Telecom and General Custer

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Franco Bernabč has been leading Telecom for about one year. A period in which its share value has dropped to below one euro. Bernabč has announced the sacking of 9,000 people. The Trades Unions gave a sigh of relief. They thought at least 20,000 would go. Among the names of those to leave, that of Napoletone Luciani is not included. He should be becoming the future President of Tim Brasil, as a substitute for Araujo. Napoletone is already preparing his speech for the Brazilian directors, he’s not going to talk about Alexander the Great, but General Custer.
In Bernabč’s year, Italy’s telecommunication system has collected an unbeatable world record. For the first time in the history of the Internet, the number of families with access to the Internet has gone down. It’s like going against the laws of thermodynamics. In Europe everyone is beating us apart from Greece, Romania and Bulgaria (all growing), but don’t give up hope, we will have success in getting worse. There are thousands of towns in Italy without ADSL, usually they do not get services provided by Telecom because the payback is low. The WiMax coverage has not got off the ground. Telecom increases its fixed charges instead of abolishing them and the government doesn’t bat an eyelid. Bernabč and the current shareholders however, have not asked for their money back fromTronchetti, Buora, Ruggiero and their mates who have sucked the company dry. Bernabč and the current shareholders have not filed a lawsuit against the previous management team for the faithful Tavaroli’s Telecom wiretapping. As always, the ones who pay are the clients (line rental), the small shareholders (shares), the employees (sacking).
At the next Telecom shareholders meeting I’ll be there. Let Bernabč not do an imitation of the unhappy Tronchetti who had a “sicky” to avoid responding to me. Let him be present. If he wants, I will let him have the questions a few days early so that he can be prepared. The country’s lack of development is connected to the lack of direction for the telecommunications system. You cannot have a market when you have a company that is at the same time providing services and access to services for its competitors. It’s a monopoly situation that is cockeyed. Services and backbone have to be separated .
Bernabč knows full well who has destroyed the value of Telecom. He knows the names of those responsible, of the politicians and the ragged arsed businessmen. Let him not complete their work. Let him denounce them, and as administrator let him ask them for hefty compensation (anyway he has all the documents) let him sell to Telefonica (anyway sooner or later that will happen) and let him retire to his Vipiteno

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Aos trabalhadores Brasileiros da TIM Brasil,
estamos com vergonha da apresentacăo do Senhor Luciani (nome de batalha Napoletone), na qual ele demonstra-se ignorante como o gado.

Posted by: Michelangelo M. | December 18, 2008 07:57 PM

No, the streets in Milan are not teeming with homeless families and beggars.

This recession has not reduced thousands of jobless people to such a point. So, how bad can it be? One might ask.

It's bad enough to have created thousands of families to live in fear on Tremonti's "carta d'acquisti" and forced to buy used clothing.

It's bad enough to have created heart-wrenching situations where families are so broke that their kids' Christmas wishes are jobs for their parents.

It's bad enough that people are thinking about migrating to another country.

The litany could go on and on but for some people it may never mean much.


They want to see homeless families camped under bridges and beggars begging on every corner.

But they don't see as much. So, how bad can it be?

They ask themselves seated in comfy chairs.

Well, it's bad enough to have created more human suffering on a global scale and plunged millions of middle-class families into poverty, millions more into destitution.

Will it reach the "nothing to lose" point?

The rich are optimists. They don't think so.

Or, are they putting lipstick on a pig?

Posted by: louis pacella | December 18, 2008 03:00 AM

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