March 09, 2009

Strike one to educate a hundred - Marco Travaglio


"Good day to you all.
The day before yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” in which he stated that Judge Gandus who pronounced Mills to be guilty of having been corrupted by Berlusconi, is a left wing campaigner and thus there are doubts about her impartiality but, he adds: “I am absolutely certain that I will be absolved when the trial restarts.” And anyway if and when that trial should restart it will not be Judge Gandus presiding because as soon as she has written the grounds for the decision in the Mills case which will have to deal with the role of the defendant for having corrupted Mills, that is the defendant Berlusconi, she will become incompatible. Then he added: “unfortunately a part of the Italian magistracy is politicised and it has used and still uses its power as a weapon in the political battle against its adversaries, in particular against the only person in the Centre Right who can have the upper hand with the Left. The politicised judges have tried to overturn the democratic result and they succeeded in 1994, with the accusation from which I was naturally completely absolved, after 10 years of trials.” It was the famous story of the corruption of the Finance Police. Then he gives the usual imaginary facts about the trials he has been through and says: “Conclusion: I have always ended up innocent because, fortunately, the impartial judges are in the majority.”

Naturally, since we are dealing with one of the greatest fibbers in the world there’s no need to underline how many fibs there are in these affirmations, however one fact is interesting: we have often talked about the results already brought about by the campaign of recent years against the magistrates that are dealing with the powerful people to apply the law in an equal manner for everyone, for them as well as the poor souls. They have been exterminated. Di Pietro was obliged to leave the magistracy with the well known blackmail of the dossiers in the Brescia trials, Clementina Forleo has been thrown out of Milan after having dealt with Unipol, Luigi De Magistris has been thrown out Catanzaro after dealing with criminal political-judicial filth in the region of Calabria, the Salerno magistrates have been thrown out after having put their noses in those affairs; so basically, we have always used a slogan that we borrowed from Mao and the Red Brigades: strike one to educate one hundred, strike two, three, five, seven, ten, fifteen to educate all ten thousand of them."


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March 02, 2009

The perpetual plot machine


The perpetual plot machine - - Marco Travaglio
"MAFIOCRAZIA", the THIRD Passaparola DVD is now available

”Good day to you all.
Today we will present a few news items that you will have found in the newspapers falsified, turned upside-down or in fact not mentioned at all. They are all news items that belong to a new tendency of Italian journalism. Always with the ever rarer exceptions that are due, that is, that if a trial finished up badly for a powerful man it’s not talked about or it is trivialised. If it finishes well for the powerful man who comes out OK, then there is great emphasis on it.
It’s talked about with a huge clamour and excitement; but on the other hand, the trials against the poor souls can only go one way: badly for them, because if it goes well for them there is a great hullabaloo and immediately there’s a clamour against the easy-release-from-prison, easy-absolutions and do-good-ism.
Anyway it’s what always happens when there’s a powerful man on trial: the trials against the powerful regularly end up with furious polemics about the magistrates, both when the trial ends up with a “not guilty” verdict, or with a “guilty” verdict or when they are sent for trial.

The perpetual plot machine

Why do I say this? Because they have invented the perpetual plot machine. I’ll give you an example: if a powerful man is under investigation and is sent for trial, there you get the polemics about the levelling of the judge who is siding with the ideas of the public prosecutor and thus it is necessary to make sure there are separate careers because the fact that the judge considers the public prosecutor to be right, indicates that the magistrates have been plotting together. That happens if there is a guilty verdict or if the person is sent for trial, basically if there is a negative outcome for the powerful man.
If a powerful man is investigated and then the case is dismissed, or he is found to be not guilty, then there are polemics because he has been persecuted for years and now finally a judge has recognised the truth, and has brought down the hypothesis of the public prosecutor. That is the proof that there was a plot."


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February 28, 2009

The silence is mafia-like


The roots of the Second Republic

Yesterday this blog posted an interview held with Gioacchino Genchi, who is accusing the secret service and certain politicians of involvement in the deaths of Falcone and Borsellino. Genchi is not some or other nobody. According to the psychodwarf, he is the man that wiretapped 350,000 Italians’ telephones. The greatest spy in history since Mata Hari.
I knew that there could only be two possible reactions to Genchi’s words, which were some of the harshest ever uttered against that which we insist on calling and thinking of as the State. Either to make him out to be a mythomaniac, or to drop a veil of absolute, mafia-like silence in all the newspapers and television channels.

”Omertà” (conspiracy of silence) has prevailed. No one saw or heard anything. Not Mieli, not Riotta and not Mauro.
The Genchi video has become the most often viewed clip on YouTube in the past twenty-four hours, yet none of the national media bothered to report on its content. An information paradox. If they shut down the Web, then darkness will descend upon this Country. The Cupola of the Press is stronger and more united than the Cosa Nostra. Genchi told the truth and proof of this lies in the fact that, as far as the media are concerned, Genchi doesn’t exist and the names of the people behind the murders of Falcone and Borsellino cannot even be mentioned.

Genchi said the following:
"This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know the extent of the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians."
Genchi was present in via D'Amelio, he saw the charred remains of Borsellino, he handled the investigation regarding the signal that set off the bomb, so what he says is not hearsay. Borsellino was threatened and he went to his mother’s house every Sunday, yet the State didn’t even close off the parking area in front of the building with a barrier. Genchi was not the only person to speculate that the via D'Amelio massacre signalled the beginning of the Second Republic.

Antonio Ingroia, Public Prosecutor of Palermo:
"The truth must be uncovered at all costs. It is my belief that the so-called Second Republic is founded on the blood shed by many public servants, magistrates and police officers " (*).

From the decision handed down by the Administrative Court of Caltanisetta in the Borsellino case-3:
"It was precisely for the purpose of facilitating the establishment new political contacts that it was necessary to eliminate those who, like Borsellino, would have discouraged any attempt to approach the Cosa Nostra and backtrack the anti-mafia activities, standing up and revealing, even publicly from the lofty heights of his professional status and the nobility of his commitment, any sign of surrender by the State or its political representatives " (*).

If the information doesn’t exist, then let us become information sources. What we need is a new CLN. A National Liberation Committee for information. Post the text of the interview with Genchi on your blogs, translate it into all other languages and forward it to other foreign blogs that you know. Create a link to the video on Youtube. Create your own videos with your own analyses and observations.

They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

(*) Texts drawn from the book entitled "L'agenda rossa di Paolo Borsellino" by Lo Bianco/Rizza.

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February 27, 2009

Gioacchino Genchi makes accusations


Interview held with Gioacchino Genchi

There’s nothing more to say about this interview.
Beppe Grillo.

Interview held with Gioacchino Genchi:

"For the past twenty years I have worked as a technical consultant for the judicial authorities, a job that began almost by accident when, with the advent of the new penal procedure code, this position was created in terms of articles 359 and 360, which grant the Public Prosecutor’s Office the option to use the services of technical experts in any field whenever there are important activities to be performed. I am sorry that Martelli forgot, but Cossiga actually reminded me of the fact that it was the very same new penal procedure code that President Cossiga himself promulgated that made provision for this post, which is a very modern type of post at that. A post that exists in the most civilised and advanced legal systems and so, whereas previously the Public Prosecutor’s Office had been very limited and could only make use the services of the Criminal Police Department for any special investigations, now the new penal code made provision for this type of post.
Therefore, when it comes down to finding out the truth in any criminal case, finding out the truth also meaning in favour of the person under investigation or the accused, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is no longer limited as regards whose services they may use. I held this post within the Department of Public Safety.

We did some important work with Arnaldo La Barbera, with Giovanni Falcone and then also regarding the massacres. When it became necessary for the Public Prosecutor’s Office to bring in an outsider, perhaps someone who would not be influenced by the executive powers, and here I am referring specifically to investigations involving white collar workers, magistrates and top political figures, the Public Prosecutor’s Office preferred to avoid the possibility of any political entities and executive powers influencing any choices taken by the public administration departments where the various people worked.
In accepting this appointment, I made an ethical choice, in other words, I chose to give up my career and my salary so as to concentrate all of my efforts on my work for the magistrature. Instead of being appreciated, this choice on my part was instead used by my detractors who, until very recently, proceeded to attack me in Parliament.

Minister Brunetta had no choice but to admit that the granting of the unpaid leave of absence that I had requested was perfectly in order and had been considered by the various State Departments, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Public Service Ministry and by the Office of Prime Minister Berlusconi, in other words, by the very same people that then proceeded to attack me in such a violent and absurd manner, telling those lies about me that made the Italians laugh about this entire hullabaloo surrounding me, this apparent national danger constituted by one person that has been working with the judges and the Public Prosecutors on Mafia cases, massacres, homicides an some of the most important mafia and political activities that have taken place in Italy.

Perhaps for them it is a national danger! For all those people that attacked me, and this is the best part (and here I will keep quiet because I cannot say too much since I am sworn to secrecy), It makes me laugh because all those gentlemen journalists that attacked me, from Farina through to Luca Fazzo, to Lionello Mancini of the Sole 24 ore newspaper, to “La Stampa” journalist Ruotolo, are none other than the main role players in the matters that I was looking into. This is the part that is so absurd!

The very same politicians that are now busy attacking me are none other than the main players that I was investigating at the time. From Rutelli through to Martelli, the Martelli that was well known at the time of Falcone. We are talking about people that that fell within the scope of my activities. Martelli because his name appeared in Falcone’s computers when they were tampered with and Rutelli because he is a friend of Saladino and his name cropped up in tapped telephone conversations between Saladino and Mastella, because of the evidence that we all know about, and so forth. Later I will talk mention the names of those that spoke during Question Time in the Chamber, that journalist that drafted the press release, what a joke! By the bye, these guys don’t even have the common decency to get someone else to come in on their behalf.

No, they appear in person! They do this knowing full well that they were personally under investigation. This is absurd. It makes me laugh because the Italian population sees this great wiretapper who supposedly spied on all Italians, but why would I have wanted to spy on all the Italians? Just to hear them admit that they cannot get to the end of the month on their salaries? To hear them say that their children have lost their jobs and are now unemployed? That we are in the middle of an economic crisis? I ask the question again, why would I want to spy on the Italians? Who precisely are all these Italians that are afraid of Gioacchino Genchi?

The only ones that are afraid of Gioacchino Genchi are those with a guilty conscience and those with a guilty conscience are precisely those that attacked me. Not to mention the fact that all they have achieved by attacking me is to confirm all of my suspicions about them. Indeed even more suspicions than even I was aware of so I probably underestimated the Rutelli’s role in the “Why not” inquiry.

Rutelli has shown that he probably has a skeleton in his cupboard and that is why he behaved as he did. When the truth eventually come out into the open, then we will understand the precise nature of Rutelli’s relationship was with Saladino, what Senator Mastella’s relationship with him was, the role played by his son, the one who made use of telephones belonging to the Chamber of Deputies... everything will become clear! From beginning to end. That is another reason why they had to abolish the practice of wiretapping at all costs and why they had to strip the magistrates of their power to authorise wiretaps, especially given the results that had been achieved, namely as regards Vallettopoli, Saccà, Rai, etcetera. However, without any problems, the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately began instituting proceedings against Dr. Genchi, a matter that was completely outside their jurisdiction and had about as much to do with them as cabbage for tea. Instead it had everything to do with them because the ex Chief Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, and let me say “fortunately ex”, used these printouts like a fig leaf in order to hide all his misdeeds and later as a parachute by not using them in Catanzaro, where the new Chief Public Prosecutor would probably have immediately sent them through to Salerno.
The truth is that those printouts constitute proof of their criminal guilt. Their guilt, not mine. So, he didn’t send the printouts to Salerno, which had jurisdiction, he didn’t send them to the Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, who would then have had an opportunity to view the printouts and thus discover what was in them, he didn’t send them to the office of the Public Prosecutor of Palermo, from where I did my work, but he sent them to Rome, which has nothing to do with the matter.

So what he does is parachute these printouts and misses the landing because the Public Prosecutor’s office he chooses is one that cannot do anything right. Also because those printouts also contained, amongst others, inquiries regarding the Public Prosecutor of Rome! Whom we are busy investigating. So now the Public Prosecutor of Rome is investigating not only me, but also certain magistrates working for the Public Prosecutor of Rome. This is a repeat of what happened between Salerno and Catanzaro, and what had already happened between Milan and Brescia at the time of the investigations regarding Di Pietro. With one difference, namely that, at the time, the body responsible for the investigations was known as the “Gico”, whereas now it is known as the “Ros”, but essentially nothing has changed.

In the final analysis, however, I must say that I nevertheless have faith in our justice system. They have attempted to turn everyone against me and they tried to say, for example, that because there was ongoing collaboration with the Public Prosecutor of Milan, and between De Magistris and the Public Prosecutor of Milan, as well as personal friendship between De Magistris and Spartaro, that Spartaro’s printouts were acquired. How absurd! No such situation has ever existed. Not even maybe! How can they deny De Magistris the support of the associated magistrature? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he did take Spartaro’s printouts. How can we set the Upper Council of the Magistrature up against De Magistris? Let’s say that he took Mancino’s printouts. What then?

Now the “Ros” people are saying that in the printouts that I took there are heaven alone knows how many lines belonging to the Upper Council of the Magistrature. We never acquired any printouts concerning the Upper Council of the Magistrature, what we did acquire were certain printouts pertaining to magistrates themselves, that we did, and amongst them were a number of very specific individuals from the national anti-mafia prosecution, two of them, only two of whom have any contact with the Upper Council of the Magistrature.

He investigated the “Quirinale”! Since when? However, if someone within the “Quirinale” made a call to, or received a call from one of the individuals that we are legitimately investigating, then we need Upper Council of the Magistrature to find out who the person within the “Quirinale” is that has been in contact with these people, but it doesn’t mean that I have acquired printouts concerning the “Quirinale”. Irrespective of whether or not such a thing occurred, it would in any event have been completely legitimate because, to be clear, in Italy, investigations are not only conducted on drug addicts, preferably immigrant ones, or on those that come ashore at Lampedusa, against whom anything is permissible, including the creation of lagers.

Everyone is equal before the law. All of us are subject to the law! Just to be clear on that point. They need to understand this. The minute anyone dares to touch any of these gentlemen, even as lightly as a feather, these gentlemen immediately rebel and attempt to destroy those with the courage to simply do their job.
The Italians have understood this. They have also understood that how they have been vilifying this Dr. Genchi, and now I will publish all of my work. I will publish everything from beginning to end, including all of the rulings handed down by the Court of Cassation, the Courts of Appeal, the Administrative Courts, all of the Courts that have handed down hundreds of years’ worth of sentences thanks to my work.
But the rulings that I am most proud of are not the guilty ones, but rather the not-guilty ones! Those people that were unjustly accused also thanks to the work done by the people of the “Ros” and that were facing life sentences, but who were eventually found not-guilty thanks to my work! Those people that were in prison. People who were in jail because the mistook the owner of a SIM card. Yet now these gentlemen come along and accuse me of doing the same things as they have done..., but they are totally wrong!
The worst is that all of these lies and this stream of hogwash has been perpetrated within no lesser organisation than Copasir! The body that is charged with overseeing the security services, not the consultants and magistrates that do their work within the security services! We discovered evidence of collusion between members of the security services and certain companies that work for the security services, that work in the field of wiretapping and that build barracks on the basis of privately negotiated contracts worth millions of Euros, that is what we were working on! We were working on that when they stopped us because they were all about to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar! That is the real truth.

That is the honest truth and they have now provided me with the perfect opportunity to reveal the truth because, as a person who is under investigation, I am no longer subject to confidentiality clauses since I have the right to defend myself! I have to defend myself against a prosecution that cannot get anything right due to lack of jurisdiction, namely the Public Prosecutor of Rome, so I will defend myself at the Roma Prosecutor’s office.

However, the truth will most certainly come to light! And there is no need for any archives or additional information because there are three or four simple facts. The required recordings of Saladino’s pnonecalls, about ten in all, made prior to the time when De Magistris began his investigations, which are very telling indeed! The attack against me originated precisely from those individuals that I identified on the evening of nineteen July 1992, immediately after the massacre in via D'Amelio, while I could still see Paolo Borsellino’s corpse burning and poor Emanuela Loi that was falling apart within the walls of number nineteen, via D'Amelio, where the bomb went off. I am still seeing the same people, the same individuals and the same matter now that I found at the time!
No one has yet told me that I am insane. Indeed, I may well be dangerous or terrible, but no one has yet told me that I am insane. Therefore, the things that I’ saying are not the words of a madman, because I can prove all of these things. This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know about the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians.

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February 23, 2009

Roundabout patrols


”Good day to you all.
There’s lots that could be said about the various things that have happened, starting with the sad things happening around the morgue of the Democratic Party.
I would tend to let that go so as not to be a real bore and make you run away from this presentation. It strikes me that the best sound bite came from Matteo Renzi, the young man who won the primaries against the established party names for the Florence council, who said in relation to poor Franceschini: “they have elected the deputy disaster”.
Enough. Let’s finish that there.
Let’s talk about stuff that is more serious and more worrying., that is of the issue of immigration mixed up with criminality that has given rise to a measure that like the one that authorizes the private patrols of citizens who go round the city on patrol and it’s not clear what they do. They go around with the air of substituting or helping the security forces and cutting down crime and dissuading criminals.
On many occasions we have already dealt with the issue of criminality, in fact I can let you know that the third volume of our Passaparola – called Mafiocrazia has come out. It covers the end of last year and the beginning of this year.
You can recognize it and distinguish it from the other volumes by the rose colouring, even though the content is anything but rosy.
In relation to this topic, I would like to start with a great article written by Luca Ricolfi in La Stampa. I don’t always agree with Ricolfi but I have to say that this time he has been spot on.
He says that basically crimes are tending to go down and that the only time when they went up, as we had widely forecast, was with the Great Pardon.
Now the Great Pardon has lost its usefulness as the number of people in prison is the same as it was before the Great Pardon with the additional bad thing that we have had a lot more crimes in the period after the Great Pardon. Instead of relieving the conditions o f the overcrowded prisons it has made things worse for the honest citizens who are outside and who have suffered more crimes than they would have done if it hadn’t been for the Great Pardon and if different policies had been implemented, like having new prisons, or different destinations for certain types of prisoners, like non-European-Union people and drug addicts.
Anyway, this is not the topic under discussion.

Thanks to the Great Pardon

Ricolfi writes that the rate of criminality among foreigners is much higher than among Italians, even because the foreigners that come to Italy are not a representative sample of their nations.
The people from Romania who are in Italy are not representative of the Romanians who stay in Romania. The people from Morocco who are in Italy are not representative of the Moroccans who stay in Morocco.
Just like the Italians who went to America were are not representative of the Italians who were here in Italy. Anyone who is escaping from their own country to go to another one, unless they are obliged to do that for political or religious reasons or because of war, usually belong to the most vulnerable sectors of their society, those that don’t manage to get the chance to make a living in their own country and who go to another country in desperation to seek it there.


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February 22, 2009

Naples: in the dark at mid-day


It’s night-time and they want to have us believe that it is mid-day. They have even taken the night-time away from you. You can’t even still say “A da passà a nuttata”. Rubbish has become a publicity stunt. The Camorra has become an information business, cinema, a seller of books and newspapers. By now the Camorra is literature. The names of their leaders have become popular like those of the Indians. Legendary. A long way away. Reassuring. Toro Seduto {Sitting Bull}, Sandokan, Cavallo Pazzo {Mad Horse}, Cicciotto è mezzanotte {Cicciotto is midnight}, Geronimo. Campania is a permanent newly released film. A government neo-realism that has overtaken Rossellini.
Campania is a non-region. It exists, but it doesn’t exist. Rubbish is no longer a problem. The Chiaiano residents, the “no global” people, the irresponsible people, the uncivilised inhabitants of Chiaiano are the problem. The unauthorised rubbish tips with radioactive waste are no longer a problem. The inhabitants of the Death Triangle of Acerra, Nola and Marigliano are the problem. If they have to die of cancer, let them do so without causing a disturbance, without exhibiting their pain in an obscene way. What have you got left if you cannot cry out in your own desperation?
Italy does not hear. It doesn’t know and perhaps it doesn’t want to know. It is afraid of the contagion. But it doesn’t know that it is already infected. That we will all go down together. The Impregilo company that is on trial, is still doing business, still doing incinerators, rubbish tips, pestilence, illnesses. In June, the one under investigation, Bassolino will go to Europe. Like Mangano, he too is a hero, rewarded for his silence, for his “omertà” by Veltroni and D’Alema. Ms Iervolino, the little monkey that doesn’t hear, and doesn’t see, but unfortunately speaks, continues to be the mayor. One of her Cabinet members committed suicide. Five have been arrested, but her hands are clean. The shit slides off straight away. She uses an incredible hand cream.
Campania has been brought back to normal, militarised, taken back into Europe. Anyone who says the opposite is not a patriot, does not read the newspapers, does not watch the TV. The factories are closing down, but they don’t say this. Since August 2008, Fiat in Pomigliano d’Arco has been open for just 4 weeks. In the last few days, the workers have been demonstrating as they fear they will lose their jobs. They occupied a stretch of the motorway and they were beaten by the cops. Fathers of households reduced to desperation and beaten up like criminals. It’s true, for half an hour they did stop the flow of traffic, but then why don’t they send the army to take control of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway that has been in the hands of organised crime and corrupt police officers for thirty years? A motorway that will never get finished and that kills the motorists with landslides that have been predicted.
Minister Maroni will not send out the Po-Valley-patrols to Scampia, to Secondigliano, or to Casal di Principe. The green shirts are only dealing with the non-European–Union-people. They are wicked, even perfidious with the carers from Moldova that don’t have a permit and with the Roma children. A bit because they are Italians and above all because they shoot on sight. Borghezio would roast them in the oven, like he wanted to do with some non-European–Union-people.
I have seen the desperation in the eyes of the people of Acerra who willing be living next door to the biggest incinerator in Europe. Billions of euro have passed to Campania destined for the environment, to purifiers, to differentiated waste collection. Where did this money end up? Does the region of Campania know anything about it? Politics in Campania is nourished by crises. It lives by managing crises that it itself has created. Politics is by now a form of marketing, and information control. And now that the truth is starting to come out, the only thing remaining to the politicians is the maintenance of public order. The army is standing guard over the rubbish and beating up citizens. It is dark at mid-day and they are selling us sunglasses.


PS: Today, Sunday 22 February, at about 5:30pm, I will be at Chiaiano for the public meeting about the rubbish tip. Read the details.


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February 19, 2009

Millsgate and il Corriere della Sera


Il Corriere della Sera and the Mills trial

In the 1970s, Il Corriere della Sera was in the hands of the P2. Its owner, Angelo Rizzoli, had the P2 card with sequence number 532. The CEO, Tassan Din had card number 534. And Franco Di Bella, the editor, had card number 655. Today, in 2009, who controls Il Corriere della Sera? Who is it that suggests the editorials of Panebianco and Battista? Who ordered Miele to remove the journalistic investigations about "Why Not" from Carlo Vulpio without any apparent reason? Who is the P3 that controls Il Corriere della Sera? Where is the new list of Castiglion Fibocchi?
Yesterday, all the newspapers in the world reported the news of the verdict that Mills is guilty. The lawyer corrupted by mister B. They explained that the psycho dwarf was not on trial because of the lodo Alfano. A made-to-measure law that he did to make himself untouchable. They argued that no premier suspected of corruption to avoid a conviction in two trials would still be in post in a normal country, in a democratic western one. If he hadn’t resigned, they would have booted him out. Read for yourselves El Pais, The Guardian, Le Figaro, The Herald Tribune. The reputation of a country is just as important as its economy. And we have lost our reputation. If the United States has had its Watergate, Italy has its own Millsgate. If Nixon under suspicion of corruption had imposed a law on Congress to establish his own impunity and the person corrupted had been found guilty, Nixon would have been booted out in two minutes flat.
Can you imagine the Headlines in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times if that had happened?
However Il Corriere della Sera is differently a newspaper.
Il Corriere della Sera touched rock bottom with its front page yesterday. Better than Pravda.
The main headline is: "Veltroni si dimette, il Pd è nel caos" {Veltroni resigns, the PD in chaos}. The editorial of Panebianco the Lion Heart: “The weight of the Oligarchies”. In the centre of the page there’s “Wiretapping, Mancino attacks”. Following that in order of size: “Animals of RAI fiction are badly treated” (just the headline is 15 x 2.5 cm), "Benigni, a political show on Berlusconacci and the gays" (9x7.3 cm), "Mori is preparing anti-round rounds" (13x3.6 cm), Giannelli’s cartoon (9x6 cm), "Rome: they shoot at the legs of Calvagna, director of 'Lupo' " (5.7x5.5 cm) and "The founder of the Islamic TV: ‘I chopped off my wife’s head'" (5.7x5.5 cm).
The news about Berlusconi, President of the Council, a defendant in Milan at the Mills trial in which the person corrupted is found guilty and sentenced to 4 years and 6 months has a box measuring 3.5x9 cm. In the headline Berlusconi is not even mentioned: “Mills was corrupted. Sentenced to 4 and a half years”. Even the colour of the header for a piece the size of a postage stamp is designed so that it doesn’t attract the reader’s attention: pale blue instead of the stronger blues and reds used for the others. Finally, the article is on page 21, after the gossip and the regular news.
Licio Gelli said: “True power lies in the hands of those who control the mass media”. Who is controlling Il Corriere della Sera and with what aims? Is the list of the P3 in via Solferino 28, Milan, or at some other address?

Front page of Il Corriere della Sera 18 February 2009

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February 16, 2009

The law of the Cosca


Marco Travaglio: The law of the Cosca

Summary of the presentation:
The “ad sistemam” laws
Regulations borrowed from the P2
Censorship for Magistrates and for journalism


"Good day to you all.
Let’s start from here: from the report of the Court of Accounts at the inauguration of the judicial year of administrative justice that, if you are interested, you can find at the website “”.
It’s a bloodcurdling report as regards the system of corruption in Italy and as regards the waste of public money in the sectors of consultancy, of health and of refuse.
They talk of enormous amounts of public money that are disappearing: we continue to pump the money from our taxes into a leaking aqueduct, full of holes, a type of Gruyère cheese and the money comes out at all levels with hardly anything arriving at its destination.
If you read this report and then read what the newspapers and politicians are talking about, you will realise why this aqueduct, unless they change things radically, is destined to no longer see any result in relation to the enormous efforts that we are called upon to make by contributing to the expenses of a State that by now no longer exists.
Because in a normal and serious country, the newspapers, once they have recognised what the Court of Accounts is saying, should be recording declarations of great alarm from the politicians and the government but above all from the Opposition with some concrete proposals to put a stopper in this great haemorrhage of public money that makes Italy the most corrupt in the West, as was said by the American Ambassador Spogli when he was leaving Italy – “A corrupt country” – as all the international research studies say, as for example a great German newspaper has recently defined Italy as the “putrid boot”.
Instead there is no trace of even a tiny attempt to remedy this dramatic denunciation by the Court of Accounts, in fact, they are working to create more holes and chasms in the aqueduct of our money.
Above all, they are working to try to prevent in every way the security forces and the magistracy from discovering who is creating these holes and who is sucking out our money from the water pipes.

The “ad sistemam” laws

A few years ago there was talk of “ad personam” laws. They did “ad personam” laws and the definition was technically perfect because the laws made in the 2001-2006 legislature by the second Berlusconi government were all designed to save the President of the Council and his accomplices from trials.
In this legislature, we have seen “ad personam” laws like the Lodo Alfano - and let’s hope it will soon be swept away as it is unconstitutional filth – but what they are preparing in Parliament now with a myriad of measures, that all seem unconnected and improvised, has nothing to do with the logic of the “ad personam” laws.
These are “ad sistemam” laws, if you can say that. They are laws that are very organic that are not aimed at saving Mr X or Mr Y from trials but they are aimed at saving the whole establishment, the whole Caste... let’s say the whole “cosca” {gang}, let’s use its real name because by now it is answering to laws that are no longer the ones that are imposed on us, thus it is a gigantic political and economic Cosca, with the financial guys at the driving wheel and the politicians in tow.


Regulations borrowed from the P2


Without observing that the heavyweight delinquents are happier to collaborate more willingly with the magistrates that they trust: Buscetta wanted to talk to Falcone and no one else; Mutolo wanted to talk to Borsellino and no one else; the kick-back folk in Milan queued up outside the door of Di Pietro and no one else’s. Those were magistrates that could be recognised, well known for their ability, even infamous if you like, and thus the criminal who is a man of power feels that they can trust in someone who on the other side represents the good power, who has “broad shoulders” will be difficult to budge, and thus is a person that you can count on and use as a point of reference.
Gelli had written that “it was necessary to have a decree for a series of urgent measures to reform the justice system” and the second that he inserted in order of importance was “forbid the naming in the press of magistrates in whatever role they have in the judicial proceedings”.
Gelli was not a slob. Gelli or someone on his behalf (because the “Piano di Rinascita” {Rebirth Plan} was written by Gelli with his consultants who always stayed in the shadows) had understood exactly that this idea of silence about the names of magistrates was fundamental to guarantee a country where on a formal level the law is equal for everyone but where underneath it all, there are friends who sort things out for the friends of friends.

Censorship for Magistrates and for journalism

Another regulation: what is a possibility for a magistrate to defend himself? The possibility of speaking out, to talk about, not the investigation that he is carrying out, but to denounce what they are doing to him.
Think of the really famous interview by Borsellino with Lodato and with Bolzoni, at the time of L’Unità and La Repubblica, that denounced the dismantling of the Antimafia team of judges at the end of the 1980s with the arrival of Antonino Meli to head up the office in place of the well-favoured Falcone.
Borsellino said: “they are dismantling the Antimafia team of judges”, thus the magistrate has enormous possibilities, when he is a man of prestige, one who is recognised, to be able to denounce something that is not right.
OK, now there’s an infinite series of limitations to the possibilities of magistrates speaking out if the magistrates speak without talking about their investigations, as has happened with Forleo and De Magistris and they find excuses and send them away anyway.
If they talk about one of their investigations, without revealing anything secret but giving to the citizens, information that they need, the investigation is taken from them. This is a regulation that is in the law on wiretapping. Just think. They arrest the gang that set fire to that Indian immigrant near Rome, they arrest the rapists, the assumed rapists or those who have confessed to rape like those of the other day: usually the magistrate and the Police Forces hold a press conference in which they provide information to the newspapers and the citizens. “Don’t worry, we have captured them, these are the items of evidence, they have confessed, we have found the weapon used in the offence.”
No, he will no longer be able to do that: if the magistrates says one word even to give two or three items of information to the general public he immediately loses the investigation, and it lands up with someone else who has to start from the beginning.
If then the defendant raises an objection about this in relation to his prosecutor not at the beginning but during the trial, then obviously the prosecutor has to go away and someone else has to step in, someone else who has not followed that investigation and who thus has to start from the beginning.
Thus the magistrates will be afraid of even saying their own name. They will recite their identification number only, like the military prisoners do in certain films.
Finally, we have the law (but you know it already because we talked about it at the time of the Mastella laws) that is within the regulations that prohibit journalists from talking about current investigations.
If this law gets passed, we will no longer be able to tell you that they have arrested the rapists in that case or in that other case. We will no longer be able to tell you that they have arrested the gang that burned that immigrant. We will no longer be able to tell you that persons A, B or C have been captured, investigated, searched or had goods sequestrated.
We will no longer be able to report the wiretapping to explain how it happens that all sorts of people finished up in prison like the entrepreneur of the Angelucci clinics , the governor Del Turco, and the politicians arrested in Naples together with Romeo.
We will no longer be able to say anything about current investigations relating to normal criminal proceedings nor about cases of white collar crimes apart from “someone has been arrested”. If I say that they have arrested someone, I will be able to say that it was for the crime of rape but I can’t say his name. I can either say the crime or the name of the person who is accused of having committed it, so basically I will no longer have the possibility to give to the citizens a full account in real time of what is happening.
So when they arrest one of your neighbours for paedophilia, you will be able to find out that he was arrested for paedophilia only 5 or 6 years later when the trial begins.
You will understand that it changes the life of a family to know or not to know that a neighbour is suspected of paedophilia, because for 5 years you watch out for where the children are going when you look the other way, if you know. If you don’t know, you don’t watch out, but naturally when we then have cases of paedophilia, rape, or other things due to the fact that people have not taken precautions because they were not adequately informed, well then we will know who we have to get angry with.
Let’s remember that and spread the word. Have a good day.”


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February 10, 2009

Berlusconi’s Third Republic


”Good day to all of you.
Not even today do I intend to talk about that young woman who for 17 years has been suffering in a condition that no one can know if it is still life, if it is apparent life, apparent death, vegetative life.
These are all things that are bigger than us, even bigger than the greatest scientists and I have not the minimum intention to poke around in these things that should be left to conscience even though they have turned into a reality show.
I don’t even want to say the name of this young woman, because I believe that she has already been violated enough and she will continue to be so right up until the last moment.
When you hear the President of the Council expatiate about her menstrual flow and about the possibility of her having children, I believe that we have to feel an immeasurable shame, given that our President of the Council does not know what shame is, not even the term “shame”. I believe that his face has never flushed red even because if it were to, his red face would be covered with tons of greasepaint.
However, I would like to talk about what is happening around the issue of this young woman, who instead of being left to the care of her family and the doctors, the only ones who can decide, only the family know the young woman in depth as they have lived with her for many years. Only they can know, can have intuition, and can foresee her wishes. Only the doctors can know exactly about her state of health. Instead of being left to this small group of people who should be able to decide in an intimate situation with prudence, and on tip toes, we have transformed all this into a great hullabaloo, into a great melodrama that is once more making Italy into the laughing stock of the world. It is not the first time, but I believe that the fact that we are becoming a laughing stock even on such dramatic and sensitive issues is an indication that we have reached a point of no return.

The human shield

Naturally, behind this hullabaloo, there is not the attempt to save a life. You just have to look at the face of our head of government and his mates when they are talking about this issue.
You can clearly see from their eyes that they don’t care a bit about the life of this person. They are using this person, or what remains of her, as a human shield for their dirty trafficking, for their dirty business, for their dirty profits, just for a change.
In these fifteen years, everything has been used by “il Cavaliere” for his dirty profits. Anything that happens and he immediately turns it round to his advantage and for his private business dealings.
Eluana is a pretext – there I pronounced her name, I will not do so again – to do business, to sort out paperwork, to multiply immunities, to give the final shove to the justice system.
In fact, there is absolutely no question of whether or not to save a life, that will take its course once the procedures have been started.
Here, what is at stake is a principle: that the definitive verdict of the magistracy is applied without interference from politics.


I’m thinking: if they have denounced Di Pietro for what he didn’t say in Piazza Farnese, what should the criminal court rooms do when faced with the fact that the Head of State is practically being accused of being a murderer.
But the Head of State knows that if he wants to make peace with this gentleman {Berlusconi} he has to let him pass the laws that he’s interested in. And as I will explain next time, in these laws, there’s also a codicil that will save him from the consequences of a possible conviction for the lawyer Mr. Mills. Spread the word. Passate parola."

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February 03, 2009

Ranked seventh in the Web World by Forbes. Thanks to you!


Thanks to all who follow, write, denounce, propose, get raving angry, send videos, help someone on the blog. Thanks to you, Forbes magazine has ranked us seventh in the world on the web. a world of a billion people who are connected on the Internet.
Italy, among the bottom of the table as a nation for connectivity, for the spread of the Internet culture. A country of old on the inside, without the freedom of information, without a wide coverage of broadband, without services on the Internet. A country that has known how to express the portal “” (“Plis visit our counttri” by Rutelli), designed by Stanca, the head warehouseman and relaunched by Brambilla. A country with “ditalino terrestre” {raising a finger to digital terrestrial??}, founded on the advertising of the psycho-dwarf’s TV networks. A country like that, that gets ranked by Forbes in the seventh position for the Web, still has some hope.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

PS. Tomorrow there will be the funeral of Giuseppe Gatì, at 3:00pm in the Chiesa Madre di Campobello in Licata.

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Impossible wiretapping and free crime


Who will be able to ask for wiretapping?
A word of advice for the criminalsi

”Good day to you all.
Today we are going to talk about – guess what? About wiretapping. The topic is not a new one but as long as that lot are talking about it, we need to do so as well because they are changing the law again and above all they have managed to convince nearly all of the newspapers that the new text, with the new amendments, is much better than the previous one.
And, it is true at the first glance it seems to be so, it seems that the most devastating part has disappeared, the part that listed the crimes for which it will no longer be possible to do wiretapping. Now this list, thanks above all to the “pressing” by “Alleanza Nazionale” and especially by the president of the Justice Committee for the Lower House, Giulia Bongiorno, and by a part of the Lega Nord who realised, very late, what terrible damage the first Alfano project was inflicting on the war against criminality and thus against the security of citizens.
OK. This first danger has been avoided, but in the meantime, further points have been inserted and paradoxically they make the situation worse: in theory, it is written that it’s possible to do wiretapping for all crimes that have a sentence greater than 5 years, just as it is now. So it means that once more it’s possible to do wiretapping on people who are under investigation or who are suspected of all the “street” crimes: robbery, theft, bag snatching, drug dealing, extortion, kidnapping – and including the white collar crimes like corruption and financial crimes.
Do you know what the problem is? It’s that on paper everything is possible. But in practice, they have invented 2 or 3 mechanisms that on their own are not significant, but when put together they will make it almost impossible for the judges to set up wiretapping.

Who will be able to ask for wiretapping?

I’ll explain: the new text that was presented to the Justice Committee with the government’s amendments, basically sets out 4 points.
The first is who has to set up these wiretaps. Today it is the prosecutor who asks the GIP {Judge for the preliminary investigations} to have the authority to do wiretapping and persons A and B on all the equipment that they use, in the home and their mobile equipment – the GIP weighs things up and authorises the wiretapping that can last fifteen days or at the most twenty days and if they want to make it longer, either because they hope that they will say more, that they will start to speak, that they go on saying interesting things as they have done in the first period, the GIP weighs things up and if he or she reckons that there are the necessary elements, then he can agree to the further period.
He can allow a number of extension periods: if an investigation lasts six months it is absurd that the wiretapping cannot last six months, even because very often the crimes are drawn out and last a long time. There is no criminal who gives himself a final deadline for a crime.
It is possible that the planning of a murder lasts months, that the planning of a robbery lasts months, that a kidnapping even last years. Can you write down how long wiretapping lasts? No, because the criminals don’t write down how long their crime is going to last.
The wiretapping needs to last as long as the crime lasts and perhaps even longer, given that there are people who talk about a crime that they have committed a long time after they have committed it.
The judge decides and gives the necessary extension.
In the future, one GIP on his own will not be enough, there’ll be the need for a college of three judges to set up wiretapping.
You could say “OK, that way there’s more guarantee, six eyes can see better than two”. Certainly, if we were to have a hundred thousand judges. But we have ten thousand, and we have a lot of tribunals – eighty - the small ones that have less than twenty magistrates.
And that means that the magistrates have to act as the prosecutor or the judge. Some are only prosecutors. Obviously because if one is a prosecutor he cannot be a judge. He can become a judge by changing his role, but not in the same time frame.
The people who are judges are either civil or criminal judges. If one acts as a GIP, the Judge for the preliminary investigations, he cannot also be the “Gup” that is he cannot handle the preliminary hearing for sending the defendant for trial nor for the abbreviated procedures.
In an investigation, there has to be a judge who acts as the GIP, another that acts as the Gup, three who act as the re-examination judges and decide on arrests, house arrest, search warrants and sequestrations, and a college of judges for the trial for the most serious crimes, or a single judge for the less serious crimes.
If there are twenty judges in the whole tribunal, how can they manage to find one to act as GIP, another to act as Gup, three who are the re-examination judges, three who do the hearings and now three instead of one to decide on the wiretapping?
It’s obvious that there are not enough and you would have to have one taking on many roles in the comedy. Result: he will become incompatible because he will be declined: “You cannot decide on my wiretapping because you arrested me. You cannot decide on my arrest because you already wiretapped me. You cannot decide on the sequestration of my documents because you have already decided on my wiretapping. You cannot judge me in the courtroom because you were my GIP.” What’s created is an intricate mess of incompatibilities that will lead to the complete paralysis in that Tribunal and they won’t be able to find three judges that are not dealing with the case so that they can decide on wiretapping, on arrests, and on the trial.
Naturally what would be needed is to have a Minister, that is not to have Alfano, given that the Minister should be engaged in ensuring the functioning of the Justice System, not how to change the careers of the judges and attacking magistrates. The Minister must make the Justice System work: provide the pens, the paper, the photocopiers, the police cars for the judicial police, the offices, the chairs, give a coat of paint where it is dirty, to put in props where the tribunal is falling down. This is what the Minister has to do.
If we had a Minister, instead of this “Guarda gingilli” {play on words – Keeper of the Baubles – instead of Keeper of the Seals} that we have, who is anyway in a long tradition of inept and “ad personam” Ministers when they are not under investigation, if we had a real Minister, he would take the map of the Tribunals in Italy and he would take the little ones, and get rid of them and merge them at least with those in the main towns of the provinces, so as to avoid having micro-tribunals where the judges should do everything and can do nothing because they end up with incompatibilities.
But we do not have this luck. We have this Minister who goes around and spouts off about things that have nothing to do with him.

A word of advice for the criminals

Second, the duration. Today the duration is what is decided by the GIP, and rightly so, on the basis of the requests of the prosecutor and on the basis of what comes out of the first 15 days of wiretapping: there’s a decision as to whether to go ahead or to stop there.
At times the GIP makes a mistake: for example, when Guariniello put the Juventus directors under surveillance in the Turin side of the “calciopoli” scandal - if I’m not mistaken, in the summer of 2004, he discovered that Moggi called Pairetto, the person who assigned the referees to the matches, to choose the referees for himself, even in the pre-championship matches.
”I want the referee Pieri for the Luigi Berlusconi trophy.” That Sunday Pairetto assigned the referee Pieri. Even for the friendlies, do you see?
With such compromising telephone calls, when the championship started, who knows what would have been found; instead Guariniello, the prosecutor, came up against a GIP who did not understand, who had not picked up the depth of the business because it related to football and he thought it was a “burletta” {comic opera}. Anyway it happened that he didn’t allow him to go on with the wiretapping.
At the best bit, Guariniello had to stop. Luckily, the Naples Procura {prosecutors department}, without having any knowledge of what Guariniello was doing, were following the traces of the Gea – the company of the procurators of the family of Moggi, Lippi etc – and had attached bugs and stuff for more or less the same people (and even more of them) as the ones that Turin had had to remove. The wiretapping went on even though the one lot didn’t know about the other lot. They managed to capture the whole championship season.
For the whole championship they heard that Moggi, during the championship, was doing even more than he had done for the friendlies: to Bergamo, the other nominator of referees, he dictated the preliminary grid for the football fixtures, and he brought about all that we found out about three years ago, the same stuff that they are trying to make us forget about by inviting Moggi here, there and everywhere to tell whopping lies.
Anyway, the trial is ongoing in Naples.


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February 02, 2009

Giuseppe Gatì


A young man has died, electrocuted while he was at work. He was called Giuseppe Gatì. To him I dedicated the first post of the year. What struck me was his desperate shout for judge Caselli and the Antimafia judges in the face of the indifference and the hostility of dozens of people. Giuseppe was stopped, identified and kept in a room for hours. It has been reported that his death was due to an accident and that an inquest has been started. The blog will follow the developments.
While I’m writing this, I have in my mind the words of Fabrizio De Andrè’s song "Canzone del maggio" {May song}:
"And now if you believe – that everything is as it was before – because you have voted again – for security, for discipline – convinced that you are distancing – the fear of change – we will come again to your doors – and we will shout even louder – even though you believe yourselves to be absolved – you are forever implicated...".
Yesterday a comment about Giuseppe was added and I’m giving it here.

”Giuseppe Gatì died this morning. Incredible isn’t it? We saw him with our own eyes and yet we still can’t believe it.
Giuseppe died while he was working: he went to get milk from a farmer and he died electrocuted while he was turning on the tap of the refrigerated milk tank. He died in a dirty wooden shed. A friend has died. A decent person. With high principles. Anyone who had the chance to know him knows what sort of rare flower he was.
He wanted to defend his land. He didn’t want to abandon it. He stayed in Campobello di Licata, a small village in the province of Agrigento. A village that offers little and that can easily be escaped from. He worked in his father’s cheese factory, with his “signorine”, with his Girgentana goats that he took to pasture. He was an HONEST lad, with solid principles on the rule of law and justice. He had done everything to involve the sleepy young people of Campobello, so that they would rebel against this dirty and mean society. He was too clean to live in the middle of this stench and this filth.
He had shouted out “VIVA CASELLI! VIVA IL POOL ANTIMAFIA!” {Long live Caselli! Long live the Antimafia judges!} and he was even criticised for this, but he had budged these putrid and stagnant waters that are suffocating us.
He was a very gentle lad, he gave love, he wanted love.
Today, his father, shattered by anguish, in tears, said: “I have always been proud of my son, even though at times I had to tell him off, just because I was worried about him. But I am proud of everything that he has done.” Giuseppe knew this.
And we too, Alessia, Alice and all his friends, we are proud of him. We don’t know how to express our sadness. We still cannot manage to believe it.
We leave you with his words:
'Our moment has come, the moment of the honest Sicilians, of those who want to fight for a true change, against those who have reduced and who continue to reduce our land to a desert, we have the moral obligation to rebel against them.' ”

Facebook group dedicated to Giuseppe Gatì.

Previous Post: "Upside Down Italy"

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January 29, 2009

Borsellino and the scent of liberty


Borsellino and the scent of liberty

Yesterday in Piazza Farnese no one offended Napolitano. You can see that from the videos that are available on the internet. If necessary, the thousands of people present can bear witness to that. However, it is true that a long banner carrying the words: "Napolitano dorme .L'Italia insorge" {Napolitano sleeps. Italy rises up} was removed by the police. The next time we will write: "Napolitano è sveglio ed è anche un bell'uomo" {Napolitano is awake and he is also a handsome man}.
Yesterday in Piazza Farnese the relatives of the mafia victims spoke. It was not a political demonstration. I was invited and I joined in, as did Travaglio, Vulpio, Di Pietro, and others. Yesterday in Piazza Farnese the important words were those of Salvatore Borsellino and Sonia Alfano and their accusations with the full names of those who occupy high positions in the State. Not one of their words has been reported by the news media. Schifani expressed his solidarity with Napolitano for an offence that was never made against him. The Senate, reduced to a pitiful group of people who appear, stood up to applaud. There was no word in the Senate for those who fell at the hands of the mafia, for the serious facts that were denounced by their relatives.
Our employees are almost so sweet when they are just disgusting. Disgusting mixed with sweetness. We are taking their toy away from them and they get in a paddy.
Salvatore Borsellino’s speech in Piazza Farnese will be remembered as the funeral address of the Second Republic.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Thank you everyone.
Above all, I’d like to thank all those young people that I have met here today that come from all over Italy. They are those young people that I meet when I travel around Italy to shout out my anger and try to stir up in people that indignation that I believe we all should have in seeing the abyss that our country is tumbling into.
You see, yesterday, Sonia Alfano telephoned me and said “We need to show a video containing raw images, images of the slaughter of Paolo.”
She asked me if she could do that. If I would somehow be hurt or shocked. No indeed. Those images do not churn me up. I would like them to be shown every day on TV, so that people realize what has been done. So that they can understand whose blood it is on which this shameful Second Republic is founded, so that they understand that it was founded on the blood of those dead people. It doesn’t churn me up to see those images. One thing disturbs me: to see those images after seeing those two people who earlier were laughing after speaking of Dell'Utri, and of the bombs that were planted by Mangano.
They laughed, they sneered at those things. That disturbed me.

Like “Clockwork Orange”

I would like those two people to be put in a cell like the one where they put the assassins in “Clockwork Orange” and that they have their eyes opened so that they are obliged to see, to see, to see, to see those slaughters in continuation. There. That’s what I would like. Today I saw those slaughters and I remembered something that Gioacchino Genchi told me. He arrived at the scene of the slaughters two hours after they happened. It took me 5 hours to find out that my brother was dead because the television gave contradictory information: perhaps a judge has been injured; perhaps men guarding him were injured. It was my mother, who, five hours later, telephoned me from the hospital and said: “Your brother is dead.”
However, there was a person called Contrada who knew just 80 seconds later that my brother had been killed and I would like, I ask, I shout out, I want that these facts end up in the courts of justice!
That there are trials for this complicity that has happened within the State!
Have you heard what Berlusconi and Dell'Utri talked about: that is why they want a prohibition on wiretapping, so that we cannot, must not hear those things.
We must not hear those things, otherwise we will realise the nature of the political class that is governing us. We would realise who has occupied the institutions. The greatest public insult against the institutions is that those people unworthy of occupying those positions, are occupying those positions. This is the public insult against the institutions and the State.
It is the fact that a person who was called “Alpha”, in a trial that could not go on because it was blocked, like all the other trials that relate to the secret and external brains behind the crimes, can occupy such a high position within our institutions.


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January 28, 2009

I know. Piazza Farnese.


Demonstration for Justice, 28 January, Piazza Farnese, Rome. Speech by Beppe Grillo


Guys, I want to give each of you a big hug because you have done something fantastic.
We are the great losers! We are the losers! Look at your faces. Where do we want to go with these faces? Nowhere.
Where are in a square where from his super-attic, Previti, under house arrest, is watching us and is sniggering!
People, we are those that arrive at the catastrophe with optimism. I can see that groups from all over Italy have arrived. You are fantastic. People who have come from Calabria, from Salerno-Reggio Calabria: you can recognise them because their cars are still full of earth.
I have seen those from Naples, the Naples MeetUp: you can recognize them because they are phosphorescent with their toxic waste.
There are Sardinians, who didn’t know anything about this demonstration because they have got digital terrestrial and they don’t know a fig about anything that is happening in the world.
I want to thank the relatives of the mafia victims. We have sent to prison Riina and Provenzano but the brains behind them are still in a Palace in this city.
I mean that they have done laws, we who are jinxed, miserable wretches and losers are slightly frightening. We frighten them with our webcams. We frighten them with the Internet.
Today a citizen is excluded from any decision that can influence his or her future.
We have done V-days, popular petitions, we have done referenda. I have taken to Rome’s Court of Cassation the signatures for the referenda and in front of me I had an 85 year old judge called Carnevale. A judge – do not whistle! - who recommended to me Totò Riina telling me that he is a respectable person.
This country is upside down. We are talking about Justice. We have heard Kryptonite Di Pietro who is the only one who is doing a bit of Opposition.
Parliament is closed! Parliament no longer does laws! We have in the government dwarfs, psycho-dwarfs, ballerinas, ruffians, we have everything!
One psycho-dwarf (psycho-nano) was not enough, now we have the other nano, Brunetta: the nano iPod!
He is one who in order to put his hands in his pockets, has to sit down
Look at your neighbour: he cross-dressed. We no longer understand who we are, what we are. It’s a country that no longer exists. It’s a country where three days ago Fiat announced that it has bought 35% of Chrysler and the shares collapse on the Stock Exchange. Today it announces that it has to get rid of between 60,000 and 100,000 people.
It’s a country that no longer exists. Where we only know the truth at the last minute. With Obama we have got 100 years older. Obama is talking about the Internet, about grass roots democracy, a week before making them official, he puts the laws on the internet so that they can be discussed.
We have the psycho-dwarf who does the election campaign in Sardinia at the expense of the State. A premier who does an election campaign for a party. Italians!
I don’t want to shout. I want to calm down. I want to be good and not even say one naughty word. I don’t even want to say the name of Napolitano; otherwise they would say “Grillo attacks the President”.
I want to say nothing. Maroni has given an order that there can be no gatherings in squares. It’s no longer possible to do a demonstration in a square with a church.
Practically in all the squares of Italy there is a church and where there is no church they will put a statue of the Madonna hidden in the corner.
Maroni who sends the police into the schools, sends the police in riot gear against the citizens.


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January 27, 2009

I know. Marco Travaglio.


Marco Travaglio. Demonstration for the Justice System, 28 January, Piazza Farnese, Rome
Now available the second Passaparola DVD : "Senza stato, né legge..."

Order Marco Travaglio’s new DVD: "Passaparola Vol. 3 - Mafiocrazia"

“I know that once again they are taking us for a ride, it’s just that they are not doing it with the usual everyday fibs.
This time, they are organising a big disinformation campaign styled on the Soviets or the South Americans, if you like.
Or Italian. We can even say Italian-style. Italianesque.
They are doing this because they are afraid of the voters who have perhaps started to have an intuition about the great big yuck that they have to hide, or what a gigantic mass of muck they have to hide with this mess-up law against wiretapping.
For the first time, Berlusconi and his accomplices have not managed to convince the general public that they want fewer wiretaps in Italy.
For obvious reasons of intelligence and their security, the Italians know that it is right and a duty to go without a tiny scrap of our privacy to put a few cameras around, to be able to apprehend more delinquents, to put telephones under control to apprehend more delinquents.
But also, possibly, to discover thanks to the wiretapping, if there is some innocent person who has unjustly landed up in an investigation.
It’s possible to make a distinction between the responsibility of the guilty and the innocent, so the wiretapping for those who have nothing to hide is a resource.
On the other hand, for those who have a lot to hide, it is a danger.
They haven’t managed to get this through. Not even the gang of thieves that has been hammering us for 20 years has managed to convince us that we have to accept, for our own good, fewer wiretaps for the crimes of their lordships, and thus also for street crimes.
It seems that even the Lega voters – luckily, (better late than never) are rebelling and are putting pressure on their representatives not to sign the yuck that Berlusconi wants to do.
And the newspapers are telling us that the game is all about whether the crime of corruption will or won’t be among the crimes for which there can be wiretapping.

A yucky thing to be thrown down the toilet

The problem is not just the crime of corruption: in the draft law presented in July by the Council of Ministers, as we have already said many times but “repetita iuvant”, there’s a prohibition on wiretaps for crimes like rape (in recent days there has been a lot of talk of rape) Berlusconi even promises a soldier for every beautiful woman and in the future maybe for every old woman who goes to pick up her pension, for every old man who goes to pick up his pension, for every housewife who goes shopping.
So basically, there’ll be half the population as a soldier and the other half getting robbed.
And anyway, who will do the thieving? We would have to import the delinquents from abroad. It’s madness.
But as regards the prohibition on wiretapping, the Council of Ministers’ draft law forbids this for rape, kidnapping, associating to commit a crime, extortion, receiving, fraud, theft, theft in an apartment, robbery, bag-snatching, small-scale selling of drugs, culpable homicide and all financial crimes.
The problem is picking up this gigantic yuck and throwing it down the toilet. This lot should be a serious party, even accepting that the Lega manages to do that every so often, instead of staying there to retouch a crime here (yes) – and another one there (no).
These are all crimes for which right now there can be wiretapping and in fact, already we have problems in discovering the guilty ones because we need more wiretapping and connected investigations.
Instead, because of the continual reduction in resources and funding, we always have less and we have only a few people revealed to be guilty.
Just think when we won’t be able to even do wiretapping, how many criminals we will have at liberty: we will have to barricade ourselves in our homes once this law gets passed. We’ll need “chevaux de frise” and sand bags at the windows to do our own justice.
This is the state they want to lead us towards.

The lie of the Big Ear

So, given that people have not already swallowed the hoax about the wiretapping, they are exaggerating, they are getting close to the sound barrier, they are going beyond the limits of decency, assuming that they have any.
That is they are feeding us another super-lie to convince us that we are subject to “Big Brother”, the Big Ear, the spy of spies, the black man, who, hidden in an office in Palermo, is intercepting everything and everyone with great violation of privacy.
Putting democracy in danger.
This monster is called Gioacchino Genchi. He’s a deputy police chief on sabbatical. And since the times of Giovanni Falcone he has been collaborating with the magistrates who are most involved in a whole series of investigations that have something to do with computing and telephony, because he has accumulated experience on this matter that is unique in the whole of Europe.
He helps the magistrates to cross-match the telephone calls and the printouts in trials for murder, robbery, mafia, 'ndrangheta, camorra, kickbacks, and slaughter.
Why is someone like him useful and indispensable? Because it’s not enough doing like so many animals with a pen in their hand do on the newspapers: take a wiretapping chunk and do copy and paste and display it on the page of a newspaper or have it heard on the TV.
The wiretap information needs to be read and above all to be understood.
On the telephone, many people even try to use a conventional language, or even if they aren’t trying to do that they end up doing it: people speak very badly on the phone, often, you can understand very little.
That is why it is important to understand what time that phone call took place, in what location, after which other telephone calls and before which other telephone calls that one comes.


You will understand the enormity of the lie that you are being told with one additional thing: Has Genchi got tens of thousands of users under surveillance? I have already told you that that is not true.
In his whole career that has covered 30 years, it is possible that Genchi has handled hundreds of thousands of telephone calls. He has been receiving wiretaps and printouts and cross-matching them for 30 years.
Of people under investigation, of people not under investigation, “colaterals and in-laws” as Totò would have said.
It is possible that at this very moment, given that he has a lot of work from many Italian prosecutors – cases of murder, robbery, mafia, camorra, 'ndrangheta, kickbacks, tax dodging, slaughter, association to commit crime, drugs, various crimes – it is possible that overall he has thousands of items of information.
It is clear that if he is working on some investigations involving someone who has a rapport with Berlusconi, there will be Berlusconi’s number.
Exactly like when investigating Saladino, the printout had the number of Rutelli, and that of Mastella etc.
Has he listened to them? No. The magistrates listened to them and then they passed the information to him to do the processing.
You can understand how, starting from an innocuous issue, in fact a positive matter, for which we all should be grateful to Genchi for what he is doing – they are doing an artful creation of an astounding case of disinformation not just to stop him from going on doing this work, that is useful for all of us, that is to capture the criminals.
But they are also trying to use this case to dismantle, to destroy that bit of law enforcement that still guarantees that every so often, some delinquents are caught.
We’ll meet again on Wednesday in Rome’s Piazza Farnese. I urge you: spread the word! Passate parola!!"

PS Give support via Facebook Manifestazione per la Giustizia a sostegno del Procuratore di Salerno Luigi Apicella {Demonstration for the Justice System in support of the Salerno prosecutor Luigi Apicella}

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January 19, 2009

Borsellino: State murder?


The near-arrest of Provenzano in 1995
Is the State united in the fight against the mafia?

“Good day to you all,
Today we are talking about a trial that disappeared a forgotten trial. In fact, it hasn’t been forgotten at all. Actually because those who have the duty know and don’t talk about it. And afterwards you will understand why.
In Palermo, in a courtroom of the fourth criminal section of the Tribunal, there’s the trial of the former head of the civil secret services, that is the former head of SISDE. He’s a Prefect, but also a General in the Carabinieri and he’s called Mario Mori. He’s a small man, a courageous officer, who has worked with Dalla Chiesa during the years of terrorism, and he has worked with R.O.S. {Reparto Operazioni Speciali =Special Operations Unit} of the Carabinieri. He led R.O.S.
He has been decorated and given many medals for the capture of Riina and other mafia-people on the run, and yet it seems that he is hiding some secrets. That’s what it seems. No one can say for certain, the trial is ongoing. But I’m fairly certain in as much that this is one of the top investigators that we have had in Italy. And evidently during the season of the mafia slaughters he was given powers that we don’t know about – that’s why I say “it seems” that he is hiding secrets – relating to the task, the invidious task, the terrible task of negotiating with the mafia while Italy was suffering terrible violence with bombs, in Sicily in 1992 and on the mainland in Milan, Rome and Florence, in 1993.

The near-arrest of Provenzano in 1995

Now he’s not on trial for that. He’s on trial for another matter that could explain that negotiation and that could explain that mysterious episode that was the subject of another trial that immediately preceded the episode for which Mori is now on trial, the failure to search Riina’s hideout after he was captured. This trial refers to another episode, that is two years later than the failure to search Riina’s hideout and that is in 1995 and exactly on 31 October 1995. What happened on 31 October 1995? A Colonel of the same R.O.S. of the Carabinieri, thanks to a mafia person whom he trusted but who was undercover who was infiltrated in the mafia but trusted by the Carabinieri – managed to discover where Provenzano was hidden. In 1995, two years after the capture of Riina, two years after the last bloodbaths, Provenzano was the undisputed head of Cosa Nostra. The trusted person tells the Colonel in the Carabinieri, who is called Michele Riccio. The consultant is called Luigi Ilardo. The Carabinieri officer manages to find where Provenzano is hiding. What’s more he meets up with Provenzano. He has an appointment with Provenzano in a hut in Mezzojuso. It’s a place in the country about 30 kilometres to the South of Palermo. Then he says: “I’m about to meet up with Provenzano. Follow me so that I can let you capture Provenzano!” Colonel Riccio talks enthusiastically with the top brass in R.O.S., that is with Generals – there’s Colonel Mori who is the operational head – there’s Mori’s right hand man who at that time was Major Mario Obinu, and they decide not to capture Provenzano, but simply to have the trusted man shadowed at a distance to see where he goes, and then to try and capture Provenzano when they are all ready. Unfortunately, once that opportunity went by, Provenzano did not give them another chance. Until, eleven years later, just after the elections won by the Centre Left almost three years ago, Provenzano was captured, or he was handed over, or he gave himself up, or he let himself be taken. Because, you know, the capturing of the bosses in Sicily always raises questions, doubts and interpretations like that of Pirandello, like the game of mirrors, where you never manage to understand who it was that did what. Exactly as for the capture of Riina in 1993.

Is the State united in the fight against the mafia?

Here we are, this trial, if one knows about it, allows people to understand – not just the experts - but ordinary people - to understand what happened between the State and the mafia in the last fifteen years.


Spread the word! Passate parola!”

