March 09, 2009

Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

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Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists.

The programme that’s planned:

9.15 am registration
Introduction - Beppe Grillo
Politics - Marco Travaglio
Environment - Maurizio Pallante
Health - P. Gentilini, G. Miserotti, M. Bolognini
Energy - Marco Boschini
Recycling - Matteo Incerti
Connectivity - Maurizio Gotta (Anti Digital Divide)
Rights of the citizens - Sonia Alfano
Water - Riccardo Petrella

Watch the recording of the morning’s programme


Presentation of the Civic Lists website
Speeches from the Civic Lists and the Meetups
Conclusion - Beppe Grillo

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February 22, 2009

Political communiquè number nineteen


The political parties are dead. Citizens must distance themselves from the dead while there is still time. Veltrusconi was born dead. It was an attempt to safeguard the interests of the political classes and the lobbyists. It cannot last. Veltrusconi are like a pair of Siamese twins. If you separate them they both die. Today it is Ueltròn’s turn, tomorrow it will be the psychodwarf’s. The younger generation and the honest citizens cannot entrust their future to the face of Franceschini or the sneer of D'Alema. To the nonentities of Fassino and Rutelli. To the lowly Arcore-style kitchen politics of Violante and Ms. Finocchiaro. Just look at those faces. They no longer represent anything. Their programme for the Country is known as survival. They want to hang around for a long time because they feel indispensable. They are only indispensable to themselves. Having joined the party at a very tender age, they don’t even know the price of a litre of milk and they’ve never known what it feels like to not get a salary, to be a contract worker or to be unemployed. Work – what a laugh! They have really taken off, assisted by grace, by the spirit of saint Scalfari, by the divine Carlo De Benedetti and by the red co-operatives, but even the white ones. The ideology and the Grand Schemes, the first prize in Politics, the intellectual superiority and the proper detachment from the real Country. The Bicameral elections with the P2-ist and the television broadcasting frequencies handed over to Tar Head as a gift. In exchange for what, Mr. Violante? What did he give you in return? Far removed from the renewable energy sources, from the conflict of interests, from the internal corruption of the Del Turcos and the Bassolinos, from the CIP6 levy given as a gift to the fuel companies, from freedom of information, from piazza Navona and piazza Farnese, from the contract workers, from the Treu/Biagi law and from the deaths on the job. The Democratic Party is no longer an alternative, in fact it never was one. It is a sinking ship where the sewer rats are running around in search of the lifeboats. We now have a great opportunity, namely to get rid of these people forever. I am appealing to all Italians wanting to see some change: let's create a Five-star Civic List, register with a Five-Star Civic List and establish a MeetUp group. Take your future into your own hands. In June we will be voting in the Italian Municipal elections and this could see the birth of a new, 5-star national movement. Free of the scoundrels, the professional politicians that no one elected. This Parliament is illegitimate, unconstitutional and anti-democratic. You are busy creating the programme for the 5-star Municipalities via your blogs and your e-mails. It will be unveiled on the eighth of March in Florence, together with the Florence election list. The Renaissance began there. Italy deserves a new renaissance. This business committee of Bolognina preferred to make Soru lose in Sardinia and Costantini lose in Abruzzo rather than implement a change that would have left them behind. All they have done is gain a few extra weeks. What precisely is the difference between the Pdwithoutanel that is putting up Bassolino as a candidate for the upcoming European elections and the PDL that nominates Mastella? Or between the convicted criminal Carra of the PDwithoutanel and Ciarrapico of the PDL? They have called us populists, demagogues, you name it. Worse than Mussolini, terrorists, without a plan. Read the political programme for yourselves on this blog: "The Citizens' Primaries". I delivered it to Romano Prodi back in 2006. Had he implemented it, he would still be sitting in Palazzo Chigi. Spread the word about this appeal. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

Ps1: The national 5-Star Municipalities gathering will be held at the Saschall Theatre in Florence on Sunday, March 8, 2009. Register and take part in the Forum.
Ps2: Tomorrow, Sunday 22 February, around 17h30, I will be in Chiaiano to attend the public meeting concerning the waste disposal dump.

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February 17, 2009

The Great Purge


Either the PDminusL purges itself or it has to be purged by the Italians. What’s needed is a Great Purge for it to be liberated of the toxic waste of the Left. It needs to take inspiration from Stalin and the trials of the 1930s. Without bloodletting. It’s enough to get the votes in the forthcoming local elections and the European elections in June. The psycho-dwarf does not win on his own merits, but because of the demonstrable incapacity of Veltroni and Fassino and for the collaborationism of D’Alema, Bersani, Violante, La Torre, and so on and so forth. To be a candidate with the PDminusL is equivalent to political suicide, the kiss of death.
The PDminusL is the best friend of the enemy. For decades, it has gifted him radio and TV frequencies. A State “good” that allows the psycho-dwarf to get rich with advertising and by the daily brainwashing of the citizens. Day and night. Untiring. In exchange for what Violante? What’s the deal?
The PDminusL has not eliminated any filthy law. It has not reformed the electoral law, the one that allows Fassino to get his wife, signora Serafini elected SEVEN times to Parliament and that allows “Topo Gigio” to appoint the deputy Enzo Carra, a guy who has a definitive conviction. He has never dealt with the conflict of interests. Berlusconi is the son of Craxi, but after the death of the father, he has been adopted by the couple D’Alema-Violante.
What’s needed is a great purge to start afresh. The country needs alternatives to make a change, not these scoundrels. Veltrusconi is not an alternative, it is a business committee. In Piazza Farnese the family members of mafia victims spoke out. Not one politician, I repeat not one, of the PDminusL, deigned to participate. Last July, Piazza Navona was full of derided left wing voters of the “Scemo del Villaggio Globale”, called Topo Gigio, called Walterloo, called Veltroni. The referendum to change the rules of information, and the popular law for a Clean Parliament have been ignored, demonised. Populists, demagogues, qualunquists. Anyone who participated in the V-days has been treated as one with the plague. The Clean Parliament popular law is blocked in the Senate Committee thanks also to the members of the PDminusL. I’ve never heard their voice on the topic. But for the need, to avoid the trial of a parliamentarian, Veltrusconi is always a single person. Let Kamenev D’Alema go on trial. Let Zinoviev Violante enter the office of Ghedini. Let Bukharin Bersani sign up to the Confindustria of Ms Marcegaglia, to incinerators and the nuclear power stations.
A farcical party does not need farcical trials. This lot will not let anyone put them on trial even if they get to 3%. If Craxi destroyed the PSI, this group of full time politicians has destroyed the whole of the Left. “Addavenì Baffone!” {Stalin’s coming!}

PS. Today the lawyer, Mr. Mills was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months. All the information on the Mills case and on the involvement of Silvio Berlusconi is available in the article called Mills on trial, Berlusconi convicted.

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February 04, 2009

The Court of Accounts under Control


The Court of Accounts has the task of checking up on damage caused to the State or to any other public body by its agents and to oblige the people responsible to pay compensation. It is a controlling body that checks up on how our money is spent, the money we pay in taxes. The public administrators and the politicians are spending all their time in this legislature on putting under control, those that control them. After the ordinary magistracy, now it’s the turn of the Court of Accounts.

Vizzini, the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, has inserted an amendment in the law. Vizzini doesn’t have a minute to have a look at the “Clean Up Parliament” law signed by 350,000 Italians citizens, but he always finds the time for an amendment to save his colleagues’ skin. Vizzini’s “piggish” amendment places the magistrates of the Court of Accounts under the control of politicians. They can do what they like with our money with the sure knowledge that no one is controlling them.
Some are talking about a soft dictatorship or of new fascism, it’s nothing like that. This lot are only thinking of the money. Our wallets are their magnificent obsession. The CSM {Council of Magistrates} under control, the Court of Accounts under control, the Court of Cassation with Carnevale, the news media under control, Parliament under control. Crikey, either this lot are sick or they have a lot to lose.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

”We are starting off with the fact that the checks are getting ever less, at times there are checks in the town administrations, in the regional ones and so on, that have now disappeared, and the Court of Accounts has remained the last great safeguard against a certain type of wastefulness. It’s not that it works well! It costs so much, five times more than the Spanish Court of Accounts just to get the picture, and in certain parts of the country it works really badly, however, in spite of all that, it is anyway a controlling body that puts a limit on certain messy things.
It deals with a bit of everything: from the Red Cross to the Regions, the towns etc. And it happens that like all the organisations of the magistracy, the ordinary magistracy, the administrative magistracy, the TAR, the Council of State, the Court of Accounts, it has a self-governing structure so that it can be taken away from being controlled and interfered with by the politicians. Traditionally, and by law, this self-governing structure is headed by a Chairperson who is chosen by the politicians, this is true, but from a “shortlist of three proposed names” from a self-governing body that is equivalent to the CSM, just so that we understand each other, of the ordinary magistracy. The Council of the Presidency provided a “shortlist of three” and the government chose who they wanted from within this shortlist of three. Now it’s clear that if you go and change the composition of the whole of the Council of the Presidency, the more politicised Council of the Presidency will provide a different shortlist of three than it gave before, in which, in fact, the government will have the possibility of choosing the one it prefers in a more direct way than before. And that is exactly what is happening.
With an amendment inserted in the Brunetta law, proposed directly by Carlo Vizzini, the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, the former social democrat Minister who is today in Forza Italia, they want to turn upside down the Council of the Presidency and thus reduce the number of magistrates elected by their colleagues from ten to four, that is more than halved! In this way the leaders would have ever more weight and those elected by Parliament would have more weight because at that point there would be four magistrates elected by their colleagues, two experts placed there by the Senate, two experts placed there by the Lower House, thus POLITICIANS, as well as the leaders of the Court of Accounts, plus the head of the cabinet and the secretary, and in fact we are talking of functionaries, even though that is in inverted commas, and I say, that would be more exposed to interference from the politicians. This is the little game.
At the same time, the Chair of the Council of the Presidency and of the Court of Accounts (because the same person has the Chair of each) would have a load of extra power and in fact he would become the “dominus” of the whole situation. ..."
Gian Antonio Stella

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January 27, 2009

I know. Carlo Vulpio.


Carlo Vulpio. Demonstration for the Justice System, 28 January, Piazza Farnese, Rome

The latest Maroni regulation is the filming of demonstrators by the Scientific Police. Every march will be filmed, every face, every “fuck off” will be recorded. The filing cabinet of the State Police will be better than Facebook. In Lampedusa, in Vicenza, in Chiaiano, in Val di Susa, at the V-days, the citizens will be on file. The faces of a few million Italians will become the property of the Police filing system. We have to exchange the favour and film everything that happens in the demonstrations, in the marches, in the public meetings and put it online on the internet. Film every provocateur, every abuse of power, every act of arrogance and prevarication, misuse of power, every lie of the politicians. There’re more of us than there are of them. We have more video cameras. They are losing the information war. A video of Maroni talking about Lampedusa or of Bossi who calls the psych-dwarf a “Mafioso” is priceless.
Tomorrow bring your video cameras to Piazza Farnese and make films. Film everything and then upload it to YouTube. The blog will publish the films. I will send a selection of the best films to Maroni. He can then take his time in identifying the men of the Digos {Italian general investigative and special operations division}, of the special services, of the Police in civilian clothes and he can pass on to La Russa, the images of the military personnel.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

”I know that Luigi De Magistris has to be defended, that Clementina Forleo has to be defended, that Gabriella Nuzzi, Dionigio Verasani, and Luigi Apicella have to be defended.
And not just because they are magistrates, but because they are magistrates who have simply done their duty and for this reason they are paying the price.
With a transfer, with the suspension of their salary, with the downgrading of their functions.
They are paying the price because the Council of Magistrates has been following this line in recent years: punish those who are investigating and who are doing their job and who are not nestling down under the protective wings of the politicians and of the political groupings of the magistrates.
We are talking about magistrates without allegiance to groupings, without a party, of people who we are defending because we see in them the people who are defending our rights.
The demonstration on Wednesday, 28 January in Rome’s Piazza Farnese is not just a demonstration in defence of some of those principles of our Constitution that we see every day emptied of its content.
It is also a demonstration in favour of those rights that we must regain for ourselves and that each day are being denied to us.
Today we are in a paradox. What is happening is very important: up until now we were convinced, perhaps we even accepted, certainly not willingly, the idea and the principle that those who do not respect the law are getting away scot free.
Let’s say, those who kill are not going to prison.
But from now onwards we are seeing the opposite: those who respect the law are landing up in prison. Those, even magistrates, who give orders in accordance with the law, are considered out of line and deviants.
For this reason and not just for this reason, we all have to meet up on 28 January, in Piazza Farnese, Rome so that the rights that they want to take away from us, can be reaffirmed by each one of us, with, as always, a massive, peaceful, and democratic collective presence. I’ll be waiting for you.” Carlo Vulpio

PS Give support via Facebook Manifestazione per la Giustizia a sostegno del Procuratore di Salerno Luigi Apicella {Demonstration for the Justice System in support of the Salerno prosecutor Luigi Apicella}

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January 26, 2009

I know. Sonia Alfano.

Sonia Alfano. Demonstration for the Justice System, 28 January, Piazza Farnese, Rome

The P2-people have occupied the media. This is their strength. With Vulpio, Gomez or Travaglio at the head of a TV News, they would not last two days. The Palestinians protest in Piazza del Duomo for the Gaza massacres? They forbid Italians to demonstrate in front of Churches and supermarkets. A young woman goes off into the countryside with her fiancé and is raped? We need 30,000 extra military personnel in the cities to control the Italians. It’s a “pre-coup d’état”. They are getting ready for the economic collapse that will bowl them over. The other countries are facing up to the crisis with economic measures. We are doing so with military measures. The Minister of the crisis will be La Russa, not Tremonti.
On Wednesday 28 January we have the opportunity to give our support to Justice in Rome, from 9 am in Piazza Farnese. I’ll be there.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.
I know that in Parliament there are mafia people, servants of mafia, protectors of mafia and this is known to many Prosecutors Departments in Italy, many journalists and also many Italians, but not enough.
I know that the President of the Senate, Schifani, was a consultant with the town of Villabate when that town was under the control of the Mandalà clan, and that Schifani was a partner with the same boss Mandalà in Siculabrokers.
I know that the Minister Alfano kissed the boss Crocenapoli at the marriage of the daughter of that same boss of Cosa Nostra.
I know that Marcello Dell'Utri, convicted of many crimes, was convicted at the first level for mafia and the same Dell'Utri, has said that Vittorio Mangano, the stable manager at Arcore and a mafia person, is for him a hero.
I know that there are many corrupt magistrates, mafia people and friends of mafia people who have lunch and dinner with the bosses and with the “in-laws” of the bosses, and yet they have not been punished but rewarded and promoted.
I know that Article 3 says that all citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law. I know however, that 4 positions of State have done everything so that they are not put on trial and that they are above the law.
I know that Article 21 says that everyone has the right to demonstrate their own thinking freely in writing and with every other means of distribution, so the press cannot be subject to authorization or censorship.
I know that, unfortunately, this has never been respected. I know that we do not have a free press and that a huge number of journalists know, pretend to not know, close their eyes, and are servile to the system of power.
I know that Article 101 of our Constitution says that justice is administered in the name of the people and that the judges are subject only to the law and not to the abuse of the law or to political power.
I know that Luigi De Magistris, Clementina Forleo, the prosecutor Apicella have been transferred because they dared to carry out investigations on strong powers, on politicians, on business people and on the friends of politicians.
I thought that I had given to this country the biggest thing that I had, that is my family, and instead I realize that it was a sacrifice that is probably sent up in smoke even though it was done in the defence of a State based on the rule of law. And it has been thwarted with the installation of this dictatorial regime.
When I look at the “tricolore” {Italian flag} I feel a great anger because I identify the red that colours it with the blood of our loved ones.
That is why to go out into the streets and squares for me is not just a right but a duty, in regard for those who have lost their lives for our democracy. If we don’t show all our indignation to this regime, if there is no reaction, they will feel authorized to tread all over our dignity.
That is why I invite all the citizens who want to demonstrate with us to come out at 9 am in piazza Farnese, Rome on 28 January.” Sonia Alfano

PS Give support via Facebook Manifestazione per la Giustizia a sostegno del Procuratore di Salerno Luigi Apicella {Demonstration for the Justice System in support of the Salerno prosecutor Luigi Apicella}

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January 24, 2009

I know. Salvatore Borsellino


Salvatore Borsellino, Paolo’s brother, will be in Rome on 28 January 2009, at the demonstration called for by the Association of family members of Mafia victims to be held in piazza Farnese at 09h00, in order to testify regarding the destruction of the Justice system. I will be there.
Paolo Borsellino was murdered using TNT. De Magistris, Apicella and Ms Forleo have been suspended or transferred. The end result is the same: the justice system is dying. The whitewashed sepulchres of the former left wing stand by and watch the end of democracy while the P2 members and Lega members finish off the job. Don’t lets look the other way. Hey guy, lets not leave them alone with the riot squads.

"I know that, just prior to his death, Paolo Borsellino met with Mancino in Rome and came out of that meeting very upset.
I know that the Second Republic was born out of the murders of ’93 and on the basis of secret agreements.
I know that Luigi De Magistris was relieved of his duties in Catanzaro and dispossessed of his investigations in order to prevent yet another Tangentopoli scandal from exploding.
Last year I was in Catanzaro when the attacks of the powerful forces were being aimed mainly at Luigi De Magistris in order to dispossess him of the "Why Not", "Poseidon" and "Toghe Lucane" inquiries, which were in fact eventually taken away from him. At that time, I said that I was going to go to Catanzaro, together with many other young people, as if to Fort Alamo, because as far as I was concerned this was the last bastion of defence of the Magistrature.
Unfortunately, since then, many other things have occurred.
Unfortunately this attack on the magistrature continued on unabated, to the extent that we are now looking at the elimination of an entire Public Prosecutor’s Department.
We are now seeing the intimidation of a Public Prosecutor’s Department that was legitimately investigating another Public Prosecutor’s Department. And when this legitimately investigated Public Prosecutor’s Department complained, the CSM (Upper Council of the Magistrature) unfortunately did little more than send everyone home without examining the merits of what had occurred.
To make matters worse, they did something that had never before been done in the entire history of the Republic: they proceeded to place the Chief Public Prosecutor on unpaid suspension for having simply done his duty.
This is how the judges are being killed these days.
Once upon a time, judges such as Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone..., the very same Paolo Borsellino that had himself been investigated by the CSM, which did not however have the courage to proceed with this kind of assassination in the light of the public reaction.
Unfortunately, there no longer appears to be this kind of public reaction and, as a result, the powerful forces believe that they can do whatever they wish and, in accordance with the dictates of Minister Alfano, they have carried out an unspeakable act: they have essentially killed off a magistrate, namely Apicella, in much the same way as they had previously done with De Magistris and Clementina Forleo.
They killed him off without having to resort to the use of TNT, simply by means of official documentation.
Something happened yesterday that filled me with emotion. I received the most beautiful letter from Gabriella Nuzzi who resigned from the National Magistrates’ Association, saying that she had to be true to her own conscience and to the Constitution, and that she would continue to do so even though she has been stripped of her duties as Public Prosecutor.
It is alongside these very judges that we must stand, and it is for them that we must take to the streets.
On 28 January I will be in Rome, together with the Association of family members of Mafia victims and I hope together with many other likeminded people that will, in this way, offer resistance against what the current regime is trying to do in Italy.
We must support those magistrates that represent the last bastion of democracy in Italy.
We must prevent other magistrates being killed off.
I hope that there are many other magistrates that are prepared to follow the example set by Gabriella Nuzzi. I will continue to support these magistrates and I will remain close to them because I believe that this is a way for me to remain close to Paolo Borsellino and pay homage to his memory.
I hope that many, many, many other people will do the same.
Thanks." Salvatore Borsellino

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January 21, 2009

I know


I know.
I know that organized crime and the Masons are in control in Calabria and also in Rome.
I know that Luigi De Magistris has been removed from his position in Catanzaro and deprived of his investigations to prevent the explosion of a new Tangentopoli {Bribesville}.
I know that nine billion euro of European funds, that the citizens have no control over, is financing the mafia and the parties each year, and that that money is the basis of the exchange vote in the South.
I know that the fathers of this Republic, the second Republic, are the moral instigators of the murder of Paolo Borsellino.
I know that in Parliament there are mafia people, friends of mafia people, protectors of the mafia and that is also known to many Italian prosecutors, many journalists, and many Italians, but not enough.
I know that the Salerno Procura {prosecutors office} must be given the freedom to investigate the Catanzaro Procura.
I know that the “tribunale per il Riesame” {Appeal Court} has declared that the behaviour of the head prosecutor of Salerno and of his prosecutor Apicella to be proper behaviour.
I know that there is no war between Procure {prosecutors offices}, but that there is a procura that is under investigation, that of Catanzaro and one that has investigated in accordance with the law and the regulations, that of Salerno.
I know all this but I don't have the proof. Just a mountain, a colossal mountain of evidence.
I know that Alfano has the task of protecting Berlusconi from the justice system and not Berlusconi’s Justice System.
I know that 4 State positions are above the law, in a way that not even the King and the Princes were in the Middle Ages, so that they cannot be subject to the law, so that they cannot be tried, so that they cannot end up in prison.
I know that the State positions that are above the law, and thus outlaws, are called, in alphabetical order: Berlusconi, Fini, Napolitano and Schifani.
I know that Vulpio, a Corriere della Sera journalist has been removed from his job by the editor Mieli for having reported in his articles the excellent names of people involved in the current investigations in Catanzaro by the Salerno Procura, and among these there is Nicola Mancino, the head of the CSM {Council of Magistrates}.
I know that Paolo Borsellino met Mancino in Rome, just before his death, and he left the meeting just devastated.
I know that Apicella must not be removed by Alfano, the major-domo of Ghedini, Berlusconi’s lawyer who is defending him while he is receiving a salary as a deputy of the Republic.
I know, and a lot of people know that the second Republic came into being to save from prison, and perhaps from death, many politicians who are in a fluid relationship with organized crime. I know that the second Republic came into being from the 1993 slaughters and on secret agreements.
I know that Napolitano knows, in his role as President of the CSM, but he prefers to turn the other way, every time. On the side of the parties and maintaining the System.
I know that there are 18 people with definitive convictions in Parliament, and a hundred who are under investigation or with first or second level convictions .
I know that the last elections were illegal and that the parliamentarians were chosen by the party heads working at their desks and that they are not accountable to the voters but to the interests of the parties or of the person who controls the parties.
I know that Luigi Apicella cannot be left on his own and that he cannot be suspended by any politician.
I know that Luigi De Magistris must continue with his investigations that are “Why Not”, “Poseidone” and “Toghe Lucane”.
I know that Clementina Forleo must get back the control of the investigation about Unipol and be free to interrogate anyone including Massimo D’Alema.
I know that if the magistracy is subjected to political power, if it loses its independence, the little that remains, then there will be no future and perhaps, there will not even be Italy. I know that for these reasons, on 28 January 2009 I will be in Rome at 9 am, in piazza della Repubblica, together with Associazione dei familiari delle vittime di mafia (Association of the families of mafia victims}.
I know that, for these reasons, every Italian citizen should be present to bear witness in Rome.

PS Join the Facebook Group Manifestazione a sostegno del Procuratore di Salerno Luigi Apicella {Demonstration in support of the Salerno Prosecutor Luigi Apicella}.

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January 09, 2009

Politics is dead and the news medium is not in good health


Antonio Di Pietro has handed over the signatures against the Lodo Alfano to the Court of Cassation. That’s the law that makes 4 citizens more equal than the others before the law. From the balcony Corrado Carnevale was watching him. Kriptonite who unloaded the boxes reminded him of his old friends Falcone and Borsellino. A million citizens have signed against Veltrusconi. Now the signatures will be counted and examined one by one in the search for some formal error. This is what the Court of Cassation is useful for: to count and to break.
Last year I handed over your signatures for the three referenda on the freedom of information. For each one, five hundred thousand signatures were needed. An enormous number for a grassroots movement, without financing, without media coverage, but in fact with the parties, the rags and their editors ferociously against us. I believed and I still believe that the number was sufficient. The Court of Cassation had objections relating to the number of signatures and to their validity. Perhaps they lost a box on the way, perhaps the recording and the verification of the signatures had some kind of hitch. It’s still true that hundreds of thousands of citizens have asked for change in the direction of freedom of information. The end of the obscene and antidemocratic closeness between Mediaset and PDL. Newspapers used as tools of mass disinformation. No response from Veltrusconi. The signatures for the referenda and for the popular laws have become a bureaucratic fact not a political fact. Politics is dead if citizens have to sign for a referendum in order to be heard. And if not even the signatures are enough, what is left? The people “appointed” by Veltrusconi (not elected) in Parliament should ask themselves this question. If the citizens’ attempts to be heard are ignored and derided, what do they expect will happen? What will happen to them? They cannot truly believe that this “status quo” can keep going for long...
Since Kriptonite Di Pietro gained 15% in Abruzzo and since he collected the signatures to get the psycho-dwarf put on trial together with Mills, the family newspapers have devoted a front cover a day to him. Gaza city has been bombed? Let’s talks of Tonino‘s buildings. Obama presents the world plan to fight the recession? Let’s talk about Di Pietro’s slush funds. They did the same in the past with Bossi, with Fini, and with Casini to get them to get back into line. It’s the moment for weaklings as newspaper editors.
I don’t know whether I will do another referendum in a blocked party-ocracy like we have now. If I do, it’ll be for the abolition of the Gasparri law and the next time we will photocopy the forms and put them online before handing them over to the Court of Cassation.
PS: the helicopters have turned on their engines. I repeat: the helicopters have turned on their engines.

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December 31, 2008

New Year Address


Humanity! People of Italy!
Are you all on holiday, all away, yes? With the “social card”, eh! “Social card” two English words to take you for a ride in Italian.
You’re on holiday but it’s not just you: it’s the whole of Italy on holiday. Italy’s on holiday for a month. It’ll open up again on 12 January…. who knows if Italy’ll open up again.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a great opportunity: in the year 2009 we won’t give a dam about it but it will wake us up from this coma and it will make us understand the situation we are in. This “shock” will only be good for us. It’ll be a traumatic “shock”. We are all in the “tunnel” and there are people who go on TV and say: “we have to come out of the tunnel, we will come through in 2010.” Stay in the tunnel! Stay in the tunnel! Outside it’s even worse!
Ladies and Gentlemen, democracy has gone away under our very eyes. Citizens are cut out of the field. Five people have elected this social network of people with previous convictions, ruffians, friends of friends, lawyers who make laws for the friends of friends.
Ladies and Gentlemen, in Abruzzo 50% didn’t go and vote: that’s our party. We said not to go and vote, because those elections were illegal and anti-constitutional. 50% plus what Di Pietro got: we are the majority in the country! They are the minority, and you can see it in the way they look: they are afraid.
We export marvelous things: first the pizza, culture…. now we export delinquents and convicts or those presumed to be such, into Europe. Del Turco and Bassolino will be going... this is the great characteristic that we have.
But the year 2009 will see the birth of marvelous things: we are at war, we are at war! Out of courtesy, every citizen must put on a helmet, go out and do Do-It-Yourself democracy! Do your own politics and you have enormous power: it’s in your tiny wallet, how you spend and how you don’t spend. I am following the psycho-dwarf’s advice. He anyway is raving about spending. It’s us, those who want to save. It’s us who are creating delirium in the economy.
We are truly in a strange moment, at a time when at the auctions for the Treasury Bonds, the BTPs and CCTs, two of the auctions were deserted. There’s something that doesn’t work out if the big institutions are not buying. Our debt is going up. The companies that close down are no longer paying taxes so there will no longer be an income for the State. People won’t be paying income tax, the debt will increase. It’s already more than 1700 billion and we have to pay 80 billion euro in interest each year and we break our balls on things like the “lodo Alfano”... You can see that in Tremonti’s face. He’s a phantom wandering around.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it will be a massive battle. It’s a great opportunity to change things and we will change things. We will change things, because we are starting at the bottom with the civic lists. We are turning the pyramid upside down. Citizens will be going into the towns. With other citizens, they will create transparency. From the towns to the Regions. Then from the Regions into Parliament. Turning the pyramid upside down, this is our battle. However, citizens must have proper information and you can only find that on the Internet, because the newspapers are by now a matter of the past.
There’s nothing left to find in the newspapers. Truth is no longer there. It’ll be something extraordinary… Ciro! Ciro! Leave the sandbags at the window! Don’t touch the shotgun! As I was saying... you have to stay calm.
Young people call me, youngsters ask me: “what future have we got?” Lads don’t worry about the future: you have no future. One less thing to worry about. Where will we finish up? We’ll end up with finding that a hundred business people, a hundred ticks have sucked this system dry.
These politicians who have been there for twenty or thirty years. Fassino’s wife, the wife of “globule”, signora Serafini has been in politics for thirty years and I haven’t understood what on earth she has done in thirty years. Ms Carfagna .... we have things that makes all the world look at us stupefied.
We have everything “nano” – it’s not enough to have a psycho-dwarf-nano, there’s another one, Brunetta who is an iPod nano.
We have things that we cannot manage to understand. We are in a delirium, against the flow.


The citizens have been removed from any constitutional rights, from referenda to popular laws, to petitions. They are sent away from the town halls. Citizens must claim back democracy. So, happy war! Happy 2009! Stay up and above all keep calm! Ciro! Leave the sandbags where they are!” Beppe Grillo

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December 17, 2008

Political Press Release number eighteen


In Abruzzo, half of those entitled to vote didn’t vote. Chiodi won. Costantini lost, but he was one against everybody, one against Veltrusconi. For the PDminusL, it was better to have a disastrous defeat than the victory of a clean man. And they got that. The PDminusL wanted as a candidate, in the place of Costantini, the mayor of Pescara, Luciano D’Alfonso, arrested straight after the elections. If he had been presented and if he had won, he would have been mayor for a couple of hours.
The party that is not there is making progress. At the last national elections (unconstitutional because they did not allow for the choice of candidate) one in four Italians didn’t vote. Now it was one in two of the people of Abruzzo. The police swoops on the politicians continue in the whole of Italy. After Abruzzo, then Basilicata with the stopping of the PDminusL deputy Margiotta and the arrest of the CEO of Total. After Basilicata, Naples with the arrest of two PDminusL cabinet members and the request for the arrest of the parliamentarians Italo Bocchino of the PDL and Lusetti of the PDminusL. The top brass of the PDminusL are not resigning, they prefer to go to prison instead. Iervolino is reflecting. D’Alema is not having himself on trial. Franceschini wants (hold on tight!) the moral problem in the top position and Topo Gigio Veltroni is awaiting instructions from Arcore and declares that “he has innovated too little”. Bassolino will be rewarded by the PDminusL with being a candidate at the forthcoming European elections. Even Del Turco, as soon as he’s out of prison, has got reassurances, but from the PDL, to sent off for Brussels and be a true reformist politician. The Italian Parliament is no longer enough to hold all the people under investigation and the convicts. Luckily there’s Europe.
Italy is sinking into a dung heap and in Parliament they are talking about the reform of the justice system. There’s need for the reform of the political system, not the justice system. Two million unemployed are moving from the Centre and the North towards the capital. Can you not hear the hooves of the bison? Will they arrive first – or will it be the magistrates? Or will there be the famous third way, the one of the flight to Hammamet?
Vizzini, can you hear me? In the Senate Committee of which you are the president, lying still is the proposed law Clean Up Parliament. A first step for the reform of the political system. 350,000 people signed it. If the law is not discussed, I invite you to come to Rome so I can ask you to account for your silence. No to those with previous convictions in Parliament, two terms of office and then home, preference vote for the candidate. They are not extraordinary requests, but the ABC of democracy. PD and PDminusL are Siamese twins, if you separate them they both die. They have the same heart, the same brain, the same convicts.
They will never give up, (but is it in their interests?) neither will we.
(*) The Committee is led by Vizzini (PDL) and its members are Benedetti Valentini (PDL), Incostante (PD), Adamo (PD), Bodega (LNP), Bastico (PD), Battaglia (PDL), Belisario (IDV), Bianco (PD), Boscetto (PDL), Ceccanti (PD), Cossiga (UDC-SVP-Aut), De Sena (PD), Fazzone (PDL), Lauro (PDL), Malan (PDL), Marino (PD), Mauro (LNP), Nespoli (PDL), Pardi (IDV), Pastore (PDL), Pistorio (Misto), Procacci (PD), Saltamartini (PDL), Sanna (PD), Saro (PDL), Sarro (PDL), Vitali (PD).

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December 11, 2008

The frog in the saucepan

Gelli challenged at Sanremo

The Italian people are like a frog in a saucepan. At the beginning the water was tepid, almost nice and refreshing. One degree at a time in twenty years we have reached the cooking point. The frog has become numbed and it doesn’t notice that it is being boiled alive. It just needs a bit more of the flame and it will be cooked and defunct. An attack against the Constitution, the control of the magistracy, gagging the Internet and the P2’s programme has been achieved.
By now anyway, information is under control. The “Why Not” and “Poseidon” investigations have got stuck in the mud. A Commissioner has been imposed on the Salerno Prosecutors Office that was investigating the Catanzaro Prosecutors Office as a result of the denunciation coming from Luigi De Magistris. The scurrilous and servile media put Catanzaro and Salerno on an equal footing and talk about a war between the Prosecutors Offices. But there’s only the one, that of Salerno that was investigating the other because that is its competency by law. The media are keeping quiet about the investigations of De Magistris and about the NINE BILLION EURO of our taxes, transformed into European funding with the flick of a switch, that are swallowed up every year by the parties and by the mafias in the South. The country is sinking into an abyss and we are feeling a bit chilly. We are used to having a fever at 40 degrees.
The 98 billion euro in sanctions to the concessionaires of the slot machines has not been mentioned by any TV News programme. Not even for 10 seconds. How many politicians are there behind that money? Taranto is dying. Dioxin is causing thousands of cancers a year with 1,300 deaths. There’s more dioxin in Taranto than in Austria and Switzerland put together. And meanwhile, the psycho dwarf is refusing to sign the European agreement on the environment. The newspapers are talking about pigs with dioxin, but we are further ahead, we have children with dioxin. They breathe, they absorb dioxin, and they die.
Yesterday I went into a shop. They were offering handouts together with the comics and the magazines. One on the speeches of Mussolini with an “il Duce” exhibition plate as a gift and one on the history of fascism with a Mussolini watch and a helmet. People get used to it. The temperature rises by 2 tenths of a degree. It’s bearable. What’s the limit? The point at which the Italian is cooked? They want to rehabilitate the convict Craxi. They make more equal than the others, four people who are not ashamed of their impunity and they allow themselves to be seen as though nothing had happened. The band of four: NapolitanoBerlusconiSchifaniFini. Licio Gelli, convicted for attempting to obstruct the investigation into the slaughter at the station in Bologna, the most serious in the history of the Republic, is giving us lessons. He’s made out to be a sage. He gives TV programmes. The heat rises. The Sanremo Meetup group and “la Casa della Legalità” {the house of the rule of law} obliged him to enter by the service door at one of his meetings/interviews. Gelli was protected by the Police. Great lads! If we don’t want to end up boiled we have to get a move on. Enough with lessons on democracy given by scoundrels and convicts thanks to the cover of the media.
One, a hundred, a thousand Sanremos! More Meetup groups, more democracy. Make yourselves known and multiply yourselves.

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December 03, 2008

5 Star Civic Lists


Many people have asked me many times, even on this blog, to create a party. But it’s you who are the party, not someone else. It’s from the citizens that change must come. Not from the parties. Delegating without participating, is not democracy. It is, in the best of cases, civic I-couldn’t-care-less. In order to change Italy, Italy first has to change the citizens. To put them in a position to be informed, to make choices, to check up. The Towns are the building bricks on which is constructed the fabric of the country. We will reconstruct the country with new 5-Star building bricks. I am making available the Blog and my image, you (if you want) your commitment. For every town councillor elected in the 5 Star Civic Lists there will be a citizen who can find out about the tenders for contracts, the investments, the collusion, and inform us by using videos or an article published on the Internet. The “Breathing down your neck” operation has demonstrated the arrogance of self-referential power, anyone filming a PUBLIC meeting is sent away from the venue. But they cannot throw out of the council chamber, the Civic List town councillors. In 2009, there will be local elections. Thousands of towns will elect their Mayor and town councillors. Anyone who wants to, can create a 5 Star Civic List using the associated symbol.
The requirements for anyone wanting to create a list are as follows:
- at the time of becoming a candidate and for the whole duration of the elected term of office, every candidate must not be signed up to a political party or political movement.
- every candidate must not have a criminal conviction, even one that is not definitive
- every candidate must not have had more than one previous term of office as an elected representative, at a national or local level, regardless of the constituency where he is she is a candidate.
every candidate must reside in the electoral district of the town where they intend to be a candidate
-for the town council elections to a town that is capital of its province, the candidates can reside in one of the towns in that province
- there can be only one 5 Star Civic List per town
- for the administration of the town, the 5 Star Civic Lists can join up with other lists in which no convict is present
The programme of the 5 Star Civic Lists will be done together with you, on this blog, in the coming months. It will be a reference programme that the lists can use for inspiration. The Programme will be presented on 31 January in Florence at the first national meeting of the Lists.
They will never give up, (but is it in their interests?) neither will we.


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November 27, 2008

Clean Up Parliament: the first responses

Belisario, Italia dei Valori

350,000 citizens are waiting for the employees of the Senate Committee (*) to examine the “Clean up Parliament” proposed popular law: no convict in parliament, two terms of office, direct preferences for the candidate. Two of them have replied with a video, Italia dei Valori’s Pancho Pardi and Belisario. The others play the silence game. It’s not understood why they are paid with our taxes. They don’t carry out their work and they don’t even communicate with the 350,000 voters, tax-payers, citizens.
I’ve just remembered that before the collection of signatures, I sent out a questionnaire on the three proposals to all the parliamentarians. 204 of them responded . Today, even more sure of their impunity, how many would respond?
Among the 204, there are three members of the Committee that has to evaluate “Clean up Parliament”: Enzo Bianco (PD), Lucio Malan (PDL), Mauro Maria Marino (PD). What did they say then?
For the convicts out of parliament they all agreed. Malan was asking for “heavy sanctions of the monetary type” for a party that puts forward as a candidate any person with previous convictions (in his party, Topo Gigio Veltroni’s PD, Carra was elected and he has been convicted for false declarations to the public prosecutor....).
For “two terms of office and then home”, Bianco and Malan expressed a wish for the eternal armchair (Bianco expressed his fear of becoming a pensioner). Marino was however in agreement.


- Read the document with the responses of the 204 parliamentarians of the previous legislature on the topic of Clean up Parliament:

(*) The Committee is led by Vizzini (PDL) and its members are Benedetti Valentini (PDL), Incostante (PD), Adamo (PD), Bodega (LNP), Bastico (PD), Battaglia (PDL), Belisario (IDV), Bianco (PD), Boscetto (PDL), Ceccanti (PD), Cossiga (UDC-SVP-Aut), De Sena (PD), Fazzone (PDL), Lauro (PDL), Malan (PD: L), Marino (PD), Mauro (LNP), Nespoli (PDL), Pardi (IDV), Pastore (PDL), Pistorio (Misto), Procacci (PD), Saltamartini (PDL), Sanna (PD), Saro (PDL), Sarro (PDL), Vitali (PD).

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November 23, 2008

Democracy or not

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others

Italy is not a democracy. It’s a telecracy, an oligarchy, a mafiocracy. All of these together, but not a democracy. The citizens cannot elect their representatives. So it is not an elected democracy. The citizens cannot participate in public decision making. So it is not a participatory democracy. The citizens have no right to be informed. So they cannot make decisions. But if citizens cannot elect or participate or be informed, what is left?
It’s extraordinary how the Italians, most of them, don’t realize and remove the reality of living in a dictatorship. When I think about it I get uncomfortable. Only for five minutes, which are however, long minutes. Then my body temperature goes up and I start bashing away at the keyboard like a machine gun. Any scrap of information is like a democratic bullet. Another hole in the colander of the system. They cannot silence all the voices on the Internet.
I have received two letters about the existence of democracy, one from Federico in Amsterdam and one from the Villafranca Meetup.
In Italy, water has been privatised by the psycho dwarf (did you know that?), however in the Netherlands, water policy is determined by the people of the Netherlands. The town of Vigasio in the Veneto region is pouring cement over 4.5 million square metres, but they don’t want the citizens to get in the way. The Local Authority is “Casa Loro” {their house} but the salaries they receive is our money.
They will never give up, (but would it be worth their while?) neither will we.

"Dear Beppe,
I am Federico Bonelli from Amsterdam. I have received a letter in which I have been asked to vote for representatives on the water management council. The council is public and elected. In the letter, there’s the form and a pre-paid envelope, and it gives an internet site for information about lists of candidates and their policies.
I went to the website and entered my postcode and then I saw a number of questions to which you can reply freely. You can say anything from "totally agree" to "completely disagree". The questions are significant and I get help from Babelfish (yes, the Dutch language is not easy!), from Wikipedia and occasionally I ask my wife, who is Dutch. The program creates a graph with two axes: spending and environment. My vote is represented as a pencil and the opinions of all parties are represented by their symbols. If my vote is in the same place as a symbol, then you see the name of the person to vote for with the responses they gave to the questionnaire and the reasons they have given for their answers. Who has paid for this service? The citizens through their taxes! Because it was created by the water organisation. Instead of public money going to the party to produce a flood of letters or commercials on TV, here they use my money to publicise the views of candidates and to compare them with mine.
Relevant questions, not rubbish. "Is it OK to ban people from watering their gardens?" "Should farmers pay for cleaning up the water?" "Is it OK to expropriate land to increase the green areas?"
The questionnaire has obliged me to find out about the issues and I now know a little more about water. But there are many other considerations to note: democracy in relation to environmental choices that relate to you, linked to the territory and essential resources, use of government money not to finance the populist campaign of the party, but to make known to the citizen, the views of the party; Internet and statistical tools to inform the citizens. I think of Italy and I want to cry. To console myself, I drink a glass of tap water. It's very good. I remember Rome's water when I was a child ... before it was normal that it had a horrible taste to make us buy bottle after bottle of mineral water. Greetings." Federico

"Dear Beppe,
We are the members of the Meetup group of Villafranca (Verona). On November 18 we attended the Vigasio council meeting where they are debating a huge project called Motorcity.


We have already repeatedly denounced the fact on our blog and on our Meetup. Thanks again." Friends of Beppe Grillo, Villafranca di Verona

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November 20, 2008

Cossiga, why are you not speaking out?


The draft popular law “Clean up Parliament” is still waiting to be discussed in the Senate by the Committee for Constitutional Affairs (*). The request to the members of the Committee to express their opinion on the three modifications to electoral law:
- no convict in Parliament (today there are 18 of them )
- two legislatures and then go home
- direct elections of the candidate with voting for a named person
has been welcomed only by Pardi and Belisario (IDV). In the next few days I will publish the films with the declarations.
The others on the Committee are staying silent.
An understandable silence: if they lose their place as parliamentarians what else can they do in life? Who will give them a salary?
The silence of Cossiga, a member of the Committee, however surprises me. “Francesco, why are you not saying anything?
I am doing a named call to the lifetime senator and emeritus president. Let him make a pronouncement. In the last few weeks, he has been beating up professors and students remembering the great times of terrorism and of the infiltrators, but also the presumed bosses on a political and operative level (Fini, Scajola, De Gennaro) of the G8 slaughter with the call for a Committee of Inquiry that:
”should shed a clear light on the painful facts that happened, including the killing of the young Giuliani, carried out by a carabiniere and full clarity on the activity of the government, and in particular of the then Vice President of the Council, the honourable Gianfranco Fini, who was strangely present in the Police Headquarters during the time of these happenings, of the then Minister of the Interior, Claudio Scajola and above all, especially after the declarations of the current Chief of Police Manganelli, on the operation of the former Chief of Police Gianni De Gennaro, because it was he, according to the overall meaning of the declarations by Dr Manganelli, the top person responsible for the operational management on that day and because he is at the top of the Security System for the Republic and it is in his interests that full clarity is revealed on his activity…”
A committee to change Italy exists already, it is the one of which Cossiga is a member. Let him make it function and let it take the draft law into Parliament. The fish always smells starting at its head.
Out with convicts who are making laws for themselves. Out with lifetime politicians. Out with wives, lovers, relatives, comrades and lackeys appointed by the party secretaries.
I’m waiting for you on the blog.

(*) The committee has Vizzini (PDL) as president and its members are Benedetti Valentini (PDL), Incostante (PD), Adamo (PD), Bodega (LNP), Bastico (PD), Battaglia (PDL), Belisario (IDV), Bianco (PD), Boscetto (PDL), Ceccanti (PD), Cossiga (UDC-SVP-Aut), De Sena (PD), Fazzone (PDL), Lauro (PDL), Malan (PDL), Marino (PD), Mauro (LNP), Nespoli (PDL), Pardi (IDV), Pastore (PDL), Pistorio (Misto), Procacci (PD), Saltamartini (PDL), Sanna (PD), Saro (PDL), Sarro (PDL), Vitali (PD).

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November 12, 2008

Signatures for the Popular Law and the Referendum

""Saviano Continua" – pasting up posters in Milan

Finally they have gone back to talking about Beppe Grillo in the media. I missed that. Now that the Court of Cassation has decided that the signatures are insufficient or not valid for the referendum on the abolition of the Order of Journalists and the financing of newspapers (a billion euro a year) and for the end of the Mediaset-RAI duopoly they can uncork the champagne bottles in the HQs of the newspapers and the political parties. Take advantage of it because the celebration will soon end. Advertising is migrating to the Internet together with news and you will not be there.
I accept the decision of the Court of Cassation. I don’t even want to discuss it. I take note of it. But this is one thing that you perhaps don’t know. The signatures for the Clean Parliament are valid. Has some journalist informed you of this great news item?
Your signatures have arrived at the Senate. The discussion of the law has been “assigned to the First Standing Committee (Constitutional Affairs) by the reference body on 22 May 2008. Announcement of the session number 7 of 27 May 2008.” I am waiting to be called. Among the members of the Committee there’s even Francesco Cossiga. Crikey. What luck!

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November 07, 2008

The unemployed councillor

David Borrelli, Treviso Town Councillor on the Grilli Treviso election list

David Borrelli is a town councillor on the Grilli of Treviso ticket. David made himself available in order to make a contribution, and he is succeeding. If the revolution is not television-based and begins from below, then he is a perfect example.
In the upcoming 2009 municipal elections, there must be at least another 1,000 Borellis on the Election Lists for the town councils (within the next few days I will be announcing the symbol...). So that there can be transparency, so that our citizens may be well informed and so that things can improve. Meanwhile, however, we must ensure that David stays in his post. A town councillor’s salary is not enough to live on, so either the party tops up, or one must be receiving a pension, or one must be independently wealthy. David does not fall into any one of these categories. He is a computer technician and the company that he currently works for wants to fire him. The reason? "He no longer invoices as much as he used to..." due to the amount of time that he must dedicate to the residents.
Anyone wishing to contact him can send him an e-mail at:

They may never give up, but neither will we.

"I put my name on the Grilli of Treviso election list because I believe that it is every citizen’s duty to do so and because, if we don’t approve of what this Government is doing to our Country, we must stand up and be counted and personally step into the political arena. That is why I decided to seek a nomination for the position of Mayor on this ticket and, on 14 April this year, I was elected as town councillor.
The experience so far has proved to be far more positive that what we expected, in the sense that we have been able to obtains some good results, such as for example, we have managed to replace all of the municipal vehicles currently registered in the name of the town council with equivalent vehicles that run on LPG or methane and we have a number of projects in place regarding our water, as well as other projects regarding waste disposal, all part of a programme that was agreed even by other nominees who were unfortunately not elected when I was.
I am also employed as a computer technician and systems analyst and my office is located some 35 kilometres away from my Municipality. This is perhaps the biggest problem I have at the moment because, unfortunately, my town councillor duties seldom if ever blend in seamlessly with the demands of my full time job and so, the company that I am working for has been obliged to kind of push me into a corner by demanding that I choose between my work as town councillor and keeping my job with the company.
I would dearly love to continue on as town councillor until my mandate expires, above all in the interests of those people that voted for me and those who decided put their trust in this election list of honest, capable people. Clearly, however, I have a serious problem as regards managing to get to the end of each month on the councillor’s salary, and so I am also obliged to consider my full time job. Unfortunately my job demands that I spend time with customers and the two or three half-afternoons per week taken up by my town council duties means that I have had to spend less time with the customers and I have thus been invoicing far less than my colleagues. As the only elected councillor, I also unavoidably sit on every permanent council committee, so I have far more commitments than do the numerous council members representing the larger parties in the town council, who are able to share the load more widely. What this means is that my commitment is virtually a daily one due to the fact that, since I am not a political expert, I need to spend quite a bit of time preparing myself on quite a wide variety of topics.
The Treviso Town Council still holds a number of quite obvious surprises in store for me, in the sense that because I am not classified as either left wing or right wing, I am in a position to dialogue freely with whomever I wish. I have always been extremely honest and we have never allied ourselves with any individual or for that matter any party, but only with certain ideas and so, we support good ideas, irrespective of whose ideas they may be. My greatest problem, therefore, is that of my job, in the sense that I am now being forced to find another profession, something that would be compatible with my duties as town councillor, that is if I wish to carry on doing two jobs. Otherwise, I will have no option but to resign from the council and get back to my full time job.
I am a computer technician. I have built up a certain amount of experience in this field and I am now able to install any type of computer or network system and configure it so that it meets the requirements of any company without any problems whatsoever. I appeal to anyone that is in a position to offer me a job here in my hometown, one that is compatible with my council commitments. I am prepared to do anything and I hope that through this appeal on Beppe Grillo’s blog, someone will come forward to help me resolve this problem because all I want to do is continue to fulfil my political commitments and be able hold down a job at the same time." David Borrelli

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5-Star Municipalities: Capannori, Lucca

Separated waste disposal: The Capannori model

Refuse is a myth. It doesn’t exist. The Municipality of Capannori has proved it. Taking one step at a time, it is possible to achieve a situation of "Zero refuse" and to recycle and make money from recycling. If the Municipality of Capannori has succeeded, why can’t the same be done elsewhere? Why not the other Municipalities, instead of poisoning their residents, food sources and the environment with their incinerators? Yes, why not? What do the town councils have to say for themselves? In whose interests? And why do they refuse to allow the public sittings of their town council to be filmed? Bashfulness? They will never give up, but neither will we.

"Capannori is the first Italian town council to adopt a “Zero refuse strategy”.
In recent years, Capannori has proven that increasing amounts of refuse is not an immutable fact.
The Municipality, together with ASCIT (the local company that deals with the collection of refuse), have undertaken a complete re-organisation of the service. They have eliminated all of the communal bins and have begun doing “door to door” home refuse collection, providing each family with the necessary equipment for differentiated waste disposal.

In Capannori, this “door to door” refuse collection service has been established for 26 thousand of the 45 thousand residents, with more than 80% of the refuse now being separated.
Between 2004 and 2007, some 56,861 tons of refuse have been sent for recycling.
Since the implementation of the “door to door” refuse collection service, the quantity of non-separated refuse has dropped by more than 10,000 tons.
Solely thanks to the separate collection of paper refuse, in 2007 we saved 100,000 trees, 2.85 million litres of water and 9,100 tons of CO2 emissions were saved. By way of example, the 2.85 million litres of water saved is equivalent to the annual water consumption of 31,647 residents.
Then again in 2007, a total of 15,723 tons of separated refuse were collected. In the Province of Lucca, the average cost for the disposal of non-separated waste is equivalent to 160 Euro per ton. If those 15,723 tons had landed up in the non-separated refuse circuit, the cost of disposal for the refuse would have run to 2,515,680 Euro.
Instead, the cost of delivering the 15,723 tons of separated material to the recycling plants amounted to only 507,688 Euro. Furthermore, it must be remembered that paper is a resource with a certain value. In fact, the sale of the collected paper provided revenues of 340,010 Euro: therefore, there was a saving of 2,348,000 Euro.

“Door to door” refuse collection requires more workers. From when these operations began, until today, 30 new people have been engaged.
With the savings achieved by not having to dispose of non-separated refuse, in addition to covering the cost of the new engagements, the Municipality has been able to reduce the waste disposal charges debited to each resident by 20% on the variable portion."
Prepared by Marco Boschini,

Ps: The Pissed-off Grillo guys of Faenza are busy organising the first “P-Day: The revenge of the Piadina (Maize-meal pancake)” event for Saturday, 8 November. This will be a day when people will be able to go to one of the stalls that will be set up and eat a “piadina” at half-price, thereby symbolising our rejection of the American fast-food multinationals and the re-discovery and protection of our own local flavours. If you happen to be passing through the Emilia-Romagna Region, please pop in.

