Pavia, a de-grillified town

Interview with the mayor of Pavia, Piera Capitelli

Once upon a time I was on TV, then they threw me out. I took to theatres. But often the theatres are not big enough to hold the numbers of the public. So I moved on to the arenas. Then I started the blog and I organized two V-Days against corrupt politics and the regime information. Now the mayors are denying me the possibility of using the arenas with the most varied of excuses. Pavia is not the only town to be de-grillified. It has not been possible to tour the show “Delirio” to many cities with the most varied of excuses.
I have often been to Pavia with 2/3 evenings in the “palazzetto” that has a capacity of about 3, 000 and for this welcome I thank the people of Pavia. In 2008 I was not allowed to use the PalaRavizza and the reason given was because it is only for sports events. The parquet got ruined. The cabinet member Portolan and the mayor Capitelli have however made this same venue available for a private party , with the guests Ale and Franz, for the company "Fratelli Della Fiore" with 500 invited guests on 11 December last year. See the article in “Provincia Pavese”. Thus it is a "parquet ad personam": it depends on who is trampling on it.

An email received from the City of Pavia on 4 December refusing the use of the venue.
From: Gianfranco Longhetti] Sent: Thursday 4 December 2008 16.42
Subject: Request to use PalaRavizza
With reference to the request to use the PalaRavizza for the day of 19 January 2009, I am communicating to you that on 4 December 2008, the City Council has adopted the decision to not make the venue available for that show.
I am available for any clarification and I offer you courteous greetings.
Director Gianfranco Longhett

The people of Pavia cannot see Grillo. Is this an order from the Veltroni camp? The mayor invites me to go to the exhibition hall, a smaller space that has never been offered before. She wants me as a participant in the Festival dei Saperi {Festival of Knowledge} in September. I already have commitments. I’m sorry. But, as of now, there’s one thing I can make known for their Festival dei Saperi: to Fxxk off!

Text of the interview:
D.Martinelli: Mayor Capitelli? Good evening. I am Martinelli, an Internet journalist. Could you give me thirty seconds before the City Council meeting starts? Thank you. Recently, use of the hall has been denied for the Beppe Grillo show. How is that?
Mayor Capitelli: Nothing has been denied at all! The cabinet member for sport has decided to not give authorisation for shows in the sports hall. This, I believe, I don’t know, but a long time before there was a request from a local agent who organises shows for Beppe Grillo. These are all things that they don’t know. I wouldn’t think of preventing someone from doing a show! If there’s a building suitable, Beppe Grillo can do it where he wants to. Anyway, Beppe Grillo does not shock politicians, at least not politicians like me, who have nothing to be shocked about. In fact, his presence has been requested for a cultural initiative. I hope the request has already got to him and that he has got the September date down because we would like Beppe to be among our guests for the Festival dei Saperi.
D.Martinelli: So you are confirming that Beppe can come to Pavia in September?
Mayor Capitelli: Yes, as a guest in a debate in which he can say anything he wants to, but he can even come before that! As long as he asks his agent Fraschini and it’s OK.
D.Martinelli: No because it seems that that regulation was issued just the day before the show. It wasn’t there before that.
Mayor Capitelli: I would say that it’s not like that and that it is malice that makes people talk about it. I’m sorry but I really have to go now. I have to deal with the snow emergency.
D.Martinelli: So it’s not true that you are refusing to give a space to Beppe? Can I talk to the cabinet member for sport?
Mayor Capitelli: You would have to telephone the cabinet member for sport because he is on holiday. A final question then I will leave you.
D.Martinelli: Anyway, it’s true that you have denied the people of Pavia the possibility of seeing Grillo in Pavia?
Mayor Capitelli: I have not stopped anyone from doing anything. – the town council – no! I have obliged nothing. Gianni Morandi has an agent who is organising a show for him in the exhibition hall. Let Beppe Grillo’s agent go and ask the Chamber of Commerce for the exhibition hall that is absolutely accessible and available. My cabinet member has said that there can be no shows in the sports hall and I am not going to overturn a decision of the cabinet member for sport.
D.Martinelli: Thus there is a venue available in the city?
Mayor Capitelli: I truly believe so, you just have to look for it and you just have to be prepared not to start arguments. I have no wish to have arguments with Grillo.
D.Martinelli: No. No one wants to have arguments. Thus what is the venue that is available for Grillo?
Mayor Capitelli: The exhibition hall! So Grillo can do just like Gianni Morandi. Great.
D.Martinelli: Thank you.
If you too want to ask the mayor for information about the PalaRavizza then send her an email.

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The present world financial turmoil has three certainties:
1) No one knows how serious this problem is.
2) No one has a clue at what level it will bottom out.
3) No one knows how long it will last.
Anybody else putting their 5 cents worth of opinion is worth zero (just like our friend zero 1 who has been rather silent lately - maybe he is still on holiday!!!)

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 16, 2009 11:48 AM

Should an Oscar be proposed for world best minimizers Italians would win it every year. Everything that is serious or in need of urgent attention is shrugged off. The world could come to an end and Italians will have a speaker-mounted car cruising city streets reassuring one and all that everything is fine. Yet, the opposite is true for meaningless accidents. So when Tremonti sees the GNP shrink by 2% he merely shrugs his shoulders and reassures Italians that the sun will rise and Italy is far from going back to the middle-ages. In a capitalist society economies are not supposed to shrink lest Tremonti favors poverty expansion. A 2% GNP contraction is a big deal by anybody's standard. Of course, even though no one blamed Silvio for the economic crisis, his cronies love to remind us of this fact as if to clear Silvio's other suspicious doings. But Silvio, and his media empire, seem rather absent-minded about the crisis, as though it doesn't touch him when compared with the intensity and concern shown by Bush, Obama and the American political-media establishment. While in most of the world there is a urgency to solve the crisis, the Italian government and the media seem to be practicing the "tira a campa'" philosophy. Tremonti says he is not into making predictions about where the economy is going. He says astrologers predict. If that's the case, it means most American economists predict according to the positions of stars and planets. No, Tremonti is staying away from the hard times ahead. In a way he is minimizing the situation by avoiding talking abut it. And when Silvio is asked what Italy is doing for all those Italians that will bear the brunt of the crisis, he has no answer other than to say he is the first European politician to meet the needs of poverty, or whatever.

Posted by: louis pacella | January 16, 2009 02:43 AM

If like you say you are being denied access to public facilities for your shows or whatever under suspicious excuses surely it is up to the citizens of the town, province ect. to force the burocrats to abide by their wishes.
Surely, if the citizens demand that the show must go on the beurocrats should be sacked with immediate effect for not abiding to the wishes of its citizens. Unless of course the citizens have no backbone which seems to be the case.
Anyway, it is a fact that "THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE" and I invite Italians to seek the truth without delay.
Have Italians not learned yet not to place their trust in their politicians? Even after so many years of "mascalzonate" on their part?

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 15, 2009 10:02 AM

NO al nuovo ordine mondiale. Ricercate New World Order. La verità ci renderà liberi.

Posted by: Novus Ordo Seclorum | January 15, 2009 05:15 AM

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