Pull Out of Iraq: Send a letter to the President of the Republic


Below is the text of the email that I and the spectators of the cities that I have visited have sent to the President of the Republic to ask for the withdrawal of the Italian Armed Forces from Iraq.

Copy the text that follows, insert your personal details and paste this in this page.


Dear President,

On 21 January 2005 the President of the Foreign Commission, Gustavo Selva
made the following declaration in the Libero newspaper:

“Enough with the hypocrisy of the humanitarian intervention (….).
We have had to make believe that Ancient Babylon was a humanitarian
operation because otherwise, we would not have gained the
green light from the Hill.".

I firstname e surname turn to you as Head of the Armed Forces and
guardian of Article 11 of the Constitution which says that Italy repudiates
War, and ask that you bring back our “Constructors of Peace” from Iraq
and send in their place the constructors of lies who are in the.

Full name
Address and Postcode

The President of the Republic asks that messages should:

- clearly indicate the full name and postal address of the sender;
- be no longer than about 10 pages (50Kb);
- not contain attachments.


If you want to spread this initiative, you can insert this banner and the associated code in your homepage.



Beppe Grillo