Strike one to educate a hundred - Marco Travaglio
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Good day to you all.
The day before yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” in which he stated that Judge Gandus who pronounced Mills to be guilty of having been corrupted by Berlusconi, is a left wing campaigner and thus there are doubts about her impartiality but, he adds: “I am absolutely certain that I will be absolved when the trial restarts.” And anyway if and when that trial should restart it will not be Judge Gandus presiding because as soon as she has written the grounds for the decision in the Mills case which will have to deal with the role of the defendant for having corrupted Mills, that is the defendant Berlusconi, she will become incompatible.

Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists
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Live from Florence the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists.

The programme that’s planned:

9.15 am registration
Introduction - Beppe Grillo
Politics - Marco Travaglio
Environment - Maurizio Pallante
Health - P. Gentilini, G. Miserotti, M. Bolognini
Energy - Marco Boschini
Recycling - Matteo Incerti
Connectivity - Maurizio Gotta (Anti Digital Divide)
Rights of the citizens - Sonia Alfano
Water - Riccardo Petrella

Watch the recording of the morning’s programme


Presentation of the Civic Lists website
Speeches from the Civic Lists and the Meetups
Conclusion - Beppe Grillo

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No Nuke - Lester Brown
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ENEL and nuclear power stations in Slovakia
Nuclear power will not get through. The line of battle will be what the citizens know. In fact, those who know nuclear power, its costs, its effects, the enormous risks, avoid it and tell whoever promotes it to Fxxx off. The blog has interviewed some of the most important energy experts in the world on the topic of nuclear power and alternative energy sources. Their evidence will be collected together on a DVD entitled "No Nuke". It will be available in May.
Why does the psycho-nuke want nuclear power?

The Orsi Bill and the assassination of nature
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Hunters at sixteen years of age Nature is worthless. We would rather have concrete and double-barrelled shotguns in the hands of sixteen year olds, with which they can exterminate the last few wild animals that are still around. LIPU...

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Dying of starvation/1
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Strip tease for precarious workers
Someone is knocking on the door. You open and everything changes. The letter saying you are sacked has arrived for you too. You are no longer one of the Modern Slaves kept alive by a paltry wage. And you are not even a candidate for a White Death who has a job anyway. Now you are one who is Starving to Death. You have the right to the “social card”. You are one of the new two or perhaps three millions of unemployed in 2009.
The moment of detachment, of walking out of the factory or of the company is a state of trance.

Hands on health
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Do you remember Poggiolini and De Lorenzo? In a bit you will see them again at work. The psycho-dwarf has removed Nello Martini, head of AIFA, the autonomous agency that has the job of approving pharmaceuticals. Martini was too independent, too competent and an unpardonable fact, too honest. Pharmaceuticals are products and the drug companies want to have a free hand on the health market.

Banks of the government and of robbery (6)
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D'Alia’s “Shit Wall” against the Internet
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Senator D'Alia interviewed by Alessandro Gilioli
The UDC’s Senator D'Alia wants to black out the Internet. He has proposed an amendment, that has been approved in the Senate, to a draft law put forward by Brunetta that will oblige the ISPs to black out a site, a blog or a social media like YouTube or Facebook at the request of the Minister of the Interior for crimes of opinion, for example a film clip or a group that invites people not to observe a law that is considered to be unjust. Without any verdict from a magistrate. Today, this only happens in China. In a dictatorship.

Transport/Getting About
There’s a car that needs moving!
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Fiat Duna advertising clip
There’s a car that needs moving! Scrapping cars needs incentives, not to buy another one, but to get rid of the old one forever. In exchange for a new bicycle, a tram, a train line for Milano-Voghera commuters that arrives on time and without cattle trucks for passengers. There’s a car that needs moving! No unemployed person will buy a Fiat thanks to the bonus from the State. No precarious worker, sacked person, “project worker”, will change their car for the psycho-dwarf’s discount. Instead, the car has to be eliminated, perhaps a bit at a time, to avoid the collateral affects of the addiction from advertising.

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Wailing Wall
Nano stars
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Can you imagine Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Moore, Joan Baez, David Lettermann during an election campaign for georgedabliubush? Imagine them keeping quiet on the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq? Imagine them shrugging off the destruction of the planet and the refusal of the Kyoto agreement desired by the oil lobby? The same people that have been financing the republican presidencies in the last decade.
The American Star System wanted Obama and they suffered Bush. In Italy the stars are nano, fixed, and indifferent to everything.

Citizen Primaries
Citizen Primaries: Economy
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strategie ING RID2.JPG
Today I’m publishing proposals for the Citizen Primaries about the Economy. I’ll rewrite it again to include your suggestions. I’ve run out of time for Blog confrontations with the Party Secretaries. Anyway, the results of the Citizen Primaries about Energy, Health, Information and the Economy will be put forward to the new President of the Council, if he wants to listen to us….

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