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November 06, 2008

The unbearable heaviness of Obama

Barack Obama: First presidential address

Obama has won. I am happy, but I’m suffering more than before. Obama declared: “The United States is the place where everything is possible.” I look at my country where nothing is possible. A P2-ist as Head of the Government. An indecent Opposition. Information under control. And I get a great sadness coming over me.
Obama, young, cultured, slender, intelligent, coloured, talks about the future, about innovation. “Change has arrived”, he said. “Our victory has started from the bottom.” With us when will it arrive? Gerontocracy and Oligarchy reign. People like Berlusconi, Napolitano, Gelli, Andreotti are old people in the range of 70 to 90 years old. They want to live into eternity up to 120 years.
The country is a room full of stale air. The smell of power is contagious for us. We no longer smell our own smells. Anyone who wants to open the window and bring in winds of change is murdered as happened to Borsellino and to Ambrosoli. Or sidelined, and attacked by the institutions and the media. Like De Magistris, like Forleo.
Just imagine Obama who as the first action of Government declares his own immunity by law so as to save himself from a corruption trial. He would last a few hours, then he would have to take refuge abroad. Just think of Obama talking about incinerators and nuclear power stations, then McCain would have won. Obama is hope, Veltrusconi is condemnation.
I feel an unsupportable heaviness on top of me. More than before, I feel a stench of arteriosclerosis in the streets. Tonight Italy has suddenly got old. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we get a shock. What have we become? Without a radical change what can we look forward to? The Internet is what first announced Obama’s victory. 3,000 Italian towns out of about 8,000 are without ADSL. Worse than in Africa, but with the antiquated digital terrestrial.
I apologise, I have to collect myself. Obama has delivered a low blow. From today, it will be more difficult to understand why we are living, why we have to live in this state of collapse. The Internet has been fundamental for his campaign. It is an indication of the end of newspapers and TV. The revolution in Italy, if it comes, will not be via the TV . Let us be informed and inform others via the Internet, without let up. Perhaps the window will swing open, crikey. They will never give up, neither will we.

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October 29, 2008

The Parliament of the Gelmini should be closed

Blog interview: Aldo Giannuli, lecturer in Contemporary History, Università Statale di Milano

The decree under the aegis of Gelmini has been approved. Anyway parliament is by now discredited. It is useless. The government decides, decrees, orders. I propose the closure of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate. The psycho dwarf’s majordomos vote on command. They have the majority. They don’t discuss the texts of the laws to be approved with the Opposition (not even with this stand-in Opposition).
Italy has become a private presidential Republic. It’s Tar Head that commands in his own name and on behalf of the powers that put him there, to represent them. It’s as though Morpheus Napolitano didn’t exist. He shakes hands and drinks tea. Parliament is just an expense for the tax payers. It should be closed down. And while we are at it, let’s close down the schools, whatever is left of the schools after years of being ignored by the governments. What’s the point of studying if you won’t have a job, if you can’t participate in the democratic life of your country, if you live submerged in information of the regime? Survival? But at the age of 20 years old, survival is an insult.
Listen to Aldo Giannuli, lecturer in Contemporary History at the State University in Milan. With the Gelmini decree, funding is taken from the Universities and the staff. In “seven to eight years, the number of academic staff will go down by about 40 per cent.”
They will never give up, neither will we.

”The situation of the universities has already been disastrous for many years. Anyway, the Gelmini decree cannot take the blame for everything that has been put down to it because the Gelmini decree is just finishing off a story that was started off by the former Minister Ruberti and that is going ever nearer to the privatization of the university and its transformation into an enterprise. This is happening in a university that for some time has been poorly resourced from a financial viewpoint. Structurally, the lack of finance is part of the history of our universities.
For more than 35 years, our universities have received on average 25% less, in relation to the State accounts, when compared to how much is received by the average University in Europe. Ours are the universities that are the worst organized and the worst paid in relation to which there have been a series of erroneous reforms and they are by now on the verge of collapse. In this situation, there are new cuts added and you can understand that this represents the final blow for a structure that is in crisis. If this reform says that in the next few years it is possible to have a recruitment competition for one person for every five that retire, can you tell me what meritocracy we are talking about? If there are no competitions, what merit are we talking about? We are talking about 1 in 5 until 2011 and then 1 in 2.
Now, if you know that by 2014 we will see the retirement of almost 50% of the academic staff, this means that within seven to eight years, the number of academic staff will go down by about 40%. Thus just to start with, let us ask if there is to be recognition there must also be the opportunity to show that, otherwise what merit are we talking about? Meritocracy is a concept with which I am profoundly in agreement, as long as it is not just a word. Meanwhile, our society is indeed not meritocratic, not just within universities but all over.
There’s nepotism in the universities. Just look at the universities in the South. But not only there. Where entire family-clans are installed in the faculties of the universities.


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October 23, 2008

Attention all shipping


The psycho-dwarf has issued an “Attention all shipping”. He has taken inspiration from his model, Putin. And he has declared with articulation of the words, worthy of a landowner talking to his servants: “Today I will call the Minister of Internal Affairs, and I will give him detailed instructions” for the use of the Police in the schools that are occupied.
Maroni-receive-instructions, the same person who is convicted and sentenced to 4 months and 20 days for resistance and assault (biting the calf) against a public official.
I, more politely, would like to give some advice, not a warning, to the Navigator: to cut and run. He’s not the only one who is responsible for the collapse, even though he is the most visible one. It’s not worth having to pay for everyone. It’s best to do as the Romans do and to disappear quietly.
The collapse of finance is passing the baton to the economy. Not everyone has shares, but everyone does shopping and has to keep a family.
The companies are strangled by debts and the banks no longer give credit. On average, every Italian company has debts of 176,000 euro, the grand total of company debts has gone up to 916.3 billion euro. How many companies will close this year? At least 300,000, but this is a cautious number, very optimistic. In 2009, industrial production will go down, the Gross National Product will be negative, the closures could well double. When production goes down you lose jobs. How many will be staying at home by the end of next year? Two million is a plausible number.
3.2 million families are at risk of losing their house. The repayments for the variable rate mortgages are becoming unsustainable. Will they finish up in the street? It’s possible.
Iceland has gone bust. Whoever would have said that a month ago? Will Italy go bust? Who hasn’t thought that at least once? The public debt will be about (without being too much in the public eye in the media) around 1,700 billion euro with 80 billion a year to be paid in interest.
It’s no longer the time that Gianni Letta went. The great moment of Alifarce, of smocks at school and fingerprints for the Roma people, has finished. And also that of the save-the-trials law and the Lodo Alfano and Topo Gigio’s phantom Opposition.
From Palazzo Chigi to Hammamet takes a blink of an eye. In the event, let the Navigator take Veltroni with him.

They will never give up, neither will we.

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October 06, 2008

Political Press Release number sixteen

Gengis Khan

Nothing will budge this people. Only hunger, perhaps, could. To be governed by delinquents and incapable people has for some time not disturbed their consciences.
Italians are sleeping beauties. The country is governed by P2-ists. They have been like that full-time since the 1970s. Gelli has retired but Berlusconi and Cicchitto have never handed in their resignation. Italy is also managed by former communists, now PDminusL, who when they were alive never worked for and have never been even communists. D’Alema, Veltroni, Fassino and the 7-legislature-consort Serafini. Always in the wrong but never in Opposition, always maintained by the tax payers. Good for nothing and capable of everything.
This “robbery-style social-capitalism” has provided food for the Camorra, the Ndrangheta, the Sacra Corona Unita. It has allowed organized crime and the politics of kick-backs to manage local communities like rubbish tips.
Now the banks’ alarm siren is sounding. They have to be protected. Certainly, if the banking system collapses, and people discover they have no savings, without being able to do the shopping, this band who have been occupying the institutions will have to get worried. And very much so. A piazzale Loreto won’t be enough to hold it. When it was necessary to protect the citizens from the Tango bond, from Parmalat, from Cirio, from variable mortgages that put the noose round the neck of the families, from derivatives, from futures, from investment funds with the worms inside, then NO ONE intervened. Ask yourselves why. The response is simple: banks and politics are the same thing. The same body. “Uno e bino”. Corrupted and corrupter who exchange roles, but always within the realm of legality. The law protects illegality, in case it doesn’t protect it enough, it is reinforced by decriminalizing “false accounting” Write Geronzi and read psycho-dwarf, dictate Passera and compare with Prodi, exclaim Profumo and the foundations appear. The Investment trusts, the long hand of the parties, they are shareholders of the banks. They choose the CEOs, approve the accounts, the investments.
Italians sleep, sleeping beauties, cradled by the media controlled by the media and the banks, who numb their senses. It is a people of rabbits hypnotized by a serpent. It can wake up in time or end up devoured. I don’t know.
However, I can’t stay and watch. The scoundrel leading the PDminusL even more Topo Scemo than Topo Gigio, is asking what has happened to Beppe Grillo. I am here, still here, day after day. Blacked out by all the media, even the gossip magazines, on the orders of Veltrusconi. First they cancel you from the information media, then they even pull your leg.
At the forthcoming local elections in 2009 there will be civic lists of the blog, I will make the symbol known in October. In January I will hold a national meeting of the lists and of the MeetUps. They will never give up, neither will we.
PS: The rabbit is cross-eyed. I repeat: The rabbit is cross-eyed.

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October 03, 2008

Online referendum for the Dal Molin military base

Nuclear weapons at Ghedi Torre and Aviano

In Italy, democracy is “a lost cause”.
The referendum regarding the new American base in the Dal Molin area of Vicenza, ordered by Mayor Variati for 5 October and sanctioned by the Veneto Regional Administrative Court, has been blocked by the Council of State. The reason given for blocking the referendum is that no survey needs to be conducted simply to confirm the fact that residents are in favour of increasing the wealth of the Municipality in which they reside. It would be like asking them if they are in favour of increasing their personal wealth. "It is a lost cause”.
They would rather use the Dal Molin area to create the largest American military base in Europe. If war ever breaks out against the United States, the front line will be in the Vicenza region.
The Council of State’s response is both naïve and illuminating. Naïve in the sense that it denies the citizens the right to increase their Municipality’s wealth. Naïve in the sense that it separates the municipality’s wealth from that of its residents. Illuminating in the sense that it denies freedom of expression because clearly the residents of Vicenza DO NOT want any foreign power’s military bases in their area. Illuminating in the sense that they are pursuing a policy of dictatorship, which is strangling us a little at a time, just as a python would.
We are not permitted to choose our preferred representatives for Parliament, and of those that are in Parliament, 18 of them are convicted criminals. In future, we will no longer even be able to choose our preferred European Union Parliamentarians. The 350,000 signatures submitted in favour of the popular law for a Clean Parliament have simply been ignored by the politicians, as have the signatures in favour of a referendum regarding freedom of information. The signatures for a new electoral law, instead, were simply used to wipe their arses with. Morpheus Napolitano chose to order the last general election using the crap law instead of allowing the Italians to have their say.
Now, with the Vicenza story, they have gone too far. They have taken away the townspeople’s right to speak, this after having taken away their right to representation. The Italian citizen is no longer even allowed to say yes or no. And not a peep from Parliament. Topo Gigio Veltroni, D’Alema and Fassino have left Mayor Variati all alone, a member of their own party, who has decided to hold the referendum anyway, next Sunday in front of the schools. Government Commissioner Paolo Costa, who was appointed by Prodi, has inexplicably stated that: “The referendum is a useless consultation exercise. The Americans will come here simply to lie around”. The “Masters in our own homes” Lega loves the 90 American nuclear weapons at Ghedi Torre and Aviano and obviously wants 1, 100 or 1000 bombers emblazoned with stars and stripes in their beloved “Padania”. The Deputy Chairlady of the Lega’s Deputies, Manuela Dal Lago, declared that: “Consultation is useless since it concerns a “lost cause”. Galan, Premier of the Region currently occupied by the Americans, has pointed out that: “The Veneto calling for a “NO” is the minority, losing and unfortunate Veneto”.
That remains to be seen dear Galan, we will soon see who is the minority and who is unfortunate.
Bush is on his way out and not even the psychodwarf will be around forever.
I will be in Vicenza on 5 October and I will use my blog to launch an on-line referendum regarding Dal Molin.

Vote and spread the news about the referendum for Dal Molin on your blogs and turn this into a “winning cause”.

Blog Referendum on
regarding the new DAL MOLIN military base in Vicenza

Are you in favour of the Municipal Council of Vicenza, in its role as official political and administrative policy-making body, adopting a resolution to implement a municipal council wealth acquisition procedure, starting with the de-zoning of the "Dal Molin" airport area – where the construction of a United States military base is envisaged – with said area to be re-zoned for communal purposes, thereby safeguarding the environmental integrity of the site?

Anyone voting YES (SI) does not want the new DAL MOLIN military base in Vicenza.
Anyone voting NO wants the new DAL MOLIN military base in Vicenza.

Inserisci il referendum nel tuo sito: copia e incolla il codice

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October 02, 2008

Town Bankruptcy

Creative finance

The town of Catania has collapsed, the account in the red amounts to at least 300 million euro, perhaps more than 800. Scapagnini, the psycho-dwarf’s medical man instead of getting his just desserts has received a gift, in fact “The inter-ministerial commission for economic programming has made available an allocation of 140 million to tackle the financial emergency of the organization.” Catania is not an isolated case. In 2007 there was the hole in Taranto with 316 million euro. A few months ago the State’s General Accountant found a massive crater of 10,709 million euro in the accounts of the city of Rome. Towns spend money they haven’t got. And they go bust. In these cases it should be the mayor together with the whole town council that goes bust. The difference should be put up by them, not us, not the coffers of the State.
The towns, to make money, have started to become banks and speculate on derivatives. According to Wikipedia, derivatives are: “financial instruments whose values depend on the value of other underlying financial instruments. The main types of derivatives are futures, forwards, options, and swaps. The main use of derivatives is to reduce risk for one party. The diverse range of potential underlying assets and pay-off alternatives leads to a wide range of derivatives contracts available to be traded in the market.”
Haven’t you understood anything? Neither have the mayors and that is why the towns are going bust.
Derivatives make it possible to have immediate liquidity on possible profits. For example, if you invest 100, you can immediately get cash for 150 (capital plus hypothetical profits). The banks that offer derivatives anyway get their commission, often of a few million euro, and they are exempt from any risk. If the derivative loses, the town loses everything and has to pay back the money. Usually the due date of the contract for the derivatives falls after the end of their mandate. So basically, the debts are paid by their successors. The risks of derivatives for towns, provinces and regions is 10 billion euro.
Leading the classification of Derivative Towns is Milan with exposure to debt of 300 million euro in derivatives. Moratti’s response was not slow in coming. On 16 October, the city council will weigh up whether to take legal action against the banks that convinced the City of Milan to sign up to different derivative contracts.” Thus UBS, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan and Depfa.
Basically she is accusing the banks of taking advantage of those without the mental capacity to understand.
A winning approach. In fact, any judge, when faced with a mayor that has invested the money of the citizens in derivatives would have them locked up.

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September 24, 2008

Sweetly travelling slowing down to then accelerate


YouTubeQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

”Now we are getting ready to take a ticket for these extraordinary motorways, a ticket then that is paid on the basis of what is not well understood … whether it is the quality of the service or the quality of the investment, but in both cases it should be free.
Now we are going to try some initiatives. OK! We have had enough of being taken for a ride.
Motorways as was well said by the economist of the University of Bergamo, Giorgio Ragazzi who has done an extraordinary book that I encourage you to get, that explains what has happened with the motorways, liberalized in the 1990s, paid for up to the last lira by our fathers and our mothers, by our big brothers, fed to this clique of fictitious entrepreneurs with ragged arses who take the concessions for ten years to the next ten years, fix the tariffs like that and we continue to pay something that should be returned to the citizens like they have done in Germany and in England. Once the expenses have been paid, the investments have been taken back and given freely to the English and German citizens. Here instead we want to get this lot to understand that by now with normal legal means, constitutional means, we have done referenda, two million people have signed in front of a public official with their documents, first and second name, taken to the Court of Cassation, put in a cellar with the moth balls…..
OK with these constitutional initiatives the citizen no longer exists. They have put a stopper in any way of hearing the voice of the citizens. OK, as I promised you we are starting off with the blog we are starting off with first person initiatives: every citizen becomes a journalist, a politician, one who informs himself. We have launched the “Breathing down your neck” campaign to take back the town councils with the web-cams and I am inviting you to do it. Go to your town councils and film them and then start to do initiatives like these. If the motorway companies like Benetton are taking our money to finance Alitalia or they are taking our money from the concessions of the citizens to buy land in Argentina and to move the capital abroad, good! We will try to give them as little as possible of this money. By avoiding motorways if it’s possible. By consuming less in the Autogrill and by trying to postpone for as long as possible the payment of the motorway tolls as we are doing now. Let’s see.

Beppe: I have forgotten my money. Can you do me a bill?
Toll operatorI can do a “failure to pay”.
Beppe: Yes. Will it come to my home?
Toll operator: Yes. It will come to your home.
Beppe: Or can I pay in a “punto blu”?
Toll operator: You can pay in a “Punto Blu” or in a manual entry point.
Beppe: Thank you.
If we give them this money in 15 days, we keep it for 15 days.
Beppe: Is there something like a penalty to pay?
Toll operator: if you pay within 15 days, no. On the fifteenth day onwards 2.58 euro.
Beppe: 2.58 euro as a fine.

OK if two or 300 thousand people were to do that Benetton would be waiting for the money for 15 days and for us it would give a lot of satisfaction! What I have to do at my age, whoever would have thought that!” Beppe Grillo


The failure to collect the motorway toll at the motorway exit pay station is formalized by the issue of a report of failure to pay.
The sum settled within 15 days brings no increase in the sum due. Beyond that limit the payment of the toll means 2.58 euro extra.
The payment of the toll can be done in all the “Punti Blu” from Monday to Saturday during office hours, in all the motorway exit stations. Or in a post office by using a form.

For anyone who is obstinate and doesn’t pay, the procedure is triggered for the forced recovery of credit with the additional expense charged to the person owing the debt. Obviously, this delay, given that it is inconvenient, we allow ourselves not to advise it, however if there’s a lot of us who delay by 15 days the payment of the tolls that involves the issue of a little report, we believe that that is the best way to start to talk about our money and where it lands up….
While waiting for developments, Beppe Grillo and his staff wish you for now, a good journey!

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September 21, 2008

The Veltrusconi Wall

Watch the video

There are 18 convicts in Parliament. Those under investigation and those convicted at the first and second levels amount to more than 70. They will never give up, neither will we. 350,000 signatures for a Clean Parliament are lying in a cellar in the Senate available for Schifani and the P2.
The psycho dwarf and Topo Gigio Veltroni have allowed Prodi to fall, but not Mastella. They closed up the gap that was created with V-day to delay the collapse. PDL and PDminusL are the country’s true problem. The triumph of anti-democracy. Who do they really represent? Who are the true bosses and inspiration for Veltrusconi?
Del Turco, who had created a relationship with the ever-honest Fassino, the Unipol one, has finished up inside, but almost all of them could land up there. The division of the regional contributions for Health is the next Tangentopoli.
They want to take every voice away from us. Veltrusconi wants to eliminate the right to choose the candidate for the European Parliament and to bring in the threshold at 5%. Two bastard things. The first perpetuates the appointment by the party secretaries of those like Carra, Dell’Utri, Carfagna and Serafini even in Europe. The second prevents the minorities from being represented. In the European Parliament, the problem of governability so beloved of Veltrusconi does not exist. A threshold is only useful to get rid of all the others. They want to be the only 2, PDL and PDminusL that anyway are just one, with the parliamentarians appointed by them. Those with previous convictions, and their family members, lovers and lawyers. Instead, the rest of the country has to be honest as Andrea from Turin reminds us.

Dear Beppe,
Nothing new … but always devastating even after you have been talking about it on the blog for 2 years. I have to present a form to start a commercial activity online, to be handed in to your own town hall 30 days before the start of the activity. I am attaching it for you so that by going to read the footnotes that give the requirements that stop you from carrying our a commercial activity (generally they are online activities) you find:
1) Art. 5, commas 2 and 4, D.L.vo 114/98 Comma 2: Unless they have been given rehabilitation, the following cannot carry on a commercial activity:
a) those who have been declared bankrupt; (letter repealed by art. 20 of D. Lgs. 12 September 2007, n. 169);
b) those who have a conviction with a sentence given by a judge for an unintentional crime, for which there is a penalty of a prison sentence of not less than 3 years, given that the sentence has been enforced and it was higher than the minimum.
those who have had a prison sentence, given by a judge, for one of the crimes written at title II and VIII of book II of the Criminal Code, that is receiving, recycling, issuing unbacked cheques, fraudulent insolvency, fraudulent bankruptcy, usury, kidnapping for extortion, robbery;
those who have had two or more convictions with a prison sentence or a fine, in the five years preceding the start of the activity, certified by a sentence given by a judge for one of the crimes laid out in articles 442, 444, 513, 513Bis, 515, 516 and 517 of the Criminal Code, or for the crime of fraud in the preparation or in the buying or selling of food, as laid down by special laws;
those who are subject to one of the preventative measures named in Law 27.12.1956 n.1423, , or in relation to whom one of the measures set out in Law 31.5.1965, n. 575, that is they have been declared habitual or professional delinquents or with such a tendency.
Comma 4: The prohibition from exercising a commercial activity, according to comma 2 of this article, lasts for 5 years and starts from the day that the penalty has been served or it has been extinguished in another way, that is, if there has been the concession of the conditional suspension of the penalty, from the day the sentence was pronounced by the judge.
This is the link:
There. It’s clear then! If convicts cannot have jobs in the public administration in the towns, the provinces, the regions; if they cannot be officers in the security forces, public officials, in the magistracy, just think… and if they cannot even start up a commercial activity … it’s clear that the only thing that convicts can do is to attach themselves to a chair in Parliament and defend the place and the privileges with all their weapons!” Andrea, from Turin.

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September 09, 2008

Democracy stopped at Desio


A citizen is exercising his constitutional rights: recording and distributing the contents of a public town council meeting. The one in Desio. He is thrown out and taken to the Police station and after that he is called by the Carabinieri and threatened with a court action by two town councillors if the film clip is published on the Internet.
These folk are completely mad. Putin is no match for them.
The sessions of parliament are broadcast live and the town COUNCILLORS don’t want to be recorded? Power is going to the heads of our employees. They are the sun stroke attacks of democracy. The blog will publish the video as soon as Giacomo sends it in and it is making its lawyers available if there should be a court action. To be taken to court for democracy is an honour!

"Dear Beppe,
I am Giacomo of the Desio MeetUp and I tried to exercise my rights to record and distribute images of the OPEN town council meeting on 29/05/08. It was a PUBLIC meeting during which the bosses of the company PEDEMONTANA s.p.a and the leaders of the town administration discussed the merits of the project for the new motorway that will go through and DEVASTATE our territory that is already devastated (here we have the highest number of building speculation projects and abusive tips in the whole area that more or less corresponds to the new province of Monza and Brianza and furthermore, we are “waiting” for the construction of another incinerator in addition to the one that already exists).
During the session I was called by the president of the town council to explain why I had a video camera with me. So I said that it was part of the “Breathing down your neck” initiative. In reply I was told that the regulations forbid such behaviour and the majority of those in the chamber voted for me to stop recording. Soon after that I was taken to the Police station by the local police who initially wanted the cassette with the video and in the end they left it with me with the agreement that I would not share it on the web. A few weeks later I was called by the Carabinieri who read to me a declaration by two councillors, a sort of threat to take court action that would be triggered if I were to publish the images. Desio is the geometric centre as well as being the neural node for the work of cementification, the interests at play are great, and that explains, but does not justify, the CENSORSHIP. Now my question is, given that I am still in possession of the “incriminating” images, what would I really be risking if I were to put them on the INTERNET? Is there a law, apart from article 21 of the Constitution that I could base my actions on?
In the certainty of meeting with your availability and that of the Blog. Sincerely” Giacomo Sicurello

PS In the past, you have been to Desio for a show… WOULD YOU COME BACK?

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September 06, 2008

Municipalities: masters of our own homes!


Municipal Council meetings are public events. They can and should be filmed and made available to any citizens who are not present at the meetings. All you need to do is enter, announce that you wish to film the proceedings and then begin filming. At the municipal council meetings, certain decisions are made that affect our future, including issues ranging from water to healthcare and from education through to the environment. The municipal councillors are our employees and, as such, they are obliged to publicly account for their actions.
What I am writing is nothing revolutionary by any means. Were this to be read by a Spaniard, or by an American for that matter, they would act rather surprised because they accept this as being par for the course. In Los Angeles, City Council meetings, which are their equivalent of our Municipal Council Meetings, are broadcast live via cable TV on Channel 35 and on the Internet. Information is a public service. Municipal debates are public events. The decisions made at these meetings are part of the public record. Mayors and councillors who prohibit the filming of council meeting proceedings have a somewhat exclusionist view of politics. What they don’t appear to realise is that their salaries are paid by the very people who wish to film the proceedings and thereby check up on what they are getting up to. The Municipalities themselves should be voluntarily filming Council Meetings and making them available live on-line, and they should accept any viewer comments made on the Internet.
Dear Mayors and Councillors, what have you got to hide? All those Euros that enable you to make ends meet or, better still, to live rather high on the hog are given to you by the citizens. When these citizens walk into Council Chambers, you should welcome them with open arms. These are your bosses that are coming to visit you. These are your true principals. Should you decide to have them evicted by the Police or the Carabinieri (and on what grounds would you be entitled to do so?), they should turn around and withdraw the mandate they gave to you in the first place.
I am inviting all of the MeetUp groups to film their local Municipal Council meetings and post them on YouTube, labelled as: “Breathing down your neck”. This blog will show all of them, one by one.
Before the 2009 administrative elections, we need to find out precisely which councillors and mayors are on the side of the citizens and freedom of information, and which of them are, instead, nothing more than well-paid lackeys of the political parties. Anyone prohibiting the citizens from filming the proceedings must not be re-elected. They may never give up, but neither will we.

Clicca l'immagine

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The new Italy belongs to the municipalities


Quinto Vicentino and Torri di Quartesolo are two small municipalities that have won the battle against the American Army. The doubling of the United States Military base in Vicenza has ground to a halt. The two municipalities have managed to halt the construction of the new barracks to house the military personnel. There is an existing regional law that limits the number of buildings that may be erected in agricultural areas. If the planned 215 houses had been built for the American soldiers, the remaining residents would not have been able to build anything more for the next 10 years.
Kambiz Razzaghi, Works Manager in charge of the construction works for the new Dal Molin military base, has said that: “Yes, Quinto is dead”. So the Americans are homeless, at least for the time being. What they are thinking of doing is spreading themselves out throughout the area, in small enclaves in a number of the Vicenza municipal districts. Ten houses here, another fifteen there, and some housed in the various Bed and Breakfast establishments in the Veneto Region.
The municipalities are the fulcrum of the lever that will eventually raise up the whole of Italy. This was proven in the Val di Susa, in Campania and now in Vicenza. It is impossible to lie to those who see what is happening with their own eyes. The new Dal Molin military base would turn Vicenza into one of the biggest targets in the whole of Europe in the event of a war against the United States. This would, after all, be the biggest military base in Europe, from which it would be possible to despatch bombers loaded with atomic bombs. There is no valid reason for setting up a base such as this.
On 5 October 2008 Vicenza is scheduled to hold a Municipal Referendum regarding the construction of this base. The quorum for this referendum is 35,000 voters. I will be there to lend my support. My hope is that, at some stage in the future, Kambiz Razzaghi will say that: “Yes, Dal Molin is dead”.
There is yet more good news from Vicenza, namely the Dal Molin 2.0 plan submitted by the “Vicenza, 5-star municipality” Civic List plan, submitted by Davide Marchiani. According to this plan, a solar energy farm would be set up in place of the military base. Vicenza would score around one billion, three hundred million Euro over a period of 20 years. This would mean free electricity for 25 thousand of the 43 thousand families. The project is illustrated in detail in the attached document, which can be downloaded. Therefore, I hereby invite the people of Vicenza to support the project and the residents of other municipalities to copy it.
They may never surrender, but neither will we.

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September 04, 2008



The country is in a complete delirium. It’s impossible to discuss with the psycho-dwarf or with Topo Gigio Veltroni. They are null-entities who believe they are important. One is Napoletone and the other is Obama bianco de noantri. It’s only us who have white primates in power. The others show them off at the zoo. Putting ourselves on their level means losing our wits. Nothing of what they say is true, or even important or even intelligent. Whoever sees them talking to the external world, like the foreign media, cannot understand them, They are like mad people at liberty. They have put a cork in the nation with regime information.
The delirium of democracy spreads out and whatever it touches gets transformed into shit. The citizens cannot film their employees during town council meetings. They cannot elect their employees in Parliament and in the future not even for Europe. They are not equal for the law in relation to the band of four.
Our employees are inside a mad house. They understand each other, but they no longer know what reality is. They get it muddled up with their private interest or those of the party. The future is the nuclear power stations, the incinerators, the car parks, the bridges over the Straits, the tunnel in Val di Susa, digital terrestrial and the magistracy on a leash. They are Veltrusconi-like deliria. They are called dialogue positions.
We tried to talk to these mad people with our proposals for Prodi, the popular initiative law, the collection of signatures for the referendum, the denunciation to the European Parliament in Strasburg and in Brussels and a thousand other things. It was no use. If you discuss with a mad person, anyone watching you from outside sees two mad people who talk nonsense. A new party in Parliament is the equivalent of a sane person inside a criminal mad house. They would become equal to the others, it’s just a matter of time. We rely on abroad for energy and we don’t exploit renewables. We rely on abroad for foodstuffs and we cover over wheat fields with asphalt. We have one of the biggest public debts in the world and we make a gift of 5 billion dollars to Libya. Egypt imports bread from the Ukraine and we import atomic power stations. Russia threatens nuclear retaliation against Georgia and the American atomic bases with 90 nuclear war heads are on our soil at Ghedi Torre and at Aviano.
The mad people don’t know they are mad and they believe that the true mad ones are those who are sane. We don’t have alternatives to do-it-yourself democracy, to self-government, to the garrisoning of the territory, to the participation in every decision relating to the collectivity. The delirium of Parliament has to be dismantled from the bottom like a Lego construction. We have to claim back our towns and where this is not possible, put the mayors and the cabinet members under control. By filming them, interviewing them, denouncing their “omertà”.
In 2009 there’ll be local elections. It is one of the last chances to exit from the delirium and enter into modernity. In the next few weeks, I will publish a symbol that will be common to all the civic lists, a reference programme drawn from the thousands of ideas received for the primaries from the citizens and a date for a national meeting of the lists and the meet ups that will be held at the beginning of next year. Out of the delirium, into the reality.

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August 29, 2008

Pty Ltd Countries


Countries are increasing beginning to resemble public companies. Like any public company, these Pty Ltd Countries can fail and go bankrupt. Foreign Policy and The Fund for Peace have released the 2008 Index of failed Countries. At what point does a Country cease to exist? “When the national government loses control of all or part of its territory and is no longer able to ensure the personal safety of its citizens. When governments lose their monopoly on power and the country’s laws, and law and order begins to disintegrate. When governments can no longer guarantee essential services such as education, health and food supply, then they lose their legitimacy” (*).
In its earliest stages, failure is accompanied by increasing inflation rates and deterioration of the country’s entire infrastructure, followed thereafter by civil war, terrorism and the prevalence of organised crime.
The assessment of the health of Countries involves looking at 12 different variables, including the situation as regards human rights, public services, demographic pressure and the number of refugees. Any country that exceeds 100 points ceases to exist. In the past four years, in other words since the aforesaid Index has been calculated, the number of failed Countries has risen from 7 to 13, and the number of aspirant failed Countries, with a points score of between 90.1 and 99.3, have risen to 22.
When a Country fails, it contributes to global instability. Criminals begin to use the Country to traffic in drugs, like in Afghanistan, which has become the heroin production capital of the world. The Country hosts terrorist groups, and here Iraq is the world leader. Civil wars expand beyond the national borders, as happened in Rwanda. The environment is decimated, as has happened both in Haiti and in Somalia. Epidemics spread out of control.
At one time, the imperialist Countries represented the greatest threat to world peace. Now the failure of Countries represents the greatest threat. How many Countries need to fail before our civilisation, as we know it, disappears completely?
The top ten former Countries are, in order: Somalia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Chad, Iraq, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, the Ivory Coast, Pakistan and the Central African Republic.
Finally, there is also some good news. Italy is not yet officially listed as a failed Country. This is notwithstanding the fact that this Country pretty much meets all of the criteria used to define a failed Country. Perhaps, here by us, the anti-State has replaced the State, without anyone realising what is happening.
(*) Lester Brown in “Plan B 3.0”

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August 25, 2008

Men and half men, ominicchi, piglianculo and quaquaraquà


Italians didn’t deserve Giovanni Falcone. He knew that they would murder him. Just as Paolo Borsellino knew. They went to their death like the first Christians in the Coliseum. Left on their own by the institutions, the parties, by many colleagues. Borsellino died in front of his mother’s house. No security measure had been arranged. He went there every Sunday. The car with the bomb was parked at a few metres from the bell for the gate. On 13 July 1992, six days before the attack, he said to a police officer: “I am in a state of turmoil. I am worried for you, because I know that the TNT for me has arrived [from the continent – editor] and I don’t want you to be involved” (*)
Sixteen years after Capaci, the President of the Council is called Silvio Berlusconi. In Parliament there’s Cuffaro and Dell’Utri. The mafia no longer needs bombs. The laws are enough for them. “A rapid list of ‘reforms’: 1) substantial abolition of art.41 bis that prevented communication between prisoners and the outside world; 2) reworking of certain articles of the penal code procedures that have placed limits on the usability of the declarations on the prosecution side; 3) after the reworking of these regulations, truly giving in to the requests of the right, no arrangement has been set up to protect the non-mafia citizens who give evidence in mafia trials; 4) the new law on justice collaborators has provoked just one consequence: no one is repenting any more; 5) the possibility to widen the institution of the abbreviated rite even to more serious crimes, with an immediate discount of a third and at the same time the conclusion of investigations on those happenings. To that, add the fact that no initiative has been taken to make operational the database of bank accounts and deposits that was set out in 1991 at the suggestion of Giovanni Falcone”. (**)
Interviewed by Francesco Licata in February 1991, Falcone allowed himself to speak freely: “But what are they thinking of these gentlemen? Is it true that they are convinced that we are all equal? Do they believe that I am saving my life? I am not afraid to die. Me, I’m Sicilian. Yes, I’m Sicilian and for me, life is worth less than this button.” (**)
The psycho-dwarf wants to reform what is left of the justice system and he says he wants to do it “having been inspired by Falcone’s thinking”. He can allow himself to do that without any journalist present, spitting in his face or, more soberly, reminding him of the time spent by Mangano at his villa in Arcore. The reform of the justice system has already happened some time ago. It has been done by D’Alema and Fassino, Castelli and Berlusconi, Prodi and Mastella. One step at a time. One lengthening of the time for the Statute of limitations at a time. One pardon at a time. One limitation of wire-tapping at a time. One abolition of false balance sheets at a time. Today we are at the bipartisan nails in the coffin.
In Sciascia’s novel ‘The Day of the Owl', Don Arena divided humanity into men and half men, “ominicchi, piglianculo and quaquaraqquà”. Falcone was a man. We who are left, what are we?
(*) L’agenda rossa di Paolo Borsellino Lo Bianco, Rizza. Published by Chiarelettere
(**) Storia di Giovanni Falcone. La Licata. Published by Feltrinelli

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August 19, 2008

Eleições Limpas


Has the Italian Parliament become black? No, just a bit dirty. Mussolini would have been ashamed to have been shoulder to shoulder with people convicted for mafia and for corruption. The definitive convicts are in the PDL “but also” in the PDminusL. The living dead of the Left denounce the disappearance of public opinion. That that they have ignored, taunted, insulted. Populist, justicialist, “qualunquista”. For this lot, if the general public don’t have their opinions, they don’t exist. I have the idea that the convicts, even for really serious crimes, definitive or at the first or second level, think they have got away with it. There might be a reason for this. Topogigissimo Veltroni with his shadow government is an Italian-style farce. You’d need Alberto Sordi with his inimitable raspberry to define him. The Lodo Alfano has made the Band of Four untouchable and the psycho-dwarf is finally relaxed.
I want to reassure Curzio Maltese, Nanni Moretti, Eugenio Scalfari and the Intellectuals of the Left. The general public exists! It was there in all the squares in Italy to discuss energy, renewables, WiMax, the sustainable economy. In Bologna on 8 September 2007, in Turin on 25 April and in Piazza Navona on 8 July 2008. Its voice is talking about the future and they are the past. They can’t manage to hear it. The request for a law for a Clean Parliament has been ignored. Parliament is more infected than before, more distant from the people than before. Deputies and Senators, wives, lovers, mates, lawyers, corrupted and corrupters are “appointed” by the parties. Parliament has become a public location for private actions.
The other nations are overtaking us in everything, even in justice, even in South America. A blog has indicated that in Brazil the AMB, (Association of Brazilian Magistrates) is promoting the “Eleições Limpas” {Clean Elections} initiative. In Brazil, right from 1990, it’s possible to elect candidates who have definitive convictions, thanks to a popular law. The AMB has asked that at the forthcoming local elections even those who have been convicted at the first level should not be eligible for election. The STF (Supreme Federal Tribunal) has turned down the request. So the AMB has started a collection of signatures for a new popular law.
Brazilian candidates are not different from ours. Their convictions go from corruption, to money laundering, to extortion, to drug trafficking. There is a tiny difference, Brazilian public opinion is not considered to be justicialist because people don’t want to be represented by convicts. The magistrates are not subversive if they ask for a clean up in Parliament in the government and the United Opposition don’t pass their time protecting each other from the citizens.
The AMB publishes on its website the up-to-date list of all the candidates who have an ongoing trial. In Italy it’s done by a comic. In Brazil the magistrates.

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August 12, 2008

Political Press Release number fifteen


The collection of signatures for a Clean Parliament has been ignored. V2 day for freedom of information in a free State has been blacked out. For the regime of Forza-DS it never happened. Italian politicians are better than those of the former USSR. Facts exist ONLY if their media tell them. A few million people went into the streets in less than a year. They asked for a future and they got a raspberry. They asked for honest people in Parliament and they got the lodo Alfano. They asked for safety at work and they got La Russa’s Carabinieri in the building sites. A part of the Italians, those that are the most well informed and the youngest. The precarious ones, the ones who have studied at university, the unemployed who were asking for a change have had in return a “f..k off” Together with disdain, scorn, refusal to engage. This political class is to be removed as a block. With these you would land up right in Argentina. The public debt is exploding. Food costs have gone up by 30%. Tens of thousands of homes have been repossessed because the families can no longer manage to pay the mortgage. The corrupted ones in Parliament are with the corrupting ones. Corrupted is the one who does not denounce, who get by. Corrupted are all the parliamentarians who approved impunity of the top positions. They are rotten inside. The economy is knocking on the door, when it is opened you will find the Italians in their underwear and the responsible ones abroad. Health is the new Tangentopoli {BribesVille} The politicians go where the money leads. And it’s the Regions that have the money. The ones managing them are presidents on the Right and Left. They are creating a wall to avoid a Sanitopoli {HealthSystemVille} of gigantic proportions. The judges in Abruzzo who have dared to touch Del Turco will end up like De Magistris and Forleo. What’s to be done? The time of referendum and popular laws has finished. They use the signatures to clean their arses. It happened even for the new election law. Napolitano, former DS, called the elections when the referendum should have been held. The priority was dictated by Veltrusconi, not a million citizens. I will ask nothing more of this political class. To change they need to be substituted by the citizens. From September, I will support the civic lists for the local elections in 2009. I will start an information campaign abroad about the dictatorship that is present in our country. I will ask those who follow the blog to participate in a series of immediate actions to change our reality. Information, health, food, employment mobility, work. An action each month to hit them in their wallets and to take back our country for ourselves. They will never give up, neither will we.

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August 04, 2008

We are winning (and they know it)

Click on the image

Many people have written to me to say the signatures have been no use. That they will do what they want to anyway.
The signatures are useful to count us.
Many people say that the V-Days have been a "wham bam thank you ma'm".
The V-Days have been useful for us to see each other, to touch each other, to smile and to affirm our right to shout out that we are alive, we are still alive. They have not beaten us and they will never beat us.
Many people say that all this has served no useful purpose if Berlusconi is still there, if the P2 and the Mafia are in Parliament.
But they are the past, can’t you see them? They are living in fear, in special laws, in the army.
The future is beauty and they do not form a part. This is why they are sad. This is why we will win by taking them for a ride.
Jacofo Fo has sent me a poem for V3 day.

”We are winning
But this day will we do a Vaffanculo Day of laughter?
We are winning
Don’t let yourselves be bowled over by the TV News images!
We are unhinging the immobile mud from the frozen spirits.
We are making love more.
We are beating the dawn drums more.
We are thinking up colossal jokes.
Berlusconi’s new laws, Veltroni’s sadness
Don’t fall into the trap.
They are about to fall into the wide open mouth of the past
Like drops of rain
It will still last a bit longer but then we will say: do you remember the fear?

The oil is finished, we must change.
The information monopoly is finished
On the Web, you can’t forbid me to tell
It’s like when they invented the telephone.
After a bit they didn’t use the carrier pigeons.
The world changes.
Just think once upon a time sex didn’t exist, just single cell asexual organisms
They multiplied by parthogenesis, that is they split in half.
And it was not a pleasant experience.

Now we are extremely sexual pluri-cell organisms, we can make love and sing.
But it has to be clear there’s need for a bit of a push to make the inexorable wheel of History keep turning.
We have to launch a total offensive, it’s our historical task as progressives.
We do nothing else: we start general mobilizations one after the other, every time we have the breath to do it. We like it like that. You get to know loads of interesting people and at times you also get satisfaction.
And today the total offensive on today’s agenda is to make more love. A tiny bit of effort, we can even get better.
Write a poem for the person you love.
Tell a friend you are fond of them.
Draw a flower on the wall in front of their house so every time they go out they’ll remember that you love them.
Do something extraordinary, reckless
Kiss her on the lips as though it were the first time
It’s enough to put behind you the line of the past.
And to live in that instant just before the first time that we kissed. And to remember that for an instant, while the mouths are getting closer you picked up the perfume that was rising from her neck.
Let your lips part, your tongue is waiting for a taste that you have never experienced.
A flavour that contains the sound of rice leaves that unfurl in the humidity of the water.
…. "
Jacopo Fo

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August 03, 2008

Brokeback Italy

foto di edoardo.baraldi

A three-act comedy:
Topo Gigio Veltroni to the rescue
Main actors: Antonio Di Pietro, known as Kryptonite, Walter Veltroni, known as Topo Gigio and the shadow Government of the Pdwithoutanel.
Off-screen prompt (inaudible): Berlusconi, known as the Psychodwarf
Act One:
Antonio Di Pietro begins gathering signatures for a referendum calling for the abolition of the Alfano Draft Bill. This is an unconstitutional Law that makes four of this Country's citizens more equal than all the rest. Their names, in alphabetical order, are as follows: Berlusconi, Fini, Napolitano, Schifani. One of these has been involved in court cases for the past fifteen years. The other three have not been accused of anything, but they nevertheless went along for the ride. Kryptonite Di Pietro is asking for help from his allies in the Pdwithoutanel in order to gather 500,000 signatures by September 2008 so as to be able to hold the referendum during the spring of 2009.
Act Two:
Topo Gigio Veltroni convenes a meeting of the shadow Government on 31 July in order to discuss the referendum. Topo Gigio quotes Oscar Luigi Scalfaro: “Depending on the outcome, a referendum will always results in greater visibility for the party promoting it. However, should it be a failure, even as a result of the failure to reach a quorum, the entire opposition would land up looking bad”. Addressing his shadow Government, Topo Gigio highlights “the very wise words uttered by Scalfaro”. This is a quantum leap in terms of Veltroni’s terminology. He has moved on from the use of multiple adjectives, such as his unforgettable “intellectual, rational, reformist camp”, and on to the use of superlatives. Topo Gigio will not agree to a referendum because “it could fail”. This is his favourite strategy, which he once again adopted during the last elections. Don’t take part in order not to lose. Veltroni explained to the shadow Government that: “there are other priorities, such as the social welfare crisis, salaries and the Country’s growth”. Finally he concluded in truly statesmanlike fashion, but also as a refined diplomat and filmmaker that: “We don’t want to focus the main attention back on the Berlusconian controversy”. The applause from the senior members of the PDwithoutanel moved him. Follini is overcome and sighs: “You are right and you are wise, well done Veltroni…”. Rosy Bindi added that: “Notwithstanding the fact that the PDL is undoubtedly busy raping the Constitution, the path chosen by Di Pietro is wrong”.
Act Three:
In the 2009 European elections Veltroni is rewarded by the voters for his “very wise”, but also “intellectual, rational and reformist” political line, with a new Walterloo. The PDwithoutanel splits in two out of joy. Veltroni steps down as party secretary of the PDwithoutanel, reiterating a previous statement he made on 19 February 2008: “You will never hear me launching any sort of attack against him (Berlusconi - Ed). The one involving him is a joyous controversy, but that’s okay. The Italians tired of all the improprieties, only to land up with a Country that is immobile”.

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July 27, 2008

The Lisbon Treaty


Click on the picture

"The Lisbon Treaty was born to replace the European Union Constitution, which was rejected by the French and Dutch referendums back in 2005. In the Berlin Declaration of 25 March 2007, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Premier Romano Prodi suggested that a new treaty would come into effect in 2009, the same year as the elections for the new European Parliament.
At that same time, the "Action Committee for European Democracy" was given a mandate to re-draft the Constitution, which was subsequently presented on 4 June 2007: the new document, which uses just 70 articles and 12,800 words to include the same innovations as those contained in the previous version of the Constitution, which contained some 448 articles and 63,000 words, thereby becoming a point of reference for negotiation." Wikipedia
The Lisbon Treaty is, to all intents and purposes, the new European Union Constitution. Will anyone who has had the opportunity to read this document please raise your hand. Our employees in the Senate obviously know this document off by heart. As a matter of fact, they voted in favour (unanimously) without any hesitation whatsoever and without bothering to inform us accordingly.
"EU: the Senate’s unanimous yes to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty - Rome, 23 July - unanimous yes to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. At Palazzo Madama, the vote, with no votes against and no abstentions, gave the green light to the Draft Bill to ratify and implement the Treaty signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007, which replaces the European Union Treaty and the Treaty that established the European Community. The draft Bill to ratify the Lisbon Treaty is currently under examination by the Chamber."Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor
The Irish proceeded to reject the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum. The Czech Republic and Poland have expressed certain serious concerns. The European Constitution MUST be put to the test by means of a consultative referendum. It needs to be explained, illustrated, motivated. It is not simply another official formality. It will change our lives and those of our children.
Does the European Constitution perhaps clash with the Italian Constitution? Reading through both these documents would appear to indicate that the answer to that question is yes. Here are two examples:
The Italian Constitution – The judges (who represent judicial authority) shall be independent from the Government (which represents executive authority).
The Lisbon Treaty - "The (European) Court of Justice shall consist of one judge per member State. It is assisted by Advocates General ... They are nominated, by mutual agreement, by the Governments of the member States..."
The Italian Constitution – "Italy rejects war as an offence against the liberty of other populations and as a means for settling international disputes. Subject to similar undertakings by other States, this Country agrees to any necessary restriction of sovereignty in terms of any provision that ensures peace and justice between all Nations, and promotes and favours any international organisation established for this purpose."
The Lisbon Treaty - "The security an mutual defence policy is an integral part of foreign policy and mutual security. It ensures that the Union has an operational capacity at its disposal and has access to any necessary civilian and military means. The Union may make use of said means on missions outside of its borders for the purposes of maintaining peace, preventing conflicts and reinforcing international security, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Charter. The execution of these tasks is based on the individual capabilities provided by the member States."
We have had a lot to say about the Alfano Bill, yet nothing is said about the European Court of Justice’s dependence on certain Governments that eliminate their own magistratures' independence from the executive authority.
We are busy betraying the spirit of the Italian Constitution (which rejects war) and approving the so-called "operational capability " to " prevent conflict ".
Do yourself a favour and compare our Constitution with the Lisbon Treaty, article by article and post your observations in the comments section.
I will use these to draft a document to be posted on the Internet and I’ll also send a copy to our employees in Parliament.
Bloody hell, we simply can’t afford to take our eyes off them, not even for even a second.

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July 14, 2008

Letter to the stillborn Lega

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A member of the Lega (Lega Nord Party) asked me to publish his letter.

"Dear Beppe Grillo, I am sending you this open letter to Umberto Bossi because I know that if you post it on your Blog, then he will certainly read it. Thanking you in advance." Dante.

I feel that I can take the liberty to speak to you on first name terms because I have followed you ever since 1987, when you were drawing pictures of chickens for the posters for “Roma Ladrona” (Rome the Robber). Today you have run away from home, but I will be waiting for you in any event. Our door is open. I stopped voting for you when you went in with Berlusconi, the very same man that you used to call the Mafia Don of Arcore and at that time, as I’m sure you remember, all the rank and file members agreed with you. I don’t know why you did this. I don’t believe that you did it for the money, all those billions that he is said to have paid to buy you, nor do I believe for a moment that you feared for your safety and that of your family because of death threats made by the Mafia. These are things that should never be said. I am convinced that they have tried to buy you and to intimidate you, but as far as I’m concerned you are not the type of person that is for sale and you have always shown a certain amount of courage.
I believe that you have abandoned the Lega where our origins lie for tactical reasons, in order to get federalism introduced sooner and, for this reason, you went ahead and made a pact with the devil, with the one who represents the very opposite of what the Lega stands for, Dell’Ulti and Licio Gelli’s man, the son of Bettino Craxi, the heir of the very same Andreotti that forty thousand of us told to fuck off in the field at Pontida, long before Beppe Grillo had even thought of telling people to fuck off. The Lega invented “fuck off”, indeed, you invented it.
I believe that Berlusconi, excuse the language, has screwed both you and the Lega and that he is the only one that has scored in the process. You presented him with a gift of five years in power without getting anything in return. While he has managed to introduce certain laws for his own benefit, the Lega has received nothing, indeed less than bugger all. Now you have promised that you will deliver fiscal federalism and, if you manage to do this, all hail to you, however, I don’t believe they will allow you to deliver. They cannot afford to simply shut down the bankrupt Centre and South of the Country, which survive on the taxes deriving from the productivity of the North, because there would be a revolution in Sicily, in Calabria and in Campania, where the only important business enterprises are the Regional Administration, the Provinces and the Municipalities. They would all die of starvation. Fiscal federalism would result in revolution and secession. You know this very well, as do they.
Since you joined up with Berlusconi, you have had to swallow a number of bitter pills, but in this legislature the pills are truly gigantic: the public loans to Alitalia, the Messina Bridge, and Naples’ rubbish brought up to the North for disposal. During the past three months, all you have managed to discuss are laws aimed at blocking all of Berlusconi’s many pending court cases. The “safety for the citizens” that you talked about during the election campaign has been sacrificed at the altar of Berlusconi’s impunity. The gypsies were here before the elections and they are still here now. The illegal aliens were landing here before, as they are still landing here now. The only tax revenue that the Municipalities of the North had at their disposal was the ICI (Property Tax), which has now been cancelled. The North’s companies are closing down, a fact of which the Lega is painfully aware, as a result of taxation, VAT deposits that are never reimbursed, the IRAP (Regional Business Tax) and the thousands of other pain-in-the-arse Italian bureaucracy requirements.
Our companies are closing down, Umberto, while you are spending your time covering Berlusconi’s arse and hoping for the arrival of federalism. Once Berlusconi has managed to sort out all of his legal problems, you can just as well forget all about fiscal federalism. I hope (I really do hope) that I am wrong, but you are likely to be left empty handed and with a ruined party. Should you dare to raise your voice, Berlusconi will squash you and take up with Veltroni, or Casini, or both. And, on his television stations, he will treat both you and the Lega in the same way as he is currently treating Di Pietro.
I remember how, one day, in the Oltrepò Pavese area, there were only thirty of us there to listen to you speak, yet you spoke to that handful of people for no less than two hours. You explained to them how the Church intimidated free thinkers and how they burned the heretics. Sabina Guzzanti would have been making notes, now a convent girl has taken your place. It is never too late to turn back when you have taken the wrong road.” Dante

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July 10, 2008

Fifteen years of "Forza DS"


I’m publishing the text of my speech yesterday in Rome’s Piazza Navona

”Italians! We weren’t connected because of a “technical” event. I was connected until four, ten minutes ago. Everything was OK. Then, strangely, the signal went. So, you will have to imagine for yourselves. I have to imagine you and you will have to imagine me. Don’t imagine me fatter, evil, sweating and as one who spits out swear words. I have done a “ghandian” course and the most disgusting word that has passed my lips in the last 6 months is: “belin!”. Thus, imagine me slimmer, thinner and much nicer. I have no intention to offend anyone. I want to imagine you and why you are there. You who are in forty or seventy thousand – the Questura will say two thousand five hundred. Why are you there? You are there also to demonstrate your existence, dear friends. Perhaps I’ve got more against you than against the psycho dwarf, dancing girls and similar. I am angry with this great extraordinary way of taking us for a ride that they have been doing to the Italian citizens for15 years. Taking us for a really really big ride. By this pretend government and this pretend opposition. That’s why we find ourselves in this situation. You are there and I am here to talk about, I don’t know who to. By now we’ve got total delirium. The psycho dwarf, Berlusconi, has gone to Japan for the G8 and he has collected another, shit character in the name of and on behalf of the Italian people. With this expression “Italian people” dear gentlefolk, I can no longer identify myself. And I would like – I have even spoken to my lawyer – that every time that Berlusconi calls on the Italian people, he adds an extra bit: “apart from the Grillo family!” OK, but it’s not even the psycho-dwarf’s fault. The psycho-dwarf is only the effect. The cause is what I said earlier. There has been a single party. A single party for fifteen years. They were just pretending. Prodi, Berlusconi, D’Alema, Berlusconi. It’s all a way of taking us for a ride. So what needs to be done? I don’t know what needs to be done. This is a government, dear friends, that lives with TV labels. In any old people, in any old country in the world, whether it’s totalitarian, or democratic, if a premier telephoned to sell a “fica” in leasing, as our premier has done, to corrupt some senators, to bring down the government, he would have been stopped by a coup d’état. What’s not important is the “fica”, dear friends. What’s important is what people want. And he gives people what he wants. A certain type of people. In no state in the world would there be a premier who with his lawyer, Previti, corrupted a judge to buy the biggest publishing company in the country. What country has this one become? That’s why I’m angry.
Conflict of interests. Shit. The Left and the Conflict of interests. The first thing it should have done was the law on the Conflict of interests. But it’s a conflict that also relates to their interests. That’s why I am so enraged. But that’s saying nothing, enraged
They’ve gone beyond that. I don’t know who this Veltroni-Topo Gigio is. Is he the new Mastella? Who is he? Who is this great person? He’s not even a man. He’s a subject! What is he? An adverb! What is it? I can’t even manage to understand what his speeches are. He puts in an adjective and some nouns. He doesn’t have a heart, or lungs, or a brain. He just has nouns.