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January 17, 2009

Europa 7, the television channel that isn't:

Click on the picture

They continue to take us for a ride. Rete 4 is illegal while Europa 7 is legitimate. RAI, together with 700 local broadcasters, excluding Mediaset, will make one frequency available, which according to Francesco Di Stefano will cover 15% of the territory. In other words, little or nothing and heaven alone knows when. The citizens of Italy will be left to pay the European fines for Rete 4. Rete 4’s advertising revenue will be pocketed by the psychodwarf. Misinformation is the last form of defence open to this system that is rotten to the core. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

"The television channel that isn’t has been assigned a frequency that doesn’t exist. In other words, channel 8 as they call it doesn’t exist in Italy at this moment in time. What is required in order for this channel to exist is for Rai and the other seven hundred local broadcasters to move aside so as to create a space for this channel. This will apparently occur by July, but we have certain doubts as to whether it will happen. If this were to happen, it would mean that we would finally have a channel on which to build a VHF network, in other words on the same frequencies as those operated by Rai Uno. What it means is that we will have one channel on which to build a national network while Rai Uno has ten channels! You can just imagine how we can hope to set up a national network with only one channel when faced with Rai that has no less than ten! Take into account that a channel starts broadcasting from one position, in other words from a mountain top, but cannot broadcast from the next mountain top because it constitutes interference. So we’re back to the same old story, namely a great rip-off.
What is required is that the channel becomes free throughout the whole of Italy and, I repeat, I have numerous doubts because it does not appear that this will happen. Once a channel is freed, one single channel in the whole of Italy amounts to a coverage of more or less fifteen to eighteen percent of the territory. Why? Because at least three channels are required in order to provide adequate coverage of the whole Country. Let me give you an example, if you set up a channel in the Veneto region that broadcasts out towards Emilia, another from Milan and a third from Bologna, where these channels cross a service can be provided with these three channels. With only one of these instead, only one of these channels will go live, the result being that the service will only cover part of the territory and not the rest of it. In other words, in nineteen ninety-nine we won a Ferrari in order to compete in a race against other Ferraris, namely a network that offered eighty percent coverage in Italy and ninety-five percent of the population, while now they are offering us a bicycle with which to race against Ferraris, with fifteen percent coverage of the territory. In this way, granted but not guaranteed that we may one day be able to go to the circuit to enter the race, all the others will trample us and squash us, and that will be the end of that.
Look, I have a very clear impression about this entire episode: the impression is that, in this Country, interests win over rights time and again. Above all and only if the interests in question are those of a very powerful force. In this case in particular, they are those of the most powerful forces: political, editorial, economic and financial. Foreign television stations have said enough about us. All of them, and continuously. The one party that has paid little attention to us is the European Commission! The very party that should have immediately resolved the problem. Firstly with Monti, if you remember with “Super Mario” Microsoft, but thanks to Berlusconi, we never even saw this Super Mario. Anything but! And then with Groetsch, which declared the Italian Government to be in default and telling it that: “you must repeal the Gasparri Law! It does not comply with European directives.” The Government’s response was: “You are right, we will make arrangements”. But these arrangements were never made. I am referring to the matter for which we will have to pay certain fines. But Groetsch did not continue on this track. It ended after issuing a motivated opinion that warned the Government that: “I will give you two months to comply, after which you will be referred to the European Court of Justice”. It ended no less than one year and three months ago. Meanwhile, on 31 January 2008 the Court of Justice handed down a ruling which stated that: “The transition period that has allowed Mediaset to continue to occupy the frequencies used by Rete 4 and broadcast an analogue signal is illegal!” Therefore, at least since '97, the time of the Maccanico Law, Rete 4 has not been allowed to broadcast. This was the decision handed down by the European Court of Justice. Please note! Decisions handed down by the European Court of Justice are law. From the very next day! Laws that apply to the Italian Government just as they apply to all other member States. Therefore, given that transition periods have been classified as illegal, the other member States have rushed to comply. In Italy instead, the very Country to which the decision refers, neither the Ministry, nor the Authority, nor the judges have (as yet) made the necessary arrangements. The same ruling goes on to say that: “All of the Laws – the Maccanico Law, Law sixty-six of 2001 promulgated by the Amato government, the Gasparri Law, Berlusconi’s “save Rete 4” legal decree, etc – drafted in such a way as to prevent Europa 7 from taking over the frequencies in question, are themselves illegal. They have to be revoked”. Have you seen any signs of this happening? When the European Court of Justice’s ruling was issued that the twenty-percent VAT rating on motor cars had to be changed, the Cabinet of the Prodi government took the necessary steps the very next day. Just a few months later, the very same Prodi government held a Cabinet meeting to implement all of the rulings of the European Court, that is, all except one: the one in question here. And Minister Bonino, who was the responsible Minister at the time, responded to a direct question by saying that it was not a matter of urgency. That ruling came into effect from 31 January 2008, meanwhile, in April she was saying that it was not a matter of urgency.
What about Executive Committee that should have made a decision by May? Instead of making the decision, the Committee approached the European Court of Justice as follows: “We believe that the Gasparri law fails to comply with the European directives in the matter of these ten points – please note that we would have included five of these points, so they must have been convinced – however, because we are unsure we are asking for your opinion. The European Court responded as follows: Yes, you are right "- Thus expecting the Executive Committee to take the necessary steps immediately! Instead they did nothing of the sort. Indeed, the Committee told the Ministry that: “Since Di Stefano won his case in the Regional Administrative Court, which required you to give him an answer – the ruling stated that he was entitled to answer after nine years of waiting for one, don’t you think? Given that I have never spoken to the Ministry – Give him an answer …” in application of the fact that you must give him eighty percent of the territory and ninety-five percent of the population. And “comply fully with the ruling of the European Court of Justice”, namely, turn off Rete 4 and hand over the frequencies to Europa 7. Naturally, the Ministry failed to comply. Not only did the Cabinet thus fail to force compliance with the ruling handed down by the European Court of Justice, but what we are saying is that they claimed to be complying while directly failing to do so. Now, given that the Ministry has failed to comply, we expect the Cabinet to do so, right? You have made the request, you gave them a chance, yet they have once again taken us for a ride … Our hope is that this time the Cabinet will say: “OK, you have failed to comply, so I will appoint a commissioner and I will ensure that we comply”. Our only hope is the old one: hoping for justice. All in all I must say that we obtained true justice from the European Court, not from the political Europe but from the European Court, which is arguably the most important Court in the entire world. There is no way to overturn this ruling! While a Constitutional Court decision can be overcome by promulgating a government law, especially when someone like Ciampi signs it, and to recover it involves going to the Constitutional Court, a ruling by the European Court of Justice is sacrosanct. No Italian judge will ever be in a position to permit Rete 4 to continue broadcasting. The fact is, however, that Rete 4 continues to broadcast while we do not! Simply because no one in Italy has applied the ruling! I repeat: neither the Ministry, either in the person of Gentiloni or Scajola after him, nor the Authority, which is the guarantor of Corrado Calabrò’s communications, so it is up to the judges to meet and make a decision. Therefore, the Executive Committee must, must, must apply the ruling! The European Court of Justice must apply it! The European anti-trust must absolutely apply any ruling of the European Court of Justice. So much so that Groetsch said in April that: “we will continue to be vigilant until such time as the ruling has been fully applied”. Well, from January to April it was not applied. What kind of vigilance is this then?" Francesco Di Stefano - Europa 7
Ps. On Sunday 18 January 2009, at 10h30 in the Ouverture Hall at No.22 Via Tripoli (Nomentano area), the Amici Beppe Grillo Roma Association will be presenting the draft ROME 5-STAR CIVIC LIST and discussing various issues with local citizens and organisations, ranging from Public Water provision - Connectivity – Renewable energy sources - Mobility – Zero refuse – Political programmes

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January 12, 2009

Ten Little Indians


"Good day to you all.
I’m sorry, but I have to talk to you again about the so-called Salerno-Catanzaro case because there are astounding happenings and given that they are amazing, you don’t know about them.
Where else will you find the news except on “Passaparola”?
This is the very reason why this column came into being. So today we will talk about a very important news item that has been available to the newspaper editors and the agencies since Friday evening and it has not been reported by any Italian newspaper.
You will remember the latest episode, the last link in the chain that started a year and a half ago with the removal and the allocation upwards in the line management system of Luigi De Magistris’s two main investigations.
The latest action, last week, is that Minister Alfano, the so-called Minister of Justice Alfano – has blurted out charges against the Head Prosecutor in Salerno, Luigi Apicella and against his two deputies, Gabriella Nuzi and Dionigio Verasani who have done wrong by being in charge of the investigation that came into being on the denunciation of De Magistris, that half way through December, led to the search in Catanzaro and the confiscation of the documents of the Why Not investigation, that the Catanzaro Procura had not handed over for months and months, even though it had been asked to do so by Salerno.

Alfano is asking for the ousting of the Head of the Salerno Procura

Minister Alfano has asked the Council of Magistrates to throw out of the magistracy – not to move him, but to throw out of the magistracy, the Head of the Salerno Prosecutors Office.
It’s the most serious sanction that can be thought of. Usually it should be used for magistrates who have relations with the mafia, or those who steal, or who sell their verdicts.
Well, this gentleman has had no relations with the mafia and he has sold no verdicts. He is an elderly magistrate who all of a sudden sees his name highlighted in the newspapers simply because he allowed his deputies to work on an investigation that he evidently felt was being done well and with good foundations.
He is guilty of not blocking his deputies and of having backed up their decisions.
The Minister wants the Council of Magistrates to get him thrown out of the magistracy, out, away from the magistracy and as well he has asked them to have his salary stopped straight away.
To take his salary from him straight away. The only thing missing is the execution squad.
While, being bountiful, the Minister is asking for the transfer to another location of the 2 magistrates who actually carried out the investigation, that is Verasani and Nuzzi
Explaining the reason for this really serious sanction for the environmental incompatibility of these two magistrates, the Minister writes, based on the reports of his inspectors, that Apicella and his deputies Nuzzi and Verasani have been guilty of “absolute prejudice, a lack of balance and abnormal acts in regard to an uncritical defence of the Prosecutor De Magistris with the intention of redoing the trials that were taken from him”


A dangerous precedent

But here we are talking of something else. We are talking of the fact that what was written in the warrant for the search and confiscation by the Salerno Procura was not pleasing to the Minister, and for this reason, he is asking for the magistrates to be moved.
You will realize that here we are faced with a really dangerous precedent: it is really dangerous as well because no one has noticed it and no one has denounced it.
In 2001, the Milan Tribunal issued two orders in the trials which had as defendants Berlusconi and Previti for the famous corruption of the judges Squillante, Metta, etc... and in the trials relating to Mondadori, Sme, Imi-Sir.and so on. And they established a certain interpretation about the law of the rogatory letters that in fact thwarted it and they also established a certain interpretation of the verdicts of the Constitutional Court that declared to be nullified certain hearings during which Previti had not participated because he declared that he was busy in Parliament.
Those interpretation orders issued by the Milan Tribunal were denounced in Parliament by representatives of the Centre Right and in the end, I think it was the 5 and 6 December 2001, but you can find it in “Mani Sporche” where we told this story well, the Senate voted on a motion that criticised these orders from the Milan Tribunal.
The Association of Magistrates, at that time, a bit more vigilant and more active than the current one that has a flat encephalogram., noticed the seriousness of what was happening , because it was the first time in the history of the Republic that the Senate put to the vote, a measure taken by a judge.
The governing body of the Association of Magistrates resigned on the spot, reminding everyone that this had happened only once and that was in 1924 after the Matteotti crime and the in the authoritarian move by Mussolini.

Not even during fascism

Bear in mind that fascism did not dare to formally tamper with the independence of the magistracy: fascism received the previous codes and added to the ordinary Tribunals the infamous Special Tribunals for the political crimes.


One item of news that you only get from Passaparola

Against this order for confiscation, the only thing to do to declare it illegitimate, null, unfounded, abnormal, macroscopic, prejudiced, lacking in balance, and uncritical was to take it before the Court of Re-examination


De Magistris cannot be right

One says: and if De Magistris is right? Here we are: De Magistris cannot be right.
And anyone who gets information, not anyone who stays with De Magistris, anyone who gets information or deals with De Magistris without hammering at him unreasonably, has to be got rid of.
You will notice that the history of this year and a half, by reading the books by Vulpio and by Massari on the happenings in Calabria and in Lucania, it’s the story of the “Ten Little Indians” by Agatha Christie.
Bishop Bregantini was ousted because he denounced certain malpractices between politics and the world of crime.
Prosecutor De Magistris was ousted. First they took away his investigations then they took him away.
Then they removed his consultants, one after the other.
Then they got rid of the Carabiniere, Captain Zaccheo, who was transferred to Abruzzo.
Then they got rid of Ms Forleo who had the courage to appear on TV and defend De Magistris.
Then il Corriere della Sera prevented Carlo Vulpio from writing about the De Magistris case and as he had written a book on the topic he understood something about it.
Then the Salerno magistrates discovered that De Magistris could have been right and they discovered evidence to support what he had denounced and “they” even want to get rid of the Salerno magistrates.
Now, let’s see if they will get rid of the three judges of the Court of Re-examination who have just confirmed the order. But obviously before they get rid of them, it’ll be first necessary to talk about this order.


Spread the word. Passate parola."

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January 09, 2009

No RAI licence fee, give notice


A new year has to start off with good resolutions. And what better resolution than to give notice of cancellation of paying the RAI licence fee? It’s difficult to find a better one. The licence fee is used by the parties to tell you that it snows in January and that you go on holiday in August. Of the Mills/Berlusconi trial or the Bassolino trial, there’s not a glimpse. Magistrates Forleo and De Magistris are treated like deviants and ball breakers. The early evening is devoted to the thoughts of Gasparri and Cicchitto. Journalists (?) like Riotta and Mimun become Heads of whole swathes.
The strings of the news are in the hands of the parties. The RAI is a propaganda tool of the PDL and of the PDminusL. The RAI is also an orgy. They pair up among themselves in order to multiply. Lovers, sisters, brothers, sons, former wives and future husbands. Thousands. A kamasutra that is always on the airwaves. The RAI should be a public service but it is an advertising service. More for advertising then for the public. Do they want advertising? Let them do without the licence fee. Do they want the licence fee? Let them do without the parties. At the moment there’s nothing missing. Advertising, party censorship, families, cheap journalisms and Saccà-style fiction.
A public information service is necessary, but in order to be a public service, it must not depend on Veltrusconi. The business models are there, like the BBC, just follow their example. From now up until November it’s possible to give notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee. We no longer pay for this regime shit. In November, the RAI has to close or change. To have two channels without advertising and not controlled by the parties seems to me to be a good objective. Any who gives notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee can sign up to the Facebook group: Cancelliamo il canone RAI. {Let’s get rid of the RAI licence fee }
- Take hold of the RAI licence fee document without tearing it into a thousand pieces
- Copy out the reference number of the TV licence fee document. If it’s not there ask for a duplicate using a registered letter and ask for a receipt of delivery to the TV licensing body (1° ufficio entrate Torino - S.A.T. Sportello Abbonamenti Tv - Casella Postale 22 - 10121 Torino)
- Don’t have outstanding issues like fines or late payments
- Buy a postal order for 5.16 euro and give the reason for the payment as "per disdetta canone numero"{to give notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee} (then write the appropriate reference number)". Beneficiary: S.A.T. casella postale 22, 10121 TORINO; l'agenzia di pagamento: TORINO VAGLIA E RISPARMI
- From the licence document remove the tab marked “d” (or "b" if it’s new) labeled "denuncia di cessazione dell'abbonamento tv". Put an X in box number 2 where there’s the request for sealing the TV and fill in the spaces indicated and give the number of the postal order and the date the payment was made
- In the space below that, there’s space for the date of sending the card: write the date and your signature. On the other side of the card write the full name and address of the person who is cancelling the payment of the licence fee If needed, correct the old address URAR TV in S.A.T.
- If the “card for giving notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee” is missing, use the card for generic communications, and write:
"Il sottoscritto (full name and address) chiede la cessazione del Canone TV e chiede di far suggellare il televisore (numero di ruolo:...) a colori detenuto presso la propria abitazione. A tale scopo ha corrisposto l'importo di 5,16 euro a mezzo vaglia postale n.... del.../.../... sul quale ha indicato il numero di ruolo dell'abbonamento"
Make a photocopy of the card (both sides). The original card has to be sent off in registered post with notification of receipt to the address given.
- Wait to receive the receipt of delivery.
- Using registered mail with notification of delivery, send to the S.A.T. address the complete original licence fee document with all its contents, keeping at home the receipts for the payments made in the last 10 years (or from when you started paying the licence fee).

The notice of cancellation must be given before 30 November 2009. When faced with all that has been described above, the RAI can respond by asking for your details (name, address etc.) (again?) , the brand name of the TV to be sealed up and whereabouts it is to be found.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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January 05, 2009

Our Bettino who art in Heaven


"Good day to you all,
Those of us who happened to have been unlucky enough to tune in to “Canale 5” yesterday evening, will have noticed a little show worthy of Kim Il Sung’s Korea, a sort of TV version of an equestrian monument to Bettino Craxi on the ninth anniversary of his death.
A bit of film put together by some members of his family and obviously broadcast with great pomp and it’s worth saying, broadcast by Mediaset.
The devotion of Mediaset to its patron saint is very clear. Without Craxi, Berlusconi would not be where he is, Mediaset would not exist given that it survived the various violations of the law that first Fininvest and then Mediaset have perpetrated in spite of the regulations.


Craxi’s treasure
To compensate, Craxi had treasure and he had two bank accounts in Switzerland, the “Constellation finanzier” account and the “Northen Holding” account managed by his school-mate Giorgio Tradati, on trust – it was a nickname – where he accumulated the money from the kickbacks paid to him from the biggest Italian companies.
From Fiat, Olivetti, Fininvest, the Ligresti Group, the Torno Group... various big construction companies as well as medium and small one.
His money, not Party money. Then there was also the money from kickbacks for the Party that was managed on other accounts, still in Switzerland, by another handler, who was the Party Treasurer, Honourable Vincenzo Balzamo.
Craxi’s own money then got cleared away by a Portofino bartender that was appointed by Craxi to replace Tradati, when in 1993 he feared that Di Pietro and the Milan team of magistrates would confiscate his property.
That is our property that he had appropriated for himself.
Raggio was sent to Switzerland: he was the fiancé of the Countess Vacca Agusta, an old friend of Craxi’s who lived in Portofino. He cleaned out the accounts and took fifty billion lira that Craxi was holding at that time and he went to Mexico, where he stayed as a fugitive for a couple of years.
Once he was captured, he confessed and made a list of the money spent, thus showing that Craxi was not using that money for the Party but for himself, and in fact the judges then reconstructed that shopping list.
A list that is quite shocking if one thinks of the fame that they have constructed around this presumed statesman, who in reality was a common thief, if “thief” still has the meaning that we give it in the dictionaries: a person who takes money belonging to others.
He had purchased apartments in Barcelona, New York, La Tuille, Milan, and Madonna di Campiglio.
He had bought a private airplane for one and a half million dollars. He had made a gift to his friend Ania Pieroni - we can call her that – a TV. Not a TV to watch but a TV network, Roma CineTV that paid at a hundred million a month.


Craxi, the Statesman who made History
As you have seen, they attributed to Craxi all the great happenings of the last century, the only ones missing, because of when he was born, were the First World War victory at the battle of Vittorio Veneto or the Crimean War at the time of the Risorgimento, or a decisive role in the Congress of Vienna.
But only because he wasn’t born then, otherwise we would have seen him popping up even at the Congress of Vienna with a great wig.
However to make up for that they attributed to him the fall of Pinochet, the return of democracy to Chile, the Prague Spring, the battle of the West against the missiles of the Soviet Union.
If the Soviet Union had to disarm and then collapsed, it was thanks to Craxi.
They gave him the praise for the outstanding victory of Solidarnosc in Poland, and they even worked out his paternity of Blair.
They figure that Blair was Craxi’s godson. Blair doesn’t know that but he is godson to Craxi. They see him as responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall, triumphs in the whole world and the whole Globe, land and sea.


At the end you see the beach at Hammamet, the sea, the sunset and every so often there’s a quick view of portraits of Mazzini and Garibaldi, as though they are saying: “do you see now, this man is not a fugitive but an exile”.
Unfortunately, Mazzini and Garibaldi did not steal. This is the difference: they did not flee from Italy because they had been stealing but obviously for political reasons.
For those who want to find out more, I don’t need to tell you that there are books, documents, court verdicts (we will put more on our blogs) .
Keep in mind that there’s a reason why it was broadcast now.
We haven’t even got the round figure of 10 years. Only 9 years have passed since Craxi’s death.
The reason why this hagiography was broadcast is because, together with Licio Gelli, the Craxi-project is taking shape: presidentialism plus political control of the magistracy.
To those making the decision, it seemed right, after the grand return to the TV of the Unique Grand Master Licio Gelli, even with his identifying clothes, to pay homage to another person who inspired these mephitic and foul times that we are living through.
Spread the word. Passate parola."

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December 30, 2008

The 2009 Lay Saints Calendar

Introduction to the 2009 Lay Saints Calendar:

”If you run through the list of Lay Saints, the first reaction is one of dizziness. An impression that you can only experience when faced with an abyss, of the emptiness of a bottomless precipice. It’s not a simple list. It’s a really long list. A list of murders of carabinieri of police officers, magistrates, politicians, journalists, priests, and citizens. It’s a river of blood that runs through our history. A massacre on which our Republic was born and on which it is living. Close your eyes and think of these men and women that have sacrificed their life for the State. And imagine their role in the leadership of this Nation, if they were still alive. Borsellino as President of the Republic, Falcone as Minister of Justice, Don Puglisi as Cardinal, Ambrosoli as President of the Council, Fava as editor of Il Corriere della Sera. Then open your eyes and see the desolate reality of “prescritti”, mafia folk, and convicts in Parliament and journalism in the hands of their servants. You will ask why so many gave up their lives. What motivated them? I believe that it was the conscience of each one that obliged them to do that. They simply had no other choice. They couldn’t turn the other way. Many knew that they were condemned. In this they were similar to Christ in the Gospels who accepted martyrdom, even though he could have escaped it. The honest ones are accepted only if they don’t denounce the System, that galaxy of organised crime, deviated Freemasonry and political corruption that governs Italy. Up until yesterday, in secret, today, in a shameless, blatant way. The System acts towards the honest people in stages. First it tries to buy them, then it threatens them. If it fails, then it isolates them, and if this is not enough, after isolating them, it kills them. Isolation by the institutions and by the media is an alarm bell. The last call. Hundreds of people have heard it and have kept going straight ahead. The streets and squares of Italy should be named after them. Those streets that the politicians want to dedicate to the fugitive Bettino Craxi. In front of Montecitorio there should be a plaque with their names in gold letters, in alphabetical order. My wish for 2009 is not to give up, to longer give up doing what you need to do, any more. No one is above the law and the delinquents need to be called by their names. Don’t turn away to the other side. Stay on your side. The Lay Saints, from up there, will give you a hand.
No, don’t say that you are discouraged, that you no longer want to know about it. Think that all this has happened because you didn’t want to know about it anymore” From the letter of Giacomo Ulivi, partisan, assassinated by the fascists in Piazza Grande, Modena on 10 November 1944".

The calendar is available as a free download in pdf format or at a freely-chosen price in the printed on glossy paper.

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The Mandarins of the Caste


"Good day to you all.
This is the last date with Passaparola in 2008, so it is a moment to exchange good wishes and to talk about a couple of things that today relate to the trials and the investigations that are affecting the Democratic Party in various parts of Italy and how they are reacting.
It has to be said that Veltroni’s initial reaction was good and civilised, exactly what is expected from a leader in a normal democracy, that is maximum trust in the magistracy, let’s do some self-criticism, let’s consider the moral issues, let’s avoid theories of plots.
Then slowly, as each day passes we have arrived at the recent outbursts, that started on the release from house arrest of Luciano D'Alfonso, mayor of Pescara.
At that point, the position of the PD { Democratic Party} started to deteriorate, I would say not into a “Berlusconian” position, but very nearly.
Meanwhile, they nipped Di Pietro’s son and a few of Di Pietro’s collaborators in the Naples investigation and it turns out that the son and some collaborators gave to this superintendent for public works, the names of friends for positions.
It is not a crime to give the names of friends for jobs but it is malpractice, and thus Di Pietro did well to give his son a ticking off.
In his party, as in the other parties, there should immediately be the intervention of the Board of Arbitration who examine the cases that are not criminally significant - those are dealt with by the magistracy – and decide sanctions and possibly classifying them and establishing in advance what the risks are if you behave in a certain way.
It’s not enough to give a severe reprimand. You also need concrete measures, above all in a party that wants to present itself to citizens as a party that is different from the others.
It is clear that the others, as they never do anything, give authority to anyone who wants to be different and to claim the glory for that simply in the presence of tiny signals, but it is time to start to reason as though we were not in Italy but in Germany, in the United States or in England and not to care a fig that the other parties do nothing and start to do strong things in one’s own house.
Having said this, we have various types of reaction: if a Centre Right politician is picked up it’s a plot, if a Centre Left politician is picked up well it depends on the day, on the humidity in the air, respect for the magistracy, almost a plot, half a plot.
When someone is discovered, even though not committing a crime, someone in Di Pietro’s circle, he starts ranting and raving but after that, as I have said, there should be temporary or definitive suspensions from the party according to the gravity of the unwanted behaviour.
One point, however, is interesting, and that is who must decide on the arrest of a politician.


Naturally, all that is used by Berlusconi to embrace the Centre Left in the hope that they give him cover for the law on wiretapping that he has recently threatened to bring in once more.


Berlusconi needs cover from the Centre Left, because if he has Di Pietro and the PD who are thundering against this law then the people who want more security and more legality will start to understand that Berlusconi has a conflict of (judicial) interests that make security impossible.
In fact, he wants to destroy a fundamental tool like wiretapping.
This is why it’s necessary this year to be committed to making it known to people in parliament, in the Centre Left and also in the Centre Right that it’s not OK. Are you aware that the Lega and a part of the AN do not want to go along with this? We need to strengthen the position of those who want to oppose this, both within the Centre Right majority coalition and obviously, on the benches of the minority coalition.
The only way is to write to parliamentary representatives, to flood their email inboxes – if you go to the website of the Lower and Upper Houses you will find them all – to make it known that: “we will no longer vote for you if you sit back or if you don’t stand up against this devastating project on wiretapping, against the security of citizens.”
This is the wish I have for you: that we take charge of the situation, each citizen as an individual and all together.
That we take on board the principle of equality. That we let them know that we still all want to be equal before the law with no exceptions.
This is the only wish that I feel like expressing: let’s hope to find ourselves in a year’s time celebrating the birth of the year 2010 in a country where the law is still equal for everyone.
Spread the Word. Passate parola. Auguri."

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December 28, 2008

Google Italia’s soft censorship

Click on the image

Censorship is alive and fighting against us. In the newspapers and the TV, “censorship is news”. The mayors forbid me to use their public buildings for my show “Delirio”, as happens in Pavia, as I’m a person who is not welcome. On the Internet, they are having a go. First with the Levi proposal, then the Cassinelli one. This blog is blacked out inside many big companies and public authorities. The topics on the blog are ignored by all the media.
All this can happen in the Veltrusconi regime. But there’s one thing that I really cannot swallow. That the search suggestions in Google Italia (ONLY in Google Italia) delete me and prefer Beppe Maniglia and Beppe Quintale to me. Crikey, it’s a scandal. Why Quintale and not me? I believe that the directors of Google Italia have had a suggestion or perhaps Google doesn’t work in Italy. Why don’t you ask Google? Send an email to
While waiting for a reply, use another search engine.

Dear Beppe,
I am informing you that you are officially censored in Google. In reality it’s “soft” censorship, but I still feel it’s significant... as I’ll explain. For some time now, in the Google search engine there’s a “helper”, so that when you are typing in the word you are looking for in the search field, straight away you see about a dozen results that could help speed up your search.
For example, If I type in “b”, some results appear (based on some obscure criteria that I don’t know) that go from “Belen Rodriguez” to “Banca Intesa” to “Babbo Natale”; if I type "be" the search gets narrowed down and together with “Belen Rodriguez” among others you see “Berlusconi” and “Benetton”... and so on.
The surprise comes when you get to typing in "Beppe"... Beppe Gambetta, Beppe Bigazzi, Beppe Fiorello... but there’s no trace of “Beppe Grillo”. Let’s keep going.
"Beppe G": and there’s just Beppe Gambetta and Beppe Gabbiani (?).End of story. The same result for "Grillo".
But the great thing is that in the bottom right hand corner of Google Italia there’s a link to " in english" (the official American site) where it’s enough to type in “bep” and magically standing firm in the top position there’s BEPPE GRILLO.

In fact when you write "grillo b" there’s a great "grillo blog", and happy Christmas to the censors... I’d say it’s ridiculous.
And in the end this “mini-censorship” just affects you. Travaglio, Ricca, Massimo Fini, Gomez, Di Pietro, Barnard, Sabina Guzzanti, Santoro, Dario Fo... they are all there.
Greetings for a Happy Christmas and I’m glad to be able to give you a hand. I have already got tickets for the Turin show in January. And don’t forget, make it a good one!! Ugo

Ps. Thanks to your e-mails, Google corrected the censorship. (h. 11.32, December 29th 2008)

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December 25, 2008

Wartime Information

Athens – clashes outside Parliament

What have these got in common: Iceland, Greece and Ecuador? A war-time economy.
Iceland has gone bust, Greece is revolting and president Correa of the Republic of Ecuador, has declared the country to be in “default”: the State bonds due for repayment in 2012 will not be repaid.
Greece has been blacked out by the media. It’s not known what is happening there. They pass off a revolution as a demonstration by turbulent youth of “no global” agitators and anarchists. Greece is near to economic collapse and for this reason it’s necessary to "soothe, chop..., chop, soothe". The contagion is frightening.
In Italy, two auctions of BTPs {State Bonds} were deserted and a third one only sold a third of the Bonds. Did you know that? Nooooooooooo? I understand. The TV News programmes were too busy explaining that it snows in the Alps in December and in describing the frenetic rush to make purchases.
The world is at war. An economic war. Not very different from that fought with weapons. Wartime information is used for reassuring. The Alpine troops were about to break through at Stalingrad and the very next day they effected a swift strategic retreat towards Italy. By now, this State is running only on lies. It’s last frontier. Get your shoes ready for throwing in 2009.

Dear Beppe,
I am a university student from Genoa doing an Erasmus exchange in Iceland. Here I’ve met many people who live and work here and I can see with my own eyes how the financial speculation has destroyed a country that up until last year was defined by the United Nations as the first in the world for well-being. The billions of dollars that the speculators poured into this country for years got interrupted at a certain moment and within the space of a few weeks the main banks of the country went bust. The value of the currency collapsed and inflation and unemployment which before this were virtually non-existent have reached two figure percentages. By talking to people here I have been astounded to hear that this Scandinavian country is afflicted by the same problems as us, a political class that was colluding with the banks that instead of protecting the citizens tried to cover up the actions of those who are squandering savings and who want nothing to do with the idea of abandoning power, not even now when the citizens for the first time in the history of the country are going out into the streets to ask for the resignation of the government that brought the country to this point. But the news item that made me write this letter is the one that appeared today in a small local newspaper that talks about a journalist who had to resign because after following an investigation into the people who caused the financial crisis, his editor decided to publish the article after it was modified otherwise the newspaper would have been forced to close down. Forced by the people who were denounced by the journalist. Not even can news of the suicides that are becoming ever more frequent, be published.
This experience has given me to understand that even though we live in different countries with different traditions and political structures the problems that are plaguing our society are the same in all Europe. The blog already has international relevance, why don’t you dedicate some space to the other European countries? I am sure that the people and the news would not be lacking and this would contribute to make it grow even more, together with the people who do not give in to this system that asks us to no longer believe in the justice system and to become like them, getting rich by exploiting and duping people. If I have decided not to be like them and to construct my life by fighting injustice and by helping those who defend the truth, it is also thanks to all the stuff that you have shown us over the years, first on TV (I was tiny, but I remember when you decided to go away and talk in the theatres so as not to be subservient to them) and now with the blog and the shows. Keep going like that!”
Federico A.

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December 22, 2008

Cross-eyed National Association of Magistrates


"Good day to you all.
Today, in this final presentation before Christmas I would like to concentrate once more on the happenings of Salerno and Catanzaro because, quite rightly, I continue to receive requests for further clarification, in relation to what we have managed to show, I believe it has been very important, in last Thursday evening’s Annozero broadcast.
A broadcast that is already creating an earthquake in the magistracy down to its very roots.
Anyone who gets information or who knows a magistrate can get to know that the behaviour of the secretary of the Magistrates Association has left many of his colleagues dumbfounded, especially because the Annozero reconstruction has shown where the rotten apples are among the prosecutors offices of Catanzaro and Salerno.
However, the fact that the official representative of the Magistrates Association has continues to take it out on Salerno without saying anything about what happened at Catanzaro has left many people bewildered, and in fact there are those who are asking for a change at the head of the ANM {National Magistrates Association}.
Some self-criticism would be appropriate.
Afterwards we will look at the things that we didn’t discuss last week, however, I think that what is happening, that is the fact that magistrates like De Magistris have been left isolated in the face of unheard of political attacks – I don’t think that (apart from the magistrates in the “Milan pool” during the mid 1990s) there has ever been a prosecutor who has been attacked by dozens and dozens of interrogations and parliamentary questions, followed by inspections, by an enormous quantity of disciplinary measures, without mentioning the practice of being transferred – all of that would not have been possible.
And it was possible not because the ANM wanted to attack De Magistris, but because it was guilty of ignoring the situation of Catanzaro for too many years.
It wanted to provide cover for the CSM that was guilty of ignoring the situation in Catanzaro. Then it was led by judge Luerti, whom it has been discovered is a close friend of the main person being investigated by De Magistris, Antonio Saladino, the leader of the “Compagnia delle Opere” in Calabria.
Not just a friend, but as we heard in the reconstruction that was broadcast on Annozero with actors who read the text of Luerti’s interrogation in front of the Salerno prosecution. Luerti actually was living in a community - and he still lives in a community - first at Catanzaro and then in Salerno – of the “Memores Domini”, a confraternity that is part of the organisation “Comunione e Liberazione”.
Monks of “Comunione e Liberazione” who have taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
The fact that in the search warrant written in Salerno to go to Catanzaro to collect documents that there is a mention of this part of the interrogation, where there is talk of the vote of chastity of this magistrate, does certainly not mean that his colleagues wanted to investigate his private and emotional life: it means that they have simply raised the issue that, perhaps, a magistrate should not be in the position of having an embarrassment that now arises for him as he is part of a confraternity of which there are members who are involved in judicial affairs.
If you take a vow of obedience to a confraternity, it’s necessary to see to what extent you are obedient to that confraternity balanced against to what extent you are obedient to the law.
I believe that Dr. Luerti is a person who is absolutely respectable, but it certainly isn’t enough being a respectable person, you also need to appear impartial when you are a magistrate.
Just think when he was a magistrate in Catanzaro and he was living in Saladino’s house and Saladino was then shown to be a person who was quite casual in mixing business and politics – even though we don’t know whether he has committed any crime.
And now he is a magistrate in Milan, in a region that is led by a very influential member of “Comunione e Liberazione” who for years has said publicly that he has taken vows of chastity and that he too is a member of this confraternity.
The fact that this Luerti is the leader of the Magistrates Association has surely influenced his position when he has had to give statements on what he was doing to De Magistris.
De Magistris was removed from his investigations and the ANM in fact did not take the position that it should have done.
The investigations were taken from him, probably illegally or in an unorthodox way and the ANM kept quiet, and in the end he was dragged in front of the CSM with laughable accusations, as we have said, and even transferred on the basis of those ridiculous accusations that remind one a bit of those that are being used to crucify the Salerno magistrates right now.
For having written too many pages in a search warrant, for having made presumed mention of the private life of this or the other person.
Basically, silly stuff while on the other side there is a mass of worms at Catanzaro with people who should no longer be allowed to be magistrates.


I think that the only hope for Calabria and for Basilicata to get a bit of justice in certain palaces of justice is really connected to the fact the Salerno magistrates, (whether or not they have exaggerated is not important right now) can get on and finish their investigation.
If they finish their investigation, we will still be able to say that there is hope in Italy that the law is equal for all.
If after De Magistris, they too are blocked and if the ANM does not change its approach and admit that it has made a mistake, it means that the year that is about to begin, is starting off under the worse sort of cloud.
Thank you and spread the word!”

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The Grand Duchy in underpants

No to nuclear, yes to renewables

The Grand Duchy had Lorenzo the Magnificent, still left are the DSinDioxin-ites, the left wing banks and the unemployed. The sackings rather than coming like rain are falling more like hail. They are hitting just about everywhere a bit like individual grapes. “Alla do coio, coio”.
Art and tourism just on their own, could make Tuscany the richest lands in the world. But the administrators of the PDminusL cannot be satisfied with so little. For development, they want regasifiers, incinerators, bricks and cement and car parks, and even better if they are in the historical centre.
Tuscany has a great opportunity. To transform itself from “Chiantishire” to “Nukeshire”. The Tuscan children will be able to do “twinning” with the youngsters of Chernobyl. The Tuscan Archipelago could in fact welcome a nuclear power station on the isle of Pianosa. One of the many that the psycho-dwarf wants to gift to the people of Italy. It’s like opening up a rubbish tip at the “Ponte Vecchio” in Florence or like creating a Ligresti building in Pisa’s Piazza dei Miracoli. Crikey, I don’t want to have put ideas in the heads of this lot. The Tuscan bison charge like "Maremma maiala". You can’t even stop them with bullets designed for wild boar. You can already hear them from Rome. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

FLORENCE: 158 jobs at risk in Telecom Italia
FLORENCE: hundreds losing their jobs in the hotels because of the collapse of tourism
FLORENCE: out of work 38 employees at Meridiana
PRATO-PROVINCIA: 27 workers out each week
PRATO: sacked 14 employees at Albini-Pitigliani
PRATO: 14 sacked at Becagli
LIVORNO: excess workersi Telecom Italia
LIVORNO: 15 employers sent home because of the closure of Delta
LIVORNO: 50 in excess at Liburnia
LIVORNO: unemployment for 150 workers at Giopescal
LIVORNO: 16 sacked at Misericordia
MASSA: redundancies at Evam
CARRARA: 24 sacked in the marble industry
CAMPI BISENZIO E PONTEDERA: 40 redundancies at the food counters
PISA: researchers at the University researching our future
PISA: 63 sacked at Abiogen

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December 15, 2008

The justice of the rich


”Good day to you all.
The President of the Council has announced it when he was presenting a book by Bruno Vespa published by himself and in fact he said: “Buy it to make the publisher happy!”
In this joyous occasion, amidst applause and bad jokes, at a certain point our premier announced that he will rewrite the Constitution in his own image and likeness. Thus just imagine how he will rewrite it, and above all with blows from the majority.
Given that his majority is himself he will rewrite it himself.
Naturally he said: “I am aware that to rewrite the Constitution you need to have two thirds of Parliament.” Otherwise you have to first go and put this reform to the citizens in a referendum where there’s no quorum, so the verdict is clear.
Either the citizens approve the reform and it becomes part of the Constitution, or they reject it and it is swept away as Bossi’s famous devolution in 2006 was swept away.
Formally the President of the Council has in his mind the existence of article 138 of the Constitution that prevents him from going it alone and using "50% +1" actions from the Majority.
He has certainly got an ample 50% but only a bit more than 50% and he certainly hasn’t got that two thirds needed with two readings in the Lower and Upper Chambers to be able to reform the Constitution within Parliament without involving the citizens.
So someone will say “OK he can do it, he will do it.”
Why is there this race to involve the Opposition? For the numbers game.
It is true that we are a people that is decidedly soft in the head, not everyone but a good part.
It is true that we are a people that has never shown great affection for the Constitution just as for the Institutions and the system of checks and balances.
It is also true that when we were called to vote for or against a constitutional reform like the devolution, we voted against.
And we voted against because anyway the capacity to mobilize around the principles, and not around money, luckily still exists among those who want to defend the 1948 Constitution just as it was gifted to us by our Founding Fathers after two years of work.
Then the possibility that it is to be rewritten by folk like Calderoli, Cicchitto... P2-ists, people under investigation etc. still makes you feel strange.
And above all because the referendum would be held, given the time frames needed to approve the reform in Parliament that are very drawn out, in three or four years time.
If we can learn from history, in three or four years Italians will be wanting to get their hands on Berlusconi.
I hope they don’t do it, naturally, even because everyone against one person would be unfair. But as happened the other time when he was governing for the whole 5 years from 2001 to 2006 it was evident that Berlusconi is not capable of governing.
It’s not that he does it on purpose because he is bad: it’s really just not his field. He couldn’t care less. He’s not interested in the topic.
He nods off during ordinary administration.


Let’s not forget history. How in Italy we have the great drunken scenes under the balcony of the current leader: in 1945 we had Mussolini in Piazzale Loreto pelted and spat upon by those who had been cheering him right up until the day before.
In 1992-19993 we ended up in Hotel Raphael with the throwing of objects, coins and bank notes at Bettino Craxi. Of course they were fake or he would have ended up picking them up.
Thus it is very probable that there ‘s the risk of a new version of these unexpected and pretty traumatic moments of falling out of love, so stay alert because Berlusconi will need defending from his current fans who will be after his scalp.
He knows that when there is a vote for the referendum to confirm or reject his constitutional reform of the justice system, people will be fed up to the back teeth with him and they will vote against even in spite of the contents of the reform, but simply to give him a kick up the backside and to accelerate his departure from Palazzo Chigi.
We have already seen this scene and it will be repeated just in the same way this time.


This Joint venture Violante-Angelino Jolie has produced a diabolical and really dangerous idea: now, the prosecutor directs and coordinates the Judicial Police. It is he who has in his hands the criminal trial process. It is he who propels forward the investigations.


And what if I’m innocent and I’m poor?
If I’m rich, with my lawyer I can do my own counter-investigation for the defence and I can get my point of view across. But if I’m poor with the State-provided lawyer?
Can you see an official lawyer who pays a detective, and sets up a counter- investigation to dismantle the case presented by the prosecution and supported by the accusing lawyer?
But only anyone who can afford to pay out millions will be able to come out as innocent at the end of a trial, if the prosecutor becomes the accusing lawyer. Today the prosecutor is obliged to do investigations to see whether or not I am guilty or innocent. It is not laid down that he acts as the accusing lawyer.
He supports the accusation only when he is convinced that that is a guilty person, but before that he has done all the investigations to see whether I am guilty or not.
How many times has the prosecutor asked for the absolution or the archiving of an investigation. The accusing lawyer will always ask for a conviction! He is programmed to get a conviction.
Then if someone is guilty or innocent it doesn’t matter, in fact read the newspapers: they say “we will give more power to the lawyers to do defence investigations!” Certainly, to the lawyers of the rich defendants who can afford to be innocent and to demonstrate that. The poor, even if they are innocent, will not manage to demonstrate that because it will be up to them to demonstrate that they are innocent and not the prosecutor.
Let’s have a think about this. Because the direction that we are moving in is no longer the democracy that we have known, it is no longer the State based on the Rule of Law.
The justice system that we are moving towards is justice for the rich. In times of crisis how many rich people are there that are looking for a system of justice for the rich? I hope very few.
There’s a high level of alarm. Let’s keep it high.
If you are interested, together with Massimo Fini we have launched an appeal about the dangers that our democracy is facing with the Constitutional reform by blows from the Majority. You’ll find everything on the website of “la Voce del Ribelle”, Massimo Fini’s monthly or on the regular where there’s also an email address you can use to show your support.
Spread the word. Until next Monday.

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December 14, 2008

Paolo Mieli’s hotline and the red light information

Carlo Vulpio
Click on the image

Carlo Vulpio is a journalist. Since the beginning of 2007 he has been engaged with the "Poseidon", "Why Not" and "Toghe Lucane". investigations. He was writing for il Corriere della Sera. On 3 December he was sacked. In his last article he gave the names of magistrates, politicians and entrepreneurs involved in the investigations of the Salerno Prosecutors Office following the denunciation by Luigi De Magistris. Straight after that he received a telephone call from Paolo Mieli, the editor of il Corriere della Sera, telling him he was sacked. There were too many names. The stink was too much to bear even for the readers of il Corriere della Sera.
Mieli, say it here on the Internet before they reduce you to be like the servile newspapers of the powerful with Cassinelli’s fxxk the blogger law. Tell us who telephoned you to invite you to get rid of Vulpio? One of those on the list? A member of the RCS Board of Directors? Or did you do it all on your own? Elsewhere, in other countries in France or in the United States, a gesture like yours would not be appreciated. They would have sent you away. Here they will reward you perhaps by making you the director of TG1. Reading Vulpio’s list, from the CSM, to the Court of Appeal to the Court of Cassation is like lifting up the manhole cover of a sewer. In Italy we are all below any suspicion.

From Carlo Vulpio’s article on 3 December 2008:
It has never happened before in Italy that a Prosecutors Office has been «surrounded» like a fortress of the criminal world. Yesterday it happened to the Catanzaro Prosecutors Office, and for the whole day and right up until late in the evening, it was literally surrounded by a hundred carabinieri and a score of police officers all coming from Salerno. With the carabinieri of the Operational section and the police officers of the DIGOS, there were seven magistrates that entered and among them were the Salerno prosecutor, Luigi Apicella and the leaders of the investigation, Gabriella Nuzzi and Dionigio Verasani. They gave out “avvisi di garanzia” {notifications of impending investigations} and they searched homes and offices of the magistrates of Calabria who had snatched the "Poseidon" and "Why Not" investigations from the former prosecutor Luigi De Magistris (now re-examination judge in Naples) and from the magistrates who inherited these investigations, in order to «dismember them, to disintegrate them and to favour certain investigations», as the Salerno prosecutors have written. Among the “favoured” people under investigation, the former Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella, the national secretary of the UDC, Lorenzo Cesa, the former governor of Calabria, as well as the former prosecutor of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Chiaravalloti, the Guardia di Finanza General, Walter Cretella Lombardo, the former Undersecretary assigned to the CIPE, Giuseppe Galati (Udc), Giancarlo Pittelli, Forza Italia deputy, the boss of the Compagnia delle Opere per il Sud Italia, Antonio Saladino.
But this is just the people from Calabria. The magistrates from Salerno, in fact, are doing investigations in two other directions.


In the search warrant that was put into operation yesterday, 1,700 pages, the prosecutors of Salerno are accusing the following people: - the Catanzaro prosecutor, Mariano Lombardi, the adjunct prosecutor, Salvatore Murone, the current general prosecutor, Dolcino Favi, the parliamentarian Giancarlo Pittelli and «the everywhere man» Antonio Saladino. They are accused of collaborating in corruption of judicial acts – for having “illegally” removed the investigations "Why Not" and "Poseidone" from de Magistris. But they are also accusing the substitute general prosecutor Alfredo Garbati, the substitute general prosecutor at the Court of Appeal Domenico De Lorenzo and the prosecutor Salvatore Curcio for having taken on in inheritance those boiling hot investigations with the intention of destroying them. And it is alleged that the general prosecutor Vincenzo Iannelli and the Section President of the Tribunal Bruno Arcuri got busy with things including the “illegal archiving” of Mastella’s situation.(“whose name on the list of those under investigation was however written out of duty”) but also for having defaming de Magistris and disintegrating him professionally”. Then, the prosecutors from Campania say Iannelli, for a reason dear to his heart, gets the intervention of Chiaravalloti in relation to Patrizia Pasquin, judge at the tribunal of Vibo Valentia, who was then arrested. Thus from one magistrate to another, just like peer to peer.." Carlo Vulpio,

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December 13, 2008

Trentino Alto Adige: dismissals at high levels

Click on the picture

The happy isles are no longer so. The provinces of Trento and Bolzano are also a part of Italy, an Italy that is clownish and charlatan. We have gone from being children of the wolf to children of the ostrich. We have to fall in the crevasse before we actually realise it’s there.
The sound of the mountain buffalo’s hooves can also be heard on the plains and they are echoing hooves. “Trentatre trentini entrarono a Trento tutti e trentatre trotterellando” (twist on an Italian tongue twister). Thirty-three thousand Trento and Alto Adige workers will leave the factories, all thirty-three thousand of them reeling. Where will they all go? Shopping perhaps, in order to re-launch the economy as urged by the Government? Perhaps using their brand spanking new Social Cards?
The extent of the unemployment problem region by region is assuming biblical proportions, way beyond human comprehension. Which factories will still be running one year from now? And how will the millions of families manage to put food on their tables? No one has the answers to these questions.
Were Cesare Battisti to come back to life, he would demand that the Trentino Alto Adige area be annexed to Austria.

TRENTO PROVINCE: 40 thousand temporary workers at risk
GARDOLO: 95 retrenchments at Whirlpool (691 across Italy)
BOLZANO-TRENTO: 70 retrenchments at Telecom Italia
FOLGARIDA MARILEVA: more than one third of the 170 funivie employees’ jobs at risk
ALTO ADIGE: 1,340 employees laid off since October in a whole range of companies
ALTO ADIGE: from January to October 2007 there were 12,757 requests for unemployment subsidies, while during the same period in 2008 that figure jumped to 18,553 (+ 45,3%). Requests for unemployment benefits went from 5,037 to 6,922 (+37,2%).

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- Between the Emilia way and the West

- "La Serenissima" unemployed

- That thing in Lombardy

- The hooves of the buffalo

Ps: today's video clip is dedicated to the young people of Abruzzo. This weekend, in Abruzzo, elections will be held to vote for a new Regional Premier.
I'm rooting for Carlo Costantini, pass it on!


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Raw milk and boiled information

Dr. Fausto Cavalli. Unpasteurised milk and disinformation.

Whenever the financial interests of large corporations such as Benetton, Impregilo and Granarolo are affected, then the political parties immediately come to their aid. What this amounts to is an exchange of interests. The exchange vote has pretty much become obsolete because these people now elect themselves and that is why these laws serve no other purpose than to protect the interests of the lobby groups. In other words, the politicians make laws to suit their lord protectors and, in turn, the lord protectors graciously allow the politicians to serve them.
If a citizen is a hothead and dares to sort his refuse, install solar panels or, God forbid, drinks unpasteurised milk from his own cow, then he is obviously being subversive. The media is on their side but we have the truth on our side. A person that drinks unpasteurised milk lives to be a hundred years old and saves up to thirty percent on the cost. An automatic milk dispenser for every Municipality. If you want it, it will happen.

"Dear Beppe,
After having eliminated the incentives for the use of renewable energy sources, now they also want to take away our access to unpasteurised milk, the kind you buy on tap, where you bring you own bottle and fill it up at the retailer. That is why, the Telethon held from 6 to 8 December came out in support of the Consortium for the Protection of Unpasteurised Milk and the Lombardy Region: for every two litres of milk that is sold, the cost of a third litre is to be donated to genetic illness research.
Notwithstanding this important initiative, the situation is extremely serious: to put it bluntly, it is disinformation. In recent days, the television networks and the national newspapers have broadcast reports or published articles discrediting this valuable foodstuff, thereby harming both the breeders and the producers. They have used phrases such as "Milk on tap, bacteria alarm" or "Unpasteurised milk - it must be boiled" or even "The Ministry considers a ban on milk sales", have become the order of the day.
Nine cases of haemolytic uremic syndrome caused by Escherichia Coli O 157, are being used as a pretext for circulating the idea that there is a direct link between the ailment and the consumption of raw, unpasteurised milk, thereby setting off a major media offensive aimed at generating uproar, insecurity and alienation, in other words the perfect conditions for some sort of legislative intervention aimed at introducing some of the most unjust restrictions.
The "Amici di Beppe Grillo di Brescia" Meetup has gathered a number of statements made by Dr. Fausto Cavalli, zoological agronomist and co-ordinator for Bevilatte Srl, an Agriculture Service Agency. His experience tells us that these high-profile cases are all nonsense, particularly because nothing has ever been proved (in 2008, analyses conducted by the Healthcare Authority encountered absolutely no presence whatsoever of Escherichia Coli O 157 in any of the 1,423 samples analysed) and indeed the producers affected continue to sell their milk perfectly legally, in some cases after having lodged a complaint against a number of ASL (NHS) officials at that time who forced them to keep the dispensers shut down.
WE have been asking ourselves what the reason could be for this insistent denigration campaign. The unpasteurised milk on tap phenomenon began precisely in our city, namely Brescia, and has now spread to include more than 1,000 dispensers countrywide (405 in Lombardy alone). Each of these dispensers sells about 100 litres of milk per day, 365 days per year. A litre of milk from these dispensers costs around 1 Euro, in other words 50 cents per litre less than the fresh pasteurised milk bought at the supermarket (source: 18 Million Euro per year disappearing from the pockets of the large scale distribution chain and the dairy product multinationals, to the benefit of we citizens who now pay less and enjoy a healthy drink, as well as rediscovering a direct relationship with farming.

Why I drink unpasteurised milk, extract from Dr. Cavalli’s letter.
"The situation regarding unpasteurised milk is rather serious: ongoing articles on the Web and in the national newspapers are continuing to discredit this important foodstuff, to the detriment of the breeders and producers. In essence, the theory being expounded is an attempt to prove that the consumption of unpasteurised milk is extremely hazardous to your health ... wanting to force people to boil the milk prior to consuming it. The truth of the matter is that the consumption of unpasteurised milk has been recommended for many years, precisely because only then can we benefit from some of the un pasteurised milk’s most important nutritional properties..."
Read the entire letter.


We will continue to purchase unpasteurised milk on tap and we will continue to get our supplies from the dispensers in town. In order to protect our right to do so, we will sign the petition to Agricultural Policy Minister Zaia and undersecretary Martini, as promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Unpasteurised Milk against the possible shutting down of the unpasteurised milk dispensers.
We hope you will forgive us if, just this time, we don’t use your normal term, namely “the strawberries are ripe”. Today we prefer to say that: “The cows have been milked”. They will never give up, but neither will we." The Amici di Beppe Grillo di Brescia Meetup Group


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December 08, 2008

Final Clash between politics and magistracy


Now available: the second Passaparola DVD

“Good day to you all.
I don’t know whether you have noticed the superficiality of this debate on morality.
The return of the debate on morality: the newspapers are overflowing with interviews from the various people like Pomicini, De Michelis, Di Donato.
Various relatives of Craxi.... even Capezzone who says that Veltroni should apologise to Bettino Craxi.
The moral issue, as usual, is used to throw each other’s shameful acts at each other, rather than to take a look at them and then to possibly stop doing them.
So much so that the greatest response that the leaders of the PD have managed to get when Berlusconi looked at the moral issue – obviously only looking at their faults and not his own that is just so massive that he cannot even manage to see it, given his height among other things – was “but you brought into Parliament those under investigation and those who already have a criminal conviction”.
Naturally they forgot their own.
The most that they can say is “we have less than you”, as though they can defend themselves or even go directly into attack by saying: “We have fewer of those under investigation and those who already have a criminal conviction than you have.”
What they should be able to say s: “We have none.”
When Grillo and many others proposed this popular initiative law to throw out the convicts from the electoral lists, even though this time the signatures collected this time were the right ones and no one could question them, not even Carnevale, Parliament has taken its time, so much so that they haven’t even got round to a discussion on the topic.
Let’s ignore these long-winded political parties that are clearly unravelling, crumbling, breaking up, without even being aware of it, and let’s see if we can talk about the other great topic that has been occupying the newspapers for about a week.
That is since last Wednesday when the Salerno Prosecutors Office went to Catanzaro to sequester the documents in the “Why Not” investigation and to make it known to a good number of magistrates from Calabria and from Basilicata that they are under investigation for the mega-plot that has been identified against Luigi De Magistris."


Above all it concentrates on three important investigations that De Magistris carried out and according to this procession of people who have been denounced, they are full of every kind of nastiness.
The “Poseidone” investigation, on the purification plant that should have been constructed in Calabria that were financed by the European Union with 800 million euro and with not even one having been seen.
The investigation into the “toghe lucane “ {the judges of Basilicata}, for the business groups that connect the magistrates in Basilicata, for which it is Catanzaro that has the competency to investigate which is why De Magistris was doing the investigation. And then the “Why Not” investigation, the one that as well as the various fixers, former-P2 –members, secret service officials, Finance Police officials, politicians, colluding journalists, some passing mafia-people, had as its main defendant Antonio Saladino, the head of the Compagnia delle Opere that is the financial-business arm of “Comunione e Liberazione” {Communion and Liberation}.


Luckily the Catanzaro magistrates cannot investigate themselves. They are investigated by those from Salerno. If then, those in Salerno commit irregularities, they are investigated by Naples. And Rome investigates Naples, and Perugia investigates Rome and so on.


But even De Magistris denounced things to those in Salerno: he in turn denounced his superiors and some of the people he is investigating and their lawyers and journalists who are following the people he is investigating and his superiors, who according to him are considered to have discredited, defamed, isolated and expropriated his investigations.
Basically, that they first created the conditions to first remove the investigations and then to remove him himself.
So the Salerno magistrates cannot do otherwise, because they received these denunciations from De Magistris and against De Magistris, since it is within their competency they have to follow up to see which have foundations and which do not. The law obliges them to do that. They are obliged to take action.
If you receive a denunciation, you are obliged to verify it.
Thus they start work, and for months and months no one knows anything about what is being done in Salerno. They work silently, no one has ever seen them on TV, no one has heard them being talked about, no one even knows what the prosecutors Gabriella Nuzi and Dionigi Verasani and their line manager look like.


Luckily, truth is stronger than any pressure, so even when a door is closed on it, it comes out of the window, when the window is closed, truth breaks through the glass.
Thus, whoever thought they could put a lid on the De Magistris case and the Forleo one that is connected with it, is once more worried because having sent away the two magistrates, the truth is coming out again even stronger than before.
For those who want to have an in-depth knowledge, I would like to suggest some books for Christmas: “Roba Nostra” by Carlo Vulpio, published by Il Saggiatore; “Il caso De Magistris”, by Antonio Massari published by Aliberti; “Il caso Forleo”, also by Antonio Massari and published by Aliberti.
Then there’s our old “Toghe Rotte” by Bruno Tinti, that explains the mechanisms, and there’s our “Mani Sporche” where there is the beginning of the De Magistris case. Then all the developments are to be found in a book that is about to come out “Per chi suona la banana” published for Garzanti. That collects together the articles that I devoted to these issues in the newspaper l'Unità.
Greetings to you, and as usual, after you have read this, spread the word!"

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December 06, 2008

The 98 -billion Euro hot potato

Marco Smiroldo, magistrate with the National Audit Office

Yesterday, the blog and one of its representatives were at the National Audit Office hearing. There were very few other journalists there. 98 billion Euro of alleged tax fraud by the slot machine concession holders obviously don’t warrant very much attention. Three annual budgets’ worth of money. I wonder why? Could it perhaps be that there are certain political parties are involved in this matter, because if this were indeed true, then suddenly everything else would make a lot more sense. The administrative proceedings ended in a decision to let someone else make the decision. In essence, the National Audit Office left the decision regarding who should decide on the precise extent of the fraud to the Court of Cassation. Perhaps, in a few years time, this Court will, in turn, place the decision under the jurisdiction of the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, the National Audit Office or to the normal justice system.
Just two weeks ago in Milan, an Italian woman with no previous criminal record was arrested for stealing a few dozen Euro’s worth of food because she was hungry.
Do you hear the sound of the buffalos? The thundering of their hooves is becoming ever louder.

D.Martinelli: I am here in Rome where a National Audit Office hearing ended just a few minutes ago, a court hearing held by the financial judges regarding the slot-machine scandal, involving ten concession holding companies that managed the slot machines between 2004 and 2007, three years in other words, and that, according to Public Prosecutor Marco Smiroldo who is overseeing the investigations, were allegedly involved in tax fraud amounting to ninety-eight billion Euro, excluding accumulated fines. Today that amount is bound to have increased somewhat, given the fact that the information dates back to January this year. The fact remains that today’s decision was expected to establish the precise amount to be paid over to the State by these companies but, instead, the proceedings were suspended and turned over to the Court of Cassation. Let’s take this one step at a time: meanwhile, on the day, there were very few journalists present. I had a video camera, then there was a small crew made up of two youngsters sent there by Giovanni Minoli and finally a couple of colleagues from the printed press. The National Audit Office employs accountant magistrates as opposed to criminal judges. Marco Smiroldo is one such magistrate and the one who placed a monetary value on this tax fraud by virtue of the investigations conducted by the Financial Police over a period of months, and he established that a number of the slot machines were unrelated to the State Monopolies Board, with a number of officials from the State Monopolies Board thus facing charges. So, what then was the concession holders’ defence strategy? They immediately appealed to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. Last April, the Lazio Regional Administrative Court handed down a ruling requesting that the Public Prosecutor reduce the amount to be demanded...
G.Rigido: ...then there is the matter of the culpable behaviour of the Public Monopolies Administration that waited until the National Audit Office intervened before demanding penalties and everything else, with these penalties mounting up all the while, until they reached these inordinate figures, through no fault of the concession holders, to the point where the Regional Administrative Court said: let’s re-calculate these figures, taking into account the needs of the individual concession holders and keeping in mind that for two and a half years there was no network in place. In other words, some of the blame also lies at the door of the Administration that failed to start levying the penalties earlier.
D.Martinelli: ...the Public Prosecutor then proceeded to recalculate the value of the tax fraud and came up with another figure (which we do not know because it is classified information), obviously then submitted this figure to the judges (we were not able to find out today by virtue of the decision handed down by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court) and the concession holders’ attorneys raised certain doubts regarding legitimacy, telling the National Audit Office judges that: "you do not have the jurisdiction to quantify the extent of the alleged fraud. The extent of the fraud must be established by the Lazio Regional Administrative Court". Therefore, after meeting in chambers, the judges granted the request and have forwarded the entire matter to the Court of Cassation, which will now have to decide who will make the final decision regarding the extent of the fraud. Okay? In essence, it is much like the situation where someone who gets fined by a municipal policeman lodges an appeal because he believes that he should have been fined by a Carabiniere instead and the judge then approaches the Court of Cassation to decide whether the fine should rightfully have been issued by a municipal policeman or by a carabiniere. That is the situation we’re in. This suspension will result in further delays since the Court of Cassation could take as long as six months, one year or even two years to hand down its decision, and even then we don’t know whether the Court will rule that the National Audit Office must quantify the fraud or whether the matter must be handled by a normal magistrate. And so we wait! This was the ruling and anyone that was expecting some sort of quantification was sadly mistaken. I close by simply reminding you that the figure of ninety-eight billion Euro is equivalent to three annual budgets for the Italian Government. I would also like to remind you that in Minister Tremonti’s most recent Budget amounted to 35 billion Euro and included a three-year plan, while here we’re talking about ninety-eight billion, so work it out for yourself. At this point I will love you and leave you, leaving you with a few statements I got from the Public Prosecutor and a few of the attorneys.
M.Smiroldo: ...the department that is charged with protecting the economy of the Republic, in other words the community of citizens that pay from their own pockets in order to ensure not only that the required services are provided, but that they are provided properly. We have now discovered that this service that the concession holders were supposed to provide has not in fact been provided as expected and that the party that was supposed to keep tabs on the service has failed to do so. This has resulted in certain damages and, in any law-abiding country, the extent of the damages is directly proportional to the value associated with the legality of specific behaviour. It will be up to the judge to establish the extent of these damages and, in this regard, I am confident that the Court of Cassation will rule in our favour. Thank you.
D.Martinelli: so, are these ninety-eight billion Euro then in actual fact the missing amount, or what?
M.Smiroldo: it is an estimate of the value of the tax fraud. What should have been done was not done properly and therefore certain damages were caused. An extract from one of the companies’ defence attorneys’ contentions: ...if this liability is contractual in nature, then the public prosecutor is usurping the responsibility of the current administration and is asking this Court to apply penalties that fall within the jurisdiction of the said current administration.
D.Martinelli: and you, as attorney, have nothing to say?
Attorney: no, because the company is quoted on the Stock Exchange and any news reported in the press could contain confidential information and, as such, the public relations department handles all press releases.
D.Martinelli: what I would be interested in is to obtain some sort of statement regarding the current proceedings, as regards some of the things you have said.
Attorney: no, no, I’m sorry... you know how keen I am on journalists (laughter) so, what I am trying to say is...
D.Martinelli: that you will grant us an interview?
Attorney: I’m sorry but I won’t be granting any interviews.
D.Martinelli: Oh, so no interviews?
Attorney: no, I cannot.
Other attorney: no no... I have always been willing to be interviewed, but this time we have been asked to refrain from saying anything, also because some damaging things have been said in the past...
D.Martinelli: the public prosecutor is alleging a tax fraud amounting to x billion Euro, but now instead the issue seems to be focusing on jurisdiction.
Attorney T.Varrone: it is not only a matter of jurisdiction, in other words whether it is up to the Court of Cassation or the National Audit Office to quantify the damages, but the fact of the matter is that in reality no damages have been incurred since the penalties are essentially in the process of being applied.
D.Martinelli: if there are in fact any penalties being applied, then it must mean that some sort of mismanagement has in fact occurred!
Attorney T.Varrone: there are certain penalties, but very minor ones. The main application, the one that gave rise to this stratospheric increase in the claims lodged in court, cannot even be applied because there was never any commission that could have applied the penalties, and the subsequent arrangements have led to these laughable levels.
Judge M.Ristuccia: ...given that the Lazio Regional Administrative Court has already established its jurisdiction regarding such matters... provides for the suspension of these proceedings and postpones any provisions decided on by the judges in their chambers. The public hearing is now closed."

