How to use the Blog

Beppe Grillo’s Blog is an open space for you to use so that we can come face to face directly. As your comment is published immediately, there’s no time for filters to check it out. Thus the Blog’s usefulness depends on your cooperation and it makes you the only ones responsible for the content and the resulting outcomes.

The Blog is an amazing thing that connects people. Here I’ll explain what it’s all about.

What is a Blog?

A Blog is a space on the Internet where a person can publish a personal diary, photographs, or thoughts on a particular topic. In many cases, anyone can comment on what has been written. Stuff is written and comments are sent in as and when.

The thoughts written by the owner of the Blog, in this case my thoughts are called posts.
The comments are the replies and the deliberations of the readers. At the top of the homepage, you can see the latest post.

Use my blog

On my Blog you can write opinions and comments or you can send information about questions dear to your heart.
Choose a city on the tour schedule, if your piece relates to a city where I will come to present my show.

Use the Wailing Wall (top right of the page) to write stuff that is of general interest.

Otherwise, send a service email to my staff, if you want to notify us about errors on the site, technical problems or similar things. To do this click on the email button on the Navigation Bar (at the top below my photo)


Sign up to the blog

If you want to receive an email for each post I do,  sign up to the Blog.

Tell a friend about this post

 If you read a post that you think could interest a friend of yours, you can tell him clicking on “Send to a friend”, This way he will receive an email from your address with: title of the post, internet address and a message from you.



RSS feeds allow you to receive on your computer updates on the last posts published on my blog.
To use them you need a “RSS aggregator”. The most popular are Bloglines, Google reader, Feed reader, Feedster. Once you have one of these services you just need to insert the address of the Feed (e.g. to receive an alert at every new update of the blog.



You can visit GrilloNews to see all the new posts that I published, organized by category.


I put the search tool in every page on the right to help you find the posts that interest you. To use it just write the word you want and all the posts that contain the word will appear.


Technorati blog reaction

Through Technorati blog reaction it’s possible to find links to opinions on a post of mine written ny other bloggers.  The service is similar to trackback, with the difference that they are automatic.

How it works:
If you have a blog, you just need to sign up to Technorati (clicking Join on the top right hand corner) and inserting it’s lines of code in your pages. From then on, every time you will write a post linking the specific URL (e.g. , you will appear in the list of links that are associated wigh my blog.