Sardinia left in the dark by digital terretrial television


Sardinia has been left in the dark by digital terrestrial television. Meanwhile, Sky is doing a brisk trade. In order to stay informed, the Sardinians are flocking over to satellite television and are backward-sing and forward-sing with the mainland.
This is keeping Fedele Confalonieri awake at night. There are two concerns that are tormenting him. The future of Mediaset shares, and digital terrestrial television. In 2005, Grandpa Fedele shouted to me at a media conference, saying: “Who the hell is this Masaniello that’s busting our chops!” The veins on his neck stood up and he turned redder than Gasparri when he is thinking. I had the temerity to state that digital terrestrial television was an obsolete and defunct technology, indeed it was never born. Do you remember the psychodwarf’s advertising spot: “Digital terrestrial television has landed”? Now, as then, it is dead and buried, except that everyone has now realised this fact.

From the blog posting dated 9-10-2005: “Digital Terrestrial Television came in after the Constitutional Court’s ruling No. 466-2002. which established that no one would be permitted to own more than two television networks. It may just be my usual maliciousness, but in order to prevent the decree being applied, the Government introduced the “made to measure for television” Gasparri law. In order to view the Digital Terrestrial Television, one had to have a little box called a decoder, for which public funding was allocated. Digital Terrestrial Television is being advertised with public money. Whose money is this, you ask? Ours of course! And to whom is it going? Perhaps to the manufacturers of the decoders and to the owners of the television networks, via the users purchasing pay for view football games, apparently the only thing that the Digital Terrestrial Television is good for?”

From the blog posting dated 1-12-2005: ”Notwithstanding the State subsidies, in other words our money, a total of only three million of these useless decoders have been sold (out of a possible twenty million Italian families), and the Government has now decided to bring the date for the compulsory adoption of Digital Terrestrial Television forward by two years. We would already be able to view hundreds of different television channels on the Web, that is if there broadband services were available (as is the case in other Countries), if the lines were fast enough (as is the case in other Countries) and if the costs were reasonable (as is the case in other Countries). Who then has benefited from Digital Terrestrial Television? Who is scoring from the adoption of this zombie technology? At some point we will have to do the math”.
Italy has fallen ten years behind in terms of telecommunications thanks to the Gasparri law and to the State assistance handed out for digital terrestrial television. It is an obsolete technology, an old piece of junk, just like Rete 4 and Grandpa Fedele.
Italy now has a wonderful opportunity. With the spread of Digital Terrestrial Television going the way it is, Mediaset and Rai will become hidden in a perfectly natural way. The next Regions to be liberated will be the Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Trentino and Campania, followed by the rest of the Country.

They may never give up (is it in worth their while?), but neither will we.

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Go Beppe go.
If you have been listed at number 7 on the Forbes most popular list this means that the Italian political gangsters must start taking your views seriously and be very afraid of any of your activities.
Your views reflect the growing general anger with a vast majority of italians.
Your listing at number 7 is far more powerful than all the signitures you have put together in the past and which were rejected by the gangsters running Italy.
Keep awaking the sleeping giant Beppe.
The people shall govern....

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | February 2, 2009 10:28 AM

Go Beppe Go!!!!

You won a so wonderful top position a number seven of the top25 list of web celebrities online by Forbes!!!

Congratulations for the excellent result!

Don't stop now, you got the wave!!!

Ciao Beppe, forza così!




Posted by: Marco | February 1, 2009 09:20 PM

Nice to see so good informations. Very good blog.

Posted by: twojeanonse | February 1, 2009 07:34 PM

Better Sancho Pancha and Don Qixote than a servant for psyconano like you.

Posted by: Benjie | January 31, 2009 09:04 PM

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