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December 04, 2008

Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch

Sky and the increase in Sales Tax

To Mr Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation

Dear Mr. Murdoch,
You know that the TV is in the process of dying and that advertising is migrating to the Internet. And that newspapers and TV stations have their years counted. Perhaps 5, perhaps 10, no more. Your experts have certainly kept you informed. Anyway your actions speak for that. You have invested 580 million dollars in MySpace, a social network with worldwide coverage, while the psycho-dwarf bought Endemol, a producer of old TV programmes. You have got your hands on the Wall Street Journal, declaring that you will develop it online with the 200 best journalists in the USA. Your nickname is Shark and your goal is profit. They say that you are ruthless, but there’s an indisputable fact in your favour. You have not become Prime Minister to protect your TV stations. You have not made the country, Australia, go bust. The psycho-dwarf, that gentleman that wants to double the sales tax on Sky because Europe wants it, is taking Italy to the knackers’ yard. One of his TV stations, Rete 4, is abusive. Did you know that? Have your TV stations talked about that? Even on this case, Europe has given an opinion, but no one is taking any notice. In Italy, the conflict of interests and the reasoning of the State have become the same thing.
Obama is hope. Without the Internet, he would not have become President of the United States. Before the elections you said of Obama: "He is a rock star. It's fantastic" "I love what he is saying about education." On the Internet, Mediaset does not exist. And how could it? Information can be checked, the contents are chosen freely by the one who is surfing. The quality and the credibility are the only two coins that can be spent. Mediaset has billions of euro, but it doesn’t have those two coins. The Internet and thus the future of information are beyond his possibilities. Murdoch, you should know that the psycho-dwarf is a joker. He tells jokes that are often confused with official declarations. One of the best, after the request for 500 million euro in damages from YouTube, is his wish to take to the G8 a proposal to “regulate the Internet”. His Minister of the Interior, Maroni, has announced an “ID number” for every Web user. An idea that comes from afar, from the indelible number tattooed on the arm of the Jews in the Concentration Camps. You are warned. Unless there is a denial, the MySpace users will have to identify themselves and perhaps, pay a tax. In Italy there’s need for rules except for Mediaset. For that, the ad hoc laws are enough.
Why am I writing to you and telling you all this? You are not the white horse that can save Italian information, but it’s always better than nothing. Sky has transmitted the live broadcast of my speech at the Telecom shareholders meeting and more than once it has given space to my denunciations. A minimum of space, hardly noticeable, but anyway space. I want to propose to you the periodic use of film clips that my blog has been producing for years. By now there are hundreds of them. Denunciations that have never appeared on TV. Blacked out by the cloak of Veltrusconi. You can use the film clips free with just two conditions. No advertising within them and that you cite the source. In exchange I ask for nothing. You know that the future is the Internet and that Berlusconi is the past. In the world there will be only 5 or 6 multimedia groups on the internet in a few years time. One is probably yours together with the BBC and YouTube. Mediaset will not be there and neither will the RAI. I await your reply. Greetings." Beppe Grillo

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December 01, 2008

Mediaset uber alles


”Good day to you all.
Every so often there is some enlightened thinker who makes out that Italian TV doesn’t count.
That owning a TV station in the end is marginal. That “il Cavaliere” hangs on to his stations like that, because he’s fond of them, but that in reality they don’t change how things are nor do they change elections. That may be true, however, for the last few weeks, while there is a terrifying crisis hanging over Italian politics or rather the financial crisis should be hanging over them like it is for the other political classes who are dedicating all their energy to it, our political class is concentrating its energy on TV topics.
The parliamentary committee for supervision of the RAI, for which nominations will probably come from the committee itself and from the Majority, with the collaboration of the usual quota of Opposition collaborationists, before Christmas.
And now the tax on Sky.


To finish off this little chat, I was reminded of what Montanelli wrote prophetically back in 1994. He was one of a limited number writing in “La Voce”, to talk about “regime” as soon as Berlusconi came to power.
A few months after Berlusconi took over, as soon as he had taken control of the RAI, by appointing Letizia Moratti, who was anyway immeasurably better than the class of leaders that is currently displayed by the people of the Centre Right.
Montanelli already lucidly understood that when those who control nominate those who are controlled and when those who are controlled are hand in glove with those who control, and when competition no longer exists because Company A is also busy with Company B, its competitor, it is a bit as though Fiat could appoint the top brass in Toyota.
OK, I made a note of Montanelli’s words, and I published this in an article I did for Micromega dedicated to the regime lickers in these first six months. On 20 September 1994 and on October 1994, Indro Montanelli, wrote two memorable articles that could be published exactly as they are even today with no problem.
”This time as well, it’s a matter of carving things up. Carried out completely autonomously, it’s true, like a killer shoots completely autonomously, given that the gun is his, and it is his finger that pulls the trigger. ..”


And then he launched into a forecast that is the one I want to leave you with so that you can reflect on this: “We have to get ready to present our apologies to Emilio Fede. We have always described him as a bootlicker, in fact as the archetype of this frivolous fauna, with the complicating factor of joyousness.
Often the bootlicker, having done the licking, and when their masters cannot see them, pull a face and become moody. Not Fede.
Once he has done what is needed, he smiles he gets ecstatic like a joyous goose..But I’m afraid that in a short while we’ll have to think again about him, to lament his interventions and identify them as models of objectivity and moderation.
Certain TV and radio programmes of the RAI already give us this idea (just think – this was in 1994 – what would he say if he had seen what they do on radio and TV today?) when without even waiting for the installation of the new bosses they adjust to the new climate of ‘it’s all OK, my Lady’ – the optimism that “il Cavaliere” talks about - that they have to make themselves into the ones acting as guarantors.”
Today, to set up a regime, there’s no need for a “March on Rome” nor for a blaze at the Reichstag, nor for a “coup” at the Winter Palace. It’s enough to have the so-called communication mass media: and among those the sovereign and irresistible one: television. (...)


We, however are inside this TV drama of “borgatari” (marginalised city dwellers), and we will soon be getting ready to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the great Montanelli, and in the meantime, so that we don’t become borgatari as well, let’s spread the word!

PS Thursday 4 December, the blog will be present as a reporter at the Court of Accounts for the hearing on the slot machines and the 98 billion that they are thought to owe to the State. The video will be published on the blog. See the post of 12 January 2008: “The hunt for the tax evaders

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November 28, 2008

Political bulletin number seventeen


The Winter Campaign is about to commence. On 25 November I met with Carnevale in the Court of Cassation. I was informed that the number of signatures we managed to collect was insufficient. However, there was one thing that I understood only too clearly. What we should have done was collect at least twice or three times the number of valid signatures required in order to be assured of obtaining the desired result. Just as happened with the “Clean Parliament” popular law. Next time around, there will be only one referendum, namely for the abolition of the Gasparri Law and the television autocracy. The signatures in support of the popular law for a Clean Parliament have finally been handed to the Senate Commission. Every Senator serving on the Commission will be called to account by this blog. One by one. Right through to the very last one (of them). 350,000 citizens have the right to see their law discussed within the Senate. 18 finally sentenced individuals are living the high life in Parliament. Millions of honest Italians are in the process of losing their jobs, perhaps precisely because they are honest people. On Tuesday 2 December I will be posting the symbol for the 5-star Civic Lists, which I registered for the 2009 local elections. The objective is to ensure that we have honest, capable councillors serving on the Municipal Councils. Councillors who are willing and able to check out the situation and report back to the citizens. The Town Councils are our Bastille. The breathing on their necks must also come from within. It must change from breathing on their necks to breathing down their necks. The social network reflected on the civic lists is almost in place, about another ten days of patience are needed... With effect from next week I will be launching the Municipal Primaries. I will be proposing a number of discussion points regarding energy, mobility, education, healthcare, social policies, the environment, construction, connectivity and water. Your comments will form the basis for the Municipal Programmes. A reference document for the Civic Lists. A meeting between the individuals whose names appear on the Civic Lists and the members of the MeetUps has been scheduled to take place in Florence on 31 January, barring any changes. "La porti una lista a Firenze, the city that is always in my heart...".

They will never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

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November 24, 2008

D'Alema, the one more equal than the others


Now available the second Passaparola DVD : "Senza stato, né legge..." {With neither State nor law}

”Good day to you all.
Before starting off I want to give you all a good bit of advice for what to buy: just published is the collection of the second batch of nine episodes of "Passaparola".

It’s called "Senza stato, né legge..." {With neither State nor law}. I’m saying this because we are self-financing like this and it’s fair to make it known to anyone who wants to, anyone who wants to keep the series of our presentations, perhaps they even have difficulty in getting a good connection or of going online, that this is possible. We get by like this, and if there is someone who gives us a hand we can continue into the future and we can keep this space alive.
Today I’m going to talk about one gentleman, in fact about two gentlemen but one is tied to the other. The one does not exist without the other and they are creating an earthquake in that little that remains of the Opposition or what is presumed to be that in Parliament. Of this couple: D'Alema and Latorre.


Meanwhile, what are we talking about? About the fact that in the summer of 2005, protected by the governor Fazio and by Premier Berlusconi, but also by the top brass of the DS and the Lega Nord, a bunch of adventurers, speculators real estate people, owners of buildings, decide to get their hands on a piece of publishing, the biggest publishing house that was independent of politics, that is Rizzoli - Corriere della Sera, and on two strategic banks like the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and the Banca Antonveneta.
Apparently the takeover-ists acted on three fronts, but in reality they are criss-crossed and the three takeover bidders were just one attempting to redesign in the image and likeness of Fazio, Berlusconi, D'Alema and Bossi, a piece of capitalism and a piece of Italian publishing.
The hands of the parties, that are by now vassals of these financiers, on a piece of the banking system and a piece of the publishing system.
The operation didn’t succeed because fortunately there was the Milan prosecutors’ office that asked for wiretaps and fortunately, there was a judge like Clementina Forleo who gave permission for that, so all of them were caught red-handed while they were all violating the criminal code and the rules of the Stock Exchange.


The fact that in bad faith, Italian parliamentarians of the Centre Right and the Centre Left have deceived the whole European parliament, gives the idea of what a bad situation we are in and above all of how we would be in a much better situation if at least these people who it is known for at least three years have been concocting financial scandals, were to be sent home. Instead, if all goes well, Veltroni will lose the European elections and the PD will take in D'Alema and Latorre.
Spread the word”

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November 20, 2008

Fabullo is in Florida


Fabullo’s mother has written to me. So that, through me, she can thank all those who have offered a contribution to help Fabullo. The fund for medical care has reached 412,000 euro. Fabullo has been able to go to Florida. He is recovering motor activity. I feel happy. You should be happy. I thank you. Today is a really great day and I am not feeling the cold. Crikey, if I write another line, I’ll end up getting all emotional.

Dear Beppe,
Fabullo and I are in Florida and we will never stop saying “thank you” to you. We’ve only been here a month and he has already had more physiotherapy than he had in two years in Italy and don’t let them come and tell me that it’s only the quality that counts. In less than a month his left hand side is already less spastic and he moves his right hand side better and he each day he is better at sitting up. Taking into account that in the first few days he had to get used to so many things it doesn’t seem so little. It’s true here that the health service only functions with payment, but it’s also true that in Italy when I wanted Fabullo to start eating again after his ictus I found the speech therapist to be really good (seriously good, believe me) but I had had to pay her anyway!!! And I tried trusting the local health service because before deciding to look for a freelance person we waited nine months and not three days.
Now, however, I am now trying not to think that all this could have been done close to home, so that, for example I didn’t have to leave the other child, but I am just thinking of my little boy who is working so hard here thanks to the help of so many people who have decided to help us like this, without even knowing us and without asking for anything in exchange. A big hug.” Angela Aimo

Previous posts about Fabullo :
Fabullo’s mother

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November 18, 2008

G8: self-absolution of politicians

”Good day to you all.
We are not in a bunker that killers have riddled with holes, we’re simply in the studio that you have always seen, that is in the process of being remodernised. Today I would like to talk about two verdicts, but in reality to not talk about them, because one deserves silence as it tackles a question of life and death, that is, it enters directly into a private home, to a bed where there is a person, Eluana, who has been in a vegetative state for many many years, where a judge has established that with her informed consent, in the past, and her father’s consent today, to save her from life-prolonging treatment. I have no position in relation to this story and neither do I envy anyone who is taking a stand in relation to this because I believe that anyone who is speaking out about this is doing so out of turn.


The other verdict that it is right to talk about, even out loud (when it is issued however) is the verdict on the G8 in Genoa. Or rather, the one that was delivered the other day by the Tribunal of Genoa that related to tens of men of the security forces on trial for savage violence, taking place in the Diaz school, to the detriment of unarmed citizens who, anyway, were sleeping.


But in a normal parliament. In a serous parliament. In a parliament like the American one where the harshest Commissions of Enquiry on the activity of the administration are normally presided over by the companions of the president’s party, of the president and by the head of the administration. We have a parliament in which they don’t want the truth. They want to fabricate convenient and party-oriented or faction-oriented truth. They want to use the parliamentary commissions to cover their backs, to blackmail each other and to get to the end with a tidy result, where the truth counts for nothing. In the last twenty years or so the parliamentary commissions have usually but not always been used to entwine relations between the majority and the minority. Each party has its “truth” and thus they blackmail each other. For heaven’s sake, let’s not do the same thing for the events in Genoa! We have at least 13 people convicted, we have at least a verdict that is arriving and that could reconstruct the facts, let’s leave it all like that! The commissions in recent years have been used to cancel even that tiny bit that the magistrates managed to discover. Instead of opening up the spectre of the judicial truth that is really narrow to the political truth that is very broad, the parliamentary commissions give themselves the task of even cancelling out the truth coming from the trials, that little bit that the judges have discovered. In the trial of Andreotti, the verdict established that Andreotti was a mafia person up until 1980, the crime was committed but “prescritto” {timed out by the Statute of Limitations}. The Commission of Enquiry on the Mafia, instead of opening up the fan, by going to see even there where there was no actual crime but serious political responsibility, it closed down even that tiny opening that the magistracy had created. The Forza Italia president of the commission has written in black on white that the verdict revealed Caselli’s hypothesis for the prosecution to be false. That is, he used correction fluid on even that little bit that the magistracy managed to prove beyond any reasonable doubt. Let us hope that they don’t want to repeat the same experience with the G8 because, if right now, those 13 convictions seem so few, when a parliamentary commission has gone over them, we will hardly remember them. Spread the word.”

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November 15, 2008

That thing in Lombardy

Bison in the middle of a road
Click on the picture

Do you hear that sound of hooves? They come from Piedmont, from the Veneto and from Lombardy. Two million, or perhaps three million people will lose their jobs within a year (they are already in the process of losing them). They will lose their jobs in the North, obviously, because that’s where the jobs are, while in the South they cannot lose what they don’t have. Those that go from being employed to being unemployed from one day to the next occupy the stations, hold meetings and take to the streets. However, their protests remain in a vacuum. The media prefer not to mention the problem, after all, they are ashamed to show fathers out on the street. They use gentle terms, such as “technical recession” or “reduction in GDP” to soften the blow.
Politicians and journalists (and here I’m talking about those that are mere servants to the majority) are two job categories that are immune to the crisis. Why then should they concern themselves with it? It is a problem that always only affects other people. The only consolation for the newly unemployed is that they will no longer die on the job, they will only die of starvation. An epidemic has exploded in Lombardy, where the banks are holding on to their money and no longer grant any unsecured loans, foreign companies are leaving and the Italian ones are losing market share. This may well be a war bulletin, but it is simply the tip of the iceberg. Read on, you won’t believe it!

BASIGLIO - MILAN: Astrazeneca, a pharmaceutical multinational, announces cuts involving 315 employees.
ASSAGO - MILAN: 55 employees already sitting at home (236 throughout Italy), employees of IT sector company Engineering.
ALBINO - BERGAMO: the Honegger cotton mill announces 240 retrenchments
BRESCIA PROVINCE: 180 employees of “Franzoni filati” in ESINE, 132 of “Feltri” in MARONE, 260 of “Niggeler & Kupfer” in CETO, 36 of “Henriette” in CASTENEDOLO, for a total of 606 workers in the Brescia area whose layoffs have just been announced.
SAN GIULIANO MILANESE - MILAN. The San Carlo company dismisses 19 workers.
SUZZARA - MANTOVA: Temporary contracts not renewed for 160 employees at IVECO.
MILAN: the Gabetti Company has announced the dismissal of 110 permanent employees (500 throughout Italy).
CERIANO LAGHETTO - COMO: 230 employees of Rhodia on the dole.
JERAGO - VARESE: 90 employees of Meccanica Finnord on unemployment benefits.

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November 10, 2008



On Friday 14 November, I invite all the people of Milan to go to the office and to school by bicycle. It’s the fastest, cleanest and cheapest way. Anyone going by push-bike does not depend on the price of petrol nor on the dis-service of public transport. The bicycle is revolutionary. I will be in Milan in the early part of the afternoon with my powerful legs. No to polluting vehicles that you have to pay for. No to childhood leukaemia. Yes to clean air and to the freedom to move about without the risk of being mown down. How many Milan town councillors and cabinet members go to work by bicycle? If there happens to be one I’m waiting for them to call me to speak. Beppe Grillo <<

Good day to you all.
Finally, you could say, the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission is starting off again. You know that it has been since the beginning of the 1960s that the Italian Parliament has put in place the bi-chamber Anti-Mafia Commission to fight the mafia, especially in its relationships between the mafia and politics.
There’s a contradiction: politics fighting against the relationships between the mafia and politics is like saying the mafia is fighting the relationships between the mafia and politics.
And in fact, at least in the last fifteen years, it has never fought them; from the time, that is, that there has been no strong Opposition against the ones in Government but there are, on the matters that count, pretend divisions between the majority and the Opposition and then substantial unanimity.
In fact, as we know, in the last fifteen years, all the serious regulations in relation to the fight against organized crime are those contained in Totò Riina’s “papello” {his list of conditions)..."


A day after that, on 10 June, Calvi escaped from Italy, and as we know he ended up hanging under Blackfriars Bridge.
Nine days after Pisanu told Parliament “it’s all under control, there’s no problem for the Ambrosiano Bank” - his government, that of Fanfani, put the Ambrosiano Bank into insolvency. It was declared insolvent and thousands of savers who lost everything they had, found themselves destitute.
Then, both the Ambrosiano Bank and the Andino Bank had a normal bankruptcy.
The P2 Commission, whose president was Tina Anselmi, summoned Pisanu because Angelo Rizzoli, (the publisher, and at that time the owner of Il Corriere della Sera, P2 member, then involved in the collapse, and he too was arrested) said: “in relation to the Andino Bank, Calvi told me and Tassandin (the P2 man at the top of Il Corriere della Sera) that it was Calvi that made Honourable Pisanu’s present his speech in Parliament. Someone told me that to make that speech Pisanu received 800 million from Flavio Carboni".
This accusation that is later brought up again by Calvi’s flunkey, Pellicani, has never been confirmed, so we can consider it to be false or not proven. But the issue is political: Pisanu is the gentleman who went public. It was he who went to Parliament to say that the Ambrosiano Bank was marvelous while it was on the verge of collapse.
All because of his conflict of interests, that is his relationship with Carboni, with Calvi and with Berlusconi.
In the P2 Commission there’s an unleashing of the Oppositions: the most vivacious were Teodori, of the Radicals and Tremaglia, of the Movimento Sociale, who have a variety of colourful words about Pisanu.
If you want to, you can find in "Se li conosci li eviti" the details of those terrifying days, so much so, that they are shouting “resign, resign, resign!” and in the end, on 21 January 1983, Pisanu resigned from his position as Under Secretary to the Treasury.
Then later he comes back into another government and is recycled by Forza Italia, because you know that nothing in Italy is thrown away!


Why am I saying all this? Because it is evident that a serious Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, wanting to deal with the relationship between politics and mafia, could, for example, start with the Cuffaro case.
And in the case of Cuffaro, find out whether there were institutional deviations.
And perhaps summon Berlusconi and Pisanu. But if the president of the Antimafia is Pisanu, could he summon himself? Yes, he would have to look at himself in the mirror and ask himself questions and give himself the answers. Spread the word!" Marco Travaglio

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November 09, 2008

Niki is no longer with us


This is the testimony of a mother who has lost her son, and it is arguably the most appalling testimony ever posted on this blog.
I hear what she is saying, yet I cannot believe it.
A young man with no criminal record, arrested, locked up in a maximum-security prison without anyone being allowed to speak with him or contact him in any way. He died three days later. According to official sources, he committed suicide.
I cannot believe that such things can happen in a Country that claims to be democratic. I would like to hear from the Public Prosecutor that signed the arrest warrant, as well as the prison governor and the attorney. I still want to believe that this was simply a tragic error.

"My son was arrested in Cattolica on 19 June 2008. Since that day I was never again able to see him nor speak with him. He was arrested and when I was eventually allowed to see him, what I saw was an experience that I don’t wish on any mother! My son was arrested for an alleged offence and he was in protective custody. The word custody says it all! They should have given my son back to me standing on his own two feet, just as he was when they took him away. Instead, from the moment of his arrest, everything became more complicated and nothing was ever the same again. I was told that he had been arrested and taken to the Rimini prison, and that he was only transferred to the Sollicciano (FI) Prison the following day because they needed him there to be questioned by the magistrates. The first statement is false: my son was never in Rimini. My son was arrested and his first stopover in jail was in Sollicciano at 19h45. He was arrested in Cattolica, having been called by the mother of the owner of the firm for which he worked because her son had been arrested the night before. She had asked him to go and see the attorney in order to find out what was happening.
My son, the one who was acting in total good faith, the one who made no attempt to escape, but went directly to this attorney in Cattolica, was arrested the moment he came downstairs and went through the door. From that moment on, he was allowed no further contact with his family. In the prison admission report from the Sollicciano prison, we see that he told them that he had an attorney and that he had telephoned his family, but I received no such telephone call from Sollicciano. It is also stated that his mother should be contacted in case of need or any other eventuality. In other words, me. Why then was I not contacted? I only found out about the events on the following day. I was told that he had been transferred. All good and well, and thus began the telephone calls putting pressure on me in an attempt to get me to change attorney. I tried to find out the name of the company’s attorney in order to find out what was going on because, at that moment, my entire world was collapsing around me! Everything was escaping me. So I telephoned the company’s attorney, a certain Mr. Marcolini, who was the person that had originally told me that Niki had been arrested, however, not even he knew anything. We had to wait for the police interrogation in order to find out precisely what my son was being accused of. I wanted to move to San Marino because I live in Avezzano, but the attorney told me: “No Madam, you won’t be allowed to see him or speak to him in any event because he has been placed in solitary confinement for three days”. Therefore, we would only be able to find out precisely what he had been charged with on Monday morning, once he had been questioned. Meanwhile, pressure was being put on me to change attorney, but I refused, asking “Why?” By that Sunday I couldn’t stand it any longer. I went to the attorney’s office, spoke with him and I mentioned the fact that perhaps a telegram should be sent to Niki, suggesting that he change attorney. Marcolini told me not to worry about it because when a prisoner is in solitary confinement, he is not even able to receive telegrams. Why, instead, was another telegram delivered to him? A telegram that I only got to see a few days ago (November 2008 - Ed). It stated that: “You must appoint attorney so and so..” Must! It was an order. Well, during those three days my son changed his attorney, appointing the one whose name appeared in the telegram. Meanwhile, Marcolini had been recused.
During the course of the interrogation, this new attorney came down and told me that, at that time, Niki should exercise his right to say nothing, just as the others had done but, instead, he was talking. The attorneys I had brought along left at this point, while I stood around waiting outside. After a while I saw the armoured Police van moving in to pick up my son and I ran toward the vehicle. All I wanted was to see my son. We understood each other perfectly and a single glance would have been enough. I wanted to say to him: “Don’t worry Niki, I’m here”. However, those officers in the police van pushed me away with needless violence. They told me: “Go away, otherwise we’ll arrest you too, you must remain at least twenty metres away from the police van”. Then I saw my son exit the building, he turned towards me and they proceeded to turn his head the other way. Who had they arrested? A 26-year old young man with no criminal record! He had never before been in trouble with the law. Never! This was the first time ever! What would have been so bad about allowing him to look at me? This was the last glance we ever exchanged. I then waited for this new attorney, a woman, and I asked her: “What did Niki say? What happened?” She answered me as follows: “Niki wanted to talk, stating that he wanted to collaborate because he wanted to get out of there. So I let him talk. I asked him to explain to me precisely what was going on”. She then said: “Madam, I need to examine the case since I was only appointed the other day …”. That was precisely what the company attorneys that I had spoken to told me would happen. Clearly she could not have known this … I also had some clothes to take to the prison because Niki had taken nothing with him. I again appealed to the lady attorney saying: “try to see whether I can speak to him even just for a moment and even with you present, I don’t care how. I also have some clothes for him”. The attorney tried her best, however, I found out that 48-hours notice had to be given even for the clothes to be accepted in a super-prison. My question is WHY? Why was my son taken to a super-prison? First offence, no previous criminal record. There is no way that my son would have committed suicide in any event, but even less so without leaving me something in writing. Nothing makes any sense here! If this was such a major investigation, precisely what role did the telephone service providers play in this matter? Why were they never mentioned? They are mentioned in the arrest warrant. In addition to the Internet sites, a job that my son was very good at, he had also been involved in the deals with the telephone service providers. But how come their names were never even mentioned in the newspapers? And why was no application submitted for a rogatory to be held in San Marino? In other words, I go into a thief’s house, I arrest the thief but I don’t bother to look for the loot. Does this seem right to you? The rogatory was necessary in order to seize the computers that could perhaps help to explain precisely what was actually going on. Why did this not happen? Twenty days after my son’s death, I sent my husband and my brother-in-law to talk to the owner of the apartment in San Marino where my son had been living. It turned out that the apartment had been totally cleared out. Not even a single one of my son’s socks was left behind. I was not even able to lay my hands on something that smelled of my son. So, who was it that was so keen to clear out that apartment? Perhaps the seventeen other people arrested, whose situation could have been aggravated? Or perhaps someone who was afraid that they could land up in jail because of the information stored on those computers? They disappeared with everything! Everything! I didn’t even get back the keys to my own house. How am I supposed to defend him? How am I supposed to try to make head or tail of what happened when I have nothing left? What am I supposed to do? Please help me, I can’t do it alone! The person that sent the telegram and the person that burgled the apartment, do we know who they were working for? It costs very little to arrange these things. What I want to know is who gave the order to get my son to change attorney. Who gave the order to have the apartment cleared. I want to know who is behind it all! We cannot keep hiding behind monsters speaking of names. Are there any existing recordings of tapped telephone conversations? When a telephone call goes from one number to another, it means that there are two people speaking on the line. If you and I talk to each other, then why am I the only one that gets arrested? Nevertheless, by mid July these excellent suspects were still at work, doing precisely what they had done before. My son, instead, has been lying under two metres of soil since 24 June. The Solliciano prison medical officer, Doctor Franco Corleone, stated in an interview with La Repubblica that he had spoken with the prison governor who, in turn, had told him that just after the exercise period – and here it is important to understand the timing because the exercise period lasts from nine-thirty to ten-thirty – when my son had just made use of the opportunity to grab a breath of fresh air, he had then, according to the official verdict of suicide, gone back to the bathroom and hung himself. In that same interview, Franco Corleone added that: “You know, Niki had already shown signs of psychological collapse when he changed attorneys”. Dear Doctor Corleone, that was no sign of psychological collapse. He was ordered to change attorney. He would not have done so of his own accord. What did Doctor Franco Corleone say to the prison governor? Why did the autopsy show that death had occurred at 10, while the “118” emergency services were only called out at 11:15. Does that mean that you could have saved him? Could he have been saved? Believe me, absolutely nothing tallies! The prison gave me the archived records, but I ask myself, how can you archive something when nothing tallies? Just the day before his death, my son had asked to be placed in a cell with other Italian inmates, preferably non-violent ones. What does this tell you? Did he want to stay alive or not? In my opinion he did, otherwise he would have said “Put me with whomever you wish”. I know precisely what he would have done had he really wanted to commit suicide. The statements made by Niki’s two cellmates also don’t tally. One apparently asked the other: “Where is Niki?” and the other apparently answered: “He went out for some exercise”. In the other cellmate’s deposition, in response to the same question, he answers: “Niki went to the bathroom to wash his clothes”. I have to ask myself precisely where Niki actually was? Furthermore, there is also another statement from one of the prison warders, in which he states that: “Niki spoke to me. He appeared to be quite relaxed. He asked me “When are they going to question me again?” according to the warder, this questioning session took place at 10. The exact time that my son apparently died. I have to ask myself when exactly did this warder talk to my son? And where, because it is not specified? I appeal to all you journalists out there. Don’t concern yourselves with the idiotic news reports that we hear on a daily basis on the television, rather act like serious journalists. Stick your heads into these prisons. Reading through the “Prison Information” booklet, I discovered that all sorts of things can and do happen during the exercise period, since all of the cells are open and inmates have access to cells other than their own. My son was supposedly in custody. Who was looking after him? " Ornella Gemini

Ornella Gelmini's blog:

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November 04, 2008

The P2 is alive and is fighting us


“Good day to you all!
I have been leafing through my documents that relate to the P2, because you know that the P2, I’m not saying that it is coming back, for that you would have to suppose that it ever went away and in reality it has always been there and it has always been fighting with us.
Perhaps it would be interesting to understand the reasons why some people are worried about the return of Licio Gelli to the TV in place of Aldo Biscardi: the evolution of the species is remarkable – and what the P2 was.
Unfortunately, anyone born after the finding of the lists, has heard it talked about but they didn’t experience the climate.
I remember that the P2 lists were found in the office of the venerable master Licio Gelli in Castiglion Fibocchi in March 1981 by the Finance Police, who were sent by two Milan magistrates, Giuliano Turone and Gherardo Colombo
First of all, what was the P2? It started off as a regular lodge of the Grande Oriente d'Italia, it became “border line” and in the end, after the discovery of what they had got up to, completely rejected by the Grande Oriente d'Italia.
Licio Gelli was considered to be one who was a deviant in relation to the rules: it was a Lodge that was not only private but super-secret.
It was an "atlantic" Lodge, that is it was super-faithful to the Atlantic Alliance and thus very pleasing to the United States: Gelli was present at the festivities for the election of Carter, thus at the election of a President in the Democratic Party, he had close ties with the Argentine Generals and with the South American dictators.
At the time of the liberation war in Italy he was at the same time a fascist and an antifascist. He naturally pretended to be antifascist but he played the role of double dealer that he has always played.
The P2 was not at all a subversive organisation in that it wanted to overturn the established order: in fact it wanted to maintain and stabilise the established order.
It’s not by chance that the "plan of democratic rebirth", was according to Gelli in a way the political-institutional programme prepared by Gelli and his advisers at the end of the 1970s in great secrecy.
It was handed to the Head of State, who was Giovanni Leone, and Gelli was friendly with many politicians like Andreotti, he often met up with Claudio Martelli, and he communicated with Bettino Craxi.
He was not at all an opponent of the established order wanting to overturn it: it was a subversive Lodge in as much as, to maintain and crystallise the status quo it was willing to empty out the Constitution and Italian democracy from the inside, to transform it into something else, into a model of a modern authoritarian State still governed by the same: Christian Democrats, Socialists Party and allies to prevent the arrival of the Communists


Anyway, and here we come to the last part of today’s Passaparola, it’s not only Gelli who is in circulation. Gelli spreads out his blackmail, his allusions, his winks etc.
But what is news is the fact that it makes the news. In recent years we have heard the same things that he is saying. But if it’s someone else saying them, well then, it’s OK.
I always ask myself how we can be scandalized if Gelli has a TV programme in a small TV channel, while we are not scandalized if his favourite pupil is in Palazzo Chigi.
And yet he says and does things that not even Gelli ever dreamed of saying or doing.
And Gelli is not the only active P2-ist who is active. I am not in favour of purges, you need to evaluate case by case. But it is interesting to know who are the characters who formed part of the P2 Lodge.
Because if you get to know who they are , at least you can act accordingly and you can try to understand the reason why they are in the positions they have.
In alphabetical order, I will mention just a few of them: Silvio Berlusconi, membership number 1816, payment received for joining up and for the regular payment in 1978, degree one apprentice.
Who had presented him to Gelli? Roberto Gervaso.
Fabrizio Cicchitto, membership number 2232, handwritten membership application, membership card suspended for lack of photo. This was written down.
Now Cicchitto is the leader of the Popolo delle Libertà {PDL} in the Lower House and he talks every evening on all the main TV News programmes. Why him and not Gelli?
He was in the Socialist Left and when poor Riccardo Lombardi discovered that one of his favourite pupils was in the P2 he put him outside and made him cry.
Maurizio Costanzo, membership number 1819 – he was only three numbers away from Berlusconi – but he was at third degree: Master mason. He was at the highest degree just below Gelli.
While Berlusconi was only an Entered Apprentice.
This is the interview that Costanzo did with Licio Gelli in Il Corriere della Sera: “For the first time, Mister P2 is speaking, the discreet fascination of the hidden power”.
A photo of Garibaldi, a photo of Cagliostro.
Whereas this is the interview that Costanzo did a few days later with another famous P2-ist, Silvio Berlusconi, still in Il Corriere della Sera, that as it happened was controlled by the P2 through the editor Tassandin, the director Franco Di Bella and Umberto Ortolani who was Licio Gelli’s Right Hand Man.
Donelli Massimo, membership number 2207, he too was at the first degree: Entered Apprentice. OK, this Donelli is very important today, he is the director of Canale5.
Do you understand?


In the P2 list there were also 13 magistrates who were disciplined by the CSM {Governing Body for Judges}, but not all of them were sent away: there’s one of them in Rome and he’s called Giuseppe Renato Croce, at the Real Estate Section of the Rome Tribunal.
A few years ago he asked many times for the archiving of a trial that was close to the heart of Dell'Utri against a judge who was judging Dell'Utri in the Court of Cassation and had confirmed the definitive conviction for fiscal fraud. He too was in the lists, membership number 2071, signed up in 1979.
This in tiny chunks is the picture of the P2. Today the P2 no longer exists but the P2-ists do.
Some will say that at times they come back. No, I would say at times they stay!
Thus, let’s ask ourselves how is it that in the United States they are about to elect a President who, whether it is Obama or McCain, is new and unknown, and until last year unknown to the political press and we are still here in 2008 and we are raking up the people like Cossiga, with the strategy of tension, with those like the marbled Andreotti in TV as we saw yesterday, with those like the embalmed Licio Gelli.
Why is it that for us the past never passes away?
Spread the word.”

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October 31, 2008

"Get out of there, Francesco"

Francesco a Piazza Navona

09:41. The Government says: "No infiltrators in piazza Navona"
Infiltrators in piazza Navona? In his report back to the Chamber regarding Wednesday’s clashes, Francesco Nitto Palma denies it categorically. "The suspect is a young man from the 'student block' and he is currently under investigation ". The undersecretary then went on to speak about the truck carrying right wing extremists that entered piazza Navona: "It is a perfectly normal occurrence during any kind of demonstration for trucks to somehow get into the squares ". from

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October 30, 2008

Maroni and the detailed instructions

The “agents provocateurs” and the State Police

Yesterday in Piazza Navona there was a lorry that the Police permitted to enter the square.
In the lorry there were helmets, truncheons, perhaps knuckle-dusters and a score of “agents provocateurs”.
“Agents provocateurs”, not students.
The “agents provocateurs” beat up the students in full view of the Police.
One of the “agents provocateurs”, has affectionate relations, great friendship with the Police, as though they are colleagues.
The square was really full. A lorry with truncheons and hooligans could only have been there in two possible scenarios:
- because the Police permitted it in response to the orders of someone.
- because the Police were not in control of the square
Maroni, Minister of Home Affairs, who accepts detailed instructions, one who carries out the orders of the psycho dwarf, should explain to us what happened and after that he should resign.
Politics has gone bust. The citizen can only have a dialogue with a police officer in anti-riot gear.
If the Police is not enough, then the infiltrators arrive, that way the newspapers and TV channels of the regime can shout about the “encounters between students
Journalists, are you not ashamed? Your words are worse than the “tricolour” truncheons of the fascist thugs in Piazza Navona.

PS: Can anyone manage to identify the person in the red circle in the video? Leave a comment.

Testimonianze da Piazza Navona

Declarations from eye witnesses in Piazza Navona

From Curzio Maltese’s article on
…. I’m following the group that is moving in front of the Senate and comes across a leading official. “You can’t stand still while they are beating up my students.” are the words of protest from a white-haired lady. A female student raises her voice: “And tell him to protect them, that you want encounters!” The official shouts: “Learn some manners, bimba!” The teacher gets angry: “Do your job, put a stop to those who are being violent!” The response of the official: “But the violent ones are left wing”. The people cannot contain themselves: “Left-wing? With the swastikas?” The white-haired teacher shows him a big crucifix that she has round her neck: I am Catholic. I have been teaching for 32 years and I have never seen a violent action from my students. There are people with sticks who are beating up unarmed youngsters. What does it matter if they are left wing or right wing? It is a crime and you must intervene.”

LATEST: The response from the Maroni’s Lega: “Really serious are the words of Grillo, the preacher. Let him put a stop to these words that sound like those of an irresponsible people-leader: there’s no need for someone to contribute to rousing the spirits and cynically throwing petrol onto the fire.” Says the Lega Deputy, Carolina Lussana, vice president of the Justice Commission at Montecitorio…. “I invite all the various chattering Grillo-followers to stay silent and stop throwing shadows onto the work of the security forces who are trying to guarantee the safety of the demonstrators and all the citizens.”

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October 27, 2008

Immortal Rete4

Good day to you all.
Today I want to talk about two court verdicts that you will have hardly heard about.
You will have heard of one of them, without knowing the ins and outs. Of the other one I believe that you will never hear about it.
Let’s start with that one.
A few years ago, Antonio Di Pietro said, as many of us have said, given that we know the facts, that Rete4 is abusive.
To be clear: Rete4 according to the Constitutional Court, for exactly 14 years should not belong to Berlusconi, or if it should still belong to him, it should no longer be broadcasting on digital analogue, on channels that we see when we press 4 on the remote control of the TV.
Because no private individual can own more than 2 TV channels and Berlusconi owns three.
After that, it is broadcasting thanks to laws done specifically to allow it to broadcast.
Thus, from the point of view of the laws, what is happening is strictly legal. In reality it is unconstitutional and for the last few months, since January this year, it is also illegitimate as it is incompatible with the European regulations that, as you know, have precedence: the European laws have precedence over the national laws, so they should send him away.
I’m saying this because each time that someone says that Rete4 is abusive, even though it has been legalised “ex-post” to do what it is not allowed to do, Mediaset takes action for defamation.
I have had a lot of court actions, many people have had court actions for having said this simple and elementary truth.
OK, usually these court actions turn out for the best in as much as we take along the verdicts of the Constitutional Court, and now of the European Court in Luxemburg and the judge finds in our favour.
This time something extra happened. Di Pietro found that the finding was in his favour and the case was archived. The case was brought by Mediaset because he said “Rete4 is abusive”, the judge wanted to add something extra.
Let’s see.
The verdict is 4 pages long and it was given on 15 October. The Milan judge for the preliminary investigations, Vincenzo Tutinelli, took note of the request coming from the Milan Prosecutors office that the case be archived, and also that Mediaset was opposed to the request for archiving. He held a hearing and decided to archive the case.
Why did he decide to archive the case? Because it is not defamatory to say that Rete4 is abusive. Why is it not defamatory? Because Rete4 is abusive, thus to say so is not defamatory but it is saying the truth.


Certainly, if someone starts to use insults… but if one uses the appropriate terms, one can even deliver the harshest criticism.
Why? Because the freedom of expression protected by article 21 of the Constitution does not protect the right to applause, but above all, the right to criticize.
And that is the first verdict. The second, at least you will have heard the heading. It’s that one about Calogero Mannino, former regional secretary of the DC, former DC Minister, one who moved peacefully from the first to the second Republic and today is happily seated in the Senate with the UDC.
The Union of Cuffaro, Casini and Cesa. And also of Mannino.
OK. The other day he was absolved in the second appeal trial having been accused of external collaboration in mafia associating.
The wording is the same one they use when they absolve a politician who is covered with evidence: they say that there is not enough proof.
It is the usual comma 2 of article 530 of the code of criminal trial procedures, the same that they inserted into the verdict at the first level that absolved Andreotti, also for insufficient proof.
The same wording used when they absolved the president of the Province of Palermo, Francesco Musotto.
The same wording used for so many trials against Berlusconi, obviously for a diversity of accusations, starting with the verdicts of the Court of Cassation in relation to the kickbacks to the Finance Police.


The usual ending: spread the word.

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Congo reviolé

Mass rape in the Congo

The world has stopped in the Congo. A country where there’s a new word: reviolé, raped again.
The biggest mass rape in history is happening in Africa between a news item from Wall Street and a fall in the Nikkei from Tokyo. Ms Muhindo from the “Olame Centre” in the Congo, said: “It is a shame not just for the Congo but for the whole of humanity.”
In the Congo, rape has been a weapon of war since 1996, when five million people died. Since then, it has been endemic. Used by all parties to the conflict.
The West, like the stars, just look on. One of the most important UN bases is found in the Congo. It has 17,000 soldiers. Their official mandate is to use every means to protect the civilians. But they don’t lift a finger.
The central government and the numerous armed groups to the East of the country are in permanent conflict and tens of thousands of women, of any age, are both the prey and the weapons involved in the fighting.
Many of them, having survived the preceding conflicts, are raped once more, “reviolé”.
The law in the Congo does not have the crime of rape. To be raped with a gun or to be shot in the vagina is not mentioned in the criminal code. Vénantie Bisimua, the founder of "Network of Women for the Defence of Rights and Peace" in Congo explains that the government has other priorities. The same as those of the foreign States that eagerly tap in to the Congo’s mineral resources and do nothing.
In Afghanistan and in Iraq there’s fighting for oil. There’s witnessing of the massacres in the Congo so as not to disturb the multinationals and the raw materials.
Anyone wanting to help the women of the Congo can get in touch with " Social Aid For the Elimination of Rape (SAFER)" at the University of Toronto.

Read the article about the “reviolé” in The The Globeandmail.

PS: But wasn’t Topo Gigio Veltroni going to go to the Congo?

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October 24, 2008

Kick Cossiga out of Parliament

"Non dovrebbero avere pietà e mandarli tutti all'ospedale"

"Maroni should do exactly what I did when I was minister for Internal Affairs. In the first place, he should just leave the high school students alone, because, just think what would happen if a youngster were to be killed or seriously injured... Leave them be (the university students - Ed). Pull the Police forces off the streets and out of the University, then send in some “agents provocateurs” to infiltrate the movement, people that are up for anything and leave the demonstrators for about ten days or so to ravage the shops, set fire to vehicles and lay waste to the cities. Then, having gained the support of the public, the sound of the ambulance sirens must drown out the sirens of the Police and Carabinieri vehicles. This is because the forces of law and order should not show any pity whatsoever and should send the lot of them to hospital. Don’t arrest them, after all, the judges would immediately allow them back onto the streets. Rather, you must beat them and also beat up those lecturers that are spurring the students on. The lecturers above all. I’m not saying the elderly ones, certainly, but the little girl teachers yes... this is the recipe for democracy: put out the flames before the fire takes over ".
Interview with Francesco Cossiga. Honorary President of the Italian Republic and senator for life.

Cossiga has finally confessed. This must be noted. At the end of the day, you have to admire his sincerity, because not even Totò Riina ever risked this much. All he did was say what the majority of Italians already knew: Italy is not a true democracy. Perhaps it never was. How many lies have they told us ever since the days of Piazza Fontana? Regarding the events surrounding the G8 meeting in Genoa? Who was it then that set the timer running for the Government sponsored massacres?
Cossiga has given us a masterful lesson in applying the strategy of tension. Now however, after those statements, he should be kicked out of the Senate and his nomination as honorary president of the Italian Republic should be withdrawn. I am keen to see whether or not any member of Parliament or Senator will bother to propose such action to Parliament.
If Cossiga retains his position, it will be shameful for the country and an insult to the professors and their students. He should not be beaten because he too is an elderly lecturer. He should simply be taken off to a private retirement home. I would suggest villa Wanda in Arezzo so that he doesn’t feel too much alone. There, together with Licio Gelli, he will be able to re-live the old days and talk about Gladio, Moro and the secret services...

Just a word of advice for the youngsters: take video cameras with you to the demonstrations and always film anyone you see committing any acts of violence. Then we will all be able to see precisely who they are, where they come from and whether they are "ruffians" as the psychodwarf likes to call them, or rather "agents provocateurs up for anything" as Cossiga suggests.

This blog will remain available to the students and the professors who want to send in their video clips of interviews, demonstrations and beatings (of which there will be many, I am sure). On the top toolbar, headed "La Scuola in diretta", the video clips will be scrolling continuously over the next few days. Post your video clips on YouTube and send a notification to the blog.
They will never give up, but neither will we.

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October 22, 2008

The School Live

Student protest - piazza Cadorna -Milan

The name of Piero Calamandrei, perhaps will not mean much to the students who are protesting against the seventy year old decrepit people who have stolen their “here and now” from them and are wanting to take the hope of a future as well.
His name, perhaps, will not have meaning for the young lads and lasses who are seeing the top brass in the institutions, in the world of the economy, of journalism in their country who are people with previous convictions, servants and lackeys.
Calamandrei perhaps means nothing to our youth who see the Constitution betrayed by Parliament, thousands of those who have died at work each year, millions of precarious workers and their father, or perhaps their mother, sacked.
Calamandrei was a professor during fascism, one of the few who had never asked for the party ticket. He founded the Action Party and he was a member of the Constitutional Court. The same Court that today is a unit of exchange between the psycho dwarf and Topo Gigio. In 1950 he delivered a speech about school, words that seem to have been said today about the School of the P2.

Calamandrei’s hypothesis
”Let’s put forward the hypothesis, just as in the abstract, that there is a party in power, a dominant party, which, however, formally wants to respect the Constitution, and doesn’t want to violate it, in fact. It doesn’t want to do the March on Rome and transform the Chamber into lodgings for groups of men; but wants to set up, without appearing to, a veiled dictatorship. So, what’s to be done to take over the schools and to transform the State schools into Party schools? It notices that the State schools have the defect of being impartial. There is a certain resistance; in those schools there always has been, even underneath fascism it has been there. So the dominant party follows another path (it is all a theoretical hypothesis, let’s be clear). It starts to not take care of the State schools, to discredit them, to make them poor. It lets them lose blood and it starts to favour the private schools. The schools of the party, of its party. So all the care starts to go to these private schools. Care in terms of money and privileges. They even start to advise the youngsters to go to these schools, because they say, basically they are better than the State ones. And perhaps they give rewards, as now I will tell you, or they propose giving rewards to those citizens who are disposed to send their offspring to the private schools rather than the State schools. To “those” private schools. The exams are easier, there’s less to study and the success is better. So the private school becomes a privileged school.
The dominant party, not being able to openly transform the State schools into private schools, lets the State schools go to rack and ruin to give the advantage to the private schools. Take care, friends, in this conference, this is the point that needs to be discussed. Take care, this is the recipe. We need to keep an eye on the cooks of this base kitchen. The operation is done in three ways: as I have already told you: ruin the State schools. Let them collapse. Make their balance sheets impoverished. Ignore their needs. Relax the supervision and the controls on the private schools. Don’t check up on how serious they are. Allow them to have teachers without the minimum requirements for teaching. Allow the exams to be ridiculous. Give public money to the private schools. This is the point. Give public money to the private schools.” Piero Calamandrei
Speech delivered by Piero Calamandrei to the Third Conference of the Association in Defence of the National School, in Rome 11 February 1950.

They will never give up, neither will we.

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October 20, 2008

North Korea Information

Text of the talk:

“Good day to you all.
Many people on Beppe’s blog and on my own blog, have asked me to talk about my conviction at the first level for defamation in relation to Cesare Previti.
I don’t intend to do that as I don’t intend to use this space for my own business.
I believe that to defend oneself in a trial you need to go to the trial and if you don’t agree with a verdict you should appeal against it. The verdict does not exist yet. It has not yet been deposited. That will happen in 60 days.
It’ll be possible to read it, and to understand what this judge found that was defamatory, in an article that is on my blog, so that anyone wanting to, can get an idea.


Let’s go on because the news items that you will never hear are mounting up. For example I don’t know whether Riotta feels called to account but there’s the Financial Times that reckons that in Italy, Berlusconi receives from the media, the TV channels and many newspapers, “ treatment ... nearing North Korean levels of adulation.”
Who knows whether the journalist, Guy Dinmore, who writes from Turin has ever seen TG1 to get this idea according to which Berlusconi is treated equally as well as the Dear Leader, Kim Il Sung as they call him in Korea.
Let’s see if he was referring to TG1 or not: “North Korean levels of adulation.”
I don’t think another really significant fact has ever been told, that news item from abroad that helps us to understand what is happening in Italy in relation to other countries and what are the standards of democracy here with us as opposed to normal democracies. Normally the foreign news is done by the guy with the curls from England, they talk about strange characters – some who are good people - but others who are very strange who think that as they are abroad that they have to add colour, superficiality and they have to be friendly.
They are always talking about some murky affair in the European royal houses, tittle tattle and gossip. Foreign news has become gossip.
For example: Mandelson, the king of aluminium and the super-yacht. New scandal for the former European Commissioner.
”The Labour politician, as soon as he has been called back to the government by the Prime Minister Brown, risks having to resign for the third time.” What will he have done this man who was Blair’s collaborator, Minister of Business? He’s done something so enormously bad, so much so that there are those who are betting ten to one on his early departure.
For four years he was Commissioner of the European Union for Trade and now an unedifying indiscretion hangs over him.
He spent the summer in Corfu in the Rothschild villa and so far nothing bad.
”But one great evening attached to the quay of the villa is Queen K, the super-yacht owned by the Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, also known as “the king of aluminium”.
What did Gordon Brown’s intrepid Minister do? He went on board the yacht for a few hours. According to some, for a drink, according to others even for dinner and to spend the night. He accepted hospitality for one night on the yacht of a Russian oligarch. Now they are asking whether he should resign as a Minister.


Another item of news from abroad: Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has lost ground, beyond what she lost for her ignorant remarks every time she opens her mouth, because it has been discovered that in Alaska, where she is the governor, there is an investigation by the American Congress, that relates to the sacking of the Chief of Police for the State of Alaska, Walter Monagan.


And obviously I hope that you will take action to ensure that this news gets circulated because unfortunately TG1 has not given this news.
Spread the word.

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October 18, 2008

The price of honesty

Case e cadaveri
Clicca l'immagine

The price of honesty is becoming increasingly intolerable. In order to be honest in Italy, you have to pay protection money to the Government. Someone kills your father at work and all that happens is that they are sentenced to pay you some compensation. However, the company’s insurance policy had expired at the time of the accident and the owners are penniless. Having won the court case, the family is condemned not only to pay their own court fees, but also those of the guilty parties, who claim to be completely destitute. 9,000 Euro is the price to be paid for honesty, and for the death of a person.
Samantha Di Persio’s book "Morti Bianche" (Workplace Deaths) is freely available on this blog.

"Dear Mr. Grillo,
I am writing to you because, while I was browsing on your site today, as I do virtually every day, I noticed the book that talks about "Workplace deaths". On the morning of 28 April 2000, my mother received a telephone call advising her that my father had been injured in a serious accident at work and that he had been taken to hospital. From then, my father spent another 42 days in a coma before sadly passing away on the morning of 9 June 2000. The owners of the company where the accident occurred were insured, however, the policy had expired on the very day of the accident, and so, notwithstanding the many “reassurances” given by their insurance broker, the insurance policy was obviously declared null and void.
The two joint owners of the company were condemned (an investigation had been conducted) and subsequently lost a court case instituted by my family and I, during which the judge also established the amount of the compensation to be paid to the widow and her children (although this would never bring back my Father, who meant the world to me!).
And what do you think happened after this absolute tragedy struck us and changed our lives forever? We never received any compensation (even though, I repeat, my Father meant the world to me) because the then former owners of the company shrewdly decided to arrange things so that, to all intents and purposes, they had no personal assets and so, by law, there was nothing that could be attached. It would appear that one of these two is now earning a salary (apparently a starvation wage) working for a company registered in his father’s name, while the other has gone into hiding and also does not appear to have any personal assets to his name (even though it seems that there is even a boat registered in his son’s name).
Is that the end of the story then? Nooooo…, not even maybe! Two years ago, an account arrived by post, at my home, from the Tax Authorities, demanding payment for certain unpaid court fees owed to the Court of Livorno and amounting to some nine thousand Euro. Through my attorney, I asked what the meaning of this was, since we instituted and won a court case in which the judge ruled that my mother, brother and I were entirely in the right. The response? “Certain costs have been incurred and the court is not particularly concerned about who won the case and who lost, the important thing is that these costs are reimbursed! And so, since the two guilty parties appear to have no personal assets and are, therefore, untouchable in terms of the law, guess who now has to pay up? Kindest regards." Luca Giacomelli

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October 15, 2008

Clean Stock Exchange


Would you entrust your savings to a convict unless he was pointing a gun at your head? To a person waiting for a verdict on crimes of fraud, bankruptcy, tax fraud, usury? Anyone who buys shares needs to have a guarantee. The integrity of the people who are managing the company in which the investment is made is an economic item of data, not just a criminal item. In the world of business, reputation is everything.
The criminal record of the administrators must be visible on the request to buy shares. One can choose based on the crime. I have a bit of money on one side and I asked my brother where it was best to invest, whether in a fraudster, a usurer or in a bankrupt. He suggested the Casalesi.
On the Stock Exchange, there are about 270 companies. Each one has a CEO, a president, a director general and a Board of Directors. Consob should publish on its website the list of the convicts and those who are waiting for a verdict. The Stock Exchange must be CLEAN. Otherwise, its better to go to the gambling hall and it’s more ethical, or to entrust our family wealth to organized crime, it’s safer.
Below I’m citing a few names. They are among the Lords of the Stock Exchange. The ones who make decisions about the future of your money. The list is much longer. Parliament compared to the Stock Exchange is a centre of gentlemen.
Clean Stock Exchange. Let Draghi give himself a shake. This is the favourable moment for a law on ethics in the Stock Exchange. Let him ask for consultancy to the psycho-dwarf’s family.
- Roberto Colaninno. Sentenced to 4 years and 1 month for bankruptcy in the Italcase-Bagaglino collapse in December 2006, with prohibition on holding public office for 5 years, the penalty then condoned thanks to the Great Pardon. He is President of IMMSI and of Piaggio and is a member of the Board of Directors of Mediobanca (source: Italian version of Wikipedia entry)
- Salvatore Ligresti. Involved in Tangentopoli, arrested and convicted for kickbacks. After having negotiated 2 years and 4 months, he was under the supervision of Social services, and returned to the activity of construction, then Board member of Unicredit, Immobiliare Lombarda and Premafin Finanziaria. (source: Italian version of Wikipedia entry)
- Cesare Romiti. Sentenced to eleven months and 10 days in prison for irregularities related to the period in which he was CEO of the Fiat Group, Board member of RCS Mediagroup and Impregilo.
- Cesare Geronzi. In the trial for the collapse of Parmalat he is under investigation for aggravated usury and fraudulent bankruptcy. In the collapse of Cirio, he is under investigation for fraud in relation to the issuing and placing of Cirio ‘bonds’ through Capitalia. For the Italcase collapse convicted at the first level for bankruptcy and sentenced to one year and 8 months plus the prohibition on exercising the office of Director in any company for 2 years. He is president of Mediobanca. (source: Italian version of Wikipedia entry)
- Paolo Scaroni. In July 1992, the years of Tangentopoli, he was arrested and accused of having paid kickbacks to the PSI on behalf of Techint. In 1996 there was the trial in which Scaroni asked to negotiate the sentence: one year and 4 months, under the threshold for imprisonment. In 2006 he was on trial in the Tribunal of Adria, as CEO of Enel at the time of the events, for having allowed the Porto Tolle generating station to pollute the territory of the Po delta. After that he was sentenced to a month in prison as an indication of his guilt, but the penalty was converted into a fine of 1,140 euro. CEO of ENI, Board Member of Assicurazioni Generali. (source: Italian version of Wikipedia entry)
IMMSI, Piaggio, Mediobanca, Unicredit, Immobiliare Lombarda, Premafin Finanziaria, RCS Mediagroup, Impregilo, ENI and Assicurazioni Generali are all companies that are quoted on the Stock Exchange.

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October 13, 2008

Carnevale in the Court of Cassation. Falcone and Borsellino in the cemetery

”Good day to you all.
Today I am thanking some journalists because we still have one or two, thank goodness.
And that’s good because at least we don’t feel useless. The first journalist that I would like to thank is Milena Gabanelli.
Not just for last night’s splendid edition of Report, in which we saw the collapse, at the second or third question, of the great patriot Colaninno who was to have saved Alitalia.
Last night we learned that as yet there is nothing decided, that the price that they are offering to take the healthy part of Alitalia has still to be verified.
But above all we learned that the famous commitment by the sixteen patriots of the CAI consortium in reality is a lie.
When Gabanelli placed the CAI plan under the nose of Colaninno asking him where it is written that the sixteen are committed to not selling, Colaninno started to laugh, as though he was saying “you too know that it is there!”
However, not even he managed to find it.
We also learned that the official purpose of CAI up to this moment, is to deal in haberdashery, that to me doesn’t seem to be synonymous with aircraft.
But Gabanelli needs to be thanked, above all together with Giovanna Bursier who looked after the Alitalia report, for having discovered what even the parliamentary Opposition had not discovered.
You will say: “Well that’s not difficult… the Opposition hardly exists…”.
Just think that when Di Pietro voted “no” to the constitutionality of the Alitalia decree, the Democratic Party found nothing better than to abstain.
They even abstain for the Alitalia filthy law.
OK, in this decree, at the last minute, as usual, there has been inserted – with the favourable opinion of the government – according to the Chamber’s official transcript – an amendment that the newspapers have called save-Tanzi, save-Cragnotti, save-Geronzi.
The problem is that with all the shadow governments, all the big brains that there are in the Opposition, but also all the big brains that Tremonti has in his head and around himself, no one noticed that the government had given the green light to this amendment that means throwing in the sponge for all the trials for bankruptcy even if fraudulent.
In order to be criminally responsible, those who have led their companies up the creek or those that administered them, it is necessary that these companies are declared bankrupt.

... "

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October 12, 2008

Excellent Municipalities, good news

Operazione "Fiato sul collo" a Rivoli (To)

Now that the tidal wave of debt, bad payments, public debt, variable rate mortgages, unemployment queues and retrenchments has finally caught up with us, this is the right time for us to look to the future, starting with our local Town Councils. Starting with our own areas. In order for us to claw Italy back, metre by metre, from the hands of the politicians that are rotten to the core. If we don’t do it now, when will we then ever be able to do so?
Municipalities have the power to change the whole of Italy. Excellent Municipalities, good news. Whatever happens in one Municipality can be replicated in 8,000 other Municipalities. It is like a good virus, the virus of knowledge.
In the coming weeks, this blog will be starting up two initiatives, as follows:
- a social network, in which the blog’s civic lists will be able to share experiences and contacts
- a book by Marco Boschini, entitled "Viaggio nell'Italia dei Comuni a cinque stelle" (A voyage through Italy’s 5-star Municipalities), which is freely downloadable on line and describes the activities of all the virtuous Municipalities throughout the whole of Italy.
Today we have received some good news regarding three virtuous Municipalities: Colorno (Parma), Settimo Rottaro (Turin), Correggio (Reggio Emilia).

"Colorno's 'Environmentally friendly crèche'":
The municipal crèche in Colorno has begun implementing a new initiative called the “Environmentally friendly crèche”.
The project involves the trial use, during October and November, of washable nappies instead of the biodegradable disposable ones, which were introduced by the current Town Council with effect from the last school year. The washable nappies offer a number of advantages all at the same time, namely: the children’s wellbeing (they are made of natural fabric without any synthetics), a reduction in the amount of refuse and a cost saving.
An intervention for the benefit of the environment and the health of the citizens.”

"Settimo Rottaro, 'Fountain delivering both natural and sparkling water'"
A public fountain delivering both natural and sparkling water has been inaugurated at Settimo Rottaro.
The fountain will enable all of the residents of the town to take back control of a precious asset, namely water, while reducing the amount of waste produced by the use of bottled water. The fountain is able to deliver chilled natural or sparkling water. This proves that concrete, financially viable and sustainable actions do not always have to remain a pipe dream."

"Correggio, 'The solar-powered Municipality'"
From 2005 to the present, a number of energy saving interventions have been undertaken, involving renewable energy sources. Solar-power systems have been installed at the secondary schools, as well as solar heating plants at a number of sporting facilities.
These interventions have been accompanied by the upgrading of public lighting in the area. Here are some of the more significant data regarding energy savings: Approximately one thousand 125 Watt, metal iodide (white light) light globes have been replaced with 70 Watt, high-pressure sodium (yellow light) light globes. As regards the overall power usage, this has gone down from 602 kW to 538 kW, which is an energy saving of some 64 kW; the amount of energy consumed in one calendar year has dropped from 2,509,019 kWh down to 2,314,991 kWh, a difference of 275,028 kWh, which is equivalent to avoiding the emission of some 184 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in a single year. The overall level of ambient lighting has indeed risen from 6,000 lumen (unit of measurement of light intensity) to 6,600: therefore, thanks to new light fittings and sodium light globes, energy has been saved by means of better lighting."

With the collaboration of Marco Boschini, Comuni virtuosi.

Ps: Antonio Di Pietro oggi lancia il referendum contro il "Lodo Alfano" a Piazza Navona. Potete seguire la diretta dal suo sito. Firmate contro la legge che protegge la banda dei quattro.


Scarica l'ultimo numero del magazine Scarica "La Settimana" N°40-vol3
del 5 ottobre 2008

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October 06, 2008

The ethics of blown up balloons


I’m publishing the first part of Marco Travaglio’s presentation.
“Good day to you all. Today’s password was issued the other day by “il Cavaliere”. I will quote it word for word because it is a sensitive issue: “We must absolutely bring back ethics to the world of finance”.
Make a note of it, keep it in mind.
Silvio Berlusconi, President of the Council, 4 October 2008: “Bring back ethics to the world of finance”. Perhaps it was the feast of St Francis of Assisi that induced him to these thoughts that are so distant from his own world. Or perhaps it’s the closeness to his daughter Barbara, who just in recent days launched a conference on the topic “ethics in finance” at the university. And she even brought her mother, because maybe someone didn’t believe that the one organizing a conference on ethics in finance could be the daughter of Berlusconi.
“Ethics in finance” this is the teaching that the premier wanted to deliver …”

So far there have been 17 trials for Il Cavaliere {Berlusconi}: 5 are ongoing (Saccà corruption, corruption senators, Mills judicial corruption, Mediaset secret funds, Telecinco in Spain) and 12 that have already finished, and then various investigations that have been put on file (6 for mafia and recycling, 2 for the mafia slaughters in 1992-93 etc.). So bringing things together in detail. In the 12 trials that have already finished, the absolutions on the facts were just 3: 2 with a formula involving doubt (comma 2 art.530 Cpp) for the secret funds of Medusa and kickbacks to the Finance Police (“insufficient evidence”), 1 without reservations for the Sme-Ariosto/1 case. Other 2 absolutions- – All Iberian/2 and Sme-Ariosto/2 – carry the formula “the action is no longer seen by law to be a crime”: the defendant decriminalized it for himself (false accounting). For the rest: 2 amnesties for false testimony about P2 and false accounting regarding the Macherio lands; and 5 time-outs for the Statute of limitations, thanks to generic extenuating circumstance, that are conceded to the guilty and not to the innocent: All Iberian/1 (illicit financing to Craxi), Lentini case (false accounting with the time limit for the Statute of limitations halved by the Berlusconi reform) Fininvest 1988-’92 accounts (same as above) 1,500 billion in secret funds in the consolidated Fininvest (as above), Mondadori (judicial corruption of judge Metta through Previti, both of whom were convicted). Marco Travaglio

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October 02, 2008

Have you too been wiretapped?


Enter your name in the search engine.

Has Telecom Italia wiretapped you? From today, you too can find out.
The blog puts at your disposal a search engine.
Anyone who has possibly been wiretapped, with the simple entry of his first name and surname will be able to find out if they are named in the 371 page document of the Milan Public Prosecution deposited on 14 July 2008. A basic document in the criminal trial against 34 people, including Ghioni, Mancini and Tavaroli and against two companies: Telecom Italia and Pirelli, but not of their administrators (?). The wiretapped person will find out on what page of the Prosecution document they are cited and they will be able to gain access to the document.
Those who have been spied on are about 5000 people, an average small provincial town, and they belong to all social classes. Bankers, journalists, managers, footballers. In the list there are also ministers and top level Carabinieri. Those who did the wiretapping didn’t bother about anyone’s status, if they were to be wiretapped they were wiretapped. But they didn’t take orders, they had no bosses. They used Telecom like a taxi without even paying the fare.
Tronchetti and Buora didn’t know, couldn’t ,didn’t want to know. However they benefited from colossal salaries, bonuses e stock options.
The search engine can be used to find out if your next door neighbour has been wiretapped, or your wife, or your husband. You can discover a heap of stuff. If someone has been wiretapped and they don’t know, you can send them an email with their data.
My lawyers tell me that whoever has been wiretapped can bring a court action against Telecom Italia. A prudent calculation of the compensation that the wiretapped could ask for with a class action is two billion euro. If I were Franco Bernabè I would take action now, before a possible court case, with a letter of apology in the name of the company to all those who have been wiretapped and with compensation.

