiced but in your heart be. Oh, the ad about the soldiers walking through throngs of cheering people is at best wishful thinking, at worse racism. Italy is no longer monoculture -whether the right likes it or not.

Posted by: louis pacella | November 4, 2008 05:17 PM

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