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July 08, 2008

Veto on the Trip to Rome


Through my lawyers, I have asked for permission from the Questura di Roma for the Trip on 25 July. The route was due to pass in front of the headquarters of the parties and in front of Parliament. The Questura has forbidden it to pass in front of the headquarters of the parties and in front of Parliament. For security reasons. They proposed a touristic alternative with piazza della Repubblica, the Fori Imperiali, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, via della Cuccagna and Piazza Navona.
The possibility of marching pacifically past the headquarters of the parties has been denied us. Their rent is paid by the citizens. There’s a prohibition on offering our greetings to our employees, whose salaries are paid for by the citizens. It has not been allowed that we demonstrate peacefully with bicycles, wheelchairs and rickshaws.
The party headquarters, by now metastasis of democracy, are off limits for the citizens, they have become a militarized zone. They go from the security of Topo Gigio Veltroni’s loft, the splendour of the psycho-dwarf’s headquarters in via dell’Umiltà and that of Azzurro Caltagirone in via Due Macelli. On 25 July we will not be able to remind these gentlemen and ladies the names of the convicts that they have elected, from Carra to Dell’Utri to Cuffaro.
While the country is on the brink of economic collapse, our employees are trying form morning to night to not be put on trial. Block on the trials. Transfer of trials. Challenging the judges.. PDL and PDminusL have decided to approve the law of the Band of Four, the Schifoalfano. The fantastical Four: Napolitano, Schifani, Fini and Berlusconi, will be able to commit crime with impunity during their term of office. If not one of the four has taken a stand against this law, it means that it is useful for all of them, not just for the psycho-dwarf.
On 25 July we will not be able to do the Trip to Rome. I have decided to cancel it. I don’t feel like risking the safety of the young people who would pass, even in the face of a prohibition, in front of the headquarters of the parties with the police ready to charge. Soon there will be another appointment. Time is on our side. A signal is enough to get everyone to act. The straw dog is about to go up in flames.
PS. This evening I will take part in the demonstration in Piazza Navona. Watch the live broadcast on the blog.

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July 02, 2008

The Republic of pimps


Tomorrow the psycho-dwarf will be the guest of his employee Mentana in his Matrix programme on his Canale 5 channel to say “calmly and serenely that the justice system is a true emergency”. For him.
The country, calmly and serenely, will listen to him and then will tell him to F..K off.
The psycho-dwarf wants to abolish intercepts for most crimes. The ones in which politicians and industrialists are involved.
Telephone Matrix, 06/57787833 and read out to Mentana one line from those that follow about the situation in the Country of pimps accompanied by a “F..K off.”!

- More than 40% of the national wealth is illegal (report of the High Commission on anti-corruption). F..K off.!
- Illegal labour market and undocumented work: 27% of the GDP (source: OECD) F..K off!
- Tax dodging: 200 billion euro (source: Secit and Revue de droit fiscal) F..K off!
- Big companies with turnover greater than 50 million euro that dodge taxes: 98.40% (source: Tax Collection Agency) F..K off!
- Illegal exporting of capital 85-90 billion euro (source: Confcommercio, Eurispes, Procura Nazionale Antimafia, the weekly magazine Economy ) F..K off!
- Consolidated wealth of the mafias: 1,000 billion euro (source: Confcommercio, Economy, Procura Nazionale Antimafia) F..K off!
Mafia affiliates, excluding the white collar workers who make use of the recycled money: 1,800,000 people (source: DIA and report by the Antimafia Parliamentary Commission 2003) F..K off!
Percentage of extortions per region on the total, for Campania 14.9%, Sicily 12.9% and Lombardy 10.4% (source: Ministry of the Interior) F..K off!
- In its latest report the Anti-Corruption Commission stated: we are worse now than at the time of Tangentopoli, corruption is a burden in every sector and health is the land of conquest. F..K off!

PS Thanks to La Casa della Legalità for the data.

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June 30, 2008

Mascalzone latino


Antonio Di Pietro on Berlusconi: "Ponce!".
Berlusconi on Antonio Di Pietro: "Mascalzone!"

I’m publishing the letter sent to me by Antonio Di Pietro

Dear Beppe,
There are moments in the life of the nations when the citizens have to make choices. Moments in which it’s no longer possible to pretend that nothing is happening and continue to believe that in the end, nothing really will change. The laws that are continually being proposed by the new government are an attack on democracy. If they are passed, the regime will win and democracy will be the loser for an indefinite period of time. It is enough to manipulate information and thanks to this, to get elected to Parliament. Then to make laws against the Constitution, against the independence of the magistracy, against the security of the citizens, against the freedom of information. One law after another.
What distinguishes a prime minister of a democracy from a dictator? The true distinctive feature is the absolute impunity of the dictator. When Silvio Berlusconi has achieved that, Italy will be in all ways a dictatorship. What’s surprising is that authoritative opinion leaders have given credit to Silvio Berlusconi with qualities of a statesman and it’s surprising how a part of the opposition itself has believed it to be possible to start up a dialogue with him on the reform of the institutions. Berlusconi’s history speaks for itself. His numerous trials, the conviction of his lawyer, Cesare Previti, for the corruption of judges for Mondadori, his membership of the P2, the abusive occupation of the frequencies on the part of Rete 4. The list is endless as are the damages suffered because of him by our country. Above all, I’m referring to the extinguishing of the civic conscience, of the morale and of ethics. As a devastating example that Berlusconi has offered to the nation and to the young generations over almost 20 years, an example of his impunity. A situation similar to that where the village lads in the South admire the local mafia or camorra person.
Today, 27 June 2008, the Council of Ministers approved the DDL to guarantee the impunity of the top positions in the State while they are in office, so that they thus become more equal than the citizens before the law. In the last few weeks, laws have been presented by the government for which the definition of “shameful” is not sufficient. It is more correct to call them subversive and criminal as they undermine the basis of the State and are in favour of delinquents.
The suspension of trials for a year means the avoidance of the possible conviction of Berlusconi in the Mills trial in Milan.
Another one hundred thousand trials will be blocked for crimes that range from rape, to fraud, to the kidnapping of minors. The security of the citizens, so much discussed during the election campaign by Berlusconi and the Lega, is sacrificed to the interests of the President of the Council. The prohibition on publishing the intercepts once they have been deposited in the tribunal and available to the two sides in the case, and thus in fact already public, would have prevented us from knowing about Parmalat or about the local wide-boys.
The journalist who publishes the intercepts would end up in prison, his publisher would close down and the one who has committed the crime would not have to respond to public opinion.
With this law, in the United States there would not have been Watergate and Nixon would not have resigned. Italia dei Valori will propose a handful of referenda to repeal these laws against democracy and if necessary it will promote actions of civil disobedience like the publication of judicial acts. No one can stand and look any longer.
On 8 July in Rome at 6:00pm in Piazza Navona, at the same time as the approval of the law on intercepts, Italia dei Valori together with leaders of civil society are having a demonstration for the freedom of information and for justice.” Antonio Di Pietro

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June 27, 2008

Silvio Horror Picture Show


Showing on all screens in Italy the “Silvio Horror Picture Show”. By now we are at the hundredth episode and people can’t stand it any longer. A bit because of the heat, the heels, the greasepaint, the head of tar. He spends every Saturday morning with his lawyers to defend himself from the magistrates. 798 prosecutors or magistrates were dealing with him between 1994 and 2006. All ideologised, metastasis of democracy, all communists. On Saturday morning the people however spend their time pulling in their belts and reading about the trials of the defendant Silvio Berlusconi in the newspapers. The people have other things to think about. Work, security, the house, debts. But since 1994 without respite they’ve had to deal with a bloke who has problems with the law, who is a member of the P2, who has occupied the media thanks to the fugitive Craxi. People are asking: “If he had been a regular citizen would he be in prison already?” And again: “Is the President of the Council paid to solve the problems of the country or just his own?”
PS. There’s dynamite in the stove. I repeat: There’s dynamite in the stove.

Today's Financial Times says:
“Oh no, not again
Once more, Berlusconi’s focus is on himself and not Italy
Silvio Berlusconi has been in power in Italy for almost 50 days. Watching his new government in action is a bit like sitting down to view a bad old movie again. When the Forza Italia leader last ruled Italy from 2001 to 2006, he spent too much time legislating to protect himself from prosecution and too little reforming Italy's sluggish economy. It is too early to make firm judgments, of course. But Mr Berlusconi's latest essay in government already has the makings of another horror show.
Once again, the 71-year old prime minister is spending much of his political energy legislating to protect himself from Italy's public prosecutors. He wants to pass a law that would suspend for one year most court cases where the alleged crime carries a sentence of more than 10 years. If this law is passed, it would scupper a trial due to start next month in which Mr Berlusconi is charged with paying $600,000 to his British lawyer, David Mills. Needless to say, the opposition has dubbed the legislation the "save the premier law".
Mr Berlusconi does not stop here. He is also trying to introduce a law that would give immunity from prosecution to the top office holders in the Italian state, including himself. Such legislation would be unthinkable in most western states and was deemed unconstitutional by Italy's supreme court when Mr Berlusconi last tried to introduce it in 2004. Now he is back in office, Mr Berlusconi is having another go.
All this would be of modest interest if Mr Berlusconi were expending the same amount of energy reforming Italy's sluggish economy. But here, too, fears are mounting. Last time he was in power, one of Mr Berlusconi's worst errors was to let Italy's deficit and debt levels spiral out of control. One wonders if we are about to see the same again.
The Berlusconi government last week introduced a budget that will see the public deficit rising from 1.9 per cent of gross domestic product in 2007 to 2.5 per cent in 2008. The rise may be justified by low economic growth; but there is no sign yet that this government is maintaining a tight grip on public spending.
For Italy's sake, things must improve from here. The country has one of the slowest growth rates in the eurozone. It needs serious, responsible government to turn the economy round. Mr Berlusconi yesterday said Italy's public prosecutors had subjected him to an endless "Calvary". But the only Calvary being suffered in this story is the one endured by Italy, which needs a dramatic reversal in its political and economic fortunes.”

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June 25, 2008

25 July 2008: The Trip to Rome


On 25 July 2008 there’ll be the Trip to Rome. The route will wind round the HQs of the parties that are expropriating democracy. The streets of the capital, deaf and grey, reduced to a bivouac of soldiers by the psycho-dwarf, will be filled with colours. Via della Scrofa (AN), via dell’Umiltà (PDL), Piazza Sant’Antanastasia (PDminusL), Via Due Macelli (UDC), a spectacular show.
Anyone participating in the Trip will have to be on foot or on non-motorised transport. The only limit is your imagination. Bicycles, rickshaws, skates, skate boards, on the back of a mule, on a sledge pulled by a San Bernardo or in a horse-drawn carriage.
During the Trip there’ll be a distribution to the people of Rome of fliers containing all the “porcata” {pig-like-things} about the Justice System that have been approved by the Grand Council (the former Council of Ministers) of the psycho-dwarf and its catastrophic effects on the security of Italians. The PDL, voted in for security, did not however specify that they were referring to the security of not finishing up in prison for their leader. Legislative details.
Delinquents out of prison. Tribunals paralysed. The save-the-criminals law. 95% of crimes not punishable. The army in the cities. I smell a slight scent of shit in the air.
On 25 July 1943 “il Duce” was sacked by the Grand Council and he was then arrested. It’s a special day. An anniversary that augurs well.

Translation from the Italian entry in Wikipedia: “The agenda item prepared by Grandi was one of the three agenda items presented to the secret sitting of the Grand Council of Fascism organised for Saturday 25 July 1943 (that turned out to be the last). The agenda item was approved and brought about the fall of Benito Mussolini and opened up the final phase of the fascist regime, characterized by the Italian Social Republic.”
From Beppe Grillo’s blog: “The Grillo Trip to Rome was organised for Friday 25 July 2008. It brought about the final phase of the Berlusconian regime and it was felt to have led to a new Renaissance.”

The details of the itinerary and the starting time will be given in the next few days.

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June 12, 2008

The most beautiful couple in the world


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In the beginning (and also in the end) there was Andreotti with 16 terms of office. We have been providing for his upkeep since just after the war. Only a few steps behind, there’s Emilio Colombo (14), Cossiga (13), Tremaglia (11), Pisanu, La Malfa and Scalfaro (10), Martinat and Tassone (9), Berselli, Fini, Casini, Matteoli and Colucci (8), D’Alema, Finocchiaro, Turco, Nania, Luigi Grillo, Pontone and Serafini (7). After that there are 12 parliamentarians with 6 terms of office, 58 with 5, 77 with 4 and 163 with 3.
1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 5 + 7 + 12 + 58 + 77 + 163 = Three hundred and thirty one.
The popular law presented in the Senate, into the hands of Franco Marini (6 terms of office), signed by 350,000 citizens, asked for a maximum of 2 terms of office, ten years, more than what Alcide De Gasperi did. More than enough to serve own’s country.
The limit of two terms of office would have renewed Parliament. Instead, they have re-elected themselves. The voter could not choose the candidate. The business committees that manage our tax receipts confirmed themselves and they appointed their executives, spokespersons, lovers, wives and secretaries.
Marvellous thought: Lower and Upper House freed from political professionals. From Giovanardi and Gasparri (6), Castelli and Cicchitto (6), Rutelli and La Russa (6), Berlusconi and Emma Bonino (5), Baccini and Landolfi (5), Melandri, Miccichè and Prestigiacomo (5), Follini and Scajola (4). With them out, there’d be spring in the air, a feeling of Renaissance, of the future.
The limit of two terms of office is a life insurance for the citizens. The number of terms of office is directly proportional to the power exercised by the parliamentarian. The greater the number of terms of office, the more the “ad castam” laws The power of the multiparlamentarians is a weight on democracy.
The job of deputy or senator gives a good income. No preparation is needed. There are no responsibilities about what you do. The salary is the highest for the job in the whole of Europe. You get a pension with a single term of office. It protects you from prison.
On their own they will never go. They have removed from us the possibility to choose the candidate for this reason as well. To be able to do their own thing. Within the boundaries of the rule of law of course.
The symbol of these lifelong self-elected people is a couple. The most beautiful couple in the world. Husband and wife. Same party, that of Topo Gigio. Same ambition to have the Italians provide for their upkeep for all their lives. Fassino (6) and Serafini (7). 6 + 7 = 13 terms of office: in millions of euro of salary and benefits, how much does it add up to?

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June 09, 2008

Fetal Federalism

Click the image

Fiscal federalism is coming. You’ll see. It’s true that it won’t be tomorrow, but everything will change.

Money to those who produce. A kick up the bum to 4 and a half million State parasites. Zanna Bianca Maroni and Boss(ol)i can’t wait to get thieving Rome out of their hair, as well as the mafias and the terùn {people of the South}.
It’s their forbidden dream. Better than the “grana padano” {famous hard cheese} there’s only the “grano padano” {money from the Po basin}. This is why Boss(ol)i became a Minister. He managed it after having threatened civil war with 70,000 hot rifles. Only “il Duce” before him.
While Boss(ol)i is studying the cards, fiscal federalism, rather than advancing, stays silent. He doesn’t hate words from the Po valley but Roman waste. It’s Fetal federalism
That’s talking about Alitalia and a loss of 2 million euro every 24 hours. That whispers the billions of euro for the Bridge over the Straits. It’s the voice of Fede that costs, even to the people of Lombardy, 350,000 euro from 01 January 2006, each day, every day.

It’s the only federal tax in existence, ICI, that is taken away from the towns. It’s the RAI that takes on as employees 1300 precarious workers, an unwieldy State machine that is by now from the Po Valley and Rome, almost from the foot of the mountain. Fiscal federalism is like faith. It’s not possible to explain it with words alone.
“Padano, tàs e paga”. The ones raking in the money are the Lega that fights and governs. Fetal federalism, like paradise, can wait.

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June 04, 2008

Political Press Release number thirteen


The elections have left a sense of emptiness. Representation emptiness. Participation emptiness. Voting was simply a cross. A ritualized gesture. The parties were one and the other one, the psycho dwarf and Topo Gigio. PDL and PD-without-L. The same logic of power. The same fear of losing power. The same programme. The same candidates, interchangeable, Ichino, Calearo, Carra, Ciarrapico. In the past, the Italians have chosen. For the Republic and for the Monarchy. For the social-communist front or for the Christian Democrats. They decided their future. Italians voted for divorce, for abortion, “no” to nuclear. For the abolition of public financing of the parties. For a new electoral law. In the past, they were voters, general public, campaign groups. Today they are nothing any more. They are aware that they have no reference points. No institution is a voice for the citizens. The fear of change makes everyone a relative, an accomplice, from Morpheus down. The parties are undressing democracy, one leaf at a time, like an artichoke. A feather at a time like a chicken. The citizen feels just a slight pain. Democracy becomes dictatorship, but no one knows. The Constitution is an unbearable weight for the parties. They organise wide-ranging understandings to change it. A mess up blessed by the Head of State. The magistracy is almost impotent. The law on intercepts will give them the final blow. The Police, as admitted by their leader, is living a perpetual amnesty. The delinquents are arrested and a minute later they are out, thanks to the “ad personam” laws of the psycho dwarf. Italy has gone bankrupt to save just one person. It would have been better to give him life-long impunity, a blank cheque, a one-way air ticket for Hammamet. Politics is dead. The citizens have understood, they are mourning inwardly. Emptiness. In response to the word “future” there’s an emptiness of words. Incinerators, nuclear power stations, militarization of the country. The education system is producing the best donkeys in Europe. The political system has liberated those with previous convictions in Parliament. Tiredness. Italy is tired. It has no exit routes. The system is blocked. Bokassa Bassolino and Tar Head are the same thing. They love each other without hiding it any longer. The Spartacus witnesses, the Rubbishtown trial, are killed like cherries. One attracts the other. There are no bodyguards for them. And if they are not there, there’s always a reason. Honest citizens are clandestines. They are the majority, but with hope removed, perplexed, incredulous. Waiting for a signal. Tiny cracks in the walls. This political system will finish, or the country will finish. Italians know this. Perhaps the parties don’t know it yet.

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June 02, 2008

Rubbishtown/ Bokassa Bassolino

Intervista a Ganapini
Click on the image:: Interview with Ganapini

In Campania, the crisis was planned. I got a signal about this when on 23 February 2008, 30,000 young men and women of the MeetUps came out into the streets and into Naples’ piazza Dante to celebrate and to teach each other how to reduce and separate out their refuse, to do curbside collections, composting, and mechanical biological processing. And to demand to have recycling centres like that at Vedelago that transforms scrap, without burning, into synthetic sands for construction purposes. A serious State would have raised up those young people as an example for Naples and for Campania. A colluding State censored them. The event, captured by the TV cameras of the BBC and CNN and other foreign media, was given a black out by the national TV and newspapers, to such an extent that David Willey, the BBC’s Italy correspondent, commented: "To open the newspapers on the following day and not find anything, is embarrassing, but it is clear that in Italy there is no free and independent press.”
The crisis is a film that has already been written. Instead of doing curbside collection in Naples as laid out in the detailed plan, drawn up and paid for in 2003, they are going ahead with incinerators and rubbish tips. In spite of 53 arrests and remands, among which that of Bassolino and the CEOs of Fibe and Impregilo.
260 towns have already started curbside collections in Campania and three months ago there were 146 of them. Another 98 will soon join in. In TV they only talk about incinerators and rubbish tips instead of explaining how to reduce the amount of refuse and how to separate it out. The European Union has given the red light to Berlusconi’s plan and the media and the politicians just speak about “doubts”.
No one is talking about the intervention priorities as set out by Europe. Just rubbish tips, incinerators, rubbish tips (WHO GAINS FROM THEM?), to then make a discovery, as Walter Ganapini has done . He is an honorary member of the scientific committee of the European Environment Agency and he has discovered that a rubbish tip has been in existence and it could have been used and thus avoid the rubbish crisis.
Listen to his interview.

I am asking for the intervention of the Court of Accounts and of the European Union about the plans for the curbside collection that were never put into effect. About the billions of euro in European financing that have disappeared into the air. Dear Europeans, as I have already asked you when I was in Strasburg in November, stop every flow of public money going to Bokassa Bassolino and his cannibals. Italy will be grateful to you.

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May 26, 2008

Political press release number twelve


Delirium. A bridge across the Straits of Messina. Delirium. Nuclear power stations. Delirium. The Army in Campania. Delirium. Some new incinerators. Delirium. Criminals in Parliament. Delirium. 95% of crimes going unpunished thanks to the made to measure laws. Delirium. Tar-Head as Prime Minister, thanks to Craxi’s television broadcasting concessions. Delirium. The bullshit electoral law. Delirium. Unconstitutional political elections. Delirium. Public opinion ignored with the scrapping of the referendum regarding the electoral law, public funding and the NO to nuclear power. Delirium. Italy without any freedom of information, somewhere between Botswana and Iraq. Delirium. Campania, Calabria and Sicily in the hands of the mafia groups. Delirium. Arson attacks against the Rom camps. Delirium. Bassolino and Iervolino fail to resign. Delirium. Topo Gigio fails to fire them. Delirium. The decision handed down by the European Court of Justice condemning the Gasparri Law is ignored. Delirium. Rete 4 is costing us 350,000 Euro in fines every day, ever since the first of January 2006. Delirium. Lovers, secretaries, trusted lawyers, spokesmen and hangers-on become senators and deputies. Delirium. The only thing missing is Caligula’s horse. Delirium. Expansion of the American military bases in Italy. Delirium. Andreotti, statute-barred for collusion with the mafia becomes senator for life. Delirium. Millions of Euro of European Community funds magically disappear in Campania. Delirium. A moratorium on the influx from Rumania is applied almost throughout the whole of Europe with effect from the first of January 2007, but not in Italy. Delirium. 22,000 Italian companies operating in Rumania thanks to European Community funding (our taxes) while there is unemployment in Italy. Delirium. The price of petrol is rising, utility bills and fuel costs are going up but ENEL and ENI are making more profit. Delirium. Geronzi, often-investigated, becomes the boss-man of Mediobanca. Delirium. Scaroni, sentenced criminal, now the boss-man at ENI. Delirium. Six million temporary workers. Delirium. The lowest rate of development and the highest Government costs in the whole of Europe. Delirium. 350,000 signatures calling for Clean Government are dumped in the cellar at the Senate. Delirium. 1,636 billion Euro of public debt and 70 billion in interest payments every year, equivalent to three annual budgets. Delirium. Emma Marcegaglia, suddenly an expert in nuclear power, and Rubbia in Spain. Delirium. The country has entered into a new state: Delirium. “A altered state of mental confusion, involving twitching and hallucinations, caused by acute feverish activity and mental illness” (“Nuovo Zingarelli”).
Italy has had a fever for far too long, now comes the Delirium. Delirium means going off the rails. We have derailed. The ship’s cook is now piloting the ship while the captain lies under the covers, fast asleep. In a democracy, the captain represents the public’s wishes.
The strawberries need to be picked. I repeat: The strawberries need to be picked.

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May 23, 2008

Even buffaloes get angry at times

Click the image

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." Thomas Jefferson

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May 17, 2008

Closed-door democracy

Click on the picture

We live in a totally different world. Our employees are busy isolating themselves from the rest of the Country. Their alibi is governability. There can never have be too much governability for their liking. It has become like a drug. Maximum governability equates to minimum democracy. Control of the media equates to regime.
They are busy stripping democracy like one strips an artichoke of its leaves. One leaf at a time. They have already eliminated direct election. They have eliminated any differences between the various parties’ election programmes: the only remaining difference between the PD and the PDL is the letter “L”. They have eliminated the smaller parties. They have eliminated the opposition. Now they are about to eliminate Parliament.
Fini, the newly elected President of the Chamber, called Kriptonite Di Pietro to order when he brought up the matter of Tar Head’s criminal record and his conflict of interests. “Honourable Di Pietro, you are well aware that it is natural for there to be interruptions, but this also depends on what is being said”. An item missing from the bundle.
Topo Gigio and Tar Head sniffed each other. They decided that they actually liked each other. They got married. The marriage was consummated yesterday on a sofa inside a political complex, far away from the prying eyes of the rest of the Country. Far from the eyes of all those Italians that voted for the Democratic Party in the hope that they would constitute an effective opposition in Parliament rather than be buddy-buddy.
The decisions regarding our future are being made behind closed doors. There will no longer be any discussions held in Parliament. Parliament will only be expected to ratify the wishes of two people sitting drinking tea in some or other lounge. The deputies and senators will not present any opposition whatsoever. They have been elected by the party secretaries after all, not by the citizens. They are nothing more than well-paid employees dependent on their masters.
What is going on is the creation of closed-door democracy. The latest political creation of the italic genius. Emergencies by which the Country will be governed. The squatters, the refuse, security. First they create these emergencies and then they use them in order to justify their own existence. But they are the real emergency. A democratic emergency. The citizen must never find out, the Parliament must never speak out and the television and the newspapers must never inform. We can expect certain serious decisions to be taken for the good of the Country, always and only for the good of the Country. They are busy preparing the ground.

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May 15, 2008

Political press release number eleven


The inaugural Veltrusconi government has been installed. This has doubled the number of ministers. Each minister now “also” has a shadow lackey. Topo Gigio spoke like Cicchitto. Tar Head offered him the new millennium P2 membership card with built-in ATM card. Kryptonite Di Pietro was imitating Giacomo Matteotti. The Democratic Party members did not applaud him. They were too busy wearing out their hands in support of the psychodwarf. They are the opposition after all, but they are “also” the government. A government in opposition. Together we can do anything. Forleo could have herself placed under investigation and then transferred away from Milan. Travaglio could institute proceedings against himself and then get himself thrown out by RAI. Anno Zero could be shut down. Finocchiaro could continue to defend Schifani. It can be done. The separation of responsibilities between public ministries and judges. The judges’ legal dependence on the Government. It can all be done. Changing the Constitution. Gagging the media. Paying out billions of Euro in fines for Rete 4. Prohibiting the publication of the content of telephone taps. It can all be done. Finally it can all be done. The gathering of signatures calling for three referendums for free information in a free State continues unabated. The signatures will be delivered to the Court of Cassation during the month of July. Within the next few weeks, Beppe Grillo will be calling for the cancellation of the annual RAI licence fees on a national basis. Beppe Grillo will soon be launching a campaign for bloggers to spread the news. All of us are journalists. The truth is a right and spreading the truth is a social duty. On the Internet, we are all upstanding bearers of the truth. They will never give up, but neither will we.

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May 14, 2008

Bossi’s Thoughts

"Bi-partisan" by Uber modified

Bossi. What was Bossi thinking while Asphalt Head was talking in Parliament? While all Topo Gigio’s troops where declaring their eternal love for him? And while Fassino-Unipol-five-terms-of-office was showing off in a tri-slingual bipartisan exercise? What was the “Senatùr” thinking when he saw seated on the benches in front of him, P2-folk and mafia-folk?
I used voip to connect up to his brain and I intercepted signals from his synapses and probe his memory. The result is just amazing.

”The only reform that is really dear to Berlusconi’s heart is that his TV channels are not touched. Instead, I’m saying that we need to take them away from him, because his TV channels are against the Constitution.
The first reform to be done is to get information to circulate. Berlusconi is everything but he’s not a democrat. Gelli created “il progetto Italia” and the good man Berlusconi was in the P2. Berlusconi is much worse than Pinochet. 1(*)

Well does it seem possible that a person who owns 140 companies could act in the interests of the citizens? When he cries, you have a laugh: it means that everything is OK, that he hasn’t yet found the code for the cash safe. He’s trying all the time: the RAI, the magistracy, the pardon for his get-rich-quick-building-entrepreneur friends, pensions. 2(*)

We would need to trigger the law for the reconstruction of the Fascist Party. These are that thing there. And it can easily be shown to be true. Inside them they have no election mechanism. This party has been built by a band of 10 people who stay behind the screens and control it, not respecting the rules of the Constitution, they are calling the President of the Republic a “golpista”, they empty Parliament of powers and they want to create an executive with no controls above them.

Furthermore, they use the TV channels, that are political tools put together by Berlusconi when he was in the P2, in accordance with the “progetto Gelli”: whereby from a political viewpoint, the country should be made of the Right against the Left after the break up of the consociational mechanism that acted as a shock absorber.

They have used the TV channels as a bludgeon to do and undo. They are an anti-democratic band about whom it is good that there is some magistrate making enquiries to see whether there is the crime of reconstruction of the Fascist Party 3(*). Watch out, that one wants to make us a gift of another Twenty Years. 4(*)"

1(*) La Padania and Telepadania, 11/11/1998
2(*) 8/8/1994
3(*) Ansa 19/1/1995
4(*) 9/5/1994

The quotes are from the book: "Se li conosci li eviti" by Travaglio-Gomez and published by chiarelettere

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May 07, 2008

Clean Parliament 2008

Click the image

The signatures collected on 8 September are lying somewhere in the Senate of the Republic. The presentation of the popular law was set for February. Then the government fell. Once both chambers have been made up and the new government has been installed I will make a request to be able to show Parliament the proposals in the name of 350,000 citizens: no convict in Parliament, a maximum of two terms of office, the restoration of direct preferences. I’m under no illusion about the response of the 70 (SEVENTY) who have previous convictions at first or second level or waiting a verdict. I’m not even holding out hope on the crowd of those who have been elected many times, the most brilliant of whom are the diamond couple Fassino-Serafini, husband and wife who have 11 terms of office between them. And to finish off, I’m not expecting that lovers, brothers, sisters, offspring, office workers of the party imposed by Veltroni, Berlusconi, Casini and Bossi want to restore the direct preferences. If the laws for a clean Parliament were to be approved, nearly all the parliamentarians would have to pack their bags and recreate themselves a life at their own expense and say “good-bye” to public contributions.

Since 8 September, anyway, something has happened. The number of 24 convicts has gone down. An improvement of 29%. A fact that is not to be ignored. But still to be worked on. The drop is just due to the disappearance of certain parties. Just think, for example, to the missing but important contribution of De Michelis’s socialist party. The record still stays with the PDL with 11 convicts an unbeatable 65%. When these caricatures of parties disappear there will no longer be convicts. They are anyway business committees by the light of day with a person to refer to (called a leader) who decides who to employee, who to protect with parliamentary immunity, who to pay and who to buy. It’s the evolution of politics subtracted form popular sovereignty and covered by the media. The politics of the fish market.

Superciuk Bondi and Veltroni declared in the election campaign that they would not have put forward convicts as candidates. The former then added that that didn’t count for political convictions. The latter then put up as a candidate Enzo Carra definitively convicted and sentenced to one year 4 months for having made false declarations to the public prosecutor. Today, I am publishing the up to date list of the convicts in the 2008 Parliament with their offences. Pass around the banner on your blogs. Every so often, read them so that you don’t forget.

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April 28, 2008

Political Press Release number 10


Right and Left do not exist. What exists is a business group. Italy is its business. Our taxes are its revenue. The media are its voice. Good and bad journalists do not exist. What exists is regime information. It’s only an issue of nuances between l'Unità and il Giornale, between Tg1 and Tg5. Journalists don’t exist. What exist are people who have the courage to display the truth and they become heroes, stars, citizens with bodyguards. People who write, speak and communicate exist. They are called men and women. What exists is the natural order of those who know how to read, to write, to speak and who use these abilities to describe the world. No one is a journalist. We are all journalists. On the internet we are all journalists. The newspapers and the TV are the past. V2 day has demonstrated that information is on the Internet. The film clips of the cities that participated in V2 day are on the Internet. Hundreds of witness statements of V2 day in Piazza San Carlo are on the Internet. The number of signatures collected in total for the three referenda is about 1,500,000. It has never happened in the history of the Republic in such a short time. For each referendum, 500,000 signatures are needed. For the whole month of May, the collection of signatures will continue with the signing tables. We need as big a number as possible to have a safety margin. In July 2008, Beppe Grillo will deliver the signatures to the Court of Cassation. Information in Italy can no longer be reformed. It has gone into metastasis in the Board of Directors of the banks and the industrial firms, in the press offices of the parties and the gentile salons. New information on the Internet needs creating. On 25 April the partisans of information came out into the streets. On 25 April even Asphalt Head came out with Ciarrapico. Guess who are the ones preferred by Topo Gigio, of the PD doc (whose origin is controlled) and their newspapers. We are all Don Peppone and we are all Don Camillo. You can’t rewrite history, but you can create the future, invent it. The truth is our future. Let’s keep the flame alight.

Example of journalism:
L'Unità after V2-day reports: "Piazza San Carlo cannot contain more than 40,000 people"

Click on the image

L'Unità for 1 May 2007 in piazza San Carlo: "At least 100 thousand people"

Click on the image

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 24, 2008

Information Fascism

Click on the image

Today’s edition of La Repubblica has noticed V2 Day. De Benedetti’s newspaper writes that the choice of 25 April for V2 Day is “the umpteenth provocation” in relation to the Resistance that “everywhere there will be confrontation between the crowds called to collect together by the comic from Genoa with those who intend to remember the Liberation.”
I’m saying this in metaphoric terms they are stupid statements dictated by fear and the interests of the shop. V2 Day is the continuation of the Liberation and it does not want to have a confrontation with anyone who is inspired by that date. The artisans, the labourers, the free men of 25 April are our brothers.
25 April is not owned by the intellectuals of the Left, a definition that corresponds to an empty tyre.
It is not owned by the parties who have sold the workers and freedom of information for a dish of lentils cooked in Arcore. It is a celebration for all the Italians who want a free country. Italy must be liberated once more. It is a former democracy. How else can you call a country in which information is in the hands of the power groups? In which Silvio Berlusconi is President of the Council thanks to the control of 3 TV channels and the Mondadori group. The former were gifted by the fugitive Craxi. The latter the result of corrupting judges.
25 April is not owned by those who talk with bankers and not with the labourers who gave them the vote, of the one who reassured Asphalt Head on impunity and who wants to do with him the Bi-Chamber agreement, the Constituent, the new election law and any other obscene act in a public place.
V2 Day wants to restore information to the legitimate owners: to the Italian citizens. Our fathers and grandparents cleaned up Italy but they haven’t finished the job.
The new fascism is the control of information. The new fascists are those who control information.
Sign for the three referenda: abolition of the Order of Journalists, abolition of public financing of a billion euro a year to publishing, abolition of the Gasparri law and the duopoly Parties-Mediaset.
Freedom of information in a free State. V2 Day 25 April
PS On 25 April I will be in Turin in Piazza San Carlo. V2 Day will start at 3:00 pm and will finish at 10:00 pm.
The day can be viewed on:
- satellite on EcoTV channel SKY906
- online on C6 TV

Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
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3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 23, 2008

Political Press Release number 9


In a few days, a single person will have control of 6 national TV channels. The seventh will be in franchising as it is now. The Voice of the People (called Asphalt Head) will be the future President of the Council. For the citizen it will change nothing. Information was of the regime before and it will be afterwards as well. But it’ll be in a homogeneous way, without posing embarrassing problems of subtle imperceptible comparison between the servant doc Fede and the servant dop Riotta. A single voice a multitude of ears. A guitar of Apicella at Porto Rotondo and a hundred servile journalists. A moon at Marechiaro and the statue of the Madonna in Milan. Montaneli and Biagi under a tombstone. The Italian is like a budgerigar in a cage. He’s frightened of liberty. He’s used to not knowing the truth about Borsellino’s death. About Italicus and about Piazza Fontana. About the G8 in Genoa and about incinerators. He wants to believe with all his might that the pluri-president of the Council Andreotti was absolved and not “prescritto” for mafia dealing. The TV Italian imagines a new Parliament made up of good people. Not of convicts and people on remand. Those who control information win. Those who suffer it, loose. A virtual world becomes reality, delinquents become senators and deputies. It’s all true, it’s all false. The one who shouts the loudest gets the cow. On 25 April we are liberated from nazi-fascism. 63 years later we can liberate ourselves from the fascism of information. It’s more difficult than it was then. It’s no longer rifle against rifle, hand grenade against armoured tank. The battle is between consciences that have gone to sleep and the freedom of thought, between those who no longer want to fly and those who cannot renounce the sky. On 25 April we can change the country. We have the duty to do it for our children and for our conscience. The liberty of information cannot offer discounts. Three referenda for freedom of information in a free state: abolition of Mussolini’s Order of Journalists, elimination of a billion euro a year public financing of publishing, abolition of the Gasparri law and the duopoly Parties-Mediaset (shortly to be Mediaset-Mediaset). In 400 Italian cities signatures will be collected. In tens of foreign cities there will be information about the control of the media in Italy. Music, bicycles, festivals and signs of peace. A new Renaissance. After so much shit, for Italy it is a duty. On 25 April, Beppe Grillo will be in Turin for a non-stop in Piazza San Carlo. From 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. So many free voices will fill Turin with words of hope. Coraggio! PS In Genoa on 25 April, from 9:00 am till 11:00 pm in Piazza della Vittoria, V2 DAY will go on normally. The morning will be devoted to "Fronte del Porto" with speeches by workers and the projection of the documentary film: "De Ma". In the afternoon and evening apart from a live broadcast from Turin, there will be different speeches including: Marco Preve journalist with la Repubblica, Marco Menduni and Bruno Lugaro, journalists with Il Secolo XIX, Asia Ostertag a justice collaborator.
Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 17, 2008

Political Press Release number 8


The party does not exits. Here are the figures. Lower House: Italians with the right to vote: 47,126,326. Valid votes: 36,452,305. Abstentions and blank and invalid voting papers: 10,674,021, that’s 22.6%. Senate: Italians with the right to vote: 43,133,946. Valid votes: 32,771,227. Abstentions and blank and invalid voting papers: 10,362,719, that’s 24%. The most important drop with respect to the 2006 elections, (with 2,109,734 fewer) was for the Senate. Almost 1 in 4 Italians refused the unconstitutional elections. The third Italian party. The 1990s saw the end of ideologies. Today we are witnessing the end of the parties. One at a time they are leaving us. They are falling like the leaves of the plane tree in Autumn. Slowly, but steadily. Communist party, socialist party, (fused) Radical party, Christian Democrats, Greens, (fused) National Alliance. There are only a few who are left. The PD-folk are camouflaged, for each election they change identity so as not to get shot down by the voters. They are meat and fish, rice and cheese, a soup of beans and turtle. A mixed stew. A Walterloo. The other parties don’t exist. They are nominal votes. A name for everyone and all the votes for one. There are Azzurro Caltagirone and Asphalt Head. Boss(ol)i and the kryptonite Di Pietro. They are “ad personam” parties. The future we can expect is Highlander. There’ll only be one left. And perhaps not one. It’s enough to wait on the bank of the river. The blog’s civic lists are growing. Town councillors for now in Treviso and Rome. Sonia Alfano regional councillor in Sicily. Results obtained without publicity, without public money, without TV, without newspapers. But with honesty, with the door to door. With the Internet. 407 cities have already signed up to the referenda for freedom of information in a free State. V2 Day. V2 Day. 25 April.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
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4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 16, 2008

Rehabilitating Parliament

Click the image

Of the people elected to Parliament, there are 70(*) who are convicts, “prescritti”, under investigation, defendants and on remand. There were 100 as candidates. It wasn’t you who voted for these 70. They were chosen by the party secretaries. By the party prison officers. Recruited in the tribunals and at the prison exits.
The 70 newly-elected people are split up as follows:

- PDL 45 (proposed: 56)
- PD 13 (proposed: 18)
- Lega Nord 7 (proposed: 8)
- UDC – Rosa Bianca 5 (proposed: 9)

On 8 September 2007 a million and a half people came out into the public spaces. 350,000 citizens gave their signatures for three popular laws for a Clean Parliament.
They’ve obtained something. But it’s small fry. In fact the number of people definitively convicted has gone down from 24 to 16. What’s increased is the number of people convicted at the first and second levels, like the new senator Cuffaro UDC, who can defend themselves better thanks to parliamentary immunity. What’s stable is the number of “prescritti” and the number of those under investigation. For the former, the verdict arrived beyond the maximum time limits, and they’ve got themselves a new life, for the latter lot any final conviction will no longer happen.
The bigger parties stand out for their candidates. Even in this case Testa d’Asfalto has ridiculed Topo Gigio with a smashing 3 to 1.
The 70 were elected for lack of information. Their names were not on the voting papers. I had asked for the criminal records certificate as well as the name, so that the citizen could choose the preferred convict. But they did not oblige.

On V2 day we will have another look at the convicts, from one to sixteen. We cannot let ourselves forget them.

Freedom of information in a free State.

V2 day - V2 day - 25 April 2008

(*) Source: “Se li conosci li eviti” by Marco Travaglio and Peter Gomez

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 11, 2008

Senate 2008

Click the image

Read the names of the pre elected in the Senate. They are more or less always the same, from Castelli to Calderoli, Bonino "Mother Teresa of Confindustria", Fassino's wife "Seven Terms" Serafini, Follini, Sircana "Beau de nuit", Dini the oldie, Pera the intellectual. Always them. They found America in Palazzo Madama. We put the money for the Marshall plan. They'll never go away. The Senate is their club Med

Check through the list and then compare it with the election results. If the majority of the names coincide, it will mean that they have succeeded in taking you for a ride. A non-vote is the only useful vote.

Seats will be allocated by party in accordance with the following layout:

- Sinistra Arcobaleno 14
- PD 126
- Italia dei Valori 6
- SVP 3
- UDC 3
- PDL 146
- Lega Nord 12
- MPA 3
- Autonomie Liberté Democrazie 1
- Associazione italiana Sud America 1

To the list you need to add the 7 life Senators.

Read and download the document for the Senate 2008

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Cabinet 2008

Click on the image

With the voting booths not yet open for business, here is what the new Chamber of Deputies will look like. On 13 and 14 April, we won’t be able to vote for any candidate. They have come to some sort of agreement and, thanks to an entirely unconstitutional law, they will be electing themselves. This cock-up of a law is basically everyone’s doing: from the centre-right that proposed the law, to the centre-left that failed to repealed it during their two years in Government, through to the State President who went ahead and called an election before holding a referendum on the new electoral law.
All that Joe Citizen can do now is make the sign of the cross. This is not democracy. It is not even a distant imitation of democracy. It is simply a case of the Country being occupied by an across-the-board group. A group that has elected itself and that is about to send to Parliament a bunch of lovers, wives, sentenced criminals, statute barred offenders, people under investigation and others remanded for trial.
Check through the list and then compare it with the election results. If the majority of the names coincide, it will mean that they have succeeded in taking you for a ride. A non-vote is the only useful vote.

Seats will be allocated by party in accordance with the following layout:

- Sinistra Arcobaleno 43
- PD 180
- Italia dei Valori 20
- SVP 3
- UDC 32
- PDL 293
- Lega Nord 41
- MPA 6

The 12 deputies elected abroad by means of the direct preferential vote have not been counted.

Read and download the document entitled Cabinet 2008

Ps: In the upcoming blog postings, I will be posting the names of the Senators and all of the Parliamentary candidates with some or other case pending within the justice system: there are 100 (ONE HUNDRED!) such cases, a nice round number.

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April 09, 2008

Political Press Release number seven


Without freedom of information there’s no democracy. If information becomes the tool of private interests and of the parties, there’s no democracy. If Asphalt Head has three national TV channels and 40 newspapers and magazines, there’s no democracy. If the parties have control of the RAI there’s no democracy. The non vote is a vote. The non vote is the vote of informed citizens. If election referenda are cancelled by Calderoli or postponed by Napolitano, there’s no democracy. If 350,000 signatures for three popular laws are festering in a cellar in the Senate, there’s no democracy. If we can’t vote for a candidate, there’s no democracy. If Cuffaro, Crisafulli, Carra, Dell’Utri, and Cesa are already elected to Parliament, there’s no democracy. If after the rigged elections there are 100 people who have been convicted at the first level, the second level or definitively or on remand, representing us, there’s no democracy. If the newspapers receive a billion euro a year in public financing, there’s no democracy. If Rete 4 doesn’t move to satellite after the verdict of the European Court of Justice, there’s no democracy. If Ms Bonino has no urgency to apply the European verdict on Rete 4 and she declares this with no shame, there’s no democracy. If Bossi can threaten the State with rifles, there’s no democracy. If the parties take the mafia votes, there’s no democracy. If Bassolino is President of the Campania Region, there’s no democracy. Without the freedom of information, it’s not possible to choose. Citizens have the right to be informed. Without this right there’s no democracy. Citizens have the right to be represented by gentlemen. Without this right there’s no democracy. On 10 April, Beppe Grillo will be in Pescara to support the civic list for the local elections. Beppe Grillo is not supporting any national list for the national elections. The Rome Tribunal has prohibited the use of the name and the image of Beppe Grillo for the lists “Grilli parlanti” and “No Euro – Lista del Grillo”. The TV channels and the newspapers cannot promote these lists. The TV presenters cannot promote these lists. Beppe Grillo invites you to read the verdict of the Tribunal. Support the civic lists in your cities and the regional list of Sonia Alfano in Sicily. The renewal of the Country starts with the towns and the Regions. The renewal starts with the young people. Freedom starts with the freedom of information. V2 Day - 25 April


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April 06, 2008

PDuequadro P2squared

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The Rome Tribunal has prohibited the use of my name and my image by the lists for the national elections that appropriated these without the right. The lists “must cease every use, in any form and mode, the name and the image of Beppe Grillo and every reference to him and in particular they must abstain from identifying the political activity of these lists by the use of symbols, graphic elements and writing that can be connected directly or indirectly to the person who has made this request” For the details, read the verdict.
The lists cited in the verdict are: "Amici di Beppe Grillo", "No Euro - Lista del Grillo","Movimento ultima speranza - Grilli d'Italia", "Forza Grillo", "Lista Grilli Parlanti" and "Grilli d'Italia".
The national elections are unconstitutional. We cannot choose the candidate and not even the programme. They are just a pretext to form the Veltrusconi government. The general dress rehearsals for the mess ups are in front of our eyes. The Maroni law (number 30) is what they both want. The Gasparri law is what they both want (they can’t stand the Gentiloni law). The conflict of interests, the same. The “ad personam” laws likewise.
This election law, a true expropriation of democracy, is what is wanted by both Asphalt Head and Topo Gigio. The Centre Left has had almost two years available to them to change it. It has done nothing. Not just Cuffaro and Dell'Utri will be re-elected “but also” Carra, Crisafulli, D'Alema, Fassino (4 terms of office) and his wife Serafini (5 terms of office). Parliament’s diamond couple. They even choose the same testimonials: “precarious workers” “but also” industrialists. Uncensored folk, “but also” those with a criminal record. After the elections Veltrusconi will cut out the Lega and Antonio Di Pietro and make a single party. PD and PDL will become PDuequadro {P2 squared}. The evolution of the P2. They’ll give the party card number 1 to Topo Gigio, the psycho-dwarf will give his old card number 1816, a gift from Licio Gelli. The next elections will be simpler. The elections of the perfect swindle. The non vote is the only useful vote.
In the name of the Italian people, I would like to ask for 300,000 euro a day, starting from January 1 2006 for the Radical Party. It is the fine that we will pay for not having applied the European verdict for assigning the frequencies from Rete4 to Europa 7 at the last Council of Ministers. Minister Emma Bonino, Mother Teresa of Confindustria, has in fact declared that the verdict “did not have an urgent character”.

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April 04, 2008

Open letter to Antonio Manganelli

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"Dear doctor Antonio Manganelli,
the term with which I address you, namely “gentile”, is not purely coincidental, it is what I would wish the State Police Force to be, namely, gentle towards the Italian public that it is assigned to protect. You see, I have a strange feeling that, in the view of the public, the State Police Force is assuming a role that, I am sure, it does not want to play, nor should it be obliged to play, namely that of protector of the interests of the political parties, as well as their misdeeds and their numerous previous offenders and statute-barred offenders.
I see this same feeling reflected in the eyes of the young girls beaten with truncheons in Bologna during the demonstration against Giuliano Ferrara. Their only crime was to have launched a barrage of tomatoes against a gentleman who is attempting to cancel a referendum, and who, from the comfort of his television studio, sponsors any war whatsoever, as long as it’s American. Where else can our youth show their dissent, even by shouting, if not in the streets? The information that they receive daily, via the newspapers and television broadcasts, is screened. It is a tool in the hands of the groups in power, used to ensure that they stay in power. The youth is well aware of this fact. For them, however, all that remains are the far too frequent attacks and beatings. What the politician and his paid journalists get, instead, is protection provided by his men, the escort and the blue cars. The crowd in Piazza Maggiore was made up of families with small children, not dangerous terrorists.
I also saw this same feeling reflected in the eyes of the elderly people beaten by the Police at Savignano Irpino. Dazed, confused and incredulous pensioners, who had most certainly never before been beaten up by young men in uniform. Those elderly people were protesting against the destruction of their land, which, by the way, is also your land doctor Manganelli. They could not understand why Bassolino, the co-architect of the chaos, was still in power as Governor of the Campania Region, for the same reason that no red-blooded Italian understands why or, for that matter, finds it unacceptable. They could not understand the blows, the truncheon blows or, for that matter, the bloodshed.
I also saw this same feeling reflected in the eyes of the mother and father of Federico Aldrovandi when I met them, a little boy beaten to death by a street patrol. I heard it in the statements made by the people tortured at Bolzaneto and in the “Mexican butchery” that is the Diaz school.
You may well object, claiming that these are mere episodes, a case of a few bad apples in the bunch and, to all intents and purposes, you may well be right. In the calendar of Lay Saints, on the list of those that have given their lives for an honest Italy, which I publish each year on my blog, the State Police is first in line. Hundreds of Policemen have got themselves killed in order to establish the rule of law in Italy.
On 8 September last year, I was in Bologna for the V Day celebrations. Piazza Maggiore and the adjoining side streets were filled with some 150,000 people. No helmets to be seen, no shields, no men in uniform standing in front of the podium. No incidents, neither before nor after, nor during the demonstration, which went on for something like ten hours. There was, however, much anger being vented against a shameless political class and against the duly convicted criminals seated in Parliament. The same people that your men arrested in the past. And against the statute-barred offenders that your men have unfortunately been unable to arrest, thanks to the made to measure laws. Most of these people, condemned and statute-barred, will continue to hold their posts as senators and deputies, even after the upcoming elections.
As you are well aware, they will be elected automatically, thanks to the elimination of the preferential vote. As a result of the cancellation of an electoral law that was voted for by the majority of Italians. Were they able to choose, there is no way that the voters would ever elect these people.
Politics cannot hide behind a problem of public law and order. The State Police must not be allowed to become the armed wing of those that have destroyed the Country so as to avoid having to face the citizens. I am not sure that the Police Force deserves this, but nor does the Italian population. I wait in anxious anticipation for your response, which I undertake to publish on this blog. Kindest regards.” Beppe Grillo

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March 31, 2008

Political Press Release number six


Messina, Caltanisetta, Catania, Palermo. Squares full in a sunny weekend. 10,000 people in Palermo. Young Sicilians with clean faces. The regime information blacked out my presence. The regime information ignored the list of Sonia Alfano, a candidate for the regional elections. The Sicilians have cancelled out Gianfranco Fini, the psycho-dwarf’s carer. Only 300 turned up to see a political corpse. Vote for Sonia Alfano, she’s not Crisafulli nor is she Cuffaro. She’s not Topo Gigio nor Asphalt Head. The Messina Town Hall is under the authority of a commissioner. The Palermo Town Hall is closed for the elections. Our employees are all at the Mondello beach. Beppe Grillo will be present to support the civic lists for the towns. April 1st at Ischia. April 5th at Vicenza. April 6th at Treviso. April 10th at Pescara. The national elections are unconstitutional. Places in the Lower and Upper Houses have already been allocated by the Party Secretaries. The useful not vote is the only useful one. Veltrusconi does not want Antonio Di Pietro as the Minister of Justice. Veltrusconi does not want the freedom of information. Veltrusconi wants convicts in Parliament. Veltrusconi doesn’t want mess ups, but “agreements on reform”. Civic lists with the name of Beppe Grillo are illegitimate. Beppe Grillo will be in tribunal to ask for the urgent withdrawal of: NO EURO – LISTA DEL GRILLO. The hearing is on April 4th at 11:30 am at the Rome Tribunal. Treviso-Roma-Vicenza-Pozzuoli-Pescara-Fiumicino-Massa-Pisa-Viterbo-Nettuno-Tivoli-Villafranca di Verona-Ischia-Bitonto-Formia-Campi Bisenzio-Cepagatti are the civic lists that draw inspiration from the blog. Spread the word. Print out the flyers. Use megaphones. April 25th is getting nearer. V2 Day is getting nearer. True information is getting nearer. Three referenda are getting nearer. No to Mussolini’s Order of Journalists. No to financing of a billion euro a year to publishing. No to the Gasparri law and to the parties-Mediaset duopoly. 200 tables in 200 cities are already ready. Millions of forms for the referendum are being distributed. Ask for the forms. Open up new signing points.The bubble is deflating. I repeat: The bubble is deflating.

