Lehman Brothers: money back!

Ennio Doris, president of Banca Mediolanum, harangues his financial advisers

Lehman Brothers have gone bust. Was it foreseeable? Could those who sold Lehman shares have avoided proposing them to investors? Can those who bought them get their money back if the information given was elusive or false?
But who sold funds with Lehman shares in Italy? Here are the names: :
- Assimoco Vita
- Aurora Assicurazioni
- Axa Assicurazioni
- Axa Interlife
- BCC Vita
- CNP Capitalia Vita
- CNP Unicredit Vita
- Fondiaria Sai
- Mediolanum International Life
- Mediolanum Vita
- Novara Vita
- Unipol Assicurazioni
- Uniqua previdenza
- Zurich
(the details are on DiariodelWeb).

It is possible to get your money back, as is explained on the Codacons website.
”Often at the moment of purchase, the consumer has not been put in a position to understand the nature of these policies (always written in a hyper-technical and incomprehensible language!) proposed “craftily” as simple plans for savings, that is like for a pension, without mentioning the associated risks – as happened with the indexed policies on Lehman shares.
Luckily, according to the Bersani law (L. 2/04/07, n. 40, art. 5, n. 4) in multi-year insurance contracts, set up before the law came into force, the person insured has the right to pull out of the contract with no penalties (if the contract had been in existence for at least 3 years). If then you are the owner of an insurance policy that is connected to Lehman shares (see the table below, but anyway that does not cover everything) take action straight away to get your money back, even if the policy has not yet run out!....”

Some people have even been advising others to buy the shares, for example the website PattiChiari, up until a few days before, as has been pointed out on the blog on 28 September. The ratings for Lehman have been given by Trimurti: Standard & Poor's, Fitch and Moody's.
For them, Lehman shares were extra safe, and instead it was worse than with Parmalat and Alitalia put together. Wow!
A group of savers has taken Standard & Poor's to Milan’s Civil Tribunal, for the reimbursement of 3.9 million euro for the capital invested in the Lehman shares “for having published false information about the solvency. of the American Bank and for having violated principles and norms of conduct that they were bound to keep.”
Standard & Poor's has made it known that: “Our ratings are opinions about the quality of credit, they are not recommendations to buy or sell....”
Let the Lehman-ited who are online make themselves known, Let them write a comment. I am curious to know how the financial promoters (“The true highlanders”) placed these shares and with what promises.
The blog is available for the Lehman-ited people to put them in touch with each other and so that they can form denunciation groups against the companies that have tricked them.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

- To get your money back, consult the consulta il sito della Codacons site.
- To create a denunciation group, send an email to the blog.

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Really good video regarding Lehman Brother....

Posted by: martha paul | December 12, 2008 05:43 AM

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