The Cement Exhibition


Prophecy of native Americans

The idea of the world exhibition or EXPO, comes from far away. From the 19th century. From a time when it took months to journey from London to San Francisco. It came into being so as to allow people to see things never seen before. Technology, future, constructions beyond the reality of every day. At that time, the world was not within the reach of a click. To transport the merchandise they used ships, today its enough to have a mouse. Italy has had the misfortune to win EXPO 2015 in Milan. Crikey we gave a good kicking to the Turks of Smirne, the only other city that was a candidate. The others stayed well away.
In 2015 in and around Milan we will be able to admire new buildings, sky-scrapers, roads, viaducts, bridges, agricultural land that has been built on, houses for people to live in, car parks, connecting roads, roundabouts, railways, light and heavy metro lines. It is a great opportunity for constructors, those who own buildings; those who like kick backs; for the mafia and for the politicians. The parties have been arguing for months to see who can put whose hat on which EXPO armchair. Im sure they will find an agreement. The money is always ours. The appetite too is always theirs. How much will it cost the tax-payers? We will find out only when they have finalised the sums at the end. A great expense account for the various Tronchetti, Ligresti and Impregilo. Sure theyre talking of billions of euro, at least five. And straight away they're already 2.3 billion short.
Today Ms Moratti is in Rome together with Roberto Formigoni and they are carrying begging bowls. The government will not say no to them and they will return as brick triumph-people. The psycho-dwarf cannot deny a favour to the patriot constructors of CAI who are sacking 12,000 of the Alitalia people. One patriot, Air Ones Toto has been struck down by the red togas (or black, or blue or yellow or rainbow) in Pescara. But its an isolated case (for now). In fact the patriots do Great Public Works and Deaths at Work. EXPO is anti-historical, it will be a factory of tar and cement and kick-backs. A universal feeding trough, the desert of nature.
The theme of EXPO 2015 is Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life. Lombardy is one of the most polluted areas of the planet. From the air you can see without interruption that the construction arrives right up to the mountains. Towering above is the great Brescia incinerator, the largest in Europe. The difference between the bordering nations and Lombardy is impressive. They are green, whereas Lombardy is mousy grey.

Up goes the construction as though it were solid
Up goes the scaffolding four magic walls
Brick upon brick in a logical design
With eyes already clogged up with cement and traffic
(La costruzione, {The construction} Enzo Jannacci)

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**Or is that asking to have too much vision?**

Allow me to jot down my little **view** on Italy and the many unanswered questions on why this and why that and such...

As is see it, and that works for any Country on the face of Earth, Italy is first, a geographical point on a map

Maps are an academic exercise of major importance, BUT, as any academic exercise, do represent often a wishful thinking or a plan to get from point A to point Z in a pragmatic way, in you manage that journey IS the key point, IMHO

Things happen in the unfolding of such program: one of the worst, was losing the 2nd World War, the BIG ONE, and the unconditional surrender, and the Treaties, and the Liberation of the Country that came with a huge price

The Independence of the Country was never helped and great projects and plans for the Recostruction were seen in a **yes and no** light by the Liberators

The mostly **immaginary ennemy** (communism) went through the MEDIA world in steroids...

Italy (united and labeled that way only on 1861) has a multi-ethnic ground of enormous importance: dialects (the original language) and all the bruhaha...back to the map, we have been a critical spot right at the heart of the Civilization, as the whole World knows it, together with Magna Grecia

We have been paying an hefty price for that..

Should we move the whole Country, Islands included, 500 miles north, with the help of the modern technology

That would be the solution to all our conflicts..

Italy is an extremely rich Country...we had highs of the absolute highest, and lows of the absolute lowest

Information to re-discover all that, away from the MEDIA DAILY CAROUSEL, is, again IMHO, the proper direction to take and all it takes is to regain control, first, on the functioning of our Justice System..

The Costitution is solid, although under attack for obvious reasons...

People in general are disoriented and in a state of semi-ipnotic functioning, BUT, economic factors are not going to be neglected any longer...and we had the RESISTANCE in the past

We might withness surprises...

Posted by: Edededed | December 19, 2008 12:34 PM

Expo 2015, is pure unadulterated, tax-financed creative destruction used by capitalists when searching for easy profits. Citinzery never gained anything from that kind of showboating. Expos are a waste of tax-payers' money. Money that could be used in much, much more useful ways. That money could be used to give the next generation of Italians modern universities; invest in research and development; restructure the health system; build infrastructure needed to make Italy more competitive. In other words, make Italy more competitive for the coming new age and create wealth with a green and sustainable economy. Or is that asking to have too much vision?

Posted by: Louis pacella | December 18, 2008 11:02 PM

Santoro's actuality program "ANNO ZER0" of tonight at Rai2 is flowing at this link mms://

have a nice evening

Posted by: Michelangelo M. | December 18, 2008 10:18 PM

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