PS Insert in your blogs the search engine to find the wiretapped.
Insert in your blog

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September 30, 2008

With neither State nor laws


YouTubeQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

I am publishing the first part of Marco Travaglio’s presentation.

”Good day to you all,
I’m just getting this sheet that I am printing out as I need it for this presentation. It has been another great week. To read the newspapers and listen to the TV News you’d think Alitalia is safe! In reality Alitalia no longer exists. It is a company that is being liquidated and, as I hope can now be understood after the Annozero programme, it has been gifted at our expense, to a consortium of strange gentlemen who have no competence, no interest in air flight, but who have a great deal of competence in political relationships and political favours. Active and passive favours. And there’s a massive need for favours for our political class in relation to that flight as you have seen, Rome-Scajola-Rome, that Alitalia guarantees while Scajola is a Minister, and thus even now. Everyone is wrapped up in saving Alitalia that is not saved because it no longer exists and that will probably cost us more than three billion euro, which equals the cuts in spending on schools for the next few years. We are cutting three billion for schools and losing thousands and thousands of elementary teachers and employees to go and pay the debts of a public company that is gifted to sixteen flag-waving brothers.
Everyone is so tied up with joyous celebrations that instead should be funereal and it was not at all inevitable if the healthy part of Alitalia had been placed on the international market, the part that has been gifted to the 16 crafty ones. Probably the foreign carriers like Air France, Lufthansa, or BA, would have liked to buy the whole lot.

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September 29, 2008

Employees of the town, we are coming…

Fiato sul collo: {Breathing down your neck} Pozzuoli

The “Breathing down your neck” initiative is getting proselytes. Antonio Di Pietro is not just a supporter but he is also making available his mayors, cabinet members and town councilors. Anyone who wants to, can go and ask for their help to film the council sessions.
I have created an area "Fiato sul collo " {“Breathing down your neck”}. with a banner to be spread over the Internet. I will publish the up to date list of the transparent towns that, on their own initiative, publish videos of their council meetings. Don’t be intimidated by any scoundrels, do your filming and publish your videos on YouTube with the tag: "Fiato sul collo" {“Breathing down your neck”}.

"Dear Beppe,
In Italy, information is disappearing and with it the citizen’s wish to fight for it. The population is disillusioned, tired and hypnotized by a thin layer of indifference and resignation. Piazza Navona was a strong signal (and we’re back there on 11 October for the referendum against the Lodo Alfano) just as the V-days have been, The wish to fight exists but the newspapers and the media are suffocating it by making it seem that this country is aligned and in favour of the dictatorial direction imposed by a political class at its moment of sunset.
I and my party are giving our all, we will not stop and they will not stop us.
On 6 September you wrote an article on your blog called “Municipalities: masters of our own homes!”. As I was watching that and seeing the video of the young people of Vicenza being moved away while they were filming the town council meeting I was not surprised. As soon as I leave the closed world of politics, from Parliament, from the conferences with this media, I receive a thousand signals of a desire for change.. People in the street embrace me. I am getting hundreds of emails supporting me every day. The Internet is as though everything is known. Outside Parliament I and my parliamentarians, we don’t feel alone, but with the citizens on our side and there are so many, millions.
I have invited the town councilors, the cabinet members, the mayors of Italia dei Valori throughout the land to become promoters of the Comuni Trasparenti {Transparent Town Councils} initiative. The right to inform and to be informed is allowed by the Constitution. No one can prevent a citizen, and our elected representatives to film or to arrange for the filming of sessions and public events like the town council meetings. Even the sessions of the Chamber and the Senate are in live streaming. Any rule that allows the contrary at a local level is waste paper. Anyone who uses the security forces to move away anyone who is doing a recording is guilty of an abuse of power. As part of the initiative I have offered legal assistance to anyone to whom this right has been denied. This is valid for those young people of Vicenza and for others in the future.
I invite anyone who finds obstacles placed in their way while recording town council meetings to check and see if there is an IDV representative in their town council, to contact them and to present themselves with that councilor at the next session of the council. With renewed expressions of esteem."
Antonio Di Pietro

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September 26, 2008

Kill us All


Our youngsters are the only ones that can still save this Country and this is our last remaining chance. Without their commitment we have no future. Sonia Alfano is asking for help for the young people of Calabria involved in the "Kill us all" movement, who are fighting alone against the "monsters with all the money and the power". They are fighting against the mafia groups, against the lack of justice and for freedom of information. They are risking their lives on our behalf too. Now they are asking for our help.

"Dear Beppe,
It would be great for us hold a discussion concerning the logic behind all of the battles that we are fighting through the Meetups, through the associations, through the civic lists and through the various movements. Also, before asking us what we want to be “when we grow up”, wouldn’t it be great to also ask us how, for whom and with whom we intend to undertake our civil disobedience battles. I have asked myself this question many times while considering what is happening to the Kill us All movement, an anti-mafia movement into which I and numerous other family members of mafia victims have brought our experiences and our hopes and that is now, unfortunately, no longer able to survive on its own.
If you take the time to read the letter written by Aldo Pecora and Rosanna Scopelliti, it will feel like you have been punched in the gut because every word oozes both dignity and bitterness all at the same time.
The whole of Italy felt admiration for these youngsters on the day after the Forugno murder in Calabria, quite rightly holding them up as symbols of a Country that has been humiliated but still retains a great desire to be re-born.
All the politicians mollycoddled them, initially accompanying them to all the demonstrations and then, as soon as these youngsters publicly denounced this exploitation, they then tried to drag them into court, by sheer weight of lawsuits. Not to mention the numerous mafia-style “warnings” sent to these youngsters indirectly.
Since then, began an unequal battle, above all in Calabria and defined by Aldo and Rosanna themselves as a battle against “those with all the money and the power, leaving us increasingly relegated to the sidelines of the studios, the professions, employment and the rights of the citizens, while others with decidedly inferior qualifications but far more friends in high places has been able to obtain degrees, consultancy contracts, commissions and sponsorships. Their “army” is getting stronger and more invincible by the day, while ours is jumping through hoops simply in order to survive and support the activities of those magistrates and members of the forces of law and order that find themselves having to pay out of their own pockets for petrol for their squad cars and toner for the photocopiers in their barracks, police stations and Public Prosecutors’ offices”.
Thanks to the Internet, however, they have managed to survive and launch the website on line, which, over the years, has become Italy’s top anti-mafia social network. At the same time, the Web presence gave rise to support from various regions, leading the group to establish more “Kill us all” groups throughout the whole of Italy.
Although isolated from everything and everyone, they were nevertheless the first to reveal the connivance between the 'ndrangheta and politics in Calabria, on the Internet, courageously revealing the names and surnames of well known personalities who were later arrested and are awaiting prosecution. In the same way, it is only thanks to them that there is a possibility of the re-opening of the investigation into the murder of Judge Antonino Scopelliti, Rosanna’s father, murdered by the 'ndrangheta on behalf of the Cosa Nostra soon after he first laid his hands on the documentation regarding the Maxi-court case in the Court of Cassation.
That is why, in 2007, I decided not only to join them, but also to become the Movement’s co-ordinator for Sicily and to actively participate in its spread to other regions by getting involved in national co-ordination activities.
We were first in line when it came time to show support for Public Prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, when we took to the streets of Catanzaro with thousand of young people and various associations and set up stands where signatures were collected in support of the man. We helped him to feel less isolated by proving to those that wished to eliminate him that he had tens of thousands of honest citizens standing behind him.
Now it is we who are at risk, because we need to collect at least 30 thousand Euro in order to enable us to pay our creditors and to fully ensure the future of the website, which has been targeted on numerous occasions by all sorts of computerised attacks.
In their letter, Aldo and Rosanna are rather provocatively asking all our supporters to become “shareholders”, promising in return that the Kill us All movement will never be allowed to go the same way as have Alitalia and Parmalat.
We only have two weeks left. For me it is enough to have gotten to know these splendid youngsters in order to strengthen my resolve. Now I am asking you and the friends of the Blog to not leave us all alone”. Sonia Alfano, National co-ordinator of the “Kill us All” anti-mafia Movement and President of the National Association for family members of mafia victims.

To contribute to the self-funding of the Kill us All association:
- ON-LINE by CREDIT CARD, click on the link:
(It is not necessary to be registered with Paypal in order to make a contribution on line, all you need is a MasterCard, Aura or Visa Credit Card)

ASS.NE "I RAGAZZI DI LOCRI - AMMAZZATECI TUTTI" - IBAN: IT14X0760103200000080253792 - ABI 7601 - CAB 3200 - c/c n. 80253792 - CIN: X – enter the following in the “reason” box - "Donazione Autofinanziamento 2008/2009".
For deposits from abroad, kindly include the BIC/SWIFT Code BPPIITRRXXX

ASS.NE "I RAGAZZI DI LOCRI - AMMAZZATECI TUTTI" – Post Office Current Account No. 80253792
Reason - "Donazione Autofinanziamento 2008/2009"

- DEPOSIT INTO "POSTEPAY" CARD No. 4023 6004 6083 8552

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September 23, 2008

Mills on trial, Berlusconi convicted


I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s presentation:

”Good day to you all. Today I should have still been talking about Alitalia, but we will talk about that on Thursday on Annozero, when we start again, on RaiDue, and we will have the opportunity to reflect on that. Today I would like to talk about an issue that links Israel and Italy. Perhaps because I heard, at the end of some TV News programme, that Prime Minister Olmert has resigned as he had promised.

According to the newspapers, Olmert was under investigation for corruption. In reality, in Israel, the crime of illegal financing and corruption are the same thing so he is accused of having taken money without recording the money in the accounts of his election campaign.
He has been accused after he became Israel’s Premier following the ictus that struck the previous Premier Ariel Sharon. He has not yet been sent for trial, that is, he has not yet been formally charged, he has already been interrogated three times and each time it was he who rushed to the magistrates.
In the end he decided that in that situation he could not stay as President of the Council of State in Israel. He announced his resignation and then precisely he resigned and will be replaced by the woman minister Tzipi Livni.
Why am I talking about Olmert? Because this summer the inverse has happened in Italy: as usual, with us, in similar situations dissimilar results follow – in fact the opposite happens.
Berlusconi, defendant – he was sent for trial, already in an advanced stage of the discussions at the first level for judicial corruption of a witness, the Englishman David Mills – under investigation for having bought – or tried to buy Centre Left senators a year ago.
A defendant with a request for being put on trial for having bought the services of a director of the RAI that is the competing company, that is also paid by us, in relation to his company - and is in turn sent for trial in another trial for tax fraud, false accounting and misappropriation – the trial of the Mediaset rights, the one in which he is accused of having disproportionately inflated the real price of scores and scores of films bought in America, not directly by his companies but that were bought by misty companies of the Fininvest Offshore division that passed them from one to the other and each time the film passed from one misty company to another, the price increased.
At the end this whipped cream of surplus price in relation to the real price, ended up, according to the accusation, in the pockets of “il Cavaliere” and his family members.
OK, a gentleman in these conditions – two trials happening in the Tribunal and two preliminary hearings happening in Naples and in Rome not to mention all that comes before, that is the 6 time-outs for the Statute of Limitations, the 2 absolutions on the basis of the decriminalisation of the crime of false accounting that he did – let’s forget that … - a gentleman in those conditions, he too decided that it was not appropriate that a President of the Council has investigations and trials that are ongoing.
It’s just that instead of resigning, he cancelled the trials that were happening with the Lodo Alfano.
In Israel they didn’t have the same idea, it didn’t occur to Olmert to do a Lodo Olmert to abolish the investigations against himself: he had the good thought that a Premier under investigation is the one who must go.


Who tells the story of the scandal of a law done especially for Berlusconi to block a trial that he continues to block even now that he is out of it?
Who tells the story of the scandal of a Parliament that is called together and sent away according to the hearings and trials for Mills and no longer for Berlusconi?
Who tells the story of the scandal of a Premier who freely lies in front of the justice and in front of the Italian People?
Have you found any trace, apart from the gossip about the young and delightful female lawyer, in recent days on the TV?
It seems to me that we haven’t known anything, as we have not known anything about Alitalia, in fact the TG1 news continues to lick the feet , to say no more, of the government consortium, directly calling the strikebreaking commanders to talk against their own unions in favour of the government.
It’s 360 degree regime information and naturally there’s the same antidote: spread the word!"

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September 15, 2008

The politics of whores

Good day to you all,
This "Passaparola" is dedicated to Abdul, he was 19 years old, an Italian citizen, but he was born in Burkina Faso
He was with his family in Milan. He was showered him with punches to murder him shouting: “die dirty negro” a few uncouth Italians from the Po valley, two days ago, suspecting him of having stolen some biscuits in a bar.
I don’t think I’ve heard anyone calling for security: usually when there is a crime with the roles reversed, they talk about security, zero tolerance, exacting searches in certain environments.
Well, here we should do some searches among certain uncouth Italians from the Po valley of Arian race environments, of white skin, but evidently mayor Moratti is a lucky woman.
Just think if it had been the other way round, if it had happened that a black skinned citizen, even though Italian, rather than being the murder victim had been the killer.
By now we would have had the TV and the newspapers overflowing with humanity about this issue, instead of Abdul’s security who has had the security of being killed accompanied by the shouts of “dirty negro” and there are no shouts neither from the right nor from the left.
Close brackets. It is exactly about security that I wanted to talk because this has been another great week.
We have these Ministers who take it in turns so we have a week each with brilliant ideas.
We have this lady, signora Mara Carfagna who unimaginably is Minister of Equal Opportunity.
If you look at her, she has these fixed eyes full of amazement, like brackets, that denote the surprise with which she herself heard the news that she had become a Minister and it has stayed printed on her face.
She doesn’t even manage to get rid of this amazed expression: “But what ? Me a Minister?”. They’ve all got eyes popping out on stalks, even Angelino, even Bondi, Calderoli.


Instead of going to see the true problem, that is: does the law function? They promise us that the law will produce this effect: will it really produce this effect? No, this is too serious as a set up.
Usually the newspapers and the TV channels provide a debate with pros and cons: is it right to arrest the prostitutes and their clients?
Well then, VIPs, sub-VIPs those who frequent whore-houses, pimps, former pimps, pimps-in-training who put in their spoke by saying: “ah yes, I have tried it, the prostitute is useful.” : “ah yes, I have tried it, it was useful but it’s no good any more.” “No, it’s not right” “Yes It’s OK”
And no one goes to look, really, to see whether the law works or not.
A few years ago, already the debate was in full swing about the crime of being clandestine. There were those who said “let’s do it”, there were those who said “no”.
No one has the courage to do it because, exactly, it would mean arresting hundreds of thousands and so what did they do? The La Turco-Napolitano law and then the Bossi-Fini law, that were practically identical in that respect, they decided to punish not those who were in Italy without documents, but those, in Italy who did not show their documents when they were stopped by the Police.
The crime was failure to show identity document without a justified reason.
What happened? That the judges saw before them, thousands of immigrants who had not shown identity documents to the police officer or the Carabiniere who had stopped them.
Why? Because it was obligatory to arrest them. It was a crime with obligatory arrest.
It’s just that it was exactly like the crime of prostitution on the streets, a crime with impossible proof, thus with obligatory absolution.
The judge questioned them and said: “but you didn’t show your document”, the other one says “yes”, the judge: “why not?” Did you have a justified reason?”, “Yes”.
And what is the reason why you didn’t show your identity document?”
”I don’t have an identity document.”
Does it seem like a justified reason or not, for one who does not show this document, that fact of not having the document?
Sure it’s a justified reason! So, according to a school of thought in jurisprudence anything but impulsive, they were all absolved, until the Court of Cassation came along to get some order into an issue that didn’t relate to goodie-goodie judges who absolved immigrants, but politicians without brains who wrote laws with their feet and then marvel if they don’t work or if the judges don’t manage to apply them.
That’s why we continue to hear talk about security from the time we had short trousers and we don’t see a scrap of security
Because we cannot give security for reasons that we have explained on other occasions: we will be secure when Berlusconi and the caste of the unpunished are no longer secure.
And they in their turn, in order to be secure with their crimes unpunished, cannot allow justice to work to give us security.
So – OK – take it away with the adverts.
The only way of breaking this vicious circle that gives popularity to a government that doesn’t do one just thing, is that of spreading the word.
So spread the word!
See you next Monday!”

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Spontaneous organisations throughout the territory


MeetUps throughout the world
Click on the image

The number of spontaneous groups throughout the territory is growing. There are 505 in the whole world. More than 73,000 people. In Italy they are all over, from Ferrara to Siracusa. MeetUp is now in Italian. Even Rutelli would understand it: "Pliis, visit ouur mitap!" The Internet has come into reality with the MeetUps. The citizens who have no representation can now represent themselves. They can do films, make denunciations, make proposals. And make themselves available through the civic lists for managing their own town.


MeetUps in Italy
Click on the image

Democracy done by delegating to the secretary of the party, without even the possibility of choosing the candidate is tomfoolery. 7 or 8 people conditioned by the lobbies, the mafias and Masonic groups decide everything. From water, to energy to justice. This period of our history will be remembered as that of the forgetfulness. The Italian is forgetting he is a free man and that he has been at the centre of Civilisation for centuries. They want to transform us into a people of slaves. They have written that I want to go abroad, but it is they who will go abroad. Craxi has prepared the rut even for the others.
Create islands of direct democracy in your towns or sign up to the existing MeetUps.

Propagate and multiply yourselves. The future is you!

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September 13, 2008

Drab Grey Nights


Town peripheries house peripheral people, but nevertheless important ones. Far away from the historic town centres and the residential quarters, the outlying peripheries have a social function. They are the city’s trash bins. Those that live there are the dregs of society, those that are often swept under the carpet of indifference, such as the non-EU citizens, the druggies, the pensioners living on the minimum state pension, the unemployed and the temporary workers.
Town peripheries have no Christmas lights, nor do they have soldiers patrolling the streets. Oftentimes they don’t even have streets. You are unlikely to ever hear anyone say: “Let’s go for a stroll in the periphery”. There are no lights, shop windows or stars in the night sky in the town periphery. There are no trees either. The periphery is neither a town nor is it a village. It is a state of being, but those living there are not dead souls.
Nothing will grow on a bed of diamonds, but flowers do grow on a bed of compost, and that is why the rubbish dumps are always situated in the town peripheries. The gulls and the crows and the rats live in the town peripheries. The poor people and the illegal immigrants and the gypsies live in the town peripheries. They are capitalism’s new ghettos. The bus service doesn’t go out as far as the town periphery, nor do the Police’s squad cars. Stolen cars are abandoned in the town periphery, where they become makeshift homes.
The people living in the town periphery are all very different. Withn the town itself, the people are all very much alike. The buildings in the town periphery are all also very much alike. Tall, grey and ominous buildings, facing onto a dirty pavement and designed by an architect who specialises in designing prisons. Town peripheries are growing constantly, but they will never grow enough to become a town. They can, however, become a community. The town periphery is a place where, in order to survive, people need to help others and accept help in return. Town mayors organise “White Nights” (all night shopping) in their towns, including bright lights, excesses and gifts. All that happens in the town periphery, however, are the drab grey nights.
For tonight, I have organised the first “Drab Grey Night” as an alternative to the “White Night” arranged by the Municipality of Genoa. This is the first of many to be held throughout the whole of Italy. It will be held, starting from 21h00, in the “Centro Edilizia Popolare” (Public Housing Estate) at No. 14, Via della Benedicta, at the premises of the Consorzio Pianacci. It will take the form of a public meeting to discuss the degradation that is occurring to the west of Genoa. The meeting will also be attended by local priest Monsignor Giorgio Parodi and bio-architecture expert, architect Alberto Sasso. Entrance is free and any donations received will be handed over to the Sisters of Saint Maria of Calcutta and to the local Aid Association that is hosting the event.
Ps: You can send your video links on this topic to the section entitled: "Send in your video clip". These will be listed in sequence at the end of the posting. The aim is to provide comprehensive video footage, YOUR video footage, within 24 hours or the length of time between two successive postings.

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September 11, 2008

Coal Towns


The operation "Fiato sul collo" {"Breathing down your neck"}is producing the first effects. Mayors and town councillors who are used to managing the town as though it were “Their Thing” are reacting. Not by talking to the voters, but with denunciations and court actions against the citizens. Who can vote but cannot be informed, and cannot film PUBLIC meetings of the council.
Our administrators are piranhas who are swimming around in waters that are muddied by the compensations, the deals, the favours. They are, almost all of them, piloted by the parties. An incinerator in the territory can give rise to the position of deputy in the next legislature. A new rubbish tip and you find yourself in the Senate. The State companies like ENEL and the municipal companies have precedence over the rights of the citizens. If it should happen, (very unlikely), that some magistrate should want to clarify the town council discussions, there’s his transfer. If it should happen, (almost impossible), that an administrator ends up under investigation, he is promoted to be a parliamentarian for having distinguished himself on the ground. Faithfulness to the party is a sure investment.
Today I am publishing the video of the Desio town council meeting. The citizen who recorded his employees has been called by the Carabinieri and threatened with a court action by two town councillors.
And, today, I’m also giving space to the inhabitants of Tarquinia denounced by the town administration after a civil protest carried out during the town council meeting of 13 August to protect health and the local companies, so as not to die of cancer because of the coal fired power stations.
On that occasion, the majority of the Centre Left that is leading the town decided to give complete authority to the Mayor to accept economic “compensation” from Enel, in compensation for the really serious pollution that the coal fired power station at Civitavecchia will cause.
From the website Nocoketarquinia:
”The mayor is not protecting the agricultural and tourist companies and is choosing coal, this has emerged from the numerous communications of the town of Tarquinia that chooses polemics rather than responding to the solid topics that relate to the conversion to coal of the Civitavecchia power station, like that related to the economy. To honour the truth, it is however necessary to have clarity on a topic that our mayor uses even too often, on which he would like there to be a sort of reassuring role: the “monitoring”. The mayor of a city has full power and the duty to put a stop to the TVN power station. But by choosing to take the money dirtied by coal, it is evident that the mayor of the town of Tarquinia has not chosen the protection of the territory: he stays on one side and watches the environmental monitoring, that by law is within the competence of the regional and national institutions. A mayor should protect the citizens and their economy, rather he is giving better explanations about the relation that there is between the technical role of the monitoring and the money that he intends gathering in from the Enel agreement. Let him then explain why he is taking money from Enel for an institutional role that is not within his competence, the monitoring, perhaps with the control centres bought exactly from the electricity company that gets itself controlled by the same mayor that is accepting their money. Hello! We are not as stupid as you would like us to be. In fact in the discussion of 13 August, the mayor was not delegated by the town council to do the monitoring, but to take money from Enel, it’s not possible to mystify the reality to this point. The mayor of Tarquinia could have chosen to stay on the side of the citizens and of the economy of our territory. He chose to stay on the side of Enel, on the side of those who take money and he has nothing else to do but “monitoring”.
The companies that exist in the territory involved in the fallout from the use of coal will not hang around to watch their own economic collapse and they will get organised without their mayor.
Thus the town instead of doing polemics about 2 words shouted out in the town council meeting and managing to even denounce their own voters, they should say how to save the economy, the flourishing agriculture, the thousand years of history of this marvelous little city that has deep roots in the history that is rich on archeological treasures of a value that cannot even be guessed at.
The two women entrepreneurs who were denounced have been inundated with messages of solidarity. This for all of us is the right stimulus to continue to fight against coal and against all of those who support it, including the mayor.” Tarquinia No Coke campaign group.
PS You can send the links to videos in the section "Send your video" for the post that it relates to. They will be inserted in sequence at the end of the post. The aim is to have complete video information, YOURS, in 24 hours, the time elapsed between one post and the next.

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September 10, 2008

Regime information, citizen reporting

Click on the image

La Stampa has published an interview with Milena Gabanelli with the headline: "Io non prenderei mai i soldi dei cittadini" {I would never take money from the citizens}.
It’s easy to talk about community journalism, citizen journalism or phrases like that, in Italy tormented by the antipolitical fury, of the lack of trust in relation to the castes, of the widespread perception that journalists are quite different from guard dogs, domestic dogs, they are ever more frequently, part of power. And definitively, is it truly a better world the one in which the journalists, rather than being paid by the publishers – which in Italy are massive economic groups, or by the State – they take money directly from the citizens who read their work?
Milena Gabanelli, in her home which is the programme called Report, is famous for being a great pain in the neck, and of being a journalist who is proverbially close to her public. Not so close as to be paid by the TV viewers «I couldn’t accept this, because like that I could land up being paid by interest groups. Even citizens can form an interest group. In Report, we receive so many sponsorship proposals from campaign groups, from No-TAV, from so many civic groups. But it’s not something that I could ever tolerate, if I am paid by a campaign group and it would surely damage the interests of other citizens who are outside those interest groups».
The parties pay RAI journalists indirectly. There’s no difference between Cicchitto, a parliamentarian, and Riotta, the director of the News programme Tg1. They are both employees of Berlusconi. Milena Gabanelli, one of the few people who still does journalism, could not do so without the money from the licence fee paid by the citizens and without the benediction of Topo Gigio Veltroni.
Dear journalists, the citizens always pay, even the ones who don’t read your work or don’t watch you on TV, but the information is decided by your bosses.
The citizen who provides information via YouTube of the release of toxic substances into the Dora is a JOURNALIST. The young people who film the town council meetings are JOURNALISTS and that is why they are taken to court. The citizens of Naples who provide online information about the lies relating to the rubbish in Naples are JOURNALISTS. They have no publisher who pays them. They are not “interest groups” Information is in their hands, truth has no price, while the lie is costing ever more dearly.
From today the blog is asking you to send in links to videos relating to the topic of the post. They will be inserted in sequence underneath the post’s image. The aim is to have complete video information, YOURS, in 24 hours, the time elapsed between one post and the next.

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September 08, 2008

Angelino Jolie

I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s presentation. “Good day to all,
Some friends of Voglioscendere and of Beppe’s blog are asking me: “Don’t always give us bad news. Every so often give us some good news!” Today I want to do that, because I am really ecstatic about this. We have a Minister who is fantastic. It is true that the government leaves a bit to be desired, but there is one who, truly makes up for the others because he is grand. It is Angelino Jolie, called Alfano. He is truly a genius. We treated him badly in the last “passaparola”, but this time we have to change our minds. Here we have a superior brain. A great reformer, an innovator. A man who invents futuristic solutions for problems that unfortunately no one has ever managed to solve.
Just think, yesterday, that is on a Sunday as well, he donates his Sundays to us for free – it sprung to his mind how to resolve the problem of the overcrowding of the prisons. That of course is returning just as it did two years ago, in spite of the extra large mega Great Pardon, that he himself voted for, among other things, given that it was a speciality of the Centre Left and in reality it was voted for by part of the Centre Left and a part of the Centre Right, including Forza Italia and including Alfano. In fact, it was really Forza Italia that insisted that the Great Pardon was for three years, otherwise Previti would be still under house arrest – and he’s not well – poor man.
What did he think up on Sunday? Just like that as soon as he woke up, he gets these illuminating flashes of lightening that are really brilliant. He thought that by expelling the non-EU detainees and by giving electronic bracelets to a series of convicts with short sentences or those with only a few more years to serve in prison before getting out, he could thin out the prisons and return them to having a fullness that is proportional to their capacity. You know that our prisons to say a lot can hold 40 to 45 thousand prisoners, and right now we have almost 60 thousand and it’s calculated that in a couple of years we’ll have even 70 to 75 thousand, that is almost double their capacity, in relation to the places in cells.
Let’s start at the beginning. Because in Italy, every year the problem of the overcrowding of prisons is put forward, even though Italy has seen 40 or so measures of amnesty and pardons in 60 years. Otherwise, obviously we would have “explosions” in prisons if we had not every so often released the pressure with measures of amnesty and pardons with this frequency that – you understand – is the frequency of once every one and a half years. Once every one and a half years, in Italy, you have the certainty that thousands of criminals are set free. Which is, among other things, an invitation to commit crime. It means that if someone gets caught at regular intervals he never serves the whole sentence, because an amnesty or a pardon always gets triggered. In any case, Alfano is repentant about the Great Pardon. “It has been useless”; he told Previti that it had been of no use. For Previti it has been extremely useful! And also for all the delinquents who have got out and who have been able to return to their old habits and in part, but only in part, have been recaptured, the Great Pardon has been very useful. It has been less useful to the victims of their crimes. Just the other day it was calculated that more than a third of those who got out for the Great Pardon thanks to Mastella who lauded that measure and is keen to give it his name, went back to committing crime, have been caught and taken back inside. Which makes us think that just as many, at least another third, have returned to committing crime and have not been caught. Imagine almost 50,000 people who got out of prison or who saw the revocation of alternative sentences, of being put under the control of criminal justice control services or under house arrest, what a party! OK, now they are all repentant. “That’s enough with pardons, let’s have electronic bracelets and the expulsion of non-EU citizens”. What an idea! No one had ever thought of that! At least that’s what Angelino Jolie believes, as he’s like a man from Mars who has just landed on the Earth: he hasn’t got the faintest idea that what he is putting his hands to right now is a topic that has been under debate for decades. There are his illustrious (or nearly) predecessors, who had already said: “expulsions and bracelets!” Because no one was convinced but they had to do it for Previti, to send home the delinquents. The problem is that the two solutions thought up by Alfano, have not only already been looked at but they have already been rejected because they are no use. We have arrived at the umpteenth announcement of something that will never be done, at least we hope so, because if it is done it will be like a camouflaged pardon. You know that this government is great at doing “lifting”, anyway its President, with transplants and “lifting” is all fake and doesn’t even have a square centimetre of original skin. But legislative lifting is the speciality of this government.

Do you realise whose hands we are in? And these claim to be the government of security.
What’s more, this affects 4700 convicted people, non-EU citizens to be repatriated, and we are talking about an enormous problem like that of the prisons which, if we get to 75 thousand prisoners, removing 5 thousand means going down to 70 thousand. What have we resolved? Nothing, because we still have almost 30 thousand in excess. And what will we do with those? You will realise that here we need seriousness, elbow grease, a policy that examines the problems on the basis of scientific data and not on the basis of fairy stories and above all that we don’t entrust them to men from Mars. Basically, we should become a serious country governed by serious people. These are clowns who unfortunately put their hands into our life and our security. Spread the word. “

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September 07, 2008

Tiny coup d’état


A blogger has told me about a change in the Criminal Code that abolishes the crime of “coup d’état” . It happened two years ago, with the next to the last government of the psycho-dwarf. But no one noticed. I admit it, not even I did. Not even the newspapers and TV stations full of journalists and P2-ist directors did. They turned the other way in the face of the turning-upside-down of article 283. Since 2006, parties, undercover masons and organised crime can do a coup d’état without consequences. As long as they don’t use “violent acts”. They can do it with corruption, with deviated information, with criminals in Parliament subtracted from election choices because of the abolition of preferences.
These folk, whether they are PDL or PDminusL have taken precautions for the future. Just think if things change in the future. If democracy takes hold in Italy. And if someone asks for an account of these unpunished ones for their actions, even about the tiny coup d’état that they have already done. In that case, they would have recourse to the new Criminal Code, the P2 Code, in the name of justice.

Dear Beppe,
On 13 March 2006, various articles of the Criminal Code relating to attacks on the State were modified. Surely the country felt a great need for these modifications. The most interesting is that of article 283 of the Criminal Code. It said:
’Anyone who commits a fact aimed at changing the Constitution of the State, or the form of the Government, with methods not allowed for by the constitutional arrangements of the State, is punished with imprisonment for a period not less than 12 years.’ It was been altered to say: ’Anyone, using violent actions, who commits a fact aimed at changing (and appropriate for that) the Constitution of the State, or the form of the Government, with methods not allowed for by the constitutional arrangements of the State, is punished with imprisonment for a period not less than 5 years.’
With violent acts, not going via the party of which he is the boss or by corrupting parliamentarians by using their lovers. Get ready for the Coup, but don’t fear the ‘violent actions’, it will be perfectly ‘legal’. By pure coincidence it brings to mind that it was article 283 that brought the P2 to trial.”

PS On 25 April 2008 the TV stations of the whole world recorded V2 Day. In Italy only the Digos recorded it on closed circuit TV. The Australian TV broadcast an hour long programme. Even the Aussies know what is happening in the ‘Bel Paese’. I have extracted and subtitled 10 minutes of the broadcast. It is a great show!

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September 03, 2008

Prostituting oneself


Sex is changing. The pimps are disappearing. Each person is the prostitute for himself or herself. The do-it-yourself porn portals are climbing the charts in all the countries of the world. Each position of the kamasutra is explained live by tens of thousands of players who publish their sexual performance to promote their love-making capacity or for exhibitionism. It’s possible to choose the partner nearest to your home, they appear in lists that take account of the locality from where you connect, and you can use chat to invite them for a drink. What happens after that is decided by him, or her. Or them.
Sex can even be free. Free sex with a person we have chosen. It’s possible. It’s enough that you give authorisation to record the action and put it on the Internet. Our anonymity is protected by wearing a mask over the face.
The old porn market is disappearing. No longer red light cinema with the pensioner who is an usher to get a bit of pocket money. The sale of porn DVDs and magazines has collapsed. The market has changed. You sell yourself on your own, if it’s useful or if we like it, without the need for publishers or pimps. It’s the new sexual liberation. If before this, porn touched a few million people, now there’s hundreds of millions who connect every day to the Internet to publish, look, make contact.
The old social barriers have collapsed. Before the arrival of the missionaries, on the island of Tahiti, there was no sexual taboo. Sex was natural, like drinking or eating. How many people do we shake hands with, even distractedly, in a day? We don’t take note. For them, sex was like a handshake. It didn’t exist. The homosexuals were the third sex, the mahu. With dignity on a par with the other two. There were no conflicts, child trafficking, prostitution or skinheads hunting the “different”.
The Internet is democratic. Anyone can sell their own body without passing by the cartel of organised crime. Prices go down without the costs of intermediaries. Sex is a planetary market and it has a universal language. You can see before purchase. Just think if this were possible even for the plumber, or the electrician or for the politician. Sex sight unseen or on the sidewalk is experiencing sunset. Pandora’s Box is opening. One, a hundred, a million Tahiti.

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September 02, 2008

Alitalia: an Italian comedy


Text of Marco Travaglio’s presentation

"Good morning everyone. We are returning to our weekly appointment after the holidays. I hope that you got the chance to have some rest, all of you or at least almost all of you, because this year, there’s a lot to do. Perhaps you have seen on Beppe Grillo’s blog that we have collected together the first 10 episodes of “Passaparola” in a DVD. If you are interested you can find the instructions on how to get it.
Today’s news is that the Alitalia operation is a great success for the government. Who said that? The President of the Council, Silvio Berlusconi who is praising himself to bits all on his own. Even because from the experts he has just received raspberries and criticism, not to mention the press and all the international operations that measure things according to the free market and not according to the despotic little Italy that is coming back together with the regurgitated bits of fascism that have been rightly denounced by Famiglia Cristiana. It’s not easy to understand what he is celebrating, this gentleman, given that in the last 15 years he has been President of the Council for about 7 of them, that is half: in these 15 years, Alitalia has lost 15 billion euro of our money, thus half of the money lost is his fault, of his governments, and the other half is the fault of the Centre-Left governments, because politics has always kept its hands on Alitalia and as we shall see, it will continue to keep them there even after having made it collapse innumerable times.
Prodi and Padoa Schioppa, one of the few good things done by the Centre Left government, had found the arrangement, they managed to convince AirFrance to take the whole thing. That would have meant no bankruptcy, no need to rely on the Marzano law on loss-making companies, the creation of a very big European group including AirFrance, KLM and Alitalia that could have been of a decent size for the international markets where, by now, the airlines are big, in consortium, based on alliances between a number of companies. We would have got away with 2150 excess personnel: that was according to the plan presented by Monsieur Spinetta, and that’s what would have happened if the negotiations with the French had been concluded straight away, at the beginning of spring, whereas now we have 6-7000 personnel in excess, that is triple the number. AirFrance would have paid one billion 7 hundred million to buy Alitalia shares and it would have invested 750 million. Basically it would have shelled out and there would have arrived from France the great sum of 2 billion 6 hundred million. Now we see that, instead, that money it’s us that has to give it. It’s not just that we don’t get the cash, but we lose it. What’s more, Malpensa would have been saved and restructured and the airport at Fiumicino would have been strengthened. This, in short, was what had been agreed between the Prodi government and AirFrance and that went up in the air because of the arrival of Berlusconi and his henchmen and because the Trades Unions, completely blinded by the short term, did not know how to choose between the tiny sacrifice today and an enormous blood-letting tomorrow, which is what we will have instead.

We have another consolation, that is the fact that communism is returning: Berlusconi who calls together the entrepreneurs, changes laws, organises consortia, the government that directs the affairs of private companies, sorts out debts, moves employees, does 15-year plans etc. it brings back so much the memory of the great Soviet Union of Stalin, of Brezhnev, of Chernienko. The Putin model is coming into Italy and “dirigisme” is coming back, soviet planning. “Il Cavaliere” who does not know and has never known what the free market is, is bringing back, if God wishes, State industry. The last true communist is him. Spread the word." Marco Travaglio

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August 31, 2008

A Beretta a day keeps the dead at work away

Beretta: Fatal accidents at work, in italy 50% are in transit

Maurizio Beretta

Maurizio Beretta is a former journalist of the regime. Maurizio continues to disinform for the Confindustria in his new role as Director General. Those who die at work transformed into a war of numbers. A cut of 374 who died at work, a falsified comparison with other European States, transforming those who die in a construction site into traffic accidents. A link disappeared from the Inail website. The game is done. The dead person no longer exists and Italy is in the forefront of safety at work. Marco Bazzoni, the workers’ representative for safety, responds to Beretta point by point. Lie by lie.
Read the book "Morti Bianche" {Dead at work} by Samanta Di Persio that is available on the blog at a freely chosen price.

Respected Director General of the Confindustria, Maurizio Beretta,
Reading the news item yesterday by the Asca agency: "INCIDENTI LAVORO: BERETTA, 500 MORTI L'ANNO. MENO DI FRANCIA E GERMANIA", {accidents at work: Beretta, 500 die each year, less than in France and in Germany}, and watching the videoon YouTube "Beretta: Morti sul lavoro, in Italia il 50% in itinere" {Beretta, dead at work in Italy 50% in transit},
I would like to say to you, as I have said once (always by letter) to the Minister of Labour Maurizio Sacconi, that it is absolutely not true that 50% of the fatal accidents at work are in transit, that is on the journey home/work – work/home, but that is much less.
At the following link, there was publication of the data of the last 10 years about accidents at work, thus including those on the journey to and from work (fatal or otherwise).
However, now, “strangely”, it is no longer possible to open this table. Is this a coincidence? However, no problem, I had made a copy at the appropriate time of the of the fatal accidents on the journey to and from work.
1997 (1392, in transit 104, with a percentage of 7.5%).
- 1998 (1442, in transit 104, with a percentage of 7.2 %),
- 1999 (1393, in transit 102, with a percentage of 7.3 %),
- 2000 (1401, in transit 53, with a percentage of 3.8%),
- 2001 (1546, in transit 296, with a percentage of 19.1 %),
- 2002 (1478, in transit 396, with a percentage of 26.8 %),
- 2003 (1445, in transit 358, with a percentage of 24.8 %),
- 2004 (1328, in transit 305, with a percentage of 23 %),
- 2005 (1280, in transit 279, with a percentage of 21.8 %),
- 2006 (1341, in transit 266, with a percentage of 19.8%).

While in relation to the data for the year 2007, the number of fatal accidents was 1210 (provisional data, deaths in transit 296, thus with a percentage of 24.5%
Thus this is far off the data that you supplied which was 50%.
What’s more, it sounds strange to me that the companies invest 12 billion euro in safety at work. I just didn’t know that.
Going back to the fatal accidents on the way to and from work, according to me, it is right that they are considered fatal accidents at work, because a worker is not going to have fun, but is going to work and is coming home from work.
It almost seems that most of the blame for fatal accidents at work is to put on the roads and not on the companies, but things are just not like that, dear Director Beretta.
What’s more, to die in a construction site for a road, is not that one who died at work? Finally, how can you say there are 500 who die at work each year, less than in France and Germany?
You just have to open up the annual report of Inail for the year 2007. Go to page 12 and read what is written in the table "Infortuni mortali avvenuti negli anni 2006-2007 per gestione e tipologia di accadimento:” {fatal accidents in 2006-2007 by management and type of event}: in 2007, it says: fatal accidents at work= 874, and not 500.
Awaiting your reply, greetings.” Marco Bazzoni - workers’ representative for safety. Email:

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August 28, 2008

Water is not merchandise


Whoever controls the basic necessities of life, controls the society. PDL and PDminusL know that very well. Without water, you die, but if water is privatized, the parties live better. The concessionaires know how to give recognition, votes, money, armchairs financed by the increase in the price of water at the expense of the citizens.
The blog’s civic lists will have water as a fundamental part of their programme. It’s not possible to privatize it. It’s not merchandise it is a right. Like breathing, talking, loving. Jesus transformed water into wine. Veltrusconi wants to transform it into business. Blessed are those who thirst for justice because they will see the water thieves in prison. They will never give up, nor will we.

Dear Beppe,
In the heart of this torrid summer and in this land of Calabria, working with the young people in the cooperatives of bishop Brigantini (in Locride) and in Arca di Noè {Noah’s Ark} (in Cosenza), I’ve just been hit by the news like a lightning attack in a serene sky, the news that Berlusconi’s government is giving its blessing to the privatization of water. In fact on 5 August, the Italian Parliament voted for article 23 bis of minister G. Tremonti’s legal decree number 112 that in comma 1 states that the management of water services has to be done according to the rules of the capitalistic economy. All this with the support of the opposition, in particular of the PD, in the person of the shadow minister Lanzillotta. (A decision that I find outrageous, but doesn’t surprise me, given the response of the honourable Veltroni to the letter about water that I sent him during the election campaign!)
Thus, the Berlusconi government with the absence of the opposition, has decreed that Italy is today among those countries for which water is merchandise.
After these years of battling against the privatization of water with so many friends, with local and regional campaign groups, with the Forum and the World Water Contract… this news is like a punch in the stomach for me, and it hurts me. This is a betrayal by all the parties! What is still more serious is the fact, underlined by the friends R. Lembo and R. Petrella, that the “Decree modifies the very nature of the State and of territorial collectivities. The towns, in particular, are no longer responsible territorial public players who are managing public goods, but they become players who are owners of competitive goods in a logic of private interests, so their first duty is to guarantee that the dividends of the enterprise are higher in the interests of the town finances.” We are even destroying our Constitution!.
Basically what does this all mean? We see in the dramatic news coming from Aprilia (in Latina) which shows us what happens when water finishes up in private hands. Acqualatina, (Veolia, the biggest water multinational has 46.5 % of the shares) that manages the water in Aprilia decided in 2005 to increase the utility bills by 300%. More than four thousand families from that time have been refusing to pay the Acqualatina bills, and instead they are paying the money to the town authorities. A long and hard battle of resistance on the part of the friends of Aprilia against Acqualatina! Now in the middle of summer, Acqualatina sends out its teams of armed vigilantes and carabinieri to cut off the meters or to reduce the flow of water. All this with the approval of the town authorities and of the province of Latina! The aim? To force those who are contesting to go to the Acqualatina pay point and pay. It is an heroic resistance and you can learn this from Aprilia: the people feel that they have been abandoned and left on their own. We cannot leave them isolated!
Summer brings bad news even from my Naples and for the region of Campania. Cardillo, the cabinet member of the Naples city council with responsibility for accounts, has launched a proposal that will become operative in January 2009. Arin, the municipal water company for Naples, will become a multi-service company to include Napoligas and a company for renewable energy. So that this pill is digested, Cardillo is promising a “Robintax” for the poor (lower tariffs for the more vulnerable). With the privatization of water it is necessary to create citizens of the A division (the rich) and of the B division (the poor), as has been said by the economist M. Florio of the Università degli studi di Milano.

On the issue of water we are putting everything into the game!
Starting from the bottom, from the battles in defence of water at a local level, we have to start again with a great surge that will oblige our Parliament to proclaim that water is not merchandise, but a right for everyone. Let us set to work so that it is life that wins! Father Alex Zanotelli

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August 27, 2008

Jurassic media


The journalist De Gregorio has taken the position held by Padellaro. He will be the head of l’Unità. A newspaper assisted by public charity. Anyway, like the others. They get by on advertising which is ever decreasing and from the taxes of the Italians. Soru, the governor of the Centre Left, will finance his newspaper with income tax. Ours not his. In a free market, l’Unità would have already been closed down with the albums of the figurine of Topo Gigio Veltroni. Others, like Libero, Il Riformista, Il Foglio would never have got off the ground. Public financing of newspapers is not public. In as much as the decisions are not taken by people. No one would give financing to a charity called Polito or one called Feltri. The almoners of the press are the parties and the lobbies. They are ALL newspapers with affiliation. Il Sole with Confindustria, la Repubblica with the PDminusL, il Corriere with the refined salon of Geronzi and of the Tronchettis. If you take orders you take money, otherwise you close down. In the next ten years the newspapers, not just in Italy, will disappear. We will remember them like a Jurassic era together with Scalfari. All over the world, the big publishing groups are cutting their personnel, reducing the number of publications, transferring their investments online. Advertising is migrating to the Internet. In 8 to 10 years the process will be complete. Media that is not controllable. It’ll be the citizens creating the news. The infrastructure will be decided by the surfers. The more you are credible, the more you are visited as time goes by. I’m not being optimistic. That’s what’s happening now.
Marco Travaglio said that l’Unità has reached a daily average of 48,000 copies. Because he is modest, he didn’t add that most of the copies are sold because of him. In recent years, many people have bought l’Unità just to read Bananas or Uliwood Party. In fact, Travaglio has not been appointed director of l’Unità. Travaglio is participating in this blog with “Passaparola” once a week. Often, without the support of an editing team, directors, journalists, proof-readers and lackeys, 170,000 viewings on YouTube as well as those who follow on live streaming. Without getting anyone to pay taxes. Four times the number of copies per day for l’Unità. Without publishers, without a license fee, without advertising. It’s the Internet, beautiful. Who wants to can pay if they want to pay.

The first ten “free conversations” of Marco Travaglio, about three and a half hours, have been collected together, with the title: "Ci pisciano addosso e ci dicono che piove" {They piss on us and tell us it’s raining}, in the first edition of the “Passaparola” series that is available from today on the blog.

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August 25, 2008

5 Star town: Acquanegra

Carate Brianza town council meeting

Democracy in Italy no longer exists. It’s not by means of a new party that things will change, as some people believe, including some on the blog. Everything will change when we change. In our every day life, in what we put in our shopping basket, in our behaviour. The parties are the past. The citizens are the future. Democracy must be participation; it must be put in place. put in place by me, by you, by everyone. Delegating to Veltroni or to Berlusconi just produces monsters. It’s the dream of democracy. By now, it’s a farce. There’s no one on the other side of the wall. You will find economic interests, bankrupts, mafia people in double-breasted jackets, masons, unloaded industrialists, nuclear generating stations, incinerators and ignorance.
We can no longer turn the other way when faced with the destruction of our society. We have to turn THIS way. And do something. We don’t need another “duce” and another king, but just employees who CARRY OUT our programme.
We have to start with the towns. In 2009, the blog will support the civic lists that are inspired by its programme. In September, the election campaign will start. Without the administration of the towns, the parties will empty like a balloon with a hole in it. The piranhas will no longer have water to swim in. The virtuous towns exist already, they are true five-star towns. I will publish the experiences on the blog.
A final thing: FILM (and add subtitles) the sessions of the town councils and put them on the internet. It is one of your rights. If the mayor does not allow you to do so, denounce him.

Acquanegra: the water in the taps at home.
Our journey in Italy of the five-star towns starts here, Acquanegra Cremonese, a town of about 1500 inhabitants in the province of Cremona. The adventure of this small community to reduce its own ecological footprint starts with water, from the par excellence common good, so mistreated over time and made into merchandise for the interests of the usual folk.
The town authorities, a year after taking office, are launching the project: “Chiare, fresche e dolci acque… del rubinetto” {Clear, cool and sweet water… from the tap}. After distributing a flyer to all the homes explaining the environmental and economic advantages of using tap water instead of bottled water, a public meeting was organised with the head of the laboratory of the company that manages the water network, during which there was a comparison of the chemical characteristics of some commercial mineral waters with those of water samples taken from taps in private houses. On that occasion chemical analyses were also presented for tap water after filtering with an appropriate jug
To convince ever more families to use tap water, the initiative (that is still going on) will see an intervention by the town authorities in two ways: the supply for free to those citizens who ask for it, and who have bought a set of three filters, of filter jugs; the reimbursement of part of the cost to install a composite filter, that complies with legal requirements, to be applied under the sink. About 10% of the families in the town have signed up to the initiative, most of whom have chosen the jug.
If we imagine an average consumption of 1.5 litres per family per day, it is possible to estimate that in these three years there’s been a “saving” of about 55,000 plastic bottles.
Even the schools run by the local authorities have been involved in the initiative, getting the teachers involved with the advantages that result from using tap water and on the health guarantees of the filtered water and installing in two school canteens composite filters.” By Marco Boschini

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August 21, 2008

Olympic Nationalisms


I have to confess, the Beijing Olympics, but also the previous Olympics give me nausea. I would abolish them. They are a fantastic economic ramshackle thing that goes round the world every four years. Where the circus arrives, they build stadiums, roads, sky scrapers, metro lines, whole cities. The Olympics are a triumph, a cement orgasm.
The lighted torch is no longer a symbol of peace. The world continues its wars, its extermination with six circles. Tibet and Xinjiang have finished up under the carpet of the sponsors. Georgia and Ossetia have been annoying events, they have taken space away from table tennis and synchronized swimming. The Olympics are a maddened train. If you ask the engine driver what is the next station. He won’t know how to reply to you.
What annoys me about the Olympics are the fake records, the Olympic sports that are only done by a handful of people, the drugged athletes, the enthusiasm of the crowd on command, the prize-giving in lines of three. More than any other thing, however, it’s the nationalism that really gets my goat. The nationalism of the sportsperson who cries as their flag is going up, with hand on heart, the eyes lost gazing upwards. The nationalism of the media who always give space to national athletes, even in improbable disciplines (do you know someone who plays badminton?), even if they are a long way from the podium. The Olympics are a simulated war.
I would like athletes without flag. Without sponsor. Without a President who greets then at the start and who receives them as triumphant people when they return. I would like that those who use their armies to kill other human being DURING the Olympics be expelled with infamy and for ever from the Games. The Russians who invaded Georgia, the Americans who invaded Iraq, China who squashes Tibet have no moral right to participate in or to host the Olympic Games.
Man is no longer the centre of the Olympics, the Nations have taken his place. The great media madness of the medals and the little medals makes us feel more Italian, more Mexican, more Korean. More different. The best. The chosen race.

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August 06, 2008

Defame one to educate a hundred

Click on the image

In Italy, defamation pays. It is the backbone of disinformation. The stick to use against enemies and against friends who are too entrepreneurial. A club that has hit just about everyone. The mad Bossi who attacked the mafia guy of Arcore in the early 1990s. Fini, the young career man who wanted to do things on his own, with the new companion pilloried by "Striscia la notizia". The young man with beautiful hopes Azzurro Caltagirone, reduced to a smudge. For the enemies, and here you understand enemies to be those who have not allowed themselves to be “bought”, the ration is doubled, tripled, so basically, really abundant. Whoever is not for sale is dangerous. They cannot be blackmailed. And how can you trust a person who you cannot blackmail? In the times of bombs and the Corleonesi mafia, you had them explode into thin air. One strike and it’s done. But at that time, information was not completely under control. They were crude but inevitable mechanisms. The machine gun for Dalla Chiesa or the TNT imported for the military that was brought from the continent to via D'Amelio, are distant memories
These days, the motorways are useful for imposing the State “pizzo” by means of the Benetton concession. To destroy them when a judge is passing by, as happened at Capaci, creates economic damage.
The nutriment for defamation is (false) facts, (one-sided) opinions, adjectives to disqualify. Ms Forleo becomes psychologically unstable, and above all she cries. What guarantee is offered by a judge who cries? A weak and fragile woman. Whether she is right is not relevant. If she touches D'Alema she is to be transferred, far from Milan, to Cremona. De Magistris had put his finger in the sore of the exchange vote, of the European funds shared out with the local criminals and the parties. He was attacked for being active, accused of having violated the code. He was absolved of every accusation and anyway transferred to Naples. The politicians from Calabria under investigation have not been transferred. Calabria is full of clean swimming pools in the villas of power and full of turds floating on the beaches because of the purification plant that have never been made to function. With the accusations against me, you could fill an encyclopedia. The great thing is that they are all false.
The defamation of the adversary has even the aim of moving the attention from MY problems with the justice system, to YOUR (non-existent) problems with the justice system. From MY corruption to your (non-existent) abuses. From MY closeness with people convicted of mafia crimes to YOUR justicialist rages. The more they are lurid, the more the shit I throw on my adversaries, cleanses me.
The System is united. Repubblica and Emilio Fede are not different. Belpietro and Padellaro are Siamese twins separated at birth and united in the defense of the master.
We cannot go ahead like this. Hard and soft defamation has to be fought. It is by now a virus that infects the mind of the Country. People believe what is decided by Berlusconi and De Benedetti and the powers connected to htem. People are intoxicated. Anyone who puts themselves forward to change the System is attacked by the media with the absolute certainty of remaining unpunished. The most they risk is a fine. Nothing to destroy a reputation.
From today there’s an active area of the blog called "Sputtaniamoli" {Let’s discredit them}.
Insert the false articles, the links and the information about the journalist who signed them. I will make it a fixed column in the blog.

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August 02, 2008

Vicenza: The Lega and the truncheon


”No dal Molin” – response to the Cabinet’s decision

Vicenza does not want the new Dal Molin military base. The people of Vicenza are set to confirm as much in the referendum scheduled for next autumn. In the meantime, they are protesting against the decision in favour of the base, as taken by the Cabinet and enduring “thinning-out” attacks, in the sense that they are being truncheoned, in the manner of the “ndo cojo cojo”, by the MPs.
Certainly, the people of Vicenza should not take over the local railway station. They must find another way to make their point. Another way of explaining that the American occupation of Italy has been going on for the past 63 years. That the 90 atomic bombs made in the USA and now sitting at Ghedi Torre and Aviano are an offence to the collective civil conscience of our Country. That Vicenza is set to become the largest military base in the whole of Europe. And that, from this very base, the American bombers could take off on their killing missions.
Our Constitution specifically rejects war, so on what grounds does this Government simply go ahead and grant authorisation for Italy to act as America’s aircraft carrier, used today to bomb the Middle East and tomorrow, who knows who is next in turn? The Berlin wall may well have fallen, but now, twenty years on, the American Army is still here. How long must we wait for Italy to be free of all foreign armies, the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Second World War perhaps?
Maroni has the people of Vicenza truncheoned, simply because they don’t want their land to become a place of war. This has got to be the height of contradiction. The Lega, arch-enemy of globalisation, lays out the red carpet to welcome the armies from across the ocean. No to Coca Cola, but yes to atomic bombs. We are masters in our house, but with 90 nuclear bombs spread between Brescia and the Friuli Region. Masters of what? Collecting fingerprints from gypsy children? The Lega of the truncheon and of the Government (La Russa will bring along the cod-liver oil). Being strong with the weak and weak with the strong.
Government Commissioner Paolo Costa has arrived in Vicenza. In future, if the people of Vicenza dare to hold any peaceful demonstrations against the military base, the army will be sent in without delay. Already before the last elections I warned that Berlusconi would use the army against the population of this Country in order to govern, however, it won’t continue for very long. Stand up magnagatti (“Cat-eaters”, a nickname for the people of the Veneto Region). Say no to the “Dal Molin” military base.

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July 31, 2008

Schifani, un-nameable, untouchable,unjudgeable

Dario Fo talks about the mess-up

Renato Schifani, President of the Senate, has taken action against Marco Travaglio for one million three hundred thousand euro.
Schifani wants compensation for alleged damages resulting from an article by Travaglio and from an interview given to the doormat Fabio Fazio in the programme “Che tempo fa”. Travaglio cited contents of the book “I complici” written by Lirio Abbate and Peter Gomez in which Schifani is mentioned many times, and that is on pages 14, 70, 71, 72, 74,7 5, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82, 84. Lirio Abbate is living with a police escort because of mafia threats and the book of which the first edition came out in February 2007, as far as I know, has not been withdrawn.
Schifani has pre-announced a libel action against the former President of Villabate town council, Francesco Campanella, under investigation for mafia because of relations with Mandalà and Provenzano.
He did it for Campanella’s declarations to the Palermo judges when he said that the new planning regulations for Villabate are thought to have been agreed by Mandalà with Schifani.
So we have two trials (plus a third one).
Trial number one: Schifani against Travaglio, for damages referring to his articles and his interview.
Trial number two: Schifani against Campanella, a libel action for his declarations.
Trial number two could (I say could) decide that Campanella spoke the truth. In which case Travaglio would be right and would win in Trial number one.
But Trial number two, if it were to decide on Schifani’s responsibility (I’m still saying “if”), would not be able to take place in the next five years thanks to the lodo SchifoAlfano. Schifani had already tried in 2003 with the lodo Schifani to give immunity to the top officials in the State. The Constitutional Court threw it out. At times, things come back.
Then there’s Trial number three, the one that can never take place. In fact Travaglio cannot take a libel action against Schifani for the accusations against him because he is immune from trials.
If it happens that Travaglio is found guilty, I will open a public subscription to pay the one million three hundred thousand euro.
“I Quattro dell’Ave Maria” can get trials against the citizens. The citizens cannot get trials against “I Quattro dell’Ave Maria”.

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July 29, 2008

The Torquemada of Italian mediocracy


”The offensive started off with the grillist "vaffa-day" on 8 July, that took as a (just) pretext the rotten laws of the premier to develop a frenzied (and senseless) battery of “enemy fire” against the PD, against Veltroni, and above all against the Quirinale. … Finally in a crescendo of “qualunquismo” and of “pressappochismo”, it was Beppe Grillo who returned to the “crime scene”.
And this time not with political criticism, but with personal insult. “Is Napolitano in good health?” is the question asked by the new Torquemada of Italian mediocracy in his blog. He asks the question and he gives the reply. “His health can be the only justification for his behaviour. I would like to be reassured whether he is capable of still exercising his role and for how long. If possible to get hold of his clinical records. These are words that provide comment on themselves. And they would not even deserve a reply. After the 8 July demonstration we talked about a “subculture” creating the indignant reaction of the grillists on the Internet. In the face of the new outburst from the “Grande Imbonitore”, we wouldn’t know how to find a better definition.” L'ultimo insulto, {The ultimate Insult} front page Saturday 26 Massimo Giannini, deputy director, email:

”Is it possible to criticize the behaviour and the decisions of a President of the Republic? Certainly you can, in Italy as in any other democratic country in the world. It’s happened that I have done that more than once, with Gronchi, with Segni, with Saragat, with Leone. Even with Pertini, of whom I was a friend and admirer.
So I see nothing that is inconvenient in the criticisms that some political men and some opinion leaders have put forward about President Napolitano on the occasion of the promulgation of the Alfano law on the immunity for the 4 institutional positions.
Grillo’s insults and offences are another thing, for those there is the crime of public insult that it is the duty of the magistracy to follow up.” La calma del Quirinale baluardo di libertà, front page, Sunday27 July 2008 , Eugenio Scalfari, founder.

Two editorials on consecutive days in La Repubblica last Saturday and Sunday. Dedicated to my post “Steve Jobs and Giorgio Napolitano”. Both on the front page. Written with the pen of the Great Intellectuals of the Left Scalfari and Giannini. Thank you so much. Giannini accuses me of being the Torquemada of Italian mediocracy.
Forgetting that mediocracy is in the hands of his publisher Carlo De Benedetti and Silvio Berlusconi. For Giannini blog and grillini are "subculture". The intellectual racism by the thinkers of the left, before or after always comes afloat. Like shit. Scalfari would like me in jail for the offence of denigration. La Repubblica accuses me of "qualunquismo", "pressappochismo", "personal insults" the President of the Republic, "offenses".
On Napolitano I said three things, which I repeat for the couple Giannini-Scalfari:
- Pertini would not have signed the "Lodo Alfano"
- Napolitano should have gone to Chiaiano for his birthday, rather than entertaing himself with two people under investigation (the wife of Mastella and Bassolino) in Capri
- I have doubts about his health conditions, as may be natural for a person of 83 years.

If you know someone who reads yet the Republic (funded by the state) tell him to STOP.

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July 26, 2008

Steve Jobs and Giorgio Napolitano

Clicca l'immagine

At his last public appearance, 53-year old Steve Jobs looked really thin and pale. Steve Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer for some time, although he appeared to have beaten it. Steve Jobs is the man behind Apple. Many believe that he is the true innovator, the only real genius behind the Information Technology revolution, and not Bill Gates.
Steve Jobs is Apple. His health is not simply a private matter, but also an economic matter of worldwide significance. Apple does not release any statements regarding Steve Jobs’ state of health. Financial analysts and shareholders would very much like to know whether or not Jobs will be able to hold down his post as Chairman of Apple, and for how much longer. One analyst commented that if Apple insists on classifying Jobs’ health as a private matter, then it should go back to being a private company and have itself de-listed by the stock exchange.
In his most recent public appearances, 83-year old Giorgio Napolitano, thirty years older than Jobs, has been looking more distant and ethereal. Giorgio Napolitano is apparently in good health, however, looking into his past, there is no apparent justification for his recent stand on certain issues, nor for his most recent actions. He announced that he objects to the way in which court proceedings are being turned into show business, while the various Public Prosecutors’ departments are being attacked by the government. Without even batting an eyelid, he went ahead and signed the Alfano Bill, which is an unconstitutional law. He spent his birthday happily sitting in a little square on the island of Capri, amongst the musicians and individuals under investigation, Mastella’s wife and Bokassa Bassolino amongst them. Giorgio Napolitano represents Italy. His health is not a private matter. His health could be the only reason for his recent behaviour. I would like to be sure that he is still able to hold his post, and for how much longer. Perhaps even get to see his medical file.
A weak (and ailing?) State President that can be manipulated is particularly useful for both the PDL, who can get as many racist and non-constitutional laws passed as they like, and for the PD-without-the-L, who prefers to have a State President with a social democrat background, in other words a member of the family, rather than some or other Schifani. As a matter of fact, Should Napolitano decide to step down at some point, his place would taken by Berlusconi’s employee who currently also happens to be the leader of the Senate. Rather Napolitano than a Schifani bursting with health.

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Silvio is no longer with us

Silvio Tobia

Silvio died recently in a motorcycle accident. He was one of the signatories for the popular law for a Clean Parliament, together with myself and many other friends of the Meetup in Roma. One never knows quite what to say in such situations. Sooner or later, Parliament will once again be clean. And that’s a promise.
Arianna remembers him as follows.

