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The rubbish swindle
"Ch'aggia fa jŤ? Ch'aggia faa? No, then I want to clear up something Ė even for the unauthorised spectators who are watching from their own homes. Itís marvellous! Well then, what I want to clear up with you is that I am incredibly embarrassed because these young people on the committee that we are in contact with called me and asked me to come down and what is the idea? Why am I here? Whatís the meaning of my presence? Yes, the idea of gathering together a few people and thatís OK, but above all to get a message across to the media, to the TV stations.
Hang on. Donít applaud too early! Wait! Well then, this role of intermediary of the means of communication is no longer valid because they are no longer mediating anything. We need to find another way of communicating these things to the rest of Italy. So then, I have come here, I have been out for a spin with them. Shall I tell you what Iíve seen? Iíve seen the delirium of anything. Iíve seen the third infantry brigade that was in control of the tins of tuna. I have seen the ďBersaglieriĒ {riflemen} who were impounding a dog that had a bag of rubbish in its mouth.
I have seen the barbed wire, I have seen the machine guns. As soon as they saw me, they arrived with a tank, an eight-ton panzer! We have absolutely no hope of having demonstrations against the military. They have laid out barbed wire. They watch us and they preserve the territory.
I want this law to be clear why the military are here. This law was done by signor Prodi and the Left just a fraction of a second before they left office. Remember this stuff. So if it is under a military siege, even a mayor that says to his own population that there will be a rubbish tip there or that they are going to construct an incinerator there, or that right there they are about to construct a nuclear power station, just for having said that, he is risking five years in prison. So itís necessary to search out other forms of carrying on the fight!
Here, ladies and gentlemen, rubbish, I can say this as one who lives in Genoa, and I donít even want to say that we won one-nil with Naples ďtiŤ tiŤĒ! I donít want to say that. I donít want to say that and I wonít say that. However, Iíve come here just to tell you dear ladies and gentlemen, that by now the rubbish is a publicity stunt. Itís of no interest to anyone. Gentle folk, you are like an Indian reservation. Thereís the battle between the Indians and the cow boys. Here the rubbish is of no interest to anyone! Toxic noxious rubbish and nuclear waste is no longer of interest! What is causing annoyance to the rest of Italy is you lot! You lot, with these strange illnesses that you say you have, this pain that you have just thrown down there! It is your pain that is so annoying! It has to be a silent pain. Well then, will you get it into your heads that you have to suffer in silence? This is what they want. With XXXX that we suffer in silence! Well then, here the camorra has become literature that sells books. It sells newspapers. Theyíve got names: Cicciuzzo... whatís he called? Cicciuzzo Mezzanotte {Midnight Cicciuzzo}! Toro seduto {Sitting Bull}. Sandokan!


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Berlusconi, passeggiando in Paradiso, vede una faccia conosciuta: era Giuda! Gli si avvicina, e dandogli una pacca sulle spalle, gli dice:" Vedo che ť andata anche a te in prescrizione, eh eh eh...."

Posted by: Gino Mazzitelli | March 8, 2009 11:08 AM

No ragazzi veramente, basta con quest Italia mascherata....giķ la maschera

da tre anni vivo a BogotŠ, in Colombia, il paese del narcotraffico, della guerriglia, delle bombe, di Pablo Escobar, dei paramilitari....

sarŠ pazzesco ma respiro piķ dignita, libertŠ e democrazia qua che in Italia

Posted by: Marco Facelli | February 25, 2009 07:05 AM

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