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March 30, 2008

The seven storeys

Once upon a time, prior to the elections, we talked about development, innovation and the future of the new generations. About a better world. Now, slowly, slowly, election after election, sinking ever lower, we have finally hit rock bottom. Without even being aware of it. The years have passed and Italy, as we knew it, no longer exists. The political debates have turned into an analysis of our national disasters. They remind us of the discussions of the elderly who firstly ask whether you know who died yesterday (they already know …) or whether you know what ailment the woman across the road is suffering from (they already know …). This is no longer a Country for the young people.
The parties discuss Alitalia’s bankruptcy, the failure of Malpensa, the catastrophe of the toxic refuse in Campania, the decline of tourism, the radioactive mozzarella cheeses, uncontrolled immigration, the breakdown of law and order, the public debt, and the mafia. This is how the 2008 electoral campaign will be remembered. The new hot topics, the new ailments afflicting the Country, which our employees would seek to cure. They, the very people who are the viruses, those responsible for the problems. Without shame. Rather a dead body at home than a Veltrusconi in the doorway.
In his story entitled “The seven storeys”, Dino Buzzati tells the parable of a man admitted to the seventh storey of clinic to be treated for a minor ailment. Every time his condition deteriorates, he is moved down to the floor below, without any chance of moving back up. Until he reaches the first floor, where his condition continues to deteriorate and he eventually dies. Well, we are already in the cellar!
They are the ones that created the problems we now face with regard to safety, salaries, home ownership and organised crime, yet now they are offering us solutions. The same political class that failed in the first place, is now proposing to intervene with their “necessary measures” for the good of the Country. This would be something like having Jack the Ripper in the operating theatre. Alitalia failed during the five-years that the Tar-head – Emmenthal Lunardi (Prime Minister – Ministry of Transport) pair were in office. Campania became the world’s dumping ground thanks to Bassolino and his protector D’Alema. The public debt skyrocketed during Tremonti’s reign. Each disaster has a name attached to it. Fortunately there is a name attached to it. Make these people lower their voices during their rallies. Make them step down from their soapbox. Make them climb back into their busses, accompanied by their information slaves.
V-day 25 April. Freedom of information in a free State.

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March 27, 2008

Political Press Release number five


Enough of Politics over Justice. Enough with “prescrizione”. Enough of Fassino’s wife in Parliament for the fifth term of office. Enough of Fassino, director, “not born under a cabbage”, still in Parliament. Enough of the mafia candidates. Enough of the “Village People” in the Lower House. Enough of the living dead in the Senate. Enough of Ikarus – Asphalt Head and the Alitalia pest. Enough of the extra virgin Formigoni and his “communicated and liberated” at Lombardy Health. Enough of Carra, Dell’Utri, Cuffaro as candidates. Enough of the Light Blue Caltagirone and the interests of his father-in-law. Enough of Geronzi in the bank and not in the tribunal. Enough of Forleo being on trial. Enough of D’Alema who refuses trials. Enough of De Magistris being under investigation. Enough of the ceppalonic Mastella and his end of term handshake of 300,000 euro. Enough of the 13 billion euro TAV in Val di Susa and local railways in collapse. Enough of Bassolino and the radioactive buffalo mozzarella. Enough of the tall stories of the magician Otelma Bondi. Enough of the indulgent smiles of Politics maintained by the State. Enough of the shit of Fede and of Riotta that is oozing out of the TV. Enough of the verbal abortions of Ferrara maintained by the State. Enough of the control of information by mediasetpartiesconfindustria. Enough of increases in the price of petrol to motorists and the profits of ENI’s major shareholders. Enough of Telecom Italia shares plummeting and Tronchetti on a boat with Afef. Enough of Malpensa the hub in Bossi and Maroni’s Varese desert financed with our taxes. Enough of poison on payment in the city with Moratti’s Ecopass. Enough of the building constructors’ EXPO 2015. Enough of incinerators and tumours in accordance with the law. Enough of false national lists at the elections bearing my name. Enough of Tremonti who explains to us how HE has brought down the economy. Enough of Castelli who explains to us how HE has reduced Justice. ENOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!! Enough of holding your breath. Enough of living in apnea. Enough of whispers of delusion. Enough of puffs of anger. Enough of words not spoken. Enough of the profession of politics. Enough of the politics of the crafty ones and the society of stupid people. Enough of the recession. Enough of the uncertainty of the penalty. Enough of delinquents without frontiers in Italy. Enough of the United States military bases in Italy. Enough of Italy as a logistics platform. Enough of the speculation of the Town Councils on building permits. Enough of politicians on TV with nothing to say. Enough of the information servants licking their arses, and never asking a question. Enough of this media clowning around. Enough of De Bortoli, with Floris, with Vespa, with Mieli, with Giordano, with Belpietro with all their ninety degree colleagues. Enough. On 25 April we will shout out: “Enough!” Freedom of information in a free State.

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March 22, 2008

The useful non-vote


From the Garzanti Dictionary:
Voto [vó-to]:
1. an expression of desire, when electing someone or needing to make a collective decision.
Utile [ù-ti-le]:
1. that is useful, able to satisfy a need
2. that offers some advantage, some profit; an effective aid.
The kind of election scheduled for 13 April is not at all contemplated in the dictionary since we will not actually be electing anyone, but simply making a cross on party logo. Even the possibility of making a collective decision has also been excluded from the political elections. In fact, this is not a referendum, nor is it a public law proposal.
In order to update the usage of the term “vote”, we must therefore introduce a totally new meaning:
1. a ritual event whereby citizens ratify the choices made previously by the political parties.
Now let’s move on to the term “useful”. Here the situation is decidedly better.
The adjective “utile” (useful), together with the new meaning of the word “voto” (vote), is perfect: “voto utile” (Useful vote).
A useful vote may “be useful, may satisfy a need”. This is easy to prove. Remove all the guilty parties from the court cases, rehabilitate all those with criminal records, sort out all of the wives, arouse all the mistresses and find suitable placements for the children of….. A useful vote “offers some advantage, some profit and is an effective aid”. The guaranteed financial returns include 25,000 Euro per month, a full pension after only two and a half years, a blue "company" vehicle and, only for the sinners, cocaine and whores and Air Force Helicopters.
The campaign to get your vote knows no bounds. Morpheus Napolitano reminded us of this fact during one of his few moments of lucidity from far-away Chile. He defended the political parties, calling it the expression of democracy, and then proceeded to launch an attack against what he called simple populism. Then he went back to sleep.
As usual, the psychodwarf and Topo Gigio are always first in line in claiming their right to the useful vote. If you vote for them, your vote is useful, otherwise not. Without your vote, Tar-head would no longer have Rete 4, his criminal buddies or his conflict of interests. The Mayor of Rome would be obliged to move to Rwanda or to Madagascar, to write books and to save endangered populations. Do it for their sake. Do it for your own sake. Tell them to fuck-off on 13 April by exercising your right to a “useful non-vote” (abstention) in the political elections.
[nón] [vó-to] [ù-ti-le]:
1. reclamation of the State by the citizens
2. de-legitimisation of the parasitic behaviour of the political parties.
V-day 25 April. Freedom of information in a free State.

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March 16, 2008

Don’t vote for the Merlin lists


The electoral lists are like a transparent Easter Egg. There’s no surprise. Dell’Utri, Cuffaro, Carra, Crisafulli have already been elected, together with all the others. They will become our employees at 25,000 euro a month even Fassino (for the fourth time), his wife (for the fifth time), D’Alema, the lawyers and the secretariat of the psycho dwarf. The Lower and the Upper houses are full. Sold out.
Parliament is the new brothel of the Italians. The 2006 Calderoli/psycho-dwarf piggish electoral law brought in closed lists. The Merlin lists. It took away from the citizens the possibility to choose their own candidate. Deputies and Senators are picked up from the streets of Italy by the party secretaries. By now they are political figures between pimps and ponces.
Your vote is of no use. The game has already been played. Don’t you believe that? Before the elections, I will publish the composition of the Lower House and of the Upper House, name by name, “prescritto” by “prescritto”, convict by convict. After the elections, check who has been elected. If my forecasts are correct it means you have been taken for a ride.
There’s another thing I can’t stomach. That the mayors and the presidents of the Regions can resign so that they can be candidates in the national elections. The citizens of their towns and regions voted them in for a 5 year term of office. They were employed to do a specific job. They don’t give a toss about their employees. About their town, their region. Formigoni resigns as President of Lombardy to be Minister of Foreign Affairs. Topo Gigio Veltroni resigns as Mayor of Rome to become Party Secretary. But don’t you feel you have been taken for a ride? The money for the regional and local election campaigns in Lombardy and Rome, the citizens’ time, new elections, new local cabinet members. These folk change position each time they can earn more. They are political prostitutes.
Not voting is the only choice left to you. Don’t give legitimacy to an unconstitutional electoral law. Explain to those who believe they are exercising their rights on 13 April that they are victims of an enchantment. Anyone who votes becomes an accomplice, even if they don’t know it.

Print and distribute the V2-Day flyer..

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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March 06, 2008

Political Press Release number four


Differences between the PD and the PDL do not exist. The national elections on 13 and 14 April do not exist. It is only painting a scene. Papier maché of posters and TV studios of servants. They are lost votes. Not to vote in the national elections is the answer to this regime. It’s the only democratic weapon left. Sonia Alfano is a candidate for our lists in the regional elections in Sicily. She has received numerous threatening letters. No solidarity from the parties. Excellent signs. It means she is an honest person. On !5 March Beppe Grillo is in Rome to support Serenetta Monti, a candidate for Mayor of Rome in the civic lists. The spread of knowledge is fundamental. The organisation of people in campaign groups and in civic lists is democracy. Knowledge, organisation, local civic lists. It’s the Internet epidemic: Sicily, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Treviso, Rome, Vicenza, Pozzuoli, Pescara, Fiumicino, Massa, Pisa, Viterbo. The regime’s password: counter-information., TAV, military bases, incinerators, debts, deaths at work. Power alone does not exist. It is created by us. The future exists. Our offspring exist. Our commitment MUST exist. Out with the scoundrels and the court jesters from the public arena. Everybody out. Civil commitment, civil denunciation, support to honest people. Who lies, out. The “prescritti” out. Convicted felons out. The incapable out. Shout it out when they talk in the streets: OUT! Go with them to their campaign bus and their Blue Car. Honest Italians take back the country. Civil commitment, denunciation, information. Your life is now. It is just one life. Forward with optimism towards the catastrophe (their catastrophe).

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
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March 03, 2008

Everybody Out!


Everybody Out! You have destroyed the country. Your faces on the walls are for us. Our “Fxxk offs” are for you. Not one of you deserves the votes of the Italians. Dear employees, your aims are well known, all three: armchair, impunity, business. There are gentlemen among you and they are the first ones who should go. There are few of them and they are most noticeable. They make us feel all tender and lots of anger. They are political footballs. A bit naïve. A bit silly.
Everybody Out! In fifteen years you have taken the country back to the time after the war. Finocchiaro and Bianco say they are bowled over that I am supporting Sonia Alfano’s regional civic list in Sicily. Beautiful minds, you offend me. There is no difference between you and the psycho dwarf. You are the party of the status quo that has allowed the Centre Right every piggish thing without ever lifting a finger. The party of Bassolino, the “cozza” of Naples. Of Topo Gigio who is afraid of his own shadow and even of D’Alema’s shadow and talks of everything. But not of conflicts of interests, of Rete 4 on satellite, of the corruption of judges for the purchase of Mondadori. You are those of Bettini, the PD spokesperson who stated that Antonio Di Pietro “is not suitable for the role of Minister of Justice”. Perhaps he wants to appoint him Minister of the relationships with parliament or Undersecretary to the Minister of Defence. Anywhere he doesn’t disturb those who manoevre. You are those of the Great Pardon, of Unipol, and of Ms Forleo on whom you have fixed the muzzle. Di Violante who guaranteed the TV channels to the psycho dwarf and has even declared that in Parliament.
Everybody Out! Casini, Azzurro Caltagirone, who embraces Moggi and keeps Cuffaro out of prison by making him a candidate for Parliament. Casini always shown with the crucifix behind him. If Christ could, he would come down from the cross and give him a kick.
Everybody Out! Make yourselves forgotten. Oblivion could save you. No one wants Mastella any more. He has done his dirty work. Now he just gets votes lost. Pastella stated, sweating, that Beppe Grillo would not have had him end up like Moro nor even like Craxi. Perhaps he is best to look out for those who sent him and not look to a comic. Your faces on the wall are a provocation, an incitement to popular anger. The elections are anti-constitutional. We cannot choose the candidate. We can only vote for the unified party of the Siamese Twins.
If a German were to not have voted during the Nazi era. If a Soviet citizen were to not have voted during the era of Stalin. If an Italian were to not have voted during the Fascism. What would you call them? Democrats, free people? You too be that. Don’t vote in the national elections. Exercise your right to not be kicked in the backside.

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March 01, 2008

Illegal political elections


The upcoming political elections are unconstitutional
and their outcome will be null and void. I am absolutely flabbergasted that the State President did not FIRST insist on the referendum being held, as requested by the citizens, and THEN call for elections.
Was the psychodwarf perhaps threatening to march on Rome if the Houses were not dissolved? Were the members of the Lega Nord grabbing for their rifles? Napolitano could have sent in the army and got it over with. We are paying him to make decisions, not to build a statue to Pincio.
The Constitution is very simple and well written. It is open to discussion but not to interpretation. The first article states that: "Sovereignty belongs to the population ". Deputies and senators are instead elected by the party secretaries. Almost 80% of Parliament is decided by only two people, namely Topo Gigio and the psychodwarf. It is their Parliament, a veltrusconian Parliament rather than an Italian one. Do you actually realise what a monumental joke these elections are? What is taking place is a great market for electoral lists. A market in which there is a bit of everything. Dancing girls and whores, convicted criminals and statute–barred individuals. Every day there is a new candidate from uncivil society. With the backing of some temporary worker or an escapee from the workplace slaughters. And this even after Law 30 was not changed, after the pardons freely absolved and sent out those guilty for the white deaths. The same parties, the same leathery faces. Italy has become just like Byzantium prior to its fall. Everyone interprets, everyone covering his/her own arse. Everyone is right, everyone else is wrong... When next you meet a politician, read the Constitution out loud and demand that he/she respects it. An unconstitutional Parliament has no legitimacy. Its members should go and play swingball at Arcore or at the Rome Film Festival.

Here is a report on the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) application submitted by three attorneys who are against the electoral law.

"Elections to be held on 13/14 April: application to Tar. The electoral law is unconstitutional and violates the European Human Rights Convention.
Today, three citizen voters, namely attorneys Aldo Bozzi of the Milan Court, Giuseppe Bozzi of the Rome Court and Giuseppe Porqueddu of the Brescia Court have proposed submitting an application to the Tar in Lazio, contesting the validity of the Presidential Decrees calling for meetings to elect members of the House of Delegates and the Senate, specifically the section which implements the provisions of the Calderoli law, which are in striking contrast with the basic rights of citizens and the constitutional prerogatives of the State President.
Following on from the findings of the Constitutional Court in its sentence No. 15 of 2008 (approval of the electoral referendum), the applicants are asking that the TAR raise the matter of the constitutionality of the Calderoli Law, with specific reference to three critical issues, namely:
1) The closed lists, which deprive the voter of the right to select persons to represent them in Parliament
2) The allocation of majority status, which is not subject to achieving any sort of minimum threshold
3) The indication of the Candidate for Premier on the ballot paper
The voters’ inability to choose between the candidates changes the entire nature of Parliament because it turns all the elected people into party representatives or representatives of the chief politicians that picked them, rather than public representatives, thereby suppressing the constitutional principle of representivity and the independence of Parliamentarians, who should be free to carry out their duties without being subject to any mandate. Furthermore, the law also violates the European Human Rights Convention (article 3 of Protocol I).
The allocation of majority status, free of any obligation to achieve any sort of minimum threshold, profoundly alters the composition of the representation. Both of these systems, namely, the majority status system and the closed list system, were used in the past by the Fascists, by means of the Acerbo law of 1924 and the subsequent Law of 1928, in order to prevent the electorate from exercising free choice and to embarrass Parliament.
Indicating the coalition Chief as the Candidate for Premier on the ballot paper prejudices one of the State President’s functions granted to him by the constitution itself, namely that of appointing the Prime Minister ".

P.S. the gathering of the Friends of Beppe Grillo planned for the Island of Ischia is looking for candidates to add to the list that will be put forward for the upcoming administrative elections. Anyone who may be interested should contact Andrea D'Ambra (

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February 27, 2008

Political Press Release number three


The civic lists are being formed. The first ones are in Pescara, Rome and Vicenza for local elections. And in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily for regional elections. Foreign banks are selling our State bonds. Our exports are decreasing. The public debt is going up, 1626 billion euro. State costs are increasing. Electoral promises are fewer taxes and more work. We’ll have more taxes and less work. The country is a resource for the politicians and for their mass bureaucracy. A lifelong income with the taxes of the citizens. They are devouring Italy. It’s not true that the political class is all the same. But the few gentlemen that are part of it make it legitimate. It’s not possible to vote for the less worst. We mustn’t lose hope for a better one. Whoever votes for the less worst makes the worst legitimate. The elections are anticonstitutional. We cannot choose the candidate. And no newspaper is talking about it. No TV is shouting it out. I repeat: We cannot choose the candidate. Two people are choosing the names of 80% of the deputies and senators. They are writing the Lower and Upper Houses. They are called Veltrusconi. They are the same person, the same party, the same programme, the same ministers. Beppe Grillo was in Naples on 23 February for Rubbish Day. Press conference with 120 journalists. Many international newspapers. 30,000 people in Piazza Dante. Anyone wanting to know what was said by cancer experts, environmental and energy experts will have to learn English or German. Read Die Zeit or The Herald Tribune. Il Corriere and la Repubblica dedicated a tiny patch of the dimensions of a postage stamp. Italian information is under control. It is wartime propaganda against the Italian people. Everything you don’t know is true. Don’t read the newspapers. Don’t watch the TV. Think with your own head. Lift up your head.
For a new Renaissance. V-Day 25 April.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day

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February 24, 2008

The PD/PDL’s electoral programme

Click the video

The PD/PDL’s electoral programme:

The psychodwarf does not want a law against conflicts of interest
Topo Gigio does not want a law against conflicts of interest

The psychodwarf wants to keep his three television broadcasters and continue to be a politician
Topo Gigio wants the psychodwarf to keep his three television broadcasters and continue to be a politician

The psychodwarf wants the incinerators
Topo Gigio wants the incinerators and takes on board the 83-year-old Veronesi, also known as Cancronesi

The psychodwarf does not want to comply with European court decisions and put Rete 4 on satellite
Topo Gigio does not want to comply with European court decisions and put Rete 4 on satellite

The psychodwarf does not want the telephone taps to be made public after the parties have been informed
Topo Gigio does not want the telephone taps to be made public after the parties have been informed

The psychodwarf does not want any more public trials involving Cuffaro, Fazio, Fiorani, Consorte, D’Alema, Fassino and himself as a result of telephone taps
Topo Gigio does not want any more public trials involving Cuffaro, Fazio, Fiorani, Consorte, D’Alema, Fassino and the psychodwarf as a result of telephone taps

The psychodwarf wants the 43-kilometer long Val di Susa tunnel, which will cost the tax-payer 14 billion Euro and transport goods at 130Km/hr in 15 years’ time
Topo Gigio wants the 43-kilometer long Val di Susa tunnel, which will cost the tax-payer 14 billion Euro and transport goods at 130Km/hr in 15 years’ time

The psychodwarf wants to create the new electoral law together with Topo Gigio
Topo Gigio wants to create the new electoral law together with the psychodwarf

The psychodwarf wants to create a broad-based government after the elections
Topo Gigio wants to create a broad-based government after the elections

The psychodwarf wants Gianni Letta to be the Club Premier
Topo Gigio wants Gianni Letta to be the Club Premier

If you are unable to make your choice based on the programmes, then simply consider the differences between the two leaders:
the psychodwarf dyes his hair and wears high heels,
Topo Gigio has white hair and wears glasses.
What’s better, natural or dyed hair?
Vote for the shampoo, do it in the interests of democracy.

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February 17, 2008

Towns out of control


The town council meetings must be open to the citizens. Anyone who prevents this must be denounced. The mayors and the cabinet members do not tolerate the presence of their employers. They prefer to invite others who eat from the public cake: industrialists, lobbyists, construction people. I no longer want to tolerate this situation of expropriation of democracy.

The constitutional and democratic space of the citizens is being reduced ever more: they can’t choose the candidate, the proposals for popular laws are ignored, they are not consulted on the electoral programme, referenda are cancelled.
The young people of the Rome Meetup were not able to participate in the town council meeting. There was the approval of the final action of Topo Gigio: the new regulatory plan. The Meetup has presented a statement to the Rome Questura and reserves the right to denounce to the prosecutors, Veltroni and his councillors. If requested to do so, the blog and its lawyers will lend a hand. Stay tuned.
Let’s keep a check on our employees with the operation "Fiato sul collo" {Breathing down your neck}.

"The other day something of a seriousness that is unheard of, happened in Rome, in the seat of the top local democratic institution and that is in the town council meeting. There was the session for the Council to discuss and approve Veltroni’s Nuovo Piano "Regalatore". {New “gifting” plan} for Rome. Let it pass (it’s a way of saying) that it’s a regulatory plan wanted strongly by the construction people. Let it pass (it’s still a way of saying) that it is a plan in which there has not been acceptance of the hundreds of observations from campaigners and associations that asked for a greater protection and regulation of environmental and cultural goods.
A plan that allows variants in all Rome neighbourhoods, without ever having to come back to the Council, that does not protect the public green space and the town planning standards of the individual neighbourhoods and with a valid “ecological network”.
A plan that will allow for the demolition and reconstruction in the historic centre without a recovery plan, that will cancel out Rome’s historical memories allowing for the demolition of ancient dwelling houses and buildings of industrial archeology that were protected by the “plan of certainties”.
A plan that does not resolve the problem of housing because it allows for public financing of villas and apartments wanted by the construction people, instead of using the funds to construct housing for public ownership..
However, what must not be allowed to occur and that must not occur is that Roman citizens IN THEIR HOME TOWN are kept out of the Council Chamber on a pretext while inside there is the pretend discussion of the approval! In fact, the plan was voted for by ALL the left wing majority in the Chamber in a Chamber that was half empty, with the presence of construction people and building entrepreneurs (apparently expressly invited) while access to representatives of campaign groups and simple citizens was not given. For hours they asked town councillors of the right and the left to be able to enter WITHOUT RECEIVING ANY HELP!
You need to have the cheek of the resigning Veltroni who declared: “a plan that has been approved by the democracy of the city” when instead he will go down in history as the mayor who did NOT want the participation of the city NEVER responding to the appeals of the associations and the citizens who asked him to apply the regulations for public participation (whose application is set out in the town Statute)
The PR mayor (like those in the disco) has first made of our city what he wanted and then he has made the Council Chamber like the living room in his own home, deciding, it seems to give INVITATIONS (lust like in the disco!!!), who to let in and who to keep out, so that for the TV channels present there was the guarantee of long applause from the construction people who are the owners of this new "Regalatore" {gifting} plan
What happened is unheard of, unacceptable and ANTICONSTITUTIONAL. If this is the Rome model that Veltroni wants to export to the rest of Italy, we Romans say NO THANK YOU. Meanwhile we have deposited a statement with the Rome Questura recounting the facts and we reserve the right to go to the Procura della Repubblica di Roma {Rome prosecutors} to deposit, with the help of our lawyers, a formal denunciation of what has happened." Rome Meetup
Formal statement to the Rome Questura

Click on the image

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February 15, 2008

Political Press Release number two

Political Press Release number two


On 25 April in Piazza Castello in Turin, there will be V2 day. In all the squares of Italy there will be a collection of signatures for three referenda for the freedom of information in a free State. It is not possible to bring forward V2 day. In the election period, the squares are made available to the parties. Beppe Grillo has asked about the availability of certain squares before 13 April and has received a refusal. Change must come from below, from the citizens who are informed. A national civic list now with this electoral law is suicide. For 13 April, civic lists will be present in many cities. I will be present in the cities during the election campaign. For the local elections of 2009 there will be hundreds of civic lists. The mass disinformation media are at work to hide the problems of the country. The parties occupy the news. With few exceptions, the journalists are servants of the parties. Print out and give out “La Settimana” for all those who cannot get connected to the Internet. On your blogs, write about the daily falsities of the regime and unmask them. No to convicted criminals in the electoral lists. No to those who have been convicted and to those who are still convicted at the first appeal, in the electoral lists. Those who are elected/appointed and are waiting for a decision on their ongoing trial get parliamentary immunity and avoid prison. No to parliamentary immunity. There are no citizens who are more equal than others. The blog will publish the names of the “prescritti”, of those who are convicts even after two appeals, and those who are convicts after one or no appeals whose names are in the electoral lists. The date of 13 April is a date like the others. Whoever wins loses anyway. Be informed and inform others. V-day 25 April.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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3. Give your support to V2 day

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February 13, 2008

A voice from Kosovo


Kosovo will proclaim its independence from Serbia in a few days. The United Nations will withdraw and in its place 17,000 NATO soldiers will arrive and 1,800 police from European forces. Unemployment is reaching 50%, exports are 6% of imports, for energy, they depend on Serbia. Kosovo is a fragile State and it has widespread corruption. Less than in Italy but still a substantial amount.
The blog has interviewed Avni Zogiani of the association NGO COHU! (Wake Up!) of Pristina. Avni has started a campaign against corruption in the Kosovo Parliament. He has put on the Internet, the profiles of 55 candidates involved in corruption episodes. 28 were not elected, that’s more than 50%. With us we have got rid of only one out of 24, Cesare Previti, that’s about 4%. In Kosovo, they have stronger guarantees. The military occupation is a democratic incentive.
The blog will publish a list of “prescritti”, those convicted at the first and second stage and at the final appeal whose names are in future electoral lists. When you see a poster use a felt tip pen to add the crime to complete their curriculum vitae.

“Well, it is expected by the end of the week, most probably on Sunday or Monday. I mean the institutions of Kosovo will declare intention, as they call it, of independence, and they’re going to have a resolution in Kosovo Parliament as well. A kind of supervised independence and it will pay the way for a new EU mission in Kosovo. Practically the UN mission is going to be replaced with EU mission…..”

Read the whole text

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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February 12, 2008

Double Black Hole


Two Black Holes are absorbing politics and they are being absorbed at the same time. Everything that gets near t them disappears. They are two Black Holes that are indispensable for stability. For the progress of the Nation, to not eliminate the conflict of interests. The double Black Hole has not put forward a programme. It hasn’t yet published the list of candidates. However it has the consensus of the majority of Italians on a confidence vote.
The polls are in favour, even though only the imbeciles can give an opinion on the vote without knowing the names of their representatives and what they will go off to do. It is a vote with logo, an “a priori” vote. The polls and the ones that commission them, are not discussed. If the question asked to the interviewee were “Would you vote PD or PDL without knowing anything about their programme for government or whether they are putting up candidates with previous convictions?” The answer would be VAFFANCULO with 50% each.
The two Black Holes, Veltroni and Berlusconi are the only choice given to us. For the governability of the country. With no alternative. It’s a double single choice, the same DNA.
In the post-election period there will be an institutional mess-up, a great coalition to save the country. The form could be a Veltrusconi government or a joint table for the reforms. The substance won’t change. In 2006, they stopped us from choosing our candidate. In 2008 they’ll stop us from choosing the party. Next time they will appoint everyone deputies and candidates for life. In 2011, or shortly after that, if nothing changes, we will come out of the Euro and we will consolidate the public debt. We will manage to do this thanks to a stable government and servile news media.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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February 10, 2008

Political Press Release number one


Democracy can only start from the bottom. The new Renaissance will originate in the towns. The Civic lists must get organised for the local elections on 13 April 2008. The blog will give support to civic lists. Beppe Grillo will be present in the cities that present a civic list. The national elections in April are against the Constitution. The citizens cannot choose their own representative. State concessionaires must not be doing politics. Referendums cannot be cancelled. Referendums cannot be postponed. The result of the forthcoming election is null. Information is in the hands of the economic groups and the parties. It’s State Rubbish. Beppe Grillo will participate in Rubbish Day in Naples on 23 February together with experts and doctors to relaunch the separate collection of refuse and for the health of the citizens. The news has gone astray. Beppe Grillo will make a deposition of three proposals for referendum with the Court of Cassation in February. Abolition of the Association of Journalists. Abolition of public financing of the press. Abolition of the Unified Text on the radio-TV system that makes news a prostitute to the interests of the parties and Mediaset. On 25 April, there will be voting on the referendums in all locations in Italy. The proposals for popular laws for a Clean Parliament that have been placed before the Senate, have been ignored by our employees. Convicted Felons out. Two terms of office. Direct voting for the candidates. 350,000 Italians signed. Signatures confirmed by public officials and by the towns where they reside. Never before in Italy in a single day. A work that took months by thousands of people. The parties have occupied democracy. Parliamentarians are not elected, but appointed. To be appointed, they just have to pay. A million Euro a deputy. Three million Euro a senator. The conflict of interests is a conflict with the country.
For a new Renaissance. V-Day 25 April.

PS: The felt tip pens have run out. I repeat: The felt tip pens have run out.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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3. Give your support to V2 day


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February 08, 2008

You are Beppe Grillo!


Television time is being taken up by politicians discussing percentages, coalitions, partnerships, waiver agreements and constituencies. These people are out of touch with the Country. Nothing is ever said about our affairs, employment, health and the environment. They explain that politics is a vocation, a life mission. Once they have gotten those first votes, they go on to become politicians for life. As Franceschini said, anyone who is involved in politics should be prepared to get his/her hands dirty. Bribes, administrative crimes and corruption can always be washed clean by means of official pardons, new rules or by abolishing the crime of financial fraud. There is no such thing as impossible dirt. There is always some sort of made to measure law that turns the dirt as clean as driven snow. The Italian politician MUST have dirty hands. In England they are called “civil servants”, here by us, instead, they are known as “dirty hands”.
Yesterday, something happened to shepherd in the New Year. After having listened to the politicians (whatever that may mean), including Prestigiacomo’s sneezes, Furio Colombo’s convulsions and Franceschini’s little or nothing, a young man took over the floor. He spoke about job security, the new types of poverty and about work-related illnesses (tumours). He yelled at them, saying that they are simply totally useless, yet very well paid people who talk through their hats. He simply said out loud precisely what many Italians are thinking. Then another young man intervened. A twenty-year-old wearing a tie and spectacles, who scored top marks in a public service recruitment and selection exercise, with no godfather to back him up. Precisely because of this, he was not selected. He explained that there is no such thing as right or left. These are nothing more than metaphysical concepts. He went on to tell those employees of ours to fuck off. Now, these are guys that are setting a worthy example, which we should follow.
You, the reader, are Beppe Grillo.
You too can get onto a television programme, stand up and vindicate the Italians. You too can talk about a clean parliament, about temporary employment, about job-related deaths and differentiated waste collection. You too can shout about it. You too can question one of our employees about conflict of interests, about financial fraud, about pardons, about Europe 7, about the bribing of judges on behalf of Mondatori, and DEMAND an answer with a television camera focussed on your face.
You are Beppe Grillo.

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February 06, 2008

The electoral law is unconstitutional


The spectacle of a President of the Republic who looks on, in silence, while the President of the Court of Accounts, Tullio Lazzaro, declares that corruption in Italy is increasing in assigning contracts, in the health system, and in procurement is a desolation. Napolitano says not one word. He does not feel it is necessary to go on TV when faced with the statement: “The protracted inaction for years has caused incalculable damage.”
The Institutions have become the Notaries of Destruction. They take note, they make records, they provide evidence. The State is falling into an abyss, but with the full awareness of the Great Bureaucrats. The citizens, like the stars, stay and watch.
I have reread the Costitution, its 139 articles, its thirty or so pages.
Article 1 specifies:
- The sovereignty belongs to the people
Article 48 has two points:
- Voting is personal, equal, free, and secret
- The right to vote may not be limited
The “piggish” electoral law imposed by the Centre Right in 2006 cancelled a referendum and eliminated direct preferences. An unconstitutional law.
We can’t have elections with this law. The result would be illegitimate. It impedes the direct choice of candidate. It limits the right to vote. Having cancelled the referendum any ounce of sovereignty of the people has been removed.
In the Constitution there are “Constitutional Guarantees”.
Article 134 says
- The constitutional court decides: - disputes concerning the constitutionality of laws and acts with the force of law adopted by state or regions
I have decided to put forward a formal written petition to the Constitutional Court for it to declare the “piggish” electoral law to be unconstitutional and cancel it.
In fact, Article 136 specifies:
- When the court declares a law or an act with the force of law unconstitutional, the norm ceases to have effect from the day following the publication of the decision.
The Court has two months to decide before the elections. If it declares the law to be unconstitutional it will be still possible to vote with the preceding law or move the voting until after the referendum, that is set for May and straight away annulled with a move by professional cheats.
This self-referencing political class has cancelled two referendums on electoral law. It makes desk-top decisions about who has to represent us in Parliament. Is this constitutional? And if it is, then what is unconstitutional? Stay tuned!

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
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3. Give your support to V2 day

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February 05, 2008

Italia-Kenya Twinning

The blog has used Skype to interview combonian missionary Renato Kizito Sesana about the situation in Kenya. Italy and Kenya have a lot in common: denunciation of electoral fraud, widespread corruption, contestation about military bases of the United States, manipulation of reality, politicians who seem to be on opposing sides who go out to dinner together in Nairobi’s best restaurants. Citizens used as political tools. In Italy we are still waiting for the epilogue.
I’m proposing a twinning between States and an exchange of leaders. Berlusconi and Veltroni to them. Kibaki and Raila Odinga to us.

”The current situation in Kenya arose from the elections of 27 December that were bitterly fought over. They have seen the official victory (by a few thousand votes) of Kibaki who was the president before that.
Straight away violent reactions broke out, from the opposition, accusing the government of electoral fraud and refusing to recognise Kibaki as President. What now seems very clear is that the violence that broke out after the announcement of Kibaki’s victory was carefully prepared in advance in different parts of Kenya. During all the pre-electoral phase, there was a strange campaign by which the opposition said “it’s our turn”, implying that there had been two Kikuyu presidents, and a Kalenjin president and that therefore it was the turn of Kenya’s third largest tribe in terms of numbers. This had already given a strong tribal labeling to the campaign. In the last few weeks this was aggravated by the fact that the opposition had started to say “if we don’t win it’ll mean that there has been fraud”.
Corruption in Kenya, that was really serious at the time of the previous president, Daniel Arap Moi, has been reduced but it is anyway at a very serous level and people are extremely tired of this. They can’t cope with it any longer. The government then has probably given themselves a blow to their own feet because they have moved Kenya’s commercial interests from Europe, the United States and England towards Japan and the East in general. While the leader of the opposition, Raila Odinga who is almost famous for being a man of the left, in reality has made promises to the Americans and to the West to come closer together again. Kibaki had refused an American military base on Kenya’s soil. Without a doubt there have been interferences and support at a world level on the elections in Kenya.
I think that the tribal issue is only a mask for other issues. It is a tool that the politicians have manipulated and made worse first of all to get votes and then to provoke violence. Politicians of different parties and belonging to different people of Kenya meet up, talk. People of the upper middle classes meet up, talk, go to dinner together in Nairobi’s great restaurants, and there are lots of them and they are in the biggest rich neighbourhoods of Nairobi. There has been no rivalry. There has been no problem. It has been the poor to break out in violence against each other under the pretext of ethnic rivalry. I believe that first of all, to find a solution to this problem, time is needed because the two sides straight away started off with such different positions and so rigidly diverse that it is impossible for them to change in a short time. We need to give them time to change their positions whilst saving face.
I believe Kofi Annan’s position is wise. He has come and is not imposing time limits. What is important is that the violence stops and the reaction to the violence. If the leaders really wanted it, if Kibaki and Raila Odinga wanted to stop their followers I am convinced that they could do so within a matter of very few hours. It would be enough to give a firm and precise condemnation of the violence and that hasn’t yet happened. Then they can negotiate and talk as they like. But the fear is that there is the temptation to use the violence. From the government side to use the repression of the police. From the opposition’s side to use the violence of the unemployed, the drifters, the young who are let loose, paid against the tribe of the President and kidding themselves that this brings advantages to their political position. " Renato Kizito Sesana, combonian priest

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January 28, 2008

Bulow and the parasites


Achille Lauro, an old politician from Naples. For each vote he gave two shoes in exchange. One before and the other after the election. Italian politics have been lauro-ised. Cuffaro was elected for the 300,000 jobs that rotate round the Region of Sicily. Mastella is loved in Ceppalonia for the same reason. They are benefactors with the money of other people. The politicians have become employers of the employers. A vote, a salary. But who are the ones paying the salary of the parasitic public bureaucracy? The employment competition is won always by the one who is adjacent, recommended, the family. It’s an exchange vote, money for a mark on a symbol. Money for doing nothing. Of course, the less you do, the less you make a mistake. The problem is that the money to keep going has finished. Even in our country there have been honest politicians, a few, but there have been some, and one of these is Bulow.

"Dear Beppe,
I am Antonio of the Lodi Meetup. I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I had the fortune to know Arrigo Boldrini nicknamed "Bulow". He was a magnificent person who will be missed by this country that is by now tormented. He was a great man in his simplicity and he was tiny in that he didn’t want to appear unless there was the need to decide to do something for the people who he loved so much, for his country that with honour and honesty, he saved from fascism and from naziism.
It was great to hear him talk about how you can serve the State with passion and honesty, qualities that these scoundrels who are governing us don’t even have in the soles of their shoes, and I remember the advice that he offered me for my role as local councillor that at that time I held in the town where I lived.

When you are a public administrator you must always act in the interests of the citizens who elected you and who have had trust in you. If for a single moment, while you are carrying out your role as a representative of the institutions, you feel like doing something in your own personal interest, abandon everything straight away, because that is no longer your position.”

I beg you Beppe, publish this which is my final thought for my friend, Arrigo Boldrini. Who knows whether he will connect to the Internet in that place where he has gone for a better life.
”Bulow, we will miss your simplicity when you passed the evenings with us in the farm house in the countryside of Romagna eating ham and piadina {unleavened bread}and playing cards. I remember when you told me that it was your ideological conviction that made you refuse private property and you lived in public housing with a fair rent and that you alone paid more than all the other residents put together, given that you received the salary of a Senator of the Republic.
I remember that you told me that in Rome you went by train with the Senator’s card and that you refused the special “blue car”, State flights and other privileges because they were costs to be paid for by everyone. You were a great politician who always had respect for the people and the country that you represented. That respect that these crooks and delinquent politicians, who have elected themselves and who have followed you in your role, only have for the strong powers of which they are servants. They have respect for Don Ciccio who gets votes for them. They have respect for their shady interests in controlling their power, apart from for us.
I never asked if you believed in God. Or whether you were an atheist, or simply a lay person. But when you meet Him, you must tell Him that those like you on earth no longer exist, and that if He doesn’t take care of saving us, it really will be the end for us. Ciao Bulow." Antonio

PS Elio Veltri was presented in a TV broadcast as a representative of the "Beppe Grillo Civic List". I want to tell all not to do this. I have not authorised anyone to use my name for a list.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
Click to see the video

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The Dancing is Over


V-Day on 8 September 2007 was organised to change the electoral law. Three points: convicts out, two terms of office and direct preferences that no-one mentions, it has become like the third Fatima secret.
For the first time in the history of the Republic, 350,000 signatures were collected in a day. V-Day was buried with political ignorance and insults. The Centre Left criminalized it. The Centre Left jeered at it.
The week before V Day, I organised a press conference in Florence. I invited 500 journalists. Only 7 signed up. I cancelled it. I telephoned l’Espresso to suggest they do an article on V Day. They told me they had “other priorities”. The only publications that were interested were foreign ones: American, English, French, German, Australian Argentine… To whom I gave tens of interviews, hardly any of which were reported in italy.
Topo Gigio and the Centre Left are now imploring a new electoral law before we go to vote. These shameless wretches, in two years of government have given birth, in agreement with the psycho-dwarf, to the law of the Great Pardon so that the administrators appointed by politicians and the bankrupts could avoid landing up behind bars. Among others, Cuffaro and signora Dini are saying “thank you”.
In 2006, the Centre Right changed a law that was the result of a referendum, against the wishes of the citizens, taking away the right of voters to choose their candidate. This for me, whether or not it is Constitutional, whether or not it is legal, is called COUP D’ÉTAT. The change to the electoral law was illegitimate. Voting in these conditions will lead to closed lists of convicts, of bootlickers and relatives.
The priority of Prodi’s government should have been the electoral law. It should have been changed in the first 100 days together with the conflict of interests, and then straight away there should have been a popular vote. Instead of messing around in the Senate with the Mastella. In a campaign meeting before the elections, Fassino said that the priority was work, work, work…. And not the conflict of interests. We’ve seen what work they created. Underpaid and deadly.
Today this band of deficients (and that’s not an insult) is handing the country over to the Berlusconian abyss. For us it’s going to be hard. For them, it’s over.

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January 24, 2008

Civic Lists: Starting Now

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You will have noticed. Each day there’s a new news item of mass distraction. Contrada, the abortion law, the Pope at the Sapienza University. The front pages of the newspapers are there for that. The servile journalists just talk about fried air.
They are cover titles. They hide reality. They are useful to work in the shadows. To avoid every change. As happened after the murder of Moro in 1978, after the slaughters of Capaci and via D’Amelio in 1992 with the death of Falcone and Borsellino. After that the “prescritti” Andreotti and Berlusconi became President of the Council.
Politics is a cover activity for power.
The electoral law and the conflict of interests are the true parties on which the destiny of the country is played out. These are the things that must be discussed live in Parliament in front of the Italians.
From today, the blog will do active politics with a site dedicated to the civic lists, to the citizens who take hold of their own destiny in their hands, their own town, their own Region.
I am setting out the requisites to create a civic list that is certified and published on the blog.
1 At the moment of their candidacy and during the whole of their elected term of office, the candidates must not be signed up to any political party or political movement.
The candidate must not have criminal convictions, even those that are not definitive, nor must they have criminal trials ongoing at the time they become candidates.
3 The candidate must not have previously served more than one elected term of office, at a central or a local level, apart from in the electoral district in which they are presenting their candidacy.
Every candidate must reside in the electoral district of the town or of the Region (according to whether it’s a matter of town or regional elections) where they are putting themselves forward as candidates.
1 Every candidate is committed to resigning their elected position if during the time that they are in office, they lose, or they are shown to not have had even at the beginning, one or more of the minimum requisites described above. If that doesn’t happen, the whole list will lose the right to qualify their activity with certification on the blog.
2 At the moment of their candidacy, the list will publish on the internet, in a special and suitable web space, the names of the people on the list with their CV according to a standard that will be defined, with their manifesto programme for government and they will at the same time, start a blog that is open to all citizens and allows for the free exchange of opinions and criticisms with the people making up the civic list.
3 The list cannot be associated with other parties or lists, unless they are certified on the blog, to govern the town or the Region (the Province is not considered as it should be abolished).
For a New Rebirth.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
Click to see the video

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Resignation letter for the employee Cuffaro


There is oceanic solidarity with Cuffaro from our employees. Today it his turn, tomorrow it’s mine? Solidarity becomes automatic, a Pavlov reflex. A survival instinct. The togas {of the magistrates} are always red. Either with blood or because they hand out sentences. The world of politics is one in which only the one who can be blackmailed is safe. He’s not a danger for the others. He cannot denounce. The politician who can be blackmailed is obliged to maintain “omertà”.
Cuffaro in himself is not the problem. He’s not the first nor will he be the last to be convicted. The silence of the institutions is serious. They are abdicating from their role of guarantors of justice and social order. If one who has been sentenced to 5 years can continue to be the President of the Region, nothing is illicit.

Antonio Di Pietro has sent me a letter in which he has asked Romano Prodi to oblige Cuffaro to resign as laid down by law and the President of the Council can ensure that it is enforced. Let Prodi do this. If he leaves the scene he will be remembered for an act of justice.

To the President of the Council of Ministers, Honourable Professor Romano PRODI

As you know, on 18 January, the Palermo Tribunal pronounced judgement and convicted the President of the Region of Sicily for helping the mafia and revealing secrets.
The facts that have been verified by this trial have emerged and are extremely serious. This is seen not just from the important sentence handed out (five years in prison and perpetual prohibition to hold public office) but above all in as much as it is a question of helping the mafia and revealing official secrets in relation to investigations regarding mafia affiliates. I am keen to underline two considerations about this.
Firstly, the agreement on the modality for intervention in the affair, specifically applying what is already obligatory according to the regulations in force. In fact, in relation to this, article 15, comma 4-bis of law number 55 dated 19 March 1990 sets out the need for suspension, even in the case of a conviction which is not definitive.
As is well known, the institutional route to take is for the President of the Council, having listened to the Minister for Regional Affairs and the Minister of the Interior, adopts the measure that ensures the suspension.
For facts that are clearly serious, this outcome comes from the need to guarantee the protection of the public interest, which has been damaged by his staying in his position and carrying out the related institutional functions by a person for whom it has been verified that he does not have the essential requisites to hold an elected public office. But, above all, it is urgent that I put forward a second consideration.
As a Minister of the Republic and above all as a citizen, I am disconcerted by the reaction that has been the characteristic of the behaviour of the President of the Region of Sicily with respect to the conviction and that for anyone with dignity and respect towards the institutions should have only suggested the need to offer his resignation.
I believe that the Government cannot remain inert in relation to this affair and that it is indispensable to take concrete measures, in conformity with what is laid down by the regulations, so as to ensure the primacy of law and the full respect of the principles of the rule of law, and in this way, restoring credibility and the authoritativeness of the institutions of the State.
It is a question of an action that is imposed by duty for the respect that we all owe to the institution and the law. But even before that, for the moral debt that we have to make good for the many, too many, victims of the mafia and their close family.
Never as in this affair, is there the need to act and to act fast and it is the duty-bound form of fulfilling the requirements of the law that must distinguish a governing class that is worthy of this name, from one that is hypocritical and mean. I am convinced that you are not deaf to these needs, and in a manner that we agree on we will be able to express the response that is the most convinced and worthy of respect for anyone that has preferred to sacrifice themselves to the mafia rather than reveal official secrets to them.” Antonio Di Pietro

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January 22, 2008

Time has run out

Click on the video

The politicians are the majordomos of the parasitic or mafia economy or of the combination of the first with the second. The bosses give orders and they carry them out. The cover for their actions is given by the media, who anyway respond to the same bosses.
The citizen can only decide on the basis of the information available to them. Thus they are kept in an assisted coma.
The media are the connecting link between the politicians and the economy. Without the support of the media the politician would not be elected. Without the lies of the media the politicians would not be able to act undisturbed.
If the incinerator is good for the media, it is good for everyone. If Andreotti is innocent for the media and not “prescritto” for his mafia connections, he becomes one who is persecuted. If Cuffaro goes back to work after a five year sentence, it is a normal fact. If no national newspaper comes out with the headline: “SHAME!” on the front page for the telephone call Berlusconi/Saccà discussing the prospects of a uterine coup d’état. If Casini, with Azzurra Caltagirone, is invited onto the TV by the timid Fazio to defend Cuffaro without anyone to rebut what is said like say Rita Borsellino. If, if, if. The Italains are tired of “if”
The media no longer manage to cover the reality of poverty, of corruption, of the inability of the inept who are in the government and in the opposition. In another country, Mastella would have been the dishwasher in a Pizzeria. The psycho dwarf would have written successful books like “My prisons” the “Telesales from Sing Sing”.
They are getting ready for elections. With this electoral law they will all get reconfirmed. There is no preference vote. The lists will be decided by the party secretaries who will confirm their servants and family members. The economic situation is serious. The American recession is arriving and the weakest will pay the consequences. Italy can no longer stand up. Neither a government of the psycho-dwarf , nor a government of Topo Gigio which is the same thing. The two of them, hand in hand will go to Rome to see the premier of the film dedicated to the escaped prisoner statesman Craxi by his daughter.
Going back to vote with the porky electoral law is an insult to the Italians. In this case, there’s no sense in voting. Let them vote on their own. Perhaps they will gain more time, but their time is about to finish.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
Click to see the video

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January 14, 2008



For Veltroni, it’s not possible to do the electoral law without Berlusconi.
For Veltroni, it is possible to do the electoral law without the Italian people.
For Veltroni, it’s not possible to do the electoral law in Parliament.
For Veltroni, it’s not possible to do the electoral law taking into account the three proposals for the popular initiative “Clean Up Parliament” law.
For Veltroni, the electoral law is discussed in the parlours of the party secretaries in secret.
For Veltroni, the 350,000 Italians who signed to get rid of convicted felons from Parliament are worth less than a “prescritto”.
For Veltroni, the electoral law is something that is within the parties and there’s no need for a referendum.
For Veltroni, the electoral law is not to be discussed in the Lower or Upper House in full view of the country.
For Veltroni, the one with the control of the media is the true interlocutor.
For Veltroni, direct preferences for the candidate is out of the question.
For Veltroni, the limit of two terms of office and then home, is not practicable.
For Veltroni, Mondadori legitimately belongs to the psycho-dwarf.
For Veltroni, Rete 4 does not have to go on satellite.
For Veltroni, whoever controls the media can do politics.
For Veltroni, the million and a half who participated in V-Day can blow off.

A question: “But who is Veltroni?”
A reply: “He is the Mayor of Rome.”
A question: “And how is he doing?
A reply(from the Pope): “"In Rome there is really serious degradation"

Topo Gigio Veltroni is not a deputy and he cannot present draft laws. He is a part-time Mayor. This man wants to decide for us. Let him get himself elected, let him get into Parliament and present one of his proposals. For the moment, let him take care of his own city, given that he is paid for that.

PS The Senate’s first Commission of Constitutional Affairs has started to examine the “Clean up Parliament” law. The examination of the text is being done in conjunction with others on the same topic. In the summary of the sitting ( then click on "IN SEDE REFERENTE") it says among other things:
The PRESIDENT [Enzo Bianco] backs up the proposal put forward by the senator Brisca Menapace and is reserving the right to present it to the Office of the President integrated with representatives of the Parliamentary Groups for the mode and the time frame to carry out a hearing of the representatives of the promoters of both the popular initiative draft laws (numbered. 1900 and 1936), in accordance with article 74, comma 3 of the Regulations.”

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
Click on the image to see the video

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January 03, 2008

The end of democracy

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Read the whole speech
One of those who spoke at V-Day in Bologna was Massimo Fini. He expressed a concept summed up by Charles Bukowski: "The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don't have to waste your time voting."
If representative democracy is the best of all possible worlds, its degenerated Italian version is the worst of the best possible worlds. In Italy the citizen counts for one, but is worth nothing.
"I am obviously in agreement with the three basic tenets of V-Day, namely, that there should be no convicts in Parliament, that no Parliamentarian should be permitted to serve more than two terms and that we should go back to choosing our own candidates. I believe that this is one way to make presentable something that is not currently presentable, something that is indecent, a form of fraud. This is called representative democracy. I have always defined representative democracy, and continue to do so, as a way of scr...wing people with their permission, especially poor people. Above all, we have never really understood precisely what representative democracy is. Norberto Bobbio, who dedicated his entire lengthy and laborious life to this subject, cannot get to the bottom of it. At various times, he has indicated sometimes nine, sometimes six and sometimes three elements as being essential for a representative democracy. Whatever the case may be, we will look at two elements that are generally accepted as being essential for democracy, namely, all votes must be equal or, as the British say, one man, one vote, and everyone must be free to vote. Well for starters, all votes are not equal: consensus is simply an illusion. The definitive reason why all votes are not equal was amply illustrated by what has become known as the Italian Elitist School of the early nineteen hundreds, namely Gaetano Mosca, Vilfredo Pareto and Roberto Michels. Mosca states that: “A hundred people who always act in unison and by agreement will always manage to overcome a thousand others acting freely” Consensus is not free because it is widely affected by the mass media, not coincidentally also called the instrument of consensus, which is in the hands of the usual handful of well known people. In reality, representative democracy is a system of oligarchies, organised minorities and masked aristocracies that trample the individual citizen, the free man who does not with to humiliate himself by become a slave of these oligarchies, parties or other economic or criminal groupings that are so often linked together. Representative democracy should be the very thing that free thought would want to enhance, namely, merit, ability and potential, and the ideal citizen in a democracy becomes its designated victim. Without delving too deeply into theory, the fact remains that we are all aware that we count for nothing and that our voice is not being heard. Some years ago, in Piazza San Giovanni, a million people were brought together because of ad personam legislation, a very difficult topic indeed, when it is, in fact, far easier to bring people together for economic reasons. Well, there was no response whatsoever, neither from the right, nor from the left. On the contrary, in the left wing it was often said “non mi confonderai con un girotondino” (surely you’re not calling me a girotondino), as if street demonstration were not the citizen’s primary political right, even before the right to vote. The problem is one of global democracy, in the west, however, as Grillo has so ably demonstrated, the Italian system has suffered a certain intolerable decay. Hans Kelsen, who is neither a Marxist nor a Taleban extremist, used to say that representative democracy is simply a set of illusions, and he maintained that the apparent function of democratic ideology is to provide citizens with an illusion of freedom. He also asked himself how long this extraordinary division between reality and ideology could continue. This is the very same question that I have been asking myself for quite some time now. Naturally, the kind of democracy founded on bloodbaths have put on a conceptual lid, a kind of closure regulation, maintaining that democracy is the be all and end all of History and that we are all, therefore, condemned to die as democrats. I, instead, believe that sooner or later it will all come to an end, as does any system that fails to comply with any of its premises. It won’t be a unique event, like this wonderful event organised by Beppe, nor will it happen in Grillo’s lifetime, or mine for that matter. But sooner or later a fraud such as this will have to be eliminated. Thank you." Massimo Fini

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December 23, 2007

Italian racoons


A Mayor of Rome, secretary of a party that has never stood for election. A man with multiple convictions, whose friends and cronies have landed up in jail. These two men are busy negotiating our future. They are busy deciding how the Italians should vote. They are designing the geography of those elected. Percentages, boundaries, merges, rewards for majorities, deputies and senators.
Topo Gigio Veltroni himself is not even a deputy, at best he could stand in the municipal elections. The psychodwarf is a professional shopper, who believes that everything has its price. He is still trying to work out what the PD’s price is, but he knows that it will be a bargain since they have always sold themselves short.
Two people deciding for 58 million Italians, without the necessary institutional authority to do so. The electoral law must be discussed in Parliament, out in the open. Using clear, simple terms that are easily understood by the citizens. The current situation, however, is worse than the fog in the Padana Valley. Each party is required to state their position, if they have any such thing, live on television from the Chamber, the Italians will listen and judge for themselves. They are the voters. The law is in their favour. They need to know everything, absolutely everything. They must not be made to eat any pre-packaged meal.
We are paying (far too much) for a Parliament (that we did not elect) to draft the laws. Topo Gigio and the psychodwarf have no legal right to draft a new electoral law on their own. If they are to decide on the new law, ensconced in their offices, then this could be called a Coup d’Etat.
Bertinotti is concerned about the privacy of a man who attempted to bribe a senator. Instead of kicking this (low down) insult to democracy out of the Chamber, he is trying to protect the man's privacy. Boia Faust(o) (Bloody Hell). RAI, a public service organisation, is pulling out all the stops in order to bring down the Government. And so it is. Excuse me Bertinotti, but I don’t give a f … about these people’s privacy. I want them out of Parliament, out of public service. These are immoral people who have always behaved like pigs with regard to the law. And you, gentle soul, choose to protect their privacy, while some or other Letizia Vacca is demanding the transfer of the judges involved in the Mastella and D’Alema investigations.