"It late already, but Silvio is no longer here. I will never again see those sincere, piercing eyes that looked upon the world with love and vitality. And all because of a motorcycle accident, one of those that leave you no chance of survival.
I am mourning for a true friend, one that was always sincere, and someone that was always telling me that you should not smoke during your pregnancy, someone who watched over and loved my two tykes with an endless love. Someone that, notwithstanding …., came along anyway on the 25th April and worked alongside his best friend Valerio, purely because of their friendship, nothing more and nothing less. Friendship alone. Those same eyes that were like a wide open window looking out over the world, those same eyes that looked at what was happening around us, those oh so big eyes have now been closed forever.
If there is a God, and if He is watching now, he must also surely hear the profound cry of pain coming from all of us, from the person who called me on the telephone, crying and sniffing... you are unjust, you are unfair, unjust and cruel. That is if God even exists.
I am in pain, I’m alone and I’m far from those that are near him.
Silvio, because of the deep love I have for you, my hope is that you can fearlessly race on a motorcycle made of dreams and fresh air and ride off into an infinite eternity.
I will never again eat your “Arrabbiata” sauce and you will never again prepare that Roman dish for me, the one whose name I cannot remember because of the tears.
I will never see you again.
It is not right... but, my great little friend, I loved you so very much, I remember you wherever we went together and I am writing this because I am unable to shout out loud the terrible pain that I feel inside. The twins are sleeping in the room next door and I promise that, one day, they will know that they once had someone who protected them while they were in the womb by scolding their silly mother because of her stupid habits.
Say hi to the light on my behalf, Silvio... and, dear friend, please drop and pay us a visit if you can, be the gentle breath of the breeze that caresses my cheeks at sunset. I will know that it is you and I’ll smile at you." Arianna

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July 23, 2008

Morti Bianche, the book


I advise you not to read the book: “Morti Bianche”{literally “white deaths” or deaths in the workplace} It’s a dangerous book. The witness statements of the families of the victims at work, assassinated at work, are so shocking that after that you will no longer be the same. After that, if your mother, daughter, sister go off to work, you will be counting the hours that separate you from their return. Perhaps, it will be spontaneous for you to ask them to let you go with them to protect them.
When a person dies, the word most frequently used is “fatality”. When a person dies, the adjective most frequently used is “tragic”. Tragic fatality. 1300 tragic fatalities every year, 50,000 invalids every year. Thousands of families reduced to poverty, widows with young children to bring up, to feed, to love, treated like beggars. Liquidated with a few thousand euro.
We are not in the Middle Ages, we are in the New Italian Age. At a point in time and space in which if a Rumanian rapes a woman, the country is indignant, but if 5 labourers die, at the most, and anyway for only a few hours, the country is sad. A tear flows down from the Stage of the Authorities.
Our Modern Age is not born from nothing, it’s origin is clear as the sun: filthy lucre. The death of a man is a risk for the enterprise. How much does it cost to make plant safe, the training for their own employees, the equipment to keep them safe? Much more, enormously much more, than the eventual compensation for the death of a person.
The companies know that, they take that into account. It can happen. In that unfortunate case, the minimum necessary is paid out. The law companies against the lawyer of the widow or the mother. It should be the State to provide legal protection for the families of those who fall.
If the death of an employee were to cost more to a company than investment in safety, almost no one would die. It’s the economy of death. If it’s worth little, then you can take the risk. It’s the price of life that is worth less than production.
The triumph of the self-regulation of the market. The lack of rules. The classification of blood. A soldier injured in Afghanistan deserves the front page of the newspaper. Three who die at work, a little square on the fifteenth page.
The Maroni law (done when he was Minister of Labour), the law 30, called the Biagi law has a great responsibility in the “morti bianche”. A precarious worker is a natural candidate to die at work. There are two reasons. The first is that he cannot complain about the conditions in which he finds himself, or he would be immediately sacked.
A survivor of the Thyssen Krupp blaze declared that the extinguishers were empty, that the shifts were punishing, but he couldn’t say anything if he wanted to keep his job. Anyone who has a family thinks about the children, bows his head and hopes that it won’t affect him. The second reason is that a precarious worker has no time for instruction or training.
He’s taken on for a few months, or even for a few weeks. It’s not economical to invest in someone who is passing through. Many “morti bianche” happen in the first few days at work, among precarious workers, among the non-Europeans in sub-sub-contract with at the top of the chain, public administration officials.
Buy the book "Morti Bianche" and you set the price.

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July 22, 2008

Lessons on the Rule of Law from Albania

Text of Marco Travaglio’s speech:

Good day to everyone. Anyway, happy holidays: today is the final edition of Passaparola before the holiday season that will last until the first of September when we will meet up to have a look at what has happened over the summer, which meanwhile will have donated us further shame. Within view, tomorrow, we have the impunity law, and we have already announced for September a super-reform that is really so “super” that it should in fact prevent the arrest of the Presidents of the Regions who are accepting bribes.
It will truly be a weighty thing. Luckily, after the vulgarity and triviality of Piazza Navona, there’s the return of elegance. Yesterday, Lord Brummel, in real life, Umberto Bossi, gave a great signal of civility and of civic pride, really, by saluting the national anthem with a raised finger.
Then they have even failed his son in his “maturità” {High School diploma}, and thus it is the fault of the high school teachers from the south, but now we will have the judges and the teachers elected in Padania {the Po Valley}, so finally they will let the donkeys pass.
Unfortunately we are still obliged to talk about justice, because, basically, tomorrow we have arrived at such a violent act that we have never yet suffered: a law that makes four people immune from any consequence for any crimes that they will commit. Those that Beppe Grillo (and we can wish him “Happy Birthday” as I think that today he celebrates his 60th birthday) calls “The Band of Four”. It’s interesting to start off with an article in il Corriere della Sera by the ambassador Sergio Romano who, given that he has been an ambassador, should be one who has traveled the world. We can see that he has traveled but that he hasn’t noticed anything because he explains that there is a problem in the whole world and that is the obtrusiveness of the magistracy. The magistracy that invades, that meddles. He says: "Ask Aznar, Chirac, Kohl, Bush, Kissinger, Olmert, or if he were in a position to respond to you - Sharon, what they think of their magistrates or of those who try to incriminate them in front of the tribunal of another country. They will tell you, in private, using responses not far off the words with which Berlusconi has used polemics over the years with the Italian magistracy” Because there is a war of the justice system against politics.
There you are. It is possible that these people in private say bad things about the magistrates, the fact is that they never say them in public and above all, when they have a trial, they undergo it, at times they resign, never do they attack their judges and never do they change the laws to give themselves immunity.
This is the difference, but ambassador Romano does not notice that. He is too refined in his way of reasoning to notice this really banal difference. So much so that another guy who has traveled the world, but unlike Romano he understood it, and that is Furio Colombo, yesterday wrote: “In the United States’ election campaign, expressions like ‘war between politics and justice’ – basically the stupidities that are being written by folk like Panebianco, Sergio Romano, Ostellino, Galli Della Loggia, Pierluigi Battisti, the anti-toga troops of il Corriere della Sera, cannot be translated. In the New York Times they wouldn’t even be able to translate them into the English language.” In fact, the two candidates of the big American parties who are battling out the election, have no position on justice, except for guarantees and human and civil rights of all citizens. “They don’t have and they must not have a position because everything is already established in the American Constitution, and furthermore, because the candidates for the American elections are fighting to obtain executive power and not judicial power.
When President and Mrs. Clinton ended up under investigation for bankruptcy on a small property in Arkansas that was managed together with unfaithful partners, America didn’t stop for a second. There was no conference. The President was travelling back and forth between the White House and the Grand Jury, the body collecting the evidence where he had to be interrogated, and he went with speed, otherwise impeachment would have been triggered, if he had been late at the hearing in front of the magistrates and in the end he was careful not to denounce persecutions.”

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July 18, 2008

Signatures from 25 April in Rome


In the beyond-the-grave media silence last week I went with a truck to take the referendum signatures to the Constitutional Court in Rome. Unloaded by hand like a true port-labourer. Someone helped me but I did my bit of the work. Crikey. The 60 boxes, sprayed with anti-moth, are now lined up in the cellars of the Palazzo. In October there’ll be the decision as to whether the referenda are admissible according to the Constitution. If they pass muster there’ll be a count and the validation of the signatures.
It’s the second popular democratic act performed by those who follow the blog, the MeetUps, the free organisations of citizens, the non-party civic lists in ONLY 8 months.
8 September 2007 seems like a far off date. Distant. Since then, all sorts of things have happened. The government has fallen. Two across-the-board business groups have formed, PDL and PDminusL. For each action of the movement there has been an equal and opposite action. To separate collections of refuse, the reply has been incinerators. To a Clean Up Parliament, there’s an increase in the number of those under investigation and those convicted. To the reform of the election law to choose our own candidates, there’s been a “vaffanculo”. And, in fact, with the proposal to extend the appointment of the deputies (lovers, wives, mafia people) by the party secretaries also to the European Parliament. To the cancellation of the Maroni law (but named after Biagi) with an increase in the number of precarious workers and deaths (assassinations) at work. To the request to reduce the military presence with an increase in military spending, to the new base at Vicenza, to the commitment in Afghanistan.
To the abolition of the shameful laws that stop any conviction with the delirium of the psycho-dwarf and his intentional, pigheaded, stubborn destruction of the laws and of the magistracy.
They noticed that the walls are starting to give way. The PDL and PDminusL business committee has decided to construct a big wall. To ignore the requests of millions of people. Disgusted from the heights of their sovereignty. The equal and opposite action, the wall of the post-communists and of the evergreenP2-ists, has produced its effects even on information. Of the movement, and of Beppe Grillo, they either don’t talk or they demonize. We are a “subcultural” product as has written the great intellectual, Massimo Giannini in Repubblica. Irascible, foaming at the mouth. That’s how we are described by the reformists, rationals, intellectuals.
After 25 April, the European Community has confirmed that Rete4 must let Europa7 have its frequencies, that the Gasparri law has to be changed. There would be no need for a referendum or for a VDay every day to change Italy. It would be enough to apply the laws and to have honest representatives in Parliament. In September I will ask to present to the Senate the three popular laws signed by 350,000 citizens as laid down by law. Convicts out of Parliament, choice of candidates, a maximum of two terms of office.
Have you noticed? We’ve got one result: our employees no longer laugh and Berlusconi no longer tells jokes. He seems to be devoured by Saint Anthony’s fire {shingles} They never give up, neither do we.
P.S. The wall has its cracks. I repeat: The wall has its cracks.

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July 15, 2008

The pigs are more equal than the others


I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s speech:

Good day to all. This has been another great week for Italian information. They have managed to say that in Piazza Navona there were only a few people, whereas Piazza Navona was full on 8 July.
They managed to say that in Piazza Navona they did a great favour to Berlusconi, then Berlusconi contradicted them by labeling as “rubbish” those who demonstrated against him. They managed to say that in Piazza Navona there was insult and public defamation against the Head of State, the Head of a foreign State, that is Pope Ratzinger and poor Veltroni.
Instead they forgot to talk about the topic that gave rise to the demonstration, that is the scurrilous laws and in reality, as everyone knows, there was talk almost exclusively about Berlusconi, of the “Caimano” and of his scurrilous laws and if there was talk of other people, it is because the others are voluntary or involuntary allies and are a help in explaining his resistible third rise or rather his second resurrection.
They told us that people escaped in shock from Piazza Navona whereas no one went away.
That people didn’t applaud, while in reality they applauded with enthusiasm. And at the end they told us that for Italian citizens the priorities are not these, that the Italian citizen couldn’t give a toss about justice, about the rule of law, about the law being equal for everyone.
That they are indifferent about the lodo Alfano on the immunity of the 4 “jobs” in the State or rather going on Berlusconi’s line, defining demonstrations as “rubbish”, the 4 “rubbish tips” in the State.
Then, by luck, well hidden in il Corriere della Sera, with a tiny wee heading, a survey by Renato Mannheimer that shows the following: 29.4% of Italians shared the ideas of the demonstration.
Take note that the Italians responded not about what actually happened because the YV News and the newspapers did not tell the story of what actually happened, but what they wanted to have people believe happened.
OK, even with that completely distorted image of an orgy of insults, of attacks, of violence, of outrages against democracy and the institutions, a third of the Italians said they were in favour.

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July 14, 2008

The Concrete Party

Click on the image

In Liguria "Forza DS" is working very well and the results are visible. Instead of the coast, there’s Concrete . La Casa della Legalità {Legality Group} has sent me a letter about the book: "Il partito del cemento" {The Concrete Party}.

Dear Beppe
Nothing is more true than what you affirmed on 8 July. The problem is not so much Silvio Berlusconi, but the transversal Business Committee of which he today is the guarantor and it stays unchanged whoever is in Palazzo Chigi {official meeting place of Council of Ministers} whether it is Prodi, D'Alema or any other expression of nomenklatura, whatever the structure of the government, the film director is and remains that occult and obscene business committee that is devastating the country.
In his most recent book, "Il ritorno del Principe", {The Return of the Prince}, Roberto Scarpinato states: “some of the most well known trials that have been celebrated in recent years have demonstrated that the occult transversality of the handling of power in our country is not the history of the past, determined by transitory pathologies, but a structural reality….
The visible power thus risks becoming the bastard son of that invisible power, generated in turn by a myriad of secret marriages of interests or of under the table transactions….
An integrated system of subjects who are individuals and groups. A sort of table where there are different figures seated, not all of whom necessarily having specific criminal professions: the politician, the top public sector director, the entrepreneur, the financier, the wheeler dealer, leaders of the institutions and not infrequently, the spokesperson of the mafias…”
But given that the Power is very careful not to let the reality be visible, offering marvelous theatrical events, a concrete example is needed, otherwise the trickery of the Power will continue to make it seem as though there is a Majority and an alternative Opposition, when in fact they are complementary.
The book : "Il Partito del Cemento" by Marco Preve and Ferruccio Sansa explains how invasive and destructive is the mixing of interests that bends the public interest to the private interest. It talks of the concrete (three million cubic metres that is planned to be used) that will cover the little bit still remaining of the Ligurian coast and hills. Little ports, sky-scrapers, residential complexes and garages, roads and landfills, will change the look of Liguria for ever. Already according to Istat {national statistic office} between 1995 and 2005, 45.55% of the free territory has been wiped out with construction, while tourism is in crisis because the “beauty” of the landscape is vanishing. Speculation that is happening with the complete subjugation of the Local Authorities in the interests of the wheeler dealers.
The Urban Plans and the Plans of the Territory or those to protect the countryside and the coast are in fact cancelled and rewritten directly on dictation from the speculators, on the basis of their needs, often ignoring the risks of the hydrogeological disturbance of vast areas of the territory." House of Legality

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July 12, 2008

The Black cloaks

Click the image

The reaction to the Piazza Navona event was unanimous. Had I limited myself to attacking only Berlusconi, it would have been a political triumph. What I exposed was fifteen years’ worth of rip-offs jointly orchestrated by Forza Italia and the DS. It turned out to be a triumph of anti-politics.
It is not only Berlusconi that doesn't want to be dragged into court; it is the entire political class that doesn't want to be dragged into court.
Veltroni single-handedly resuscitated the psychodwarf, lost the election and proceeded to destroy the entire left wing. Now he is busy completing the task. He is now also busy destroying the opposition. Oops! Am I perhaps not allowed to say things like that? Topo Gigio appeared on the television screen, getting himself interviewed by one of Berlusconi’s employees. Lecca lecca (Lollipop) Mentana showed an old clip of the Bagaglino programme where Antonio Di Pietro is busy getting hit in the face with a pie. Di Pietro equals clown; that is the subliminal message. Topo Gigio approves, proceeds to attack his ally shamelessly, right in the old P2 member’s own back yard.
Veltroni hints to Di Pietro that he should return to the “intellectual and reformist enclosure”, and stop demonstrating in the town square. The enclosure houses all those that support Veltroni. People such as Scalfari, Moretti, Maltese and Lerner. His guard dogs. One nod of his head and they immediately start barking, indeed baying. The only ones that have remained in Topo Gigio’s enclosure are the true intellectuals, apparently the only true reformers. They have no hope of ever being able to understand the population, or for that matter the town square demonstrations. Should the people in the town square by chance applaud Travaglio or Grillo, then it’s a “disaster”.
In the film “Manto nero” (The Black cloak) a Jesuit priest asks an Indian lying on his deathbed to allow himself to be baptised so that he could enter into Paradise. The Indian asks whether there are any black coats (Jesuit priests) in Paradise. The Jesuit priest says yes. The Indian then refuses to be baptised because he has no desire to spend eternity with a bunch of black cloaks. The opposition will not die as members of the Ds party.
Moretti accused the organisers of “having sullied everything and obscured the true objectives of the event by allowing Grillo Ms. Guzzanti to have their say … When I arrived, Beppe Grillo immediately began speaking and I left immediately. I would very much like to know what the people’s reaction was to those offensive and meaningless comments. ”I didn’t offend anyone, I simply stated a few political and economic facts. Pertini would never have agreed to sign the SchifoAlfano Bill (he would rather have had his hand amputated that do such a thing), while Veltroni instead managed to single-handedly destroy the very concept of opposition. Oops! Am I perhaps not allowed to say things like that? Berlusconi may well have helped a few of his lovers over the years, but at least he never released one of his films containing a scene showing him busy sticking it to some or other actress.
”La Repubblica”, financed by public funds, including mine therefore, as well as yours, misses no opportunity to attack me after having witnessed the failure of the dialogue (much vaunted) between its champion Veltroni and P2 member Berlusconi. Maltese in his “paid for” article entitled “Show business sul palco”, published in a “paid for” newspaper, which is paid for by the advertising revenues, explains that “the events created by Beppe Grillo cannot be classified as political activities … and that the majority of Beppe Grillo’s targets are marginal individuals… and that the blog is not a tool for the political struggle and sharing of opinions, but simply a phenomenal sales outlet”. Perhaps what Curzio is alluding to is the “Gruppo l’Espresso”. If the truth be told, at least no one pays me for my articles and there is no paid advertising on the blog.
In “L’urlo del populismo”, ”Lampooner” Lerner talks about ”The pasquinade in piazza Navona” and adds: “how can we ever forget that, in October 2007, it was the very same Beppe Grillo who was inciting (INCITING!!!) his supporters (SUPPORTERS!!!) to rise up against the “invasion of the Rumanians”, claiming that there was no place for them in Italy and that it would have been better for us to reject them with an (impossible ) moratorium?” Lerner lies, and he is well aware that he is lying. Many other European Countries have instituted the (impossible) moratorium. I wrote about the gypsies and not about the Rumanians. In the interests of clarity, you need to know that I have two Rumanians working for me. The situation was critical and exploded just one month later. Prodi himself told the Financial Times that no one knew at the time precisely how many people had come across the border from Rumania.
They talk about Grillo, but nothing gets said about the phenomenal rip-off that has allowed the post-communists to share power with the evergreenpeetwoists for of fifteen years. My dear black cloaks, my dear intellectuals and reformers, you are more than welcome to stay all on your own in the enclosure, just you and your Uolter.

Ps: Today I delivered the referendum signatures to the Court of Cassation. Video clip to follow soon. Thanks to all those that added their signatures.

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July 08, 2008

Berlusconi’s pizzo


I’m publishing the transcript of Marco Travaglio’s speech.

”Good day to all. Today I’m in an airport: it’s the moment for travelling. Tomorrow everyone has to be in Rome at 6:00pm in Piazza Navona, to demonstrate against the shameful things that are happening. I’d like to start at the end.
In Sicily, when a citizen doesn’t give in, they get their car tires slashed. If they understand, OK. If they don’t understand, their car goes up in the air. If they understand, OK. If they don’t understand, they get a paper bomb under the blinds of their shop. If then the guy doesn’t want to get blown up together with the shop and all his family, he has to accept dialogue. It’s just that in Sicily it’s called “pizzo”,, it’s called “racket”, it’s called “extortion”. The dialogue men arrive and they make a proposal. They say they have heard about the attacks, that they are very sorry and that they offer protection. From whom? From themselves. It’s they who plant the bombs and it’s they who offer protection, from themselves. Dialogue has a price. The businessman has to pay so much a month to the extortionists to avoid further problems.
In the end, if he pays, what has he won? It’s the mafia that has won. He hasn’t won. He hasn’t won the dialogue. It’s violence that has won.
Transfer this system of operations to Rome. In Rome the same things happen, it’s just that the words change.
There’s a gentleman in power and immediately he starts to ruin the justice system, to smash everything up. He presents a law to throw 100,000 trials into the air, because he too has one.
Then he does another law that prevents the magistrates from doing wiretaps and from uncovering crimes, and from uncovering the evidence to nail the people guilty of these crimes. Then he goes on TV and says that if they are not finding the people guilty of crime it is the fault of the magistracy that is in a state of metastasis, that is politicized, that is a cancer.
It’s the fault of the judges that are lazybones. It’s the fault of the judges that are only dealing with himself. It’s the fault of the judges who are anthropologically different from the human race who are mad, who are psychologically unstable, who are coup leaders, who are fascists, who are terrorists. And not by chance, in the opinion polls, their credibility goes down. At this point, the magistrates raise their arms. But that’s not enough. At this point, he makes a law, but he gets it presented by Tremonti, who cuts the funding to the justice system, by up to 40%. 10% the first year, 20% the second year, and then he cuts the salaries of the magistrates, who are already paid a third, a quarter, a fifth of the pay of a tiny manager in a small company.
At this point, having got them prostrated and reduced to ruin, someone turns up to offer a dialogue. And they say: “Well, we have learned that they are stopping you from doing your job, doing your trials, doing the wiretapping, they are preventing you from uncovering crimes, they are insulting you. Do you want dialogue? For a small sum: it’s called the Lodo Alfano.
If you forget the trials against the President of the Council, if you forget, - or if you allow to evaporate, or you eat them or you burn them, or you place them in the waste paper basket – the wiretaps of the President of the Council (indirect wiretaps, he’s not the one whose phone is tapped, but the usual scoundrels with whom he is often speaking, because they are all his friends)
OK, if you accept to pay this reasonable sum, this tiny sum, then we’ll have dialogue: we will let you do the other trials, we’ll let you do the wiretaps, perhaps we won’t even reduce your salaries and we won’t even take away your funding. Perhaps we will even employ a few office workers. Perhaps we will even pay the petrol for the cars that have to go out and do investigations, with the police inside them. It depends on you. Do you want dialogue or conflict?” Here is an extortion technique that is called racket in Palermo, but in Rome it is called dialogue. In the end, if the magistrates give in, who has won? Is it harmony that has won? Is it peace that has won?
It’s the extortionist, who, from a political viewpoint, in this case, is the President of the Council. Our President of the Council who is up to one a day, when he’s not doing two, and who needs to hide this chilling reality that is in front of everyone’s eyes but is being seen by no-one - also because many journalists and commentators pretend they are not seeing it.
Exactly like many intellectuals pretended not to see fascism at its origin. And they have been remembered in the history books because they were those who talked of other stuff, they were those who said not to exaggerate. Those who said it was necessary to have a dialogue with Mussolini.
They were the ones who said “well anyway, he too will do good things. But well, it’s true he’s a bit brusque, however he does have a consensus. He has gained votes.”
There. It’s these people who will be remembered in the history books for not having done anything and for not having done anything at a stage like this. It’s they who are the principal allies of the regime.

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June 29, 2008

Interview with Gian Carlo Caselli


YouTubeQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

This Blog interviewed Gian Carlo Caselli, High Court Prosecutor of Turin, regarding the latest legislation proposed by the Government concerning the justice system.

"The legislation concerning telephone tapping is only a draft Bill as yet, so the ball is still rolling on that one. The rolling began with far more disturbing signs. The Prime Minister stated publicly that telephone tapping must be restricted only to investigations revolving around Mafia activities and terrorism. It would thus have excluded cases involving national health scandals, poor administration, corruption, extortion, etcetera. Then, in the draft Bill submitted subsequently, the utility pool for telephone tapping was expanded, leaving out certain crimes of serious social concern, such as criminal association, usury, kidnapping, common theft, exploitation of prostitution, etcetera. Now, it is true that there is a problem in principle with telephone tapping, which is that you cannot use, and even less so reveal any information that is not directly linked to the case in question, in other words getting to the truth, or relating to third parties that have nothing to do with the case, as well as with conversations that, although involving individuals that are involved in the case, nevertheless contain information that is not pertinent to the case itself.
In my opinion, prohibiting the utilisation and the revelation of conversations involving third parties and regarding facts that are not pertinent is an inescapable duty and, in this regard, the draft Bill is moving in the right direction by establishing certain limits. However, we must be careful! This draft Bill prohibits the publication of all tapped telephone conversations, including those that are pertinent to the case. In this regard, Article 2 of the draft Bill states that: "It is prohibited to publish any information obtained, even partially, in summary or included in the content of the preliminary investigation documentation or in the prosecution or defence files, even where there are no existing grounds for maintaining confidentiality, until such time as the preliminary investigations have been concluded." What this means is that it would even be difficult to reveal the name of the individual under investigation. Never mind the nature of the crime for which he/she is being investigated or even any of the exculpatory proof gathered by the defence. Even in the case of material that is no longer deemed to be confidential, we will not be entitled to know anything about anything for many months, or perhaps even years, until such time as the investigations have been concluded. This is extremely dangerous! Not only because it sweeps aside every last vestiges of freedom of the press, but also because any public authority, and the justice system above all, must be open to so-called public scrutiny. We need to know what the justice system does and precisely what it is doing at the moment. This is so that we can decide whether what it is doing is right or wrong. If I as the Public Prosecutor am allowed to work in the utmost secrecy, without anyone knowing what I’m getting up to, then I will be able to carry out the most iniquitous of iniquities without anyone being any the wiser, is this what we call democracy?
To me this situation seems to be extremely dangerous. Another aspect to be taken into account is that telephone tapping operations will only be allowed to continue for 3 months. Allowing telephone tapping for 3 months, in other words for a time period that in many cases will not be sufficient time, to then have to cease the tapping just when things are starting to happen, does not mean prohibiting the entire operation, but is tantamount to making it meaningless or to emasculate it in the sense that, as regards its impact on the investigations, such an action could be dangerous. But there is another point that is even more striking due to its seriousness: if, for example, a telephone tap is authorised in terms of an investigation into a robbery and, while the alleged robbers’ conversation is being monitored, the robbers themselves admit to a murder and provide the listeners with precise, concrete proof regarding the murder under discussion, well, now this evidence will no longer be admissible in court! The draft Bill establishes that the only information that will be admissible is that which directly concerns the case for which the tapping was originally authorised.
Therefore, if the individuals whose conversations are being monitored happen to mention a murder, during an investigation into a robbery case, then nothing can be done about the murder. One would have to take this information and throw it away or block his ears, how should I know... Undoubtedly there are also problems relating to the cost of telephone tapping. Here I am not quoting my friend Marco Travaglio who, like myself, is suspected of being an executioner, but rather, I quote the Corriere della Sera and I quote Luigi Ferrarella, from the article entitled “A string of legends” as being only two of many who state that soon all our conversations will be monitored! This is not so. For example, the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office handles hundreds of thousands of cases, yet only 0.2% of these include the monitoring of telephone conversations, and this in a Country that is still experiencing major problems with organised crime and major problems with serious white collar crime, and where, not entirely coincidentally, the greatest use made of telephone tapping is in Palermo, Catania, Reggio Calabria and Milan.
Telephone tapping costs too much, yes it’s true, it is an expensive exercise! But why is it so expensive?
Every time the State requests a telephone call listing, it pays over 26 Euro to the telephone company, and then it must pay the service provider 1.6 Euro per day in the case of a normal landline, 2 Euro per day in the case of a mobile phone and 12 Euro per day in the case of a satellite telephone. Funny enough, no one has bothered to find out what happens abroad in this regard, where almost all of the Governments either pay the telephone operators a flat rate or, in some cases, even oblige the service provider to agree to special tariffs at the time of issuing them with an operating licence. I grant you a public concession, but when I request a service that is in the public interest, I demand to pay only a fair amount, as occurs everywhere else in the world. That is not the case here in Italy, and so we pay too much. Now, allow me to make one final observation. In return for the costs, there are also certain benefits. Staying with Ferrarella, the Antonveneta investigation, the cost of the investigation, 8 million Euro, monies recovered from the 64 suspects in terms of a plea bargain, 340 million, tens of millions of which were handed over to the State to be allocated to the creation of new nursery schools. From this we can see that reality is actually far more complex than what they would have us believe. Reality cannot start from this basic tenet. Telephone tapping is an essential activity and is often decisive in terms of getting to the truth. The truth often means the security of the citizens. We talk a lot about security. Good! Let’s at least be consistent! We must not only talk about security when addressing certain issues, for example the gypsies, yet fail to mention security when discussing the issue of telephone tapping. If security is the issue, then security it must be, but always in the same manner. The suspension of court cases is the result of an amendment introduced in the security Law. All good and well, we freeze the court proceedings regarding kidnapping, extortion, robbery, burglary, bag snatching, criminal association, rape and sexual molestation, illegal abortion, fraudulent bankruptcy, exploitation of prostitution, tax fraud, usury, forgery of public documents, corruption, breach of confidentiality, computer fraud, sale of counterfeit products, possession of paedophilic-pornographic material, illegal possession of unregistered firearms, culpable homicide resulting from violation of traffic laws, slander, European Union fraud, arson, illegal handling of refuse, and tampering with foodstuffs, almost all of which have something to do with the security of the citizens. What about those people who have experienced the consequences of these crimes and who see nothing happening in terms of the associated court cases, which have been suspended for one year? How can these people ever feel that their right to greater security is being safeguarded, by the acknowledgement of the guilt of the person that perpetrated the crime against them when, after a year of delay in the court proceedings, we are suddenly faced with a scary backlog of cases to get through? No one quite knows precisely which cases will be suspended: the National Magistrates’ Association estimates that the suspension will affect some 100-thousand court cases. A veritable mountain of work, which, a year from now when the landslide commences, as it will have to do, will cause an truly unbelievable bottleneck that will further aggravate the Justice Department’s problems instead of helping to sort them out. Former US President Bill Clinton, the most powerful man in the world, went through 7 court cases, 6 of which saw him come out unscathed. During the week he was constantly embroiled in a matter that was part public and part private, yet it never even flashed through his mind to take it out on the judge hearing his case. In all democratic countries, the law may well be criticised, but it is also respected at the same time! Agreed! That is because the law is a pivotal part and one of the foundation stones of Democracy and good neighbourliness. If it is true that these things are only happening in our Country, then this concept of Democracy that cannot but arouse more than just a little concern." Gian Carlo Caselli

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June 28, 2008

Three years (and a few months) later


More than three years have passed since I began beating on the keyboard of a PC with my fingertips. Since then I have written literally thousands of postings. I have received two million comments. Published book loads of complaints. With you at my side, I have fought a hundred battles: from the re-opening of the Pedavena brewery, through to the expulsion of Antonio Fazio from the post of Governor of the Banca d’Italia (the Italian Reserve Bank), and from the murder of Federico Aldrovandi through to getting some help for an unemployed mother with a disabled daughter. I went to Brussels to lodge a complaint about our Parliament that is filled with condemned criminals and about an unconstitutional law that doesn’t allow us to choose our own candidates. In Strasburg I asked the European Community to stop sending money to the various Mafia organisations. Together with a bunch of truly marvellous people I organised two V-day events to demand a Parliament without any condemned criminals and to demand freedom of information in a free State. 74,000 individuals from the Meetups in 364 towns are following the progress and developing ideas for the blog on topics such as the justice system, the public administration system, the environment and energy. I delivered 350,000 signatures to the Senate, for a popular law aimed at evicting all convicted criminals from Parliament. I will be asking to present this proposed law to a public sitting of the Senate. I am still busy gathering your signatures for a referendum on freedom of information and the abolition of the Gasparri Law. I will be submitting these signatures to the Court of Cassation in July. I launched the civic election lists so that YOU could take back your towns from out of the hands of corrupt and incompetent politicians. I attended the Telecom shareholders meeting in order to defend those minority shareholders that have seen their investment capital decimated by the likes of the Tronchettis and the Buoras of this world.
In return, politicians and the media alike have tried to destroy my public image. Fatso, fat cat, lout, boor, populist, political cynic, but also fascist and extreme left-wing hanger-on. My brother has catalogued at least five hundred different insults aimed at Beppe Grillo.
Anyone in a similar position to mine would be questioning whether or not to carry on regardless. I am certainly not doing this for the money. I could earn at least ten times as much by advertising processed cheese wedges. Nor is it for the happiness, or even for the affection. Many of my old friends have stopped calling me and have stopped coming round to visit. My family says that someday someone will make me pay for my actions, and that I should spare more than just a passing thought for the wellbeing of my children. Subpoenas have become a normal part of my life. These days my attorneys are usually working on three court cases at any one time, as a result of all the charges laid against me. At the end of the day, I am about to turn sixty. Hey guys! I know I look as if I have just turned forty but, unfortunately, reality is what it is. I have worked in management since I was twenty years old. I could cheerfully just sit back and enjoy whatever time is left to me. Often I am tempted to do just that. But then I look at Ciro, who is only 7 years of age, and I suddenly realise that I really have no choice. I cannot simply stand by with my hands in my pockets and watch while my Country goes to the dogs. What would my children think of their father one day when they grow up?

Ps: I will be looking out for you on the Trip to Rome on 25 July 2008

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June 23, 2008

The Berlusconian praying mantis


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I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s speech.

Good day to all. There’s a word that is over-used, abused and by now creates annoyance when people talk about it. The expression is “conflict of interests”. I’m saying straight away that we need to change its name. We should call it Tom or Dick of Harry, whatever comes to mind. The important thing is to revive the attention of people about this concept that has become really boring and unpronounceable.
Thos on the Left can’t stand hearing it spoken of, because their representatives betrayed their popular mandate and didn’t create the laws to resolve the conflicts of interest s. In fact they multiplies them by creating their own conflicts of interests. For an example, look at the Unipol case.
In the Centre-Right as soon as someone hears talk of conflict of interests, they say “there you are, a communist has arrived, one who has it in for Berlusconi”. It’s as though the conflict of interests was just a single thing about Silvio Berlusconi’s TV channels. That’s the biggest, but it’s not the only one.
Thus it is the conflict of interests that relates to the size of the playing field where the Right and the Left have to play the game, that is relation to the rules, and it has become a sort of political war.
A war between gangs, so it’s a bit like when they are talking about justice. They say: “there you are, this one is Left-wing!” In fact, talking about justice is not Right-wing or Left-wing. It’s a matter of pre-politics about keeping to the rules.
These are all examples given by the Magistrates Association in a research report on the effects of this law. A law that above all does not suspend the trials just for a year. It says that they are suspended for a year, then in reality they have to be reinserted in the list of trials. The statute of limitations is blocked for a year. After that, all the dead-time, years and years, needed by the tribunals to put them back on the list of trials, will result in all those trials being suspended for a year but then they will rest in peace and will finish with time outs for the statute of limitations. Including Berlusconi’s trial.
That’s what I said before. It’s very easy to see from these examples, that so as to block the Mills trial, a third of the trials that are really going on are blocked (or a quarter or a fifth). We are anyway talking about an enormous portion and all the victims that were expecting to have justice from those trials will be told: “Too bad. To make sure that Berlusconi goes free, your criminal too will go free.” The conflict of interests is clear straight away. It’s really easy to understand. It’s in our interests that those trials go ahead.
It’s in his interests obviously that those trials don’t go ahead because that way neither will his, and he won’t get a verdict and a penalty. And he knows what his sentence will be. Next week we will see. They are writing it right now, We will see what will be the consequences and what lies they will be telling us in relation to the Lodo Schifani Bis.
The Lodo Schifani Bis is in preparation and they are deciding which other top positions to include. Because five seemed too few so now it seems that they want to include nineteen, perhaps even the president of the hunting society or perhaps of the Salvation Army. There are various organisations to be given immunity. And probably, since he put on his panama hat, like Al Capone and asked a bishop to allow him to receive Communion even though he is divorced, it’s very probable that in the Lodo Schifani Bis there is also the right to receive Communion for those who are divorced and have a first name starting with “S” and a surname starting with “B” and their head covered with tar.

Thanks and spread the word.”

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June 17, 2008

Political Press Release number fourteen: referendum


Topo Gigio Veltroni, the weakest leader of the opposition in living memory, has finally reacted. The psycho-dwarf has brought in the iron curtain between the politicians and the justice system and information. It cuts the country in two. On this side: the unpunished ones of politics. On that side: the citizens. Topo Gigio then declared: “It would be a mistake to let us be squashed into positions on the round-about” but also: “I don’t think that there is a positive climate” and even still: “Too many blows, like that, the dialogue goes up in the air”.
How many blows against the Constitution and against the laws do we need before the Veltrusconi mess-up goes up in the air? It’s Topo Gigio who tells us. In fact, let him say nothing more, let him save us from his third-world adjectives, from his berlusconist adjectives and let him resign. In the United States, after the impressive series of defeats that he has suffered, Ueltròn would be a doorman at the cinema in Hollywood.
The psycho-dwarf has declared war against the country. Not because he is wicked, but out of necessity. Prison is not a pleasure to anyone. This is why he wants to send the journalists and the magistrates there in his place. The draft law on wiretaps definitively buries the (little) bit of free information existing in Italy. We won’t be able to know anything. Nothing. Unipol, Abu Omar, Santa Rita, the Telecom espionage centre, Saccà, Parmalat. Trials will become State secrets. The psycho-dwarf uses prison to stop the publication of what is public information. Not just of wiretaps, that in fact will be eliminated. In fact, all the court documents of the preliminary investigations “even though there is no longer any secret” will not be allowed to be published and not even “partially or in summary form”. No wiretapping for penalties below 10 years in prison. No publication of public court documents. This is the security of the new government. Having the military on the streets is an insult to the police forces. The aim is not to defend the citizens but to create a precedent. The military will then be able to be used for the nuclear power stations, the incinerators, the new American bases, the TAV in Val de Susa, the Bridge over the Straits, for the abolition of the Parmalat class action. To protect the politicians as in the best South American traditions.
The law on wiretaps is the tombstone on democracy. I’m not standing for it. A law, created for outlaws, that should be correctly named, the Silvio Berlusconi law.
The next V-Day will be devoted to this law. V3-day will be about Justice. I will launch a referendum for the abolition of the Berlusconi law. Anyone who is up for it, associations, movements, groupings, politicians, all welcome. The time has come for us to stand up and be counted. Time has run out. V-day, V-day, V-day.

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June 15, 2008

The blog and freedom of information

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Scarica l'ultimo numero del magazine Scarica "La Settimana" N°23-vol4
del 08 giugno 2008

This Blog interviewed Antonino Monteleone, the Calabrian journalist, after the seizure of his blog.
"Hi, my name is Antonino. I am 23 years of age, I am the organiser of the Reggio Calabria Meetup and I’m a journalist. In 2006, I set up a blog at, in which I proceeded to regularly and vociferously express my opinions and assessments concerning the occurrences and circumstances that I experienced as a result of my work, and I also reported certain facts that are perhaps better left unsaid on the official channels. My Blog was placed under sequestration with effect from Friday 6 June. I would like to explain to you precisely why this has happened and how the entire matter developed. Immediately after the 2006 political elections, I decided to post some extracts from a document circulated during the election campaign that laid our the CVs of the candidates standing for the Chamber and the Senate, and that would have almost certainly been elected to represent the Calabria Region because their names appeared high up on the nomination lists. The document mentioned certain former regional councillors nominated notwithstanding the fact that they had been involved in serious crimes against the public administration, such as manipulation of tenders and abuse of power. Former centre-right deputies that walked across to the centre-left, notwithstanding the serious charges levelled against them, such as external involvement in mafia activities. I would often post excerpts from this document, where the articles were almost always consisted of bits and pieces drawn from other articles published by the national daily newspapers. We are talking here about La Repubblica, the Espresso and Il Messaggero. On 9 December 2006, I posted an article concerning the Honourable Giuseppe Galati, who was a member of the UDC party at the time and who held the post of undersecretary in the Ministry for productive activities during the period in office of the Berlusconi Government that had won the elections in May 2001. In 2003, the Roma scandal broke and operation “Cleopatra” eventually led to the arrest of Serena Grandi and the investigation of Senator Colombo. What emerged from the Preliminary Investigation Judge’s documentation submitted to the Rome Court was that none other than the Honourable Galati was an habitual cocaine user, which was supplied to him from within the Ministry for Productive Activities, of which he was undersecretary. I wrote this article on the 9th December and then, on the 26th February 2007, I received an e-mail from the Honourable Galati, entitled “Enquiry in terms of art. 7 of the Privacy Law” and in which he asked me to reveal the sources from which I had obtained this information. In addition, he stated that he wished to correct certain of the contents of the article because these were inaccurate and were aimed at discrediting him personally. I only responded to his mail on the 9th March. The reason why I did not respond immediately is simply that his mail took me by surprise and I wanted to first put together the details regarding the sources behind the information on which the article was based. As a matter of fact, most of the press articles were available in the collection posted on the Chamber of Deputies’ website. I then responded to his mail, making sure to forward a copy for information purposes to the Privacy Watchdog. In the same mail, I asked the Honourable Galati to indicate to me which parts of the article he believed to be inaccurate, incomplete or false, so that I could fulfil my duty to review, which burden is placed on the press by the law. Nothing. Silence. This event is also mentioned in the decision handed down after the initial court hearing relating to the application lodged in terms of art. 700, an urgent procedure that I received notification for in July of that year, namely 2007. One fine day the Court Messenger arrived on my doorstep to serve me with a subpoena. After failing to respond to my e-mail, in which I requested that he indicate which parts of the article he believed to be defamatory so that I could make any necessary corrections, Galati nevertheless decided to drag me into court. Prior to appearing in the courtroom with my defence attorney, who also happens to be a friend of mine, namely Attorney Creaco, I wrote on my blog that Galati had laid charges against me for the article I had written in December, and that the initial hearing was scheduled for August of that same, just two weeks later. Galati’s attorney requested that the judge issue a ruling that even the simple fact that I had mentioned his eminence the judge and the date of the hearing constituted a repetition of my defamatory conduct against his client. The fact remains that, given that that this was an urgent application for protection, lodged in terms of article 700 of the Criminal Court Procedure Code, the judge failed to find any of the basic grounds for protection, namely “periculum in mora” and “fumus boni iuris” in terms of the alleged offence and therefore he rejected the application, ordering Galati to pay costs. Galati decided to lodge an appeal, but now we must examine the merits of the case in detail.

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June 10, 2008

The surface of things


The surface of things. News invades us. Every day, it gets us dirty. It is only superficial. The names of the saints borrowed from the calendar. Saint Raphael, Saint Rita. To steal money from Lombardy. Lungs removed, heart operated for tumours that weren’t there. They’ve done better than Dario Argento and Stephen King. A scene worthy of Dr Mengels. But it’s just superficial. The magistracy gagged, the conclusion of Licio Gelli’s Piano di Rinascita Nazionale {Plan of National Renaissance}. The prohibition of intercepts by the magistracy in the name of Anna Falchi’s privacy and of the interests of the whole political class, with the only exception of the Kryptonite Di Pietro. All the delinquents out to save a single one. Morpheus Napolitano gives his blessing to the wide ranging understanding to put a gag on Justice. A President that provides guarantees to the parties, not to the citizens. But he too, like Alfano, Violante and Mancino is only superficial. The flow of European funds. Billions of euro coming from the taxes of the Italians, destined, with a signature, without controls, by trained functionaries in Brussels to Campania, Calabria, Sicily. To organised crime and to corrupt public administrations. Financed by transfers from accounts Rome/Brussels/South of Italy. The start of the exchange vote. Luigi De Magistris, who investigates, is first divested of power and then reinstated, but without any more investigations, with the total silence of the media. It’s always just superficial.
Under the surface, there’s the Italian. Who tries to get by. Who doesn’t read, doesn’t stay informed, and is, to say it with a great word, ignorant. Under the surface there’s always a Venetian, a Sicilian, a person from the Valle d’Aosta, not an Italian citizen. Solidarity stops at the door of the Region, of the town, of the condominium. Beneath the failure of Italy, its economic failure, but above all moral and ethical, there’s the Italian. Once upon a time, it was only the average Italian, now there’s also the averagely tall, or the averagely short, the averagely Left or the averagely Right.
Every day, there are new symptoms, new delinquents, new shameful laws. Are you tired of running after them?
Stop, look in the mirror and declare yourselves guilty.

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Fascism is coming


I'm publishing the text of Marco Travaglio's speach:

“Good day to all.
Well, on Beppe’s blog, a certain Daniele asks me about the intercept law that has been announced by Berlusconi at the conference of the young industrialists at Santa Margherita in Liguria. He asks me whether it could be unconstitutional or subject to a pronouncement by the European Court of Justice. And on my blog - - Cle and Carla C. are also asking me about this law. So let’s talk about it because it is the topic of the day and I believe it will be the topic of the week and perhaps of the month. We have arrived at the first of Berlusconi’s shameful laws relating to crime that has some chance of getting passed, after the one that for now has gone by about large-scale plea-bargaining that would have been able to shift into the future the trials against the “Cavaliere”. Meanwhile, let’s see what Berlusconi wants to do, according to what he says he wants to do. He has said: “absolute prohibition on intercepts, except for mafia crimes, those of the camorra, of the 'ndrangheta, of organised crime and of terrorism”. For those that do them, that is for the judges who order them to be done beyond these crimes, - given that there are still some left - and for the officials that then put them into practice together with the telephone operators who provide their support: five years in prison. This is the maximum penalty laid down. For journalist who publish them, five years in prison for them too. This is the way of crowning the dream of il Cavaliere to arrest all those who should be controlling him and who still control him, that is magistrates and journalists. Instead of arresting the people who are intercepted and have committed crimes, they decide to arrest those who have discovered them and those who make it known. And that’s not bad, I have to say. As well as that it lays down, he says: “A strong economic penalty for the publishers who publish these articles containing the intercepts”. Thus, in theory, even his family, should be convicted, given that his newspapers have abundantly published intercepts – usually those of the others, never his own. The announcement was already written in the manifesto of the Casa delle Libertà, and was already spoken about during the election campaign. The problem is that Berlusconi has this great stroke of luck: he is always undervalued. They say: “yes, that’s what he said. In fact in reality, it’s not true….” No. In reality it is true. And in fact, what seemed impossible, the prohibition on intercepts for all crimes that are not mafia or terrorism, according to what he says, always assuming that he hasn’t been misinterpreted and that he wasn’t speaking at a personal level, will be the subject of the next law dealing with justice. And that is how they have been served, all those fools, magistrates, magistrates’ associations, Democratic Party, who thought that they would be able to have a dialogue with someone like that. Luckily the one who goes against the grain and is against the dialogue, is Berlusconi himself. What’s interesting is the fact that he announces all this just when he is in Naples and round about and he is preaching that with him, the State is coming back, in arrival there’s the iron fist, zero tolerance, the certainty of the penalty. What’s about to arrive is the severe schoolmaster and everyone has to toe the line. And he announces a law that goes exactly against all that. It’s not an "ad personam law", in as much as it’s not just useful to himself, it’s an "ad personas law" in as much as it’s useful to the whole class of rulers. It is another enormous tunnel excavated under the prisons and under the tribunals so as to allow the sewer rats as big as that to pass through naturally. But along that same tunnel even small and medium sized mice will pass through, the ones that will go to creating the growth of the security emergency, the perception of insecurity. The reason for which then there’ll be the need to go back and create other security measures. It’s a continuum. It’s a pendulum in which a week after the security measures, it goes back and starts to save the white collars, but also, as we will see in a minute, the main criminal categories that make our country famous throughout the world. Let’s take a few examples. For murder, for example, it’s no longer possible to do intercepts, if what Berlusconi says is true. Because murder is not mafia, nor 'ndrangheta, nor camorra, or rather, there are even murders that do not relate to those organisations. For a simple murder – that is I kill a guy who is not of the camorra, the mafia, or 'ndrangheta and is not even a terrorist. They cannot do intercepts on me. Normally, to find out who it was who murdered a person, they do intercepts on all those who were part of his circle: his relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, to look for some connection between the death of that person and the people he knows. That will not be possible. Thus many more unpunished murders. OK?

The case, for example of the attempts to buy banks. There were the local wide-boys who, going against the law, tried to get their hands on two banks: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, the “red” co-operatives and Consorte’s Unipol; Antonveneta, Giampiero Fiorani’s Banca Popolare di Lodi; Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, that is the biggest independent publishing group not controlled by the parties, that would have ended up in the hands of Ricucci who in turn, according to some people, would have turned it over to the usual friends of Berlusconi. OK, these three attempts at takeover bids were blocked by Clementina Forleo and the Milan prosecutor, thanks to intercepts. With this new law, no intercepts, takeover bids successful. Including their top protector, Antonio Fazio who would have continued as the Governor of the Bank of Italy and would not have been suspected of anything. Although, as we have seen from the telephone conversations, it was he who was the director and the player of these games, in which he should have stayed as a disinterested third party and referee.

No one would have known these things because in this law it is laid down that no one publishes. Thus, given that the trial has not yet started, we would still know almost nothing about Fazio. And thus Fazio would be doubly in his post. Both because he would not have been discovered, and also because even if they had discovered him, no one would then have been able to tell the story.

Think about the evidence that was uncovered about what was denounced by Stefania Ariosto on Rome’s corrupt judges, with all the intercepts on judge Squillante’s entourage, on the lawyer Pacifico etc.

Nothing. Poggi Longostrevi’s trickery in Milan with the easy prescriptions at the expense of the Region, with reimbursements inflated etc. 150 doctors convicted thanks to the intercepts. Nothing. We wouldn’t have had any of all this. In Turin, the administrator of the Molinette arrested thanks to the intercepts as he was taking kickbacks in the office on every supply transaction. Luigi Odasso, he too would be in his job. Let’s think about Lazio, thanks to the intercepts they found the evidence for the denunciation by Lady ASL, the one who told the story of the great scandal in health, that was then responsible for the great hole in Lazio’s health system, that luckily was stopped thanks to the intervention of the magistracy, and we would have known nothing of that.

Think of the case of spying. The cases of illegal spying that we’ve had in recent years. Storace’s staff that spied on Alessandra Mussolini and Piero Marrazzo leading up to the regional elections of 2005.

SISMI of Pollari and Pompa, that was creating dossiers on those journalists, magistrates, and politicians considered to be dangerous to Berlusconi. SISMI, that according to the accusation of the Milan Prosecutor’s office, collaborated in the kidnapping of the Egyptian citizen, Abu Omar, to whom we had granted hospitality for political reasons and whom was then kidnapped by the CIA and sent to Egypt for torture.

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June 09, 2008

Genoa for us…

Click on the image

With that face a bit like that
that “topogigi” expression, a bit like that
that they have when they rob in Genoa
but how afraid they make us, that black well that is Italy
where they excavate even at night and that never stays still….

"Stefano Francesca, the spokesperson for the mayor Stefano Francesca, arrested for association to commit delinquent acts and for corruption. Massimo Casagrande and Claudio Fedrazzoni, two former DS town councillors, in handcuffs for association to commit delinquent acts and for corruption. And then Massimiliano Morettini and Paolo Striano, two councillors in the Centre Left Cabinet, in power for only one year, accused of corruption. And still more: there’s the arrest of Roberto Alessio, an entrepreneur close to the Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone
And more: Giuseppe Profiti, director of Rome’s Ospedale Bambin Gesù, “the Vatican’s Minister of Health”, ends up under house arrest. According to the prosecutor Francesco Pinto, it’s believed they tried to “rig” the competitions for the contracts for the ASL catering facilities (worth 15 million euro)
But this isn’t the essential bit. The basic question is different: what is happening in Genoa?
No, it’s not a local question, what is happening in Liguria is the spy hole for what is happening nationally. It’s the demonstration of the existence of a transversal party of business, that has colours that are ever more hazy and that unites people in all parties with entrepreneurs. But above all, from this episode it’s possible to understand a lot about the defeat of the Democratic Party at the recent national elections. Good bye to the myth of good local left-wing administration, that had such a big part in national political success.
Yes, once upon a time, the Left flew the flag for morality. Today, however it is tripping up over the Unipol case and ignoring the unhappiness of the voters by once more presenting as candidates all the protagonists of that affair, starting with Nicola Latorre. Is it an isolated case? No. Because in Genoa there are the bribes for the hospital canteens. And in Ivrea the arrests for the rubbish scandal, that, as La Stampa remembers, touch men close to the Democratic Party. Truly, this Centre Left reminds us ever more closely of the socialists of 15 years ago.
And that’s not enough. Once upon a time, the Centre Left occupied itself with health, now it occupies it: health directors, top clinicians and those responsible for the departments are often appointed by the Region according to the infamous article “15 septies” that avoids every type of competition (38 appointments in two and a half years). By doing name-matching of doctors who are promoted with those who support the DS or the Democratic Party you can make interesting discoveries.
Once upon a time in Liguria, the Left defended the environment. Today in our Region they are creating 11,007 new berths for boats. But the problem is another one: behind the boats, there’s the arrival of almost three million of cubic metres of new homes. An outpouring of cement similar to the “rapallizzazione” {uncontrolled urbanization of areas of natural beauty} after the War that risks ruining the coast definitively.
This is what is happening in Liguria and what risks happening in Italy. This is why, after 63 years, the Left lost the elections in Liguria and was defeated in Italy. Not because it should have imitated the Lega, but because it has lost its soul.” Ferruccio Sansa, journalist with Il Secolo XIX

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June 06, 2008

EXPO 2015: the builder always rings one and a half times


Milan’s EXPO 2015 is a concrete pour. Two concrete pours in fact. A minor Lombardian tsunami. 50% of the buildings will, in fact, be knocked down immediately after the exhibition. After Communion and Liberation, now the residents of Lombardy will be treated to Construction, Demolition and Reconstruction. And all in the genuine spirit of an EXPO that is dedicated to world food production. As a matter of fact, the construction companies will now be able to eat at least one and a half times over. What is left is a feeling of disbelief at the construction of a huge exhibition complex when Milan already has a number of such centres. The very idea of a universal exhibition is a concept that dates back to the eighteen hundreds. To clear, build, use and then destroy this venue in quick succession, and all for what purpose? To ship and then display all those things that one can find on the Internet from the comfort of your sitting room? Meanwhile, as always, the residents have been excluded from the decision making process. The real estate companies, instead, are permanent guests. Professor Boatti from the Milan Polytechnic explains the EXPO 2015 concept as follows to this blog.
"The Expo is a plan to enable Milan to host an international exhibition to be held in 2015, whose theme is feeding the population of the entire planet. The project proposed to make use of an area located on the very outskirts of the Milan municipal district, very near to the new Rho-Pero trade fair pavilion, an area that is already now experiencing significant problems with congestion and traffic flow and, therefore, the first thing to be said regarding the chosen site is that there is a real risk that the traffic problems of the area will become far worse, especially if you factor in the effects of the new exhibition complex and the additional peak traffic whenever there is an exhibition on, and thereafter if any of the installations are left in place.
The other issue is the tender process set up for the construction of the exhibition complex, which envisages the demolition and reconstruction of most of the exhibition buildings immediately after their initial utilisation. In my opinion, any such simple replacement is not something to be taken on willy-nilly, nor would it necessarily be a particularly environmentally sustainable exercise. In other words, to go ahead and build many tens of buildings, each one separate from its neighbour and destined to be used for only a few months before simply being entirely discarded in order to build something else, would not appear to be a very environmentally sustainable choice in my view..."

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June 03, 2008

Guilty ones: the citizens


Below I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s speech.

”Good day to all. I am hoping that it is still possible to say that the speech given by the Head of State to celebrate 2 June that happened yesterday was anything but satisfactory. I for example, didn’t agree with it at all. Not because the principles that he set out are not just: no more intolerance, no more rebellion against the State.
It depends what you are saying and what you are referring to. Was he referring to Bossi?
Bossi who has threatened that if the reforms he wants are not done then he will march on Rome with five hundred thousand people from the Po valley, even though he has yet to find each one of them.
We don’t know whether they will be armed this time, dressed up as Obelix, or in what other costumes they would be present. Was he referring to Berlusconi, who has just rebelled against the State, that is against the arrest ordered by the magistracy of Naples for the rubbish debacle, for the trickery over the rubbish tips, for the rubbish that has not been processed that was hidden underneath thin layers of processed rubbish and perhaps even perfumed with the quick-lime like the intercepts of the entourage of Bertolaso and by the incorruptible FIBE-FISIA of the Impregilo group who have continued to cream off our money without processing a gram of refuse? Was he referring to ….? Who are those that are rebelling against the State?
Are they those that want to abolish the intercepts because they work too well, as has been demonstrated even in this case? Berlusconi has taken advantage of the June 1st reception at the Quirinale to announce a law against intercepts, that is to disarm the magistracy that has already been brought to its knees by 15 years of reforms by the right and the left that will by now very soon give the result of the closure of some tribunals and of some judicial offices that will declare themselves bankrupt. Is the one rebelling against the State, by any chance the one that orders the sampling and analysis to be done at Chiaiano and then gives the results before the sampling has been finished saying that everything is fine and that that is the place to take the rubbish? In one of the few uncontaminated oases where they produce excellent fruit, where there are hospitals only a few metres away, in the centre of the city.
Those who rebel against the State, who are they? Are they those who since 1999 have been trampling all over the verdicts of the Constitutional Court, of the Council of State, of the European Court of Justice, the application of the fine and the infringement procedures by the European Commission in relation to the frequencies conceded to Rete4 that has no concession, instead of to Europa7 that has the concession? Who are they that rebel against the State? The one that was definitively bringing about the bankruptcy of Alitalia after sending away the French of Air France who would probably have saved it?
The one who rebels against the State is it perhaps senator Schifani, the President of the Senate, who is today making gifts of the Constitution to children and who has given his name, Schifani, to one of the most unconstitutional laws in living memory, the “lodo Schifani”, that guaranteed impunity for the 5 highest positions in the State, especially to one, the lowest, and that was incinerated by the Constitutional Court in 2003?
Are the ones who rebel against the State the politicians of Campania, including Napolitano right up to before being elected President of the Republic, because it was there that he had his election base, that have created for 15 years the rubbish crisis and who now are requesting that the very ones who caused it are the ones to resolve it, including Bertolaso, who 2 years ago was the rubbish commissioner and who achieved nothing, like all the others and who today is put forward again, like the salami that always comes to the top, to resolve a problem to which he too has contributed to creating and making worse?
Who is rebelling against the State and who has not given protection to this entrepreneur who had started to speak and so for this reason has been assassinated, like all those who speak in Campania, or in Calabria, or in Sicily?
Is the one who rebels against the State perhaps the one who during the election campaign defined as a “hero” Vittorio Mangano, who was a criminal who didn’t speak? Well then, if in this country the heroes are the mafia people who did not speak, then this person who was killed because he spoke was not a hero. We have to decide.

I fear that the Head of State did not intend to talk about these categories and about his colleagues in this speech of his that is as it were, so unfortunate, for the Feast of the Republic.

I fear that he was referring to the people of Chiaiano who are defending their oasis, defending their quality of life, defending the possibility of first going to check to see whether a site is suitable or not to receive refuse, and then afterwards to make use of it.

And not the other way round. But it’s all turned upside down and not just the vocabulary of our institutions. What’s turned upside down is the logic, what’s turned upside down is public order, what’s turned upside down is the Constitution.

In fact, the constitutional guarantees are being suspended, demonstrations are forbidden as symbols of complicity with the rubbish and the magistracy is expropriated of its right and duty to prosecute crimes and soon we will not even have the control over intercepts.

We will have the army that will go and militarize ever more frequently, as anyway Beppe Grillo had foreseen, the situations that the politicians no longer manage to govern except with force, with cudgels and with the use of weapons.

On Beppe Grillo’s blog, Stefano and Luigi are asking me to explain the verdict of the Council of State in relation to the Europa7 case.

We should be talking about the “Rete4 case” in reality. Let’s call it the scandal of the frequencies denied to Europa7 for 9 years by the State, against which someone has rebelled, but it was not the people of Chiaiano and it wasn’t even the Europa7 entrepreneur, Francesco Di Stefano. It’s the company of our President of the Council, that does not even need to rebel because for 25, 30 years since the decrees that Craxi created tailor-made for “il Cavaliere”, manages to command on TV matters, before, during and after his stay in the government.

The laws relating to TV, for the last 25 years, have always been written by Berlusconi. It’s just that before he was always obliged to pay Craxi to return the favour, whereas now he does it directly and thus he no longer needs to pay anyone. Let’s say it’s a saving.

It would really please me to be able to explain this verdict of the Council of State, but this verdict of the Council of State, does not exist. Or rather, it exists, but the top people in the Council of State decided to put it away in a safe on Saturday morning, then they went away for the weekend leaving a communication for the journalists written in Ostrogothic perhaps in Sanskrit. No one understands what it means, so we have to go ahead feeling our way in the dark.

Let’s say, that we have to trust certain key words that come out of this press release. Tomorrow, let’s hope that we will finally have this verdict in our hands. What’s the problem?

The problem started in 1999 when the Italian State decided to re-assign, according to criteria lay down in the law, the 8 bodies that have the right to broadcast on a national level.

Various suitors came forward: The RAI came forward with its three networks, Mediaset came forward with its three networks, the company at that time called Telemontecarlo came forward, various bodies that were around at that time came forward, Telepiù, there was still Telepiù Nero - and coming forward was also this new director, Francesco Di Stefano, with 2 networks: one was Europa7, the other was 7plus. He wins the concession to broadcast at a national level, with one of these networks, Europa7, while Rete4 lost the concession. Why?

Because even 5 years before that, the Constitutional Court had established that Mediaset, like all private organisations, cannot possess more than 2 analogue terrestrial networks, that is on our classical remote control that we use to change channels.

Thus one of the networks, either had to be given up or transferred to satellite, thus freeing up the analogue terrestrial frequencies that are in limited supply and thus have to go to the ones with the right to have them. In this case, Europa7 had won the concession and thus should have the frequencies.

Who was in government at that time? Massimo D’Alema. The D’Alema government issued a great ministerial decree saying that Europa7 had the right, in fact in front of the authority that dealt with examining the requirements of the various TV networks of those who are asking to be allowed to transmit, Europa7 had in fact won over all the others for the quality of the programmes, for its programme schedules that it presented. In this decree it is written that Europa7 has thus the right to broadcast, but they forgot to say exactly which frequencies they should use, why? Because the only frequencies free were those that were still occupied by Rete4 and by Telepiù Nero.

Berlusconi’s Rete4 and Telepiù Nero owned by Berlusconi’s friends, who naturally had no intention of freeing them unless the government insisted.

And the government didn’t insist., in fact, it allowed Mediaset to continue broadcasting on those frequencies even with the concession for Rete4, while waiting for new developments. So Rete4, that was formally abusive, that is no longer with the concession, got an extension that we don’t know when it will end.

At this point the Constitutional Court stepped in for the second time. The first time was in 1994: the antitrust principle, 2 networks for every private body, the third one goes. Given that no one had done anything in those 7 years, in 2001 the Constitutional Court repeated once more: “take note that Mediaset must reduce its networks form 3 to 2. It is unconstitutional not to act.

Every law that allows it to transmit on 3 networks is unconstitutional. Obviously there was panic in Mediaset, but who’s in the government? Berlusconi. With the suitable Minister, Gasparri. First version, it was overturned by Ciampi for being unconstitutional. December 2003. At this point at Christmas 2003, Berlusconi in person signed a decree called “salva Rete4”. {save Rete4}. That is, it decided that Rete4 could continue to broadcast.

Meanwhile, the Gasparri 2 came into law, and this was signed by Ciampi. In April 2004, the Gasparri 2 established that, up to the moment when the digital terrestrial comes into operation, Rete4 will be able to broadcast. Rete4 would be able to broadcast because anyway digital terrestrial was just round the corner. Gasparri had forecast it for 2006.

Digital terrestrial will multiply the number of networks to hundreds and hundreds, everyone will have hundreds of TV channels to choose between, so what’s the fuss about those three channels of Mediaset? Thus Rete4 can stay.

Naturally, it’s all a lie. Digital terrestrial doesn’t even exist today. We are in 2008. It won’t even exist in 2010. It won’t even exist in 2012. They say, perhaps, it will come in 2015, but very probably we’ll get Internet TV first and that will overtake it and make it seem old.

Anyway it was a lie. A trick, that was useful to procrastinate “sine die” this transition phase that never ends, as it is because of the arrival of digital terrestrial that never arrives.

And meanwhile, Di Stefano continues to be stuck on the starting line with his TV channel, for which he had invested a mass of money to create a 22,000 metre production centre on via Tiburtina, 8 recording studios, technology, a library with 3 thousand hours of programmes. Exactly all that was needed to get the concession.

And all this is a Ferrari that is getting rusty in the garage. Why? Because they are not giving him the frequencies. The Centre Left doesn’t give it to him. Berlusconi, during his 5 years of government doesn’t give it to him. He, like a model citizen, turns to the tribunals.

The TAR, {Rome Tribunal} partially says he’s wrong. He turns to the Council of State. The Council of State to waste a bit of time, or perhaps because it’s not clear what the problem is, sends everything to the European Court of Justice asking whether the Italian regulations that allow this situation and that have been created on the Right and on the Left, are or not compatible with European regulations.

