Rosa (Russo Iervolino) you are all alone


Rosa Russo Iervolino listened excitedly to Topo Gigio Veltroni’s speech. Walterloo said that the PDwithoutanL is a party made up of decent people and that there is no room in the party for dishonest people. No one in the room stood up when he uttered these words. Everyone remained in their seats, arms resting on the armrests, from D’Alema through to Latorre and Fassino. It is a party for lily white parliamentarians.
Following Topo Gigio’s profound reflection (against a background of heartfelt self-criticism), Ms Rosa Russo Iervolino began to feel less alone. Her best councilors are in jail. Loneliness is a terrible thing. She took to the floor and said: “I really enjoyed Veltroni’s speech, which … has strengthened my attempts to re-establish an ethically strong junta in Naples …”. Never mind that he was surpassing both Totò and Peppino De Filippo rolled into one, he added that: “The timing has to be quick as possible by necessity because we are four councilors short… The reshuffle will have to be as broad as possible, otherwise I will HAPPILY get the hell out of here …”.
He didn’t bother to explain why “we are four councilors short”. As far as she is concerned, they are like Panini figurines: manca, celo. No one has bothered to say anything to her yet. ROOOOSAAAAAA, they are not missing, they have been arrested!
Rosa Russo Iervolino knows nothing, her hands are clean. The mayors are always the last to know what’s happening around them. Had Ms Rosa worked as a milkmaid in Posillipo, then she would have known precisely what was going on but unfortunately, however, she was engaged as Mayor.
Rosa has all the necessary excuses. She was close to Bassolino for too many years. A man that has become embroiled in major legal problems but refuses to tender his resignation. Bassolino will be the PDwithoutanL’s next upstanding candidate for the European elections. Rosetta, get Antonino to advise you. He will find a position in Brussels for you too. Together in Naples, together in Europe, just like a couple of lovebirds. Dumb ones however.

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Calcio Pulito? In Italia non esiste...
Scrivo da Montreal Canada.
Sono da oltre 50 anni che seguo il calcio Italiano, quindi di partite ne ho viste tante. Posso dire che noi immigranti Italiani seguiamo le partite da lontano pero' lo facciamo con civilta', armonia, e fair play; siamo e saremo sempre fieri di tifare per in calcio nostrano(Italiano).
Dopo avere visto l'ultima partita Siena-Inter, mi e' venuta la rabbia, la nausea nel constatare che le cose non sono affatto cambiate negli ultimi 50 anni.
La terna arbitrale di Siena-Inter ha chiuso gli occhi,come sempre, favoreggiando le grandi squadre, in questo caso l'Inter, su un fuorigioco evidente, netto non di un solo giocatore interista, bensì' di 5. Scandalo! Scandalo! Scandalo!
Si e' constatato che negli ultimi 10 minuti l'arbitro ha fatto l'impossibile per regalare la partita all'Inter fischiando a destra e a sinistra delle punizioni inesistenti contro il Siena per infastidire l'esito del gioco e regalare la vincita agli interisti.
La scena più decadente viene dal C.T. del Inter, Mourinho, che pur sapendo che meta' della sua squadra era in fuorigioco corre meta' del campo per andare a festeggiare il gol non valido-valido con Maicon davanti al mondo intero. Vergogna! Anche lui e' diventato: "italiano".
Lo scandalo di tutta questa messa in scena può' anche essere accettata in un paese dove si fa questo e altro, pero' carissimi signori e' il mondo che vi guarda: la partita e' stata diffusa ovunque e in tutti gli altri paesi la gente non accetta l'ingiustizia, come voi, che avete una benda eterna sugli occhi e lasciate passare il tutto.
Avete distrutto lo sport più' bello del mondo e parlo di tutti: i responsabili per il gioco calcio, i politici, i giornalisti della stampa e della televisione, gli arbitri,i giocatori, i dirigenti,i propietari, i tifosi che anche loro finalmente hanno capito che e' diventato uno sport per i soli ricchi e famosi:I giocatori e i dirigenti.
Non avete notato che gli stadi sono quasi tutti vuoti? Non avete capito che facendo finta del niente avete distrutto il tutto? Non avete capito che avete allontanato i bambini, i giovani... i futuri tifosi che allo stadio non vanno più?
Vergogna! Vergogna! Vergogna!
Da tutti quelli che come me adorano il calcio pulito e leale per tutti.
Luciano Iannacci

Posted by: Luciano Iannacci | December 21, 2008 08:07 PM

we italians are the dumb ones: we pay corrupt politicians and in turn they rob us of everything, even the dirt under the finger nails.
Good luck italians.

Posted by: pinov | December 21, 2008 09:58 AM

I follow this blog every day and I am amazed at the sate of affairs politically in Italy. I do feel however that when times get really tough as they are likely to in the near future, due in part to the world financial crisis and the looming effects of global warming, then the people will make themselves heard and felt in order to reclaim what is theirs. An honest future.

Posted by: christopher hamilton | December 21, 2008 03:17 AM

The devil in the details.
Credibility, Accountability and Responsibility.
For lack of a better word, greed and impunity is what drives the pinnacle of Italy’s Politicians and elected officials.
The once that have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, are only the tip of the iceberg, the remainder is covering up their tracks, and will continue feeding this monstrosity called il Belpaese of Italy.
Giving the benefit of the doubt to all these individuals, one thing seams peculiar to me, that none not a single Party from left to right is mentioning the fact “The scoundrels are not elected, but rather selected?”.
Italians have been siphoned of all their right to select their administrators, and the crowd cheers Yes that’s right, Mr. B. shuts down one Party and creates another from the step of his car in the middle of Milan and crowd cheers Yes that’s right.
You know why in Texas the belt that keeps your pants up has the owners name written in the back, after a while the light goes on, oh yes so when someone FYUTA knows what your name is.
The future looks bright wear thick shades.
Thank you for the opportunity

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | December 20, 2008 05:16 PM

I read your note on Jervolino and I fully agree with you.

It is beside any imagination that a couple of guys like Jervolino and Bassolino can go on without any magistrate ordering them in jail right away!!!

It is shameful that Veltroni, instead of denouncing this and keeping himself away from them, he is still sharing the occasional photo session with them, showing that they are friends, and have respect and consideration for each other!!!

What a sorry state of affair!!
What a sorry place to live, where things like this can happen, and nobody does anything about it!!

When I hear the news, about what those people did, and are doing, and nothing happens to them, I am sick to my stomach, and I sincerely believe that our is the worst place on hearth when it comes to normal sense of decency, and work ethic
in the political arena and in the administration of justice!!

Let me tell you, when a society can stoop so low in the administration of justice, as we did in Italy, that society is doomed.

No political movement of any kind can redeem it and bring it back to be a part of the civilized world.


Salvatore Pizzolo

Posted by: Salvatore Pizzolo | December 20, 2008 04:51 PM

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