The strategy of the whoremonger


Berlusconi on the island of “Lost”

The psycho-dwarf’s political strategy is that of the whoremonger. Once you have understood this, all his actions become clearer. What are the elements of this strategy? It’s simple: the whoremonger always tries it on. He doesn’t worry about lightly brushing against a thigh, or touching a breast. If the woman stays quiet, his hand advances. If there’s a refusal he’ll say that she made a mistake, she didn’t understand, he had no bad intentions. Until the next time when he touches her arse.
Let’s take the Lodo Alfano as an example. The psycho-dwarf tried it in 2003. It was called the Lodo Schifani, called after Schifani who was promoted to be President of the Senate for this law. Then, the Constitutional Court smashed it. Any old politician without the instinct of a whoremonger would have set his heart at peace. Instead, he proposed it to the Italians again without even using a condom. Napolitano signed and while the Constitutional Court for the moment has not made a pronouncement, he can live free and unpunished. The strategy of the whoremonger is to go forward without having troublesome thoughts and in case of difficulty, as in “l’Onda degli studenti”(inundation by students}, to move back, and then, when the others are distracted, to move forward again.
The perfect whoremonger is one who is misunderstood: he doesn’t want to send the Police into the schools, he doesn’t want to offend the Constitution. “Chiagne e fotte” {privileged but complaining}, how could it be different? A true whoremonger does not want to be put on trial. He is innocent “a priori”. It’s not his fault if D’Alema was up for it, if Violante can never say “no” to him and if Fini likes the Kama Sutra. And not even if Mills corrupted himself on his own or if Previti corrupted the judges to get Mondadori. By definition, the whoremonger has nothing to do with it and he has a family to look after, usually more than one. The strategy of the whoremonger, however, in order to succeed, needs a very high number of whores in circulation, but he knows they’re never lacking. He rarely gets a refusal. In that case he behaves like a high class Italian whoremonger. Anyone who does not give it to you becomes a whore. And he tells everyone around. He confides disconsolately in Fede and Giordano and Gasparri and Cicchitto. He makes sure the word and the wheels of the printing press go round to destroy a reputation.
The whoremonger is an arch-Italian, a mother’s boy, one who used to cry as a child if he didn’t get a biscuit, one who copied his homework from his classmates. That’s why he has success. We are a nation of whoremongers and we are ashamed to say it. Let’s start “outing” and finally let’s all go whoring together in this country.

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"Beppe guardati allo specchio e salutami la signora."

perhaps Grillo is a juventus supporter?

Posted by: Pat Kerr | February 11, 2009 10:05 AM

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Posted by: Tang Kai | February 11, 2009 09:32 AM

"Beppe guardati allo specchio e salutami la signora." Scusa l'ignoranza, ma la metafora non l'ho capita. Era forse un'insulto personale alla famiglia di Grillo? E perche'?

Posted by: Alessandro Rutigliano | February 11, 2009 01:32 AM

"Beppe guardati allo specchio e salutami la signora." Scusa l'ignoranza, ma la metafora non l'ho capita. Era forse un'insulto personale alla famiglia di Grillo? E perche'?

Posted by: Alessandro Rutigliano | February 11, 2009 12:34 AM

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