Even the European Court of Justice doesn’t take a short time to study the case, even because it’s a case that is unique in the world, and in the end, on 31 January this year, that is in 2008, it gives its verdict: the Italian regulations that allow Rete4 to broadcast in place of Europe7 in this infinite transitional phase are contrary to community law, and thus are illegal., thus the Italian State must repeal them. It’s as though they don’t exist.

Why? Because community law has precedence over national regulations. Thus the government could pull down the current legislation, and oblige Rete4 to disappear from analogue terrestrial, and anyway to remove itself from the frequencies – that do not belong to Rete4, that are ours, they are a public good, that is given as a concession to a private organisation if they respect the rules, now that it is said that they are not respecting those rules, because the European ones are worth more than the Italian ones, remove the frequencies and give them to the legitimate, not owner, but the ones who can legitimately use them in accordance with the concession won in 1999.

Instead, the Prodi government was by then semi-defunct, as it had just collapsed, and in the phase – let’s say –of getting rid of the current stuff while waiting for the elections. It doesn’t feel like doing what even before that, when it was fully functioning, Gentiloni never did, and that is to give the frequencies to the ones who had the right to them, and thus a decree was passed to comply with various things imposed by Europe, apart from this one by the European Court of Justice

In the meantime, the European Commission, that is the European government, the Barroso government, going through the commissioner Kroes, started an infringement procedure on the Gasparri law in relation to another “hole” in that law, and that is the fact that the Gasparri law guarantees access to this mythological digital terrestrial only to those bodies that already are present in analogue, and that is to Mediaset and RAI.

Instead of opening up the market as has always been the story told, exactly the Gasparri law, gives entrance to digital terrestrial only to those that are already present in analogue terrestrial, which means that not only today have we got the duopoly RAI-Mediaset, but that we will have them for ever.

For eternity, because none of those excluded today from analogue terrestrial will be able to enter digital terrestrial.

And this is why they gave the decision in 2006, with the warning that if in a couple of years we haven’t brought down the Gasparri law, we would trigger a retroactive fine starting exactly from 2006 until it builds up to 3-400,000 euro a day, that if we spread that out over three years becomes as much as 300 million euro that could happen to us if within a few months the Gasparri law is not resolved.

At this point the Berlusconi government arrives. Berlusconi is back for the third time. He immediately tries to do a swift action, that is to respond to Europe by saying “who has received, has received. Who has given, has given.”

Let’s forget the past and above all let’s forget the verdicts of the Constitutional Court, the verdicts of the European Court, the fine set by the European Commission, the infringement procedures.

The status quo remains, until we have digital terrestrial. That is in a future that will arrive in 6 or 7 years. They want to establish and crystallize an illegal situation to avoid having to give Europa7 what even the European Court has established that it is their right to have. Last event, Saturday, the press release that announces the verdict. The verdict that should close the argument that is based on a good 7 actions that Europa7 has taken out against the Italian State.

Basically the press release says that: “the request made by Mediaset – that talks about RTI, because it’s the company that is called that – is turned down, and it will be the task of the administration, that is the government, that is the undersecretary “ad personam”, or “ad aziendam”, Paolo Romani, to apply the verdict of the European Court of Justice and re-determine the frequencies on the basis of the requests by Europa7”.

What all this means, we don’t know. We don’t know whether the Council of State will say to the government: “give the frequencies to Europa7 and take them away from Rete4.” Or: “Decide as you like.” Or: “Let us know what you want to do, after that we will establish what will be the compensation that we will have to pay to Europa7, without anyone giving them the frequencies.”

They are ambiguous formulae that we hope will finish tomorrow, when finally the complete text of the relevant verdict arrives. What it is possible to deduce up to now is that the Council of State will entrust the Berlusconi government to resolve a problem that has been created by the Berlusconi governments in favour of Berlusconi’s company, as well as the so-called opposition to Berlusconi that has always been on his side, as has always happened on topics relating to TV.

Let’s see what the verdict says. Certainly the idea of entrusting Berlusconi with the resolution of the Rete4/ Europa7 issue reminds me so much of entrusting Berlusconi and Bertolaso with the resolution of the rubbish issue, in agreement with Bassolino. That is in agreement with the other, who has collaborated with Berlusconi and Bertolaso to create it. It’s as though, when faced with a crime, you entrust the task of resolving the crime to the assassin.”

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June 01, 2008

Extraterritorial cluster bombs

Click on the image: cluster bombs

In Dublin, 111 countries ratified an agreement to ban cluster bombs. Italy was one of them. The treaty is due to be signed in December in Oslo. Cluster bombs are not designed to kill. Their purpose is to mutilate. They are either dispersed over an area following an explosion, or they are more gently delivered to earth by means of a small parachute. They are often brightly coloured, perhaps canary yellow, and are made in beautiful shapes, such as a toy or a tin can. Such items are irresistible to children. The USA, Israel, Russia, China, India and Pakistan have refused to sign the treaty. The United States and Russia are both manufacturers and distributors. First they create and destroy and then, eventually, they rebuild and start selling prosthetic limbs. A business built on childhood amputations.
Italy, together with the other signatories, will no longer be allowed to manufacture cluster bombs and will have to destroy all such weapons in its possession within eight years. Italy has also committed itself to helping to clear areas that are littered with these cluster bombs.
The American bases in Italy, our country and their home soil, have cluster bombs at their disposal. Extraterritorial bombs. Following the Dublin meeting, our Government should be required to demand that the United States rehabilitate its military bases in Italy. To ratify the moratorium and then allow our Country to be used like an aircraft carrier from which bombers take off, loaded with little explosive gifts for children would be tantamount to taking we Italians for a ride. Let’s rehabilitate the bases.

The American population will certainly not be very impressed with Bush’s decision. Let them stand up and be counted. Let them ask their presidential candidates, namely Obama, Clinton and McCain to eliminate cluster bombs from the American arsenal should they be elected.

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May 27, 2008

Balls from space

Click the image

Below, I’m publishing the transcript of Marco Travaglio’s video broadcast today:

”Do you want to have a good chuckle? Read Francesco Alberoni – sociologists of nothing, climber of descents, expert in what’s obvious – in today’s il Corriere della Sera. On the front page of il Corriere, where Pasolini once wrote, today there’s Alberoni. And Alberoni says: “I am convinced that Italy will have a rapid recovery. Even before everyone thinks it will.
And it will recover because at last it has reacquired its sense of reality. Today everyone asks for security, they want “thermo-valorisers”, they think it’s right that the head of the government meets with the leader of the opposition, they condemn teenagers that rape and kill young people – (before that however we were all standing by the rapists) – and they accept that a Minister proposes that those civil servants that don’t work can be sacked.
Newspapers and TV channels are starting to objectively describe the news about crimes, about corruption and poverty without getting us overburdened with a hundred political-ideological opinions.” (It was done by Berlusconi winning the elections, just see how many miracles in two weeks) – “People can reflect and make up their minds on their own, using common sense. Naturally there are characters that haven’t yet understood that society has changed and they behave like those Japanese who continued fighting even after the war was over. But they will disappear.”
The words of Francesco Alberoni. So there. The heading is “The country is reacquiring a sense of reality”.

And let’s have a look straight away at some examples of this reacquired sense of reality. For example, the abolition of the ICI tax. It was anyway already abolished for the houses of limited value. But those that abolished it didn’t even talk about it, because they didn’t know how to communicate. OK, well now they have abolished it even for the rich and they say that they want to do fiscal federalism.
In reality, there is no tax that is more federal than a local tax like ICI, that is based on the value of property and not on income, and so it necessitated the payment of some tax even for those who completely or partially dodge paying taxes on their income.
And above all it was a breathing space that provided finance for the local administration. That is, it was the most federal tax that could be imagined. The federalists cancelled it and now they will tell us that we will all live in a better world because we will all save so much money.
In fact that’s not at all true, because if ICI disappears there will be gaping holes in the balance sheets of the local authorities. The government has already said it will pay back to the towns the lack of revenue from ICI and what will it do? It will increase other taxes to make things even.
That is, we won’t pay one tax called ICI, but we will pay another that will be called “replacement for ICI”. In the town hall of Palermo in the last few days, they have doubled the income tax and the Palermo authorities are in the vanguard of this new form of fiscal federalism by taking people for a ride.
Removing taxes from overtime pay. Another great conquest. And everyone believes it. And everyone is talking about it. In fact, as explained by Scalfari yesterday in la Repubblica, there will simply be a move in the pay slip from the fixed part to the variable part so as to be able to pay and get the cash, let’s say, in the amount that will not be subject to tax, and this will increase the tax avoidance and the tax dodging. Anyway the removal of tax from overtime pay does not apply to those employed by the State, so for example to the police forces, who are paid very little and who do a job that is often difficult and they won’t get any benefit.
What’s more, most women will not be involved because women rarely do overtime. Those working unofficially won’t be uncovered, because the companies will continue to pay them under the counter without social security payments and without taxes. There will be an effect that will block job creation even more and will make even more use of precarious working and the use of more overtime hours for those who are already employed.

Continue reading

Another announcement that has no relation to the facts. The great saving that we’ll have with the renegotiation of mortgages. In fact, as the consumer associations have already shown us, to go back to the 2006 fixed rate and renegotiate the mortgages, does not mean that we will save. It means that we will be paying off the mortgage over a longer period and so in the end, our mortgage will cost us much more that it is costing us now.

The banks don’t do anything to make a loss, thus they will gain. It’s just that we will be paying in a longer time frame and we won’t be aware of it. Perhaps someone will get the idea that they have saved while a few extra hundred or thousand euro is taken from their pockets.

The announcement about nuclear: “We will have 4 new nuclear power stations.” No one notices that we will have these perhaps in 15 years time and when they start to work they will already be old or dead as they will be using third generation technology while the whole world is already talking about the fourth generation. No one knows where to get rid of the waste material.

Because we do zero-cost reforms, without working out the consequences of what we are doing. And all this with the hypothesis that then these power stations will start to work but it seems that they cost 30 billion, that they will give us really costly energy and absolutely out of the market and in the end, even if they do get off the ground, they would provide 7% of our energy needs.

So basically, another announcement thrown into the air that everyone is taking seriously, but that probably will not be converted into reality.

It’s all a fiction. Fiction. Like the Bridge over the Straits of Messina, that once more is being re-proposed so that a bit of money can be thrown away in planning and preparatory work and that then no one even knows if it could stand up. But we can safely say to each other that the bridge will never happen.

It will just be used as a way of throwing away more public money. Anyway, the company that won the contract was Impregilo, the one that behaved so well in the non-disposal of Naples’ refuse.

In the end, the apotheosis of the reappearance of facts, as professor Alberoni tells us: the crime of “clandestinity” for immigrants, that should guarantee great security for Italian citizens, as it will finally take on the hard line in relation to those who are moving around Italy without documents and with the “permission to stay”.

It’s not me saying this, as I’m a well known rascal, one of those Japanese destined to disappear, according to professor Alberoni. This is said by professor Valerio Onida, who is the former President of the Constitutional Court and the judge and Turin prosecutor, Bruno Tinti, in an article that we have published on the blog and in another article that appears in today’s edition of Turin’s La Stampa. OK. What do they say?

That the crime of “clandestinity” that everyone is talking about, discussing, arguing about, splitting into opposing camps (pro/contro) and so on, in reality does not exist. It has been announced, but if you look at the articles of the law presented by Maroni and by the Berlusconi government there is no crime of “clandestinity”, that is of staying in Italy clandestinely.

There’s another one that seems to be the same but in fact is completely different. The relevant article says: “Illegal entry into the territory of the State. The foreigner who comes into the territory of the State in violation of the Bossi-Fini law is punished with from 6 months to 4 years of imprisonment and must be obligatorily arrested and put on trial using the immediate route.” Anyway, they will never be put on trial using the immediate route because the tribunals are already overstretched using the “immediate route” for much more serious crimes, like drug trafficking, murder and so on. And anyway the law does not talk about the presence in the territory.

It talks about the entry into the territory of a foreigner into Italy. What does entry mean? That, either you get the immigrant as he is coming in, and then you can’t see why you have to arrest him and clog up the justice system by putting him on trial: you turn him back directly at the frontier.

You just need the police. The border control service is enough. There’s no need for an intervention from the magistracy, lawyers, interpreters, bureaucrats, and so on. If you get him as he is coming in, you send him back. On the other hand, if you find him half an hour after he has come in, how will you know that he came in after the law came into effect and that he has thus committed an offence? Because obviously the law is new and is applied only from today onwards and it cannot be applied retroactively.

Naturally since he doesn’t have an entry stamp on his skin, (thank goodness) he could say that he came into Italy a month ago, 6 months ago, 2 years ago, when there was no law of entering Italy clandestinely. So what happens? He will not be put on trial, nor arrested, nor convicted.

He will simply be told to go. He won’t go either because his country of origin doesn’t want him, given that it’s not possible to demonstrate that he actually comes from there, or he won’t go because he’s been told to go and he doesn’t have the resources to pay the air fare to go back to his country, and the Questura should pay it, or the Prefecture, but as is well known, they don’t have the resources to finance all those who should go. And so he’ll stay here to swell the ranks of the clandestines who very often are simply irregular workers because yes they are working but the only difference is that they are not on the books.

So here is a typical example of how you can take people for a ride by telling them something that doesn’t exist but by giving announcements that sound good and using ferocious words so that people feel reassured. “Zero tolerance”, crime of “clandestinity”. The crime of “clandestinity” does not exist. What exists is a crime that is impossible to prove as it is very difficult to catch an immigrant at the very moment that he is immigrating into our country.

It’s the “placebo effect” for the gullible, for those who don’t read the laws but talk about them. And this relates to many politicians on the right and the left who have spoken in favour or in disfavour of this law without ever going to have a look what happens.

The former President of the Constitutional Court and judge Tinti have had a look and they got the impression that it will change nothing apart from increasing the load on the machinery of justice that is already at breaking point. From this point of view, Berlusconi is an expert. Every day he takes a hare and he throws it in the sure knowledge that everyone will start to chase it without realizing that it is a shadow, that the hare is a mirage.

It’s an enchantment. And meanwhile he wins out even though he resolves no problems. But he continues to be in the limelight, to make announcements, and the people, including poor Alberoni, think that the mirage is reality.

So there you are. If many people ask me what we have to do: be informed. When a person gets information for themselves, it is much more difficult to take them for a ride.”

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May 25, 2008

Chiaiano/Italy 2

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A letter from Chiaiano.

”Give me a voice and a space so that in tomorrow’s newspapers you can read what happened. They’ll say that the demonstrators came into contact with the police. But I was there. And the story is quite another one. At 8:20 pm at least 100 men, numbering police officers, carabinieri and finance police charged at defenceless people. In the front row there were not just men, but also women of every age and elderly people. Citizens who were tenacious but civil – in front of my eyes – I can still see them with their hands up - those who at the end of via Santa Maria in Cubito had taken control of the cross roads.
Between 7:05 pm and 8:20 pm, the two groups just faced each other. Then the police, in anti-riot gear, started to charge. The scene seemed surreal: to observe from a height, the police just seemed to move forward. But those on the ground could appreciate the technique. Kicks to the shins, blows to the knees with the end of the truncheon. The best tore off watches and bracelets. Thus, in a vain attempt to recover them, there were those who put their hands down and were dragged to the ground by their wrists.
Their advance spared no one. What struck me above all was the violence against the women, so many were pushed to the ground, scratched, pulled about. Behind the plastic of the helmets, what stays in my memory were the eyes of the police officers, that were indifferent and without blinking. When I escaped, more out of surprise than out of fear, they dragged away two young men while so many women were on the tarmac, crumpled up and blue with fear. People shouted but they didn’t respond to the violence. Instead they were angry about the journalists who were safe on the balcony of a pizzeria, busy taking photos.
With every access route closed, at 9:00 pm there were already 20 trucks. But the people of Chiaiano had not left. At 9:30 pm there were more than 1000 people still in the street. This is the story. Give me a voice and a space. So that you know what happened. The Police State and the violent atmosphere of this evening are too similar to totalitarian regimes. Exactly what I talk about, horrified, with my students during the history lessons.”
Elisa Di Guida, teacher of history and philosophy – Naples.

----> Follow the Chiaiano happenings on the website of the Naples Meetup. Click.

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May 19, 2008

They piss on us and tell us it’s raining

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Today at 2:00pm Marco Travaglio initiated the column called “passaparola” {spread the word}, his weekly appointment with the blog.
Below I’m giving the translated transcript of the live broadcast.

”Good day to everyone. This is the start of a weekly appointment. I am a bit of a beginner in this stuff and so I hope that things go well, but they’ll go better in the weeks to come. I would like to glance at this week’s newspapers with you to show you the problems that are afflicting the information system that all of us, I guess all of you, are very worried about. I’ll start with an issue that involved me but that in fact is not an issue about me: it’s the “Schifani case”, even though many people have called it the “Travaglio case”. Ten days ago I was with Fabio Fazio giving an account of certain things that are already published in books that have never been taken to court for libel and in some articles that have been taken to court by Schifani who however lost the case because a judge established that everything that l'Espresso had written about him was basically true and so there was no defamation That evening, as happened to me seven years ago when I went to present another book in the exact same conditions by Daniele Luttazzi, there was an intervention from the first hen to lay an egg, always in these cases, that is the person who at that time was the leader of the provisional group Popolo della Libertà, Maurizio Gasparri who declared that there would be political consequences. For an instant, I wondered “Will they oblige Schifani to resign?”, in fact they wanted me to stop and throw out all the possible and imaginable heads in the RAI as though I had asked permission or even received orders from the heads of departments in the RAI, just imagine that, to say all that I said. It really struck me that among the keenest to take action against the fact that I had given an account of something true, something that was documented and well known, was the director of RAI 3, Paolo Ruffini, already known for having closed down Sabina Guzzanti’s programme "Raiot" – there again because too many true things were said all together. He declared that I had “gratuitously offended the second highest position in the State”. Effectively it was “gratis” {free} because no one paid me to do it. In reality, Ruffini has a conflict of interests when he talks about Schifani. Perhaps no one knows, or at least only a few know but Paolo Ruffini does not (just) have the same name as the former Christian Democrat Minister and as the former Cardinal of a certain Palermo in the 1970s: he is the son of the Minister and a relative of the Cardinal. There’s more: the mother of Ruffini, the RAI 3 director is the sister of Honourable La Loggia who is not the namesake of the current Forza Italia parliamentarian (who was an associate of Schifani and of Nino Mandalà, later convicted for mafia, in the famous company Siculabroker at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s): it’s really him! Basically Ruffini is the nephew of La Loggia. Thus to get to know the Siculabroker stories he’d just need to go round collecting them from the family.

Continue reading "Ci pisciano addosso e ci dicono che piove" {They piss on us and tell us it’s raining} And when he states that I cannot say such things on television... let’s just say that he is saying that I shouldn’t dig up certain family stories. Concerning his family that is. It’s called conflict of interests, even though on this occasion Berlusconi had nothing to do with it, however, no one has bothered to point this out. Oh well, never mind! It is better to know precisely whom you are dealing with, namely the one who talks and directs the progressive Rai network. Then there is the matter of the other networks also directed by the centre-right. What happened at that point? No one bothered to call Schifani to account for his actions, nor did anyone bother to ask any questions regarding what is stated in the documentation. Instead, they began calling on me to account with regard to a number of alleged offences, which, just in passing, I never committed. For example, the excellent journalist from "La Repubblica", Mrs. D'Avanzo, even made certain insinuations in a sweet-talking article, claiming that I had allowed the costs for my summer holidays in 2002 or 2003 to be paid by some or other gentleman, whom I have never seen, never known, nor ever heard anyone speak of, and who was subsequently convicted of collusion with the mafia. She then proceeded to write: “who could believe such a thing?" She must be the first journalist in history to make a statement at the top of the page and then proceed to state at the bottom of the page that: “ no one believes it!” However, if no one believes it, then why write about it in the first place? Why not check the information beforehand? Why not do your job properly? All very well, but this person has put the spotlight on me and on my holidays, instead of talking about the Senate Chairman’s companies and his urban planning consultancy services. Urban planning consultancy services that Schifani himself (surprise, surprise) was commissioned to provide by the Villabate Municipality, one of the most mafia-infested municipalities ever known, and more specifically by the very same Nino Mandalà who, fifteen or twenty years before, had been a member of the very same brokerage firm, together with Schifani and La Loggia. The same Municipal Council that was subsequently dissolved twice for reasons relating to mafia collusion, which is why Schifani was unable to complete his task involving the Urban Planning Scheme, for which the Chairman of the Villabate Municipal Council, Francesco Campanella, is currently serving a jail term and has elected to turned state witness, and regarding which Schifani and La Loggia had received direct instructions from the Boss himself. Another lesson for D'Avanzo: how can you accuse other people of having had dealings, including business dealings [with these same people] prior to them even being incriminated and found guilty? A person does not suddenly become a mafia member on the very day that he/she is accused of mafia activities, or for that matter on the very day that he/she is arrested. A person normally becomes a member of the mafia from a very early age, simply because it is very difficult to get in as an adult. They recruit you as a youngster. Anyone who happens to be in Palermo and decides to go into business with certain people should first find out precisely who and what these people are. Anyone agreeing to provide consultancy services to a Municipal Council that has been heavily infiltrated by the mafia, cannot turn around later and say that: “I didn’t know”. Before going to work in certain environments, such people should first gather enough information and, specifically in Manadalà’s case, there were copious amounts of such information readily available on site. Whenever a new Magistrate arrives in a new place, it is said that he is always the last to find out what is actually going on, just like a man who is being cuckolded by his wife. In political circles, as Paolo Borsellino stated long ago and as Giuseppe Aiala wrote in his latest book, you get to hear about anyone who has had shady dealings, long before the courts are able to put anything down in writing. Otherwise, today we would be obliged to state that Al Capone was never a member of the mafia. Al Capone was never, in fact, convicted on any mafia-related charges, but only on tax evasion charges. According to D’Avanzo, we should therefore refer to Al Capone as "the well known Italo-American tax evader ". But let’s move on, because I don’t want to say too much in this regard, but what I do want to talk about are the newspapers, about how they decide on the headings for their articles and what they write about in these articles. Naturally, the source that D'Avanzo mentioned, namely the attorney of this Mr. Aiello who apparently stated that he had paid for my holiday, wrote a little letter to D'Avanzo, which was subsequently published in La Repubblica, in which he states that: “There is no way that I am her source, simply because I have never heard from her nor met with her personally". D'Avanzo response was certainly to contritely say: "I’m sorry, I made a mistake, it was all a big lie ". There is no one around who is prepared to accept responsibility for having told this lie and no one who knows the person responsible. D'Avanzo’s response only runs to two lines, a genuine lesson in journalism: "The statement made by Michele Aiello – in other words the statement that he paid for my holiday, which is untrue – was made by sources closely linked to the investigation". "Sources closely linked to the investigation". Remember these words, these are all totally new expressions, neologisms that are hauled out of the cupboard and dusted off especially for certain occasions. " Sources closely linked to the investigation". No one knows who said this, it was heard, it was reported. " Sources closely linked to the investigation". Sources as pure as the driven snow... The Riformista: "Travaglio excuses himself in La Repubblica: 'I paid for that holiday’". The heading alone is interesting: "excuses himself". For what precisely? I do not excuse myself for anything, I have done nothing wrong! I only spoke about my holidays precisely because I have nothing to hide. Meanwhile, just ten days before the scheduled broadcast of "Che tempo che fa", the only person that had not as yet come up with any explanation was the leader of the Senate himself. Also because it is true that he would never do so of his own accord. What is required is one journalist who is prepared to shove a microphone under his nose and ask him some questions about Siculabroker, about the Villabate Municipality and about the consultancy services that he provided. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The only person who shoved a microphone under his nose was a TG1 reporter who, crouching down on all fours, asked: “Mr. Chairman, how do we go about encouraging dialogue between the right-wing and the left-wing?" Mr. Chairman answered, naturally, that dialogue is important. Far better than any dialogue he may have witnessed in recent days. He was only kissed rather forcefully by Anna Finocchiaro. He could not have imagined anything like this. Second question: "Anna Finocchiaro came to your defence, does this please you?" End of the interview. No further questions. It would in fact be fairly difficult to imagine anyone like him answering any questions that were not specifically put to him and, in reality, this is the only Country in which a person who has had certain questionable dealings in the past and whose background is tainted with certain biographical details can go on to fill what is essentially the post of Deputy Prime Minister, since it is the second highest post in Government. En passant, I quote Il Giornale, which, instead of talking about Schifani, talks about me, in an article that is riddled with lies. At a certain point in the article, it is written that I have a weekly column in the Repubblica Torino newspaper, which is true, in which I respond to readers’ letters "in an affected manner reminiscent of a self portrait signed by the painter Mannelli". But how can I have a self -portrait signed by a painter other than myself? That is called a portrait, while a self-portrait, instead, is something that I have painted myself! They no longer even know what words to use in certain cases. They use words that are completely fake. And what happens next, you ask? The mist rises and it becomes patently clear that even the story regarding my holidays was a lie, but no one bothers to apologise – on the contrary, they write about " Sources closely linked to the investigation " – and all sorts of legal procedures are implemented in an attempt to shut up either the programme presenter or the person that spoke about the matter in the first place. Off go the usual authorities, the usual boards of directors, the usual parliamentary overview committees. All of which are nothing more than political bodies that include D'Alema, Fassino, Berlusconi, Fini and Mastella, hiding behind their emissaries, instituting proceedings, threatening sanctions, introducing codes. They even go as far as reporting violations that no one has ever committed, because they alone know all about the codes and all about the rules. I personally only know of one rule, namely the one that states that I must check whether or not something is true and then I must decide whether or not that something is of interest. Then, if that something turns out to be both true and interesting, I proceed to mention it. The only rule I know is the one stating that one should not violate any of the provisions of the criminal code. Is there anyone out there who believes that I may have violated some provision of the criminal code? Let him/her prove it in Court. Is there anyone out there who believes that they have something to say? Let him/her say it. I don’t hear anyone saying anything, nothing but a lot of meaningless hot air. You should also remember the following word: contradiction. Fabio Fazio is the interviewer and I am the interviewee. It happens every Saturday and Sunday night and it is known as an interview. It makes provision for one person to ask questions and for another person to answer them. In this case, they said that what was lacking was some sort of contradiction, a third person - I don’t know who that could be, perhaps Mrs. Finocchiaro or Minister Schifani tucked away under the armchair – who could pop out at the appropriate time and tell me to shut up or to tell me that I’m talking nonsense. This, however, has never happened previously in any interview! Just in passing, the leader of the Senate has no shortage of resources at his disposal and all that is required is for him to give the nod, at which point he will find all the television cameras at his feet, ready to capture even the smallest sigh that may escape from his lips. Even when he is announcing a serious and ferocious battle against the mafia, although this would certainly sound more convincing were he not a partner in the mafia, however, one can’t have everything in life. The thing that pleased me the most was that this attempt to discredit anyone attempting to telling the truth was unsuccessful: anyone that manages to earn a certain amount of credibility through his/her work and through his/her own propriety will, in the long run also receive that celebrated “recognition from below” that Enzo Biagi spoke of and that is incomparable to any recognition coming down from above. Every person must make his/her own choice. If he/she wants recognition from below, he/she won’t receive any from above, and vice versa. Therefore, with the smear attempt having vanished into thin air, all that remains are a few messages that I have noted down for my own reference. One was from an old friend who works at RAI’s London office, who reminded me that, unlike what occurs in his company, in England, when reporters from one of the public broadcasters, namely the BBC, are attacked, precisely the opposite occurs than what happens in Italy. In 2004, a number of BBC reporters reported on the contents of the Iraq dossier, a dossier containing the lies spread by the Blair Government, with Bush’s agreement, in order to mislead the people of the West, tell lies about the weapons of mass destruction that were never found, and the relationship between Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, which never existed. When this scoop concerning the government was aired, the government immediately proceeded to attack these reporters. All good and well, except for the fact that both the Chairman and the General Manager of the BBC, a public service radio and television broadcaster that is paid for with English taxpayers’ money, instead of venting their wrath on the reporters that may have put them in an embarrassing position with the scoop in question, instead resigned in order to defend their reporters. Did you see instead what the leaders of RAI did? They said that I had done something disgraceful, perhaps because they are obviously not accustomed to hearing the truth being told while, when they see a doormat shoving a microphone under the nose of the Senate leader Schifani to ask him how to encourage dialogue, well….. that is something they do like because, in their opinion, that is a proper interview. In that case they refrain from demanding contradiction, or even any real questions! It is purely a question of habit. And when they speak of the BBC, perhaps they should watch it for just a few minutes each day, that way they would understand what a real public service radio and television broadcaster looks like. Another thing that pleased me no end was that many people have sent me quotes, phrases, articles and even some sayings. I would like to end with a Catalan saying sent to me by a female student from Barcelona who is in Italy on an academic bursary, as well as another one from Paul Valéry whom I already knew. Paul Valéry’s saying goes as follows: "there is only one way to see one’s dreams come true, and that is to wake up ". Another one of Paul Valéry’s sayings is that: "if you are unable to destroy the logic, at least you should try to destroy the speaker ". The same occurs when you are unable to destroy the facts, which have an intrinsic life of their own, you should at least try to destroy the one that revealed them. Finally, the Catalan saying sent to me by the this girl who states that she can think of nothing that is more appropriate in order to describe the current situation in Italy, which upsets her very much. And with this I will take my leave: "they piss on us and tell us that it is raining ".

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May 17, 2008

A thousand strawberries can make a good jam


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I confess. Two years ago, I treated a journalist to dinner in a renowned restaurant in Milan. Later, I heard via a Corriere della Sera informer and a cousin of the sister of the caregiver working for Eugenio Scalfari that, on an aeroplane flight, the journalist had met the uncle of the girlfriend of the grandfather of a mafia member, who had seen Schifani eat a calippo. I wish to turn myself in and to report this dangerous individual who forced me to shell out 25 Euro net. We are both equally guilty. Let Mieli and Mauro write about it immediately. The crossfire couple battling against freedom of information. Travaglia’s way is to confirm his sources. His accusers’ way is to gather betrayals. V2 day is starting to bear fruit. Things are coming together just like a mayonnaise.
Morpheus! I also confess my guilt as regards this insult against the State President. This was a slanderous, unmentionable and unprecedented attack. No one should bear such a hurtful name, namely “Morpheus”, simply because he happens to be an extremely serious individual. They write about serious offences, but only in order to pacify the readers. 300,000 rifles, full of Boss(ol)i’s hot lead don’t warrant any attention from Agcom, however, the God of sleep does.
The media blanket is becoming ever shorter for the powers that be. If they pull the blanket up, then things like the incinerators, the mafia and the criminals in Parliament are left uncovered. If they pull it down, what remains uncovered is Topo Gigio’s and Tar Head’s involvement in a parliamentary embrace. “What are you sayyyyying …”.
The blog has gained a new voice. Marco Travaglio will be talking each week, every Monday at 14h00, on live streaming. Anyone who wishes to do so will be able to broadcast directly from their blog, simply by following the instructions provided. One, one thousand, ten thousand blogs, all working together in the interests of freedom of information. “Passaparola” (Spread the word).
A thousand strawberries can make a good jam. I repeat: a thousand strawberries can make a good jam.

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May 16, 2008

The Unsustainable cost of Fede

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Fede costs the Italians 350,000 euro a day. From 1 January 2006, retroactively. The European Court of Justice has pronounced a sentence ordering Italy to pay a fine of 130 million euro a year if Rete 4 does not hand over to Europa 7 the frequencies that Asphalt Head has in concession from the State. According to Europe the assigning of frequencies in Italy does not respect the free delivery of services and does not have objective selection criteria.
The European verdict is the third one in favour of Europa 7 after that of the Constitutional Court and the Council of State. Asphalt Head removes the ICI tax, but brings in the Fede licence fee. Are there no conflicts of interest? Why do the Italians have to pay to watch Fido Bau every evening? If Asphalt Head, the public concessionary of 3 national TV channels doesn’t move Rete 4 onto satellite, at the end of his glorious 5 year period, the Italians will pay about a billion euro in fines when you consider the back payments.
Asphalt Head is a genius. As well as the public concession, the paid advertising on 3 channels inherited from Craxi, he will also have public financing. There’s no longer a Ministry of Communications. In reality it didn’t even exist before. Gentiloni will be able to dedicate more to tennis with Ermete instead of spending long week ends at Arcore.
Agcom with the support of the PD and La Repubblica and Finocchiaro and Topo Gigio is completely dedicated to the dangerous Travaglio. “Se pò fà.” With our money “se pò fà” {it can be done}.
To find out how much we are paying to the President of the Council to not apply the verdict on Rete 4, download and use the banner. It is great to contribute to the economic success of Asphalt Head with our taxes.

Let this initiative be known

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May 12, 2008

¡Que viva Franco!

The President of the Senate, Renato Schifani is indignant. He’s in good company. The top brass of the RAI are indignant. Anna Finocchiaro is indignant. Gasparri is indignant. Follini is indignant. The PDL is indignant. The PD is indignant.
Indignation is overflowing from the nostrils of veltrusconism. Guareschi created 3-nostril-people. The veltrusconians have an extra hole. They are 4-nostril-people, two nostrils on the left and two nostrils on the right, that blow indignation for the freedom of information.
Four nostrils in 2 lines of 2.
Travaglio has made certain statements, taken from the book he wrote with Gomez: “Se li conosci, li eviti” and from “I complici” by Lirio Abbate and Gomez. No one in the last few months has asked for these books to be withdrawn. Why not?
Travaglio made the mistake of making these statements on TV. Millions of Italians who don’t read books have been able to hear. The problem is in the media, not in the message. RAISET is “cosa loro” {their thing}.
Schifani explained that “There are those who want to place mines in the dialogue”, but he mustn’t be afraid of this. The dialogue can only happen in fact between two distinct bodies, each with its own identity. The 4-nostrilled veltrusconians are the same thing. The dialogue between Finocchiaro and Gasparri is a genetic fact. They have the same DNA.

Schifani added: “If there’s someone who has to pay the price, he will pay.”

I’d start with Spain. Let Frattini withdraw the ambassadors and let La Russa get ready for a new Guernica. It’s the right response to El Pais, the most widely distributed Spanish daily newspaper with half a million copies, that wrote on 29 April 2008, two weeks before Travaglio went to the doormat Fazio:

”His name [Schifani editor] has been associated with Sicilian organised crime by the Italian press, given that in the 1980s he was a partner in a company which included Nino Mandalà, boss of the Villabate mafia clan, and Benny d’Agostino, an entrepreneur connected to the historical leader of Cosa Nostra, Michele Greco”.

Let’s bombard Zapatero and the independent Spanish press. ¡Que viva Franco!

Read the article in "El Pais".
Read the Italian translation of the El Pais article.

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Free RAI, Freedom of Information

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I’ve decided to do a live streaming on the Internet and not to come to the Book Fair in person. The president Ferrero used the pages of La Stampa to tell me not to do political campaigning nor to use swear words and to explain the value of reading, to limit myself to talk only of books. I don’t want to embarrass him with my presence and with some courageous expressions like Morpheus. A violent insult and censored by the media that cites it in fact as an unprecedented insult. I don’t want to talk about the value of reading, but rather about the value of writing. If what you write is rubbish, what you read is rubbish. Elementary. If what you write is censored by the publisher, by the advertiser, by the telephone call from the politician then in order to continue as a journalist or a writer, the only thing to do is self-censorship.
25 April has shown that information is controlled. This has been the true result. The most important one. The reaction of the media was united. First the silence, then the personal attacks against Beppe Grillo without even talking about the three referenda and why so many people came out into the streets to give their signatures. It has never happened that 1,350,000 signatures have been collected in a day in the history of the Republic, but for Riotta, for Mieli, for Fede or for Scalfari that is a non-fact. 25 April did not exist. What exists is just a delinquent called Beppe Grillo, worse than Mussolini, than Andreotti, than Asphalt Head. A multimillionaire assassin who pays those who participate in V-day. They want to discuss the validity of the signatures and they don’t even mention the content of the referenda. The requests for the referenda have been laid before the Cassation Court, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale. My lawyers and their advisers have no doubts about their validity. It’s the old fascist method of attacking those who denounce abuse on a personal level while never talking about what is denounced.

In a few years time, 25 April will be remembered as the start of the end of information of the regime, controlled by the parties, the Confindustria, the banks. Information is moving to the Internet, we are all journalists, we are all publishers, we are all producers. It’s just a matter of time. On the Internet, those who lie are lost. The old rules of information are no longer valid.

In the next few years we will see a direct encounter, an escalation between the old media and the Internet, between politics and the Internet. But they have already been defeated. This makes me happy and it gives me a feeling of peace.

In July, I will hand over the signatures for the referenda. But before that I will launch an operative referendum. An operative referendum is different from a legislative one as it is executed immediately. The citizen does it himself. I will propose the revocation of the RAI licence fee, with the instructions, the participants, the results in real time. Let the politicians pay for the RAI. TV information is their stuff. The people like Riotta, Mazza and Saccà are their stuff, the Boards of Directors are their stuff, the advertising is their stuff. Petruccioli in Confalonieri is their stuff. To close down the RAI it’s not necessary to change the law, it’s enough to no longer pay the “pizzo”. A single channel with no advertising, without political interference, at the service of information and the citizens. A public channel with a director like Marco Travaglio, to take an example. A channel of culture, of investigations. This is what I would like. Not bums, tits, football and politics in the early, peak and late evening slots.

The control of information has changed the country for the worse. Freedom of information can give us a new Renaissance. They will never give up, neither will we.

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May 11, 2008

Let’s zap Forbice

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Aldo Agatino Forbice needs our help. He is 68 years of age and complains of being a little tired. Every evening, Monday to Friday between 19h30 and 21h00 he takes telephone calls from radio listeners concerned about current affairs, and he discusses these live on the air with his guests.
The day’s postings on the blog represent a splendid opportunity, both for Zappo Forbice and for his programme called Zapping on Radio1. Phone him on 800 055 101. Don’t tell him that I told you to, otherwise he may censor you and treat you like “fools”.

Click the image

Two million such “fools” took part in the V2 day event, fools that are paying Zappo’s salary so that he can exercise his own brand of censorship on State-owned radio. What these people would like to know from Zappo is what his opinion is as regards the effects of Law 30 concerning sentenced criminals in Parliament, conflict of interests, the privatisation of water, Rete 4, the Gasparri Law, on the effects of the incinerators, on the bullshit electoral law that prevents people from choosing candidates directly and on the 98 billion Euro tax evasion by the gaming concessionaries. These are simply a few tips, merely a suggestion.
The switchboard operators will block you, Zappo will slam the phone down on you, but if you persevere, minute-by-minute and evening after evening, they will eventually be obliged to listen to you.
Let’s zap Forbice just as he zaps us. Free information in a free State.

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May 05, 2008

Preventive Censorship at the Book Fair

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Ernesto Ferrero, the director of the Turin Book Fair has set out his terms and conditions for my participation. Today’s edition of La Stampa specifies that if I am to be admitted to the Sala Gialla {Yellow Hall} for the closing conference it is subject to the agreement that I talk about books and that I deal with edifying points.
Headline: “La Fiera avvisa Grillo: ‘Qui si parla solo di libri’” {The Fair tells Grillo: ‘Here we talk only about books”}. Subheading: “Ferrero: “Niente comizi, spieghi il valore della lettura” {Ferrero says no political meetings, explain the value of reading”}. In the text Ferrero concludes: “I have asked him to substitute the invective with an appeal in favour of culture” Crikey, this is preventive censorship. I have decided: I cannot participate. I’m doing this for them, for the organisers. If they take away from me political meetings, the invective and above all, the concepts that are scarcely edifying what else is there for me to say?
I could talk about nano particles, of zero refuse, of citizen journalism, of the Constitution, of precarious work, of Web 2.0 information, of the Internet, of direct democracy. I could even explain that Mondadori, the most important Italian publishing group was bought thanks to the corruption of judges.
And I will do that, but not in the Sala Gialla on Monday 12 May at 2:30pm. I will do that from my home, in live streaming at the same time. Anyone connecting to the blog will be able to listen to me without censorship. I will also talk about books: of those I have done and of those I will do. The biggest online publishing success has been the book “Schiavi Moderni” collected from thousands of spontaneous witness statements and of which almost a quarter of a million copies have been downloaded for free. In the book there are invectives aimed at the law number 30, concepts that are scarcely edifying like exploitation and a political rally with the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz against the subjecting of workers to semi-slavery.
At the Book Fair I wouldn’t be able to speak, but in front of the computer I can.
See you on Monday 12 May at 2:30pm

PS Throughout the month of May you can still sign for the V2-Day referenda.

Signature tables on Saturday 10 May: Alessandria, Altavilla Silentina, Arzano, Bologna, Brindisi, Casalnuovo di Napoli, Castellana, Cesena, Corte Franca, Faenza, Ferrara, Forlì, Genova, Impruneta, Lavagna, Mantova, Pesaro, Pistoia, Procida, Putignano, Reggio nell'Emilia, Teramo, Torino, Trento

Signature tables on Sunday 11 May: Altavilla Silentina, Andria, Arzano, Caltanissetta, Castellammare di Stabia, Castellana, Chioggia, Empoli, Genova, Pesaro, Piedimonte Matese, Putignano, Rivoli

Every day you can sign in the municipal offices of these places: Abbiategrasso, Alba, Alessandria, Altavilla Silentina, Aosta, Bagnacavallo, Bari, Bastia, Bologna, Bologna, Busto Arsizio, Calderara di Reno, Casalecchio di Reno, Castelfranco Veneto, Castel Maggiore, Catania, Chiavari, Chieri, Chieti, Chioggia, Cividale del Friuli, Diano Marina, Empoli, Faenza, Fagnano Castello, Feltre, Ferrara, Firenze, Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Fiumicino, Forlì, Fossano, Genova, Genova, Imperia, Impruneta, Ischia, L'Aquila, Lavagna, Legnano, Lentate sul Seveso, Livorno, Loiano, Lugo, Mantova, Matelica, Mesero, Monghidoro, Monterenzio, Monzuno, Novara, Novi Ligure, Paese, Pegognaga, Pesaro, Pianoro, Pistoia, Pomigliano d'Arco, Prato, Putignano, Reggio di Calabria, Rivoli, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Sala Consilina, San Giovanni in Persiceto, San Lazzaro Di Savena, Sasso Marconi, Senigallia, Sogliano al Rubicone, Soleto, Teramo, Tortona, Trento, Tricase, Trieste, Velletri, Viareggio, Vigevano, Volta Mantovana, Zola Predosa

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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3. Download the V2-day flyer
4. Buy the V2-day DVD
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Giovannino Guareschi

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Giovannino Guareschi was born a hundred years ago on 1 May. He sold twenty million copies abroad. No one more than him. Guareschi was above all a free man. Hated by politicians on the right and the left. The offspring of Guareschi want to remember his works with “Il club dei ventitrè” which has its base at Roncole Verdi. Those with a subscription receive every so often a newspaper, il Fogliaccio, dedicated to Giovannino. In the most recent edition the offspring talk about his life. Guareschi spent two years in the German concentration camps because he refused to support the Republic of Salò. To make up for that the Christian Democrat government condemned him twice. The second time for having published two letters attributed to De Gasperi that speculated about the involvement in a request for American bombing to demoralize the collaborators of the Germans. Guareschi was sentenced to 409 days in prison for not having wanted to appeal.

From Il Fogliaccio number 53, April 2008:

”Then one Sunday afternoon he received the visit of a person who had to hand him some documents: the photocopies of two letters of De Gasperi that he published on 20 and 27 January 1954 with a strong comment. In early February, De Gasperi brought a libel action against our father. The trial was set in motion and after two postponements, on 13 and 14 April the second and third hearings took place and on 15 April he was convicted of defamation. He didn’t appeal and on 26 May he went into the prison of San Francesco di Parma, and he came out on 4 July 1955 (409 days later) on probation. On 26 January 1956 the period of probation ended. Our comment: our father, brought to court by De Gasperi with “ample facility to present evidence”, handed over to the Tribunal the letters accompanied by an expert witness statement on calligraphy that bore witness to the authenticity and that was not taken into consideration.

In the trial the “ample facility to present evidence”, was basically not allowed him, it was denied him because he wasn’t allowed the new forensic evidence nor were witnesses in his favour listened to.

On the basis of witness statements in favour of De Gasperi, of his moral alibi and of his swearing that the letters were false, the Tribunal decided that they had reached the “historical proof” and they sentenced him to a year in prison for defamation. The sentence highlighted the fact that, even in the event of handwriting evidence in favour of the defendant, “a simple affirmation from the expert would not have been able to make it credible and certain that which objectively resulted to be impossible and implausible.” Offended by this obvious injustice that prevented him from defending himself, he decided not to appeal. The day before the deadline for presenting the appeal, our father was in his office in his home in via Righi in Milano where he had finished his weekly work for the newspaper and he was about to take it to the Rizzoli printers two steps from the house.

Our mother, who, as usual had gone with him to Milan, came up to his office to tell him that downstairs there was Mario Scelba (President of the Council and Minister of the Interior ad interim) who wished to speak to him. “Tell him I cannot come down as I have to finish the newspaper” he said, and so our mother passed on the message to Scelba, who after a long and useless wait of a couple of hours, went off furious.

Our parents went back to le Roncole where a couple of hours late they met up with Pòlden Sgavetta, the family carpenter with whom they had an appointment at his home for a meal. Our father explained to Pòlden the reason for the delay and concluded: “I walked up and down in my office for 2 hours and I smoked two packets of cigarettes, but that one…. went off empty-handed. Because Scelba would have wanted to persuade me to appeal because it was certain that there would have been an absolution for insufficient evidence.”

An absolution that for one who had a guilty conscience, could have been OK, but for him, who was convinced (as we are convinced) that he was right as the letters were authentic, it would have been defamatory because it would have left the shadow of doubt over him….

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May 02, 2008

In memory of Beppe Alfano the journalist

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Italy has had its share of murdered journalists, like Beppe Alfano who was killed by three bullets, one of which was in the mouth. There are few courageous journalists left now, because they make easy targets. First they are defamed, then they are isolated, even by their own kind and often they are killed. Following their death, the regime’s media hastens to bury them. The medial may be a little ashamed of themselves, but in fact they are satisfied.
In order to write the truth or to apply the law in Italy, you must be a hero. Many become discouraged, or they learn to accept the situation, or they retire. There is no future for a Country where not even the deaths of Falcone, Borsellino and Livatino can shake public opinion. There is no future for a Country where convicted criminals hide in Parliament and mock us.
Those remaining journalists that continue to provide this Country with dignity by speaking out, must be protected from the regime’s jackals and the would-be killers of the written word. Let no one lay a finger on soldier Travaglio, who is risking his life for us and for his love of the truth.

"Dear Beppe,
I was watching the Annozero programme on V2 day and the media and what struck me very much was what was being said about our civic lists and their presumed influence. However, what really upset me were the umpteenth references to the V2 day’s so-called “willy nilly attacks” on the journalists. In the studio, one journalist began by saying that: "journalists are not all alike, in fact we must remember that in Italy we have people like Abbate, Capacchione and Maniaci who risk their own lives for that which they write, to the extent that some journalists have even been killed by the mafia and by terrorism".
Upon hearing these words, I jumped up out of my seat because I am sick and tired of hearing it said that my father was a hero because of his courage and independence and because I am sure that if my father and his colleagues had not been the only ones to write about or tell of certain events, they would not have been killed and nor would they be seen as heroes.
In fact, what I would like to say is that, 15 years after the death of my father and 14 years of trials, always celebrated in religious silence and in the regular absence of the journalists who were approached by family members that begged them to report on the investigations and the trial, well, all I can say is that, after such a long time, I am not only angry with the mafia members that killed him, but above all with the journalist caste that have acted accomplices in that crime thanks to their isolation and silence. With their indifference and subservience to their editorial bosses, they remained silent as regards the developments that were emerging from the investigations, and the neighbourhood thugs who were involved in the crimes.
I am enraged because none of the members of that caste has ever had the guts to stand up as plaintiff during the court hearings and, above all, they never showed any sign of wanting to do so. For many years I lived in hope that they would behave in the same way towards our family as policemen and carabinieri behave when one of their own colleagues is killed, namely, they draw close to the deceased’s family, share in their time of grief and form a protecting wall around them. In all these years, we have not seen anything like this, I have never heard from the Government and now, at 36 years of age, I am in no position to explain to my children what the institutions are in our Country and, above all, on whose side they are on, perhaps because there should not be any “sides”. I try to hide from my own children my fears regarding my own admission that we are living under dictatorship. But what kind of place is this Country of ours, where not only do we not have freedom of information, but there is also no freedom for the citizens? Why should the spreading of information in Italy be left to only a few serious and independent journalists such as Travaglio? Only in this country could it occur that an art critic, and I sincerely hope that he is one, has the gall to say, in reference to De Magistris, that judges do not have the right to undertake certain investigations, and where else, in any remotely civilised country, would someone like Berlusconi enjoy any credibility whatsoever, were he to state that Mangano is a hero? It is also for these very reasons that I proudly claim to be one of those hundreds of thousands of Italians that have managed to open their eyes and that no longer feel that they are being either represented or protected, and have understood that they need to stand up and be counted and no longer delegate to others anything that we can do ourselves. And this is the real point: we have a duty to do something in order to enable us to once again live in a country that is truly free and civilised and where information can really be classified as such.
I demand that my children be given the opportunity to live in a country that is clean and free of incinerators, free and without any warmongers, where young people can be certain that they will have a job and of being able to be born and to die in their own country, without the nightmare of having to pack their bags because they are forced to emigrate. What I want for them is a country where the institutions are genuinely worthy of respect, and where the Parliament ceases to be a 5-star rehabilitation centre for convicted criminals and delinquents. I demand for them a country in which there is certainty regarding criminal sentences, because that is what democracy is all about.
We have only just begun with this major task with our "non-influential" lists." Sonia Alfano

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May 01, 2008

I am happy

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Today, 1 May, I am happy. Happy to be attacked by the regime newspapers. By the newspapers and TV channels of the Confindustria and by Asphalt Head, who to defame me use their servants. They are extra happy that the Italians know how much I earn and how much I pay in taxes. They are incredibly hilarious with the space that the directors of the newspapers and the TV News dedicate to the revolt of the Grillini about the online publication of incomes. On 25 April, it was the great moment of Petronilla the orang-outang who was preferred to two million people who were demonstrating for the freedom of information. Afterwards there were the offensive remarks about those who participated, those who dared to put their signature for the referenda and against the wretch, the Pasquinade, and the fool Beppe Grillo.
I thank you dear hack journalist. Continue on this path, it will lead you a long way. Insist as much as possible. You are the living demonstration of what motivates the referenda. Don’t give up.
But people like Forbice, Mieli, Riotta, Giordano are marionettes in the hands of ABI, of the psycho-dwarf, of the parties. Even young children know this much. Who is frightened of the freedom of information? Who is the big bad wolf?
The Senate has taken its seats. Unforgettable images will remain in our memories never to be forgotten.
Cuffaro who embraces the revisionist Dell'Utri. The lifelong “prescritto” Andreotti who presides over the sitting and crowns Schifani. Topo Gigio and his lot who applause convincingly, instead of walking out from a sense of decorum. It seemed like the Ucciardone prison, but it was Palazzo Madama.
We are observing the self-destruction of a Regime.
Freedom of information in a free State. V day every day.

P.S. From today, 1 May and throughout the month of May you can still sign for the referenda promoted on V2-Day. Signature tables ready for Thursday 1 May: Altamura, Busto Arsizio, Castellana, Foggia,Gubbio, L'Aquila, Milano, San Benedetto del Tronto, Soleto, Solofra, Viareggio

Signature tables ready for Friday 2 May: Altavilla Silentina, Castellana, L'Aquila, Mesero

No alla colonna infame Spread the word

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Download the V2-day flyer

4. The V2-day video
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Click to see the video

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April 27, 2008

The truth virus

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There were 120,000 of us yesterday in Turin. Anyone who was there, and anyone that has access to the Internet knows all about this. All of the most important television broadcasters of the world were also there, from the BBC to Al Jazeera. They will be telling the world about what is happening in Italy. They will describe the fascism of our information system.
At least two million people took part in the V2 Day event. The queues at the tables were twice as long as the ones on the eighth of September. The initial count has revealed that 450,000 signatures were collected on the day. This has never happened before in the history of the Republic. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever before managed to gather a similar number of authenticated signatures in a single day. Don’t bother to look for any news reports in the newspapers or on the television, go straight onto the Internet.
There is no such thing as a good journalist or a bad journalist. What does exist is either the regime’s information or the truth.
You are all journalists. You are all Beppe Grillo. Post the photographs and video clips taken on this beautiful 25th April on the Internet, on your blogs and on Youtube.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You were fantastic.
They may never give up, but neither will we.
For a totally new Renaissance.

Here is part of the speech I gave yesterday in San Carlo Square in Turin.

"Today is the 25th April 2008. Liberation Day. Our fathers and grandfathers did not manage to finish the task. Through no fault of their own. If we had as much heart and as much courage as they had, things would not ended up this way. The partisans liberated Italy from the scourge of Nazism and fascism, only to find themselves overtaken by the American occupation. Italy is not really part of Nato, it is Nato that is actually part of Italy. There are ninety nuclear warheads sitting at Aviano and at Ghedi Torre. Following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, in the rest of Europe the number of nuclear warheads was reduced, they removed them and destroyed them. In Italy, however, the number of warheads has risen. We would most certainly be a prime target in the event of a nuclear war. Article 11 of the Constitution states that: “Italy rejects war as a means to deny liberty to other peoples or as a means to resolve international disputes”. If this is so, then what the hell are we doing with 113 United States logistics bases on our national territory? A total of 113, between arms depots, naval bases, telecommunications bases, Air Force bases, Logistics units for the firing of nuclear missiles, submarine bases, missile bases, firing ranges and tactical aircraft bases. Only two Italian regions have not yet been occupied: the Aosta Valley and the Abruzzo Region, and this only because the American soldiers did not understand the language. We are living in a Country with limited sovereignty. However, no one is aware of this.

On the eighth of September, one and a half million people requested, or indeed demanded that this cesspool that is our Parliament be cleared of all the convicted criminals. Parliament has carried on as if politics was a service rather than a profession. That is supposed to be a limit set of two legislatures. I recently went to the Senate in a rickshaw to personally hand over 350,000 signatures into the hands of Franco Marini. Perhaps they have landed up in the cellar, or perhaps they were thrown into the differentiated refuse bins. No response has been forthcoming from the Corridors of Power. Fassino and his wife, Mrs. Serafini have been elected for a fifth and sixth term. They must surely be the most Parliamentary couple in the entire world. They will probably celebrate their diamond-wedding anniversary in Parliament. By the end of their respective political careers, they will have cost us a cool 12 million Euro. Mieli, Vespa, Scalari and Panebianco write about modernisation and about the simplification of the political framework. What the F… are they talking about. The number of convicted criminals, statute-barred offenders and people under investigation or awaiting trial, that are sitting in Parliament, has risen to 70. Tar-Head has 45 of them in his party, while Topo Gigio has another 13. You most certainly didn’t vote for them. You could not possibly have. You were uninformed. You would not even allow these people to manage an apartment building. You simply made a cross, like a bunch of sheep. Without being able to choose a candidate. We are no longer living in a democracy. These elections were unconstitutional. Morpheus Napolitano should FIRST have called for a referendum on the new electoral law, as requested by the citizens, and THEN proceeded to dissolve the Houses. The State President is answerable to the Italian public, not to the political parties. He was obviously afraid of Bossi’s tin rifles and the psychodwarf’s gazebos.
The number of sentenced criminals has come down from 24 to 16. Twelve of these are in the rehashed Popolo della libertà party, the first Italian salvage party. The number of condemned criminals in Parliament has only decreased because a number of parties have disappeared. No Parties, no criminals. The overall number of first and second-degree sentenced criminals has increased however. They put them in Parliament so as to prevent them from having to go to jail, thanks to their parliamentary immunity, just like the love of Azzurra Caltagirone’s life, Cuffaro, who was sentenced to 5 years for aggravated aiding and abetting of a number of Mafia members. One afternoon would not be enough to even read out the seventy names and their associated crimes. I will limit myself to mentioning only the not so clever ones that managed to allow themselves to be sentenced. However, first I must make special mention of our next Minister of Internal Affairs, namely Roberto Maroni, who was sentenced to serve 4 months and 20 days for offering resistance to a public official. Maroni was sentenced for having attempted to bite a police officer on the ankle. He will most certainly be our first ever Minister of Internal Affairs with a muzzle.

He who is uninformed is unable to make a choice. He lives in the shadows, in obscurity. On the eighth of September, the very same media that totally ignored the V Day event, was suddenly first in line when it came to attacking it. The powers that be had realised that the initiative was slipping out of their hands. An informed citizen cannot be controlled by the powers that be. And the powers that be only survive thanks to their control over the media. The banks, Confindustria, Mediaset and the Parties make use of the television and the newspapers in order to spread their propaganda, and they appoint newspaper editors as if they were part of the Public Relations Department. Without the television studios, the politicians would be relegated back to the dark abyss from whence they originally emerged.
If the ailing media is the virus, then the informed citizen is the cure. The Internet is part of that cure. Freedom of information is also part of that cure. There are some 500 squares in Italy where signatures are currently being gathered, in more than four hundred towns around the Country, from Aosta through to Palermo, as well as in forty cities abroad, amongst which New York, Amsterdam and London are linked on line. We need to collect signatures for three referendums for freedom of information in a free State. On the 25th April we managed to free ourselves from the scourge of Nazism and fascism. 63 years later, we are finally in a position to free ourselves from fascist information, as well as from its bosses and its servants. It is far more difficult now than what it was then. It is no longer simply a case of rifle against rifle or hand grenade against tank. The battle now, is between the numbed consciences and the freedom of thought, between those who no longer want to fly and those that are not prepared to give up the freedom of the sky.

The first referendum: The abolition of the Order of Journalists created by Mussolini in 1925 in order to enable him to control the press. Information must be free. The Order of Journalists restricts the freedom of information. Anyone should be free to write whatever they wish, without any restrictions other than those imposed by the law. Access to the journalist’s profession must be free of all bureaucratic and corporate restrictions.
Luigi Einaudi: “Mandatory registration is immoral because it tends to restrict that which should not be restricted, namely, freedom of expression and thought. Acceptance of the principle of mandatory registration would be tantamount to resuscitating the worst of the institutions of the castes and the closed corporations, which are subject to the whims of the tyrants and rival hostility of the youth, the rebels and the non-conformists.”
Mario Berlinguer, Enrico’s father: “I am not in favour of requiring any educational qualification in order for a person to become a professional journalist, because I believe this to be and absurd form of discrimination, class discrimination, which is contrary to the freedom of the press and the freedom to express one’s own opinions."

The second referendum: The abolition of the one billion Euro per year of public funding for the press. Ferrara, Polito, Feltri and Padellaro would not exist were it not for your tax Euros. They don’t sell any newspapers: they simply print them. The more they print, the greater the subsidies. We are busy decimating the Amazon Forest in order to print newspapers that remain unsold. We have certain journalists amongst us that take their orders from the political Parties, who don’t have much regard for the truth or, for that matter, for the reader. Since the end of the Second World War, the number of copies of the daily newspapers in Italy has remained stable, notwithstanding the fact that there are ten million more Italians. Our taxes even go towards funding Il Corriere della Sera and Il Sole 24 ore, which are quoted on the Stock Exchange. These are the so-called champions of liberalism that daily undermine others on behalf of the Caste.

The third referendum: The European Court of Justice condemned the Italian Regime because of its allocation of television broadcast frequencies. The witch’s brew known as the Gasparri Law is totally contrary to the European regulations. Following the decision handed down by the State Council and the Constitutional Court, Europe ordered Italy to re-assign Rete 4’s public broadcasting television frequencies to Europa 7. If this European decision is not implemented, we will be forced to pay out 300.000 euro per day with effect from the first of January 2006. By the end of 2008, this would amount to 330 million Euro. This is more than the bridging loan granted to Alitalia. Mr. Fede is costing us 300.000 Euro per day in taxes. The last Cabinet, including Prodi, D’Alema and Rutelli, should have implemented the European directives. They applied ALL of the directives, with the sole exception of the one concerning Rete 4. Ms. Bonino, the Mother Theresa of Confindustria, has stated that this measure is not urgent. Who is paying? Her? Not urgent for whom? For the interests of disinformation? For Tar-Head?
The concessions for radio and television broadcasting frequencies belong to us, to the State. Three out of every four have been allocated to just a single, privately owned organisation. That is why Europe is condemning us. Where is the so-called free market? The psychdwarf has become wealthy thanks to the advertising revenues to which he has exclusive access thanks to the state concessions.
Never before have we seen any country where an individual that controls half of the media is allowed to stand for election as Prime Minister. In the United States, any Obama who owns CNN, ABC and FOX would not be able to stand for election. Such a situation would not even be allowed to exist. In any normal democracy, such a situation would be totally inconceivable. Nor would there be any newspaper editors or television directors shouting it from the rooftops. Well-paid slaves.
RAI cannot be permitted to have a Board of Directors or a corps of journalists that are appointed by the Parties. RAI must answer to the citizens and it must be as independent as the BBC is in England. Only one channel, without advertising revenues and a licence fee. Otherwise, let the parties themselves pay for their own RAI propaganda. The same politicians that first occupied the organisation, and then infested it by their presence. We can no longer bear the vacuum they have created, nor their incompetence. The shareholders radio and television frequencies must be allocated to a variety of parties. No private citizen should be allowed to own a majority of the national channels, not even with a majority of one.

The control of information is the new fascism. This is a Country that gives nothing of its own accord. Nothing regarding the death of Borsellino, regarding Italicus, regarding Ustica, regarding Piazza Fontana, regarding the Bologna station, regarding the bombs in Brescia, or regarding Aldo Moro. It knows nothing as regards the real economic situation, nor as regards the public debt of 1630 billion Euro that is dragging us down to the level of Argentina. A Country that is blind when it comes to the causes of the massacres in the workplace, temporary employment, the cementation, the incinerators, and a South that has been delivered into the hands of the mafia organisations.
Today, on this stage, there will be real information. Real people that will be talking about a reality that has been hidden by the media. There are events going on in two squares in Turin, namely Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo. Both will be using their amplifiers to call for liberation: one in the past and one in the future. I feel almost as if I am living in one of Giovannino Guareschi’s tales, except that I no longer know whether I am Peppone or Don Camillo.
Free information in a free State. Go for it!
Beppe Grillo

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April 26, 2008

V2-day in Turin

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If you're looking for the truth onV2-day in Turin and in the other squares look for it on the Net.

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Sewer rats

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Morpheus Napolitano has stated that the press must defend itself against the Internet. Therein lies the best possible reason for the three referendums to be demanded on 25 April, namely for freedom of information in a free State. The State President of the Republic himself is our testimonial. He has gone where no one before him has dared to go, not even the eagles or Mastella. Even beyond Hu Jintao. Information is our Piave. Our Red Line. The Internet is an antidote, a cure for the kind of information worthy of Ceaucescu and Pol Pot. The King is Naked and he no longer fears ridicule in defending himself.
This time it will be the other side defending themselves on 25 April. Every morning, Tar-Head calls upon his slaves to resist, resist, resist the truth at any cost. In this case, resistance means spreading defamation, insults and insinuations on his slave ships that travel on State concessions. Yesterday was a memorable day. All of the newspapers denigrated the V2-day initiative, from the Unità, through to La Repubblica and from the Giornale through to Panorama. The Sewer rats are coming down off the ship. I repeat: the sewer rats coming down off the ship.
Free information in a free State. V2-day. V2-Day.

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April 19, 2008

The towns involved on 25 April

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You are all Beppe Grillo. Use your brains. Take this Country in hand. It is your Country. Don’t abdicate from your rights. Information is a right. It has been taken away from you. That is why we are this state. Only through freedom of information will Italy once again become the free, beautiful and splendid Country that it was during the Renaissance. I believe this and so should you.
The 25th April is an opportunity for us to tell the parties, the banks, Confindustria and Tar-head that, in Italy, it is the citizens that call the shots. That information must serve the interests of democracy, not those of the people in power. The parties have never introduced a law banning conflicts of interest. Ask yourself why this is. For love and charity? Or perhaps because if there were to be true freedom of information, ALL, and I mean ALL of them would all have disappeared the very next day to avoid having the Italians giving them a kicking up the arse.
Up with the heart. On 25 April, signatures will be collected in 400 Italian towns to back up a call for a number of referendums to be held regarding calling for freedom of information in a free State. No to the corporate order of journalists, to the public financing of the press to the tune of one billion Euro a year, to the Gasparri Law concerning radio and television broadcasting. 400 Towns full of music, information and young and old people getting together for a day of celebration. Take one of the red pills on 25 April. Look for your town on the list.