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December 15, 2007

A rickshaw for a new “takeoff

photo by

What beautiful people I saw this morning as I was pedalling through the streets of Rome. They were too good to me. Certainly, when you have an avenue of people shouting “Sei er mejo” (You’re the best) at you, it does tend to go to your head just a little. I felt like a triumphant Caesar riding on that rickshaw.
When I arrived at Palazzo Madama with the boxes containing your signatures, it felt like I had woken from a beautiful dream. The dream of a population that is free, without anyone convicted of any crimes, even serious ones, sitting in Parliament. Marini received me and he was very kind.
A Senate office bearer made me become official, with the number 1936. He had some sand in his pockets. I became suspicious because he was using it to bless the forms (reference to sandbagging). He mentioned clauses, procedures, amendments and tampax. The “Clean Parliament” popular law could, in fact, be “absorbed” in the legislative proposals being made by Calderoli, he of the “porcata” who, in the interests of coherence, takes a pig out for a walk of a Sunday morning. And this could perhaps be the best of all the possible outcomes. In full compliance with constitutional parliamentary process the three proposed bills could, indeed, immediately be archived by the parliamentary committees, without ever having been discussed in the Chamber.


I explained to Marini that, for the first time ever in the history of our Republic, 350,000 signatures were gathered in a single day, in favour of a popular law, the first time that one and a half million REAL people came out to show their support. He became thoughtful and I believe he will mull it over for at least a quarter of an hour. Then he will smoke his pipe.
In the latest Censis Report, De Rita defines our Country as: “A mucilaginous society in place of population development”. The Demos Report-La Repubblica painted a picture of “An Italy that is insecure, disheartened and tired of the old things carrying on”. The New York Times carried an article on us, which seemed more like a death announcement.
These signs should be enough to wake the dead.
However, State President Napolitano stated that: “Grillo’s Italy is not the real one”. And he is right, it is indeed his Italy, created by his political class. The same class that has been ensconced in the halls of power for the past thirty/forty/fifty years. I want to reveal a secret: the grey panthers are controlling Italy. Those who, in the interests of solidarity, are thinking about pensions for their contemporaries, while forgetting about the young people who will never actually see their pension.
My dear politicians, whatever the meaning of the word, the re-creation is about to come to an end.

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December 11, 2007

The kites

photo by Mike Agner

Today there is something new in the sun (*), in fact something ancient: I am living elsewhere and feel that the parties are being re-born around me. I loathe Springtime names in the dead of winter. It is much like the greenhouse effect that is warming up the backsides of the party secretaries.
”Topo Gigio” Veltroni announces the “Democratic Party” and the psychodwarf responds with his own “Italian People’s Freedom Party”, while the three red dwarfs dilibertobertinottimussi, together with Snow White Pecoraro, set up the “Rainbow Left-Wing”, a cheerful Storace announces “The Right-Wing” (of the Arcore’s ring road) and Fini reveals the ace up his sleeve and is to change the name of his party from AN to “Alliance for Italy”.
He who fails to change with the times is lost, and he who fails to change his name will be recognised. Instead of fleeing abroad or retiring to the countryside, the politicians are instead having a complete makeover. They have realised that something is not working as it should and that the citizens, who are openly insulting them in the streets, are not too happy with what they are doing.
Miracles do sometimes happen. Occhetto and Ingrao have reappeared, as have Cossutta and Intini. Had Craxi remained in Italy, he would now certainly be the preferred bipartisan candidate for the post of State President.
As well as names, percentages are also beginning to appear. There are those with 35%, those with 15% and yet others with 29%, no one ever goes below 10%. It is a form of creative electoral accounting, where the total not only exceeds 100% of the potential votes, but it can indeed reach 200% or more. It is the optimism born of the desire to take the piss out of us all.
In order for things to really change, our employees should find themselves a new name and surname. Pier Ferdinando Casini – Caltagirone Blue, Walter Veltroni - Romino Pink. The psychodwarf could perhaps hold a referendum amongst his forty million supporters in his three million gazebos, to choose freely from a list of two possible names, namely Licio Mangano or Vittorio Gelli.
After choosing a new name, they could then perhaps change their hair colour. No one would recognise a blonde Fini, or an embarrassingly blushing-redheaded Mastella. And finally, with secret service protection, they could change both their address and their facial features.
This would be a real change. The citizens would once again start voting, as happy as children “from another place, another season and another life”.

(*) From the poem entitled “L’aquilone” (The Kite) by Giovanni Pascoli

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December 07, 2007

EU/4 The parliamentarians


Each year, Italy pays approximately 12/13 billion Euro over to the EU. These billions land up in a communal fund, which is then shared out in favour of the developing areas. What we get back amounts to about 8/9 billion. Where do these funds go? Almost entirely to three Regions, namely, Campania, Calabria and Sicily. European funds, which consist of monies originally paid from our taxes, therefore, take a trip via Rome-Brussels-Naples (or Palermo, or Catanzaro). A one-way trip with no political accountability required from even one of the Republic’s Ministers. In fact, the decisions are made in Brussels and bear the signature of some unknown official.
The regions of the South have managed to achieve some development, thanks to the European Community policies and the tens of billions of Euro received over time. The organised crime syndicates and political lobbying groups have evolved into veritable integrated multinational companies.
But what happens to the 4/5 billion Euro difference, which is not returned to Italy? These go to “poor” nations, normally the new entrants into the EU. Such as Romania for example, which will receive 28/30 billion Euro in development funding between 2007 and 2013. And who contributes to that country’s development? The fearless Italian businessmen! Italy currently has 22,000 companies operating in Romania, and is that country’s top business partner. Any Italian company establishing itself in Rumania undoubtedly has certain advantages, such as low labour costs, favourable tax rates and access to European financing. Then, perhaps, the product is resold as “Made in Italy”, earning more than it would have previously. Romanian Premier Calin Tariceanu explained that Europe should not fear any uncontrolled influx of people from his Country, because “Romania has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the whole of Europe” (see interview). Our whole world has been turned upside down. Those remaining in Italy are lambasted, are obliged to pay their taxes in advance and do not have access to any State funding. So he/she moves to Romania. Taking Italian money with him/her. That money left over from the charity handed out to our Southern Regions by the new Southern Bank that we now call the EU.

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December 02, 2007

The thing

Image from the film "The Thing"

All we ever seem to discuss are symbols, names and things. Not the future. Not the problems. The white Thing, the Red Thing, the yet to be named thing of the psychodwarf, the co-operative white and faded red thing of “Topo Gigio” (Italian cartoon mouse) Veltroni. The Cosa Nostra, which holds the copyright, is not for the time being submitting its lists but is satisfied with a number of proxies.
Our employees move around, they do things. They change the party’s name so that all track of it is lost. Just to look busy. They raise clouds of dust. They hide facts. The newspapers write entire pages on the leaders’ meetings, on the great communicators and on broad understandings reached However, our dear “Topo Gigio”, who voted for the centre-left, wants no broad understanding with Previti, Dell’Utri and Berlusconi’s Party. I already know what your answer will be:”But what are you telling me?????”.
Which leader are they gossiping about? The leaders of the National Health? The lack of safety and the new poverty, a judiciary that has been enslaved or marginalized and the level of information between Botswana and Nigeria, whose daughters they are? I’ll tell you what. They are sons of bitches. The new party headquarters, the new symbols, the positions of Brambilla and De Mita, who is acting as tutor for the new managers of the Democratic Party. And it does not end there.
Mrs. Moratti, mayor of Milan, is under investigation. All good and well, however, on request by two courageous journalists (they may be few but they are nevertheless there) this Blog had already hinted at the reasons for the investigation, on 4 July 2007.

Click here to see the video

Why have the national newspapers failed to mention anything in this regard? Why have the news services of Raiset failed to examine this situation in depth? We always seem to have to wait for the magistrates before announcing the news. And then only once it can no longer be avoided and, in any event, the word is then only spread by the accused, who are, as usual, serene, always serene, but they are serenely grabbing us by the b…. What’s the bet that the Milan magistrates are going to come to the same sort of sticky end as did De Magistris and Forleo, in other words, get transferred, slandered or suddenly removed from office, never to be heard of again.
In the next few days I will be depositing the V-day signatures. Getting these certificated was hard work. I will take them personally to the Senate and I have requested a meeting with Senate chairman, Franco Marini, in order to explain the initiative to him. The presentation of the public initiative law known as “Clean Parliament” should take place in the house sometime during the early months of 2008. Stay tuned!

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November 26, 2007

The warning from the Hill


From the Hill, every so often, a warning arrives. It’s the famous “warning from the Hill”. From up there, the President of the Republic is always observing and when necessary, he “warns”.
Warning is that special attention devoted to magistrates and telephone intercepts. A warning is , usually , an appeal to reduce the noise levels, to protect the privacy of the politicians, to condemn the desire to be at the centre of attention of chattering judges. The warning is a battle in civility, an appeal for civil cohabitation. It’s like a flash of lightening from Zeus that always strikes the same trees and saves the rubbish tips.
The President, apart from warning, usually sleeps, not on his laurels, but on the honourability of Parliament. And its convicts and “prescritti”, on the obvious mafia contacts of some parties, about information that disappears. He sleeps soundly. If you mention the words D’Alema/Unipol, Berlusconi/Mondadori o Mastella/Why Not he has a slight jump. Tint tiny. Not noticeable. He takes his salts and then he gets better. With the names De Magistris and Forleo, however, he warns straight away without hesitation.
The President is elected by the parties, and does his duty, he looks after them tenderly. Hi s age ennobles him. With that age he can say what he wants. Like the grandpa at the table when the sweet arrives. Once upon a time, there was the mouth of Virna Lisi. Today there are the presidential false teeth. The President should be elected by the Italians, not by our employees. He must be no older than 50 years of age. It’s no use having a president from a nursing home offering a guarantee of the status quo for the parties. I want a young person, from civil society, not connected to the parties. Am I asking too much? We have to ask too much! We are playing for our future which these 70 and 80 year olds will never see.

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November 22, 2007

Information is at the basis of democracy

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Everyone knows that Forza Italia is (was?) a plastic party. The psycho-dwarf confirmed that on Sunday. A party isn’t dissolved just at the wish of one person. Normally you have a conference of all the elected people, there’s a discussion of the programme, of the new name. Then there’s a decision decided by the majority. That’s what happens in democracies. None of his aides, lackeys or bag carriers has uttered a word. And you can understand that. Without him where are they going? They are simply courtesans. His party, however they want to call it, is just his, private property, a “telecratic” organisation with objectives of control and lucre.
The parties have killed that little bit that was remaining of democracy by eliminating the preference vote. The Unione’s first action should have been the restoration to the citizens of a fundamental right: that of selecting their candidate. It hasn’t happened. Now there’s talk of German-style proportional representation, of Swiss-style majority and of double-event French-style. But what are they rabbiting on about? In 2005 you adopted the Italian-style fxxking up with the new electoral law. This is what you should be talking about.
There’s no one starting off with a forethought, that says that if you copy the electoral mechanisms of a democracy that you first need to adopt the basics, the fundamentals.
And that is a cardinal point in Germany, in Spain, in France, in every country worthy of this name, that you cannot have a dominant presence in the news media and at the same time do politics. For the other parties it’s like fighting against the heavy weight world champion with an arm tied behind your back.
The Berlusconi phenomenon is not compatible with democracy. His newspapers, his TV channels, are not compatible with his presence in politics. This is what Veltroni, Prodi, Fini, Bertinotti and all the others should be talking about straight away: of democratic information media, not about acronyms and percentages. But they won’t do so because they too get benefits from it.
Democracy has become marketing. The State is not controllable by the citizens. Let’s take back the information and news media.
V-day - 25 April - V-day – 25 April.

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November 18, 2007

European Parliament/1: Beppe Grillo


With Luigi De Magistris and Marco Travaglio, I was invited to the European Parliament by Giulietto Chiesa. We talked about European funding that arrives in Italy, where it goes to and how it is spent. I asked for transparency about the destination of the funding or a block on funding to Italy. The funding is a transaction on behalf of others. We give it to Europe with our taxes and Europe gives back a part. Today I am publishing my initial speech. In the next few days there’ll be the speeches of De Magistris, Travaglio and of the European deputies who were present in the Chamber.

”I don’t know why I am here. It’s the last chance. I try to do a bit of communication trying to entertain my neighbour, but it’s not the situation today judging by your faces.
The problem is that in my country, communication is finished. I come here to beseech you; a big part of criminality and of illegality comes from here, from European funding. I come with a prayer from my heart: don’t give any more money to Italy! Do this for our good. It’s like giving finance to Bokassa.
1221 frauds have been discovered, 5 times the European average. We manage to use just 43-44% of this money. But to whom does this money belong? A tiny part of this money is even mine. What route does it take? We give about ten-twelve billion Euro to the European Union and it gives us back about five to ten. This is a sort of laundering of dirty money. Instead of giving and receiving this money, I beseech you, don’t give us any more and we won’t give any more to you. We will use the money ourselves trying to do that in a more dignified manner.
The citizens know nothing about these things. If you talk to a citizen of the European Union, they know nothing. They don’t know what it is, whether it works. There was an attempt to do a Constitution that I’ve read and I got half a nervous breakdown. No one knows anything. Only that the seats on the bus are 30cm, we know that there’s an ID card for dogs. You do some laws with 26 exceptions. In the Netherlands you can smoke a joint. In Italy you get 4 years in prison. What has Europe become?
We want a bit of clarity about the money. It would be good if instead of passing through the Regions, (that really are associations for crime in our country), that it is monitored through the Internet. The Internet exists, but in Italy, it’s almost as though no one knows what it is. There are seventy year old politicians but here there are young people who know how to use the Internet. The Internet is a form of control. You can't rob with the Internet. Put on the Internet all the figures, the steps to pass the money around so that any citizen can check it. Either do that or don’t send us any more money.
Prodi, in the Financial Times, replied to the question: How many Romanians have entered Italy? Reply: "Nobody knows". There was a fund of 200 million Euro for welcoming and we have not used it. There’s no talk of a moratorium. So with this money what do we want to do? Welcome foreigners that can no longer fit or finance the companies to make them stay in Italy?
In Romania there are 22,000 Italian companies that have taken money. This money should have been given to the companies to stay in Italy. I don’t want you ever to send us anything more! Now an expert will explain to you where your money lands up. I repeat: You are funding Bokassa.” Beppe Grillo

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November 15, 2007

Salvatore Borsellino has Mastella-ised himself

photo by Mauro1978

To be Mastella-ised is a status symbol. It’s like the Gold medal on a civilian level. At the time of “Clean Hands” a politician without a couple of “avvisi di garanzia” {notification of impending investigation}. was a nobody. In these Ceppalonic times, in which even the tragedies become farces, being sued by Mastella is a badge of honesty for the citizen.
Salvatore Borsellino has decided to Mastella-ise himself and he explains the reasons in this letter.
Dear Beppe,
I have received a letter from Benny Calasanzio full of dignity and disgust for the latest unacceptable outburst from signor Clemente Mastella (It disgusts me to use for this character, the title of Minister of the Republic.) who has announced his intention to sue Beppe Grillo for his declarations at the European Parliament and to want to hand over any money coming from the process to the families of mafia victims.
The threat of being sued is a scare that is currently used as a surrogate to the “mafia warnings” by politicians who are used to this type of procedure, to try and silence the accusations against themselves from journalists, writers, presenters and even ordinary people who write on the Internet and on blogs.
Even signor Mastella himself, not long ago, didn’t find any better way to respond to accusations against himself with open letters published on the Web and during the broadcast of Anno Zero than to remind me that “he had granted the Borsellino family a pension.”
On that occasion I responded firstly to signor Mastella that it is not a matter of a “grant” from a Minister, but a “recognition” from the State, but probably signor Mastella is too familiar with the habits of clientism to grasp the difference.
Secondly, as far as I am concerned, apart from obviously not being a beneficiary of any pension, I have even renounced asking for the “provisional” that I could have asked for as an injured party in the trial for the assassination of my brother because what I am due from the State is only Justice and not an economic measure.
But probably signor Mastella is not competent even in matters of Justice and thus has not thought it worth giving me a response.
To end then I am reminding signor Mastella that in his statements made to the European Parliament, Beppe Grillo did nothing more than report what I had already stated in an open letter dated 20 September:
”Yesterday it was necessary to kill one after the other two judges who alone were fighting the battle that the Italian State not only has always refused to take on but that it has often fought on the side of those that should have been the enemy to be eradicated and that often it has directly armed.
Today not even TNT is useful any more, today it’s enough, in broad day light, to “avocare” an investigation in which one of the few remaining courageous judges was about to arrive at the level of the “untouchables” for everything to continue to go on as established.
So that this caste that has cut itself off from the real country and from honest people who still exist, even though they are guilty of a silence that by now is confused with indifference if not with connivance, can shamefully continue to govern our country and to cultivate their own exclusive interests in a State that it now considers to be its own exclusive property.
Today it is enough that an unworthy Minister like signor Mastella blackmails a beautified Head of the Government, perhaps with him too being involved in the same affair, threatening a government crisis, for the whole political class to close ranks round their worthy representative and the message arrives loud and clear at the wobbly top of the magistracy.”
That’s what I wrote and I reaffirm it.
If signor Mastella thinks it necessary to sue Beppe Grillo for his statements, I beg him to do the same thing to me. In that way I can hand over, as a family member of a victim of the mafia, a part of the gains that will be derived from putting his “warning” into action.
I don’t think I can add anything to Benny Calasanzio’s letter except to say that I stand with him in his request made on behalf of his own family.
It is so full of offended dignity and of disgust for the squalid declarations of the politicians that it refers to, that any other word would be superfluous.” Salvatore Borsellino
Tell people about this initiative: copy and paste this code
Anche io sono ammastellato

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November 07, 2007

La Voix de la Vallée

It’s not allowed in Italy to have a proposal referendum. The citizen can only annul the rubbish voted through by Parliament. And if they succeed, as in the case of public financing to the parties, the politicians ignore them. They get round the law or they do a new one.
In other States, the citizens can make proposals. With us we can only suffer. The people deciding is populism. The people proposing a law is demagogy. If however the law is done by the party employees in Parliament chosen by FassinoRutelliBertinottiFiniBerlusconi in our faces, then yes that is democracy.
To get the proposal referendum we would need to change the Constitution. Parliament will never do it. The Constitution is a garment tailor-made for the parties. Sewn on them, comfortable, wide enough for them never to have to say “I’m sorry” to the Italians. One day it’ll be necessary to take a hand to the Constitution, and make it become a true living tool, in the hands of the citizens. Not a memorial for memories.
To discuss the Constitution in Italy you need to be a Constitutionalist (what does that mean?) just as to talk about the Maroni law (he hides better than a mole) you have to be an expert in Labour Law. The magic word to block every change is “Anti- Constitutional” It works better than “Vade retro Satana”. The Constitution is afraid of the strong man and the people. It has handed over Italy to its representatives, to the parties who have not given it back since then.
There is however a sign of change. In the autonomous region of the Valle D’Aosta the proposal referendum has been introduced. For the first time in italy it’s possible to approve proposals of popular laws. The people become law makers.
On 18 November there’s voting on five law proposals for the rules for the election of the Council and the Regional Junta and the future of the regional hospital. The minimum quorum for participation is 45%. The parties invite the people not to go to vote and they are not talking about it. Sunday 18 November everyone off to vote early in the morning. Even in Rome they have to hear la Voix de la Vallée.

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October 22, 2007

The Final Solution

photo by Conte.Max

Mastella is being investigated by De Magistris for abuse of office, illicit financing of the parties, collaborating in fraud in relation to European and national financing. As soon as he discovers it he asks for his transfer. He doesn’t succeed. De Magistris becomes the one under investigation. Someone leaks reserved information to the Catanzaro Prosecutor. De Magistris receives an envelope containing bullets. He continues all the same. Mastella threatens to send Prodi home in the Spring. The investigation is immediately removed from De Magistris. Does it finish here?
Yes. It’s the end, but the end for the Centre Left. It is dead, defunct. No party has called for the resignation of Mastella. Shame on you! In a normal country, Mastella would be at Ceppaloni harvesting the tomatoes. And Prodi is under investigation as well? He’s calm. The judge no longer exists and he, together with his mate Mastella, is in Naples to receive the Pope.

Marco Travaglio has sent me a letter about the final solution.

Dear Beppe,
Two weeks ago at Annozero, I called to mind Licio Gelli and the Plan for the rebirth of the P2 and they were up in arms. In fact, I was too optimistic at that time. By now we are beyond Gelli, beyond the P2. We are at the political-judicial coup.
For once, following the technical-judicial aspects of the decision to wrench the “Why Not” investigation on Prodi, Mastella & Co. from the investigator, that is from the prosecutor Luigi De Magistris, is useless and misleading. It’s best to get to the essence immediately, that is: the magistrate who had collected enough elements to investigate Mastella for abuse, fraud and illicit financing, that is he reckoned to have found the money, cannot bring his investigation to a conclusion, even though on the home straight. The dossier will pass to another magistrate, who will take months to study all the official documents. And if he doesn’t want to end up like De Magistris – attacked by the Right and the Left, defended by no-one, under inspection for months and months, dragged in front of the CSM, put forward for immediate transfer, and in the end have his work taken from him – he will listen to the loving advice that the government will give him and the opposition as well, for once so united: archive everything, let it be, turn to another task.
Whatever he says to himself, this is not a private matter between De Magistris and Mastella. This is the final solution after twenty years of war of politics against the Justice system. It is the crowning glory of the dream of the various people like Gelli, Craxi and Berlusconi to stop at birth the investigations into power. Gelli, Craxi and Berlusconi in their naïvety, thought that to do that it was necessary to modify the Constitution, by writing there that the career of prosecutor is separate from that of judge and that the prosecutors must obey the government.
Mastella and the ones behind him understood that it’s not necessary to change the regulations: it’s enough to change the actual conditions so that all that happens. As soon as a prosecutor opens a dossier on the friends of a Minister, he asks for him to be transferred. (The prosecutor, not the Minister). Even if the request has no foundation, it doesn’t matter: when the magistrate arrives at the crucial part, going up a level from the friends of the Minister to the Minister himself, the Minister will make out that the prosecutor is doing that because he’s angry with him. And, with the game of the three cards, he will convince some other magistrate to swap the cause with the effects and snatch the investigation from the prosecutor for “incompatibility”. It’s as though the prosecutor was angry with the Minister, and not the Minister with the prosecutor. It’s called “preventative war”, and it wasn’t even invented by Mastella. It was already expressed as a theory by Mao: “Strike one to educate a hundred.” It works.” Marco Travaglio

Read the interview to Luigi De Magistris.

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October 15, 2007

Chomsky and the machine for producing candidates

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Noam Chomsky has given me this interview about V-Day and on the reactions of the parties and the media.

Chomsky says: “the political activity of the parties now is to produce candidates using mechanisms that are controlled by concentrations of economic power that marginalize the population.”. You are only an elector “who has the right to vote and who passes your life delegating and receiving commands but you have found your new liberty “ as in Giorgio Gaber’s song.
Chomsky expresses a strong concern for the liberty of information and for the future of the Internet.
The next V-Day will be about information. The date will be revealed in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
"V-Day Clean Parliament . Nothing in the press. It's extremely impressive that it could be done and it must reflects the substantial if not overwhelming feeling on the part of the population that something dramatic has to be done about this persistent problem of Italian politics. It illustrates that he really hit a nerve– it reflects a guilt and fear – that what he is doing is really threatening to power. We can dismiss the charge of terrorism. That's just hysteria. But the charge of populism is an interesting one. What's populism? Populism means appealing to the population and that is a serious charge from the point of view of elite opinion that believes that the population should be removed from public affairs. They should be spectators not participants. From that point of view it's a threat to try to engage the population in public affairs. One of the leading, maybe the leading public intellectual of the twentieth century in the United States, Walter Lippmann, his view was that the general population are what he called ignorant and meddlesome outsiders and the responsible men who are supposed to run the country have to be protected from them – as he put it – from their rage and trampling That was not an unusual position. That's the normal position of liberal intellectual democratic thought and on the one hand moving across the spectrum to Leninist vanguard party ideology on the other. And it's understandable on the part of privileged elites – they do not want the population to bother them. Now that's why they are consistently opposed to functioning democracy. I think that functioning democracy would be much more effective and significant without what we call political parties which basically function as candidate producing machines. Their only participation is to show up every once in a while and choose between individuals and programmes put to them. They play no role in formulating the positions and choosing the candidates. Be concrete are figures who are able to gain sufficient financial support They are basically figures created by and supported by the business world They appear in towns and they say "vote for me – because here's what I'm going to do" and then people decide whether to vote for them. Well in a democratic society it would work quite differently. What would happen - in a functioning democracy - What would happen is that in the towns or regions, people would get together publicly in public places – and with other forms of interaction and they would determine what policies they prefer. The candidate would then show up and they would tell him "Here's the policies that we prefer. If you are willing to represent these policies we may vote for you, if not go home." That would be a functioning democracy or they would just choose their own candidates and we are very far from that The way political parties function as candidate-producing machines basically organised by concentrations of private power where the capital comes from are modes of marginalising the population. The leading American philosophy of the twentieth century John Dewey, pointed out correctly that He said that politics is the shadow cast by big business over society Now – That's the way it works. That's not functioning democracy. There is a battle going on as to whether the Internet will remain free and open as it was when it was in the State sector or whether it will be controlled. Now controlling the internet is not simple but there are ways of doing it. There are only a few modes of access into the Internet and in private hands they would like to control it and that is a major political battle in the United States right now. "

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October 12, 2007

The future is now


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”A comedian can allow himself just to destroy, however those who have political responsibility must also think about constructing”. Dario Franceschini.
I have to thank Franceschini. In a single sentence there is all the contempt of the politicians in relation to the citizens, in relation to those who want to do politics without having the right credentials. Who decides whether a citizen can do politics? Is the choice made according to the profession? To the income? To the social class?
And who chooses? Franceschini? The parties?
I am just a loudspeaker and I’m not destroying anything. The parties have already destroyed themselves on their own. They are self-referential organisms that are sick.
The parties and their servants in the media talk from morning to night about V-day as a “protest without proposals”.
They need to wake up and do a bit less lying. We have gone beyond the proposals, we’ve got to the facts with hundreds of local initiatives with the Meetups. With tens of big and little battles in the blog. With free telephony and Internet for the citizens of Pordenone
This is not my doing. I have just expressed an awareness to many Italians without a future because of a political class that is incapable. Responsible for a State that is in pieces, with a Justice system that is adrift, a public debt that is drawing near to the abyss and six million precarious workers.
It’s not a matter of left or right or of the costs of politics.
These politicians must be substituted with new people who are well informed and honest.
There’s no more time for the Primaries of Topo Gigio or for being controlled by the psycho-dwarf’s media. The citizens have to act for themselves and to act straight away.

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October 10, 2007

Topo Gigio Primaries

On 14 October there’s the primaries of the dead bodies. One euro for each signature. A reasonable price.
For the first time in Italy there will be pre-elections with a single candidate. No betting agency would accept a bet on the victory of a candidate who does not have the name Veltroni.
The Topo Gigio of: “Cosa mi dici mai…” {whatever did you say to me…} has said the following about this great day for marketing the party-ocracy: “There’ll be a youthful enthusiasm, but it’ll be an unprecedented great day, for the first time there’ll be an audience half full of women; for the first time the sixteen year olds will go to vote, and as never before, there’ll be lots of civil society”. And also lots of cheese for everyone….
If Prodi sends you to sleep, then Topo Gigio will make you light, it’s an adjective without a noun, light as a balloon. On Sunday will there be a million, perhaps two million voters? What’s the minimum number to avoid the sweet failure of the primaries?
Veltroni is the mayor of Rome, a position of great responsibility. For months Veltroni has been a fixed guest of the TV studios and he does three interviews a day. If an employee of a private company were to dedicate as much time as Topo Gigio to another activity, then he would be sacked on the spot.
On 15 October, Veltroni will in fact be the secretary of the PD. With the increase in the commitments he must fulfill will he continue to be the mayor? Yes!
It’s us that pay his salary.

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Civic Lists

Il V-Day a Faenza

I spent two weeks with the lawyers before understanding anything about civic lists. Just look what I have to do. Today I’m starting with the first post and soon I’ll start up a special web site with every sort of information.
Civic lists, the virus of participative democracy, are a great possibility for reforming, perhaps restarting the country.
I have already put in writing and I repeat once more that I don’t intend to form political parties. What I am committing to in the next few months is to use the blog and assign a symbol to promote the civic lists that have the characteristics and the commitments that I will publish.

Required characteristics:
1. At the moment that they become candidates and for the whole of the time that they are in office the candidates must not be signed up to any party or political group.
2. The candidate must not have ever been convicted in a criminal court, even if it is not definitive nor can they have ongoing proceedings relating to them at the moment that they are candidates.
3. The candidate must not have previously been an elected representative for more than one term of office, at a national or local level apart from for the neighbourhood where they are offering themselves as a candidate.
4.Every candidate must reside within the boundaries of the town or region (according to whether it’s a matter of town or regional elections) where he or she is a candidate.

1. Every candidate commits to give up the elected seat if it should happen that during the period of elected office he or she loses or is shown to not have had from the beginning the minimum required characteristsics described above. Otherwise, the whole list loses the right to have their activity qualified as being certified by the blog.
2. At the time that it becomes a candidate, the list will publish on the Internet, in a special web site that is appropriate, the list of its candidates with their curriculum vitae in accordance with a standard that will be defined, as well as their manifesto setting out how they will govern and they will at the same time set up a blog open to all citizens so as to allow for the free exchange of opinions and criticisms with the people making up the civic list.
3. The list cannot associate with other parties or lists , unless they are certified by the blog, to govern the town or the region.

Give your thoughts and suggestions to the points presented with a comment (for example what information the candidates’ CVs should have).
I will publish the way the certification will take place, the symbol, the way the right to use the symbol will happen as well as the limits and the terms of use in the next few days.

Ps.Click on the photo of the "mastellamobile" to see all the photos on Flickr. Publish the photos, publish, publish...

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September 26, 2007

Turin City Council Meeting

Citizens are waking up. They are beginning to realize that public affairs do not belong to the parties but to them. The Meeting at the Turin City Council, after many years, has seen some employers in the Sala Rossa with an undoubted benefit to their activity. The eye of the master fattens the horse and makes the city cabinet members bubbly. I’m publishing a report from the Turin meetup group.

”Dear Beppe,
The operation "Fiato sul collo" {Breathe down your neck} has officially started in Turin, with participation at the City Council meetings and those of the city zones (where the law says it is also possible to speak).
Comments of the employee councillors given to the local press:
- Agostino Ghiglia (AN) : [...] Having said that I detest Grillo’s qualunquismo, citizens are welcome to participate in the work of the city council. It is a way of exercising control.”.
- Mario Carossa (Lega): “A good way of combating absenteeism”
- Antonello Angeleri dell'Udc: "[...] Their presence made the meeting exciting. Everyone speaking, everyone making notes, making suggestions, “a bit like the first day of school” “some of the councillors performed well just because they knew they were being observed.”
- Monica Cerutti (Sd): "Their presence meant that the work was done in a more orderly way.”
The comment of the employee Mayor Chiamparino in La Stampa: “They are welcome. Since the death of the Arneodos [elderly couple who were always present in the Sala Rossa, - editor] there’s never been anyone. Of course, the suspicious thing is that after these demonstrations, there will be civic lists to follow. Once they are here, they have to respect the regulations and they cannot tell anyone to ‘F… Off’”
A simple comment from us: We always respect the regulations. And it is interesting to note that most of the politicians, including Chiamparino, are stating hypotheses always according to ends and interests (the creation of civic lists or parties) with citizens exercising their constitutional rights. Every aspect of a civic sense and a passion has been lost. That is inside the palatial buildings, not in the squares and streets as we have seen. Let’s keep on like that.” Filippo & the Turin Meetup

P.S. The quail is in the womb. I repeat: The quail is in the womb.

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September 23, 2007

This evening let’s all go to the Town Council meeting


Anyone who incites the crowd, who is outside the institutional river bed is condemned. The language of V-Day is criticized to avoid talking of its contents and the causes that brought it about.
V-Day has proposed a popular draft law with three elements for a “Clean Parliament”. Italian citizens queuing up for hours, signed it. Where is the violence? Where is the fascism that Scalfari was talking about?
The civic lists take the citizens back to the centre of public life. They are allowed for by Italian law, they have always existed. Where is the demagogy and the qualunquismo that the professionals of politics are screaming about?
We are in the river bed. Public life interests us. Apart from anything, it is the legitimate property of the citizens.
The blog has proposed a programme: "Citizen Primaries" on the economy, transport, energy, health, and telecommunications. Has any of the media taken it into consideration? Has it perhaps been analysed and discussed?
Since 8 September, every post on this blog has been taken to pieces word by word, apart from one. Have you noticed that? The one that asked for Rete 4 to be put on satellite to re-establish the rule of law. How strange. The TV News directors who are so attentive with their own criticisms have not cited that one. Petruccioli, where are you? In Arcore?
The identity card is our party ticket. The towns are our assembly spaces. The mayors and the town councillors are our employees. They need to be controlled.
Take part in the meetings of the town council. They are free and are better than the cinema. It is set out in the Law DLGS n. 267/2000 - the unified text on the laws about local government bodies. Discuss the sessions and report your impressions in the blogs, in the forums. Calmly. You are in the river bed!

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September 20, 2007

Kill us all

I’m publishing a letter from Aldo Pecora of the group: "Ammazzateci tutti". {Kill us all}
He has been to Casal Principe with Roberto Saviano who is living with body guards.
Download and distribute the document: “Le Primarie dei cittadini”.{Citizen Primaries}

"Dear Beppe,
Yesterday I was in Casal di Principe in Campania, to welcome in the new school year together with Roberto Saviano in the presence of the President of the Lower House, Bertinotti.. I have discovered that the camorra offspring define themselves as “young entrepreneurs”. I have discovered also that the camorra does not exist, that Saviano invented it all. It was they that said exactly that, the “young entrepreneurs”.
At the end of the demonstration a journalist from TG1 {channel 1 TV news}came up to ask me what I thought of these emerging offspring of Naples’ entrepreneurial class. In reply I said that if the camorra does not exist evidently the “young entrepreneurs” from Campania that yesterday were heckling Saviano have never been asked to pay the “pizzo” or have never suffered extortion, and that it seems that the only unlucky ones who paid the “pizzo” in Campania are the few entrepreneurs who rebel and who denounce the activity.
But the temptation was too strong and I let go and finally asked the Confindustria that expels those who pay the “pizzo”, if now to be logical, they intend to award as a prize, a merit certificate, a medal to these “young entrepreneurs” who say that the camorra doesn’t exist. What do you think about this? They attacked a young man who at less than 30 years old has mucked up his life and is obliged to go around with body guards. Do you understand Beppe? It seems that Saviano invented everything, the threat and even the camorra. And it’s enough to look at the faces in the town of the “Casalesi” of those who shouted these things in the square , and let’s not forget, most of those present were boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16, at their first day of school. But what sort of country are we living in? Now we just need the mice to chase the cats and the robbers to go after the cops. Warm greetings.

V-Day on information. Now!
Total censorship on the anti-politcs issue. Or really on what the TV (and the newspapers) don’t say.
From the stage I said publicly to those present, with Bertinotti only a metre away from me, that sincerely if I have to choose between anti-politics and bad politics, I prefer this “anti-politics”, because if politics keeps on looking at its own navel, between Great Pardons, discounts on sentences, deals and time-outs, the State based on the rule of law is finished..
If we really have to define ourselves, we are the anti-bad-politics. The true anti-politics has always been done by the mafia that for decades has been filling in the gaps, the craters and the chasms of undemocracy that have created themselves in the last few years between the institutions and the citizens. To the indifference of those who think that the true terrorists are ourselves and the windscreen cleaners.”

Aldo Pecora Movimento “Ammazzateci tutti” - Locri

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September 19, 2007

Proposals from the Citizens

Yesterday on "Porta a Porta", the President of the Council, by now defined even by the journalists as “Valium-Prodi” was speaking seated behind a giant screen showing my face. Crumbs, it’s as though the BBC were broadcasting Gordon Brown speaking to the nation while addressing Mr. Bean.
Prodi attacked me. He said something that is “qualunquista”: “Citizens are not better than the politicians”. I believe he was talking about all citizens and all politicians. So basically we are a country without hope.
Valium then went on, saying about me: “Now let him change because from criticism the proposal must come
This is when I got worried.
In fact there are proposals: the proposals of the citizens who for months have been writing comments and sending emails to the blog. They are not mine. They are from Prodi’s employers.
I personally handed them to Alzheimer-Prodi in Palazzo Chigi on 8 June 2006. I left him with a resignation letter to be used if he didn’t take them into consideration. He assured me that they would be sent on to the relevant Ministers.
I’ve got the whole film clip.
The programme was written by the citizens, not by Grillo.
Italy will change thanks to its citizens, not thanks to Grillo.
There’s talk of an emptiness to be filled. But who created this if not the absence of politics? If not the party-ocracy? They are attacking me, but in fact they are attacking their (former) voters.
They are boxers gone soft.
Download and distribute the document: “Citizen Primaries”

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September 16, 2007

Town Halls to the Citizens

image by red.pilgrim

Now what? After V-Day?
Let the citizens take the stage. Every Meetup, every group can, if you like, transform yourselves into a civic list for the local elections.
Citizens must become a direct part of politics. To protect themselves and their children.
The Town Halls make decisions about the everyday life of each one of us.
They can poison us with incinerators or start to recycle different types of material. Create play parks for the children or ports for the speculators. Construct car parks or nurseries. Privatize water or keep it under their control.
From the local level we have to start to do politics again with the civic lists.
The lists that fulfill the requirements that I will publish on this blog in a few days time will have the transparency certification “”. Among the requirements, there’ll be, for example, not to be a member of a political party and to have a clean record.
Anyway the lists can have any name they like and they can be autonomous as to what action they take. There can be more than one list in the same town or city.
The certified lists will be publicized on the blog and will be able to exchange information and experiences among themselves using a common online platform that will be made available through the blog.
I am not going to participate in any demonstration in the next few months. I am not promoting the presentation of any civic list, at a local or national level.
The V-Day participants are not lending their voices to anyone. They are their own loudspeakers. They are the citizens that do politics.
For the civic lists stay tuned to this blog.

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September 12, 2007

The V-generation


The V-generation has been born on the Internet. One email at a time. A comment, a link, a trackback, a post, a forum, a chat. Thousands of people have been able to get to know each other, to meet each other. To discuss true politics, connected to work, to school, to health, to safety, to the family, to water, to energy. The Internet is the place for doing politics.
On Saturday the V-generation came into the streets and the squares to sign for the popular initiative draft law. It materialized, but just for those who knew nothing about it. A moment of democracy: a proposal for a popular law. Citizens willingly queued up for hours.
ONLY 300,000 signatures were collected because the forms ran out. In the squares there were at least a million people.
The V-generation has been defined: “Italia di merda” and “anti politics”. The people of the V-generation is a living offence for professional politicians. A crime of “offending the emperor” for many journalists and intellectuals. All people (not with precarious jobs) who have had a good living, very good in recent years at the expense of the country. The million people who came out into the streets, in an orderly way, without flags, without even any tiny incident, must be thanked. It’s the escape valve of the pressure cooker that could explode. A moment of peace to reflect on the future of this country.
The V-generation is pure air, sharing, future.
Gaber would say: “freedom is participating”
.PS: Thanks to all the Meetup groups. You have been FANTASTIC!

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September 10, 2007

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, 8 September 2007

Click on the picture to see all the photos

Photo by Mario Bucchich

"Today marks the start of the new Renaissance forged by Italians. On 8 September 1943, the Royals scuttled off to Pescara. Behind them they left Italy in a shambles. Today nothing has changed. Parliament is occupied by unauthorized people chosen by Party secretaries. They no longer scuttle away - they don’t need to. They live in a world apart, with body guards and television. Politician – a term that is no longer worth a fig. Professional politicians. Professional unlawful ones. Not like those who help you park cars, the windscreen washers and the whores, They are the unauthorized ones. Nobody elected them. They have taken away our freedom to vote for a candidate.
I do not want the parties to decide who is to be elected to Parliament. Nor even that the Ministers are surprises in our Easter eggs. Before the voting, we want to know who will occupy the Ministries and who will be the Minister of Justice. If they pick Mastella, then let them vote for him. Let them elect him. Let them go along to the pay-as-you-go Primaries.
THEM, the enchantment of delegation. THEY WILL THINK OF EVERYTHING.
It is YOU LOT who have to take back your life into your own hands. It is you who must do politics everyday - in the supermarket, at school, at the work place, at the traffic lights, in the midst of nature, in your apartment block.
There is no one over the wall on the other side. If you knock at the door, it will stay closed. Stop believing the newspapers and television that just pump out lies. The banks, the media, politics, big business are all the same. The same people. There is a dragon gobbling up our country that makes you believe what it wants. That goes down on bended knees to interview timed-out criminals, members of the Mafia, the corrupted and those who do the corrupting. At the wave of a wand it transforms them into honest persons, statesmen. But all they are is paltry scoundrels who, in any other country, would have to hide their heads in shame! What example will you give to your children? Take these examples, Corona, Previti, the psycho-dwarf, Pomicino, Ricucci, Fiorani in his underpants, Geronzi the new President of Mediobanca who decides what will happen to the country’s finances! The more disgusting you are, the more you are famous? The more crimes you have chalked up to you, the greater your success? Is this what you want?
Amato the minister says he is worried that if the Left wing in the government doesn’t give a decisive shift in relation to public order, there will be a "return to fascism".
Amato, Craxi’s Treasurer, who never knew anything, who was always closeted in his office reading documents. That great fat hog was stashing away billions abroad and he didn’t know.
Where were you hanging out, Amato, that year when you released 26,000 criminals from the jails? You did it to prevent your accomplices, the public administrators, the wide boys in politics ending up behind bars. Don’t tell me you do not know about it. And now you are talking about a return to fascism. Of a security summit. Here there is no return to fascism, nothing but a swing towards common sense, nothing but the swing of a boot up the arse for those who voted for the Great Pardon. We know their names and their surnames. We will do them all at the next elections. These people sitting on the parliamentary benches must never again return. How many deaths, how many rapes, how many thefts has this Great Pardon brought about? Who is paying the price? Will it be perhaps that Minister of Caste and Injustice - for this is Mastella’s true title - who will be selling his apartments in Rome to compensate the family in Gorgo al Monticano?
The whole kettle of fish stinks to high heaven, the stench rises from the sewers and swirls around and you can’t cope. You live the whole time holding your nose. I want to sniff again the fresh winds of life, We need to unblock the manhole covers. Clean air and pure water. In our own lives and the life of the Res Publica. Piazza Maggiore is crowded to the gills with a throng of one hundred thousand, one hundred and fifty thousand people? 220 Italian cities and twenty cities in the world outside are on the same wavelength with us. This is the first time that it has come to pass. It is the magic of the Internet, of information freed from its bonds, it is our Woodstock for the rule of law. At least 300,000 people have signed today for a New Renaissance, for a law of popular initiative, a law to restore dignity to Parliament on three fronts:
- no to felons in parliament,
- no to political professionals, a couple of terms of office and then back to their jobs,
- yes to direct representation.
The signatures needed were all forthcoming in the space of one morning. People queued up for hours and were pleased to do so, just so that they could sign. I will take this draft law into Parliament and read it and we shall be eyeball to eyeball with anyone who opposes it.
This is a country of constitutional subjects. We are allowed to vote but only from among persons whom the parties choose. Sometimes we are allowed to say no to a law through a referendum. There is no referendum for draft laws that are floated. But when it comes down to it, the parties could not care less about the results of referenda. When the electoral law of 2005 was created, the Centre Right threw down the memory tube the results of the 1992 referendum.
In the Middle Ages, we had more rights than we have today. This is why a New Renaissance is necessary. Life lies in your hands. Politics is there to create happiness, hopes for the future and beauty.
Hopes of being able to find work, creativity, and hope for the family.
They have stolen the future from a whole generation. They have rendered them slaves to regulations. 25,000 persons have written to me explaining the misery they experience at work where they earn €4 per hour, two months at work and then back home again. I have gathered together all the testimony in the form of a book. Joseph Stiglitz, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics, wrote: "What is the use of sending your children to study at University to have them tossing the fried potatoes? Save the money you would have spent on a university degree for them!" And then there’s Ichino who quotes a forged article which I did not write in the Corriere della Sera. He slung the term of terrorist at me. Now, do you hear me? I issued the invitation, but I do not see you and there is only one thing that I am going to say to you and it is "up yours!" There are more than five million people in precarious employment in Italy. Are we going to put our heads in the sand and pretend there are none? Are we going to wait until the figure gets to ten million, or twenty million if you will? There is a terrible truth that no one will utter. There is not enough work. And when there is not enough work to go round, we have rules that regulate precarious employment. Our lads have no choice, so what do they do? They emigrate. If there were a proper labour market, the laws governing precarious employment would remain stillborn. The captains of industry would be forging documents in order to hire an engineer or a technician.
In our Woodstock what we have is people who want a different Italy, a true Bel Paese or Fair Land if you will, a land of people who do not tell lies and to whom nobody tells lies either. Let us set off now and we shall never stop.
Today is going to be truth and music.
Together we shall do it! There are so many of us, millions, and all we have to do is wake from a drugged sleep, so that we can smile at life and be happy at the thought of a New Renaissance."

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September 06, 2007

Family Photos


A response to my post “ Mug Shots” from the Popolari-UDEUR, the big party from Ceppaloni, says:
- the pardon is not a tool in the hands of the Minister of Justice, but of the whole Parliament, that approved it with a majority of 800 votes (nothing to do with us – editor).
- dramatic facts like those of Treviso. Cruel crimes, committed by scoundrels, who are and who remain such, independently of the measures that they have benefited from (the guilt is of the scoundrel, not of the pardon - editor) Mastella, they have left you alone with the hot potato; even your own folk are keeping their distance. You’ve only got Benigni and the parable of the centurion.
I’m publishing the letter from the Meetup of Treviso which is near to the village of Gorgo al Monticano where the massacre took place.

“Dear Beppe,
After we felt the nausea and the anguish for the massacre in Gorgo al Monticano, we were disturbed to learn that one of the three, previously convicted of rape, was out of prison because of the pardon” and straight away we thought that the responsibility for what has happened was not only to be attributed to the barbarous ones who executed the double murder, but also to those who had allowed the assassins to go back and commit crime. “They must lock them up and throw away the key” “ they were the best grandparents in the world”: these are the words of the youngsters Laura and Alessio, aged 10 and 9, who saw their grandparents killed in that cruel way.
When we got to know that one of the perpetrators of the crime was at large thanks to the pardon, added to the dismay, was anger and the fear that similar facts can happen again.
We believe that your offer of legal help to the family members of the victims in Gorgo to take out an action against the Minister of Justice is a stimulus and a help to nail those who promoted the pardon to their responsibilities: the pardon was voted for against the wishes of the majority of the citizens.
As for the Popolari-Udeur who gave themselves permission to criticize you, we ask if they remember article 110 of the Constitution that gives the Minister of Justice the task of looking after “the organisation and the functioning of the services relating to justice.”. To whom should we turn? To the Minister of Equal Opportunity?
Everyone well remembers who voted for the pardon, that is everyone apart from IDV, Lega, AN and Pdci and if the Honourable Mastella, apart from having voted in favour of the pardon also holds the position of Minister of Justice he must accept all the problems that he has created and is still creating for the population. It is stated that the pardon was asked for by John Paul II. John Paul II was dead when Parliament approved the “disgraceful” law for the pardon; in any case he asked for more humane conditions for the prisoners but not their liberation…..
As Marco Travaglio has written to Minister Amato: “It is true that the prisons were bursting at the seams, but there were other things that could have been done. It would have been enough to tell the truth. Instead, the Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella announced that to release 15,000 prisoners it was necessary to have a pardon of 3 years. Experts like D'Ambrosio stated that with a pardon of 3 years at least double that number would have walked free and that for 15,000 it was enough to have one year, or at the most 2 years.” Now, Travaglio went on: “It is discovered that in 9 months those who left prison were 26,201 convicts plus at least 10,000 people awaiting trial or awaiting sentencing: making at least 100% more than the number announced.”
The pardon has produced a crime wave that cannot be stopped. One of the three arrested for the murder in Gorgo stated: Anyway you won’t manage to keep me in prison for more than a few days”… he is still convinced that he can get away with it, as has happened on previous occasions since he arrived in Italy. The victims of the pardon are waiting for compensation both moral and material from whoever looks after “the organisation and the functioning of the services relating to justice.”
While waiting, we hope that the parliamentarians give an example by doing without their body guards to give them to the Italian citizens who are defenceless and exposed to attacks from those who have been “pardoned”. Maurizio

1.Support V-day by giving money to:
Current account in the name of Beppe Grillo - ABI 05018 - CAB 12100 -c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A - Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276 - CIN B- BANCA POPOLARE ETICA
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September 05, 2007

Mug Shots

Artur Lleshi, Albanian, sentenced to ten years for attempted murder, out of prison thanks to the pardon, expelled from Italy, but just on paper.
Naim Stafa, Albanian, previous convictions for kidnapping, drugs, arms, a person who is not welcome in the Schengen area.
Clemente Mastella, Italian, Minister of Justice, responsible for the pardon.

The Italians didn’t want the pardon. It was useful for avoiding prison for those, often very close to the parties, who had committed crimes against the public administration, financial crimes, company crimes, tax crimes. All the rest is lies.
Mastella was put there for this reason. It was bipartisan wheeler-dealering. It gives a guarantee to everyone except the citizens.
The effects of the pardon can be seen in recent months. Now there’s a government of unpunished people, without making amends, without any self criticism, they tell us that they want to avoid easy–going freeing from prisons. That they want to fight micro-criminality.

The Treviso Prosecutor, Antonio Fojadelli has said: “Certainly, if the pardon hadn’t been up to three years and if it hadn’t included crimes like murder and robbery…” And he added: “I, myself, looking around me, I don’t see the State.”
The first gesture that the Council of Ministers should do is to have a vote of no confidence in Clemente Mastella. The government’s popularity would be great.
I am making available to the families of the married couple killed at Gorgo al Monticano my lawyers to take an action against the Minister of Justice. In this country, everyone has to start to take their responsibilities, starting with our employees.

The website has published an article about the effects of the pardon They are summarized in this graph:

1.Support V-day by giving money to:
Current account in the name of Beppe Grillo - ABI 05018 - CAB 12100 -c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A - Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276 - CIN B- BANCA POPOLARE ETICA
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August 24, 2007

Rome-Copenhagen, one way ticket

Bureaucracy as such is not a bad thing, in fact it is necessary. If it doesn’t get too widespread. Italy is suffering an overdose of bureaucracy. A job with public services is not just a salary. It’s an extra position, an extra step in the passing of papers. A phone call, an extra document. Apart from the Provinces, how many other bodies are useless? A public structure has to produce something to show it is legitimate. If its function is of no use. It produces useless bureaucracy. Useful however in making the public go mad. Let’s emigrate to Europe while we have the chance. I’m publishing 2 letters, two ways of viewing the public good.

