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In the programme “Mi manda Rai3” that was devoted to Biowashball what was missing was the two million people who have used it and value it.
They got the RAI, the magazine called “il Salvagente with the Co-op label (the Co-op that loves detergents) and some people because they were signed up to a Beppe Grillo Meetup who were against the product (guess why they were invited – and only them).
Missing from the studio was the housewife from Voghera, the one who knows what washing is and who can provide a professional opinion on the Biowashball because she has used it.
If a product doesn’t do what it says it does and they want money in exchange, that’s called fraud. The company that distributes the product worldwide, has no court action against it and in no State where Biowashball is sold has the product been withdrawn.
I have said many times that before giving an opinion it’s necessary to get information and to check it. However I haven’t said that to do that, you have to watch the TV or read the newspapers financed by the State.
I have tried it. My family has been using Biowashball for two months and even the families of some of my friends. For us it works. Before giving your opinion, I advise you to use it, perhaps on loan from a friend. On the Internet there are hundreds of statements from satisfied Italian users.
After this reaction from the media I believe that it is time to start a campaign against detergents, one of the tools used to destroy the planet, used often unnecessarily and nearly always excessively. A difficult battle because they have the media (financed with their advertising) as allies.
They will never give up, (but is it in their interests?) neither will we.

(*) 800,000 Biowashball in Europe, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Italy …. 250,000 in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. 950,000 in Asia : Korea, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, ... 50,000 in the USA in the first month after the launch.

PS. I am not paid to advertise Biowashball (read the letter), anyone who says otherwise is lying knowing that they are lying. They can expect a court action for defamation. money that I get will go to charity.
PPS. The symbol for the Civic Lists will be published tomorrow.

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Aljazeera International ha seguito molto da vicino il recente collasso finanziario e ha piu' volte fatto intervenire, come esperto, un personaggio piuttosto interessante,....fuori dal coro.

Max Keiser, financial advisor, ha coniato un termine, che io trovo geniale, per descrivere l'assurda approvazione delBail Out negli Stati Uniti e le simili misure adottate in Europa. Lo ha descritto come "Fscimo Finanziario".

Questo e' il link per il video su you tube, ma si trovano molti suoi articoli in rete e la BBC dovrebbe prossimamente affidare a Max Keiser una rubrica settimanale di finanza internazionale.

Credo che questa persona meriti di essere conosciuta un po' anche in Italia, perche' quello che dice e' piuttosto interessante,...e terrificant allo stesso tempo.


Posted by: francsca vigagni | December 14, 2008 06:41 PM

Imagine,the mayor of New York and his councillors deciding one day to cut down all the trees in Central Park. Unthinkable, absurd; the mayor's got rocks in his head, or has gone mad right? Well, on a much, much smaller scale the mayor of Porto San Giorgio, the town I grew up, has started chain sawing hundreds of healthy trees lining one of the most beautiful boulevards in the Marche region. When asked for the reason for such absurd decision, the mayor sometimes says that trees might fall across the railroad tracks endangering the lives of many people (not a chance for that happening), sometimes he says the trees are sick (they're not sick) and sometimes he says he is replacing the trees for a bicycle-path. But, more often than not, he likes to remind his critics that the majority of the people voted for him, thus feels mandated to do whatever his little heart desires with the town. And what does the opposition do? They do nothing. The denizens? They have signed a petition against the onslaught only to be completely ignored by the mayor. One cannot help but wonder if the mayor got up one morning with the absurd idea to clear-cut all the trees in town starting with the century-old, full-grown, healthy Mediterranean Pines shading one of the most beautiful boulevards in the region.

Posted by: louis pacella | December 3, 2008 05:17 PM

Boy o boy, our zero king is allucinating again. I wonder if our dildo could in fact at some stage of his insanity in fact carry out his threats.
Maybe the time has come to track this bovine scatologist and wipe him out.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | December 3, 2008 03:39 PM

Thank goodness for guys like Marco Berta who sometimes come up with some intelligent input on this blog. However it seems that generally the blog is degenerating into a weird communication free for all for loonies like zero 111 and now our turkish galatasaray fan!!!
I think time has come for me to make a final sign off.
Quite frankly I did expect some kind of vigorous and bright exchange of views out of this blog but unfortunately this has proven not to be the case.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | December 3, 2008 03:32 PM

Sounds like a load of balls to me :D

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | December 3, 2008 01:26 AM

Hi Beppe! since you gave this new in English as well, I don't mind asking you in English to do a simple experiment (no crime, violence libel etc. don't worry) after adding my comment in Italian. The website states "The Biowashball has a pH of about 10 which is equivalent to that of an ordinary chemical detergent." Rather basic since pure water PH is 7. This is the experiment in case you don't have a PH-meter or a indicator strip: let the ball sit in a bucket of water for some hours to let the water become so basic as they claim: it is like getting detergernt dissolve. Then add the water to a cup of tea. Does it change colour? Now take a second cup of tea and add some bleach (diluted, if you want to get closer to a PH of 10) to it. Does it change colour? This simple experiment will reveal the truth without recurring to the CNR. Then post the results if you want. Cheers from the UK.

Posted by: Marco Berta | December 2, 2008 10:39 PM

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