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Dormant accounts used to finance the social card and Alitalia. Dormant accounts. What a nice definition designed to screw you. You are dormant like your accounts and other people have all the fun. You deposit your savings in the bank. You trust your bank and the person of the manager of your bank branch, otherwise you would certainly not trust them with your money. You leave your money there, dormant, so that it may grow over time, perhaps with the aid of a modest rate of interest. However, if you do not touch your account, after ten years prince charming comes along and wakes it up for you. He wears the face of the Minister of the Treasury. He doesn’t kiss your account but instead screws it. The account is woken up and the contents are transferred into the State coffers. The relationship is supposedly between you and your bank. The money in question is yours. The party using it is the Treasury.
It is nothing more than legalized expropriation. As at the end of November last year, there were some 1,071,590 dormant accounts, equivalent to some 800 million Euro.
This Government is on the bones of its arse and yesterday the “Banca d'Italia” used the term "wartime economy". This Government is sticking its hands into the Italians’ pockets, using dirty tricks such as that of the dormant accounts. This has happened before and forced withdrawals were made from current accounts during the time of the Amato Government, but this time the situation is worse.
This Government cesspool is now striking the weakest and most trusting members of society. The elderly and the Italian emigrants living in Canada, in Australia and in Brazil, who are not aware of the decree or are not in a position to keep themselves informed or to be informed. Those that are unaware that their money is about to disappear unless there is some movement on their accounts. And this is true for all types of investments:
- cash deposits made with the intermediary and subject to the duty of refund
- deposits of financial instruments in custody and under administration
- insurance contracts covered by article 2, clause 1 of Legislative Decree No. 209, dated 7 September 2005, in all cases where the insurer is committed to pay out interest earnings or capital amounts at some predetermined future date.
The bank should send the depositor a registered letter with proof of receipt in order to advise the individual that their money is about to be withdrawn by the Treasury. As far as I am aware, the bank is not required to do so for all types of deposits. Let the Treasury correct me if I am wrong.
If you have any acquaintances abroad or know any elderly people, use the Ministry’s search engine to check whether or not they have any dormant accounts and warn them immediately. In theory, for up to ten years after the date of expropriation, the Treasury can be asked to return the money withdrawn. Do you get it? You can ask for YOUR MONEY BACK... There should be some or other procedure in place for recovering your money, however, I phoned one of the banks and was told that they are still awaiting instructions from the Ministry so as to find out what this procedure will be...
The Government expropriation does not apply to deposits of less than one hundred Euro, for the time being..., but perhaps tomorrow they may even need this small change.
As regards the 2% drop in GDP forecast for 2009, Tremonti has stated that we are not living in the Middle Ages. This is true, because at least during the Middle Ages thieves were called thieves and taxes were called taxes and not legal decrees. This Government doesn’t bother to stick its hands in the Italians’ pockets, it goes directly to their banks.
Warn your acquaintances and family members living abroad, as well as any elderly people that you know. Don’t allow the Government to screw them out of their savings.

Ps.: join the Facebook group called: "Save your current account from the State"

Search for your name amongst the dormant deposits

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The saying "It rains, government thief" must be changed to "The government steals even on a sunny day".

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 19, 2009 06:43 PM

Oh well well well. I must have been ahead of my time when I sold all property, relinqished all business dealings and pulled all my funds out of Italy.
I kind of felt that such an event would be likely in a MODERN FEUDAL SYSTEM which is what Italy is.
I will gladly visit, eat your food and drink your wine but as for doing business with you, you must be mad.
As you pointed out imagine those poor suckers (Italians out of Italy) who have been breaking their backs to accumulate a few savings and just like magic their savings are made to disappear in a country without the RULE of LAW.
I sincerely hope your message is heeded by as many expats as possible. I suppose the various Italian embassies and consulates around the world will not bother with offering any advise would they?

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 19, 2009 03:23 PM

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