Jill and the Moon Bears


Iím publishing an interview with Jill Robinson (*) of Animals Asia Foundation. The blog has already described the Calvary of the Moon Bears. Unable to move inside a tiny cage for 20 years, for as long as they stay alive. Twice a day their bile is extracted from their bodies for use in medicines, drinks and shampoos. The pain is so great that they try to commit suicide. To stop them doing that, their claws have been pulled out and their teeth sawn off. 10,000 Moon Bears are tortured in China, Korea and Vietnam. Jill will shortly tell us about the products containing their bile and the addresses of the torture sites.
I have asked Jill if I can adopt a Moon Bear as a mascot for the blog. As soon as I get the photo I will publish it. Crikey. I feel like a father waiting outside the delivery room. Help Jill by going to the site Animals Asia Foundation.

Jill Robinson: ďThis poor bear has clearly been in a cage for years and years and years. Heís not only performing severe stereotypic behaviour but it is to such an extent that he has actually worn the fur completely off his face and some of his body. Heís also got very dry and cracked pads, hyperkeratotic footpads which again indicate that this bear has not stood on solid ground for years and years. Itís a complete disgrace.
These two baby bears are actually sucking each otherís paws. This is the noise that they would actually make when they are sucking milk from their mother. The first bear, which doesnít seem to be in too bad a condition, but we are quite worried about some of these here. You can see the suffocating cages and one of them has an eye problem.
But until we get them out here we canít really see their condition but you can smell some of them. I think we have some problem bears here with infections. We think 29 have arrived but then again, until we get them off, weíre not sure. This one we are really worried out too. During the night heís been moaning a lot. Heís been bringing his back legs up to his chest as though he has severe abdominal pain. Heís got a lot of ulcers around his mouth. Heís trying to scratch inside his mouth. He wants to eat but itís obviously causing him some pain as well. Heís quite thin and heís also blind in one eye.
So we have a lot of problems with this one too. Iím quite worried about him. Actually his face is horrible. Itís very badly ulcerated on the lips.
Interviewer: Do you think heíll make it?
Jill Robinson: I donít know. I donít have a good feeling particularly about this one, but you know, they prove us wrong time and time again and we do see miracles, so letís hope for this one. They are such a stoic animal, you know they can withstand so much pain and stress. No other animal would be able to adapt to that sort of environment, certainly no human being. But again we find time and time again, they pull through. But I canít help being very very worried about this one.

Moon Bears in cages for bile extraction

Interviewer: ďHow long does a typical bear survive in these conditions?Ē
Jill Robinson: Until they fade away. Months and months and months. Dogs and cats wouldnít survive that sort of trauma at all."


Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia Foundation

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Surely there is some way to outlaw this cruel, cruel practice. Jill, you're wonderful, much stronger than most of us.
I have donated and am more than happy to do so again but I still feel so helpless and really sick to my stomach.
It's wrong, wrong, wrong!!!!!!

Posted by: Jenny Hoskins | December 1, 2008 08:18 PM

That's really un"bear"able!

Posted by: alberto arnoldi | December 1, 2008 01:39 PM

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