Letter to Father Christmas


" Dear Father Christmas,
During 2008 I have not been good. I have told so many people to FxxK off. I have been nasty to journalists, editors, politicians, ragged arsed entrepreneurs. Please bring me something all the same. I promise you that next year I will change. Itís a little gift that Iím doing for you. I will be even more nasty, more of a bastard. I will not forgive anyone anything. The year 2009 will be my Vaffanculo Year. You who brings presents to everyone. You who has transformed the birth of Baby Jesus into a supermarket. You who are the grandpa of the psycho-dwarf and suggested the idea of the social card to him. You, with your reindeer, who are a witness to consumerism. To you I ask to bring me tonight a few gifts for the year that is coming.
Donít let any more workers die. 1,300 have disappeared in 2008, that has already been announced. Change class. Move on to the politicians, the editors of newspapers and TV channels. A really tiny work accident for Riotta or Vespa or Giordano, a TV camera on their foot. A slight upset for Cicchitto, Gasparri or DíAlema, a basic pension and a studio flat in a housing project on the outskirts of the city.
Take an alarm clock with an exceptional sound system for Morpheus Napolitano and if itís needed a hearing aid and a pair of spectacles. Perhaps he will wake up and will see his former mate Bassolino in the right judicial light and he will be ashamed of the Lodo Alfano.
To the precarious workers, the unemployed, the fathers of families, the single mothers, the non-European who have ended up in this delirium that is Italy, give the hope of a civilised democratic country, in 2009 apart from hope they will have nothing else.
Give to the psycho-dwarf, 10 judges of the same school as Paolo Borsellino from the Prosecutors Offices in Italy. In your sledge, donít load up with lawyers, you have already too many at home and in Parliament. With them you pass your Saturdays and Sundays playing cops and ďprescrittiĒ. He plays the part of the prescritto as itís the part that suits him best. Take him a helicopter as well of the brand used by Ceaucescu. In 2009 it could turn out to be useful to him.
Donít take anything for Tremonti. He has always been playing with amnesties and public auctions of State Bonds. He tries to sell the debts of politics to the citizens. Donít give him our money any more. A deserted auction of State Bonds in the Spring will change his life for him. He could retire and using a false name move to the Stelvio Park together with Bossiís son.
To the Lega, give this federalism. Itís been 30 years that Umberto Garibaldi has been wanting it. Take the Mafia and the Camorra and the Ndrangheta to the hills of Bergamo and the building sites of Lombardy. Everyone must have their own federal mafia. But you have already done this, I was forgetting.
To each Italian take a wall. As high as the Berlin Wall. As long as the Great Wall of China. More resistant than the Walls of Jericho. And make them bump into the wall so that they wake up before it is too late.
Happy Christmas to all honest Italians.Ē Beppe Grillo

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