Free torture

Waterboarding - Amnesty against torture

Obama has stated that: “The United States will refrain from practicing any form of torture during my administration”. What this means, therefore, is that torture was practiced by Bush … All forms of torture are prohibited by the Geneva Convention, however, it appears that the greatest democracy on earth (whatever that may mean these days) was practicing torture. Ever heard about simulated death by drowning, about Guantanamo or about Abu Ghraib? If Bush was indeed the one in charge of the torturers, then he must be prosecuted.
Georgedoubleyou can ask the psychodwarf for help. He could seek political asylum in Italy. The Country of sunshine, sea and torture. Indeed, our penal code does not classify torture as being a crime. He we can continue to torture people, like in Genoa during the G8 meeting, and be absolved of all blame. If torturing someone is not a crime, then there are no grounds for claiming that an offence has been committed. It is thus possible to make a bunch of youngsters strip naked, then take them into a “torture chamber” (that is precisely what it was called), make them kneel down over the latrines and beat them with truncheons. Just as happened at the Raniero barracks in Naples in March 2001. All of the accused got off scot-free thanks to statute barring. I hereby propose the twinning of Bolzaneto and Raniero, with an exchange of prisoners. Both the left and the right wing like the idea of torture. The events in Naples took place while the left wing was in power, while those that occurred in Genoa took place when the right wing was in power. As we all know, these two sides are equally bad. In Cesare Beccaria's Country we are free to torture anyone with total impunity.
Not only does Italy practice torture at home, but it also exports individuals for others to torture. Abu Omar, an Egyptian imam, was kidnapped in Milan on 17 February 2003 by CIA agents and taken to Aviano, from where he was taken to Germany and then on to Cairo. He was incarcerated in Alexandria in Egypt and tortured at leisure by being beaten until he bled, then tied to a cross and electric shocks administered. Perhaps Obama could ask the man he has appointed as Head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, to publicly reveal the names of Abu Omar’s torturers. Perhaps all those Deputies and Senators that spend their days and nights trying to reform the justice system in order to cover their own arses could propose that torture be classified as a crime instead of rewarding the torturers as happened with the promotions granted to the agents involved in the G8 fiasco. It would be in their interest. Unless the practice of torture is abolished, it could (possible) be applied (legally) to them one day … A Nuremberg virgin, one yank of the cord, two turns of the screw, three litres of water and salt. The Italians demand nothing less.

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