Dear Beppe,
My name is Barbara and I’m 36 years old. For the last 2 years I’ve been Nichy’s mum . Nicky has Tuberous sclerosis, a genetic illness that is as horrible as its name. It causes learning disabilities, epileptic fits and so on. But I’m not writing to you to tell you how desparate I feel. I’m writing to you to invite you to spend a couple of days with me and I will show you the real architectural barriers for a disabled person! Not the structural ones but the bureaucratic ones! Information is at the core of freedom, but in this subject matter (handicap) I have bumped into too much disinformation.
Spend a day with me and we will spend it on the telephone, we will listen to “wait music” and phrases like “I’ll pass you on to my colleague”, we will wait and wait… hours that we can’t afford to get what is promised by the law 104/92, but that no one knows how to give us. Our ears will get married to the Cornetta. But we have to be good to explain to Nichy (and all the others like him) that Mum has to spend more time with the bureaucracy than with him so that he can be integrated better!!!
Please give us a little corner of your passion… I am sure that something will start moving!”
Barbara. R.

“I’ve just left Rome and I’m in the centre of Copenhagen. Here I go out and find cycle tracks everywhere. My children play on their own in a garden with swings and a football pitch. I look at the crime statistics and they don’t mention organised crime. It doesn’t exist.
And even corruption is practically inexistent. I’m listening to the welfare reform proposals of the Danish social democratic party, which as it happens is lead by a 40 year old woman. I discover that among her 72 solid ideas, there’s the idea of ensuring that all the old people in the care homes get a shower every day. In Italy we haven’t even managed to get public care homes for older people, whose numbers are always going up.
The distance between Rome and Copenhagen is more than 2 thousand kilometres and you can feel the distance. First of all with regard to the public administration. I go to the registration office to register my family. We queue with numbers. There are pens for everyone. The staff speak English and so my husband, who is Italian, can understand. After half an hour it’s all done. The same day I discover that my bank has changed my address on its system, that is obviously connected to the registration office In half an hour I get the permit to park by the house for 6 months. Result: minimum bureaucracy, minimum agro. It doesn’t surprise me when my Danish colleagues have asked me the same questions in all these years, when I tried to tell them about Italy: Why? Why is there the mafia? Why is there corruption? Why is there a government crisis? Why is there Berlusconi? "
L. D.

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August 22, 2007

The bogey man

Il Babau (bogey man) by Dino Buzzati

In the single-thought Italy, the equation native-of-a-country-outside-the-European union = delinquent has become a given. The first suspect is always a foreigner. This sensation, whether or not it is true, the Italian lives in real life every day. At the traffic lights with the windscreen cleaners and the beggar. In the city centres with children on the ground asking for charity. In the streets with underage boys and girls forced into prostitution, true mass paedophilia. If the Italians who are behind this, were chemically castrated, we would be wiped out. With theft by Roma children in broad daylight at the Central Station in Milan or at the Termini Station in Rome. The illegality of the poor, of the exploited, of those who have nothing to lose, of the child slave is ever more evident. Ever more dark, ever more oppressive. In any conversation, out comes the story of the black man from North Africa or the ferocious Slav. The daily news bulletins report a bulletin of war. Rapes, murders, road traffic accidents. I was on a plane. I took off my jacket, belt, watch, everything I had in my pocket, shoes. I held up my trousers by hand and I thought of terrorism. Of the clandestines arriving at Lampedusa from North Africa. I wondered if they get checked like an Italian citizen at Fiumicino. If I were Al Qaeda I would use a big boat, not an aeroplane.
What does Italian racism produce? A type of neo-fascism? Ghettos? Pogroms? And who is feeding this drift? And why? The welcome should have some rules. The first is that whoever comes in must be welcomed like a human being: work, house, civil rights. The second is that whoever comes in irregularly is committing a crime, and should be put in prison. The exit document with 3 days to leave, is a joke that no longer raises a laugh. The third is that whoever commits a crime pays the penalty for it in his home country. The pardon emptied the prisons of foreign citizens. Repatriation was enough. For whom is this situation convenient? Not to the foreigners who have their documents in order who are paying for everyone, not those who live in the suburbs or near the abusive encampments of the Roma people. Not to the civic health of this nation. The politicians are on the make, left and right. The former with the comfortable do-goodiness, the latter with the fear of those who are different. For them the clandestine person is measured in votes.

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August 01, 2007

The V-Day march

I have decided to start off V-day with a virtual march.
Everyone who has signed up to 8 September is there. Each with their name and their own thought. Anyone who is already signed up can change their own picture by changing their details (note that you only actually sign up once) . Today we are at about 116,000. To see the participants and read all the messages it would take weeks.
It’s a small people on the march. Perhaps the front of a change. A signal for those who still don’t believe us. September 8 is a beginning, a starting point. The breaking of the political enchantment invented by the media. Remove these newspapers and these TV channels from the politicians and there’ll be nothing left of them. Underneath the media: nothing.
The servants with their TV megaphones and with the printed paper, are ignorant, they know nothing of V-day.
Or they will make use of it. They will say, they have said, that it is against the government, that it is a new political party, that it is a virtual movement, of 4 cats, that it is justice-alism, that if a comic is engaged in certain things.. – well then… .
The State no longer exists. Behind the door of the Ministers it’s not there any more. Behind the door of the Provinces it’s not there any more. Behind the door of the towns it’s not there any more. It died with the Democratic Party, with the mafia in Parliament, with the convicted scoundrels with time-out, with the pardoned scoundrels. With good-for-nothing people. With professional scoundrels.
It’s useless knocking, no one will reply.
September 8 everyone at V-day in Italy’s public places.
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July 26, 2007

Parliament replies to the blog

The debate on the "Clean Parliament" popular law continues. 195 parliamentarians have replied to the survey. The majority are in agreement with the non-eligibility of convicts and with the direct preference votes. However, the limit of two terms of office, they can’t swallow. They prefer a life-long income. I have prepared a document (download it) with graphs, comments, and all the responses. I advise you to read them, they are illuminating. Both the ones in favour, and the ones against.
V-day will take place in the open spaces of Italy. I’ll be at Piazza Maggiore in Bologna.

There’ll be lots of friends: musicians, writers, artists, people who want what’s best for Italy. There’ll be a marathon. They’ll start towards the end of the afternoon and they’ll finish in the evening. I’ll let you know the timing.
In Bologna, as in all the other events, there’ll be a collection of signatures for the popular initiative “Clean Parliament”.
The meet-up groups will organize signing points and local demonstrations that will get maximum highlighting through the blog.
People, if even a small number of our employees have understood that there’s need for the sweeping brush in Parliament, then we’ve done it. 50,000 signatures for a new start. V-day. V-day. V-day.

Download the survey.
PS: My appearance and that of the other artistes at the show in Bologna will be free. To set it up and manage it, the predicted cost is about 40,000 euro. I’m starting it off with 5,000 euro. Anyone wanting to make a contribution can do so using these bank details

Bank account in the name of Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
Causale: V-day


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July 23, 2007

One in five does it

It was usual to offer a last cigarette to those about to die on the gallows. I wanted to offer to the parliamentarians a last possibility. To reply to an opinion poll on the popular law for a Clean Parliament. Last week I personally sent an email to every deputy and senator. The text :

Dear XXXXX, email address YYYYY,
I would like to ask you to respond to the questions given below.
Your response will be published on my blog, together with those of your parliamentary colleagues.
Rules of the survey:
- responses must arrive within three days of this email
- the “silence is dissent” rule will be operated: no response is considered to be a negative response to the questions.
You must send your response as a reply to this email.
The questions:
1) Do you agree that no Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial?
2) Do you agree that the eligibility for election to Parliament must be limited to 2 terms of office?
3) Do you agree that direct preferences should be restored for the election of parliamentarians?

I send greetings and would like to thank you for your response if you would like to give it. Please note that the three questions asked are equivalent to the three points of the popular law that I presented to the Court of Cassation.
Beppe Grillo

Out of 630 deputies, 315 senators and 7 life senators, 191 replied. Almost 20%. One in five. It’s the first time that there’s real contact between us and our employees. A demonstration of democracy. I don’t think that a popular law has ever been voted for publicly by such a high number of parliamentarians at the request of a citizen. Not in Italy, nor in other places. For the moment I would like to thank all those who have sent an email. On Thursday I’ll publish a document that gives a summary with names, opinions, drawings, responses, and predictions that can be downloaded from the blog.


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July 22, 2007

Dinosaurs and the Pressure Cooker


Our employees don’t understand that the Italy pressure cooker can’t hold out any longer. The heat of the fire is increasing. Each day there’s new fuel. The judge Clementina Forleo asks to be able to use the telephone intercepts of three Ds parliamentarians and three Forza Italia parliamentarians (three against three, the perfect equilibrium for Forza Ds!) involved in the summer of the little crafty ones. A Bnl to me, an Antonveneta for you, an Rcs for me, the local newspapers for you.
The intercepted, D’Alema, Fassino and Latorre (Ds), Grillo, Comincioli and Cicu (FI) need not fear. Among those who are standing on their side are:
- The minister of Caste and Justice, Mastella, well known jurist:
“At the constitutional level, I exclude that a judge has the power to manage to ask for the use of intercepts for purposes of investigations that have never been requested”,
- the presidents of the Lower and Upper Houses Bertinotti and Marini, full-time Trades Unionists to protect the rights of their parliamentary colleagues:
“The spreading of news about the relationship between the magistracy and Parliament is a problem”,
- The head of the Olive in the Senate, Anna Finocchiaro:
“If these considerations had been made by any other State official, it would have been considered an abuse of power, because the possibility of exercising the criminal action is the competency of the pm {pubblico ministero = public prosecutor}and not of the gip {giudice per le indagini preliminary = judge for preliminary investigations}”.
Forleo maintains that the politicians who are implicated are not “passive recipients of information”, but “knowing accomplices of a criminal plan”.
Most of our employees, however, make out that it’s their business and that the magistracy must not interfere.

Today’s front page. La Repubblica: “That’s enough about the Unipol stunt” with a whole page interview with the statesman D’Alema. Il Corriere: “Mastella and Forleo: “She has violated the Constitution”” and a half page interview with the “man called pardon”.
Thus it’s all a stage play and an attack on the Constitution.
The Wall Street Journal or The Guardian would have had headlines: “Put them on trial!”

The pressure cooker is boiling, boiling, boiling.

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watch the video

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July 17, 2007

The Court of Accounts supports V-day


photo by Lor3nzo

The Court of Accounts is in agreement with V-day and its proposal for a popular law for a Clean Parliament.

Here is translation of the whole article in
People do news. Put the V-day banner on your blogs (click here). Watch out as I’ll be going round the Internet to see who hasn’t got it yet...

""Out, for ever, corrupt politicians: those who have a public position and are then convicted of “maladministration” must not have the possibility to be a candidate again. It was a surprise when the Court of Accounts declared its agreement with the proposal that it defines, “a bit strong, spectacular”, like that of Beppe Grillo who recently presented to the Court of Cassation a request for a popular law for a “Clean Parliament". The prosecutor responsible for accounting Claudio De Rose, when reflecting on the results achieved by the General Prosecutors office in anticipation of his period of rest, went even beyond that: "Whoever is convicted must be made to step down from the position they hold.” The ineligibility and the removal from office must be focused in particular on those who are tainted by corruption relating to tendering and fraud relating to the community, and this is a phenomenon that "doesn’t look like lessening". On the same theme, the adjunct deputy prosecutor Mario Ristuccia: "In the country, there is a call for the correct use of public resources. If there is an administrator who uses them in a distorted way, an additional sanction of this type would be the guarantee that the nation needs."."


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July 16, 2007

The fatwa

Rutelli’s spokesperson whose job is Minister of Communications and whose name is Paolo Gentiloni has shown that he has robust attributes. He has replied to the 1000 emails from his employers who called him to order on his blog. And they asked him to apply the decisions of:

- the Constitutional Court

- the Council of State

- the European Court of Justice

against Rete 4 that has been abusively occupying the frequencies assigned to Europa 7.

Rete 4 is not any old network, it is the body for the political propaganda of the weak thinking of the psycho-dwarf.

Gentiloni’s response deserves to be read by the 200,000 daily visitors to this blog.

“ The excommunication.

Intense days for the Government and for the partito democratico. We will talk about it more calmly, perhaps on Sunday. Meanwhile, just an explanation for those who are surprised by the number of comments on the previous post, an enormous number for this blog. The cause is Beppe Grillo who issued me a sort of fatwa from his superblog.

The result of the excommunication: tens of thousands of “extraordinary” visitors to my blog, which is pleasing to me. But also hundreds of insults and curses. And that is not pleasing and makes me feel bitter. Above all because the “fatwa” fantastically calls me to account for two matters: the judicial measures against a blog (Ricca’s), that has obviously got nothing to do with me; and the “saving of Rete 4 to the detriment of Europa 7”, put into operation by the Berlusconi government with the Gasparri law, a law that I have proposed to Parliament that it should cancel.”

Gentiloni is there because he was Rutelli’s spokesperson when he was Mayor of Rome. From page (spokesperson) to count (minister).
I don’t want to get on my high horse. He does what he’s told by “er cicoria”.
But, however, he’s also the Minister of Communications of our country. So OK he’s got a choice. Either he ensures that the law is applied or he resigns.
No one has excommunicated you. No one has issued a “fatwa” against you.
Your language, dear cicoriano spokesperson, is the language of a political terrorist. That reduces democracy to silence as well as thousands of citizens by using labels. Do me a favour. Remove the link to my site from your blog.
A robust washing of hands about Rete 4, not even a word of solidarity, some action, for a citizen whose blog has been closed down.
Rete 4 and Ricca’s blog are communication tools. Did you know? Did Rutelli not tell you anything?
As a reminder I’m publishing the interview with Europa 7’s Di Stefano.


Continue to send your opinions and suggestions to the employee Gentiloni to his blog: .

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July 12, 2007

Clean Parliament at the Court of Cassation


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

On Tuesday I laid before the Court of Cassation a request for a popular law for a Clean Parliament together with the (wonderful) young people of the Rome MeetUp. From the Gazzetta Ufficiale:

in accordance with articles 7 and 48 of the law n. 352 dated 25 May 1970, it is announced that the Chancellery of the Supreme Court of Cassation on 10 July 2007 has accepted to the records and given notification of the declaration by 10 Italian citizens, bearing the required documents showing them to be in the electoral lists, to want to promote a proposed law based on a popular initiative, entitled: “Reform of the electoral law of the Lower House and the Upper House regarding the criteria for being a candidate and for being eligible, the cases for revoking and for removal from office and the way that voters express their preferences.”

The three points of the proposal are:
1 NO TO CONVICTED PARLIAMENTARIANS No to the 25 convicted parliamentarians in Parliament. No Italian citizen can be a candidate for Parliament if definitely convicted, either at the first trial or at the second trial or if they are on trial.

2 TWO TERMS OF OFFICE. No to professional parliamentarians spending 20 to 30 years in Parliament. No Italian citizen can be elected to Parliament for more than 2 terms of office. The rule is valid retroactively.

3 DIRECT ELECTIONS No to parliamentarians chosen by party secretaries. Parliamentary candidates must be voted for by the citizens with direct preferences.

The request for a popular law will be accepted if there are at least 50,000 authenticated signatures. In the whole of Italy on 8 September there’ll be the collection of signatures organised by the Meetup Groups and by associations that want to give their support.

Don’t miss this opportunity to clean up Parliament.


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July 11, 2007

V as in Previti

photo by atelierfederico

After Socrates there’s him. He’s a former patrimony of Parliament. He’s called Previti. The Election Committee for the Lower House has pronounced that he must be exiled from Montecitorio. Di Pietro offered him hemlock, but he chose a good cigar.

His defenders have poured out the most noble of words for him, completely suitable for one who corrupts judges. The former communist Sandro Bondi has denounced “the political decision, on justice grounds”. The former P2 member Cicchitto has talked about “lightning speed” (after 13 months…), and of “vendetta” and “human sacrifices”. Even Pecorella came out with: “It’s a political act in contrast to common sense and justice”
There was a high level of self defence of the 14,000 euro as a deputy by Cesare:
“If you follow the law your sentence is just, otherwise you too will be added to the throng of my persecutors, who managed to send me to prison.” Eleven deputies, among whom are Maroni who cried from the emotion, have listened to his shout of anguish and voted against. Their names deserve to be cited and each of them should receive an email of comment from the citizens.

6. GAMBA Pierfrancesco Emilio Romano ( ALLEANZA NAZIONALE )
7. GARDINI Elisabetta ( FORZA ITALIA )
10. BARBIERI Emerenzio ( UDC )
11. DELFINO Teresio ( UDC )

Make up of the Election Committee
Minutes of the Election Committee meeting

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July 08, 2007

Garzòn y los spiones

photo by el Pais

Berlusconi on Berluscagate: “I didn’t know anything, but the secret dossiers taken away (from Sismi) have nothing illicit in them.” To be able to state that he must have read them all. Even the one about the Spanish judge Garzòn, the magistrate of the Telecinco operation for which the psycho-dwarf is accused of tax crimes.
An international judicial gossip, a relaxing read. Of course the judges are all communists, even those on the Right if they apply the laws.
To check up on something or other, Mastella proposes a Committee of inquiry. Is it not sufficient to have the word of the CSM {Magistrates Supreme Council} to clean out the place?
For the sake of equality however, Mastella’s Udeur would like Casini as the president of the committee. A Mastè, are you taking us all for a ride?
Fini replies by saying that an intervention from Copaco, {Parliamentary committee for controlling the Secret Services). The president of Copaco is Claudio Scajola of Forza Italia.
Let’s not waste time, if we want a true investigation committee let’s do a random selection of citizens with a clean record. Otherwise, let the government nominate three wise men, and let them sort it out: Previti, Dell’Utri and Confalonieri.
Lenzi, a judge in Bologna has sent me this letter:

Dear Beppe,
There was a time when behind every criminal happening the shadow of the Secret Services. It was explained to us that it was a question of untrue services.
The argument was partially calming and it has taken us a bit to understand that services that are untrue and services that are uncovered are the same thing.
Now it’s been discovered that the whole of Sismi (the one that should be dealing with terrorism) was spying on 200 magistrates and the odd politician who could not be trusted.
Cossiga admits that the episode would be regrettable, but what he finds really intolerable is that the CSM has dared to denounce the fact as though it were a definitive judgement. It is a rare and flatteringly event when Cossiga intervenes to preserve the prerogative of the magistracy against a constitutional body.
Unfortunately, it’s not always like that: It doesn’t seem to me that Visco’s faults have had a final judgement, and yet the opposition is demanding his resignation with a loud voice. While in the majority, more politely, they are asking him to take a step back.
The faults of Previti are there, but he is still a deputy because, as Bertinotti has patiently explained to Beppe Grillo, and with uncertain results to Valeria Marini – the Chamber is not a monarchy.
However, it would be enough to have a Republic that is barely normal to be able to grace with laws that establish the ineligibility of convicts.
Is it too much to ask the parliamentarians of the majority if there is one that is willing to present at least a proposed law on this? Could we at least count the dissidents and evaluate the nobility of the arguments, just like is done in democracies.
Why did we have to wait for the Constitutional Court for the sweeping away o flaws that even you yourselves have defined shameful-laws and that you were committed to eliminate straight away?
Why is the conflict of interests no longer a priority, and after each sighting, disappears like the Loch Ness Monster that no one knows if it really exists?
Why do we have to kill ourselves today - with the problems that this country has – on the organisation of judges and on that Castelli law about which you were committed to simple draw a line through?
And why do you have to delegate just to the magistracy the checking up on facts that you can and should do for yourselves? Criminal and political responsibilities are different things. It’s not possible to stay inert waiting for the duration of trails and then bury everything under a predictable and salutary prescrizione {time-out}and has been done with Andreotti and (6 times) with Berlusconi. Those people with the prescrizione have saved themselves from prison not from dishonour.
And to go back to the secret services, why is no one asking for the resignation of Pollari and of Pio Pompa form the prestigious positions assigned to them after this and other great services they have done for our democracy?
Do one of these things, and I on my part will commit to requesting once more the electoral certificate that I tore up after the pardon.”
Norberto Lenzi

1 Ps: Put your photos on with the tag: Vaffa-day
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July 05, 2007

Milan the Thief

Once upon a time there was Rome the Thief. After that the virus has spread out to the whole of Italy. The federalism of the loot has broken through into the towns, Provinces and Regions.
The journalist Sansa, co-author, with his colleague Offeddu (of il Corriere della Sera) of the book: “Milano da morire” {Milan for death}, has given an interview for the blog about people taken on by the Milan local authority.
That city, formerly the moral capital, with the mayor Moratti, democratically elected thanks to the election contribution of 6 million euro donated by her
Cip6 oil baron husband Gianmarco Moratti. A small turning round of the money coming in from our Enel electricity bills.
Sansa, with documents in his hand, states that Ms Moratti has taken on 63 external people for the administration, of whom 49 as directors.
According to article 110 of the unified text, the contracts with external directors must not be more than 5% of the total. In Milan they are 25% of the total.
Sansa says that the cost of the magnificent 63 externals is NINE MILLION euro a month. The Court of Accounts and the Milan Prosecutors Office are investigating.
And the CVs of the 63 Moratti-ites? Very respectable.
Listen to Sansa: “There’s one who talks about experience in the scouts and has a salary of 108,870 euro. There’s the one who has been an assistant to a parliamentarian then head of the cabinet of a cabinet member for social policies in Milan, 149,280 euro.”
Milan cannot accept to be second to anyone. The Lega knows that better than everyone. Rome is a big thief but Milan does not forgive. If this is the hors d’oeuvre of fiscal federalism, the next dish is bankruptcy.

P.S. A blogger did a V sign with two fingers apart on TV. If you get the chance, you do it too. Our employees will not understand, but we will.

Participate in V-day.

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July 04, 2007

The procedural question

photo by Caroline Peacock

Fausto Bertinotti has responded to my post about the abusive presence of Previti in Parliament. To understand his letter I’ve asked my lawyers for help. After a long consultation they have explained that Bertinotti cannot do anything and that we have to keep and pay Previti as a deputy for a long time yet.
I note that the moral issue has become the procedural issue. Nothing can be done against the procedures. If they exist there’ll be a reason.
If no authority can prevent a convict like Previti to be a deputy or prevent parliamentarians like Vito and Pomicino to be elected to the Antimafia commission, dear Fausto, then the institutions have failed. This has to be recognised.

Dear Grillo,
I read the post on your blog talking about me on 29 June. For my part, I would like to try to respond to the issues that you have raised that relate to my responsibility.
I don’t expect to convince anyone to have a different take on politics, I would just like to call to mind that the Chamber of Deputies, luckily, is not organised like an absolute monarchy but according to the model of a State based on the rule of law.
Here there is the principle of the division of powers and of the subdivision of responsibility and every power, starting from the President, is subject to the discipline of rules, norms and the interpretation of these, according to a doctrine that is based on precedent so as to produce a consolidated tradition that inspires the behaviour.
The logic is clear: abuses are to be avoided, as are unlawful actions, discretion in exercising power and together the dictatorship of the majority.
The question of ineligibility, and of the forfeiture of the position is regulated by law.
This says that, if the conditions are to be met, there must be a criminal conviction followed by the imposition of the sanctions that are secondary to the prevention from holding public office and the consequent loss of the right to be one of the electorate, with the cancellation from the list of voters in the place of residence.
None of the current parliamentarians is in this situation, except for deputy Previti for whom the procedure has been started. The proclamation of the removal of a parliamentarian is in turn regulated by regulations internal to the institution.
This gives the Election Committee the instruction to proceed so as to get a proposal, with unanimity or with a majority, to be put to the Assembly. The decision is put to the Assembly who vote on the proposal of the committee.
It can also happen, as it has recently happened in relation to a proposal put forward with unanimity by the Committee relating to the stripping of their seats of two parliamentarians for incompatibility with other roles, that the Assembly threw out. What cannot happen however is that the President of the Chamber decides or is responsible for the decision. The proposal comes from the Election Committee, the Assembly decides.
In the case of deputy Previti, after a long procedure, the Election Committee ascertained in a meeting on 29 May 2007, a situation of ineligibility, and decided to contest his election.
On 9 July, in applying the rules of the Committee that fix the time frames, a public sitting has been called to examine the contestation so that the parts may have a cross-examination of the witnesses, the Committee goes back to have another meeting, uninterruptedly, to discuss the proposals to put before the Assembly.
I ask, in turn, with current laws and rules, what is the critical point that is raised? What else should be done?
It’s possible to criticise the length of time of the procedures, but because judicial proceedings go on for a long time, are there those who blame the President of the Republic as he is President of the CSM {magistrates' governing body}?
Certainly, there is a problem, but I believe, it is before the entry into parliament as elected deputies. If I can express a personal opinion, not connected to my current function, I confirm in what I have had occasion to say in past elections, when I have faced them as director of a party.
The parties should come together to decide to exclude from their lists according to a principle of political and not judicial responsibility those who are convicted or even on trial for crimes that are socially dangerous.
What I think is a mistake would be the substitution of a political moralising will, that can be shown in the chosen behaviour like the production of adequate laws, with authoritative interventions, that are anyway not permitted by the laws and the regulations.
I wanted to give an answer to your considerations and perhaps I have gone on too long, thus taking advantage of your attention and that of the readers of the blog. However I would like to add at least one thing. We are faced with big and difficult problems. According to me, there is a serious political crisis and a separateness of the Institutions from the real country.
There is a creeping crisis with democracy in the whole of Europe and in Italy, with specific characteristics. I think that only with a renaissance of politics as a project of society and as organisation of participation can be an adequate response.
But anyway, each person must do their bit and be subject to the judgement of the population. Even on the matter of the costs of politics, to which you also refer.
On this topic, the Presidency of the Senate and of the Chamber is at work, in collaboration with the Colleges of Quaestors, to rapidly define common proposals.
All interested parties will be involved. Then there will be a proposal of an intervention to correct distortions and make the institutions more convincing.
There shouldn’t be a long to wait.
Coming up on 9 July, in agreement with the Presidency of the Senate, the respective offices of the Presidents will be called to come up with proposals for reducing the spending connected to the exercise of the parliamentary mandate. The merit of the proposals can be evaluated and criticised. But it’s not possible to denounce immobility.
Going beyond every individual question, more generally - and as far as I am concerned – I just want to continue to be able to respond for my actions and my responsibilities with complete awareness, as always.”

Fausto Bertinotti

Participate in Vaffanculo Day!

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July 03, 2007

Double work


Whoever has a profession normally dedicates all his time, energies and thoughts to it. A plumber who is also, who knows, the president of the bowls club, should first of all mend the pipes. Not go off playing or bowling leaving the washing machine in pieces.
A true Minister doesn’t have a single second to dedicate to the party. As it’s more pleasant to receive party officials in his Ministry. Political appearances to the right and left. Declarations about the philosophicalpoliticalconstitutional human bank of knowledge.
The work of a Minister is fundamental for the country. They shouldn’t even be allowed to go to the bog.
To be a Minister and a politician at the same time is humanly impossible. The Italians expect the Ministers to govern the country, not to go round collecting consensus for current and future armchairs. The Ministers must stop being a reservoir of votes. It’s a perfectly normal conflict of interests. You can’t serve Country and Party. Leaving aside discussions of competence, for example, what’s the connection between Mastella and the Ministry of Justice?
Whoever becomes a Minister must temporarily step down from the Party. A blind trust politician. And dedicate himself full time to his job. For his pride, if he has any, and for us who are paying him dearly. Today, if all goes well, the political ministers are working part-time, and they also get paid over-time.

P.S. If you meet a convicted parliamentarian give him a sign of greeting. A V with two fingers apart. He’ll think of victory. You know it’s something else.

Participate in Vaffanculo Day!

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July 02, 2007

Let’s Disinfect Parliament


08 September is the day to liberate ourselves from abusive parliamentarians. If we don’t give them a hand, on their own they won’t manage to get out of Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama. They are giving their all, and would like to contribute to the development of the country.
And enter into the third republic after undoing the second and the first. After scraping the barrel, they have re-exhumed Veltroni, “homo novus”. Ten years ago he was vice president of the Council in the first Prodi government.
When Blair was installed as Prime Minister in Downing Street, Our employees have to keep a family and the strong powers keep their employees by their balls. It’s a justifiable situation.
On September 8 I will start an initiative of a popular law with three points to disinfect parliament.

FIRST: No citizen can be a candidate if convicted or on trial.

SECOND: No Italian citizen can be elected for more than 2 legislatures. A rule that has retroactive validity.

THIRD: Candidates must be voted by citizens with direct preference.

I will send an email to every deputy and every senator with a request to sign up to these three points, or to reject them. I will publish the replies if there are any. Silence is dissent. Today I’m publishing the whole video of my speech in the European Parliament.

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June 28, 2007

European Parliament and V-Day


In preparation for Vaffanculo day, or V-day, I’ve been to the European Parliament to explain the quagmire that Italy finds itself in and to look for some consensus. The place was full. No one knew anything. They thought I was a Martian. They didn’t believe what I was telling them. I gave a taste of European populism. Today I’m publishing a brief film clip from Brussels.
Tomorrow a video that’s a summary as well as the whole thing. Here’s an extract of what I said.

Putin reminded us, after the murders of journalists and those who oppose his government and some feeble denunciation by our government, that Italy is the land of the mafia. On this point, I’m partially in agreement. The mafia, well really the mafias, each with a regional identity, are a minor problem in my country.
The real problem is the Italian Parliament that contains a number of individuals who have been on trial, about seventy and 25 who have been convicted, enough to make Al Capone and Don Corleone both feel faint.
If Putin is listening to me, he could say that it was the mafias that got them elected or the vote of the citizens who are favoured by or in collusion with organised crime. Not at all. Perhaps the international press doesn’t yet know, but two years ago, in Italy there was a coup d'état.
The electoral law was changed to prevent citizens from being able to vote for their candidate. The parties, not more than 12 people, decided who was to be a deputy and who a senator. The law was one that Berlusconi wanted, the opposition opposed it, then when he was in government, Prodi confirmed it.
It’s better, much better for the parties to be set up for election by their employees than to have representatives of the citizens in the Parliament.
Better convicts than free citizens. Putin undervalued us, the mafias in Italy count for less than the parties and they are more honest. They don’t say that they are democratic and on the side of the citizens.
Italy is a nation with a Parliament not elected by the citizens, more similar to a place of punishment than to a place where the future of the nation should be decided.
I’m appealing for the restoration of the liberty to vote and the liberty of information in Italy.
On September 8, I will organise a demonstration in every Italian city. I’ve called it Vaffanculo day. It’s half way between D-day of the Normandy landings and V for Vendetta.
On that day, Italians should take back their country into their own hands. It has been destroyed by decades of partyocracy, of P2 free masonry, of intrigues between banks and mafias, of Vatican interference in public affairs, from State information and Berlusconi, of conflicts of interests. The London Stock Exchange and the Italian are to merge. I would like to ask the English: but are you sure?
Do you want to be associated with the biggest conflict of interest in Europe?
In which the reference man is the well known convict Cesare Geronzi, involved in almost all of Italy’s financial scandals and then convicted for bankruptcy? The Italian Stock Exchange should be closed. It shouldn’t infect the rest of Europe.
It’s a place where Unicredit-Capitalia has the relative majority in Mediobanca and has the relative majority in Generali which is one of the main shareholders of IntesaSanpaolo, its most important competitor. It’s the place where a person like Tronchetti passes himself off as an industrialist destroying the value of Telecom and of Pirelli together, with 0.11 per cent of the share capital of Telecom.
Italy is the country of Valentino Rossi and of the greatest number of deaths from road traffic accidents. The land of sunshine without equipment for using solar energy. The country of art with rubbish tips and incinerators and regasifiers like nowhere else in Europe.
The country of Roman Law with 350,000 laws that cannot be used and in conflict with each other. The little bit of freedom of the press that remains, is in danger. In July, Parliament will vote for a law that will prevent the publication of the intercepts organised by the magistracy and relating to politicians.
Lads and lasses, if I don’t succeed on September 8, I’ll come and ask for political asylum.”

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June 26, 2007

He’s not the right age – for the Antimafia


In Italy the justice system doesn’t work. A note stating that you are under investigation is already a lifetime sentence. In two ways: you never know how it will turn out, and you don’t know when it will finish. The proceedings are obstacle races. The tools and resources are fit for the fourth world.
But in this disaster, even the little that does work, mustn’t work. If a magistrate is dealing with powerful interest, aggression is expected.
Aggressive actions in one direction, not hitting the magistrates who are inert or distracted.
A strategy that has had its highest moments in D’Alema’s Bicamerale, in the Castelli project to reform the judiciary and in the anti-Caselli law of the Berlusconi government in 2005.
Do a calculation and you discover that at that time Caselli was 66 years old.
You get the result and you find that anyone who is 66 years old or over is prohibited from being the national Antimafia Prosecutor. Because of age.
A simple contra-personam law that excludes from the competition for the job a magistrate who is “guilty” of having asked for the position of Falcone and Borsellino after their slaughter in 1992, of having fought against the mafia and above all, of having investigated Andreotti and Dell’Utri. Attack one
(Caselli) to educate all the other independent magistrates.
The Constitutional Court has overturned this shameful law. Good news. We expect our employee the magistrate Caselli to be immediately appointed national Antimafia Prosecutor. The blog will launch an ongoing campaign with the aim of getting a million emails to the employee President Napolitano.
Meanwhile I am looking at new popular laws. Anyone with a surname starting with Berlus and ending with coni cannot do politics. And also those starting with Mas and ending with tella.

Tomorrow I’m in Brussels where I’ve been invited to the European Parliament.
I’ll talk about our national record, of our 25 convicted deputies and senators.
Soon the video.

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June 21, 2007

Emergency Exit

photo by huskyboy

I’m publishing a letter about Italian parties. The one who wrote it has never taken an interest in the BNL, or in il Corriere della Sera. He’s never avoided conviction for being out of time. He has talked about the moral issue without attacking the judges. He’s not signed up to the P2.
How long has this country been in a swamp? And where is the Emergency Exit?

“The parties no longer do politics. The parties have degenerated and this is the origin of the ills of Italy. Today’s parties are above all machines of power and of clientele: sketchy or mystified knowledge of the life and the problems of society and of the people, ideas, ideals programmes that are few or vague, sentiments and civic passion, zero. They manage interest, the most disparate, the most contradictory, at times even shadowy, however without any relationship with the needs and the emerging human needs, or distorting them, without searching for the common good.
Even their organizational structure is by now in conformity with this model, and they are no longer organisers of people, formations that promote civil maturity and initiative: rather they are federations of factions, of camarillas, each with a "boss" and some "sub-bosses". The geopolitical map of the parties is made up of names and places.
The parties have occupied the State and all its institutions, starting with the government. They have occupied the local bodies, the welfare bodies, the banks, the public utilities, the cultural institutions, the hospitals, the universities, the RAI TV, some big newspapers. For example, now there is the danger that the biggest Italian daily, il Corriere della Sera, may fall into the hands of this or that party or of one of its factions….. Basically, everything has already been parceled up and divided out or they want to parcel them up and divide them out. And the result is dramatic.
All the “operations” that the different institutions and their current directors are called to do are primarily seen according to the interests of the party or of the faction or the clan to whom they owe their position.
A bank loan is granted if it is useful for this end, if it gives advantages and relationships of clientele, an administrative authorisation is given, a contract is assigned, a University Chair is given, laboratory equipment is financed, if the beneficiaries make a declaration of faithfulness to the party that gets these advantages, even when it’s only a matter of due recognition.
According to me, many Italians are very much aware of the illicit commerce that is done of the State, of the overwhelming power, of the favouritism, of the discrimination. But a large number of them are subject to blackmail.
They have received advantages (perhaps even due to them, but obtained only through channels of the parties or of their factions) and they live in hope.
As laid down in our Constitution, the parties must participate in the formation of the political will of the Nation, and they can do that not by occupying ever larger pieces of the State, ever more numerous centres of power in every field, but interpreting the big waves of opinion, organising the aspirations of the people, democratically controlling the work of the institutions.
The moral issue is not only a matter that since there are thieves, corrupt people, those who are extortionists at high levels of politics and of the administration, they need to be uncovered, to be denounced, and to be put in prison.
The moral issue, in the Italy of today, is all one with the occupation of the State by the government parties and their factions, it is all one with the war of the bands, it is all one with the conception of politics and with government methods for those who are simply abandoned and overtaken.
If we continue in this way, in Italy democracy risks getting tighter, and not getting wider and developing. It risks suffocating in a swamp.
The exaggerated individual consumerism produces not only dissipation of riches and productive distortions, but also dissatisfaction, a feeling of loss and unhappiness.
When they ask for sacrifices from the country and they start by asking the workers for them, while they have issues like the P2 on their shoulders, it’s quite difficult to be listened to and to be credible.
When they ask for sacrifices from the people who work, a large consensus is needed, a great political credibility and the capacity to hit greed and intolerable privileges. If these elements are not there, the operation cannot succeed.” E.B. 1981

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June 19, 2007

Bettino Dalemaxi

photo by nicolaborzi

Marco Travaglio, has just published his book "Uliwood Party" about the poor showing of the first year of the Prodi government. I’ve asked him to write a post about the recent telephone and banking activities of Massimo D'Alema.

Dear Beppe,
A year ago I sent you a post about the self-candidature of Massimo D'Alema to the Quirinale, supported by the great Dell'Utri, Confalonieri, Ferrara, Feltri and Cirino Pomicino.
I allowed myself to remind people that it would be slightly risky to elect as President of the Republic a character who only a year earlier had participated in an attempted bank take over with friend Consorte and all the other friends.
I even noted that sooner or later those telephone intercepts would come out and perhaps someone would have been able to judge them incompatible with the conduct of a President of the Republic.
Fortunately the self-candidature, even though it was supported by people of such authority, came to nothing. Thus today, at least, we don’t have to ask ourselves whether the Head of State should resign (admitting and not conceding that the word “resignation” still inhabits the dictionary of Italian politics.)
While we are madly hearing “news leak” (non-existent as the telephone calls are no longer secrets) and we are hearing of “attack on democracy” (is it that Unipol has even made an attempt to buy that too?) while we hear repeatedly “the intercepts do not have criminal relevance” (well yes they do, otherwise the judges would not have transcribed them), we are losing our sense of orientation.
It’s lucky that someone can still manage to get oriented in the political smoke screens and get down to the heart of the problem, that is to the facts.
The telephone-D'Alema, like the public-D'Alema, put himself forward as a candidate in the footsteps of Bettino Craxi: the same concept of political-economic relationship, the same acquaintances with business people without scruples, the same disregard for the free market (the true one), the same attacks on the Milan magistrates, the same contempt for the free press (on the rare occasions that he bumped into it), the same preference for the Mediaset networks when it was a matter of throwing oblique proclamations to the country (see the self-interview the other night on Tg5). As well as all that, the intercepts add some succulent details.
D'Alema talked to Vito Bonsignore, European Udc parliamentarian, convicted for corruption and the holder of a package of 2% of the BNL shares, asking him to be an ally of Consorte and his friends, well knowing that don Vito would have demanded a political return.
Consorte, through his right-hand man Latorre, wanted D'Alema to make a similar telephone call to Caltagirone, the editor of il Messaggero and il Mattino, as well as being the father-in-law of Casini. We don’t know whether D'Alema did this, but we do know that the day after, Caltagirone gave way.
Consorte was jubilant explaining to D'Alema that: “a year on from the elections we will get BNL” and D'Alema didn’t ask the relationship between the BNL and the elections. Evidently he already knew well. When faced with this shameful behaviour, D'Alema and his cronies repeat relentlessly that “there is no criminal relevance” and “we don’t have foreign bank accounts”, as though the fact of not being a defendant in a trial or being in prison was a sufficient requirement for doing politics.
And as though Fassino, a couple of months ago, hadn’t enrolled Craxi – who was criminally relevant and who did have at least three foreign bank accounts – in the Panthéon of the new Democratic Party.
Naturally when D'Alema also arrives in the Panthéon, Craxi will pack his bags in the name of morality."
Marco Travaglio

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June 15, 2007



There’s a September 8th atmosphere. Politics is sensing the smell of a tornado in arrival. Preparations are being made. Italy had its chance to change in 1992. It failed. The winners are the lobbies, the gangs, the mafias. The second Republic died in its cradle.
After the mafia-led slaughters in the whole of Italy and the death of Falcone and Borsellino, everything has finished. The 61 to 0 of the Forza Italia seats in Sicily cannot be matched, not even Ceaucescu in Rumania managed that. Mafia Pax, mess-up pax, P2 pax, Confindustria pax, trades unions pax.
Craxi in exile and the President of the Council protected by him. The left that applauds him during their conference. The sell-off of State goods, of telephony, of the motorways, of water. The annulment of the rights of workers. Convicts at the top of the big companies. Convicts in Parliament.
The tornado goes round and round. It smells like rotten wood, like explosives, like hail and dense rain. Italy is a pressure pan. If it explodes this time it’ll take everything with it. Perhaps even the National State.
And our employees? They are playing at hide and seek. They’re always trying to not get caught. One law after another, like cherries, so as not to get convicted. To not get intercepted, to not have their intercepts published, to get their crimes timed out, to get pardoned. Rather than politics it’s more like cops and robbers.
A whisper, let’s say a premonition, tells me that other intercepts are behind the door. The summer will be very hot. Then September will arrive with the Vaffanculo day, or V-Day. Half-way between D-Day with the Normandy landings and V for Vendetta.
It’ll be on Saturday September 8th in the squares of Italy to remind us that nothing has changed since 1943. Yesterday it was the King fleeing and the Nation was breaking up, today politicians protected in their buildings immersed in “cultural” problems. V-Day will be a day for information and popular participation. To be there, keep tuned in to the blog.

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June 13, 2007

Keep your mouth buttoned up


D’Alema let us dream: get out of our hair!
The trio D’Alema, Latorre, Fassino has been on exhibition in the summer’s intercepts. The summer of 2 years ago. Ricucci has finished up in prison. So has Fiorani. Consorte and Gnutti sort of. They’ve gone into the government.
The phrases of the DS will pass into the history books. D’Alema who wants to dream. Ricucci who is asking for the party ticket. Latorre the ambidextrous hand of D’Alema, who says that Fassino doesn’t understand anything. We suspected that but confirmation is always pleasing.
The parties take care of finance, of money not of the citizens’ problems. They frequent and encourage ambiguous persons. Let’s say delinquents. And they tell us that too.
For D’Alema who “has never spoken to Ricucci”, the true problems are the intercepts: “The affair is serious from a cultural viewpoint. First: the moment has arrived to recover a matter of principle according to which you don’t throw telephone conversations as fodder to the newspapers without outcomes in criminal proceedings. Second: the whole political world talks to entrepreneurs and finance people. It’s normal.
If they were to find all my conversations with Italian industrialists it would be possible to write a book. If these discussions are evidence of a crime they cannot be all put on the Internet.”
Fassino has taken sides. He said it himself in the intercepts. He’s “keeping his mouth buttoned up”.

Keep your mouth buttoned up
under the rays of the sun
Consorte make us dream
with the BNL hugging you

Keep your mouth buttoned up
at two steps from the sea
how cuddly to hear Ricucci
breathing with me

On your sweet lips
a DS perfume
I will smell for all time
of this Bank of love

When your account that is so very much in the black
once more becomes pallid
these days with Latorre on the edge of the sea
I’ll not be able to forget
Keep your mouth buttoned up
under the rays of the sun
Consorte make us dream
with the BNL hugging you
Keep your mouth buttoned up

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June 11, 2007

The new terrorism


Politicians are seen round about as little as possible. For Bush’s visit to Rome or for the G8 the army is brought into action to contain the enthusiasm of the citizens. Only the psycho dwarf is no longer taken seriously. He’s gone from the tripod to Genoa’s rotten eggs. Small fry for one like him who is surrounded by 16 full-time body guards. 17 if you count D’Alema.
Our employees are constantly living with armed guards. They move around in armoured cars. We listen to them in the TV salons. While they are talking to each other. Ectoplasms, ethereal beings, far away. Perhaps they even use substitutes. They never take the metro or the tram. They don’t go shopping in the supermarket. They don’t take the children by the hand and walk them to school.
Falcone and Borsellino took refuge in the Asinara at the time of the maxi-trials to escape from the mafia attacks. Our politicians close themselves inside their big buildings to escape from the magistrates and the people.
Whoever protests is annulled with the simple use of words: no global, extremist, anti-democratic, populist, demagogue, justice-ist. The employees are terrified of their employers. Even by a simple question asked in public.
The right to criticize is not allowed. If you give a voice to the precarious workers, victims of the Biagi law, you are a terrorist. If you denounce paedophilia in the Church, you are a terrorist.. If you explain that incinerators cause cancer, you are a terrorist. If you don’t want convicts in Parliament, you are a terrorist.. The citizen that raises his voice is a terrorist.
And what if someone starts to think that it is the State that is the terrorist? And that whoever is annoying is intercepted by the Secret Services? And that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with the weapons of mass destruction, but lots to do with oil? The citizen, grabbed by these and many other doubts, would go off to his employee and ask for explanations. But before he manages to get to him, he would be himself reached by sane democratic beatings. That way he’d learn not to be a terrorist.

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May 24, 2007

The King of the paraculi


Paraculo: said of a person who is crafty, with ability to act in his own interests without making it obvious. Translated to English from Dizionario Garzanti 2006.
Paraculismo is seen in Italy especially in times of crisis. When the wind whistles and the sinful bird draws near everyone maintains their distance. The king of the paraculi has started the dance with an interview last Sunday in Il Corriere della Sera. Massimo D’Alema between tacking and a paraculata affirmed:
“There’s currently a crisis of credibility of politics which will come back to turn the country up side down with feelings like those in the 1990s that marked the end of the first Republic”.

Let’s reformulate the same phrases with other people:
Pope Ratzinger: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of the Church which will turn us upside down.”
Totò Riina: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of the mafia which will turn us upside down.”
Cesare Geronzi: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of the banking system which will turn us upside down.”
Luciano Moggi: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of football which will turn us upside down.”
Silvio Berlusconi: “There’s currently a crisis of credibility of information which will turn us upside down.”

None of these gentlemen would say a thing like that. They have a dignity to defend. Geronzi and Moggi are what they are, but at certain levels of paraculismo they have never arrived.
In politics and in journalism however paraculi are like the stars: millions of millions. And after the noble speech by D’Alema they have all arrived at the same conclusions, yes really all of them. Napolitano, Scalfari, Sergio Romano, Chiti, Bertinotti, Marini... Here we are into the absurd. We have schizophrenic politicians.
They are judges and defendants at the same time, but with their backsides always glued to the armchair. Whoever is the problem explains to us that there is a problem.
Let’s get the coins ready. One, a hundred, a thousand Hotel Raphael!

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May 23, 2007

The final countdown

The pension of the Italians is getting further away. Every year the access bar is placed a little higher. And then higher still. And the ones raising the barrier are our dear employees. The reason is that there’s no longer any money.
We know that an example can do miracles. And the parliamentarians haven’t been holding back. All for one and one for all. For them there is always money. After two and a half years from the beginning of the legislature they have the right to a pension. TWOANDAHALFYEARSSSSSSSSS!! We get the snakes and they get the ladders.
This Parliament has no authority to create a law on pensions. None. Any law is null. That’s because of the par condicio {equality}. Two and a half years for everyone or there’s no discussion.
Prodi and the Sciupà will be able to alter pensions only after they have cleaned out their mouths of parliamentary privileges, even the ones already acquired.
From today there’s the “Final Countdown” active on the blog. A service for the citizens and for our employees.
Each day it will tell us how many days, hours, minutes, seconds have to go before they get their pension. Starting from 28 April 2006, the start of the legislature.
The parliamentarians will thus be able to stay organised to avoid an early government crisis and the citizens can start off their day with joy in the knowledge that at least someone will get a pension.
Perhaps some parliamentarians will feel shame. Those who want to dissociate themselves and renounce this disgusting privilege can do so by sending an email to: Their name will be published on the blog.

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May 21, 2007

The grass of the autonomous regions is always greener


The Venetians towns want to become associated with Trento. The towns of Piedmont want to become part of the Valle D’Aosta. It’s a matter of cash. It’s the new Italian-style diaspora.
Your neighbour’s grass is always greener and the grass of the autonomous regions is a brilliant green.
The Lega hasn’t succeeded and the citizens are starting to do it on their own. An uncontrolled self-determination could give rise to two big national regions. With capitals in Trento and Aosta.
From Sicily to Lombardy, we will all pay less tax and we will have great outings to the mountains.
Italian citizens are equal according to the law, at least in theory, and in practice, different according to the taxman. It depends where you are born. The autonomous regions function better than the others. An exception is Sicily, that is really an autonomous State. The mafia split from Italy did that a long time ago.
The autonomous regions are a luxury that Italy cannot allow itself any longer. If they want to, let them declare Independence. No one in this cardboard nation will object. A thousand people from Trento can beat the army.
If Valle d’Aosta, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trento are models, why don’t we apply this model to the whole country? Let study groups from Puglia and from Emilia copy them.
If however, having free petrol and support for the companies and houses etc etc. comes from paying less tax, then let every region and province get the same treatment.
If there are tensions with the citizens of autonomous regions we can start the umpteenth reform of the Constitution. And allow all the Italian regions the possibility to change State and start bilateral negotiations.
The Valle d’Aosta with France, Lombardy with Canton Ticino, the Venice Region with Austria, Sicily with the United States. It would be a very popular reform with enthusiastic support.
The only one to complain would be the county of Montecitorioshire. With no taxpayers it would have to send its citizens out to work.

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May 20, 2007

The lion’s cage


If the lion’s cage were to be left open and your mother, wife, son, husband were to be mauled, whose fault would it be? The lion’s or the one who let it go free?
Franco Hadzovic has killed a woman, Piera Calanna, at Giugliano while she was trying to prevent the theft of a car. He dragged her along while going backwards for 20 metres.
Franco is the living proof of the madness of the system, of the excess of good intentions at everyone’s expense. Franco is a nomad, but he has been living in Italy for a good 13 years.
Franco has been arrested 6 times. Always released.
Franco had received numerous expulsion notices. Always ignored.
Whose is the responsibility for the death of signora Piera as relates to her family? What would you say?
If you’ve said Franco, you have confused the cause with the effect.
Franco is the effect of the lack of justice. The cause is our dear parties in government and in the opposition. The ones that have occupied Parliament and the institutions.
Destroyed the justice system. People who ignore reality. They live it with annoyance. In 2007, at least a further 60,000 Rumanian Roma are arriving. Two and a half million could be leaving in the future.
Italy is the ideal place. A nomad commits crime and becomes stationary. In Italy there are 100 regular nomad camps and 500 irregular ones.
Franco will end up in jail, like the Roma who killed 4 young people while driving on the wrong side of the road while drunk, like the Romanian young woman who inserted an umbrella in the eye socket of a metro passenger, like many others.
But our parliamentarians are always free. They debate, discuss, make laws on the backs of the country and they never go to prison for culpable homicide. Giugliano’s family should take a case against Mastella, the minister of Justice. We need to start with someone.

PS: In Florence there’s “Ruòtati 2007”, A festival of ecological wheels, from 18-20 May 2007 in piazza Santa Croce (from10am till 7 pm). To breathe better: less polluting energy and sustainable traffic.

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May 19, 2007

Italy handicapped


photo by bootsintheoven

Disabled people can’t work, and often depend on their parents, and on the death of their parents, are abandoned by the State like sick dogs. Hitler was more honest. He killed them so that they didn’t suffer.
Our politicians are celebrating Family Day when the family has been destroyed by them. To form a family in Italy is a debt that is only paid off, and not always then, at death.
Buildings are in the hands of the vultures. Two lives are not enough to pay for a hole. Services for children non-existent, support for disabled people just charity hand-outs.
And we are talking about Family Day. And whoever is doing that has a face worse than his bottom. But I turn into a ferocious beast. You do it too, no holds barred.

“At times of civil partnerships and recognition of pension rights I wanted to inform you of the difficult situation of disabled people in Italy where there are about a million people who are seriously disabled both physically and psychologically.
Of these, according to EEC data, 80% are unemployed and very probably won’t ever work or won’t work again. The pension for invalidity that they receive is 256 euro a month.
The allowance for companions, allocated to 10% of the seriously disabled people, can be distributed to people who cannot carry out every day actions, people who cannot walk, who need continual assistance and who are not in a public institution at no cost for more then a month.
Such a definition is particularly limiting for the number of people who can benefit from this, that represents the incredible sum of 443 Euro.
If you think that a carer working on the black market costs a minimum of 600 Euro it’s obvious that these people are completely dependent on their family members.
In spite of this, none of the politicians who participated in Family Day has ever done anything to reduce the taxes for the families who are keeping one or more disabled people.
These families pay the same taxes as those with children who are not disabled even though they have to cope with much higher costs that are not taken on board by the State in any way.
But the most serious thing is when parents die, the disabled offspring cannot have the pension reassigned to them.
According to Italian law only the spouse, the non-adult children who are still students until they become adults and the children who are 100% disabled without capacity for work have the right to the pension of their parents.
If you think that a friend of mine who is terminally ill with multiple sclerosis with serious problems in walking has been denied the right to her parents’ pension, on the basis of her capacity to work. It seems clear that the right to support from parents even after death is a right that is denied.
As well as de facto couples it would be right to recognise the right to the pension of their parents even if they are able to work, considering that the current Italian system of production leaves 80% of them without a job all their life. Thank you.” Stefano N.

