Gli incontri degli amici di Beppe Grillo

Existing Groups:

  1. Abano Terme (Padova) New
  2. Alghero e Sassari
  3. Arezzo New
  4. Asti
  5. Ancona
  6. Bari
  7. Barletta (Bari)
  8. Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza)
  9. Bergamo
  10. Bologna
  11. Bolzano
  12. Brescia
  13. Cagliari
  14. Caserta New
  15. Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) New
  16. Castelli Romani (Roma)
  17. Catania
  18. Catanzaro New
  19. Cesena
  20. Cosenza
  21. Cremona
  22. Cuneo
  23. Desenzano e Lago del Garda (Brescia)
  24. Erba (Como)
  25. Faenza (Ravenna)
  26. Fano (Pesaro e Urbino) New
  27. Ferrara
  28. Fidenza (Parma)
  29. Firenze
  30. Foligno (Perugia) New
  31. Forlì
  32. Genova
  33. Guidonia Montecelio (Roma) New
  34. Iseo e Valcamonica (Brescia)
  35. La Spezia
  36. Lecce
  37. Livorno
  38. Lodi
  39. Magenta (Milano)
  40. Mantova
  41. Matera
  42. Modena
  43. Monza New
  44. Molfetta (Bari)
  45. Milano
  46. Napoli
  47. Nardò (Lecce)
  48. Oristano
  49. Orvieto (Terni)
  50. Padova
  51. Palermo
  52. Parma
  53. Pavia New
  54. Perugia
  55. Pesaro
  56. Pescara
  57. Piacenza
  58. Pisa New
  59. Pordenone
  60. Potenza
  61. Prato
  62. Ravenna
  63. Recco (Genova)
  64. Reggio Calabria e Messina
  65. Reggio Emilia
  66. Rimini
  67. Roma
  68. Roma 2
  69. Roma 3
  70. Roma 4
  71. Salerno
  72. Saronno (Varese)
  73. Savona
  74. Sesto San Giovanni (Milano)
  75. Siena
  76. Teramo
  77. Torino
  78. Torino 2
  79. Trento
  80. Treviso
  81. Trieste
  82. Udine
  83. Valsusa (Torino)
  84. Varese
  85. Venezia
  86. Verona
  87. Viareggio (Lucca)
  88. Vicenza
  89. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  90. Bruxelles (Belgio)
  91. Nizza (Francia)
  92. Parigi (Francia)
  93. Londra (Gran Bretagna)
  94. Lussemburgo (Lussemburgo)
  95. Malé (Maldive) New
  96. Arona (Spagna)
  97. Lugano (Svizzera)
  98. Zurigo (Svizzera)
  99. Brooklyn, NY (USA)

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MeetUp: meetings of the friends of Beppe Grillo

MeetUp is a site that lets you organise meetings for people interested in a particular topic in every part of the world and also in every Italian city. MeetUp has 1,600,000 associates. Groups are created by whoever wants to. Each is autonomous and is classified according to the topics discussed. MeetUp offers a number of services like the managing of a group of associates, a mailing list, organising meetings, forums and so on.
It’s not free, but costs 19 dollars a month to create a group paid online to MeetUp (and I don’t get even a lira from them) and is only in English. I have created a category called Beppe Grillo and the first group in Milan has the name “Friends of Beppe Grillo” I will try to meet up with the groups in Italy during my tour and every time I’m participating in an event. I’m not promising, but I’ll do my level best.
Let’s give it a try.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I sign up to a group?
Simply visit the page and select the group in your city then sign up by giving your details. When you receive an email, click on the link given there. This will bring you to a confirmation page. Click on this and you can sign up to the group and state your reasons for choosing to join the group.

How can I create a group in my city?
Anyone can create a group in any city.
Simply sign up to Meetup, visit the page and choose the appropriate country and the city where you want to create the group. On the next page you enter information about the group you want to create (access rights, frequency of meetings etc.)
Then just go ahead and pay using a credit card or paypal.

What can I do by using Meetup?
Participate in the Events. If you click on Eventsyou can see the groups events and by clicking on RSVP (Répondez s'il vous plaît) you can confirm your intention to come and also see who else is coming.

See the other members of the group. Click on Members to read the profiles of those who are group members

See and send images. Click on Photos to see photos sent in by group members.

Discuss Group Projects. Click on Message Board to use Meetup’s discussion forum to promote concrete actions connected with the group.

Give your opinion in opinion polls. Click on Polls and say what you think about the poll that is currently running.

Invite other friends to take part in the group. Click on Invite Friends and send messages inviting your friends to join the group.