The Maroni Clause

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The demonstration called for by the family members of Mafia victims has been moved from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Farnese in Roma but will still be held on 28 January. I am told that the move is due to the Maroni Clause, inspired by Clause 22 by Joseph Heller.

Clause 22:
- article 12, Clause 1: The only valid reason for requesting leave from the front is insanity
- article 12, Clause 22: Anyone requesting leave from the front is not insane
In other words, if you are insane you can leave the front, but if you want to leave the front then you are not insane.

The Maroni Clause:
- The Italian Constitution, article 17: Citizens shall have the right to gather peacefully without carrying arms...The authorities must be notified about any gatherings to be held in public places and said authorities may only forbid such gatherings for proven reasons of security or public safety
- Maroni Clause, sole article: Demonstrations prohibited in front of places of worship.
In Italy, all main squares have a church. Citizens shall be free to demonstrate in any main square, as envisaged in the Constitution, but not in any main square with a church.

Therefore, for example, the Vday demonstration in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and in Piazza San Carlo in Turin would not have been authorised.
The Maroni Clause is unconstitutional, and you donít have to be a constitutional expert to understand this fact, it is enough for one not to be Maroni.
Islamic mass prayers in protest against the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza lie at the root of the Maroni Clause. Harbouring bed thoughts is a sin, but in Italy it is a good thing. I want to have extremely bad thoughts. The objective is not the Muslims, but rather the Italians that want to hold a demonstration. First they filled up the media with the regimeís bullshit, and now they want to make the squares off-limits.
All I know is that I will be in Piazza Farnese on the 28th January 2009 at 09h00, in order to demonstrate my solidarity with the families of mafia victims and the Public Prosecutor of Salerno, Apicella, as well as Luigi De Magistris and Clementina Forleo. Spread the word.

Ps: in the interests of safety, I will get myself a pair of thick shin pads so as to avoid being bitten by Maroni.

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Good evening, to Beppe Grillo
and my fellow italian and american people;
From New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
and today from the lobby of the Seven Feathers
Hotel, & Casino Resort, here in Canyonville,
I want to send this message to Beppe Grillo
for the 28 january meeting in Rome,
CAMMINARE, COSTRUIRE, se necessario Combattere
e VINCERE.......
e della RIVOLUZIONE............IN PIEDI!
Quando nel 1915, l'ITALIA uni' le sue forze a quelle degli Alleati.......quanti gridi di Ammirazione e quante promesse.....
Ma...dopo la Vittoria Comune,
alla quale l'ITALIA aveva portato il Supremo Contributo di 670.000 morti, 400.000 sfollati,
un milione di feriti....
quando si venne al Tavolo della Pace...
a Noi toccarono soltanto le briciole
dell'Alto Bottino Coloniale altrui.....
(come tratto dal Discorso di Torino, 1935)

....quattro novembre, 1918,
...ALREADY, the Austrian Hungarian were suing for peace, and fightings ceased on nov. 3rd.......
(Beppe Grillo i would like to meet you if you happen to come to Oregon, and meet me at this casino' hotel resort, here in Canyonville, Oregon
and talk it over to solve the problems in Italy
and America, now that Baracchino Obama is President of the Usa)
So long for now Gesuardone
(if you want to see were i am click on this address

Posted by: Gesuardone | January 24, 2009 08:41 AM

sorry i was off topic in my last post but I still feel I made a few valid points showing how what is going on with them using ridiculous laws to control the true feelings of the people they work for? Let's not forget these governments work for us????????????????????????Their bogus interpretations and falsely backed constitutions are a joke. The systems leave the weight of nation on the backs of the honest hardworking while criminals run rampant and destroy truth!

Posted by: Dennis Giusto | January 24, 2009 03:50 AM

I would rather write this in italian because it is a more beautiful language, if you think Italy has problems come to the US. What do you think it is like for an italian such as yourself to be born and live in a place such as this. If your led to believe there is unlimited freedom, justice, equality and opportunity you would be very surprised. Here in America the corruption, test system which favors certain individuals and sheer size has the ability to hide its corruption. Only when something like a stock crash happens do they even look after these criminals, not to mention every civil servant is now a criminal who stashes tax dollars and collects a ridiculous salary. We have more prisons each year and a media system which tries to turn kids into gangsters. You can't say the word Italian without the mafia following. The mortgage debacle, what a joke on a large scale. Barney Frank said just before the fall that Fannie and Freddie were in good shape. If your a minority you get the job but if your family died for this miserable rat race you get nothing for it. They also now want you to enlist and sacrifice to a government that the people don't control. They are brainwashed and know about slavery and George Washington when their ancestors came from Italy, Ireland and Germany and their ancestors lived in those places during the time of Washington. Italian americans know nothing of Giuseppe Garibaldi and nothing of their ancestors that live 6 hours away. Here we are not allowed to have culture and people marry for money/vanity/racism. In Washington they lobby away our jobs and the cruelty has not seen its zenith. You can not be at peace but are required to fall in line or get tossed in a cage or be called a loser by the society of legal theivery system they have created. Laws and medicine grind at the bones fiber and render one unable to walk and when your down you are smashed by the same cross Jesus carried over his head. Thanks for taking the time to listen, it is only through truth we can be freed and only through unity we can break down the walls which seperate, destroy and allow this madness to continue.

thanks anyway

Posted by: Dennis Giusto | January 24, 2009 03:37 AM

Maybe you need to wear ballistic underpants too, Beppe.
There' an Aussie expression "....cop it in the arse" which refers to the habit of angry dogs biting your rump; the human equivalent being a "kick up the arse".
Mind your back at all times. Your demise will come from behind when you least expect it in true mafioso style.
There is no honour in the "honourable" societies.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | January 24, 2009 12:04 AM

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