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May 13, 2007

Avignon cannot wait

The Papal Palace at Avignon

Political freedom is more important than the economy. Therefore I propose that Prodi should let France take Eni and Enel. In exchange Sarkozy should take back the Pope to Avignon.
In that happy nation they already have the law on civil partnerships and without the Papacy in their hair they managed to have a Revolution. There are no civil rights to be discussed. Between the “Family day” and the “Courage of the laity” a third way is needed. The lay State.
The Vatican has good reason to be afraid of civil partnerships. If the gay priests were regularized, where would we end up? If they were to marry nuns and have children? And if they left all their belongings to them and not to the Vatican Bank? The bankruptcy of St Peter’s.
If the family is so important, so noble, why do priests not marry? And if they are so competent on the topic, how will they have had the experience?
The Pope has gone to Brasil and in oceans of people he has created the first saint of the area. But in the last 20 years in Brasil, the protestants have gone from one in ten to three in ten. Perhaps because the protestant churches have more commitment to social affairs and less in politics?
What’s worse is our employees searching for the Catholic vote. Once upon a time there was just the Christian Democrats, today there’s Forza Italia Vaticana, the Holy Lega, and the Opus Dei. Democratic Party.
With all the problems of this country, these divorced, gays with the backside of the others whitened buried ones have obliged us to have months of discussions on civil partnerships. About rights that are already in existence in the whole of Europe and that in Italy should be approved in a week.
Give to God what belongs to God and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. And then what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God, give them both together to the Vatican.

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April 19, 2007

Those phantoms

Chernobyl.jpgphoto by: Loutseu

Someone has written that if Grillo is an economist and Strada a negotiator then politicians have disappeared.
That, if they are the ones dealing with Telecom and Afghanistan then there’s no one left in Parliament. Politics have disappeared. It’s a fact. It’s happened like the mid-seasons.
I can’t tell you when, but I definitely know that it’s no longer there. It’s been transformed into a great ball of conferences, newdemocraticparties, oldhousesofliberty, replayingactionsofdeadsocialists. There’s no one left to deal with facts and real things.
The politicians are too intent on their belly buttons. They look at them and with satisfaction they show them to the TV courtesans and they exhibit them to the newspaper-workers-with-permanent-jobs.
It’s a separate world. A world of phantoms with highest salaries and the highest number of convicts in Europe. Is there perhaps some connection?
Telecom is only the tip of the iceberg, the proved evidence of the lack of reference points, of the backside of someone driving this country that’s been abandoned to its own devices like a dog on the motorway. A dog that still has to pay the road toll.
Anyone can say what they want, do what they want. As long as they are part of the “in” crowd.
The occupation of all the communication spaces by a handful of rascals can be defined with a single word: dictatorship.
And let’s not call that soft because it’s not. It has those murdered at work, the “precarious” workers, the lack of light shed on tomorrow. Turn on the light, at least a single bulb.
Politics that ignores the citizens has only two routes to choose from. To be removed or to move the armed forces. The media today are justifying a situation that is obviously anti-democratic. The Register of journalists should be abolished. Let’s start the register of arse lickers. There’s already a many-kilometres-long-queue to join up.

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April 14, 2007

The red flags of via Paolo Sarpi


The flag of the People’s Republic of China has been raised in Milan, flying from the balconies. The 5-pointed star on a red background shined out on a warm spring day. It is the victory of the most important Chinatown in Europe against the town police and their wish to give out fines.
The riot police went into action but they were pushed back and 14 finished up in hospital. A few cars got turned over. Even the Chinese got it and 5 have needed to stay in hospital.
It seems that it all started with the zeal of a female town police officer and the reaction of the Chinese community. But a fine cannot be the trigger for a revolt. Diversity, the lack of integration and the tensions that have lasted for years can. Via Paolo Sarpi and the surrounding streets form a ghetto, or more accurately a self-ghetto. It’s like being in Peking, even better. Italian shops disappear, the old residents go away. It’s an enclave.
History teaches us that ghettos are bad for those who live there. They are centres of cultural and ethnic solidarity. But they are isolated, surrounded by a sea of difference.
What struck me were the many Chinese flags and the pride of those unfurling them. And I wondered what meaning they have. Once upon a time, whoever arrived in Milan wanted to be immediately adopted and become a person of Milan. Today it’s the flag from home that’s carried.
Ghettos are dangerous for those that live there, hated by those that surround them. Is integration the objective for those who arrive in our country? Well then, let’s integrate them and let’s prohibit ghettos.
In a zone, there mustn’t be more than a certain percentage of North Africans, Chinese, Philipinnos, together with the Italians. The same thing in the schools. And those that arrive must want to be integrated, to learn our language and to unfurl our flag. Or to go away. Italy has never had religious wars or ethnic wars.
To go and search them out is for timid folk and it’s also a bit idiotic.

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March 29, 2007

Politics and Pasta

“Politics is not a festival lunch”, translation of words by Bertinotti. He knows a thing or two about parliamentary cuisine. The students at the La Sapienza University in Rome contested him. Some satchels, some bad words. He got a bit upset. Also because his cashmere jumper got messed up. But he shouldn’t have. He’s got a god job.
A great career behind him. And above all he managed to walk in and out of the university on his own legs. Not a mean achievement in these times.
Yes, because a few would not be able to get in even with an escort. I’m referring to the parliamentary convicts. To the orphans of Bettino’s booty. To the heirs of the Cassa del Mezzogiorno (Fund for the South of Italy). To the sponsors of the Biagi law.
For all those, to use a Bertinotti-type phrase, that always think about the low cuisine. The bad-smelling sort that after a bit that you’ve been breathing in its odours, they get into your clothes and you can’t even smell them.
You can’t expect the young people to stuff up their noses. Why should they? What have they got left to lose? Work? Social security? The environment?
They are a generation without hope that is beginning to understand that someone has dumped on them the Great Robbery of the Country. And that they haven’t even left them little bits of loose change for  the weekly repayments.
The United States are withdrawing from Iraq and Italy is putting aside thousands of millions to go to Afghanistan. We are always going slightly against the tide.
The structures of the country are in pieces. There’s no money for research, for the companies, for the schools. But to behave like the support of Bush’s tail (not of the Americans…) there’s always the money.
In the name of stable politics. That of the seventy year olds in power. Of the white panthers with dentures.
Politics is not a festival lunch. There are no waiters with white gloves. And here Fausto is right. They only use latex gloves so as not to leave fingerprints.

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March 12, 2007

A separate world


There are people like you me, like you, who exist and live in a separate world. A parallel world where desires are fulfilled. A fairyland reality in which you can retire with a pension after two years and a few months, there are already PACS {PAtto Civile di Solidarietà, - a form of civil union} you travel for free, you get a fabulous salary.
A world where the convicts are loved and numerous. In percentages that are higher than in Italy’s most infamous neighbourhoods. Where a corruptor of judges can smoke a cigar and relax at our expense.
An ideal place with blue cars and people to carry your briefcase. Whoever has the luck to live there wants to share their happiness with us. And they do this every day with broadcasts: on TV, on radio, in the newspapers. It doesn’t matter what they say, just that they can do that. An Ideal place, of a democracy carried out by people elected by the party secretaries.
A Circle of Paradise with convicts, lawyers, journalists, employees of the psycho dwarf, Trades Unionists and party functionaries. It doesn’t represent the Italians but the Italian dream.
That aspiration of riches and of power with merit, without intelligence, without honesty that is in our genes. This world is an enchantment, a child of the electoral law and of the media.
Last year I proposed a limit of two elected terms of office, not to put forward convicts as candidates, to allow citizens to vote for a person and not a party. Proposals that get politics near to reality. That allow a change of blood in Parliament. Now I don’t believe any longer.
I don’t think it is possible to get rid of this class, the only true class in Italy, with referendums and proposed laws. A corporation that refers to itself that does not want to lose any of its privileges. The only possibility is to isolate it. To empty it of significance. To take control of the local reality.
One step at a time. Substituting the parties with movements and civil lists. Over time, that separate world will start to disappear and only the wrapping will be left. The people populating it will appear to us as they really are.
Unfaithful employees and, almost always incapable. RESET!

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March 05, 2007

Born in the USA


Who knows why the Red Brigades have appeared in the newspapers. In TV. They have been muttered about, evoked, by the mouths of our snail-like employees. For days at all hours BEFORE the Vicenza demonstration. Identikit. Arms and five-pointed stars. A resurrection that not even Jesus and Lazarus could have done together.
And then, afterwards a peaceful demonstration. Really great. In which it was said loud and clear that the Italians don’t want American war bases. War Airports. Nuclear bombs for war. Aircraft that take off to go bombing.
AFTER the Vicenza demonstration. During which nothing happened. No one was injured. There were no incidents. In spite of the climate created by the media. You could have expected a second Genoa G8. After the demonstration, the Red Brigades no longer exist. I’ve looked for them in the newspapers. In the magazines. Even on TG2 in the night. Nothing. Defeated in a week.
After Vicenza, the newspapers gave space to the voices for the confidence vote. On Afghanistan. It’s always a question of the Americans. A vote that in another country would not have been the determinant in a vote of confidence. At the most a bit of tension with the ally. It brought down the government. Who knows why?
Andreottinoglobal has said, only now, that the Vicenza base is useless. “What need is there to double up the base? What’s the need for even more military structures? To put whom there? To defend us from whom?
Certainly not to defend us from terrorism because you don’t fight terrorism from the airports.” Who knows why? D’Alema has at last criticized the position of the United States in relation to the Calipari murder. Who knows why?
Now the Americans proclaim to the whole world that the extradition of the agents who abducted Abu Omar in Milan. Violating every Italian law. They won’t even think about it. Who knows why?
Questions that will stay without a reply in an American protectorate.

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February 22, 2007

Long Live Bush, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung

D’Alema had warned everyone. If the Afghan mission didn’t get through then the government would be finished. The Senate had been waiting months for such an opportunity. The micro-majority has been beaten. D’Alema brings bad luck. Even the Forza DS people are beginning to realize this, the ones bent on doing incinerators, car parks and mega tips.
The follow-Bush policy was not in the Unione’s programme. Nor was VicenzaLebanonKabul. That this government should fall for having wanted to please the greatest ally of the psycho-dwarf, the creator of the unjustifiable war in Iraq, is a leg pull.
Die for Gdańsk and fall for Kabul. Afghanistan is important but in the list of the problems of this country it comes at the thousandth position.
Dear employees, try and ask about it in a bar or at the market. The employee President Napolitano declared immediately after the demonstration of 200,000 people at Vicenza that “Demonstrations in the street are legitimate but it’s leading you astray to think that they are the salt of democracy.” Compliments for the Hungarian timing.
I would have been able to understand if the government had been beaten on the election reform to give back to the citizens the possibility to choose the candidate. Or beaten hands down on the conflict of interests.
Or decimated trying to eliminate the ad personam laws. In all these cases it would have had my admiration.
Not for Kabul. It would have been enough to ask Gino Strada to know why.
Long Live Bush, Lenin and Mao Tse Tung.

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February 21, 2007

The Marquis of Grillo


The TAV is going ahead. Base 2 at Vicenza is going ahead. We’re in the Lebanon. We’re staying in Kabul. The conflict of interests is of no interest. The election law is just fine as it is. The “ad personam” laws are even useful to the Left and they are not eliminated. The pardon has even been of use to the Left and that is why it got voted in.
The government listens. It’s always listening. It’s a good government. It does things that don’t even please its Ministers. Who aren’t pleasing to the Italians. But they are very pleasing to the Americans, to the bankers, to the pretend industrialists, to the pretend journalists, to the local house of liberty.
Prodi Marquis of Grillo doesn’t know what to say. He’s often silent. Sometimes he raises his voice but just with his wife. The message that goes out to the Nation, loud and clear, is always the same: “I’m very sorry, but we are who we are and you are nothing!”
To get elected as a mayor in Italy you have to be a former Trades Unionist or a millionaire. The result doesn’t change. The arrogance of mayors and of local cabinet members as witnessed daily in this blog is without measure.
The Broni-Mortara costs 900,000,000,000 Euro, the companies in the area are against it, as are the residents. But it is going ahead. The people of Milan don’t want the Zona Fiera to be disastrously entombed in tons of cement. But it is going ahead. The people of Serre don’t want a mega tip to destroy a wildlife reserve.
But it is going ahead. The TAV in Val di Susa will cost 13,000,000,000 Euro. It’s of no use. The experts say so. University professors. The Valley is in revolt. But it is going ahead.
My tour has started recently and even before I arrive in a town, the mayor and cabinet members declare that they don’t want to meet me. Even though I haven’t asked to meet them.
The local administrators and politicians should be representing the citizens. There are a few thousand of them compared to 58 million Italians who count for nothing whatever they do. Does this seem normal to you? How long can it last?

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February 19, 2007

CGIL Brigades


Trades Unionists are institutional, sometimes conservatives, often reformers. Observers of the world of work. They love the State. They become President of the Lower House, of the Upper House. Even Ministers and Mayors. After the Carabinieri as an institution, they are there. Well then, why has no one asked themselves why Trades Unionists became red brigades?
Perhaps because 1200 people die on the job every year? Dead with style. Better than in the tales by Hannibal Lecter. In recent days a labourer died in a vat of trichloroethylene and another was incinerated by a blaze.
Perhaps because many are employed only after death so that they are above board?
Perhaps because in these TradesUnionistbrigademembers there is a tiny doubt that slavery exists in Italy? And that the rights gained after the war have been annulled by the Biagi Law?
Who knows.
The Trades Unionists know that a banker convicted of bankruptcy in Italy risks nothing. That in Parliament there are 25 convicts sitting comfortably. And that if it were a labourer who had been convicted no one would give them another job. They have arrested 4 people because they were handing out flyers in support of the Red Brigades. After two days they were released. No objections.
But if there were the same severity in relation to the Telecom bosses, the State managers who have transformed the companies into colanders and in relation to the corrupt administrators, how many would they have to arrest?
To ask oneself questions can help to understand why dangerous Brigade members would hide out in the CGIL. Or more simply people who, though mistaken, didn’t see other possibilities.
Understand 20 of them to avoid 100,000 of them.

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February 18, 2007

It’s Always Korea!


Whatever the game plan, if there are relics on the field, then defeat is certain. And if they play in the wrong roles. The Centre Forward in goal, the captain playing in midfield.. Defeat is transformed into disaster.
The programme is not enough. The electors need to know the team that’s governing. If Prodi had said that Justice Reforms were to be put into place by Mastella, he would have lost the election. The citizen, taken for a ride, would have opted for Castelli, or if subject to vomiting attacks, abstained.
To avoid embarrassing situations it’s enough to give, quite transparently, during the elections, the list of Ministers FIRST to the citizens and then to the President of the Republic. The employers would thus not be the last to know and to be cuckolded.
The problem is not just political but also one of competences. Having the best people in government must not be blasphemy. However, what always happens is that the party faithfuls get there. Gentiloni is there because Rutelli wanted him.
Turco and la Melandri were nominated by D’Alema. There’s such confusion because the team is created by the deputy trainers and not the President of the Council. We look on from the spectator area and see an unpresentable team, with no prominent players. And we lose. We always lose. Last in the European classification.
What are the credentials of Fioroni, Santagata, Pollastrini, Lanzillotta, De Castro, Chiti and Mussi? Relations? Political currents? Electoral college? And we, what do we care? Let them play in the local party back yard. The citizens have the right to choose who makes decisions about their future. No more surprises. No more horrifying surprises. RESET!

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February 12, 2007

Ministers are hostages


The Minister as a hostage is a noble figure in the Italian political panorama. The sequence is well known. A Minister opposes a stupid idea of the Government or he supports a legitimate request from a citizen. His colleagues ignore him. The Minister gets indignant (not always) and turn to public opinion (not always).
Anyway he declares himself to be a hostage of the Majority. Which without him (or her) would become the Minority.
What we would like to know is who keeps these Ministers as hostages? Who prevents the truth about Abu Omar from coming out.. Who Is blocking the judges with Pulcinella’s State Secret. Who doesn’t want a clean sweep of the incinerators.
Who gifts a week’s ski holiday to the telephone companies by moving the time frame for abolishing the costs of recharging the mobiles? Who wants the pardon even though no citizen in his right mind wanted it. Who thinks that 12/13 thousand million Euros to do a tunnel in Val di Susa is progress and not folly? Who doesn’t want clarity on the Telecom intercepts?
There’s no Dr Who keeping the Ministers as hostages. However there is in existence a transversal party called Forza DS with the external support of the Margherita. The Ministers held hostage should take note and not continue to pay the what’s demanded with the associated loss of credibility.
Either they get to the bottom of things or don’t bother. Let them not keep annoying us with Cip6, with Afghanistan, With Vicenza or with the pardon. That’s stuff that we already know about. Their role is to do something. If they can’t do that, at least they should keep quiet, because they are not even talking about resigning.

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February 11, 2007

Pop corn


The pressure cooker that we call Italy is over-heating. The steam cannot get out. It’s the journalists stopping it. It’s the politicians stopping it. Persons who refer only to themselves and who are deprived of any contact with the real world. The citizens know and start to realize that the law does not protect them. Without the law they have to do it on their own, or just be resigned for as long as it’s possible. They know that the law has class. It’s not for everyone.
In the absence of protection, the Italians get by. They burn down nomad camps. They paralyze the city with spontaneous demonstrations against the military base at Vicenza, against the criminality that is protected by legal regulations. The residents of whole condominiums come down to the street to beat up drug pushers.
Pop corn that explodes here and there. Before doing it all together. And when, on those rare occasions, rights are recognised, it’s just a make believe.
A joke. As for the charges for topping up mobile phones, first they are abolished and then just maybe. Like for the financing for incinerators first abolished and now in your backside. Like the promises to eliminate ad personam laws and conflict of interests in the election programme.
The State has got impunity for itself. It’s Previti in Parliament. It’s Vito and Pomicino in the Antimafia Commission. And mad salaries and bonuses for the parliamentarians. And mayors and local cabinet members that don’t even consult their citizens.
The pop corn right now is a bit stunned, confused, disorientated. Still a few seeds. They take it out on the effects and not on the causes. With those who are poorest. With the lowest in the social order.
When will they understand that it’s useless? That it’s a waste of time. That they are aiming at the wrong target. Then the pressure cooker will explode and many will have to flee between the morning and the night.

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February 04, 2007

Kill us all


A letter from Calabria from Rosanna of the “Kill us all” campaign. On 17 February at Reggio Calabria our youngsters will be streaming through the streets, demonstrating against the mafia. Let’s not leave them on their own.

Dear Beppe,
My name is Rosanna, aged 23 and I am the daughter of a judge of the Corte di Cassazione in Calabria who was killed shortly before Falcone and Borsellino. But I’m not writing to talk about myself.
More than a year has passed since the massive demonstrations at Locri provoked by the anger at the killing of the Vice President of the Regional Council, Francesco Fortugno, the crowning glory after scores of unpunished crimes carried out in the Locri area and in the whole of Calabria.
After a year and a half in Calabria, we continue to die, to pay the “mazzetta”, to survive the suffocation by the ‘ndrangheta.
A year and a half later we, the young people, are still here fighting every form of mafia, from that in the street to that in the great buildings, so that we can claim back our land.
Very often you feel immune to the ‘ndrangheta problem until you find yourself having to face up to their bullying. We are aware of this as soon as we start some kind of enterprise, and someone “knocks” on your door asking for a “contribution” to allow you to work, then the “contribution” becomes a quarter, half, three quarters of the earnings of the enterprise and you are obliged to agree a compromise or to close and go away. All this is normal, all foreseeable, even though it is completely absurd. All taking place in silence.
Like when they kill someone close to you and you know who did it but their name becomes too heavy to say, just as it is too risky to ask for justice to be done, because certain names are not pronounceable. And then you swallow bitter pills and you continue your usual life. Or it can happen that one day a young man feels humiliated by his companions because he doesn’t have a designer jumper and will never have one because his family has to jump through hoops to get to the end of the month and so to give himself a hand, so as to feel like “someone” and to be respected, he turns to the current ‘capetto’ {little boss} and in that moment he has mortgaged his life, sold his dignity to become “someone”. What does it matter then if he risks finishing up in prison for selling drugs or for having killed a person? What does it matter if he has thrown his conscience into the gutter?
Because, be clear, in the end, the ones who pay are the poor folk and not the gentlemen. No, those look down from on high in their villas in the north, nice and warm! There are others who pay for them.
In Calabria only the pitiless operators remain. The ones who make it their business to keep the territory under control, as a substitute for the State. The Calabresi. – the people of Calabria. Those to whom we turn to buy our rights, the ones for whom we provide fuel with our ignorance and fear.

And this is the real reasoning behind the demonstration that we young people of the “Kill us all” campaign are organising on 17 February in Reggio Calabria.
We want to put into practise the words of Judge Borsellino: “If the youth deny their consent to the all powerful and mysterious mafia then it will disappear like a nightmare.”
Because if we continue to turn to the “chief thug” to get our rights, if we allow the ‘ndrangheta to continue to interfere in our lives with arrogance and bullying, if we allow ourselves to be taken in by their diabolical smiles, we will never free ourselves from its tentacles.

This is the first self-made demonstration that we are organising at Reggio Calabria, the first that is completely self-financed, even though I’m not hiding the fact that we want to call on all the people of Calabria, the shop keepers, the entrepreneurs, the mothers and the fathers, to help us even with money in organising this demonstration. In fact we want to ask a sort of ‘legalised pizzo’, or a financial contribution with a purchase certificate for them so as to recognise an ‘antimafia share’ from our virtual share package.

The mafias are not only a problem of the South, but they are a cancer in the whole of Italy and as long as we continue to play their game by ignoring them and turning the other way, we can never stamp out this illness. This is why our appeal is not aimed only at the people of Calabria but it is reaching out to wake up ALL honest Italians, because there is always, in every region, something that fits the term ‘mafia-type behaviour’. It is a way of thinking of being different from the others, the claim to be able to buy and sell rights, to take care exclusively of one’s own good even to the detriment of others.
We have started a Blog for the demonstration. There you can find all the useful “work-in-progress” information up until 17 February. The address is:
A big hug (even virtual) from me.”

Rosanna Scopelliti
daughter of Antonino, the judge killed by Cosa Nostra at Campo Calabro (RC) on 9 August 1991.
"“Kill us all now” campaign - young people united against the mafias

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January 27, 2007

Red pill: the Vicenza base

Pillola rossa - Vicenza EN.jpg

Google Video

Today I am dedicating the red pill to the Vicenza base. What if we had Italian Navy nuclear submarines in Miami? A few made-in-Italy nuclear war heads in Los Angeles? Italian flag bombers between Texas and Alabama? What would the Americans say? Much more than the people of Vicenza. Long live the people of Vicenza. If you are “cat-eaters” cor-blimey – you could even become “base-eaters”.
Americans are friendly people, but that’s no reason to occupy Italy. They must come here on holiday or stay at home.
Soru has given an example. Formigoni with 40 war heads at Ghedi Torre near Brescia what does he say? And Illy with 50 war heads at Aviano, is he just a tiny bit worried for his citizens?
I don’t believe that the Italians agree to the transport from Italy of nuclear bombs. To explode in the Middle East, in China or in Russia. With their complicity. Let the bombs be kept where they were constructed. Usabomber go home!

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January 24, 2007

Conflict of Interests is a way of life

Piero Ricca - Elio Veltri EN.jpg
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“Here we have to resolve the conflict of interests or we will continue to get screwed” (Beppe Grillo).
We got stuck with Piero Fassino who declared on 5 March 2006 that to resolve the conflict of interests is not a priority because “It doesn’t give work to anyone”.
We got stuck with the psycho dwarf who promised to resolve the problem in a hundred days, even though “only seven per cent of the Italains are interested in the problem.”
Ten years later he got a tailored made parliament to vote for the shameful Frattini law (from the name of the really faithful friend who got a post in the European Commission) that declared that it was not him incompatible but Confalonieri.
Now fresh off the press we have the Franceschini draft (these names always end in “ini”) that the Unione wants us to believe will tackle the problem. Straight away it has to be said. Before the law arrives in the Chambers of Parliament: it’s more ridiculous than the Frattini law:

- it deals only with possible incompatibilities of the members of the government

- it doesn’t foresee the ineligibility of those who control the means of communication

Our employees have their spectacles painted a democratic-party-pink. They pretend not to see that the conflict of interests is the mortal illness of democracy. A problem of economic liberty. The whole System is in conflict of interests: banks, public administration, universities, information, pharmaceutical markets, football, controlling Authorities, co-operatives, parties.
The citizen doesn’t count. Only the sly ones count: they write the laws, they elect themselves to Parliament, they approve false balance sheets, they appoint each other to well paid positions, they are controlled and controllers. Our employees live from a conflict of interests, a gracious way of defining corruption.
A recent book by di Elio Veltri and Francesco Paola (Il Governo dei conflitti, Longanesi Editore) confirms the illness and the consequences of the virus.

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January 10, 2007

The army of the twelve monkeys


The electoral body is not made up of fifty million Italians. It's made up of a dozen people. The party leaders. A tiny group of individuals, who without any apparent reason, but thanks to an indecent law, have decided who has to represent the electors. And who has to be a Minister. Or Undersecretary. Prodi, Rutelli, Casini, Berlusconi, Bertinotti, Pecoraro Scanio, Diliberto, Di Pietro, Fini, Bossi, Pannella, D'Alema. The others get tips.
Democracy is dead. In Parliament there are seats for friends, relatives, wives, lovers, lackeys, right-hand men and lawyers. All their stuff. All with a direct call. All with a vocation.
Before the elections, the Centre Left wanted to climb up to the Aventino. Now it's very comfortable at Montecitorio. Everyone has had their fill of pork. The pig-like law is good, really good, and irresistible after you've tasted it.
Now they are talking about a referendum for a new election law. They wink (Amato), advise (Napolitano), converge (Berlusconidalema), proclaim (Prodi), threaten (Bossi). A dishonourable piece of theatre. That will continue in the Caserta Palace.
The election law must be abolished and the previous one restored. The one that allowed us to choose the candidates. Afterwards. Only after that can we discuss how to improve it. If a law can be considered illegitimate, the current election law is just that. Parliament is made by the secretaries of the parties. This government has been elected to cancel out this shit. Not to discuss it with the pig men. There has been a coup d'état. Everyone knows it. None of the parties has suffered it.
Just the Italians.

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January 08, 2007

Class war


The hard class war without fear. The one that filled the streets in the 1970s. That war no longer exists. Because, in the end, a single class has won. The class of power. The one that no longer stays only in Palazzo di Pasolini. It has spread out like contagion. It’s wherever there’s a position that’s public – or semi-public.
Wherever there’s one of our employees with a career.
It’s a class that is everywhere. There are the former sixty eight-ers with careers in the media or in the Ministries. And with them the post-fascists, now even post-Christian-Democrats. And even the post-communists, they are now just post and nothing else. It’s a viscous class. Its spider’s web goes through the banks, arriving at the municipalized companies, taking hold of the media and extending to the town councils. It’s a single class that has managed to get the parts turned upside down. It is no longer at the service of the citizens.
If citizens don’t understand, they are thick. If they rebel they are “no-global” even if they are 70 years old. If they complain, they are arrogant. Citizens have no right to criticize. They are not informed if the most disgusting things are done on their territory.
Incinerators, gas depots, holes in the mountain, pollution of rivers and lakes, commercial centres instead of parks, car parks instead of cycle paths, Pm10 instead of trees.
To know that the State no longer exists in Campania, you just have to rely on the courage of Saviano who has written Gomorra. Who cleared up that there is the System and that the local politicians are ornaments in bad taste in the election shop window.
To know what happens in Sicily, where by now the State and the Anti-State live side by side, as stated by Pacs Lunardi, we have to wait for a TV item from Travaglio. And when a news item smells. It really smells. And you can’t get it to stay silent. Like for the Telecom intercepts. They talk about it just for as long as is needed and then they trust in the Alzheimer’s of the Italian people.
Today in Italy, there are two classes. The citizens and those who administer the public good in the name of the citizens but for their own personal gain. Today in Italy, the choices of the single class are unpopular and we are even told as much to our faces. Like for the pardon. The single class is proud of being unpopular.
But, if it is the people that has given them their mandate, they should however be popular. Or go home. The next employee that shows off about making an unpopular choice is to be kicked in the backside and sacked.
It’s the time for a direct democracy. There are some tools, others will come. A democracy that starts from the territory. From where the people can exercise control. From the Town Halls. RESET!

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January 03, 2007

Jurassic Italy


Giorgio Napolitano presented his end-of-year-speech on all the TV channels simultaneously. All the TV journalists commented on it. During the salient passages. The segments that got missed by those who were asleep.
And then they reported the declarations of party support, Ridolini-style, with 10 seconds for each one. An 80 year old gentleman used archaic words to talk to us about our future. Excuse my impertinence, but he was using words worthy of the red-pen school teacher.
But it’s not his fault. The fault lies in his age. It’s the fault of the institutional role. Once you arrive there, unless you are called Pertini, you get embalmed in life. PresidentoftheRepublic/oftheCouncil/leaderoftheopposition together make about 220 years. A great Jurassic experience. The triumph of gerontocracy. After Brezhnev’s USSR, there’s only Italy. The clinical profile of the old people in Parliament is on the agenda.
Bertinotti’s prostrate, Amato’s heart, the psycho dwarf’s brain. A complete medical dossier. The Montecitorio hospice cannot contain the dreams of the young. At the most some conflict of interests. The young are outside the doors. They are doing “precarious” work. They emigrate. They live off the pensions of their parents. They survive to maintain the status quo of the previous generations. Whoever doesn’t look to the future can’t have one. But who is old is not thinking about it and who is young cannot do it. My wish for the new year is to hear new words, see new people, to savour new tastes, a real liberty, that in Italy is only pretence.
My wish is that the new generations take Italy into their hands. And put this political class, these sleek financiers, these super-paid bureaucrats, into early retirement. The ones who have transformed an industrial Italy , in which you could choose between Telettra, Italtel, Fiat, Telecom, Olivetti and a hundred other companies, into a call centre factory.
Italy is getting older. It is riddled with old thinking. My wish for young people is a stupendous idea. To throw out the old and to set off fresh. RESET!

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January 01, 2007



Is the killing of an assassin, assassination? Can the punishment for a crime be applied with the same crime? Rape with rape, theft with theft, death with death? To condemn the murder and then apply murder by law is an enchantment. A contradiction of the human mind.
A vendetta, not law. Saddam has been hanged. Condemned by the Iraqi people. But no one believes it. The hands of the executioner were Iraqi, but the executioner was Bush. Saddam should have been condemned to life in prison.
He should have grown old in prison. Lost his haughtiness. With the execution, he was gifted a dignity that he did not have. A made-in-Texas greatness.
Now Saddam is a martyr and in his death we need to remember the war with Iran financed by the USA. The good Saddam, ally of the West against Khomeini. The Saddam who was secular and supporting the West.
Then he set up on his own and this was an intolerable insult to American democracy. That of the 2 million prisoners and arms of death. And of the control of the Persian Gulf.
If Saddam was a criminal, then so are a few Heads of State with seats in the United Nations. Why Saddam and them not? Oil. The whole world declared the first war against Iraq because of the invasion of Kuwait and its oil wells. In Darfur hundreds of thousands of people have died. No one has lifted a finger. In Chechnya not even one tall building has remained standing. No one has lifted a finger. The hypocrisy of the just oily, western death sentence.
Was Saddam a criminal? Did he exterminate the Kurds using gas? Did he kill those who opposed him? Yes, definitely. But when the war in Iraq finishes, it’ll be possible to do the accounting of all the dead. And there will be many, many more than those attributed to Saddam’s regime. Will someone be strung up for the 40deathsadaythatnolongerhitthenews?
Will they be sentenced to paying a fine, handing over money, to ask for pardon? Saddam has paid his account with dignity. Hiroshima, the Gulags, Tibet will never be paid for by anyone.

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December 28, 2006

Gas under the house


What do the following have in common: the Canton Ticino, article 67 of the Italian Constitution, and the biggest deposit of natural gas in Europe? Everything and nothing.
Everything because in the end we are talking about democracy. Nothing, because the government of Canton Ticino has approved the revision of the ineligibility regulations, about the removal and the suspension from public office of people convicted or under investigation for crimes or offences contrary to the dignity of the position.
While this happens in Switzerland, in Italy, anyone who has committed a crime gets a career in Parliament. And the decisions about our life, the environment, and our health, are taken without consulting us. A true example of Indirect Democracy.
Once upon a time it was called more correctly oppression, perhaps dictatorship. And article 67? The one that says:
“Every member of Parliament represents the Nation and exercises their functions without any ties on their mandate”? It’s old-fashioned. The parliamentarians respond to the heads of the parties. They were not elected by anyone. They do not have popular legitimization. And frequently, they are proud of making unpopular choices like the pardon. As though they are more beautiful, more intelligent than the body of voters and they don’t in fact need to account for their choices.

I’m publishing a letter from Nino who lives in Mirandola (in the Province of Modena) describing how citizens are considered by their employees.

Ciao Beppe,

I want to tell you about an interesting case: The biggest natural gas depot in Europe will be constructed at Mirandola.
The Ministry gave out the concessions for 40 years in 2004. The relevant local authorities found out in March 2006. and only now has the population been informed that 3,200,000,000 cubic metres of gas is to be stored underneath their homes in an area of 120 Kilometres square.
Refer to the table of ministerial authorizations for 2004 and the website of Independent Resources, to see that for a few years it has been decided to stockpile 3,000,000,000 cubic metres of methane gas in the aquifer, using pumps powered by giant turbines at a depth of almost 3,000 metres.
The stockpile is the property of Independent Resources PLC that is buying the gas from Gaz de France, and stockpiling it in summer (when the price is low) so that it can then re-extract it to sell in winter at higher costs.
The stockpile is said to cover an area of more than 120 km2 , the deposit station is said to be 3 or 4 sheds that are 40 metres high, a 100 metre high cold chimney and some burners about 40 metres high. Citizens have got to know about all this only about one month ago. All this was done without involving anyone in discussions. And the project is already being approved by the Ministry of Productive Activities and by the Region."

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December 26, 2006

Christmas Suppository


Father Christmas has brought us the Finance Law. Instead of the reindeer he used the bicycle. Romano Christmas was immediately sorry and said he would never do it again. Then he immediately changed his mind and said he wasn’t sorry and that he would do it again. It has been a Finance law full of surprises. A mutant Finance law. A Finance law that the academics will only be able to explain to us in a few years time. When they’ve managed to understand what it was all about. Of the correlations and the amendments. Of the clarifications and the back-pedalling. Of the lobbies and the mess ups. It was an extenuating Finance law. It got us for exhaustion. Before the final voting, Romano Christmas could have asked us for anything, any tax, any rubbish. We would have said “yes” just to get it out of the way by the Christmas period.
The things in the Finance law that I have understood, I have not liked. I haven’t liked the attempt to cancel accounting crimes against the Public Administration. I haven’t liked the change to the law that eliminated contributions to the new incinerators taking them from the renewable energy sources.
The things I haven’t understood about the Finance law I’ve liked even less. I don’t understand why the conflict of interests is tolerated, why the Pecorella and ex Cirielli save-the-thieves laws have not been eliminated. Why the election law was not altered, the one that created consortiums available to BerlusconiBossiCasiniRutelliFassinoBertinotti and so on . Why the Biagi law was not eliminated. Why there was no action against the monopolists with the dearest prices in Europe and the worst services. Why the people giving the orders to intercept telephones are not in prison together with the people who carried out the work. Why the reform of the TV has not been started. Why Previti, corruptor of judges, is sitting in Parliament. Why two parliamentarians who have been convicted of crimes are sitting on the anti-mafia commission. Why this government is too much like the one of the bypassed dwarf. Why the programme of the Unione, and the pre-electoral indignation have stayed there where they were before 9 April.
Fassino the cementifier is talking about Phase 2. If that means that we need new elections after we’ve changed the election law, I agree. If however it means the development of Phase 1, then the next load of suppositories should be used internally by the Unione parliamentarians. The citizens have already done.

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December 11, 2006

Harlequin, servant of two masters

Urban transport is on strike. Aircraft are on strike. The trains are on strike. The fire officers are on strike. The teachers are on strike. The hospitals are on strike. Anyone who is a public employee sooner or later goes on strike.
The citizens, their employees are always in the dark about the motives. They know there’s a strike , but they don’t know the reason for it. However they know that the absence from work happens by preference on a Friday or on the days before a holiday. An incentive for a long week end.
It’s murmured that the strikes depend on the failure to renew work contracts. And that the negotiations are always drawn out for many years. Years of severe strikes, not against the administration, but against the citizens.
Those that pay the salaries to the strikers with the cost of the service and to the public administrators, who negotiate with the strikers, with taxes.
The citizen pays for the service twice, but is excluded from the negotiation. The employee administrators don’t get anywhere with the employee strikers.
From one week to the next, we find ourselves without trains, without hospital treatment, without schools. We pay hordes of employees to serve us (with the idea of providing a public service).
But we don’t have the right to speak, to make decisions, to be informed, to have a veto in the negotiations. It’s time to change the system.
Negotiations between public administrators and trades unions must provide for the presence of citizen representatives. Who can understand and make decisions instead of waiting for hours at the bus stop like stupid folk
While writing this it occurred to me that certain employees never go on strike. The politicians. Perhaps because they are so fond of us? Perhaps because we treat them so well? I believe that it is time to review the conditions of their contracts. The pension after 30 months is just the start of the meal. And if they go on strike we won’t be aware of it.

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December 04, 2006

Saturday of Dead Bodies


On Saturday in Rome the Guardia di Finanza {Finance Police} lost a great opportunity. That of surrounding the mass of 2,000,000,000 people (Forza P2’s estimate) to ask for their income tax declarations.
That would have sorted out the Public Debt. An opportunity like that will never happen again. The people concerned are of a certain age. Berlusconi supported Bossi with his right hand astutely behind his back. He smiled with a closed mouth like the best ventriloquist.
And he made Bossi speak better than Provolino. The crowd was delirious. The psiconano then shouted out: “It’s not the leader that chooses the people but the people who choose the leader”.
If he is the leader, then I don’t understand why he chose us. The true opposition was in Palermo. It wasn’t by chance that Casini went to Sicily to mark the difference. There he’s got loads of friends. The famous friends of friends. Saturday he gave us a happy funeral.
Of political happiness for the government. With this opposition it can allow itself a pardon and a finance law every three months. The Unione has had a protecting saint for almost 20 years. San Berlusconi da Arcore {Saint Berlusconi of Arcore}.
Pinochet saw his colleague fainting on TV as it happened. He was told the reason. To avoid the hearing at the Milan Tribunal last Wednesday.
To draw out the time frame and to aim at prescrizione {getting a judgement beyond the time limit}. Thus, after consulting with Bondi on the telephone, he did the same. Prescrizione plus apoplectic stroke and there’s no more prison.

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November 29, 2006



For once, one damn time in the history of Italy we have the proof in our hands. A pile of blank ballot papers that could even be sampled.
A few measly days of work in the thousands of millions of hours of the Public Administration. There you go. We don’t care about it. We don’t do the checking. Who says so? The Rome prosecutors’ office. But the election coup d'état, because that’s what we are talking about, is a political problem. A problem for the citizens. Not just for the judges.
It is something that can turn upside down all the balances of this country. Both sides of the political divide are afraid of this.
Otherwise we count for nothing.
A blogger has sent me this film clip. A few declarations by Nando Dalla Chiesa about the night of the elections. Let’s listen to it.

Dear Beppe,
At the same moment as the breaking of the news about the Magistracy not counting the blank ballot papers, the Undersecretary of State Nando Dalla Chiesa pronounced these words at a conference in Milan:

'[…] perhaps it was us that made a mistake but I don’t believe so, I don’t think so…. However it is significant that we were asked, all of us, to go to the Prefettura {office of the Prefect} … this happened at 11:00pm in the evening. Then what happened? This is my hypothesis:
If it’s true that there has been mis-handling of the blank ballot papers I believe that the problem was in fact, what happened from the moment when the prefetture {offices of the Prefects} sent off the votes to the time when they arrived in Rome. That’s the mystery.
And I have to say: they would have won if it hadn’t been for the abusive force of the old Communist party. OK, what did they do?
When they saw that they started to eat up half a point, half a point, half a point, half a point and there were just the 280-300 sections from which the results had to arrive, those who had the organisation asked the sections to transmit the results of the count immediately. The results of the count arrived directly from those who were assisting the organisers, from the DS, the count monitoring; at that moment Prodi and Fassino said ‘we have won’ and there they broke the magic spell.
That’s why Berlusconi got mad, because it was them saying ‘we have won’, the Minister of the Interior didn’t say it and Pisanu was not heard, knowing that they had the true data from the sections he didn’t feel like contradicting them because he knew that they had counted the true votes from those sections and those votes had not passed through the possible mis-handling information technology filter.
This is what happened, thus I believe that what Prodi and Fassino have been told off about, is actually what saved us. That is, the fact that on the basis of the information received from their supporters they went on to say ‘we have won’; thus this affair was closed, with Berlusconi getting mad because there was another method of counting the votes.“

Marco Canestrari.

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November 26, 2006

RESET in action


I haven’t forgotten about RESET. My 2007 tour will be called RESET. The meetups will be invited to bring proposals for the city and the territory to each show. It’ll be an action tour. By now we know everything (almost everything).
And we know that we have to change. That we can no longer delegate our lives to the parties. Ségolène has turned to the French calling them collective intelligence. In Italy there’s no lack of intelligence. We’re lacking in being collective.
The internet creates the collective. Knowledge creates collective.

Some information about the RESET initiatives:
- the 2007 calendar of Italy’s heroes will be downloadable from the blog for free by the end of the year
- the book ‘Modern Slaves' will be downloadable or available to buy in book form before Christmas
- the ‘Share Action’ is continuing. It’s reached 2,585 participants. Consob has formally asked me for explanations that I have supplied in the corresponding formal manner. I will form an association. It’ll take a bit of time and then we’ll be taking action.
- the electronic microscope is just about there. 290,000 Euro out of 378,000 has been collected
- the initiative to get a popular law to limit parliamentarians to two terms of office and to put their pensions on a similar footing to the rest of the country, will start in January 2007 and will continue for the whole of my RESET tour.
- the ‘tenthingstodo' and the ‘dodiciazioniincittà’ {twelve actions in the city} for our health, will be promoted through the blog and through the meetups.
- the RESET actions that you propose will be published with the possibility of a vote
- the campaign group to defend the Internet will be active by January 2007.

I’ve definitely left something out. After all this I’m exhausted. I feel as though I’ve been doing more work than 10 parliamentary commissions. And even without getting a pension after 30 months.

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November 22, 2006

Electoral whirlpool


At the last elections there was a strange smell in the air. The election results at midday gave the Unione a 5 point lead and then minute by minute it started to disappear.
Always in favour of the “Prison House of Liberty”. If counting had continued for another half hour, Prodi would have been a cyclist living on a pension.
Strange things happened that night. Pisanu summoned urgently by the psiconano. Prodi proclaimed the victory of the Unione as fast as he could.
Deaglio has produced a video: 'Uccidete la democrazia' {kill democracy} about which I have received many letters. I’m publishing two of them. One is from Aldo di Albenga and the other from Stefano Benni.

Dear Beppe,
Yesterday I watched Lucia Annunziata’s RAI 3 programme in which Enrico Deaglio put forward the unsettling idea about what was happening during the last political elections. Briefly, the blank ballot papers that normally are seen in different provinces at 4% or 11% got miraculously reduced in all the national territory to percentages between 1% and 2%.
This tiny million of non-votes is thought to have been transformed, through the agency of someone at the Viminale and a fivethousandlire software package into the same number of votes for a randomly chosen party in the CdL.
Even now there has not yet been a recount of these ballot papers. When Annunziata asked why the Centre Left had not denounced this fact, Deaglio (naïve???) responded: that they would have said: “We have won anyway”
But if they have to take refuge in a “fiducia” every minute because an almost invisible majority in the Senate, 1,200,000 votes less to the CdL would have a massively different distribution of the seats!
PERHAPS I must think about secret agreements that would shock the network of secret services and the P2, and that 99% of what is reported to us daily is just the usual theatricals of appearances? I thought to myself (naïve!!!)
“Tomorrow there’ll be an explosion in the newspapers and perhaps even in the whole country”. This morning the Corriere della Sera gave a few lines in the general news not about the transformation of the million votes but about protests from various bodies to the top brass in the RAI about the excessive time allocated to Deaglio.
La Stampa didn’t even give the news item. They are stealing our democracy from the base. From the vote. And no one is doing anything to stop it. Not those who are governing, not those who should be watching out, not those who should be keeping us informed, not those who should be carrying out investigations, not us Italians, because anyway we are world champions.”
Aldo – Albenga

“I have seen Deaglio’s video on the last elections. I found it to be well documented, precise and interesting. It puts forward the hypothesis that there was an election fraud of more than a million votes in favour of Berlusconi and the Casa della Libertà. To me it seems that this necessitates at least a parliamentary investigation.
Or at least the interest of the magistracy, the media, the party secretaries. It seems that that would be honest in relation to the voters of the Left and of the Right.
The silence of the Right does not surprise me. That of the Left does. For the Italian political class an attack on democracy of this seriousness is of little account.
But a citizen in Italy would like to know if a vote in Italy still has meaning, or if we are voting for a joke. Many times there has been darkness about episodes of Italian public life. If this darkness remains in place, perhaps it’s best to cancel out from the Constitution the wording 'democratic republic founded on work'.
Let’s say 'repubblica mediocratica fondata sul patteggiamento e il silenzio' {mediocre republic founded on making pacts and silence}. Perhaps even the vote is too dangerous for this country. At least let them say it, then we’ll know how to behave…”
Stefano Benni, il lupo

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November 18, 2006



Something is changing.
If a woman born in Dakar in Senegal. Mother of 4 children without being married. Cohabiting for 25 years, A woman who declares that French teachers have to work full time and not just 17 hours.
With a scandal for the Trades Unions and the French Left. Who has introduced the day-after pill free to all High Schools. Who has arranged for paternity leave for the birth of children. Who is defined as populist, summary antiparliamentarian, Mao’s Red Guard. But also French Zapatera.
If a beautiful lady aged 53 who proposes popular juries chosen at random with fixed termination dates to judge the work of the politicians. Who wants to reduce to two terms of office for every politician or public service official. Who asks for the elimination of the use of the amnesty for politicians. Who thinks that the revolt in the suburbs of Paris were fruit also of the corruption of politicians. If an elegant French socialist who believes in the renewal of the State from the bottom. From realities and from local movements. Who thinks of citizens in terms of collective intelligence.
Who talks to people on her blog. Who doesn’t give a fig for the bureaucracy.
If a woman like that wins the socialist primaries for the race to become President of France, something is changing. Then I look at Prodi, Bertinotti, Berlusconi. Golden seventy year olds. And Fini, Casini and D’Alema. Lead fifty year olds. And my discomfort returns.
Let us liberalise European politics. Free circulation of parliamentarians. Let’s propose an exchange three for one with the French. Bindi, Turco and Santanchè for Ségolène Royal. And a lump sum payment of a couple of thousand of million Euro to be paid by the Italians. They would all pay, willingly and straight away.

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November 14, 2006

Extreme armchairing


In one RESET I dealt with the number of terms of office that our employees have had a seat in Parliament. I proposed a popular initiative to reduce to a maximum of 2 the terms of office for a parliamentarian. Then after they have served the country they return to their profession.
The permanent politician is against public decorum. At the end of their life, what will their children and relatives think? Their dignity and ours is in play.
However there are people who persist in their stay. Persistent employees, a parliamentary malaria. Immune to any political catastrophe. Brezhnev and Mao were presidents. Mazzola and Rivera were playing for the National team and Pope John Paul II had not even been elected. They were there. They challenge the decades. Centuries pass. In the classification that I’m publishing life senators like Andreotti and Cossiga are not included. By now they are eternal and thus beyond human judgement.
The attachment to an armchair is bipartisan. You can see Bonino (7), Mastella (9), Cossutta (10), La Malfa (9), De Mita (8), Violante (8), Casini (7), Fini (7). The whole parliamentary array.
I propose an institute for re-education of long-term parliamentarians. To restore them to civil society with a profession. Let’s rehabilitate them. In good faith some of the voters celebrate their persistence in Parliament. They cut ribbons and cakes.
They need a psychologist or perhaps a psychiatrist. They don’t realize that they are disconnected from reality. In fact, what is the profession of full-time politician? How do we want to judge it? And above all, how can we continue to put up with it? RESET!

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October 26, 2006

One, two, RESET!


RESET. I’m not happy unless I do a RESET a day.
Today’s it’s the turn of our employees. The ones who are camping out in the corridors of the Lower and Upper Houses and in the TV studios. They’ve got a miserable life and they are doing it for us. They do a bit of gossip, vote in the Chamber, a few declarations.
They are drifting. To avoid a popular counter-drift I want to make a true demagogic proposal. Basically to drift in a populist and demagogic way, like an ordinary person.
Something for simple people, not coming from refined cultured people with the supremacy of politics. Something that democracies in a terminal phase need. A popular proposal for a law with the collection of signatures to reduce to 2 the number of terms of office for a parliamentarian. Retroactive.
Two and stop. Then you go back to work. Lend yourself to politics was once a common phrase. A citizen temporarily left his profession. To serve the country. Politics has become a permanent profession with indistinct boundaries. Italy is, using a popular expression, in the shit.
But who has brought us to this? And why allow them to continue to cause damage? Soon I will publish the list of parliamentarians who have served for more than 2 terms of office so that you can make this known to others on the Web.
They are the names of those responsible for the collapse, the ones who have led the country. Or will the blame always go to the recession, the boom, the heat of the summer or the conflict of interests in winter?
The parliamentarians even celebrate their anniversaries, their ten years, thirty years of permanence. But what’s this? A competition for whose electoral seat can resist? If there are no young people in politics, it’s because the places have been occupied for generations.
Let’s renew Parliament. Let’s not weigh down these long-haul parliamentarians with further responsibility.
One, two, RESET!

PS. Another friend has left us. A giant. Good bye Bruno Lauzi.

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October 24, 2006


photo by Kokeshi

We need to do RESET. To print T shirts saying RESET. To get a RESET tattoo. To telephone the fiancée and say: “Today I’m teaching you a new position: RESET.” Turn off your grandpa’s TV and shout in his ear: “RESEEETT!”.
Start from the beginning. It’s not possible to live with the sure knowledge of moving towards the catastrophe, even with optimism. The country is off the rails. The Partito Democratico that they want to create is already in existence. And is called dsmargheritaforzaitalia. It’s everywhere. It’s the straightjacket of the country.
The solution is not a new leader, a new party.
This democracy with a hole in the middle has failed. The Stato Unitario {unified State} after 150 years seems like a bit of old iron. A spouse that you live with and you no longer know why. It’s necessary to start with patience from the fundamentals. From the behaviour of individuals.
From enforcing the respect of our rights. Of water, of energy, of rubbish, of connectivity, of transport. It’s not known what use are the Authorities and the Guarantors. The politicians are worse than lumps of cement to block vehicles. To the public official who doesn’t do his job, we’ll shout “RESET-RESET-RESET”.
To those who want us to digest the rubbish of the pardon, we’ll shout: “RESET”. Directly in their stupid festivals. In their email. To those who want to hand over the natural monopolies into the hands of the loan sharks, let’s send them a “RESET”.
This Parliament is not the mirror of the country, these industries are not the mirror of those who manage them. Enough of paying millions in golden handshakes to incapables while the precarious ones don’t manage to get to the end of the month. Cimoli is still there?
The country is getting angry. I can feel it.
And the more the anger grows, there’s talk of a reformist spirit and the rights of the tax dodgers. Each one finds their own space to say “RESET”, every day, each day, until they are finished off, to once more find our country that they are carrying away from us.
In this blog, the people who write from abroad or who want to emigrate are becoming ever more numerous. But are we joking? Let them go abroad, the top names of the auto-referenced democracy. The initiatives to do RESET I can’t go and invent them on my own. Give me a hand. Write down yours, we’ll vote on them and then we’ll try them out.

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October 22, 2006

A country on the verge of a nervous breakdown


I’ve got a strange feeling. I can hear screeching noises. Micro fractures in the walls. I read about whistling at the Italian flag in Vicenza. With the audience full to bursting with representatives of the pretend opposition who smile without creasing a thing. For months I’ve been listening to embarrassing speeches from the Government. Embarrassing because of their inconsistency. For their ignorance.
And above all for their lack of courage. It’s useless to personalize, to speak badly of Prodi or of Berlusconi. It’s a whole political class, from the door keeper of the town administration to the President of the Lower House, who are hanging on to their privileges.
In a way, that is always more child-like. Trivial. For them we are simply sweeties, ice creams, pop corn. To change truly they have to be swept away. A popular clean sweep is needed. Direct democracy and new faces, not these female statues holding up the buildings that pass their time putting on make up.
Up until now, the Italians have been at the window. To see how things finished up. As though they were watching a pathetic film that’s of no relevance to them. Perhaps the last scene has finished. The dead get a pension. The savings of a life time, the TFR {Trattamento di Fine Rapporto = lump sum payment at the end of one’s time as an employee} is expropriated. But by now, even this has little importance in a country of precarious employees and unemployed. Of pretend industrialists who control the TV and the newspapers.
Who are taking out our guts from the inside, thanks to the mechanism of the concessions. The State lets them have concessions for the radio and TV frequencies, for water, for motorways, the telephone backbone, everything.
Our stuff, their money. And so much recognition, so many donations for the parties. So that, that way they stay at the feeding trough.
The political class wants to preserve their own privileges in a country that is losing everything. The Italians start to take notice.
To notice the smell of burning. And to understand that the difference is between us and them. Not between right and left. There’s a sensation of unreality around.
If we listen to Casini or Bersani it seems like the time of Ceaucescu. There’s a feeling in the air between venticinqueluglio {25 July 1943 – the fall of fascism} and ottosettembre (8 September 1945 - Italy's armistice with the Allies}. It’s air that doesn’t promise anything good. Haven’t you noticed it too?