Abano Terme, Abbiategrasso, Acerra, Acqui Terme, Agordo, Alassio, Alba, Alba, Alba Adriatica, Alba Adriatica, Albano Laziale, Albenga, Albenga, Alessandria, Alghero, Alghero, Alife, Altamura, Altavilla Silentina, Ancona, Andria, Andria, Andria, Angri, Aosta, Apricena, Arese, Arezzo, Ariano Irpino, Ariccia, Arona, Arzano, Arzignano, Ascoli Piceno, Ascoli Piceno, Asti, Atri, Augusta, Augusta, Avellino, Aversa, Bacoli, Bagnacavallo, Bari, Bari, Bari, Bari, Bari, Barletta, Barletta, Barletta, Bassano del Grappa, Battipaglia, Belluno, Belpasso, Benevento, Bergamo, Bergamo, Biella, Binasco, Bisceglie, Bisignano, Bitonto, Bojano, Bologna, Bologna, Bolzano, Borgo San Lorenzo, Bosa, Bra, Bracciano, Brescia, Brindisi, Broni, Busto Arsizio, Cadoneghe, Cagliari, Cagliari, Caltanissetta, Cameri, Campobasso, Canosa di Puglia, Capaccio, Carate Brianza, Carbonia, Carini, Carloforte, Carpi, Carrara, Carrara, Casale Monferrato, Casalnuovo di Napoli, Caserta, Casoli, Cassano allo Ionio, Cassino, Castelbelforte, Castelfidardo, Castelfranco Veneto, Castellammare di Stabia, Castellana, Castelnovo ne' Monti, Castelvetrano, Castronuovo di Sant'Andrea, Castrovillari, Catania, Catanzaro, Cattolica, Cava de' Tirreni, Ceglie Messapica, Cerda, Cerignola, Cervignano del Friuli, Cesena, Chiavari, Chieri, Chieti, Chioggia, Cisternino, Città di Castello, Cividale del Friuli, Civita Castellana, Civitanova Marche, Civitanova Marche, Codroipo, Como, Conversano, Cosenza, Creazzo, Crema, Cremona, Crotone, Cuneo, Cuneo, Cuneo, Cutro, Cutro, Diano Marina, Domodossola, Dueville, Eboli, Empoli, Enna, Fabriano, Faenza, Fagnano Castello, Fano, Feltre, Ferrara, Ferrara, Firenze, Fisciano, Fisciano, Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Fiumicino, Fiumicino, Fiumicino, Foggia, Foligno, Foligno, Follonica, Forlì, Formia, Fossombrone, Gallarate, Galliate, Gattatico, Gela, Genova, Genova, Genova, Genova, Genova, Genova, Giugliano in Campania, Giulianova, Gorgonzola, Gorizia, Grado, Grammichele, Gravina in Puglia, Grosseto, Grottaglie, Gubbio, Igea Marina, Imola, Imola, Imperia, Imperia, Impruneta, Ischia, Ivrea, Jesi, L'Aquila, La Spezia, Lanciano, Latina, Lecce, Lecco, Legnago, Legnano, Legnano, Lentate sul Seveso, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Livorno, Lodi, Lomazzo, Lucca, Lucca, Lucera, Lugo, Luzzi, Macerata, Maddaloni, Magenta, Mantova, Marcianise, Mariano Comense, Martina Franca, Massa, Massa, Matelica, Matera, Matera, Matera, Matera, Mazara del Vallo, Mesero, Messina, Messina, Messina, Messina, Milano, Modena, Mola di Bari, Mondovì, Monopoli, Monselice, Montebelluna, Montemurlo, Monza, Morbegno, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli, Napoli, Nepi, Nettuno, Nocera Inferiore, Noicattaro, Nola, Novara, Novi Ligure, Nuoro, Omegna, Orzinuovi, Ostuni, Padova, Padova, Padova, Padova, Palermo, Palmi, Parma, Pavia, Pegognaga, Pergola, Perugia, Pesaro, Pesaro, Pescara, Piano di Sorrento, Pianoro, Piedimonte Matese, Pietrasanta, Pinerolo, Pisa, Pistoia, Pomezia, Pomigliano d'Arco, Pompei, Pordenone, Porretta Terme, Portici, Postiglione, Potenza, Potenza, Pozzuoli, Prato, Procida, Putignano, Quarrata, Quarto, Ragusa, Ragusa, Randazzo, Rapolla, Ravenna, Ravenna, Reggio di Calabria, Reggio nell'Emilia, Reggio nell'Emilia, Rende, Rho, Rho, Rieti, Rieti, Rieti, Rimini, Rionero in Vulture, Rivoli, Rodi Garganico, Roma, Roma, Roma, Roma, Roma, Roma, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Rovereto, Rovigo, Rozzano, Rubano, Russi, Sala Consilina, Salerno, Salerno, Salsomaggiore Terme, San Benedetto del Tronto, San Benedetto del Tronto, San Benedetto del Tronto, San Casciano dei Bagni, San Donà di Piave, San Marco in Lamis, San Michele di Serino, San Remo, San Severo, San Vito lo Capo, Sansepolcro, Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, Santeramo in Colle, Sapri, Sarno, Saronno, Sarzana, Sassari, Sassari, Sassuolo, Savona, Scandiano, Scandiano, Senigallia, Senigallia, Sicignano degli Alburni, Siena, Siena, Silea, Silvi, Siracusa, Sogliano al Rubicone, Solofra, Somma Vesuviana, Sondrio, Taggia, Taranto, Taranto, Telese, Tempio Pausania, Teramo, Termoli, Terni, Terranova da Sibari, Thiene, Tolmezzo, Torbole, Torino, Torino, Torino, Torremaggiore, Tortona, Trani, Trapani, Trento, Treviso, Treviso, Tricase, Trieste, Udine, Urbania, Urbino, Vairano Patenora, Valverde, Varese, Varese, Velletri, Venafro, Venezia, Venezia, Ventimiglia, Ventimiglia, Verbania, Vercelli, Verona, Viareggio, Vibo Valentia, Vibo Valentia, Vicenza, Vicenza, Vigevano, Villa San Giovanni, Villafranca di Verona, Vittoria, Voghera, Volta Mantovana

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April 18, 2008

The plank in your eye

Click the image

The Italian radicals, former Berlusconians and now Veltronians, but nevertheless always confindustrialists, are calling me a liar for not having included the name of Lelouca Orlando of the Italia dei Valori Party on the list of the 100 “otherwise-honest” people drawn from the book entitled "Se li conosci, li eviti" (If you know them you avoid them) by Travaglio and Gomez, while leaving those of Lino Jannuzzi (FI) and Giovanni Mauro (FI) on the list. Marco Travaglio responds.

"Dear Beppe,
I am responding to Simone Sapienza of the National Committee of the Italian Radicals, concerning the failure to include the name of Leoluca Orlando on the list of candidates that have had run-ins with the legal system in the past. When we were busy compiling the list for our book entitled "Se li conosci li eviti" (If you know them you avoid them), Peter Gomez and I adhered to certain very precise criteria: exclude all "political" offences and crimes of "opinion", as well as any offences originating from road traffic accidents and suchlike. What we did, therefore, was to include those that, in our opinion, had the potential to raise certain compatibility problems as regards the function of representing the public in the institutions.
The radical party member obviously has a somewhat particular understanding of the term "crimes of opinion", even though it is pretty much self-explanatory. If, for example, a person expresses an otherwise legitimate opinion within the scope of his political activities, he may fall foul of the Penal Code, however, in our opinion, this does not make the person unsuitable to sit in Parliament. If someone knowingly lies, telling untruths, not expressing an opinion, then he is simply talking shit. The situation is even worse when the person is a journalist, who has a certain duty to write only the truth and to check what he is writing.
When Jannuzzi writes that Andreotti was absolved in Palermo, and that therefore he was innocent, and that therefore he did not have any relationship with the Mafia, and that therefore, Caselli and the other Public Prosecutors who dared to drag him into court should be charged, he is not expressing an opinion, he is simply talking shit, because he is attempting to overturn the final decision handed down by the Court of Cassation, which stated that Andreotti was guilty of collusion with the Mafia for the crime "committed" up to the Spring of 1980, but on which the statute of limitations expired during the court case.
When Lehner writes that Borrelli and the Milan pool carried out a coup, punishable in terms of article 289 of the Penal Code (attacking a constitutional body) for having duly investigated criminal allegations that emerged against Berlusconi, he is not expressing an opinion. What he is doing is making criminal accusations against the magistrates, who were simply doing their constitutional duty, based on obligations regarding penal action.
Orlando instead, did not do any such thing. During the early 90’s, when a number of municipal councillors from Sciacca gathered signatures calling for a referendum to remove antimafia-mayor Ignazio Messina, he held a rally in defence of this honest man, accusing those that wanted him removed of answering to certain easily imaginable people. The judges believed that his statements were defamatory and proceeded to condemn him. These are things that are bound to happen to anyone involved in politics or the information services whenever he/she comes out in defence of the law. It reminds me of the case of Alberto Cavallari, the great editor of the Corriere della sera daily who, during the 80’s, wrote that Craxi was stealing (Grillo was saying the same thing at that time, for which he was ostracised by the all the television stations). They condemned him because he did not have sufficient proof to back up his sacrosanct charges. The proof in question eventually surfaced and Craxi was later condemned, but it was too late: Cavallari had died in the interim. Personally, I would have appointed him senator for life. Inter alia, Orlando even has a record for having defamed Previti, a virtually impossible crime given what was discovered subsequently. A crime that, in my opinion, should have earned him a medal for valour.
As regards Mauro, he appeared on the V-Day list because he also had a number of provisional sentences against him relating to serious offences against the public administration, as well as a final sentence for defamation. Given that he was subsequently absolved, he was removed from the list, notwithstanding the final sentence for defamation.
The radicals are right in speaking of "a ruling class that made up of people that are almost all guilty of crimes linked to civil disobedience". In fact, we never even dreamt of including people such as Pannella and Bonino on the list of sentenced offenders, knowing very well that sentences relating to trafficking or matters relating to abortion were only the fruit of political battles and provocations. Very different, however, is the case of Sergio D'Elia who may well be non-violent now, but was found guilty on charges of complicity to murder, dating back to the days when he was a militant involved in the “Prima Linea” terrorist organisation. We have nothing against his current battles but, in our humble opinion, anyone guilty of murder should make do with fighting such battles as a private citizen. From his own home. Convicted murderers do not belong in Parliament." Marco Travaglio

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April 14, 2008

Gagged Information: 4 who think, 10 who do

print out and hand out the V2 Day flyer

Information has the brains behind it: ABI, Confindustria, Mediaset, political parties. The magnificent 4. They influence public opinion. They own the main TV channels, and the newspapers with the biggest circulation. They use them to defend their interests. The editors are their employees. They choose them, they pay them, they sack them. And they swap them like collectors’ cards. Mimun moves from Tg1 to Tg5. Riotta from il Corriere della Sera to Tg1.
Democracy is a beautiful word. But what does this word mean in fact? Representation does not exist without knowledge. Democracy is only an abstract concept without the freedom of information. The conflict of interests between the commercial powers and the media is enormous. It has reached such a size that we no longer see it. It has become normal for a daily newspaper like il Corriere della Sera to have banks and industrial groups among its shareholders. For a public TV channel to be owned by the parties and for the private TV channels to be owned by the President of the Council, who got to that position because he owns those TV channels.
When everything is false, the truth disappears. It becomes an intangible concept, something metaphysical. The citizens start even to doubt that information can be free. In no democratic country can the one who owns the media be a politician. Imagine Obama controlling CNN, ABC and FOX. Or Zapatero dictating articles to the editors of El Mundo and El Pais, as they are his employees. A democracy is based on the separation of three powers: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. Information is defined as the fourth power. A power that can win the elections, that conditions the values of Stock Market shares, that modifies the rules of democracy. It is clear that information must be independent so as not to transform every item of news into propaganda. It’s not reasonable to except that those who are inside the information system: editors, journalists, opinion leaders want to change things and neither that they will admit that they are carrying out orders. They have mouths to feed and they have already decided which side their bread is buttered.
On 25 April 2008, add your signature for three referenda for the freedom of information in a free State to restore control of the country to the citizens.
Print out and give out the V2 Day flyer with the brains and the executives of disinformation.
Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 09, 2008's First Annual Blog Index

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Once more I have to say “thank you” to all of you. TIME, the top weekly publication in the world has published its classification of the top 25 blogs: “'s First Annual Blog Index”. is among these. Crikey. That’s not possible. I told my wife and she sent me out to buy the bread telling me not to let it go to my head. My son Ciro asked me how much I paid to TIME for the publicity and if I had any money left over for him to buy comics.

Can I ask you for a bit of help?

It’s possible to vote for the 25 blogs online. It’s like a popular jury.


This blog has to climb up the classification. The Americans aren’t familiar with it yet. Bring down the server with your votes for (all with a score of 10, however, don’t muck around!)

Click here to vote.

Presentation of the blog by
“Beppe Grillo, a popular Italian comedian, actor, and political satirist, writes one of the few non-English language blogs that's become wildly popular worldwide. That's because Grillo speaks the international language of outrage. On a typical day, Grillo's blog may call for Germany to declare war on Italy, or failing that, for Italy to boycott the upcoming Olympic Games in China, or for a prominent politician to stop acting like a "Psycho-dwarf." Most of the outrage has a political point — the Beppe blog features a regularly updated list of members of the Italian Parliament who have been convicted, and frequently calls for tainted politicians to resign from office. Last September, Grillo used his blog to rally marchers in nearly 300 Italian towns for his "Fuck Off Day," to encourage citizens to forcibly remove from office members of the Italian Parliament who have criminal convictions. The rally was such a hit that a second round is planned for April 25th. America could use a political satirist fueled by this sort of outrage, but for now, there's Beppe.” TIME
Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

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April 08, 2008

Antonio Manganelli’s Reply


Antonio Manganelli has responded to my open letter. I consider this to be an important gesture. A public response through the Internet by the head of the State Police is a step forward towards direct democracy. In which the Police Service becomes both in fact and in the perception of Italians, a Service and not a Power that depends on the parties. I thank Antonio Manganelli and I hope that every day he reads this blog and its denunciations, to help with his work.

Dear Beppe Grillo,
Willingly I am responding to your letter that allows me to offer some reflections on a topic that is so sensitive and complex.
The unresolved social problems are frequently destined to become, against our wishes, even “police problems”, first generating understandable demonstrations of dissatisfaction, and then open conflict that, more often than not, has to do with public order.
Then it happens that the police officers find that on the one hand they have to guarantee fundamental rights to freedom (freedom to meet up, of expression etc.) and on the other hand, legitimate demonstrations of dissent.
Finding the right balance is not always simple: the only guiding light that can and must be used in their difficult daily work is that offered by the law that society has democratically provided.
It is possible to meet up, one is free to express one’s own ideas. It is possible and it is a duty to responsibly take decisions when one is authorised to do so.
On the other hand, it is possible to call upon one’s reasons to the contrary and it is possible to protest. But how? By preventing others from expressing their opinions? By throwing stones or setting fire to rubbish bins? Slashing the tires of the cars?
By breaking shop windows? We are all convinced that certain ways of protesting do not come within the rules of “civil society” and within the legal order and thus that they cannot be allowed, not even when you have to consider that the rules of “civil society” have been broken beforehand by those who are proposing to take the initiative for the good of all.
A different problem, even though it is closely connected, is that of the ways used by the police forces to require that the rules are respected. You cited events that, exactly by obeying the rules of our systems, are currently under examination by the magistracy, whose turn it is to give a reply. We are ready to take on our responsibilities.
It is the daily heroic actions of the women and men of the police forces, and I thank you for having remembered this in your letter, that reflect the wish to do the work with honesty, a job that we want to be useful for the whole of society, by trying to make as few mistakes as possible, in the thousands of difficulties and the thousand traps that the “street” offers every day.
I try to do my part to the best of my ability, starting with professional education and operational training for all police officers, taking care, as an absolute priority, to respect persons and to respect rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Thank you for the opportunity that you have given me. Sincere greetings.” Antonio Manganelli

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April 06, 2008

Newspapers print if the reader buys

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The advertising ceiling is the moderate amount of adverts permitted to the newspapers and television stations. It is somewhat like a bone that they fight over in order to survive. The newspapers complain that the television stations’ ceiling is higher than theirs. Beyond the parameters applicable in the rest of European. The more advertising the television stations are permitted, the less is left over for the newspapers. That is why the editors of the press expect to be financed by the State. Either we must raise the ceiling, or we must provide public financing.
The newspaper reader does not come into the equation at all. By the same token, the information market, the real one, is not even taken into account. The money must come from the contributors or the large financial groups. In fact, it is companies such as Fiat, Telecom, ENI, Intesa San Paolo, etcetera that fill the pages of paid advertising in the daily newspapers and that consequently influence the pens of the financial journalists. Who would dare to bite the hand that feeds him?
How many people were there that criticised “tronchetto dell’infelicità’s” management when he was still Chairman of Telecom? Who told the truth about the value of the Telecom shares, bought last year by the banks at 2.9 euro while everyone knew they were actually worth 1.5 euro (as I wrote in the blog at that time)? By the way, who actually owns the banks? Whose money did they use to pay out “tronchetto”? Could it by any chance belong to some of the current account holders and certain investors? Who was it that undertook the financial/judicial investigations against Cesare Geronzi, the Chairman of Mediobanca’s Oversight Committee (OVERSIGHT?), who was committed for trial yesterday on charges of extortion in connection with the Eurolat portion of the Parmalat trial?
The editors and journalists would like to sell more advertising space, not so much for the readers’ benefit, but in the interests of unbiased information. Would the newspapers be forced to shut down if there was to be no more advertising revenues and State sponsored charity? Well, let them shut down then. Newspapers print if the reader buys. Otherwise they cannot inform. The press can be the darling of the large companies or act as the press office for the political parties. A legitimate role? Yes, but why must we pay for it through our taxes? And above all, why should we bother to buy the newspaper?

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April 03, 2008

Seven TV channels and three newspapers

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In Italy, it’s disinformation that gives commands, decides and provides order. Seven TV channels and three newspapers have been substituted for democracy. Everything you don’t know is true. What you know is what the System wants. There’s no need for the Police or for special laws to live in a regime. It’s enough to control the information. The media are the first objective in any coup d'état.
Italy no longer knows anything. It no longer manages to judge. It is schizophrenic. Reality and the information it receives are two different things, in opposition. It’s a boxer in a confused state, who can no longer stay on his feet, with his assistant at the corner of the ring shouting to him that everything’s OK. Not to be or to know? This is the dilemma.

We are not in control of our lives because we don’t know. Seven TV channels and three newspapers. RAI1, RAI2, RAI3, Canale 5, Italia1, Rete4, La7, il Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica, la Stampa. Our government, our Parliament, our eyes are them. The magnificent 10. The names of the directors are important, but up to a certain point. Riotta, Mazza, Giordano, Liguori, Fede, Piroso. To whom do they respond, these gentlemen? Whose interests do they represent?
Prodi has put there the penguin Riotta and Fini, “one morning, a terrible morning”, he gifted the desk of the Tg2 to Mazza. The journalists of the public TV News are press officers, hacks (at times Vaseline-users), Regime employees.
Canale 5, Italia1 and Rete4 are propaganda tools of Testa d'Asfalto. They have a double function: to make him make billions of Euro with the advertising that comes through Publitalia and maintain the Italians in an assisted coma. The psycho nano is a State concessionaire. The TV frequencies on which he broadcasts, are ours. The current account, the news and the conflict of interests, however, are only his. La7 belongs to Telecom Italia, a megaphone of the industrial interests of its shareholders. Benetton for example. Telefonica another example.
Paolo Mieli is the expression of the good salon of il Corriere della Sera. An assorted group of companies that ranges from Pirelli to Mediobanca, from Intesa San Paolo to the Tod. The bosses of the Corriere are called Confindustria and ABI. Geronzi, Passera, Tronchetti, Della Valle. La Repubblica is part of Engineer Carlo De Benedetti’s (industrialist, financier) Espresso group. La Stampa is part of the Fiat group. It’s a daily newspaper, inspired by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.
Summary: parties, Berlusconi, Confindustria and ABI possess information. If they want to, they can make us believe anything. And they make us believe anything. V2 Day on 25 April is the first step to giving back to the Italians the capacity to be of sound mind. Information must be separated from economic and political interests.

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March 31, 2008

False statistics. True unemployment.

Italy has salaries among the lowest in Europe (except for some countries in Eastern Europe). Who knows what this depends on? Perhaps on the law of supply and demand? And when there’s not much work, in fact, the salaries go down. And so Italy of the (almost) full employment and the starvation wages, how can they be explained? The rate of unemployment was 6.1% in 2007, true or false? It depends… Statistically it’s true, in practice it’s false.

Politicians and information have to defend law number 30. The Maroni law. The law of the former Minister of Labour who only protects the Malpensa workers in his election feudal territory of Varese. The others are made precarious. The Varesotto Maroni is the alpine version of the Ceppalonic Mastella. It’s enough to look around you to see that there’s no work. To know that the number of precarious workers is going up. To understand that there’s not enough money to get to the end of the month. The 6.1% unemployment is false. Professor Gallegati explains this in his letter. But you already knew this.

Download the book "Schiavi Moderni". 470,000 downloads up till now.

”In "Schiavi Moderni" the connection between flexibility and employment has been shown to be false. What should make politicians and economists reflect is that history shows that when a good is scarce its price goes up. Why are Italian salaries among the worst in Europe if unemployment is so low? The Italian salaries are not low because of the tax authorities, but because of work that’s not there.
Mondragone of ISFOL, explains this:
”In a dual labour market (15% of precarious workers), the presence of atypical badly paid workers contributes to the calming action of the tensions in the labour market, by supplying an army of internal reserves, in fact there’s a system of contractual submission of 15% of the workers who otherwise would have held out for demands (fist of all in terms of salaries) that instead in recent years have been extremely modest and broadly lower than those of European countries.” Anything but favouring the insertion of young people into the labour market!
Statisticulation (statistical manipulation aimed at presenting falsity as truth), is a neologism first used fifty years ago by Darrell Huff in “How to lie with statistics”. It’s a book full of examples of how to “scientifically” trick people: graphs of dubious validity, publishing half sets of figures, spoiled samples, unreliable results etc. Not knowing how to read statistics is a matter of ignorance but to alter the meaning to present false interpretations (and that is what is being done by politicians and the great noise of the aligned media) from which are derived decisions of economic policy that have an impact on our lives and the lives of our children, is irresponsible. And what’s more, we no longer want to be treated like idiots.
According to ISTAT, the unemployment rate in Italy was at 6.1% have gone down from 6.8% in 2006. A drop, as the researchers point out. But in reality it is closely connected to the increase in inactivity. Last year in fact, the number of persons looking for a job went down by 10 per cent in relation to the previous year (-167 thousand), particularly in the South, where the number of women without work has gone up continuously since 2004, and in 2007 reached 4.5 million. Perhaps it’s worth reminding readers that the rate of unemployment is measured by the relationship between the number looking for work and the number of active workers. Because it’s a division, it’s enough for the numerator to go down to make the unemployment rate go down; that’s exactly what happened in Italy in 2004. An argument brought in to support the effectiveness of the law number 30 (the Maroni law) is that since it was brought in, the rate of unemployment has gone down. With us, the quota of people who are not looking for work has gone up by much more in recent years than in the rest of Europe. According to the OECD, the relationship of those who are not looking for work and those in the work force has gone from 2% in 2001 to more than 6% in 2007, while in other European countries there has been the opposite of this tendency. It’s not surprising that there’s been an explosion in the number of those who are no longer looking, especially young people and women living in the South who find work on the black market.
Another problem that is ignored by politicians and by the mass media, is that in the first quarter of 2007, the number of unemployed in Italy was about 1,600,000: for ISFOL 900,000 of these are precarious workers, that is more than half of the unemployed in Italy are precarious workers. When a precarious worker is unemployed, no one pays their contributions for that “starvation” pension that they’ll get in a few years (at least one million precarious workers in the last 10 years have worked with contributions that will give a pension that is below the minimum). The net annual income of a “permanent” worker is on average 15 thousand € and that of a precarious worker 10 thousand €. Or you can say: 12% of the employed is atypical (but among young people the percentage goes up to 40%) and this number is going to go up as each year the relationship between “new” precarious workers and those precarious workers who get stable work (that is they get permanent jobs) is in a ratio of 2 to 1. The issue of precarious workers is destined to explode. Where are the political proposals? That is apart from abolishing article 18. Warm greetings but a bit discouraged.” Mauro Gallegati

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March 28, 2008

Free Tibet

Source: Asianews

What if the United States had invaded Mexico. What if France had occupied Algeria. Or what if Australia had declared war on Papua New Guinea. What if Japan had annexed Manchuria. What if Italy were to go back to Libya with gunboats. What if all of this happened in the year in which the Olympic Games were due to be held in the United States, in France, in Australia, in Japan or in Italy. Would the Olympic Games still have gone ahead in these Countries? On what grounds? In the name of the WTO? Globalisation? Consumerism?
The Italian government dropped its trousers to half-mast like D’Alema’s (no one really expected them to do otherwise).

Source: Asianews

Humanity owes an enormous debt to Tibet, to its culture and to its inhabitants. Tibet has been left alone for almost sixty years, and this in the interests of realpolitik. It is easy to see why this has happened. If you are big, you are able to go ahead and invade, destroy and exterminate. If, instead, you are small and you have petroleum, then it’s deemed to be your own business. A case in point - Chechnya. Another case in point - Iraq.

Today this blog is launching a petition to the Secretary General of the United Nations for a free Tibet.
Send the following message:
"Free Tibet. Stop to the China Olympic Games"
to the General Secretary of the United Nations and help to spread the message.
The samsara wheel will reward you.

Free Tibet Diffondi

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March 26, 2008

Address by Hu Jintao, President of China


Address by Hu Jintao, President of China to Mr. Richard Gere, Mr. Beppe Grillo, Ms. Nancy Pelosi and others.

”It is important that opinion leader, like you, know the real truth about Tibet.
The ancient city of Lhasa is covered in gala decorations with red flags flying in the Potala Square and the Yarlung Zangbo River gurgling delightfully. We members of the delegation from the Central Government, together with cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Tibet, are holding this grand celebration to mark the 57th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet with joy and elation.
Fifty seven years ago, the CPC Central Committee and Comrade Mao Zedong, having correctly assessed the situation, made a far-sighted, resolute and significant policy decision to liberate Tibet peacefully. The Central People's Government and the former local government of Tibet signed the Agreement on Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. The peaceful liberation of Tibet was a major event in modern Chinese history and an epoch-making turning point in the course of development in Tibet. It symbolized that Tibet once and for all cast off the yoke of imperialist aggression and that the great unity of the Chinese nation and its great reunification cause have entered a new period of development. It ushered in a new era in which Tibet would turn from darkness to light, from backwardness to progress, from poverty to affluence and from seclusion to openness.
Over the past 57 years, Tibet has achieved a leap forward in the historical development of social systems and embarked on a socialist road. With the abolition of feudal serfdom, under which the Tibetan people had long been suppressed and exploited, millions of erstwhile serfs who did not even have the minimum of human rights have now stood up and become masters of their own fate. Today people of all ethnic groups are fully enjoying political, economic, cultural and other rights and having complete control of their destiny.
Over the past 57 years, Tibet has made substantial headway in its economic development, and the living standards of its people have improved markedly. Through democratic reform, socialist transformation and reform and opening-up, the social productive forces of Tibet have been emancipated and developed in an unprecedented manner. Over the past 57 years, the socialist spiritual civilization in Tibet has been steadily enhanced and society has moved forward in an all-round way. Educational, scientific and technological, cultural, public health and other social undertakings have been developing vigorously. People of all ethnic groups in Tibet have generally had enhanced political awareness, higher ethical standards and scientific and educational levels. The fine traditional culture in Tibet has not only been protected, inherited and carried forward, but also substantiated to reflect people's new lives and meet the new requirements of social development.
Over the past 57 years, solidarityamong all ethnic groups in Tibet has been constantly strengthened and social stability there has been maintained on the whole. People's freedom of religious belief has been fully respected and protected. People of all ethnic groups have worked in unity and succeeded in foiling the separatist and disruptive activities of the Dalai clique and anti-China forces in the world time and again, and thus safeguarded stability in Tibet and national unity and state security.
The course of 57 years of storms and vicissitudes has brought to light a great truth: It is only under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, only in the embrace of the big family of the motherland and only by firmly taking the socialist road with Chinese characteristics that Tibet can enjoy today's prosperity and progress and an even better tomorrow. This is the most important conclusion that we have drawn from the 57 years of Tibet 's development and also the fundamental principle that must be followed in building and developing Tibet in the days to come.
Tibet is a beautiful and richly endowed region of our great motherland. The industrious and talented people of all ethnic groups in Tibet have, in a long historical development, made outstanding contributions to the creation of a glorious culture of the Chinese nation and creation of a unified multi-ethnic country. In the last half a century in particular, the Tibetan people have written brilliant chapters in the development and progress of Tibet and added new glory to the big family of our socialist motherland.
I am proud to invite you to the Beijing Olympic Games. It will be a great opportunity to see the progress and the development of China. 胡锦涛 Hu Jintao

Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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March 21, 2008

Information March!

The march of Italian citizens towards the future is peaceful. Slow, unstoppable, contagious, joyful like Bartali’s eyes, in a song by Paolo Conte. It’s transmitted by means of an information virus. The informed citizen participates in the Truth Olympics. The disinformed citizen can only watch it on the TV.
The march for the freedom of information in a free State has already started on the Internet. It’s like Mao’s Long March, Ghandi’s Salt March. Each one can choose his own image, his own message and together with another hundred thousand citizens, take part in the demonstration online to free Italy from the straitjacket of the masked censorship of information. Power has control of the media. Power has the power BECAUSE it has the control of the media. If citizens take back the control of the media, democracy in Italy will be re-established. This is why we are marching.
It’s spring. Open up the windows of your mind. Think. Rediscover the pleasure of thinking on your own. Take a breath and look at the sky. It can even be blue with swallows. Let’s go back to being the Bel Paese {Beautiful Country}. Why not? Everything is possible, even getting free of the class of parasites that occupy politics and information. When you march in the V2 Day march, exchange signs of peace with your neighbours on the march. It’s full of friendly people.
Sign up to the march and in your blog, put the banner with your position.
One day you will be able to say: “I was there, so long ago, when Italy was still a regime.”

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March 17, 2008

Clementina Forleo on trial: the crafty ones in Parliament


China has blocked access to YouTube so that its citizens can’t find out what’s happening in Lhasa. Dictatorships can’t survive without controlling information. Free Tibet!
The journalist Ferruccio Sansa has reminded me that the neighbourhood wide boys, already thanks to the Great pardon of the errant ceppalonic guy, will be rewarded with a triumphal entrance into Parliament. Clementina Forleo is on trial, her parents have died in a mysterious road accident after being subject to threats. Clementina into the fire. The defendants of the Antonveneta investigation and their mates at the club Med of the Lower and Upper Houses with 25,000 Euro a month plus benefits. Read the letter from Ferruccio with an empty stomach. So that you don’t vomit on the carpet.

Dear Beppe,
The parties have presented their lists for the forthcoming elections. Some can feel satisfied: the local wide boys. In fact it wasn’t enough that Parliament voted for the Greta Pardon that offered impunity to almost all of the protagonists in the Antonveneta scandal. In the general silence, the Centre, Centre Left and centre Right have put forward as candidates all the politicians who appeared in the intercepts and in the Antonveneta trial documents. Here they are: Nicola Latorre (Pd), Luigi Grillo (Pdl), Aldo Brancher (Pdl), Roberto Calderoli (Lega) and Ivo Tarolli (Udc) (without mentioning the big names who had walk on roles in the intercepts and in the witness statements, that is Massimo D’Alema, Piero Fassino, Giancarlo Giorgetti, etc…).
Many people will have forgotten who they are. But perhaps it would be necessary to refresh memories by going to read the intercepts of that inglorious Summer of 2005.
Nicola Latorre faithful follower of Massimo D’Alema, appears often in the dirty dealing uncovered by the investigators. In practice, his task is that of bag-carrier or more accurately of mobile-phone-carrier of the DS leader. Ricucci and Consorte call and Latorre listens, asks for instructions, passes the phone to D’Alema. Let’s listen to that.
On 18 July 2005, at the crucial moment of the takeover bids that then landed up with the Prosecutors, Latorre talks to Ricucci who presents himself: “Here you have comrade Ricucci ready. Anyway I’ve told Consorte, give me a card, I can’t keep on like this.”
Latorre : “By now you have become a dangerous red subversive .
Ricucci : Me, I’ve taken form Unipol. Everything’s OK. WE have done all the operations with Unipol.”
On 6 July 2005, Latorre talks to Giovanni Consorte. Unipol’s former top man (under investigation for rigging the market) is worried that Caltagirone and the other co-conspirators who hold a part of the BNL patrimony have thrown him a hot potato. But Latorre consoles him.
Consorte: Caltagirone and his lot “have got out and they want to sell.”
Latorre :”Yes”
Consorte:”Well then, there are two problems. The first is the price but there, there’s no discussion: we have offered them 2.60 euro, take it or leave it. And naturally 2.60 euro is … - isn’t negotiable because .. – well - … this morning we went to Isvap in the Bank of Italy, where we had to lend a hand to Frasca, Nicò, because they are crucifying him because of that pig of a Governor. Because Frasca is a comrade you see! Well, he’s a broken man!. OK. Anyway it’s something that I want to talk to you and Massimo on another occasion.”
For those who might have forgotten, Frasca was head of Surveillance at the Bank of Italy and was investigated by the Rome Prosecution for abuse of Office.

Latorre and Consorte talk about the details of the agreement, then Consorte concludes.
Consorte: “Thus if these people accept a deferment, let’s say, in inverted commas, the game is over. If they don’t accept, it means they have, something for which I have evidence, been dealing with the Spanish to relaunch their own. This is the situation. Thus tomorrow I’m meeting them at 6 o’clock. At 8 o’clock I’ll call you and tell you how’s it’s going to finish.”
Latorre : “But should Massimo telephone ‘the engineer’?”
Consorte:”Well, look, I’ve thought about that and that’s why I phoned you. And …Nicola you have to give me time until tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm and the reason is this: if I manage to complete with the people I’m talking to…”
Latorre : “It’s best that he goes away.”
Consorte: No, no. It’s best that Massimo makes the telephone call.”
Here is the famous telephone conversation between D’Alema and Consorte.
D’Alema: “Then I’ve got something to say to you if you manage to get a second, face to face.”
Consorte: “Are you in Rome on Sunday? Or do you have to speak to me before that?”
D’Alema: “Well… I wanted to tell you .. about the care you have to take. Perhaps…”
Consorte: “Uhm”.
D’Alema: “Perhaps you’ve heard the rumour, let’s say. I have to make a list for you of the care you have to take.. Yes about communications.”
Who knows what D’Alema meant with these words. Perhaps he meant that it was necessary to pay more attention to how the Unipol-Bnl financial operation was communicated to the public. Legitimate. But the investigators have the feeling that he wanted to tell Consorte to watch out for possible telephone intercepts. We’ll never know. Having convinced Caltagirone and friends to sell to Unipol, there’s just Vito Bonsignore to convince. He’s a Euro-MP with the UDC now passed to the PdL with Berlusconi.
D’Alema: “I’ve spoken to Bonsignore who said what shall we do, come out or stay for a year? If it’s any use to you, he’ll stay… Evidently he is interested in being hidden in a political context...».
Consorte: “Obviously, no one does something for nothing.”

The PD has decided to have Latorre, D’Alema and Piero Fassino as candidates. Not one of them is under investigation. Is their honour intact?
Certainly, the Popolo della Libertà (People of Liberty) is doing much worse. Its candidates have also been investigated. In Puglia, far away from the bright lights, Berlusconi has decided to have Luigi Grillo as a candidate. He’s under investigation for collaboration in rigging the market. Grillo has always been – and he has admitted it proudly – one of the sponsors of the former Governor Antonio Fazio (under investigation for rigging the market, abuse of office and insider trading). Grillo has always been a supporter of Gianpiero Fiorani, whom he has defined as “a very good banker”. And according to the investigators, Grillo has obtained from the Banca Popolare di Lodi, from Fiorani, an overdraft of 250 thousand euro.
In the Veneto Region for the Lower House, here you have Aldo Brancher (Forza Italia), under investigation in Milan for receiving, and he’s at the top of the list for the Lega in the Senate.
If it hadn’t been for Fiorani, the Lega would probably have been bankrupt. He’s the Lodi banker that picked up Credieuronord, the Po valley bank that Bossi wanted that accumulated a mass of debts. The Lega school of Varese. The Pontida meadow, the very one that each year is filled with green flags for the speeches of the “Senatur”. All the symbols of the Lega over time have been bought with money from the Banca Popolare di Lodi. Money that il Carroccio has received starting from the 1990s: totaling, in overdrafts and loans, 10 million euro, to which must be added about another million coming from the Banca Popolare di Crema (controlled from Lodi). All that obtained by offering as collateral the historic headquarters of il Carroccio, the building in via Bellerio. Nothing illicit in that, but if you analyse the bank accounts of the Lega (13 of them, all with the Milan branch of the BpL) you see that what unites il Carroccio and Fiorani’s Institute is not just a simple business connection: the very existence of the Lega depended on the wish of Lodi.
The Udc didn’t want to do less. In Trentino Alto Adige it has Ivo Tarolli as a candidate. Among the trusted friends of Fazio and Fiorani (for him the Lodi prosecution has asked for the archiving of the initial hypothesis of embezzlement)." Ferruccio Sansa

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March 16, 2008

Say No to the bloodstained Olympics


Italy must not participate at the Peking Olympics. The Olympic Games are tainted by the blood of the Tibetans. At Lhasa, at least a hundred people have died, some of them burned alive. They were protesting on the anniversary date of the bloody Chinese repression of 1959.
Buddhism is not a conquering religion, and it has not brought about centuries-long conflicts like the monotheistic religions have. A Buddhist may be killed, but he does not kill. The Chinese Government has threatened further bloodshed unless the Tibetans stop the protests by next Monday. The Chinese Government threatens them in their own country, an occupied country. It threatens a population, a large part of which has been forced into exile. Whose monasteries have been destroyed. Whose identity it is seeking to destroy by means of savage immigration.
The Tibetans are one of the most peace-loving peoples on the face of the Earth. For decades now the slitty-eyes have been inflicting a mini-holocaust on these people, but the West has continued to look the other way. “Pecunia WTO non olet”. Neither Valium nor the psychodwarf saw fit to receive the Dalai Lama when he visited Italy last autumn. He was treated like a pariah, in other words, business first, then human rights. These are our great strategists: Italy’s shame in the eyes of the international community.
The Italian athletes must boycott the Olympics. They must speak out against dictatorship, as this will certainly be the greatest achievement of their entire lives. Their children and grandchildren will be proud of them. Many Italians will look up to them. I am willing to host them in my home during the Olympics and, as reimbursement, I will pay them to be my personal trainers.
The Peking Olympics cannot be allowed to take place on the back of the massacres at Lhasa. For every Olympic final event and for every prize giving, there will be the memory of a Tibetan killed and a Nation raped under the rest of the world’s indifferent stare. I met with the Dalai Lama in Milan. The man I met with was a good man, open and friendly, but at the same time absolutely determined to give his people back their freedom. I salute him from this blog.
Say No to the bloodstained Olympics.

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March 12, 2008

On 25 April take the red pill


Information is the last resort for our employees. They know that very well. They no longer have any shame, they say that openly.
The psycho-dwarf: “An election campaign is needed and it needs to be won. The publisher Ciarrapico has some important newspapers, I believe it is absolutely important that these newspapers are not hostile. Given that nearly all the big newspapers are on the other side, when there is one that is in our favour I believe that it is absolutely logical to try to continue to have it in favour.”
And everyone talking about Ciarrapico the fascist and not about the control of information. A guy who owns three national TV channels thanks to Parliament and the Mondadori Group, that counts for 50 PUBLICATIONS, thanks to the corruption of judges, is delirious and no one calls an ambulance. In another democratic country they wouldn’t even let him be seen on Tele Pesco Fiorito in the late evening.
Napolitano sleeps like a just communist, he awakes only if the talk gets noisy. It’s as though a thief could steal the silverware as long as he does it silently and without swear words.
Without the control of the TV channels and the press no one would go to the elections on 13 April. Not even those who count the votes. Politicians are behaving like bandits. They control the country with total disdain for the citizens. Italy is cosa loro {their thing}. Whoever is elected is cosa loro. With a stroke of the pen Cuffaro, Crisafulli, Carra and Dell’Utri are put into lists safe as steel. Better to have a safe seat than a probable prison. If they were to end up in prison and if they were to talk, how many would they drag in with them? Politicians lie, as do their newspaper directors, their allied servants who just want to “survive”. A place in the Lower or Upper House is worth more than dignity, if they ever had any. Collusion between information and politics needs eliminating or democracy will die completely.
On 25 April there’s V2 Day for the collection of signatures for three referenda for “Free information in a free State” in all locations in Italy. Abolition of the Gasparri law for the elimination of the duopoly Mediaset/political parties, abolition of financing of publishing and of the fascist list of journalists. I will be in Turin in piazza San Carlo. The coma that the citizens are witnessing is about to finish. On 25 April take the red pill.
Print and distribute the V2-Day flyer..


V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day
4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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March 06, 2008

Channel Zero


I’m publishing a letter I’ve received from Giulietto Chiesa.
Dear Beppe,
I believe that this is a starting point, that it is true, does not coincide with your ideas but then are definitely not contrasting them. And I think it is a tool to bring them about.
You don’t have to agree. I ask you to do as you did for the 11 September affair, by publishing my letter. It was a great help.
I ask you to repeat it, also in the name of all those who signed this appeal and the numerous others, who cannot sign for various professional reasons, but who have privately told me of their agreement. Some are already working actively with me.
I am, we are, your allies in the battle for democratic and honest information. We are thinking of doing it like this.
Warm greetings

Appeal for freedom of information

Dear friends, companions in an Italy that does not give up. The disaster of the situation and of the political class and a real and outright democratic emergency obliges us to break with indecision and timidity, divisions and recrimination.
First of all, we have to defend ourselves and we can counter attack.
To do that we have to have tools of mass communication that produce democratic information and that engage with a battle for the defence of democracy and of the Common Good.
We believe that millions of people in Italy are waiting for this proposal and that they are ready to support it.
But to do so it is necessary to have a substantial financial commitment. There are no parties, Trades Unions, willing to finance it. If there were, they would want to control it. That would not be useful to the aim. Thus we have to do it on our own account. Each one of us, of you, become a publisher and a protagonist.
It is among you citizens, that we have to collect the amount needed to launch this experiment. It’s big, massive, but we have to do it with small change. A David against a Goliath. But we don’t have to have tens of billions of euro to have decent and free information. In fact, the billions of euro are the very thing that gag it and prevent it.
We think that we can do it even with a modest sum to start off with. To do it we need an essential organising structure. Even this has its cost. To start off this collection machinery we need to know in advance how many there are of us, how many individuals and groups are available….”
For now, we are not asking for money.
We are asking, all those who are willing to give at least 100 euro, to tell us of their willingness, via a simple email, together with essential details: first name, second name, email, place of residence and possibly telephone number.
The data collected will be kept confidential. Information published during the three months needed for this “commitment campaign” will be just totals, by geographic area, every week.
At the end of three months if we have the necessary conditions for starting off, we will start to collect the money. And we will use these months to define all the necessary administrative, legal and organizational aspects.
The relevant site for the “commitment campaign” is that will give the essential information. But we will involve a series of “friendly” websites, blogs, radio broadcasters and communication media who want to support us and spread the message of this collection.
The steps
We are defining a centre of journalism that will work full time, made up of properly employed people with a contract for the whole duration of the initial project: 18 months.
The team will have a director, appointed by the collective and by a wide-ranging group of supporters, with a corresponding high level of professionalism. And it’ll be someone who doesn’t have other constraints, just a person who follows the codes of their profession and those laid out in a simple statement of intent including these points:
1) Defence of the Constitution and the democratic rule of law
2) No to every war.
3) Defence of the social and civil rights of citizens.
4) Defence of the environment and of the territory.
5) Defence of the secular State
We define, after wide consultation, a committee of guarantors, “super partes,” chosen from democratic people who have the trust of the people based on their qualities in terms of professionalism, culture, scientific, and social action. Their task will be to verify that the ideals are respected. With this in mind we ask you right now to put forward the name of a person, who you believe could ensure the application of the principles given above.
The independence of the operators will be totally guaranteed. Each phase of construction of the project will be made public in the total respect of transparency, using verification tools directed by those who finance it. First of all, using the Internet, but also with a network of committees and big meeting throughout the territory. The first ones to sign
(The list is open to others, whose names will be made known shortly)” Leggi tutti i post della "Casta dei giornali" V2-day, 25 aprile, per un'informazione libera: 1. Inserisci le tue foto su con il tag V2-day 2. Inserisci tuoi video su con il tag V2-day 3. Sostieni il V2 day

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February 25, 2008

Rubbish Day

Click for the video

The first part of my speech in Naples on 23 February 2008.

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February 24, 2008

Sorry, Naples

Clicca il video

Yesterday evening in Naples, I said sorry to all the people of Campania.

Sorry! I’m here to say sorry to you on behalf of all the Italians.
In 1861 you were annexed by the people of Piedmont with a war of occupation. Naples was one of the capitals of Europe. With Victor Emmanuel II, it became the capital of emigration. The Savoys carried away the cash box of the Kingdom and sent you General Cialdini. Tens of thousands of people of Campania were massacred. Before being subjects of the people from Piedmont, they were subjects of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The next morning they were brigands. The technique is always the same: first they throw mud at you, then they kill you or beat you up. Naples is the world capital of rubbish. Dirty. Disgusting. It’s in Newsweek, Time, Le Monde. You are benefactors. You dispose of toxic waste from the whole world, and above all from the companies of Northern Italy. To poison Campania costs less than getting rid of toxic slurry. Who gains? The Gross Domestic Product!
After being unified with Italy you are no longer a people. You are lazzaroni, people of the Camorra, scum, louts. You who had Cuma and Capua thousands of years ago. Greek civilization, Etruscan, Roman. Today you are prisoners in your own home. You don’t even know who you are. I beg your pardon for the Camorra, for Bassolino, for Veltroni, for Berlusconi, for Ms Iervolino, for Cirino Pomicino. I beg your pardon for Mussolini, for fascism, for the two world wars, for the race laws, for the ships full of emigrants. Pardon for having reduced one of the most beautiful cities in the world to an advertising spot on rubbish.
Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core...nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe' n'ora...stu desiderio 'e te mme fa paura...

On the other side of the Adriatic a tiny State has just become independent. It is Kosovo. It has 2 million inhabitants. There are 6 million of you in Campania and who knows how many millions around the world. You have a history that goes back thousands of years. The Italian State has reduced you to a dung heap. Become Kosovans. Have a referendum to become independent. I will support your campaign. Propose a plebiscite for the return of the Bourbons. You couldn’t be governed worse than this. They have even taken away your right to speak. The language of Naples has been recognised by UNESCO but not by the schools of Italy. Nobody eats buffalo mozzarella any more. They are afraid it is radioactive. Your agriculture is on its knees. You have to export tomatoes in secret. You have to mark tins of tomato paste : “made in China” so that you can put them on the contraband market in Europe. The Governor of Venice has started an advertising campaign in Germany. To explain to all Germans that the region of Venice is different from Campania. Caorle is better than Ischia and than Capri. Civilisation stops at the Piave: once it murmured, now it vomits the mayor Gentilini.
Campania is a political laboratory. What happens here happens in the whole of Italy. The distance between the citizens and the institutions is no longer there. They have brought in the knowing truncheon. The one that thinks about it and then strikes the women and the old people with their hands up in Pianura and in Savignano Irpino. The almost-knowing truncheon of the G8 in Genoa, of the Val di Susa, has evolved with you, it has found mature representation, more democratic.
Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core...nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe' n'ora...stu desiderio 'e te mme fa paura…

Sorry. I want to ask for your pardon for the Acerra incinerator. For Impregilo. For our politicians chosen by the national parties. For Veronesi who’s at the top of Veltroni’s list in Lombardy and is three years older than De Mita. For Prodi who wants to make you a gift of three new incinerators. In Lombardy there are tens of incinerators, the roads are clean, but there’s a frightening occurrence of cancers. I beg your pardon for the illnesses due to radioactive waste buried in your lands without authority without any authority lifting a finger over 20 years. I beg your pardon for the dioxin and the nano particles from incineration that you breathe in together with the cancer. How many authorities have you paid with your taxes? Magistrates, Health Units, public administrators, Regions, Provinces, Towns, Mountain Communities, Police, Carabinieri, Forest Guards, Fire Officers, Town Police, Urban Cleansing, deputies, senators. All our employees. How many thousands of people have been given salaries to save you from this disaster? Why if there is Justice to avoid this Chernobyl of rubbish? What’s the use? Why are they there?
The world is looking at Naples. You are at a point of no return. Naples is at year zero. Like Berlin in 1945 after the bombing. It is a unique moment in history for starting again. For a Campana Renaissance. Take your past back into your hands, your language and the life of your children. Your territory. If you want you can change things. Nothing is impossible for those who are born here. What is decided in Rome is not important. You are important. The Italy of Beppe Grillo says “sorry” to you. The other Italy judges you and beats you up. History has gone by here and will come back soon. However, give it a hand.
For a New Renaissance.
Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core...nun ce lassammo cchiù, manco pe' n'ora...stu desiderio 'e te mme fa paura..."

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day

Click to see the video

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February 23, 2008

Chile is close by


Today’s Campania is tomorrow’s Italy. An incubator for corrupt politics, organised crime and destruction of the territory.
Chile is close by. The people of Campania are firstly criminalized by the media, then abandoned by the politicians, and finally beaten as delinquents. Certain elders that raise their arms as a sign of protest are being truncheoned pitilessly. The gap between the citizens and the institutions is being bridged by means of beatings. The method is somewhat debatable, perhaps a bit fascist, but it has worked in other Countries like Chile and Burma. We’ll get used to it, you’ll see.

"Hello Beppe,
I am a young man from Ariano Irpino, however, these days I almost feel as if I am living in Pinochet’s Chile. These days the behaviour of the Police in my area has reached proportions that I would not have believed to be possible after Genoa 2001. Beatings handed out to unarmed demonstrators and pacifists, group attacks in the streets and totally unjustified arrests by the police. The reason for all of this is simply our opposition to the umpteenth Police attempt to humiliate the residents in the aftermath of the waste disposal emergency in Campania. Here is a bit of background so as to help you to understand the situation:
In 1996, in Ariano Irpino, the Difesa Grande waste disposal site came into operation, which today contains more than 1,500,000 cubic metres of refuse and has now become the largest waste disposal dump in Europe. You can just imagine the economic repercussions that this has had on an area that makes its livelihood from agriculture, and in terms of public health (an exponential increase in the number of people afflicted by tumours and malformations).
In 2004, a major public protest that lasted for two months forced Police Commissioner Catenacci to reverse the decision to re-open the waste disposal dump. New attempts to re-open the dump were made in 2006, when the operation was thwarted by the judiciary’s decision to impose a probatory seizure of the site, and again in July 2007, when the local political forces (with the exception of the SDI) agreed to accept another 80,000 tons of refuse in exchange for a law, namely Law No. 87/2007, which totally excluded the Ariano Irpino area from all plans for new waste disposal dumps.
Last month, De Gennaro once again provided for the re-opening of the Difesa Grande dump, but the plans were dropped because investigations undertaken by the Military Corps of Engineers revealed that the waste disposal dump is polluted. The decision was shifted to Pustarza di Savignano Irpino. Everything appeared to be normal but this was not, in fact, so. Pustarza is situated only 2 km from the Difesa Grande dump as the crow flies, and only 5km away from the largest waste disposal dump in Europe by road. What is happening, in fact, is that the Campania area is being targeted for the siting of more waste disposal dumps, pity that the area is inhabited by people with a strong desire to live, to work and to die in peace, as a result of natural causes rather than be killed by tons of refuse. They are literally trying to drown us!! For this very reason the inhabitants once again took to the streets to say NO to this umpteenth attempt to destroy our area. On Monday morning, the peaceful protesters, very few of them it must be said, were being charged by the Police.
A group of protesters was waiting near the Grottaminarda motorway toll gate for the arrival of other groups of protesters. When a number of Police vans passed by, a few of the people present applauded ironically. The Carabinieri passed by, as did a few policemen, with the exception of a couple of vans that stopped. A number of policemen proceeded to climb out of these vans and started to openly beat up the people with fists and kicks, and even with truncheons. An unbelievable scene that was captured on film by a courageous reporter from Canale 58, who was then forced to hide out in a shop and to conceal the offending video cassette, which the policemen wanted to get their hands on." Marco

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February 20, 2008

The beautiful washerwomen of the Left


The election campaign seems like a Mexican siesta. Topo Gigio and the psycho dwarf, twin brothers. Altar boys serving the same Mass. If someone says something different from the common programme (as Antonio Di Pietro has done) they are pierced with arrows like Saint Sebastian. Di Pietro has put forward the idea of a single public TV channel removed from the control of the parties and without advertising. And the limitation of just a single concession of the national radio-TV frequencies for any individual person. The frequencies belong to the State who assigns them as a concession. It can give them to anyone: to Berlusconi just as it can to Signor Rossi. No one owns them. In London or in Madrid, the citizens would not bat an eyelid at the idea of this suggestion. And they don’t even in our country. Il has started a survey “Di Pietro wants to leave Mediaset with a single channel. Do you agree?” 70% responded “yes”.
In Italy if the opinion of the general public does not match that of the parties, it doesn’t count. They are companions that make mistakes. The middle classes who haven’t understood the message.
If the former P2 member, Cicchitto: Armed wing, represented by Antonio Di Pietro, to hit the political adversary and announce a programme, with the related laws to follow, that aims at destroying Mediaset, that is the leading TV company in the country, with the inevitable and disastrous effects on employment, just because it is owned by the leader of the Pdl”, and the sorceress Gasparri: “Di Pietro’s idea would create damage not only to Mediaset, but above all it would bring the RAI to its knees”, can be justified as they are employees of the psycho-dwarf. Others are less so.
Sergio Bellucci, head of communications for Rifondazione Comunista: “The public space of communications is a common good that belongs to all the citizens. This is why it has to be defended and given value against every attempt to resize it or deplete its power. Di Pietro’s proposals in relation to communications seem at the moment to be too vague for them to be truly discussed. We will wait to know what is the programme of the Democratic Party so that we can tackle concrete proposals.
But the Democratic Party’s proposals are already laid before Parliament, the words of “trottolino amoroso Follini”.
The information is laid, Mediaset enjoys and the Left has peace of mind.
Without advertising, without parties, a TV channel of the citizens, free to inform, paid with a licence fee like the BBC. I am weighing up the opportunity to buy RAI 3 through a popular subscription. Stay tuned.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day

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February 18, 2008

Everything you don’t know is true


Everything you don’t know is true. You need a leap, a flash, to see the light, to know the truth. Our mind is enclosed in narrow boundaries. The press and the TV are the guardians. Our honesty stops us from understanding. An honest person believes that even the others are behaving in the same way. More or less. There are things that you refuse to think. The reaction to the truth is shock. The typical thing to say in that circumstance is “it’s not possible”. The truth is not knowable with the five senses. It has to be searched for in a transcendental way. You have to surprise it, imagine it, create it with thought. Whatever the result it will be more real than the pre-packaged reality in which we believe we are living.

There are grillo-zen techniques to arrive at illumination:
1 Turn upside down the information to get the opposite (example: incinerators do not have effects on health = incinerators cause tumours)
2 Put yourself in the shoes of the professional liars starting with the simplest cases to get to the more complex ones (example: listen 100 times to the speech by Mastella in Parliament in defence of his wife Sandra under house arrest). NB: The technique carries its risks: starting straight off with the psycho-dwarf could be fatal.
3 Without laughing, read aloud an electoral programme chosen at random in front of a mirror in candle light (example: the contract with the Italians or the 208 points of the Olive. )
4 Always expect the worst. Whoever is thinking of the worst does not fear surprises. They can live peacefully. What else could happen to them? (example: the State will go bankrupt. The State bonds will be frozen. Italy will leave the Euro and our capital will crumble to dust.)
5 Ask friends to make us immobile in front of the TV with eyes kept open with tweezers as in the film: “Clockwork Orange” (example: select information programmes with Ferrara, Riotta, Fede, Feltri, Mazza, Vespa, Mentana)
6 Read your pay slip and compare it with what you had a few years ago. Repeat the operation with the receipt for your shopping. It helps to listen to Tremonti, Brunetta and Visco in the background.
Practice these techniques and make them known without abusing them.
V2 Day. 25 April 2008. Freedom of information in a free State.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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February 14, 2008

25 April: Information and Rifondazione


On 25 April there’s V2 Day for the freedom of information in a free State. The informed citizen can make decisions. The disinformed citizen “believes” they are making decisions. To disinform is the best way to give orders.
There’ll be the collection of signatures for three referendum: the abolition of the official list of journalists created by Mussolini, existing only in Italy, the cancellation of public financing of publishing, which makes it dependent on politics, and the elimination of the Testo Unico Gasparri {Gasparri Unified Text} about radio and TV, for information to be freed from the duopoly parties-Mediaset.
The main demonstration “should” be happening in Turin, in piazza Castello. The conditional of the verb is used owing to the veto by Rifondazione Comunista on the use of the square on the day of the Liberation. I believe that the squares are not the property of the parties and that 25 April is not a day in the calendar that is reserved for Bertinotti. It’s a great national feast day, that celebrates the end of the war and the hope for real democracy, that has since been betrayed a thousand times by the parties.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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January 31, 2008

Freedom of Information in a Free State


The European Court of Justice has issued a decision that obliges the Italian State to assign the radio-TV frequencies.
The Court found in favour of Europa 7, whose frequencies are occupied by Arcore’s propaganda network, also called Rete 4. The Court has pointed out that the regime for assigning frequencies in our country:
- does not respect the principle of the free provision of services
- does not have selection criteria that are objective, transparent, non-discrimating and proportionate (then it finished the adjectives)
The opinion of the European Court follows that in favour of Europa 7 by the Constitutional Court, by the Council of State and by the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice on 12 September 2007 (that overturned the Gasparri law).
I expect that the law will be applied without having to go to the NATO or the United Nations. But then I’m sure it won’t happen. With the usual trick: they’ll change the law.
The radio-TV frequencies are a concession, which means they are the property of the State, which can decide, freely, to whom they are assigned. The frequencies thus belong to the citizens, our property.
The laws that have organised the radio-TV system, from the Mammì law to the Gasparri law, have created a monster: the Unified Text. To change it even partly, is useless. It should be eliminated so as to be able to start from nothing and define new rules that guarantee true information.
On 25 April, I will put forward three referendum for “Freedom of Information in a free State”:
- abolition of public financing of the press
- abolition of the professional association of journalists
- abolition of the Unified Text dated 31 July 2005 (D.Lgs. 177) that today represents the framework of regulations for TV and radio.
As regards the radio and TV frequencies, I will put forward a proposal for a new law with the help of experts in the sector. Stay tuned!
Previous posts:
Rete 4 on satellite
The fatwa
Europa 7: the TV station that disappeared

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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January 29, 2008

Take a look at my Inferno


The New Yorker published an extensive article about me. The journalist who wrote it litterally followed me for four months, to get it done. I had my hard time convincing my wife I had no affairs with him. Anyway, it was definitely worth it.
Chances are that you have been able to spot the news somewhere, since you probably live outside Italy. Here, of course, the press did its best to hide or misquote the news.
Here are a few lines from the article. You can download the full pdf version of the article by clicking on the link above.
"On September 8th, two million people in two hundred and twenty cities across Italy celebrated V-Day, an unofficial new national holiday, the “V” signifying victory, vendetta, and, especially, “Vaffanculo” (“Fuck off”). The event had been organized by Beppe Grillo, Italy’s most popular comedian, to protest endemic corruption in the national government. Grillo, a bearlike, trumpet-voiced man of fifty-nine with a pile of graying curls, is a distinctly Italian combination of Michael Moore and Stephen Colbert: an activist and vulgarian with a deft ear for political satire. [...]
Grillo has galvanized Italians by talking about corruption with irreverence and humor—indeed, by talking about it at all. The country’s mainstream press is controlled, or owned outright, by political parties and corporations, whose malfeasance tends to be glossed over or ignored on television and in newspapers. (Grillo is organizing another V-Day, to be held on April 25th, to protest the subservience of the press.) Journalists who write about corruption face the constant threat of libel suits. Grillo has won a dozen such suits and is facing at least four more, including one for about fifteen million dollars in damages, brought against him by Biagio Agnes, the former director of Stet, then the national telecommunications company. (Grillo criticized Agnes, during a comedy show in 1993, for dishonest business practices.) Since 2005, however, he has addressed the public primarily through his blog, at, which, according to Technorati, the leading search engine for blogs, is the eighth most read in the world. Here Grillo not only denounces political wrongdoing but runs something of a parallel government, complete with a cabinet of volunteer policy advisers, including the architect Renzo Piano, the actor and playwright Dario Fo, and the economist Joseph Stiglitz, who wrote the preface to a book Grillo recently published online about Italian labor law. (Grillo, who has made tens of millions of dollars from comedy performances, books, and DVDs, finances his Web site and his political activism with his earnings.)"

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January 26, 2008

The Mussolini roll of Journalists


On the occasion of his first meeting with Mussolini in Venice, Hitler arrived dressed in a creased raincoat. The “duce” and his ministers arrived in full uniform, fez, boots, sashes, flags and all. The only thing missing was the African slaves dressed in animal skins and blowing on trumpets. From that moment on, Hitler decided to copy fascism in its entirety. Except for one thing: the professional roll of journalists. He was not callous enough for this.
In 1925, Mussolini created the roll where the journalists were required to register, the only such roll anywhere in the world. The roll was controlled by the Government and was placed under the auspices of the Minister of Justice, the Mastella of that era.
In 1963, thanks to a new law, the roll became the professional order of journalists, complete with rules, pensions, control organs and admission requirements. A corporation based on firm principles. In fact, Law 69/1963 states that: the freedom to inform and criticise is the journalists inalienable right, while it is the journalists inescapable duty to respect the essential truth regarding the facts uncovered, and always to fulfil the obligations imposed by the spirit of loyalty and good faith.
Einaudi wrote that: “A compulsory roll is immoral because it tends to impose limitations on that which has no limitations and should not have any, namely, freedom of thought and expression. Accepting the principle of a compulsory roll is like reviving the worst institutions of the upper classes and closed corporations, which are prone to the desires of the tyrants and the sworn enemies of the youth, the rebels and the non-conformists”
Berlinguer added that: “I am against the requirement of any educational qualification for the journalist profession, because I believe such requirement to be an absurd form of discrimination, a class discrimination that is contrary to the freedom of the press and the freedom to express one’s personal opinions".
Information is free and the order of journalists limits the freedom of information. Anyone should be free to write whatever he/she wishes, without any limitations other than those envisaged by the law.
Let the free journalists tear up their membership cards; they don’t need them because their only point of reference is the reader.
On 25 April we will be signing a petition for a three-point referendum for freedom of information in a free State. The first point will be for the repeal of Law 66/1963 because access to the journalist’s profession and the freedom to practice journalism must be freed from the shackles of any bureaucratic and similar corporate limitations.

