The reform of all reforms

Mussolini at the Teatro Lirico, 16 December 1944
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The psychodwarf has said that: "in my opinion, 2009 is going to be a terrible year ". He stated that the Government’s main priorities in order to drag the Country out of the current crisis will be to "Reform the justice system and the law on telephone tapping ". So now the unemployed can sleep easy. If they phone their wives they will at least be sure that no one is listening in on their conversations. Furthermore, even the ever decreasing number of people who are employed will not need to worry. If any public servant who is paid with their income tax money steals anything, he won’t land up in jail. In the light of an Italy that is impoverished and prediction that two million more people will be unemployed, the psychodwarf’s words ring out like the orchestra that accompanied the Jews on their way to the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Since its inauguration last spring, this Government has had only one priority, namely to prevent the incarceration of any politicians at any cost, beginning with the Prime Minister himself. The Alfano Bill has become the gravestone of democracy. In Italy, there are now four individuals that are more equal than everyone else. As regards the Mills and Bassolino court cases, the only ones taking any notice of the proceedings are the judges, while the regime media remains conspicuous by its absence.
The psychodwarf has pointed out that he: "finds himself acting as President of the G8 and the G14 for the third time, which is an absolute record ". This is the kind of statement that should make us stop and think. If someone like him can set such a record as our representative, then there is no hope for the controlled media. We are the problem. Our apathy. This Italy was never really born and it has neither body nor soul. It is like a zombie, dominated by mafia groups, freemasons and criminal politicians. There have been some highlights along the way, such as the partisan battles, Falcone and Borsellino, Ambrosoli and Livatino. But these were nothing more than isolated cases. Exceptions to the rule. For a long time now, those that have not resigned themselves and have continued to oppose the regime have been either isolated or killed and often isolated in order to be killed.
Fake democracy is no longer enough for those that are busy implementing the P2’s plans in a scientific way. What they want now is a true dictatorship. We underestimated these people badly when we believed that they had any limits. There are no limits. They are our employees, but they have now become our masters. Wastrels with an immense survival instinct and, at the moment, their survival instinct is stronger than ours. They are keeping us in a state of assisted media coma thanks to the newspapers (financed by us) and control of television broadcasts.
Waking up will be hard and when Tar Head says that: "IN MY OPINION, 2009 will be a terrible year ", perhaps he is referring to himself. On 16 December 1944, Mussolini went to the Teatro Lirico in Milan. Italy had been destroyed by the War through his doing, however, the people of Milan had a triumphal welcome in store for him. Just a few months later, in Piazzale Loreto, they had other ideas.
The only reform that is needed in Italy is Political Reform. Those that represent us cannot be above the law. The signatures of 350,000 honest Italians calling for a popular law for a Clean Parliament have been stalled at the Senate Committee for a number of months now. They have yet to be examined by Committee Chairman Vizzini of the PDL. His master will not allow him to proceed. Nor will the PDwithoutanel party of the D'Alemas and Cicciolino Veltroni.
Every now and then I think about this and I cannot understand what is going on. Why is this happening to us? What have we done as a nation to deserve politicians such as these? And how much longer can this continue?
They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

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"One thing that we can learn from history is that, generally speaking, we do not learn from history."
That's a misquote, but as accurate as I can remember.
The reality remains the same.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | December 29, 2008 12:52 AM

Dear Beppe,

you're right. Our sense of survival doesn't meet theirs... yet. When will we ever learn? Perhaps we are learning now. Don't forget to listen to the silence. I mean the silent people who didn't dare to say anything because they thought it wouldn't be worth it, that no-one would listen to them.

But now, people are beginning to get really fed up, and see little difference between their political masters. It is time for the silent people to speak.

Posted by: Peter Speedwell | December 29, 2008 12:00 AM

Beppe,what have we done? We elected the politicians we deserve. In an age of soap-shows, political spectacles and media circuses Berlusconi is our man: strip-off-rubber-face-mask and all. As bewildering as it all is that's our fate. But there is another dimension influencing the political choices of Italians: their excessive urge to submit to wealth and power. It became ever more visible as I watched on Youtube how people in a TV studio deferred to Moggi at his zenith: the toadying of journalists and show personalities was disgusting. A few months later Moggi was arrested and protrayed in the media as capo dei capi. Shades of other Italian leaders. "When will we ever learn and change?" is the question.

Posted by: louis pacella | December 28, 2008 07:58 PM

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