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ENEL and nuclear power stations in Slovakia

Nuclear power will not get through. The line of battle will be what the citizens know. In fact, those who know nuclear power, its costs, its effects, the enormous risks, avoid it and tell whoever promotes it to Fxxx off. The blog has interviewed some of the most important energy experts in the world on the topic of nuclear power and alternative energy sources. Their evidence will be collected together on a DVD entitled "No Nuke". It will be available in May.
Why does the psycho-nuke want nuclear power? Why does Ms Marcegaglia of the incinerators want it “very soon”? It’s a matter of money, of our money, of our taxes. The nuclear industry, that is being abandoned in the whole world, needs enormous investment, it needs permanent help from the State. It’s a great big cake that makes the tax on the electricity bill that’s used for incinerators, look like a tiny shadow. If the CIP6 has sucked billions from renewable energy to give it to the industrialists and to the oil barons, nuclear power will gift tens of billions of Euro to the Confindustria and to Monsieur Sarkozy. The French nuclear industry needs to export its technology in order to survive.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Lester Brown, from "No Nuke".
”In the Earth Policy Institute, where we study different forms of alternative energy, the first thing we look at is the economic calculation… People ask: will we have to convert to nuclear power, or go back to nuclear power? I believe that in the United States no one has bought any nuclear power station for about 29 years… the cost of the electricity tariffs for a nuclear power station should include the costs for the disposal of the waste products, the costs of insurance against nuclear accidents, the cost of construction and of dismantling the plant. In the United States we have discovered that the cost of dismantling a power station is higher than the cost of construction. When we consider all the costs, a nuclear power station doesn’t even get out of the packaging: it’s simply not competitive… In the United States we have 103 nuclear power stations, and all are more than 30 years old. There is still no structure for the permanent stockpiling of the waste products. But we have invested 90 billion dollars in the development of a structure underneath the Yucca, in Nevada… It’s an investment of a billion dollars for each power station, it is extraordinarily costly. What the operators try to do is to offload the costs onto the governments and thus onto the taxes of the tax-payers. Because they know that if they had to add the costs to the electricity bill, the consumers would not accept that…”

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Italian banks spared themselves the shame of financial crash by leveraging people who don't need leveraging: Italian banks lend money only to the rich But Berlusconi framed it in another way, "Italian banks don't speak English," flaunting italic cunningness compared to the naivete of American bankers. Of course nationality or language spoken has nothing to do whether a bank crashes or not. So, what's with Silvio? He reads the bullshit of his own media. Had he took the time to learn English and read other papers from other parts of the world, he would have known about Anglo-Saxon banks in much better shape than Italian banks. But then, what else can the Prime Minister of a country say to his people about to become the poorest in Europe?

Posted by: louis pacella | March 2, 2009 03:52 PM

Posted by: Fabrizio Cipriani | March 2, 2009 03:21 PM

It sounds a huge amount of things to build ... 50 000 Energy many decades in order to build that ?
And how much surface in the sea ? Do we want to cover our sea
with Energy Islands ? What sort of pollution would generate ?

This looks really like an impossible way to follow...and it does not
even take into account the future energy needs, that for 2050 are foreseeing in some pessimistic views the double of the present energy consumption, so it would make only 100 000 Energy Islands to be build....we should start now and finish in 500 years...

Come on, try something better as alternative...

Posted by: Andrea F | March 2, 2009 12:19 PM

British engineers have developed a project for the construction of artificial islands that can produce energy, in terms of gigawatts, taking advantage of the sun the wind and the difference in temperature between the sea surface and depth.
The concept is to put together on a single floating structure, a multiplicity of systems for renewable energy production so that the various systems, well integrated, can achieve high degrees of conversion.
The island, which was given the name of Island Energy, would be equipped with turbines fired furnaces by solar panels, wind turbines and piping system with Otec depth exchange of water with the deep sea
It is estimated that an island so equipped could provide electricity for 250 MW and 8 units could generate 2000 MW, the equivalent of a major nuclear power.
50000 Energy Islands may thus generate energy to meet the needs of all humanity!


while the Italy thinks of the nuclear

Posted by: Maverick.Ita | March 1, 2009 11:35 PM

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