V2-day, 25 April, for the freedom of information:
1. Post your photographs on, under the V2-day tag
2. Post your videos on, under the V2-day tag
3. Support V2 day

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January 22, 2008

A letter from Vallanzasca

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Renato Vallanzasca, the multiple killer, has written to me. He is serving a life sentence and has spent thirty years in prison. Reading his letter I have a strange feeling. A lifer who is thanking me for having preferred him to Contrada. The reason is an economic one. We didn’t pay Vallanzasca to commit crime, but we did Contrada. It’s not a small difference for one from Genoa.

Vallanzasca doesn’t claim to be innocent, but Contrada does. Vallanzasca has been in prison since 1972, Contrada has just served a few months. It’s possible to offer clemency if there is repentance and recognition of one’s own responsibility. I don’t know whether Vallanzasca has repented, Contrada has not. There’s just this doubt in my mind that a life sentence is worse than a death sentence and that prison without a rehabilitation route is just barbaric, a vendetta, retaliation

Dear Beppe,
I feel like thanking you for what you have said that in a certain way is involving me, even though what you said was rather than what you felt, a choice of the lesser evil! I understand that. But apart from the fact that prison is something I would wish on no one, it’s the substance of the things that makes these people different from me. He is a man of power, even though he is momentarily in disgrace. I am one that these powerful gentlemen would willingly put up against the wall! He is old and ill. I’m not so decrepit and even though I’ve got a few ailments, no one could say that I am dying! He declares that he has been unjustly condemned and I who am not a reactionary and I have no way of saying he is wrong, I believe him!
There is no way anyone can deny I am guilty!!... Over and above!!.... He is sponsored by Mastella, the same one who turned down my request for Clemency! Even though with regard to that there would be many little things to say!! …… I am a reject. He is one who knows loads of things - a bit of everything. I believe that he has done half the penalty, I couldn’t even get to half the sentence even in another 30 years. Basically, everything goes in his favour!...

But that I would not exchange even a lock of hair with either Contrada or Mastella, this is another story! Anyway, apart from the fact that I will never again ask for Clemency not even if out of absurdity they were to sign it early!! I cannot even accept the hypothesis that it’s possible to get a decision from Solomon to decide between Barabbas or Jesus... because I would never accept to get back my liberty at the expense of another!!
Thanks however! I have already found the way to talk about you in an interview without even having met you!! Now I’ve got the confirmation that my thoughts about you had anything but a bad reply.
Thanks again. Warm greetings” Renato Vallanzasca

Renato, I’m just thinking. It’s not that you have written to me because you want me to keep you company in your cell, to boost your morale?

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January 13, 2008

The Newspaper Caste. Politicians and suchlike


The Italians are somewhat bucking the trend. They read very little, but they nevertheless have an unending list of newspapers that are financed with their taxes. Why is this? Because of the endless choice that confuses the reader? Because of the information that serves the politician financiers’ purposes?

"The titles receiving direct funding, as at 2003, were 386, divided into eight categories, with the first three primarily concerned with the controversies surrounding the money being paid to “Political party newspapers”, would be “movements” and real and imaginary co-operatives.
CATEGORY ONE: thirteen «newspapers operated by political movements with their own representatives in Parliament or two Euro-Deputies amongst their members, and other newspapers operated by language minorities with representatives in Parliament ».
Top of the list is the “Unità”, which receives overall funding to the tune of 6,817,231.05 Euro. The newspaper of the former PCI, former PDS, and now DS, was joined by another two party newspapers from the same former PCI: the Rifondazione Comunista’s daily newspaper, “Liberazione”, which receives 3,718,490.08 Euro, and the Comunisti Italiani (PDCI) weekly, “Rinascita della Sinistra” (907,314.84).
The only party newspaper missing from the newsstands, and from the funding list, was that of Forza Italia, the leading party of the opposing front, the centre-right (except for the 563,604.85 assured by the “Liberal”, Ferdinando Adomato’s monthly publication). Two rather large chunks of funding were, however, paid to the Lega Nord party for their “La Padania” newspaper (4,028,363.80) and to Alleanza Nazionale for their “Secolo d’Italia”, belonging to Gianfranco Fini’s “Secolo d’Italia di Gianfranco Fini” (3,098,741.40).
As regards the area of the former DC, at the top of the list was “Democrazia è Libertà – La Margherita” with its daily “Europa” (3,138,526.10). But also with “La Discussione”, «the newspaper founded by Alcide de Gasperi», now an obscure Democrazia Cristiana daily for the Independents, which has nevertheless managed to obtain the princely sum of 2,582,284.49 Euro. While Democrazia Cristiana, published by “Balena Bianca piccola società Coop Giornalistica a r.l.”, has had to make do with an amount of 157,545.10.
About one million Euro of funding each would appear to have gone to the mouthpieces of two other political groupings, namely, 1,032,913.80 to the Sudtiroler Volkspartei for their publication Zukunft in Sudtirol, and another 1,020,390.93 to the Greens for the “Sole che ride” (The sun that smiles).
Completing the public funding list for category one of subsidised publications was the 602,024.10 paid to the weekly, “Avanti!”, belonging to Domenica (the socialists of the SDI) and the 297,146.28 paid to Le Peuple Valdôtain belonging to the Union Valdôtaine.
Thirteen publications are also to be found on the funding list for 2004, and indeed with increased funding, for a total of 26 million 694 thousand Euro. In the place of the “Sole che ride”, was a “new entry”, namely the “Socialista Lab”, for the Nuovo PSI, with 36 thousand Euro." Beppe Lopez, La Casta dei giornali, ed. Nuovi Equilibri

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January 12, 2008

The Newspaper Caste. Mission pulp


Amongst the causes of the rubbish emergency we find the press. Not only in a metaphorical sense, because they failed to inform us of the eco-mafia and differentiated waste collection, but also because of their direct contribution. The editors themselves knowingly perpetrate this rogueish behaviour. They only print stuff in order to receive State contributions and to fill the rubbish bins.

"Now that the typesetters, linotypists and paginators have disappeared, the printers are the only ones remaining at the newspapers to hold up the flag of the art of printing. Therefore, you can imagine the anger of the Unità’s rotary press workers at being obliged to print 16 thousand copies of the newspaper each night, destined for dumping, purely to enable the company, Nuova Iniziativa Editoriale S.p.A., to claim 250 thousand Euro per year in State funds, with these copies alone, which, added to the overall funding due to them (6.5 million Euro) for printing 120 thousand copies each night, even though they only really need to ship 80 thousand copies to the newsvendors, of which less than 60 thousand are actually sold. A return of 50% of copies printed was unheard of prior to the advent of editorial welfare payments.
But we have witnessed, and continue to witness far worse. “Europa”, the Margherita’s daily newspaper, is known to sell less than 5 thousand copies, far less if the truth be told. Yet, in order to cash in the more than 3 million Euro per year of public funding, the management of the newspaper has 30 thousand copies printed. Knowing precisely where the extra copies will end up, namely, at the pulp mill. Not to mention the damage caused in terms of public revenues, the professional dignity of everyone involved, and even to the forests and the lungs of humanity, which we can only speculate on." Beppe Lopez, La Casta dei giornali, ed. Nuovi Equilibri

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January 04, 2008

Kenya in flames, politicians suntanned


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The sons and heirs of the first Republic warm themselves like lizards on the beaches of Malindi. Bobo Craxi and Mrs. Melandri feast on champagne and lobster. Perhaps our national Air Force will go and save them. Meanwhile, within Kenya, the situation is far more serious.
Many Kenyans are demonstrating against the outcome of the latest elections, won by Mwai Kibaki at the expense of the favoured candidate, Raila Odinga. Kibaki is from the Kikuyu tribe, while Odinga is a Luo. These two tribes are massacring each other in full view of the entire world.
This blog has managed to contact Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai, telephonically, who is asking everyone to intervene in order to restore peace in her Country.
Politician Colajanni has responded to the call. His statement following the rapes and murders reveals his international stature: «Frankly....we didn’t give a damn. I was with my wife, Chicco Testa and his family, Giovanni Minoli and his wife Matilde Bernabei, Pietro Calabrese and a few other people. Dinner by candlelight at my house on the beach».

"To understand the reason for the very aggressive reaction I need to go to the beginning of the last government and remember that we formed that government with a section that had come from a ruling party and when they came to us we formed a coalition and made a Memorandum of understanding. But the agreement of that memorandum was not according to the people, so there was discontent.
The parts did not agree on the Constitution so we had to announce a referendum.
The final stage was this election: those who had campaigned to despite the government were very surprised when the ECK announced that the government side had won.
There are several reasons why the protest was [formed]. One: the side of ODM has a lot of members of Parliament. By comparison they have almost three times the number, at the moment. Nationally the would have more votes. Second: the results were announced before all the tabs were examined. The number of voters, of registered to vote, are less of the number of votes and therefore some people thought that the vote had been manipulated.
The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had been in touch with the two leaders so there are efforts from the International Community to try to bring the two sides to the discussion and I know that the President would respect the President of Italy and even the opposition would respect the President, they can spoken to agree to speak, to stop the violence, to bring about peace. Would be very hopeful. "
Wangari Maathai

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December 31, 2007

Free information in Free State


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"Italians! This has been an incredible year! In September we sent them all into a flat spin and now they are going insane! But things are really not too bad. This little Italy of ours is simply in a coma, and has been so for the past 15 years. Since 1992 the country has been kept in a pharmacological coma by the media. Since 1992, after Falcone and Borsellino were blown up, there has been neither Country nor anything else. The TNT has disappeared, yet somehow the magistrates continue to disappear in other ways. The mafia has been corrupted! Who would have thought it? The mafia, corrupted from within by politics, an extraordinary merger, almost nuclear. They have actually pulled together. This Country of ours that no longer knows where it wants to get to, or for that matter what and where it is currently. We are being strangled by twin flags. I would like to know whether I am simply going insane or whether there is, in fact, something that doesn't quite add up. The thing that doesn't add up is the fact that we no longer know what we need in order to lead a normal life. We know all about the myriad bits of bullshit that are thrust into the limelight daily by the newspapers, the media and the television, but as regards the things that we really need, such as public or private water supplies, energy, connectivity, what is refuse, where does it come from, and how do we get away with not constructing incinerators, of this we know nothing, nothing of those things that really change our lives. So, what can we do about it? The first step is to identify the enemy. Last V-Day, on 8 September, it was not so much the politicians that got pissed off, but rather the journalists, that special caste, the real caste that we have in Italy. Did you notice anything? Thousands of disgraceful slaves, all in a row, at 90°. A very unseemly situation. They all look alike and it is impossible to distinguish the one from the other, except the fat one from the thin one. Riotta is exactly the same as Mimun, who is, in turn, exactly like Bel Pietro, who is the same as Giordano, who is just like Fede. They are all alike. We can distinguish the eliteness of these great major-domos. Those that speak of the free market, those who occasionally say something and then quickly withdraw back into their shells. They are absolutely incredible. We are talking about people like Scalfari, Pansa and Romani, those sarcophagi of information that regularly write reams of editorials that no one ever reads. All that is ever read of the newspapers are the headlines and sub-headlines, while information is actually counted by the amount of space allocated and is measured in centimetres. We should use rulers to measure the amount of information actually being provided. And so the entire situation resembles a quagmire, a mixture of entrepreneurship, politics, the mafia and the media. Go into any of the newspapers' Board Meetings and you will find entrepreneurs, or go into any of the banks' Board Meetings and you will find entrepreneurs, politicians and journalists. Today, any journalist may become a member of parliament. Never mind any conflict of interests, we have now gone way beyond that. The companies too, are all alike. Take Fiat for example. If it wasn't for the unemployment benefit funds, in other words for State intervention, the company would have gone to the wall ten years ago while, instead, it is still carrying on thanks to Equity Swaps. Eni and Enel are genuine monopolies. Rai and Mediaset are one and the same. The only way to really bring about change in this Country, in my humble opinion before I go totally insane, is to concentrate on those areas where democracy reigns, and where the right to information would be protected. Gone are the days of the great journalists, such as Biagi, Montanelli and others, nothing any longer remains of them. That is why I have decided to hold my own V-Day celebrations on 25 April next year, on Liberation Day. Let's liberate ourselves from this unreliable information, free ourselves of this rabble. Withhold their money and let's try to set this up properly, since my life is now totally focussed on these things. Also because the task that I have set myself is not to practice politics. An article in today's Corriere della Sera newspaper identifies me as the second favourite politician, after Veltroni with 50%. This is our Country and I am one of the greatest politicians around in Italy! If they were to make a list of comedians, I would only come in around tenth or fifteenth, while our politicians would be way above me at the top of the list. Our V-Day should be based on the following: withhold the financing. On 25 April 2008 there will be a real liberation, with something going on in every town. We will have to make it happen, what with the media being silent while they should be talking about it. This will be the end of them. Let's make a date for 25 April, when we will push for freedom of information in a Country that is finally free, and let's start again from scratch. Civil lists and informed citizens, that is what we need, not politicians. Informed citizens that know what is going on around them, who are involved in their districts and towns and who prevent them from being sold out by some or other little party or little political servant. We need to have free citizens and freedom of information in order to be classified as a free Country. Italians!!! Chins up, let's face the coming catastrophe together, but always with optimism. "

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December 30, 2007

The 2008 Lay Saints Calendar


Download and distribute the calendar

It is truly disturbing to read through the list of Italian Lay Saints at the end of the 2008 Calendar. Hundreds of people who died for their Country, some unknowingly and others knowing exactly what fate awaited them. We see various forms of black, red, State, mafia and Masonic Terrorists, often associated with each other, who have assassinated judges, policemen, carabinieri, politicians, everyday people, activists and journalists. The main characteristic of these Lay Saints is almost always the same: good people who refused to give up and simply continued to follow their own path.
In Italy, there are only three possible outcomes facing an honest person who comes into conflict with the System, he/she may be:
- bought
- marginalized or
- killed
In order to be able to marginalize someone, you must be in control of the Country and, when you are in trouble, you resort to murder. It depends on the times.
Almost every day, the 2008 calendar shows one person, and often two. A slaughter. Amongst the people who are most at risk we see the magistrates. I think Italy holds the record, amongst the democratic Countries, for the highest number of judges murdered since the end of the War. Murdering a magistrate in France or in Spain could spell the end for a criminal organisation. In Italy, instead, the supporters may even be promoted.
Working as a policeman or a carabiniere is far riskier than being in Iraq or in Kosovo. Soldiers outside the base camp are safe in their steel boxes.
Reading through the list, I get the impression that, for a number of decades, there has been war in progress between the Italy’s honest sector and its dishonest one. An undeclared but nevertheless real war.
In order to be able to raise your head, you need to be wearing a helmet. I believe that the best helmet is freedom of information. V-day, 25 April. V-day, 25 April.

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December 28, 2007

State homicide


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Read the text of the interview

Someone knocks at your door. It is the State. They drag you away from your family. Away from your 14-year old son. They accuse you of having planted some cannabis bushes in your vegetable patch at home. They throw you in a cell. It kills you. This is not the Argentina at the time of the colonels, nor is it Russia at the time of Stalin. It is Italy, at the time of Mastella and Amato. Aldo Bianzino was murdered in prison. He was killed twice. First by those that slaughtered him, and then by the media who ignored him.
Aldo’s widow is called Roberta Radici. In the interview she granted us she says: "I don’t know what to think of the State. What to think of the justice."

Previous posting: Christ stopped at Capanne.

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December 24, 2007

Amato, the little Turin scribe


Giuliano Amato has put pen to paper in response to the article in the New York Times, explaining that the description of Italy was merely a parody. The well informed amongst us say that his defence of italianness was without equal, above all as a result of the efforts of the politicians, and that the letter written to the most important newspaper in the United States was drafted directly in English.
The Minister of Home Affairs’ new career risks becoming a full-time job. In fact, in future he will be obliged to correspond with all the world’s press in order to protect his own reputation and that of his colleagues.
The most important of the British dailies, The Times, yesterday published an article of the Beautiful Country: ”La dolce vita turns sour as Italy faces up to being old and poor”, a description that is even worse than that of the New York Times. I have translated it and now provide you with a summary.

Read the complete article.

“There is a sense of national angst in Italy as 2007 comes to a close. The self-lacerating mood goes far beyond prices and incomes, reaching into the heart of Italy’s debate with itself over soul and identity.
There is a sense that while the past is Italy’s glory, it is also its prison, with politics and business dominated by a gerontocracy and the younger entrepreneurs and politicians held back.
When Romano Prodi, the centre-left Prime Minister, held a summit in Rome this week with Nicolas Sarkozy and Zapatero, commentators noted that while Mr. Zapatero was 47 and Mr. Sarkozy a bouncy 52, Mr. Prodi was 68 and Mr. Berlusconi 71.
The best-seller entitled “La Casta” points out that Italy has the highest number of official chauffeur-driven cars in Europe, and that the presidential palace, the Quirinale, cost four times as much to run as Buckingham Palace.
Confesercenti, the trader’s association, says that sales this year of clothing and electrical goods are down 15%, and perfume sales down 10%. Yesterday Coldiretti, the farmers’ union, announced that even sales of pasta were down 5% and bread by 7%.
One key reason for Italy’s woes is the rising energy costs. Another is the strength of the Euro against the Dollar. Even the luxury sector, for which Italy is renowned with names such as Gucci, Armani and Versace, is feeling the squeeze as orders drop. Globalisation and cheap competition from Asia are undermining traditional exports such as textiles.
The last straw for many was the news that Spain had overtaken them in terms of GDP per capita. According to the European Union statistics office, Spain’s GDP per capita climbed to 5% above the 27-member EU average last year, from 3% above the previous year.
Italy moved in the opposite direction, with figures falling to 3% above from 5%. Spain already has its sights on the next goal. Mr. Zapatero wants Spain to match the economy of France.
The Italians are the least happy people in Europe, according to a poll conducted by the University of Cambridge... The Danes turned out to be the happiest.
Italy’s figures
- 0% population growth rate
- 42.5 median age, compared with 38.5 in Britain
- one in five Italians is over 65
- 1.29 children born per woman. 2.1 needed to maintain current population levels
- 120 days lost each year to strike action per 1,000 employees from 2001 to 2005, compared with 26 in Britain
- 20th place on the Human Development Index, the UN measure of factors such as education, wealth and life expectancy, four places below Britain and seven below Spain. Italy dropped three places in the past year.
- 7% unemployment rate, higher than 76 countries, including Romania, Nigeria, Cambodia and the Ukraine.
- 106% public debt as a proportion of GDP, the sixth-highest in the world, higher than Zimbabwe
Sources: UN, CIA, National StatisticsRichard Owen

I wish to point out to Amato that the German, Australian, French, Spanish and even the Turkish headlines have described Italy’s decline. I will send you the translations so that you can respond without delay.

Free press in a free Country. V-day 25 April. V-day 25 April.

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December 23, 2007

Anna Politkovskaja “Woman of the Year”


Time Magazine has elected Putin “Person of the Year”. Many people are perplexed, but what they don’t know is that the Yeti and the incredible Hulk came in in second and third places respectively. It was no contest and the former Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB won hands down. There is, after all, an earlier precedent. In 1939, Time Magazine chose Stalin, the Nazis ally. The very same former seminarist that had invaded Poland in order to liberate the country from the grip of the reactionary Polish officials by means of a bullet to the back of the head in the Trenches of Katyn. A year earlier, Time Magazine had chosen Adolf Hitler as man of the year...
If Time Magazine can nominate Putin, then this blog’s choice for “Woman of the Year” is Anna Politkovskaja, the journalist who was killed Moscow in October 2006.
Here is her opinion of Putin, taken from her book entitled “Putin’s Russia”, published by Adelphi.

“Putin – son of the most evil of the country’s secret services – has been unable to excise the KGB Lieutenant Colonel that lives within him, and is therefore determined to straighten up his countrymen that love freedom. And so he suffocates any and every form of liberty, just as he always did in his earlier profession …
Breznyev was terrible, Andropov was bloodthirsty under his veneer of democracy, while Cernienko was an idiot. Gorbachov was unpopular. Occasionally Yeltsin caused us to make the sign of the cross while fearing the consequences of his decisions. The man that had been one of their bodyguards, assigned to echelon 25 with a duty to stand stock-still inside the security cordon while the VIP procession raced by, yes him, the very same Putin, was later to step onto the red carpet of the Kremlin. As the boss. Amongst the glistening golden relics of the Tsars, while the servants smiled submissively and his soldiers – all former KGB small-fry now assigned to very important roles – show their chests swollen with pride …
Putin has demonstrated on various occasions that he does not understand the very concept of debate. And even less so that of “political debate”: the man at the top does not discuss anything with those below him and, should anyone amongst those below him have the temerity to do so, he becomes an enemy. If Putin behaves in this manner, it is not simply because he is a congenital tyrant or a despot, but because that is the way he was taught. These are the classes that the KGB taught him about, and which he believes to be ideal, as he has stated on numerous occasions… That is the reason why he refuses to take part in pre-electoral debates: they are not his natural environment, he is unable to participate, and he is unable hold a conversation. His art is that of the monologue, his plan is that of the military: as a low-ranking soldier, was he obliged not to breathe? Now that I have reached the top of the ladder, I will speak, in fact I will hold a monologue, and the others must make as if they agree with me.” Anna Politkovskaja

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December 21, 2007

Native American and Italian reserves


I will soon be publishing the 2008 Calendar of Italy’s Lay Saints on this blog. Should there be any suggestions, write the name in the comments section, even though there is very little time remaining.

Introduction to the Calendar:
“Is it preferable to have a dead judge rather than a judge that has been transferred, derided, investigated or handed over? What is better, Livatino or De Magistris? This is the problem. Is it better to live under political-Mafia control or to fight back, as did Borsellino, Falcone and hundreds of our citizens, only to land up lying forgotten under a gravestone?
Those who mind their own business live to be a hundred years old, which is why we are amongst the longest-lived populations in the world today. No one knows how to stick his nose in his own affairs quite as well as the majority of Italians. There are, however, some small pockets of resistance. Only a few million people, less than 10%. For the time being they are only making noises, murmuring, moaning and blogging. They are like the native American reserves, the new Italian reserves. Our very own Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and Geronimo, and their names are Travaglio, Abbate, and Saviano.
The Lakota tribes tore up the Treaties they signed 150 years ago with the United States. They no longer consider themselves to be US citizens. The Sioux nation has unilaterally withdrawn from the rest of the Country. So far, the Italian Sioux have not quite got to this point. They wish to remain within the law. Their own law, obviously, because there is no remaining trace of any legality whatsoever in the politicians and lobby groups. A few million honest citizens are living in their own personal reserve, in an apartment with a variable interest rate mortgage, with family and friends. They form tiny enclaves, dotted all around the Country, awaiting the arrival of their Little Big Horn and the scalp of General Custer.
The gap between the honest and the dishonest sections of the Country is very evident. The delinquents are no longer in hiding. They no longer have anything to fear from the law. The Judiciary has been defeated, homogenised. Parliament is beyond the reach of the law, populated by servants, convicts and, with the odd good person here and there who landed up in Parliament purely by accident. None of these people were ever actually elected by the Italians.
The honest enclaves, however, are speaking to each other on the Web, they are gathering converts and are attempting to find some solutions at the local level. They curse the corrupt municipal councillors, block the construction of incinerators and fight for public water rights. They replace the politicians and become citizens that have been seconded to the political arena. Just as it should be in any civilized Country.
Virtually every block on the 2008 calendar has been filled, but there are no new fallen. At this point, all that needs to happen is some new law, some new interpretation, some new clause, some complacent newspaper editor who publishes confidential information, and the game is over: the judge becomes the guilty party. Politics has evolved and no longer needs to resort to TNT. In today’s world, Borsellino would still be alive. The CSM would have convicted him. Mastella would have demanded that he be transferred. The media would have crucified him. He would have ended up in an Italian reserve, the same reserve where Caselli ended up and where Forleo is headed.
At one time we wondered whether we die as Christian democrats, now we wonder whether we will die in a Country without any form of legality.
The Sioux used to scalp their enemies, we cannot even resort to that. Our enemies only wear little wigs and have plastic hair.” Beppe Grillo

Ps: The “Espresso” has published the conversation that took place between the psychodwarf and Olivo-Saccà. Make a point of listening to it on an empty stomach though, just so that you don’t vomit.

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December 18, 2007

De-Riottise the Rai 1 News


The 13th September 2006 represents a milestone in the history of the Italian information services. On that day, Raiotta was the first ever OGM newspaper vendor to be made news director for Rai 1. His ability to get his wires crossed with regard to information, and to convert news into propaganda have certainly taken him a long way up the ladder, or down the ladder, depending on your point of view. His aplomb, his English pronunciation and his black suits make him the perfect Italian news undertaker. The political parties love him and he, in turn, loves them dearly, particularly the members of the Ds.

“On 13 September 2006, with eight Rai Board members for and one against, Gianni Riotta was appointed as News Director for the TG1 news service, replacing Clemente Mimun. He introduced Anglo-Saxon information techniques in to the Tg1 news service, as well as live interviews slap bang in the middle of the news, live editorials and, finally, he launched the tangle between the Internet and television, with surveys and on line discussions.” Wikipedia

Tell me who voted against, I want to send him a package of marron glacès.
The New York Times dedicated a complete news report to Italy’s decline. The newspaper’s reporters spent an entire day with me. The NYT article describes a Country that is seeking a point of reference in a comedian. The NYT video was dedicated to V-day(*).
And what does Raiotta do? A report on the NYT, in which he states that: “The politicians are being accused, Beppe Grillo included, …”.
The Tg1 is a public news service and is not the personal property of some or other newspaper vendor, nor of the party secretaries that put him there.
Companies should stop all their advertising before the Tg1. We should disassociate ourselves. It is in their interest as well, after all, who would actually want to be associated with Raiotta?
I promise to publish the name of the first company to disassociate itself, right here on my blog.
Bad information cannot be anything other than bad advertising.

(*) Raiotta dedicated a total of just 23 seconds to V-day.

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December 14, 2007

Italy, as seen by the New York Times


Today, the New York Times published an article on Italy floundering and on V-day. The newspaper’s website contains a long article, a video and a series of photographs entitled “A life less dolce”.
From the article entitled “In a Funk, Italy sings an Aria of disappointment”:
“A low-tech lifestyle may enchant the tourists, however, the use of Internet and e-commerce is amongst the lowest in all of Europe, as are salary levels, foreign investment and growth. Pensions, public debt and administration costs, instead, are amongst the highest.
The latest data depicts a nation that is increasingly ageing and poor, to the point where the country’s most eminent bishop has proposed an increase in the number of food parcels for the poor.
70% of Italians between 20 and 30 years of age is still living at home with Mom and Dad, condemned to an increasingly lengthy and unproductive adolescence. Many of the most intelligent ones are leaving Italy, just as many of their predecessors did just a century ago.
American Ambassador Ronald Spogli, who has an intimate knowledge of Italy dating back some forty years, warns that Italy is at risk of seeing its international role diminish, as well as its relations with Washington. America’s best friends are its business partners, and Italy is not one of the most important of these. The country’s level of bureaucracy and its unclear rules have led to USA investments in Italy dropping to only 16.9 billion Dollars in 2004, while investments in Spain stood at 49.3 billion.
In Denmark, 64% of people have faith in their Parliament, while in Italy, this figure drops to 36%. Statistics show that 11% of all Italian families are living below the poverty line, and that 15% of them find it difficult to survive through to the end of the month on their salaries”.

This is how the world sees us. All things that frequent visitors to the blog already know, but it is comforting to see the facts being confirmed by an international newspaper.

At 10h30 today, I will be taking a three-person rickshaw to Palazzo Madama in Rome, in order to deliver the signatures, in support of the popular demand for a “Clean Parliament” Law to be passed, to Senate Chairman Franco Marini. I will be pedalling, bearing the boxed forms, down Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, along Via Sant’Agostino, Corso del Rinascimento, Via Santa Giovanna D'Arco and Via della Dogana Vecchia. I will ask Franco Marini to table the popular law before the Senate as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

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December 12, 2007

You all are the good news


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

In the absence of any good news, the blog makes its own. You all are the good news. You are magnificent. I would like to kiss you all, but I can’t. So pick up a photo of me and give yourselves a kiss. The appeal for Ida and Kristal of Caselle Torinese, the unemployed mother with the little girl requiring constant care, has raised in excess of 90,000 Euro so far, after only a single posting. Ida still needs to find a job in Caselle, one that is nearby her daughter’s school and close to the doctors that are taking care of Kristal. I am certain that the blog will provide. To the businessmen of Caselle and surrounding areas, I say: “Stand up and be counted!” In the interview, Ida explains that, when it comes to employment, the municipality gives preference to former drug addicts and those people that have fallen foul of the law. Just like our Parliament. They should think about becoming “twinned”.
Thus, had Ida been a cocaine addict, she would already have been engaged some time ago on a full time, or perhaps even a parliamentarian basis. Law 104 provides her with no protection whatsoever, and no company is prepared to employ her because they don’t want to be saddled with an employee with a daughter who has serious motor-skills problems. Ida has written to everyone that she can think of. No one, other than this blog, has bothered to reply. Not a single one of the politicians, the State President, the Mayor of Turin or the Mayor of Caselle Torinese. These are all people that supposedly earn their salaries by resolving the citizens’ problems, beginning with the weakest members of society. Silence and public service salaries. Silence and public service salaries.
Thank you, thanks to all of you, in particular to Kristal, a woman in a little girl’s body, which is how her doctors have defined her.

Read the content of the interview.
Anyone wishing to offer Ida a job, kindly leave your details in a comment attached to this posting.

Anyone wishing to make a donation, may do so into the following account:

Reason: Ida and Kristal
Account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
Current acct No. 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A

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December 09, 2007

Free Tibet


The Dalai Lama gave me the honour of a private audience in Milan. The Pope refused to meet with him, as did Italy’s President Napolitano, while Premier Prodi was nowhere to be seen and didn’t want the Dalai Lama anywhere near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Chamber and the Senate decided not to meet him officially. Milan’s Mayor Moratti chose to exercise caution, so she will see him, but together with a group of other Nobel Prize winners so as not to attract too much attention. It is said that she intends to dress up as a nun so as not to be recognised. Only Regional Governor Formigoni, let’s give merit where it is due, will be meeting him officially. We have reached the very peak of cowardice. In addition to being the spiritual leader and temporal leader of all Tibetans, the Dalai Lama has also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
In the days when China was simply communist, the Dalai Lama was welcome everywhere, while now that China has become hyper-capitalist, suddenly the Dalai Lama is being avoided. The God of Money is by far the most powerful of the Italian deities. There are temples in his honour in every town centre and, in fact, these have become the new churches, namely, the banks and the insurance companies.
Here we have one of the most important men on earth, being treated like a dog in Church. Confindustria, Italy’s Chamber of Industry, is safe for the time being, Italy a little less so. What difference is there between Chinese democracy and ours? Only one! Over there, they still have the death penalty and they simply shoot you. Here, instead, we isolate you, we slander your name and we transfer you away. We only kill you if it becomes absolutely necessary. Ours is a kind dictatorship. Murder is only used as a last resort.

Click to see the video

In China, the Dalai Lama has been barred from the Internet and you will come up with nothing if you enter his name in any of the search engines there, something that is not yet possible in Italy. The Internet continues to carry references about him, while the other media minimise, cut and misinform.
The Dalai Lama gave me a white scarf as a gift and I, in turn, promised him that I would become his Italian Richard Gere and fight for the liberation of Tibet. He looked somewhat baffled, but I put this down to the fact that perhaps I am better-looking than Richard. This blog will continue to do everything in its power to provide information regarding Tibet. In the interests of a free Tibet. I am counting on your help.

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December 07, 2007

Hands off Clementina


In Italy, the judiciary is separate from the political powers. So separate, in fact, that we have the Upper Council of the Magistrature (CSM), with Ds member Giorgio Napolitano as Chairman and Margherita member Nicola Mancino as Deputy Chairman. All of this in order to guarantee institutional equilibrium (in the interests of politics).
“The CSM is the Judiciary’s self-control mechanism; by making provision for the CSM, the creators aimed to guarantee the Judiciary’s autonomy and independence from other State powers, in particular from the executive.” (Wikipedia). Autonomy, independence?
The CSM consists of ten commissions. The first of these, which deals with the investigation of magistrates, is made up by: Patrono Antonio (Chairman), Vacca Letizia (Deputy Chairman), Anedda Gianfranco, Pepino Livio, Roia Mario, Arcuri Maurizio, Lignola Ferdinando, Brancaccio Matilde and Digilio Maria. A commission that is so autonomous and independent that a number of its members are also openly acknowledged as being high fliers in various parties: Vacca (Pdci), Anedda (An). What does it mean to be a high flier? Making kites for Diliberto and Fini?
The CSM should be accountable to the Italian public, not to any political party because, if it is accountable to the political parties, if it is headed up by senior party members, then certain things happen, such as Forleo being transferred, humiliated, snatched away from the Unipol investigation (involving two political parties, namely the Ds and the former Forza Italia) and accused of heaven alone knows what:
“The first commission of the Upper Council of the Magistrature unanimously resolved to institute proceedings, for reasons of incompatibility and in terms of art. 2 of the Guarantee Law, against Dr. Mariaclementina Forleo, Milan Court judge in charge of preliminary inquiries, with regard to the serious inconveniences that have occurred in the area where she performs her judicial duties, and as a result of certain public statements made by said magistrate regarding alleged subtle institutional interference and intimidation, allegations that proved to be unfounded following investigations in this regard”.
Diliberti-aligned Deputy Chairman of the commission, Mrs. Vacca, explained that: “Her excessive, unfounded and extremely serious allegations (namely Forleo’s, Ed) have caused concern in judicial circles and have been detrimental to the image of the Milan magistrates, who have felt offended. Our problem is to restore tranquillity to the judicial offices in Milan. Vacca assures everyone that: ”Our actions are certainly not motivated by any wish to persecute Forleo” while, at the same time, issuing a very harsh judgement against the Milan magistrate and Catazaro Public Prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, in whose case another judgement is due to be announced in the near future, and by the very same First Commission: “They are bad magistrates”. “To say that ‘I mentioned D’Alema’s name and that is why they are hounding me’ is not a syllogism that could, perhaps, be valid. This constitutes judicial impropriety and such behaviour is destructive. The magistrates are there to conduct inquiries and not to play the role of heroes, otherwise they become negative figures”.
My dear Oliviero, do you have anything further to add, or are you too busy with Ballarò (TV show)?
The SCM must either change its name to Upper Council of the Magistrature under Political Tutorship, or the CSMTP, or it must be accountable to its real employer, namely the citizens. Council sittings, such as the one in which courageous magistrates like Dr. Forleo are being disciplined, and inquiries like the one regarding Unipol are being swept under the carpet, must be made open to the public. Go Clementina, you are not alone.
I invite all of you to express your opinion regarding the First Commission’s decision by writing directly to the Chairman of the CSM, Giorgio Napolitano: click here.

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November 27, 2007

Ida and Kristal


A mother wrote to me. Her name is Ida and she has a daughter called Kristal, who is ill. She is asking for help.
Up to now nobody has answered her plea. The State is nowhere to be seen, which is also another manifestation of violence against women.
The appeal made by 150.000 women to the lady ministers is perhaps the beginning of change.
Go girls, women, grandmothers, aunts!
You have the power to change Italy.

"Dear Beppe,
My name is Ida and I am 36 years old. I am writing this letter to ask for something very simple: a caring attitude from the Country in which I live and the Government for which I vote. Caring in terms of the laws that I respect and the taxes that I pay. My intention with this letter is not to instil compassion in anyone, because compassion is not what I need. What I want is some answers to the “whys”. As trivial as it may seem, I was born into a family of humble origin, but one based on sound principles. My mother was a factory worker and my father a decorator. This notwithstanding, they saw to it that neither my brothers nor I ever lacked anything and we were well educated as regards respect and propriety. I decided early on to cut short my studies in order to help with the family’s finances by finding a job. For many years I worked and I finally married the man who, in the year 2000, gave me the gift of the light of my life, my daughter Kristal.
By becoming a mother I realised my greatest dream, thinking that I could ask nothing more of God. When Kristal turned 18 months of age, my husband and I took her to the hospital because she had not yet started walking. I was not aware of it at the time, but on that day the world was about to come down on my head. The hospitals diagnosis was "a brain tumour in the rear fossa, with consequent Hydrocephalus ", in other words, an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.
This was the most terrible day of my life. For two years Kristal and I lived permanently in the hospital. During that time my little one went through six operations. These operations succeeded in halting the growth of the tumour temporarily and insert a so-called "shunt", in other words, a valve that would help to drain the stagnant liquid resulting from the tumour, via the intestine.
Initially it was not easy to accept this sentence, but over time I learned to accept it. I learned how to relieve my daughter’s and my suffering, I gave up everything around me. Unfortunately, this led to me losing my job and I even lost my husband.
Now Kristal is seven years old. She has subsequently had a number of other unsuccessful operations and, although we are I the hands of a doctor who enjoys a formidable reputation, she continues to walk by supporting herself on her hand. She doesn’t roller-skate, she doesn’t run, she is unable to maintain her balance, she doesn’t go to the bathroom on her own and she has two support teachers. This does not allow her to live a normal life like other children her age. We are growing up alone, with continuous problems. The State, our Country, penalises me because, at 36 years of age, the same society for which the State is responsible, will not allow me to re-enter – and I repeat re-enter – the world of employment. In addition to the problem of age, I am refused employment because I am protected by law 104 due to the fact that my daughter is 100% disabled.
I found a job some time ago, working as a service assistant in a supermarket. At the precise moment that I was filling in the engagement forms and I was obliged to declare that I was caring for a disabled child, they began inventing a whole range of excuses for not employing me and, in the end, they left me at home
The State, our Country, tells me that we have to live on the 450 Euro per month that she is given for assistance. I have made every possible effort to find work. I have registered with all the employment agencies, all the sites offering work, I have knocked at every door in my village and spoken to all the institutions, but all I have received are empty promises.
I look after my little angel, I smile and I tell her that sooner or later her mommy will realise her dreams. Even if this entails going to Rome in chains, because very soon that will be the only option left open to me.
I ask how is it possible that such a situation can be allowed to exist in a developed Country such as ours. Why does the State, which wastes resources at every turn, leave me alone in these conditions? Why do my screams of anguish turn to a mere whisper in the Authorities’ ears? Why are the weakest members of society, the children, being abandoned by the Country of their birth?
All I ask is to be able to work. I simply ask to be allowed to help my daughter, to be able to let her live the dreams that I have had to deny her for such a long time.
I hope that there is someone, somewhere that hears my anguished plea, the cry of a mother that wants to help her own daughter." Ida and Kristal

To anyone wishing to offer Ida a job, please leave your contact details in a remarks concerning this posting.

Anyone wishing to give a donation, may do so by depositing into the following bank account:

Reason: Ida and Kristal
Bank account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276

Ps: I would like to know from Ida what is the name of the supermarket that refused to employ her. Many of us would dearly love to know.

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November 23, 2007

European Parliament/3 Marco Travaglio


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I can’t keep up with Mastella. The RAI has cancelled the broadcasting of "La vita rubata". The Directors of the RAI have accepted the request of Messina’s Court of Appeal that, through the Minister of Caste and Injustice, has indicated that the showing of the story of the assassination of Graziella Campagna undermines the serenity of the judges of the Assize Court of Appeal that will soon be meeting for the hearing. We are all more serene. The mafia doesn’t exist and neither does the Minister of Justice.

Marco Travaglio’s speech at Strasbourg
Beppe Grillo: "And now I will hand over to the real Italian Minister of Justice: Marco Travaglio."
Marco Travaglio: “Like that I can no longer talk about Mastella because it seems that I am doing it pro domo mea! In reality I simply wanted to give you the chronological account of what happened with the investigations conducted by De Magistris, who is today no longer carrying them out because they have been snatched from him. Perhaps it could be interesting to see the pattern of what has happened, to be able to see the transformation that is happening in the relationship between the politicians, and in particular the government, and the magistracy following on from a series of reforms, of procedures, of behaviours, that only a few years ago would have been completely unthinkable."

Read the whole speech.

Tell people about this initiative: copy and paste this code
Anche io sono ammastellato
PS Today, 24 November, at 4:00pm in front of the Prefecture in Genoa, Florence and other cities, there’s the demonstration promoted by the Casa della Legalità, and by different Amici di Beppe Grillo MeetUp groups, to say that the law is equal for everyone and no longer is Impunity and Immunity tolerated.
For information, consult the website of Casa della Legalità e della Cultura - Onlus -

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Japanese is one of the languages that is most widely used on the Internet. And the Japanese are an interesting and respectable people. Their corrupt politicians do harakiri. I have created a section of my blog in Japanese. It’s a language that I am learning, it reminds me a bit of Genovese (the dialect of Genoa).Please excuse the pronunciation errors. I am just a beginner.

”My friend Stefano Benni has been to Japan to present a book of his. They asked him who is behind Beppe Grillo. Benni didn’t know how to answer.
I have decided, to explain this to Japanese friends, to start a blog in their language. Japan is always a bit more advanced than the rest of the world. Thus I hope to have a dialogue with its inhabitants to help my country, Italy, that is always a bit behind the rest of the world.
Before going to sleep I always read a Manga. Up until last week I never understood how the story ended. But my 7 year old son, Ciro, took pity on me and explained that you read it backwards, from right to left. Italy and Japan are similar in many ways. One of these is the long life of the population. Japanese and Italains are for ever getting older. Another thing they have in common is over-population.
Japan has resolved the problem by sending abroad, on a rota, 30% of the Japanese as tourists. And 10% are always stationed in Italy taking photos.
The Italain Government, inspired by Niccolò Machiavelli has put in place another tactic. It has decided to let anyone come into Italy to oblige all the Italians to emigrate.
Corrupt politicians are an Italian product, they represent Italy abroad like the Rialto Bridge in Venice and St Peter’s Square in Rome. The problem is that they are becoming too numerous.
In the Italian Parliament there are 24 deputies and senators who have been convicted of various crimes. In September 350,000 Italians asked for their resignation by signing for a popular initiative law. No one has resigned. We are trying to find alternative solutions and I want to ask the Japanese for advice.
In fact, even in Japan, there have been similar cases, like Toshikatsu Matsuoka, the former Minister of Agriculture, who committed suicide after being accused of corruption.
Minister Shigeru Ishiba wants to fit out every one of his directors with a GPS device to check on their movements during work hours. I’m told that no one objected. It’s a great idea for our Parliamentarians. At last we will be able to find out where they go during the day, given that they are hardly ever in Parliament. If they are sniffing cocaine at home or having intimate relations with both sexes in some Roman hotel.
Dear Japanese people, given that with us, no one is committing suicide, can we send them to Japan to have a holiday? In exchange you could give us a few of your Ministers. There’s a good climate. The food is excellent. And you will be able to do everything. Yes really everything that you want with no risks. With us, the law is an optional.
To start off, you could send us your Foreign Minister, Masahiro Komura, who has had an attack of anaemia. He’ll be right as rain straight away. In exchange we will give you Massimo D’Alema, Prodi and Mastella. You perhaps don’t know them. But we do. That’s why we want to give them to you.
Bye Bye. Come to my blog to find out everything about Italy. I’ll come and visit you soon.” Beppe Grillo

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Ten little mayors (fewer)

photo by toppos

A Varesotto {inhabitant of the Province of Varese} is complaining about the cutting of Comunità Montane {local government structures for mountain communities}. He’s right. The Comunità Montane like the Comunità Marine, should not be eliminated. They should be transformed into macro-communities. The Comunità usual are a grouping of eight to ten little villages for which they provide services. Ten little mayors can become one. Ten little village “planners” can become one and so on. It’s the halving of bread and fishes and of public officials. Let the Comunità Montane be transformed and let the tiny village administrations disappear.
In the tiny villages it’s the tiny families who are in command, the same ones for decades. They are semi-autonomous little hereditary princes. In Italy there are 8,100 “comuni” {cities, towns or villages}, of which 7,061 have less than 10,000 inhabitants. There are 356 Comunità Montane and they cost 800 million a year. If each Comunità were to include an average of 10 comuni, then we would eliminate about 3,000 comuni. Padoa Schioppa, if you are there, knock once.
Dear Beppe,
I would like to ask you if you agree with the cut to Comunità Montane using the government’s calculation.
Before I start I’ll say that the Italian territory presents a morphology that is too diverse to make it possible to manage it in the same way from North to South.
Having said this, according to the regulations put forward, the Comunità Montane of Bognanco and of Susa will be removed, while those of Sanremo and of Amalfi will be saved.
How is it possible for example, that in the “Varesotto” {Province of Varese} 3 out of 4 Comunità Montane will go because they are considered to be in the Alpine zone? Do the Roman leaders not know that they are in the pre-Alpine zone? Would it not be appropriate to apply the same criteria for cuts as though they were in the Apennine zone? The heights are the same!
We of the Varesotto would be quite happy to be “cut” if all the ills of Italy were caused by us. All the other bodies like the BIM, and the utilities are absolutely irrevocable… and we are just useless.
Another example… the Comunità Montane Valli del Luinese, gives work to those who are disadvantaged, manages the ecology services of 16 comuni, helps the tiny rural communities like Curiglia, Pino, Tronzano….. all under 400 inhabitants. The cut is OK by me, but who will take care of all these issues? We are a reality on the borders that is too often forgotten… and now? Thank you” Massimo M.

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November 18, 2007

The Game of Silence

Silence = Death, Keith Haring

The game of silence is the final supporting crutch of this pretend democracy. Anyway the citizens are suffering from hearing problems in relation to the truth. When they hear it they no longer notice it. In the “NeverEnding Story”, reality was devoured by nothing, bit by bit. In Italy nothing has been superimposed on reality. Facts disappear, lies remain. They are published without interruption to make them plausible. Information is no longer a tool of politicians. It is itself politics. The only one that exists, behind it there’s nothing. Casini or Brambilla, Veltroni or Mastella are offspring of nothing. They do not exist. They are headlines on News broadcasts, on printed paper.
The few, very few journalists who write the truth are marginalized, sued or moving around with police escorts, like Travaglio, Abbate and Saviano. In Italy the truth hurts, but it hurts only those who tell it. Silence is golden. It covers up kick backs, European funding used for exchange votes, convicted politicians. It’s a new Iron Curtain between the citizens and the politicians. The media are no longer controlled, directed by the parties and by the economic powers. They are part of them. They are their press office.
In Italy anything can be under discussion, from the TAV, the G8, to the Dal Molin base. Certainly sterile discussions, without consequences for power. Only one thing cannot even be discussed: information. No one talks about the purchase of Mondadori, that happened because of the corruption of judges, of Rete4 to get it put on satellite, of the psycho-dwarf’s conflict of interests, of the parties’ occupation of the RAI, of public financing of the newspapers.
It’s not possible to open up the sewer of information. The politicians and our pretend capitalists know that well. If someone opens up the manhole cover of the sewer, then they are finished.
V-day - 25 April – V-day – 25 April. Diffondi l'iniziativa: Copia e incolla il codice

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November 11, 2007

Assassins (of masses) in the workplace

In 2006 there were 1302 deaths in the workplace, 930 thousand injuries, about 27 thousand people made invalids. A social cost of 41 billion euro each year 5/6 little budgets.
The number will easily be well above that for 2007. Just on 5 November there were 5 people killed at work. Their names are: Immacolata, Alan, Francesco, Cristiano and Paul.
It’s a war that the newspapers don’t talk about, that the politicians either use or ignore.
We need to ask ourselves why a man or a woman decides to work while putting their lives at risk. They are never casual deaths. Those who die know they are facing danger. They decide to do it because they have children, to pay the mortgage on their home, or simply to survive. They do it because they have no rights, clandestine or precarious with a resignation letter already signed, so, if they raise their voice, they have sacked themselves.
There are more dead in Italy in a year than there are United States soldiers dying in the war in Iraq. Where do we want to end up? And why is no one doing a national battle, to be won, to be fought to the end without taking prisoners?
Who gains? Because it’s certain that someone gains.
Today, tomorrow, for the whole week the media will saturate our brains with football violence. If someone has made a mistake, they must pay. But for those who die in the workplace, no one investigates; no one gives the job to the police. No front page. Football is a tool for mass distraction. You don’t have to think. It’s like the Perugia crime, or the Garlasco or the Franzoni.
There’s no other solution for football: it should be closed down for at least a year. We need to stop and reflect. To deal with more serious things like the death for reasons of filthy lucre of 1500 workers a year. Filthy lucre because safety costs a company much more than a court case for an “accident” at work.
We need to deal with the protest of signora Maria, the mother of a Romanian worker, Bogdan Mihalcea, overcome by a high tide while he was doing maintenance on an underground pipe. After 16 months the judicial inquest has still not ascertained the responsibilities. Maria is protesting in front of the Turin Town Hall and then at the Smat (the company commissioning the work that was contracted out and then subcontracted to the company with which Bogdan was working without a regular contract.). If nothing happens, she said that she will set herself alight.

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November 08, 2007

Nobody knows ... ( Romano Prodi)

Valium Prodi has landed up on the front page of The Financial Times in an article called "Prodi says Romanian influx took EU by surprise".. In response to the question about the number of Romanians who have entered Italy since 1 January 2007, Valium said: "Nobody knows"
Prodi responds well however on the number of Italian companies that have invested in Romania. He’s got that on the tip of his tongue: 22,000 Italian companies giving work to 600,000 Romanians.
What responses. What style What Valium.
At the beginning of the year, Italy opened the frontier to Bulgaria and Romania, the other great European countries closed them. The result is that the flows all arrived in Italy.
Prodi was not asked how many children live in the Roma camps and where they come from. Anyway his response would always have been "Nobody knows"
The organisation "Troviamo i bambini"{Find the Children} asked me to publish this appeal.
”Just now there’s been the approval of the Decree on the expulsion of European Community residents… In many cities they are ready to dismantle the nomad camps.

MILANO(…) Tens of unofficial sheds, leaning one against the other, inhabited by two hundred people. The children dressed in rags play in the mud, while their parents are seated on the ground and drink wine from a carton and count the money from begging.
One woman says ”I’ve been here for three months. Here it’s disgusting. There’s no water, I can’t wash my children, there’s no electricity (…)” In via Silla, the same situation. Some shacks are inhabited by people from Yugoslavia. At the other side of the street, however, hidden in a wood, the “house” of a Roma family: two rotten mattresses covered in mold are their only comfort, the air inside the shack is not breathable.
Degradation is also dominant in via de Pisis. Near to a little park where the parents take their children to play, a little shack city has grown up. A Roma mother aged 38 said: “There’ll be about 40 of us here, mostly children.”
It’s a surreal landscape, a piece of the third world that has found a foot-hold – unofficial of course – in the first world. The shacks are cramped, damp and smelly. A little girl throws herself onto a mattress that has been thrown into the mud, with a health emergency all round.
The kitchen is an improvised grill in the middle of an open-air rubbish dump: mud, human excrement everywhere and a cemetery of rusting rubbish (…)"
If just a tenth of what you have read, were denounced in relation to Italian children, the children would be taken away by the social workers. But NO ONE CARES ANYTHING about these children. In one of our articles entitled “ZINGARI” {Gypsies} (and we heartily advise you to read it) this campaign group denounced that from an indication given to the Questura di Bologna by our Ambassador Dott.ssa Maria Rosa Dominici, it has been discovered that in various families of nomads in that city:
Out of 11 children
3 were really the offspring of the parents
5 were "on hire"
and of the other 3, nothing was known
Thus starting from this point, this campaign group is launching an appeal to the APPRORIATE AUTHORITIES
While you are “dismantling” are you checking on their children?
Do we want to politely check whether the children they have are their own?
And if it turns out that “some” are not their own, ask a simple question like:
Where did you find this child?"
And if they are theirs, what will happen to them?
Children do not commit crime. Children are victims.
This appeal is “sent” to:
The President of the Republic Hon. Giorgio Napolitano
The President of the Lower House Hon. Fausto Bertinotti
The President of the Senate Hon. Franco Marini
Amnesty International

Click here to write your email too!

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November 06, 2007

Italian Slavery condemned by the UN

The Maroni law or law number 30, should have been abolished straight away by this government. In the Unione’s manifesto, the Maroni law was cited 28 times to amend or abolish it. The Unione had a commitment with its voters to changing it radically. It has not kept these promises. Now even the international bodies are starting to ask us why we are transforming the Italians into Modern Slaves. The ILO, the United Nations Agency for Labour Rights has summoned Damiano. The Minister preferred not to be shot down and sent his Director General who blamed the previous government.
Professor Mauro Gallegati has sent me a letter on this topic.

Download the book "Schiavi Moderni", 412,000 copies have been downloaded!

”With the pretext of flexibility to modernize the labour market, the law 30 has created a worrying situation of precariousness. For the official statistics, short term contracts have become almost the only way that young people can find a job but then it is rare that these become stable jobs, with a ratio of 1 to 25. The distortions in the labour market are increasing, especially in the South of the country where the reduction in the rate of employment has reached alarming levels.”
These are not the well known thoughts of the radical left or of the Fiom metal-mechanics, critical of the government protocol to keep most of the law 30, but they are the observations of the Committee of Experts of the International Labour Organisation, ILO, the United Nations Agency for Labour Rights.
It went unnoticed that our government, through minister Damiano, was summoned to a special hearing during the 96th International Conference on Work in June at Geneva, to discuss the situation in Italy and the effects of the law 30 that has caused not a few perplexities in the international community.
The ILO has a role of making regulations and checking that international regulations are applied, as well as supporting governments in seeking “decent work” against the deregulation of employment and the denial of public intervention in social welfare.
From the transcription of the Italian hearing what comes out clearly is the “incompatibility “ of the reforms of the Berlusconi government in relation to Convention 122 of the Labour Policies. The Convention, ratified by Italy in 1971, obliged member states to adopt the “programmes aimed at creating full employment that is productive and freely chosen” and in general “the raising of the quality of life, through the fight against unemployment and the guarantee of an appropriate wage.”
According to the Committee made up of 20 labour law specialists from all over the world, “the only aim pursued by the previous government was the liberalisation of the market according to a contract model that was always more based on the individual and without respect for territorial policies to develop industry and research, fundamental to ensure competitiveness in the innovative sectors, rather than trying to compete with the emerging economies on the cost of labour.”
The Committee called for the respect of Convention 122 with “a return to the centrality of the work relationship being regular employment as a typical work relationship” through discussions to the benefit of the workers, in terms of wage and living conditions, and not just for the companies.
At the ILO hearing, minister Damiano did not participate even though he had been formally summoned, but Lea Battistoni who is Director General of the labour Market at the Ministry. After having started off by saying that the new executive has been in post for too short a time to show the results of its policies, Battistoni reassured the Committee by explaining that the requests of the unions had been taken into consideration and that there was no reason to worry for the failure to respect international agreements by Italy: He said: “This discussion seems to belong to the past, to another government.”

What is the ILO?
ILO website

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November 04, 2007

Rula Jebreal and immigration

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I have interviewed Rula Jebreal on the topic of immigration. Her analysis is simple and it’s common sense. In Italy the parties always put forward their interests and some even put their ideologies in first place. Then come the citizens. If there’s a problem, let them sort it out. If the situation gets out of hand, they do a decree that leaves things as they were. This political class has run its course. Let’s hope it goes away soon, before Italy disintegrates.
”The problem of immigration in Italy falls on society in terms of the impact and the issues. From the point of view of politics, it is ignored or purposely not spoken about or tackled only when there are episodes of crime.
Then the approach is like fan-clubs. Those who talk about zero-tolerance don’t explain what that means in legal terms. When I have asked politicians this, they replied, for example, that all graffiti on the walls has to be eliminated as soon as it appears… .I had thought I would get a fuller response.
On the other hand, there are the others who talk about full solidarity, an approach that is for one thing offensive and humiliating for immigrants who are not considered as human beings, men and women with rights and duties.
The issue blows up always at the moment of the episodes. There’s not a complete European approach that sees immigration not just as part of the problem but also as part of the solution.
In France, Sarkozy is taking big steps forward by putting immigrants into his government like Rachida Dati, Minister of Justice. He is the man who created the Islamic conference to understand how to engage in dialogue and tackle the issue of radical Islamism in the community.
The issue of the Roma people is very obvious and could have been predicted: it was clear that by including certain countries in the European Community, inhabitants would arrive in vast numbers, even for the different life prospects.
What’s missing here is a complete political project and an objective: many people arrive without job prospects so the only possibility is for them to turn to petty crime. The political response is absent for now, and the whole burden falls on society whose response is obviously one of refusal and of shock. There’s no one who is softening the impact, even by controlling the flow of migrants. The French proposal to the European Community is to regulate the flow even of Community members. There are discussions in the European Commission, there will also be discussions in the Italian Parliament with the usual ideological approach. A solution will be found. I hope it won’t be too late. Today society responds even violently: there are those who attack the camps of the nomads, those who burn them.
There are then those who think it’s possible to welcome everyone. There’s no planning as is done in other countries.
Unfortunately, for the umpteenth time, the politicians are silent and go on busying themselves with other things. There’s a serious risk: that the situation explodes and that what happened in France with the burning down of a hotel whose guests were immigrants could happen here. It’s true that in Italy there’s less racism than in other European countries but there’s a lot less integration. It’s a fact that is shocking. There’s a lot less integration.
It’s no good working round the issue that is very clear: we need to regulate the flow, to give rights but also duties. We need to start to think like Great Britain that welcomes people but gives clear rules, where anyone who commits crime leaves the country and never returns. It’s a valid system that for now has worked very well.” Rula Jebreal

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November 03, 2007

The words of Giuseppe Fava


Giuseppe Fava was an Italian journalist. He founded the newspaper called "I Siciliani". He was killed in January 1984 by the mafia. I’m publishing an interview with him that is present on the Web, at the request of many bloggers. His words seem prophetic.

Biagi: Giuseppe Fava, journalist, writer from Catania, author of novels and theatre productions. Fava, what’s been the inspiration for your stories?
Fava: In relation to my journalistic experiences. Please excuse me but I am astounded in relation to the declarations of the Swiss director. I realize that there is an enormous confusion about the problem of the mafia. This gentleman has had dealings with those who in these parts are called "annoying devils". Small change delinquents like those that are found in any land. The mafia people are definitely in other places, and in another sort of assembly. The mafia people are in Parliament, at times they are Ministers, bankers, they are the ones who right now are leading our nation. We need to clarify this fundamental difficulty: you can’t define as a mafia person a small-time delinquent that exacts a cut on your commercial activity… that is small-time criminality that I believe exists in all Italian and European cities. The problem of the mafia is much more tragic and important. It’s a problem of the top positions of the nation that risks leading to our ruin, to the definitive cultural collapse of Italy.
Biagi: As a journalist, you have had direct knowledge of the mafia world?
Fava: Yes. I have met different personalities, on one side or the other. Through the crime reports, the investigations that we carried out and that we straight away reported in our newspapers.
Biagi: Who do you remember the most of these people? Of the old mafia types, for example?
Fava: One man yes. There’s an abyss between the mafia of twenty years ago and now. Then the top mafia person was Genco Russo. I’ve been to Genco Russo’s house and pardon the expression, I am the only one to have had the honour to interview him. To have had a signed memo that started with the words: “I am Genco Russo, the king of the mafia”. Genco Russo governed the land of Mussomeli where, for twenty years there had not been, I’m not saying a murder, but not even a slap. There was no stealing, everything was orderly, absolutely according to the rule of law. It was the old agricultural mafia, the type that governed a territory with an extraordinary force that the world of that time could not ignore. He controlled between 15 and 40 thousand preference votes. No political man could ignore this determined power. It would have been enough for Russo to move those votes not from one party to another, but even within a party to determine the future or otherwise of a politician. That is why he could go to the Region of Sicily and kick down the door of the councillors: he was the boss. Then society changed and the mafia people were no longer those like Genco Russo. The mafia people are not those that kill. Those are the executors. Even at the top level. They name the Greco brothers. It is said that they are the winning mafia people in Palermo, the governors of the mafia. That’s not true: they too are executors. They are in the organisation, they are in their positions. An organisation that manages to manoevre a hundred thousand billion a year. If I’m not mistaken, that’s more than a year’s balance sheet for the Italian State. It’s in a position to provide equipment for armies, to possess fleets, to have its own airforce. In fact it’s happening that the mafia is taking ownership, at least in the medium term, of the sale of weapons.
The Americans play their part in this, but not even they would have citizenship in Italy, like the mafia people, if it weren’t for the political and financial power that allows them to exist. Let’s say that of these hundred thousand billion, a third stays in Italy and has to be recycled, laundered, reinvested. And so here you are with the banks, this proliferation of new banks. General Dalla Chiesa understood. This was his great intuition, that led to his death. You need to look hard inside the banks: there there are tens of billions covered with blood that come out cleansed by the banks to arrive at public works. It is said that many churches have been constructed with the bloody money of the mafia.
Biagi: At one time it was said that the strength of the mafia is the capacity to stay silent. And now?
Fava: I agree with Nando Dalla Chiesa: the mafia has gained such a level of impunity that it has become impertinent. The relationships are done officially. Certainly, they raise their hands when someone is about to be killed, they try to fish out the personal or moral alibi. I have seen many State funerals. Now I’ll say something that only I myself am convinced of, so it could be not true: but very often the assassins were on the stage of the authorities.
Biagi: According to the language of the mafia, what does it mean to be “protected”?
Fava: To be able to live in this society. I have read an exemplary interview, with that gentleman from Turin who corrupted the whole political environment in Turin. He said something fundamental, a mafia law that has become part of the national culture: nothing is done without political assent. We are living in this type of society, in which the protection is indispensable unless you want to live the life of the lone wolf. This life can also be fascinating, proudly alone, right to the end, but 60 million Italians cannot do that.
Biagi: I want to ask a question of everyone: according to you what must be done to eliminate this phenomenon?
Fava: My opinion is that everything starts with the absence of the State and the failure of the Italian political society. Perhaps we need to create a second Republic in Italy, that has laws, democratic structures that eliminate the danger that the politician can become under the domination of himself, of his greed, of the ferociousness of the others, of the fear or that he can just become a professional of politics. Everything starts from there. From the collapse of the politicians and of politics. From our democracy, just as with our good faith we have built it up with passion and that it is now crumbling in our hands.
Dalla Chiesa: I have thought a lot about this. I believe that the main rule is to make it understood that crime does not give power, but that in fact it takes it away.

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October 29, 2007

Clementina’s Loneliness


Paolo Mieli is the director of il Corriere della Sera. Some say he is an historian, others believe him to be a journalist, many think that he is the postman of the RCS Board of Directors. A few years ago Big Paolo hurriedly took the place of Ferruccio De Bortoli who took refuge in il Sole 24 Ore. The reasons for his flight have not been revealed.
What’s certain is that after his exit, the backbone of il Corriere has bent even more. It didn’t seem possible. But Big Paolo has done miracles. Il Corriere is aligned more with Fede, better than Riotta.
It’s the Popolo d'Italia with the new strong powers in place of Mussolini. The RCS Board of Directors represents the Confindustria and the Italian Bank Association. What creates more fear for the strong powers in this Italy without leadership and without a future? The response is unique: the magistracy. The magistrates who lift up their head must be delegitimised.
As to why the prosecutors risk their lives and those of their loved ones in the face of the laziness of the politicians and the indifference (because they are badly informed) of a large part of the general public I can’t find an answer to that.
I don’t know the reasons why a woman who is fighting to cast light on the Unipol affair is isolated by the politicians, defamed, obliged to stay silent, threatened and in spite of all that, is not giving up.
Clementina Forleo cried on Saturday when she was receiving the «Premio Borsellino per l'impegno sociale e civile», {Borsellino Prize for Social and Civic Commitment}, because she is tired of the continual attacks and the attempts at delegitimisation by a national newspaper that says of her: “the image of a river in flood, and of a mad woman”.
Luciano Violante, pal of D'Alema and Fassino involved in the Unipol investigation, said yesterday: "A judge must not use the Media to seek consensus or advertising."
Violante has struck again. Judges use the Media, those few who still tell the truth, to save their life. More they talk, more they remain alive.
Clementina has received many threats, one of them: "Forecasted the death of her parents by the end of summer, who actually died in a road accident on 25 August 2005", considered an accident. Another concerned her directly: "If I had not been careful similar fate would have come for me and my husband." The incident was preceded by a fire that devastated the farm and the family home.

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October 28, 2007

Yesterday’s V-Day and Tomorrow’s V-Day


On video there’s the speech given by the mother of Federico Aldrovandi on 8 September in Bologna.