The Voghera housewife and maestro Pregadio

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The Voghera housewife is waking up from the TV torpor. Her husband is touching up his clogs in the garage. The instigation to berlusconpopular consumption has left her feeling muddled. The debts that she accumulated when full of trust in the tall stories from Giordano, Belpietro and Fede don’t let her sleep at night any more, but it’s her fault if the country doesn’t take off again. She can smell a strange odour in the air and it’s not Chanel number 5. And she became more distrustful right from the moment that maestro Pregadio was cut out of Corrida. Crikey. If you take away Roberto Pregadio from the Voghera housewife that’s the start of the end.

"Dear Beppe,
Here in England it’s already 1929. On 5 January, Woolworths closed (27,000 employees). It was a supermarket of tens of years of experience, selling products accessible to the working class, the ideal for the Voghera housewife, as they would say in Italy.
Closures of other great commercial networks will follow. Most of the major banks have already been ‘nationalised’ by the government. House prices have tumbled. In London not even a garage is getting sold. The pound sterling has collapsed. Waste paper like the German Mark in the time of the Weimar Republic. By the end of 2009, one million one hundred thousand employees will be without a job. In the City they have started already. So should I be crying? Not at all. I’m having a great laugh!
This crisis was needed. It is a panacea for everyone. The vendetta for those honest people who base their economy on working for others and not on consuming just for themselves. As a medical doctor, I have always worked a lot (well over 40 hours a week) . I have never had debts. I have always tried to avoid the vulgarities of the Voghera housewife (holidays in the Tropics, restaurant every Saturday night, weekends in the snow, etc…..) based on unlimited credit for everyone. And this is the point. It’s the end of the ideology of the mass market.
From the 1980s onwards, the delirium of capitalism had mapped out a market society based on the standard character , the so-called Voghera housewife. She is an ordinary person, often lazy, one who consumes 4 or 5 hours of TV a day (usually Berlusconi ‘s important soap operas, with us it means programmes like East Enders or Coronation Street) who had to have the right to everything to be able to buy everything and thus to enrich the few really rich people on the planet. Bit by bit, all the most important things in life like health, food, a home, even resting from work and sex have become a market product. The housewife no longer had to work and produce but just consume and be really insistent that all products are sold with the maximum guarantee so as to protect her day to day enjoyment. Professionals with years of experience and competence like myself, are obliged to treat their impossible-to-make-content clients (at a certain point even the "patients", from the Greek word “pazein”, to suffer, have become "customers") as though they were managers in a supermarket who had to sell themselves in the best way possible (including the ‘look’), rather than be thanked for their daily dedication and forgiven if they perhaps lose their temper with a hysterical patient after a hundred hours of being on call. And the few people that worked extra, risked more, until even collapsing at work.


If those millions of Voghera housewives and their lying husbands had studied, if they had worked their butts off and if they had kept themselves informed with true information rather than the rubbish from Bruno Vespa and Mike Bongiorno, no thief would have taken them for a ride and violated them. So shall we give them a hand? Revolutions start with pitchforks. I’ll pay for the first one hundred as long as they use them well, up the backsides of the folk mentioned above.” Giovanni Dalla-Valle

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Good morning from France,

What is the origin of "Voghera housewife"?

I know that Voghera is a little town near Pavia, but what else?


Posted by: Francois Corsiglia | January 9, 2009 10:14 AM

Probably now everybody will wake up from their dream and start to care about their duties instead of whining about their rights.

I remember one sentence I've seen written in a pub 10 years ago: "we eat shit and complain if there's a hair inside".

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 8, 2009 06:37 PM

I live in NY but I love Italy

Posted by: Vanessa Antinori | January 8, 2009 02:33 PM

info sourcing can be alil tricky these days unlike employment since

careers with pitchforks not included though :-)

Posted by: jemillo moretti | January 8, 2009 08:16 AM

Most of the international media is bullshitting about pirates off Somalian coasts. The picture portrayed to us is that these so called "pirates" are high-seas robbers taking over commercial ships for ransom money. Yes, they do take over ships and ask for ransom money for the simple reason that they can't fish anymore. Western industries are using that stretch of water as dumping grounds for radioactive materials, heavy metals, mercury and all other toxic shit one can think about. As a result local fishermen are getting sick and have lost their only mean to make a living. What are they supposed to do? Lay down and die? And so started hijacking ships. AS the media the media paints them as bloodthirsty raiders Chinese, German, British, American, French nuclear cruisers are patrolling the areas and chasing so called "pirates" right onto their lands. Meanwhile "mafia" boats keep on dumping poison into pristine equatorial waters. This is an issue that should be talked about more often.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | January 8, 2009 07:10 AM

... also italy is the country of 1000 unnecessary TG news

Posted by: orfeo smania | January 7, 2009 10:35 PM

I'll gladly pitch in for the next hundred pitchforks!!

Posted by: mick radatti | January 7, 2009 09:17 PM

Italy must be the only country in the world where "sales" and "commercial events" actually make the national news alongside news from Gaza and deadly car crashes.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | January 7, 2009 08:39 PM

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