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October 13, 2006

Employees on points


Our employees live with the great protection of the Guarantors, of parliamentary immunity, of the Authorities and of their bodyguards.
They are a species protected by the media. A species that produces antibodies against the tribunals. Strangely, unlike other protected species, they are not in danger of extinction. In their survival instinct they search for social isolation. They flee from a comparison with reality.
They have become a reality show, a company that tours, a parliament of fumosi {famous? Smoky?} who show themselves off in ‘panini’ in the TV News broadcasts and when going from door to door. A species to be put under control, but who don’t want to be controlled. A caste of closed lists that give themselves legitimacy. The antidote to these employees is information.
I have decided to have a go. To launch the initiative employees on points that will start from this blog in a few weeks.

Score Card for the employees on points.

Those who voted for the pardon: 3 points
Those who have been elected for more than 2 terms of office: 1 point for each extra term
Those who have been convicted: 2 points for each 6 months of their prison sentence
For those who are currently on trial: 1 point (just one for solidarity)
Those who have changed party since the election: 2 points
Those who have only even been a politician: 10 points
Those who have been a member of the P2: 4 points

The classification will be updated every so often with the (s)hit parade of the employees on points and the general ratings. Voting on the various rotten laws that I’m sure will be coming up from now to the end of this parliament, will be a contributing factor in the classification.

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October 02, 2006

The big democratic list


No one has elected the people who are sitting in Parliament. They are usurpers. The electoral law brought in by the Centre Right to win elections has prevented Italian citizens from choosing their own candidates.

Thus no member of the Lower or Upper House can say they have been elected by the people. They can however state that they were chosen by a party. They are employees of their party and not of the Italians. And until the time they switch allegiance they speak and act appropriately in the name of their party. In fact an illegitimate parliamentarian can choose to practice illegitimacy even in other parties. It depends who will pay them more. The professions of these illegitimates are more or less always the same, at times they can be interchanged and even summed: lawyers, former trades unionists, journalists, convicts.
The latter, though it isn't actually a profession but an add-on, is anyway a great help in being selected by the party secretaries.
The Centre Left said that it wanted to change the electoral law straight away. But it has done nothing because that's convenient. However the parties have brought in the 'parliamentary class action' that they look after.
At the level of the people this is not yet (and never will be) allowed, but at a parliamentary level it is. Right and Left. It makes no difference.

Faced with a 'parliamentary class action' everyone is equal because it can be used to protect their backsides from the citizens and the magistrates. The pardon and the intercept laws have found a consensus from the parties that Ms Merkel and her Grosse Koalition wouldn't even dream about. Backside-protecting-laws.
The primacy of politics has been transformed into the primacy of the parties. A papier mâchè democracy that spends its time making laws that protect itself, puts me vaguely in mind of a dictatorship.
A sweet dictatorship in which the citizens can get angry, can protest. Perhaps even come out onto the streets for a great coach ride with the trades unions or paid for by the parties. Nothing more. We've got a carnival democracy.

The electoral law prevents us from using our legitimate rights. If the Government doesn't change, the Government itself is illegitimate.

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September 21, 2006

Berlinguer’s funeral


The Pavia and Milan Beppe Grillo meet up groups together with Piero Ricca went to the Festa dell'Unità to talk about the pardon. This is how it went.

“I want my microphone back. I would be able to start from here, with an involuntary citation from the Santoro Rockpolitik, this little news story in the Fassinian evening at the festa dell'Unità di Milano.
The microphone of my Ikarus megaphone to be sure, the one wrenched from me by a violent thieving DS militant. It wasn’t easy, Monday evening, at the festival of the “democrats of the left” to express our democratic right to dissent. Or rather: to express the opinion of the majority of the Italians about the mid-Summer VIP pardon. But we had already calculated that. And all things considered it went fabulously: we all got home safe and sound. This is how it went.

At 8:20pm we all met up as arranged, the Grillians of Milan, at the Lampugnano metro station. About 15 of us with 2,000 flyers and the usual placards. A few minutes later we arrived at the festival location the palamazda (the same palamazda where with our friend Ric Farina we challenged the Forza tribe, that today I’m almost re-evaluating in comparison to so many DS militants). We put on our posters and started to give out leaflets with great energy. At a certain moment, whilst waiting for Fassino. I announce our presence using the megaphone and I give a short speech.
I respond with the usual simple arguments:
1 This is a public place
2 The Festa dell'Unità is not an extra-territorial place
3 Thus, even here, article 21 of the Italian Constitution is valid, the one that guarantees the liberty of expression.
4 We too, are electors who vote for the centre left: are we allowed to criticise or are we only good for election time?
5 Furthermore, on the topic of the pardon, the majority of the electors of the Prodi government are with us.
The replies from the companions who became more agitated are a selection of cultural lateness. Here’s a summary of them.
1 This is a private festival
2 We have hired the square. For this evening it is ours
3 Who is paying you, Berlusconi?
4 If you were to go to a right-wing festival to do the same stuff, you’d see what would happen
5 Get out of our hair, dirty rats!
Faces, expressions, behaviour, all angry, threatening, pitiful. The DIGOS friends watch from a distance, my attempt to get them to intervene to defend our rights is useless. At the “private” festivals of the State-Parties the true public force is the police.
The first attack concludes with my megaphone address suspended. Then the enthusiastic Fassino speech goes on; we follow it through an external TV screen while continuing to give out leaflets and showing our banners.
There’s the moment when there’s an exchange of words with the top Quercia man in Milano, Filippo Penati, the president of the province. I try to shake him out of his stupor by objecting that in a time of ever-increasing corruption the first parliamentary action was to pass a pardon that extends to crime VIPs and to crimes that have not yet been discovered. He responds: the pardon was useful to the poor people, anyway the VIPs will never go to prison. Consorte has not yet been found guilty. He understood the lot.
About 11:00pm Fassino moved away to the Valtellina restaurant for the ritual greeting to the festival volunteers. We approach him asking him to take the flyer and to respond to our criticism. He keeps straight on. He’s melancholic and indifferent.
At that moment I pick up the megaphone and get up on a bench to continue the reasoning. I even evoke the memory of Enrico Berlinguer and his battle on the moral question.
The heavens open. Evoke the moral question at the festival of the DS? That’s worse than blaspheming in Church! A sort of explosion rises up. An indistinct array of insults, threats, whistles, and shouts. The most energised come at us.
With the physique of a bull-dog, middle aged, faces covered: the next day that’s how I remember them. The last remnants of Stalin’s Old Guard. New externals. Lynching is very close.
This time the gendarmes intervene and limit the damage. In the mêlée, one of the Stalinist dogs, protected by the mass, to silence me, tears the microphone from the megaphone. I haven’t yet managed to get it back.
Naturally the police, taking great care to protect Fassino from the terrible risk of a raspberry, pretend not to see, even though they are only half a metre away. At the “private” festivals of the Church-Parties it’s possible to attack and rob a dissenter with impunity under the watchful eye of the DIGOS. But this story doesn’t end here. Even the majority, after all, have the right to make their voices heard.”
Piero Ricca.

Look at the interview

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September 19, 2006

Chinese words

Photo from

Prodi has gone to China so that he can finally dedicate himself to the topic of Telecom. So as not to risk too much between one motorway viaduct and another. At last, with the protection of Chinese secret services, he can express himself freely. He has not spoken like this for years. And you could even understand what he said.

Another person. He’s reborn. In Italy he mumbled. There he speaks loud and clear. The Chinese weren’t that interested in Telecom and the sale of Tim but they had to take it anyway. It’s like if the Chinese Prime Minister came to Rome for a week and went to the Confindustria to hold a press conference about the Yellow River from morning till night.

Prodi was aided by his trusted adviser, the former basketball player Rovati who after the enthusiasm seen in his home country by his declarations and his “home-made” memories revealed to Tronchetti in great secrecy, had to resign. And this is certainly a great thing for the government who can get by without his advice.
Prodi comes back to Italy triumphant even though no one has understood exactly what he and about a thousand politicians and entrepreneurs have done in China. And who has paid for their ticket and their food and lodging. Prodi should now come to Parliament and give news not about China but about Tronchetti. He’ll deliver his usual speech that will be incomprehensible to the public but very reassuring.

Guido Rossi, nearly 80 years old is now President of Telecom. Blessed are the countries that don’t need pensioners. Carlo Buora, the middle finger of Tronchetti’s left hand is the operating deputy president. Basically, everything’s OK. Nothing has changed.

The opposition is asking for Prodi’s resignation without blushing for having allowed Tronchetti to do everything for five years. But perhaps these are just Berlusconi’s manoeuvres to buy the fixed line in the name of Italian-ness. The reversal of parts seen by the newspapers in all this is sensational. Tronchetti is the victim and Prodi is the butcher. The truth is more down to earth: the victims, as always, are the Italians.

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September 03, 2006



Hitler was an amateur. He had to present himself as a champion of democracy. And talk about poverty, progress, and work. Above all about work, a words that is so much of the left, it’s pleasing.

Then, in his own time, he had the chance to take liberties. Respecting the rules of democracy to be sure. Rules that say that whoever is of the left is entitled to do right-wing things, ultra right-wing and even beyond that. Whatever happens they are always judged to be left wing., democratic, liberal. Basically, good stuff.

Bill Clinton will talk today and tomorrow on CNN on the theme of poverty. He’ll talk about thousands of millions of people who live on a dollar a day. Of how to beat the effects of capitalism. What a good person. A quick recap.

He cut funds to state centres supplying lawyers defending poor people in prison. He approved a law that removed federal funding for class actions. He extended the death penalty to new crimes. He cut food vouchers and cheques for elderly and disabled people, for poor legal immigrants without citizenship. He made drastic reductions to federal support to poor families with dependent children that had been given out even since the times of Roosevelt.

Bill, the democrat, cut social funds, made the poor poorer and humiliated immigrants. He did it because of the needs of the budget, to get the accounts to balance. And so that he could make investments of 250,000,000,000 dollars a year in the true American business: the arms business, four times greater than China and 80 times that of Saddam’s Iraq. Democratic arms that have killed, that now kill civilians in the proportion of 10 to 1.
If Clinton talks to CNN, Blair, of New Labour, the true left-wing democrat, talks to the BBC. And talking about criminals he says: we must identify them “even before their birth … if we are not ready to take action and intervene really early, we will have children growing up in families that we know to be completely dysfunctional, and after a few years, these children will grow up to be a threat to society and to themselves.”

P.S. Roger Clinton, the step father of Bill, was an alcoholic and violent to his family. A dysfunctional family…

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August 29, 2006

Imagine a Middle East...


I am publishing an appeal by father Alex Zanotelli and the Rete lilliput on the mission in Lebanon. I am signing up to this appeal that poses many questions and I hope that the government will want to reply to them.

“It seems that there is a general consensus about the opportunity and the necessity for Italy to participate in the International Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon.
It is beyond a shadow of doubt that in order to put a stop to the spiral of violence that makes the Middle East ever more bloody and that is extending dangerously to the rest of the world, it is more necessary than ever before to have an active commitment of the international community under the leadership of the United Nations.

However, the result of such a commitment depends decidedly on the conditions in which it is put into practice and carried out. More than ever before it seems necessary to draw the attention of the Government, of Parliament and of all citizens to certain points that are very delicate.
An initial necessary consideration is that the war in Lebanon has eclipsed the problem of Palestine. It does not seem acceptable, in particular, that the international community is completely ignoring the fact that Ministers and Parliamentarians of a country that should be sovereign have been kidnapped (the vice-premier, Nasser-as-Shaer, since 19 August), imprisoned and in at least one case tortured.

In no other country could a similar foreign action be tolerated. Why does no one react in the case of Israel? The silence of the Italian Government is unacceptable.
When considering the composition of an International Peacekeeping Force, it must correspond to certain fundamental and elementary conditions. It is evident that military forces of a country that is not rigorously equidistant from the two sides in the conflict cannot be part of it.

Last year, Italy agreed to commit to an Agreement of Military Cooperation with Israel, that is a substantial obstacle in a way that has no remedy to our being equidistant.

International Law would impose, as a minimum, the preventive suspension of this Agreement whose detailed terms must absolutely be made known to public opinion.
It’s relevant to bring to mind as well that Israel has participated in NATO military manoeuvres in Sardinia, in which without a doubt, Israeli pilots and other military personnel were training and who were subsequently engaged in the war in Lebanon.
This happening gives rise to a further condition: it is necessary to have an absolute guarantee that the command of this Peacekeeping Force remains strictly under the command of the United Nations and cannot ever be transferred to NATO.

Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary, that the costs of the mission should not be carried by the Italian State and in particular that it does not bring about a reduction in spending on social issues but that it is contained within the budget of the Ministry of Defence for Italian military missions abroad.

These seem to be fundamental and inevitable conditions for the participation of our country.
However other reserves remain. It seems unique and anything but neutral the fact that the International Peacekeeping Force should be deployed in the territory of one of the two countries in the conflict, namely the one that was attacked and not on the border.
Thus it must be clear that as long as this force operates in Lebanese territory, it must be subject to Lebanese sovereignty and that it cannot in any way be tasked with disarming nor in disbanding Hezbollah.
However, these operating conditions will expose the troops making up the Force to act if there are provocations that can be real or claimed. How can they oppose the force of the Israeli army that is still present on Lebanese soil?
We should have no illusions about the rules of engagement that will be decided by the organism that is leading the mission and not by our government. We consider that it is right to ask that the military contingent is accompanied by a relevant number of unarmed volunteers.
Finally it must be extremely clear that this Peacekeeping Force can never in any way be involved in a resumption or extension of the conflict.
Likewise what must be excluded is its use to protect Italian companies that will throw themselves into the lucrative business of reconstructing Lebanon.
It is necessary to banish with great clarity any illusion that military peacekeeping, even in the best conditions, can resolve the conflict in the Middle East, above all resolve the fundamental question of Palestine.
Who will put a stop to the destruction of houses, of cultivation, and of the infrastructure of the Palestinians and of the targeted homicides (in open violation of any judicial norms)?
Thus we ask that before sending an Italian contingent, our Government forcibly insists at an international level on the inescapable need to deploy an International Peacekeeping Force in Gaza and in Cisgiordania {West Bank}, to guarantee the security of Israel and as a condition for the creation of a Palestinian State.

We ask that on these fundamental questions clear, explicit and transparent decisions are officially taken and that the necessary guarantees are exacted at an international level.”

Ps: To join in this appeal, click here.

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August 23, 2006

Response of Minister Paolo Ferrero on Immigration


Minister Paolo Ferrero has sent a letter in response to the post “Immigration is Taboo”.

“Dear Grillo,
I’ve seen that you define me as irresponsible on your Blog. I think that this is a mistaken accusation. Each year, tens of thousands of people enter Italy illegally and dozens die in the Strait of Sicily.
I think that we need to understand how to avoid these deaths and this suffering and this is why we must take note that currently Italy, that has seen our grandparents leaving (almost 30 million emigrated) has now become a country of immigration. The sooner we recognises this the better we can face up to the problem in a way that is not demagogic.

In the 2000 keystrokes available I am keen to underline 3 priorities:

1) It is necessary to decidedly increase the help given by “developed” countries to poor countries, to construct serious cooperation – like Italy and Europe – to promote social and economic development starting with North Africa.

2) It’s necessary to go beyond the Bossi Fini law because this law essentially makes it impossible for immigrants to enter Italy legally and it obliges them to be clandestines and to become the prey of criminals who organise people trafficking. In fact today, to enter Italy legally it’s necessary that an Italian employer makes a named request for a person in that person’s country of origin. It never happens like that because the employers first want to know the people before taking them on.

3) It’s necessary to have a decisive battle with the criminals that organise people trafficking.
To act and to fight to remove the causes of inequality at a world level does not exempt us from trying to regularise what is now happening in secret. To treat migrants as people and not as merchandise and to guarantee that they have civil rights are conditions that will also prevent them from being used as low cost labour and so that they, too, can justly fight against the exploitation and injustice of this world. With unchanged esteem.

Paolo Ferrero Minister of Social Solidarity.

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August 19, 2006



Prodi has declared that he will not disarm Hezbollah. Ms Rice has explained that the task is the responsibility of the Lebanese government. Chirac wanted to send Zidane as a buffer zone force, but he has fallen back to sending a contingent of 200 men. Germany will give only naval support in the sense that they will stay off shore.
Hezbollah is frightening. Israel has tried to disarm them, but then they stopped and no one has since stepped forward. Bush junior really wanted to do it. When there’s a war he doesn’t pull back.But Bush senior stepped in and nothing more has been done.
Hezbollah is a participant in the Lebanese Parliament with its own Parliamentarians. Its army is considered to be legitimate by almost all the Lebanese and by many Islamic countries.
So what will the United Nations and Italy do? Hezbollah’s not going to disarm spontaneously. There aren’t many solutions.
But the Italian genius always comes to help. We could ask Mastella da Ceppaloni to intervene at a high level in the United Nations. To introduce a pardon for Hezbollah as well. A Hezbollah-Pardon. The Hezbollah who’ve been fighting against Israel for the last three years can be pardoned and keep their arms. And for those who are anyway going to fight in the presence of the United Nations, why not set up a great war amnesty?
The Hezbollah-Pardon and the war amnesty, an Italian contribution to the United Nations, as a sign of our enviable judicial tradition.
PS. Who is selling arms to Hezbollah, to Iran, to Israel, and to all the nations involved in the unceasing war in the Middle East? Why don’t we disarm the arms industries before Hezbollah?

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August 10, 2006

Marco Travaglio replies to Fassino


Travaglio has decided to add his comments to yours in relation to Fassino’s words.
I just want to let the Centre Left know that its electors did not want this law. It was voted through anyway and they were ignored. I wondered why and I thought that maybe it depended on the judicial circumstances. Even at the cost of knowing that they were losing millions of votes and the next elections. Ubi maior (prosecutions) minor cessat (elections).

' Dear Beppe,
Unfortunately the reply by Fassino about the pardon has holes in the argument all over the place. I’m going to try and explain why by examining each point.
- ”Thus we said yes to the pardon, not so as to favour anyone, but because it was a necessary response, necessary and no longer to be put off because of the prison emergency”.
Why then, if it was proposed to empty the prisons, was there the exclusion from the pardon of many crimes for which there are many people detained while many crimes have been included and yet for these there are only a few dozen people in prison (like the crimes against the public administration, financial, company and tax crimes, culpable homicide for the “white deaths” due to accidents at work)?
- “On 31 December 2005, the number of prisoners was 59,523 in a prison system that was created to house 35,000. In 2001 there were 43,000.” So “A clemency measure was no longer to be put off when it is considered that the last one was 16 years ago.”
In truth the last pardon (known as the indultino {little pardon}) was two years ago. About 6,000 people left prison. The result was that after a few months the prison population was not only back to its initial level but it had actually increased. It’s proof of the fact that thinking of resolving the overcrowding of the prisons by sending delinquents home is pure folly.
It’s necessary to take action on the causes that “produce” prisoners: that is, above all, the high number of crimes that are committed and the high number of delinquents in circulation; and then certain laws that use prison as a punishment for behaviour that could be penalised in other ways.
- “In five years, the Centre Right – observed Fassino - have already produced a useless and damaging multiplication of the prison population. Consider the ex-Cirielli, the laws on drug dependency, the Bossi-Fini.”
Perfect! Then why didn’t they cancel the ex Cirielli and modify the Bossi- Fini rather than launch out with the pardon?
The ex Cirielli lengthens the sentence for recidivists. The Bossi-Fini imposes the arrest of clandestines who do not leave Italy after being expelled (even without committing any crime). The arrest never involves a long period of detention because the person arrested is immediately freed since the sentence laid down is minimal and does not justify cautionary custody. But these continual mass arrests, even though they have a “turn over” mechanism (5,500 a year) have an enormous incidence on the prison population.
- “The Constitution requires for a law of this type that two thirds of the members of both Houses of Parliament are in favour. This is an ample majority that can be brought about only with an understanding between a great number of political groups and with the search for a point of equilibrium.”
Here, dear Beppe is where the argument falls down. Or more accurately: the mask of the muddle falls of. Because there were various alternatives to the pardon of 3 years that was enlarged to cover the corrupt and the crafty. Alternatives that would have freed thousands of prisoners all the same but without having to have a majority of two thirds, that is without having to depend on the “blackmail” of Forza Italia (blackmail which the Centre Left very willingly accepted …). For example an ordinary law that removed the Bossi-Fini penalties (with a simple majority of 50% plus one), or to abolish the ex Cirielli, or to transfer to controlled health structures prisoners who are ill or transfer drug users guilty of small-time dealing to communities.
Or, really wanting to use the pardon with a two thirds majority, it would have been possible to “discount” one year of the sentence and not three years to all those who have been convicted. This is the proposal put forward by the former prosecutor Gerardo D’Ambrosio, an independent senator elected with the DS. This would have freed 11,500 people but it would have left Previti in house arrest for a further two years. And it would not have peacefully saved the various crafty folk of the neighbourhood from the risk of landing up in prison: Tanzi, Cragnotti, not to mention Berlusconi, Confalonieri and family (defendants for Mediaset rights).
In the latter case, if Forza Italia had objected, the Unione could have played their cards and explained to the electors that the Cavaliere {Berlusconi} kept the prisoners in prison, squashed in side by side in the nation’s prisons only to save himself, to save Previti and the great thieves of bonds and of Bancopoli.
- “Not just that, but for all the crimes to which the pardon applies, there is no throwing in the sponge. For financial crimes, for crimes of corruption and against the public administration, trials continue. There is no change to the responsibilities and the judgements. The crimes are not cancelled and above all the perpetual interdiction to hold public office stays. The additional penalties remain, even the temporary ones. As regards accidents at work and the white deaths {deaths resulting from accidents at work}, the rights of the victims to compensation remain in place.”
Since Fassino has been the Minister of Justice, he knows very well that the sentence for these crimes hardly ever exceeds 3 years in prison. Thanks to the pardon, anyone who starts off with “minus three” knows that if they are found guilty, the discounted sentence will be zero or less than zero.
To risk prison, it would be necessary to have a sentence of more than 6 years (for a sentence of less then 3 years in Italy you don’t go to prison). But this never happens. It’s true that the trials continue. But the sentences will be completely virtual. If a robber is sentenced to 10-12 years and 3 are discounted, he’ll do a few years in prison. If a white collar is sentenced to three years and 3 are discounted, he doesn’t even serve a day.Not only this: when he’s at risk of going to prison, the white collar is invited to engage in plea-bargaining to get a discount on the sentence. In this case the prosecutor can set conditions that involve compensation for the victims (that is for the State in the case of Tangentopoli, or for those who died or were injured through accidents at work, in the case of culpable homicide in the factory or on the construction site).
But when the white collar does not risk prison, he will take care not to compensate the victims during the criminal trial. He will prefer to oblige the victims to take civil proceedings that will take 10-15 years when they’ll all be dead. It has to be admitted it’s a great result!
- Fassino concludes by promising to revoke the Cirami and the Cirielli laws.
I would like to remind him that other existing laws are the Gasparri, and the Pecorella (abolition of the appeal for the prosecutor, but not for the defendant) and false accounting. I would respectfully like to point out that this is a question of promises. For the moment, the facts are called pardon-save-the-corrupt and soon the law against the prosecutors who do wire tapping and against the journalists who publish the results. Another discovery of Mastella using the words and music of Berlusconi. If it had been the Cavaliere carrying out these actions we would all have been out on the streets to protest. I hope we will manage it even though it’s the Centre left acting with Berlusconi. In fact, above all for this reason. We voted for them but they will pay us for it.’
Marco Travaglio.

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The pardon according to Fassino


A young woman called Sabrina asked Piero Fassino to explain the pardon and he promptly replied.
I’m publishing Fassino’s letter here so that he can get encouragement, suggestions and even objections and I’m sure he will treasure these. Those who want to correspond directly with the Secretary of the DS can send him an email to

“I am pleased to respond to the email you sent me about the pardon.
Today to live in prison is to live in hell. The inhumanity of prison is relevant to the whole of society. It’s relevant to us. Because it denies the re-education mission that is assigned to detention by the Constitution. Because the level of civilisation of a society is even measured by its prison system.
No one of us “on the outside” can be disinterested about living “inside” about the actual conditions and the prospects for reintegration.
In five years, the Centre Right did nothing for prisons. On the contrary, it made laws that have already produced a useless and damaging multiplication of the prison population. Consider the ex-Cirielli, the laws on drug dependency, the Bossi-Fini. On 31 December 2005, the number of prisoners was 59,523 in a prison system that was created to house 35,000. In 2001 there were 43,000.
From the time the Bossi-Fini law came into effect, foreign prisoners have become 45% of the total. This is a figure that has never been reached before. Another significant fact relating to the entrants to prison is the contravention of laws relating to illegal substances: in 2005 there were 15,917 Italians who entered prison and 10,144 foreigners.
A clemency measure was no longer to be put off when it is considered that the least one was 16 years ago.
The Constitution requires for a law of this type that two thirds of the members of both Houses of Parliament are in favour. This is an ample majority that can be brought about only with an understanding between a great number of political groups and with the search for a point of equilibrium.
Thus we have worked on a text that is balanced and fair. In relation to pardons of the past, it includes the longest list of offences that are excluded from the application of the pardon: subversive association; all the crimes connected to terrorism; devastation, pillage and slaughter; kidnapping of a person with the intention to turn things upside down; armed band; association to commit a crime with the intention to commit crimes outlined in articles 600, 601 and 602 of the penal code; mafia-type association; reducing or keeping someone in slavery or in servitude; under-age pornography or prostitution; people trafficking; all forms of sexual violence; corruption of people under age; seizing a person with the intention to kidnap or bribe; recycling money or goods resulting from the kidnapping of a person for profit; production, trafficking and illegal detention of narcotic substances according to article 73 of the unified text of the law relating to the discipline of narcotic and psychotropic substances.
Not just that, but for all the crimes to which the pardon applies, there is no throwing in the sponge.
For financial crimes, for crimes of corruption and against the public administration, trials continue. There is no change to the responsibilities and the judgements. The crimes are not cancelled and above all the perpetual interdiction to hold public office stays. The additional penalties remain, even the temporary ones. As regards accidents at work and the white deaths {deaths resulting from accidents at work}, the rights of the victims to compensation remain in place. We would have been the first to say no to an amnesty that cancelled the crime. This is not the case.
Thus we said yes to the pardon, not so as to favour anyone, but because it was a necessary response, necessary and no longer to be put off because of the prison emergency.
Now it’s necessary to start a whole series of reforms to restore efficiency to the administration of justice and to cancel the really bad laws – shame inherited from the Centre Right, starting with the Cirami and the ex-Cirielli. And that is what we will do. Thank you for your attention.”
Piero Fassino

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July 31, 2006

The parliamentary illusion


The parties indicate how to vote. The parliamentarians follow their orders. The election law did not allow us to vote for our own candidates, but just for the party. Thus the parliamentarians were elected by the parties. The lists were drawn up by the secretaries of the parties. Today there is no Parliament in Italy, just the sum of the parties.

I would point out that there were numerous stomach aches before the voting for the pardon law and these were public. The discipline of the parties has worked better than a good laxative and at the end nearly everyone voted “yes”. These parliamentarians are not our employees.

They would be if we had had the chance to vote for them. They are not even parliamentarians. They are party employees. They are particrats.

The job of particrat, aimed at the good of the party, has been handed out to them by Fassino, by Fini, and by Rutelli. A dozen people work out which are the right laws for the Italian people.

If the secretaries of the DS, FI and Margherita make decisions about a law, perhaps round the dinner table, then this is a done thing. That’s how it happened for the pardon with the agreement between Gianni Letta and Dario Franceschini. On the floor of Parliament the game had already been played. The parliament has seen its function taken away and replaced by the restaurants.

However I’m obstinate. I want to give our employees a chance. They are still our employees because it’s us that pay them and not the parties. I want to give them a chance to communicate with their employers. It’s a tiny operation in favour of transparency.

From September, I’m going to insert into the blog an area showing how each parliamentarian has voted on the most important laws of this legislature. As the months pass by, we will learn to get to know the voting spirit of each one and then we can form an opinion.

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July 29, 2006

Tomorrow is another day. We’ll see.

“Non c’è niente di più triste in momenti come questi...” {There’s nothing sadder in moments like this….”}

There are days when I wake up in the morning and there’s a thought that torments me. At the beginning I can’t get it focused, but almost straight away it’s there, in front of me. It’s like waking up with a stomach pain. For days now, as I sit on the edge of the bed what’s paining me is the pardon for the financial crimes and corruption that has been approved by this Centre Left in the Senate.

A Centre Left that was voted in to eliminate “ad personam” laws. And it’s done that in its own way: with a single law it has resolved the problem for the past and for the future.

In fact, in the words of Gerardo D’Ambrosio, “those who will benefit from the pardon include those whose guilt has not yet been discovered for crimes committed up until 2 May 2006. Anyone tried in the next three years starts off with a bonus of –3 years in their pocket. Unless they have committed really serious crimes, that are punished with more than 6 years, they already know that they won’t finish up in prison, before or after the final sentence.”

There you are, this is probably the key to this UnioneCDL agreement: in the current investigations. We’ll soon know. As soon as the judges have formalised the results of the procedures. If there are excellent names of politicians, industrialists, financiers, bankers then we’ll have a legitimate suspicion.

To free up the prisons from those who have never been there and perhaps could have gone there, is a mission for Rutelli and Fassino. Where does this humanitarian streak come from?
But there’s another thought. It’s not quite really in focus. It’ll be much clearer after the interview of Fausto- brown-Bertinotti to la Stampa.

That this government is already coming to an end. That Prodi has already been given the sack by his allies. That behind the scenes, another government is already ready, a new government of Mess-ups Nazionale, a bit like Merkel’s, a bit like D’Alema’s. Is he the candidate in waiting fro the position of President of the Council?

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Moral linkage

Daniel C. Robbins

Fausto Bertinotti said that yesterday was a “great day because when the institutions are capable to perform acts of clemency that alleviate even a punishment that was supplementary to that established by the judge, considering the over-crowding of the prisons, it is the demonstration of the nature of the State of rights.”

However, this interior peace has been turned upside down by Di Pietro’s wish to link on his site the names of those who contributed to such a pleasurable day of democracy by voting for the pardon.
The classic reluctance of the communists to see themselves on public display has had the upper hand and Fausto has loudly deplored the linkage.

Even the DL person Dario Franceschini, who had worked so hard undercover with Gianni Letta for the details of the pardon, has not digested the linkage and exploded:

He must ask us to forgive him. It’s not possible to go so far. It is an institutional question, out of respect for Parliament.” Pier Ferdinando Casini has asked for the resignation of Di Pietro. This was supported by the whole of the CDL who cried out in chorus: “Resignation, resignation.” It’s true that linkage is frightening. After the moral question, there could be the moral linkage. This is something that has never been seen in which the citizens know how their employees have voted.

And from one link to another link, the employees should give an account for their choices to all their employers and not only to those who are potentially to be detained for finance and corruption crimes.
Links do not respect Parliament. They are made in their own way. They give you information that some would like to be private even though they are public.

How do you define a link? How can you make it understandable to our employees? Basically if “A kiss is the pink apostrophe in the middle of t’amo {I love you}”, a link is “the brown space between the words Fausto and Bertinotti”.

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July 24, 2006

Comrades, you made a mistake


Certainly the taxi drivers who beat up some journalists were wrong to do that. They should be condemned, as I do from the bottom of my heart. However, however…. I confess, I felt a tiny pin prick of pleasure, really teeny weeny.

As a group I don’t like those journalists, publishers, managers of journalists, directors of newspapers, all or almost all paid with public money.
When they have to make a stand they always make it in favour of those that pay them, in the interests of the publishers and the company of the presumed great signatures is always the same.

Just recently Tronchetti, Della Valle, Montezemolo and others have removed Colao from the top of RCS. Just to be clear, Colao was the boss of Mieli the director of Il Corriere della Sera. There’s a new editiorialindustrial line and no one opens their mouth to say a word.

In this game, the readers are not relevant. The group controlling Il Corriere (the putrid salon) do as they please.. Il Corriere has to go under. It has to close. As it is at the moment it is simply a tool of the economic and financial powers managed by private interests.

And the other newspapers? Those of the great left with a glorious past and a future as capitalists? If it’s possible, those are even worse.

Capitalism does not hide its appetites. It’s as it looks. It doesn’t claim moral firsts. Unlike Previti’s friend, Rifondazione Comunista, it doesn’t claim to re-educate us. Liberazione, the official newspaper of Rifondazione Comunista would not be able to exist without our taxes. And yet using the words of Rina Gagliardi it has condemned without appeal, the position of Antonio Di Pietro, considered to be “the Unione’s real time bomb”.

In fact Di Pietro is the only member of the Unione who does not want the pardon for people who are corrupt, for those who commit financial crimes. But this is not the official position of Rifondazione Comunista and so he has to be attacked. And l’Unità stays quiet. It shows indifference. If this is left-wing news provision I prefer Emilio Fede.

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A letter from the minister Di Pietro


I’m publishing this letter from the minister Antonio Di Pietro.

Dear Beppe,

It’s only a few months since the elections and I’ve decided to write you a letter that I hope you can publish on your blog. Tomorrow the Unione and the CDL will vote in favour of a law, the law about pardons. It was not in the manifesto of the Unione and I maintain that it is not wanted by the centre left voters.

This law came about with the intention of freeing up the prisons and has been extended to cover crimes like false accounting, corruption, tax and finance crimes and crimes relating to the public administration.

Not even the Berlusconi government arrived at such an extreme. This is a way of throwing in the sponge. And it’s done in the middle of the summer. It’s a serious action and only partial information is reported about it. Often the information provided is deliberately biased when presented by newspapers and the TV. Perhaps your blog can provide widespread coverage that is impartial.

I am decidedly against the fact that the approval of the pardon is based on a political exchange with Forza Italia as it allows for the inclusion of crimes for which members of the Casa delle Libertà are currently subject to trials or have been convicted. Some of these have taken centre stage.

If the pardon law were to be approved as it is, all the facts of illicit administration and illicit company activity would go unpunished. This is talking about those people who are guilty of crimes like Tangentopoli, Calciopoli, and Bancopoli {crimes connected with the bribery scandals of the 1990s, football scandals and bank scandals}.

These are people who have been the centre of attention for the magistrates and for the front pages of the newspapers in recent years.

I have written to the leaders of the parties making up the Unione coalition to ask for a top-level meeting to discuss the pardon law. I have had no reply. In last Friday’s Council of Ministers I emphasised the seriousness of this law, contrary to the interests of the citizens, but useful only to party machinations.

I have threatened to resign as minister and my colleagues have shown complete indifference. Italia dei Valori is the fourth party in the coalition with 25 representatives in the Upper and Lower Houses.
Its exit from the coalition can cause the government to fail, but I don’t feel like going back to the urns and perhaps to deliver the country once more into the hands of Berlusconi.

The Unione has vetoed our amendments to exclude financial crimes, company crimes and corruption from the pardon. Next Monday and Tuesday Italia dei Valori will do everything it can to slow down the approval of the law on pardons by presenting a series of amendments. Italy deserves other politicians, other governments.

It must not be obliged to choose between the worst and the one that is less bad than the worst, as you often say.

Italia dei Valori on its own, cannot change this country. The Italians must make their voices heard loud and clear. They must do this in all possible ways that are legitimate. They must do this to avoid the umpteenth step back from democracy.”

Antonio Di Pietro.

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July 23, 2006

More State and less Livestock Market


The employee Minister Tommaso Padoa Schioppa has said: “If a company remains public and gives generous dividends, but then makes us pay higher tariffs, it can benefit the accounts of the State but it doesn’t benefit the development of the economy".

Dear employee, you are right. You express yourself better than Catalano. If ENI and ENEL produce profits in a monopoly situation (a bit like stealing sweeties from the children) it should reinvest them (for example in renewable energy) and not distribute them as profits to the shareholders, one of which is the State.

Tommaso Catalano Schioppa also tells us that by privatising even a little bit, there’s the risk of a Public Purchase Offer. In simple words that means that control can pass to the hands of private interests. Something like what happened with Tronchetti. Then the monopoly goes from being public to private and the hole, not only the one in the balance sheet, gets bigger with the blessing of the banks who lend money for the acquisition by using debts. That’s how the celebrated private monopolies are born: autostradebenetton and telecomtronchetti.

Primary services: energy, transport and communications are run by the State because they have been constructed over decades using our taxes, the taxes of our parents, of our grandparents, of our great-grandparents. They are not for sale nor can they be given away. They do not belong to the government nor to Parliament, nor to each individual employee of ours in Rome. The State is us. Those services are ours. And the profits must be reinvested to make them better.

Is it so difficult to say that? Is it something that is too indecent for our full time economists? More State and less Livestock Market. The Telecom backbone must be returned to the State. The motorways must be returned to the State (what have they got to do with a market? You can’t choose between motorway routes). Everyone can play at being an economist at the expense of the citizens.

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July 20, 2006

The sale of pardons

Painting: The sale of indulgences

The pardon is today’s theme.

The newspapers are talking about just a little and very reluctantly, even though we may be back with elections in the Spring.
The government wants to extend it to the crimes that are more in vogue among the parliamentarians: corruption, bribes, false accounting.

The only one opposed to it is Di Pietro who has said that he will resign as a Minister if this mess with the Prison House of liberty.

Italy is full of emergencies but our employees have their own. When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. And a beautiful pardon is always better than landing up in prison. As described by the beautiful and pious minds of the government, this law is to free up the prisons. Perhaps. But it’s also a way of not filling them. And it forgives Previti of his sins, that way he can join his colleagues in Parliament and discuss some beautiful laws concerning justice.

9 April seems so far away. The sale of the pardons is open. It’s an ideal continuation of the sale of indulgences of the Church of once upon a time. To get redemption from your sins a wee little pardon is enough, in exchange then you all vote together for the laws ad cdlulivum, laws made to please both the CDL and Ulivo.

If this pardon gets through. Once Di Pietro resigns, Prodi will be transformed into a Zombie with Letta and Casini dictating his homework.
Everything is free or liberalisable in Italy, apart form the citizens.

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July 17, 2006

The G8 in the Gobi Desert


The G8 reminds me of the family photos of long ago. Big gatherings at table, smiles, group photos in lines, declarations, hand shakes for the photographers, The G8 nations represent 65% of the world economy. It’s possibly to calmly say that they are responsible, at least in part, for global warming, for the death of Africa, for economic inequalities, for an imprecise number of wars and warriors and for the interference in the affairs of other States. Let it be really clear: everything (nearly always) in an indirect way, using economic measures, diplomatic pressures and the media. Clean, whiter than white.

In the palace of Konstatinovskij, the Tsar’s summer palace in Saint Petersburg, they were eating Beluga caviar, smoked lobster, and strawberries with black pepper. Meanwhile they were amiably talking about energy, climate, poverty and famine in the world in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. The city is under the control of 200,000 soldiers. A group of demonstrators against the G8 has been provided for by Putin in the Kirov stadium, outside the city, in an area that is surrounded by ancient woodland and military police.

Tramps and homeless people have disappeared from Saint Petersburg and have been sent to Siberia in sealed trains just for the occasion. Bush hasn’t missed the opportunity to say his bit by citing Iraq as an example of the freedom of the press and religious liberty. Putin has responded with another gaff by saying that in Russia they don’t want the type of democracy that exists in Iraq. He prefers his democracy modelled in Chechen style.

All the Heads of State are there with their consorts, apart form the only true man present, Angela Merkel, wearing the skin of Bruno the bear, donated to her by the city of Munich. The G8 are always risking democratic participation. People wound up in the enthusiasm want to have their say. That’s why the future looks bleak for future meetings.

It’s not every time that there’ll be the availability of Putin, the Holy Mother Russia, and the post-soviet army ready to take control of the streets. The summits could take place in the Mariana Trench in a massive submarine, in the Gobi desert dressed up as camel handlers, or on the top of the Himalayas in oxygen tents. In places that are reserved for people who have private discussions about the problems of the world. Without outside influences. In private.

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July 06, 2006

Taxi driver


The employee Prodi is pedalling. It's true that he's not going too fast, he's not pedalling every day. But a few dozen metres every so often for his age and for his coalition is a result that merits every respect anyway.

The categories affected are in revolt. They are categories that need help living at the margins of public opinion and of the soup kitchens for those who are poor. Notaries, lawyers, professionals and taxi drivers. The category that are reaping the benefits is made up of all the other Italian citizens apart from brunettaberlusconistoracealemannounitedagainstfiscalchecks, but little is heard of their voice. I understand that to see Mussi at the mercy of robust taxi drivers could be a pleasure and could be better than a red light film. However, however…

If support isn't given to the government this time that a good government has been formed, if not now then when? The categories are starting to get agitated to defend corporate interests? Are they going to block the city and the courts? Managers of enormous success about to cause their companies to go bankrupt to protest about the taxation of stock options?

Well then, let us too start agitating. Let's start the month without a taxi, the month without a notary, the month without a lawyer. And for those managers that have ruined their companies the employees can start a class action. Companies belong to those who work there, and not to those who play with Chinese boxes. These reforms, or rather these tiny reforms, are simply the starter, the hors d'oevres, after that the rest of the meal is to follow: the starter, the main course, the fruit, the dessert, coffee and the brandy.

These liberalisations are affecting just the tip of the iceberg. They are just the tasters to take away the first pangs of hunger.

But there's real hunger in the air. I also want the reform of the Stock Exchange, the liberalisation of energy, electricity, telecommunications; the thinning out of the levels of bureaucracy; the end of bank earnings; a limit on the level of earnings of the managers tied in with the growth of the company; the end of the Chinese boxes; laws about conflict of interests, new TV and radio frequencies, the liberalisation of the "last mile".

The government measures have a single defect. They start off with the details, the small fry, and they make us hungry.
The lunch must continue. We can't stop at the aperitif.

Employee Prodi. We are waiting for the rest of the meal.

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June 26, 2006

Don Abbondio’s words


New words. Don’t you feel the need for new words? Aren’t you tired of The Bridge over the Straits, the TAV, of Mastella, of D’Alema, of Alitalia that is about to go bust in 6 months every 6 months, of the political use of referendum, of public works, of ANAS, of construction work that starts and then stops, of Tronchetti, of Benetton, of wire taps, of laws to prevent wiretaps, of the public deficit, of conflict of interests, of the reform of TV and radio, of Authorities that haven’t a shred of authority, of names of politicians that are young at 50 and at age 70 are in the fullness of their career, of Scaroni, of privatised monopolies with the blessing of strong powers and of the rotten salons.

Words, the same words. The same faces. The same journalists with the same interviews. A daily nightmare.
This government had the opportunity to use new words, to reanimate the country. To throw out a scream. Words have a life of their own. They create hope, they become reality. They move people.

New words, prodifassinodalemarutellibertinottipecorarodipietrodiliberto pick up a vocabulary of the Italian language. Look for words; the ones that you never use, and shout them out. Just for once, perform an act of courage.

There’s need for pure air and not for following the elephant. Some tell me that when you meet him in Parliament you shit yourselves. Unblessed ones, this is not the reason you were voted in. Not to become elephantised excrement on behalf of others. Otherwise how can the nomination of Mastella be explained? Famous for his experience in jurisprudence, famous innovator.

Le Procure non hanno la carta e i fax e lui, conto terzi, si indigna per le telefonate di quattro delinquenti e non spende una parola per i 25 ragazzi incarcerati senza processo da più di tre mesi a San Vittore. Parole nuove. Anche in questo referendum, per farsi votare, si va al rilancio, a chi taglia più deputati.
Prosecutors have no paper and no fax and he, on behalf of others, gets indignant about telephone calls made by 4 delinquents and doesn’t say a word for the 25 young people in prison without trial for three months at San Vittore. New words. Even in this referendum, to get votes, aiming at a relaunch, about who can cut out the highest number of parliamentarians of the Lower House.

But do you think we are stupid? We need to cut out much more than 100 parliamentarians. We have 700,000 State pen pushers in excess and whole regions of Italy barely subsisting thanks to the mafias that govern in place of the State, with the State and prevent any development. We are talking about tens of millions of people who are supported. New words Prodi. New words.

The country, the one that I see in the mass demonstrations with the little politicians of the townprovinceregion shut in their offices and peeping out from behind the blinds, this country needs courage, happiness, challenges, innovation, immediate action, tough action, without discounts against the monopolies of the media, of telecommunications, (Gentiloni are you still there or have you already resigned?) of the motorwaysmotorwayservicestations, of electricity.

Of a relaunch of universities and research. Of important and symbolic gestures like the nomination of famous international people as consultants to the government. The few that we have, like Rubbia, Piano.

Without new words this government will not last. We have chosen the least worst, not the photocopy.

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June 23, 2006

Just say no!


I’ll vote “No” in the referendum. Straight after that on this Blog, I will start a debate about the Constitution. It is evident that the parties cannot reform the Constitution because they are the ones who get the greatest benefit from the status quo.

The current Constitution has some values to be kept and others to be changed. But like everything else it gets worn out. Today it is a bit anti-historic and it is starting to smell. And as always, the fish starts to smell from the head. The head in this case are the professionals in politics whose cost and inefficiency are the true dead weight attached to the foot of Italy. Those who don’t want to change the Constitution (Centre Left) or who want to change it for the worse (Centre Right) haven’t been keeping us informed in these last few weeks. They have transformed the referendum into a little political theatre. If “yes” wins they will come to an agreement. If “no” wins they will come to an agreement. OK – but why are we voting at all?

Numbers on Italy:
- About 57 million inhabitants.
- Governments that have more than 100 people (ministers, vice ministers and undersecretaries).
- Parliament with 630 members of the Lower House, 315 members of the Upper House (senators) and 5 life senators.
- 20 regions (the Val d’Aosta with 121,000 inhabitants – equivalent to a quarter of Naples – given equal status to Lombardy with 9,000,000 inhabitants, corresponding to the regions of Friuli, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Basilicata, Calabria and Sardinia all together) all with the same legislative competences and the same administrative powers.
- 8,102 comuni (villages, towns or cities) most of which are tiny or very tiny (Monterone – Lecco – 33 inhabitants that elect a mayor and a local council every 5 years just like the 2,500,000 inhabitants of Rome).
- 300,000 professionals of politics, going up to 700,000 with “amateur administrators” of the provinces, mountain communities, ASL, IACP, Autorità di Bacino, Consorzi, Mixed Companies and Regional Commissariati costing 15,000,000,000 Euro a year.
- The current spending handled by the regions, provinces, mountain communities adds up to 15% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Neither the devolution of the left nor of the right have thought to reorganise this parasite-like structure.
It would be possible to go ahead with a few measures that all those Italians who are not maintained by the State and are not part of the political class (thus very few) would agree on:

- Drastic and immediate reduction in the number of parliamentarians.
- Elimination of the provinces and the mountain communities.
- Setting up 3 macro regions of about 19,000,000 inhabitants each (a few more than Tokyo or San Paolo).
- Governments with no more than 12 ministers given that State competences are transferred to the regions.
- Grouping of the 8,000 comuni into 100.
- Suppression of privileges, salaries, golden pensions and of consultancies.

We are a country that has been mummified by the State machinery and without the certainty of rights. The Constitution is partly the cause of this obscene result. It should be changed. But changed for the better.

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June 16, 2006

Yes, however…


It’s a week since the meeting at Palazzo Chigi.

The employee Prodi has surely had the opportunity to read the proposals resulting from the Citizen Primaries. Our top employee emits trust, he smiles, he nods, approves, meditates, mutters and murmurs noises that sounds like agreement. In the face of catastrophe he is always serene. And we are reassured and start to think of other stuff. But a week of honeymoon is finished and I’m no longer really so reassured. It’s not that I’m questioning Prodi’s actions, however….

However a number of undersecretaries and Ministers like we’ve got isn’t even reached by the whole of the European Parliament. However, many Ministers don’t know what they are talking about but they are talking every day.
However meeting with the top brass of Abertis and of Autostrade at Palazzo Chigi one day and another day isn’t done while negotiations are in progress.
However, there’s the amnesty.
However the law about the conflict of interests that is no longer talked about, is strange in a government of talkers.
However there’s the reform of the election law that was urgent and is now at “maybe”.
However there’s the withdrawal from Iraq that could have been done in a week and yet instead they don’t want to offend Bush.
However the reform of the radio TV system was to be done immediately and now perhaps won’t be done.

Dear employee Prodi, after only a week since we met it doesn’t seem right to set off any type of disciplinary procedure, but I have to say, I am a bit disappointed.
But perhaps this is just a problem for me.

The meeting with Prodi was filmed. No one has yet seen what really happened. Now you can find out. Download the 3 clips, send them around, but don’t tell anyone.
Palazzo Chigi
Science in the open air
Clean Up Parliament

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June 08, 2006

Our employee Prodi receives the results of the Citizen Primaries

photo: Mario Bucchich

Today, noon, at Palazzo Chigi in Rome I presented directly into the hands of the employee of the Council Romano Prodi the proposals discussed on this blog in relation to Energy, Health, Information, and the Economy. They are under the heading: “Citizen Primaries”.

The proposals, a concrete example of direct democracy and participation of people in public affairs, were received by the employee Romano Prodi with joy.
The almost infantile joy of the employee Prodi, was fully justified as he now has finally available to him, a true programme for Government and everyone present was truly moved.
I’m nourishing the greatest confidence that the programme of the Unione, whose meaning is unknown both to the citizens and to those who drew it up, will at this point be put aside, even because no one has ever read it.


I have also been obliged to leave with the employee Prodi, a hand-delivered registered letter, prepared by my accountant containing an “end of employment” letter in case he does not give the due attention to the results of the Citizen Primaries.

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May 29, 2006

A lot of talk and a badge


Romano Prodi, our employee in the highest position in the government, has nominated his ministers. These people will determine the politics of Italy of the next few years. It therefore seems the right moment to ask for the motivation behind the nominations. They are public positions, they are employees that we pay. They can change our future.

Why is Mastella at the Ministry of Justice? Why is Di Pietro at the Ministry of Infrastructure? Why is D’Alema at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? I would like to know the reasons for these choices. I would like to be comforted by the thought that there’s a reason related to competence, to the protection of the country, to the experience associated with the person. I wouldn’t want it to have been political considerations, representation, the sharing out of power. I don’t want to even think that. I don’t believe that.

However, a tiny wee bug is gnawing away at me. The usual naughty thoughts. And if a Minister, even only a single one is not there for effective capability, but for some tiny little bribe, for a desire to be a protagonist?
To be sure, I’d like to know the motivations, the credentials.

I invite those Ministers who think it appropriate to set out the information in a letter to the Blog, together with the objectives that they hope to achieve in this legislature.
I will be happy to publish them together with the comments.

Perhaps I’m getting a big head. Perhaps the Blog has a level of alcohol that’s too high. But I believe that it would be a great gesture if some Ministers allowed themselves to play on the Internet. If they communicated directly with the people who they represent.
It would be a signal that things are changing.

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It’s Dario Fo talking to you


“Dearest friends, you are Grillo’s friends and you are also in a way mine too. It’s Dario Fo talking to you. I find myself fighting here in Milan with a list bearing my name (Dario Fo list) with Ferrante, for the Unione.
Make it happen that we win! But take care. Don’t exaggerate. The victory might need just one extra vote. That way we may have the possibility to make positive conditions about the new administration of Milan. It could mean that the promises we have made during the election campaign to transform, to save this city that is drowning in smog and in the emptiness of ideas. So that we can make it come back to the surface and float again.
It’s not enough that the renewal is resolved by a lick of paint to the lampposts. We say NO to criminal projects. NO to the collapse of the basis of the city’s land to create 4 storey car parks. NO to traffic with a million extra vehicles. NO to the periphery without services, reduced to a dormitory ghetto. I’ll stop there.
Ok I’ll go on.
NO to the construction of skyscrapers with 8000 people on the land of the old “Fiera”. NO to a city without cultural events. NO to a city with apartments that are really expensive and empty. NO to a city of cars, of parking spaces, of pavements invaded by cars, of the centre open to cars.
Milan is the city of cars. But in that case, instead of a city, it would have been enough to plan a massive car park. That’s what Milan has become today.
We want the children to play in the middle of plants and green spaces. We want older people to be able to live their life. We want them to have tranquil days, perhaps even playing bowls in piazza del Duomo!
Let’s go! Let’s make the estate agents really angry, as well as the finance houses, the car manufacturers, the incinerator producers! Let’s reclaim the sky, the stars, the air, our life.”

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May 24, 2006

Election Posters


The elections have become permanent. The beautiful Lombrosian photos of the candidates are part of the urban landscape, at each corner, on the trucks, on the taxis. Outlines in reassuring poses, arms folded, wide smiles, eyes that are joyouslikecowsmadeupyoungaccuteserene and full of feeling for the elector. Circus posters of rejuvenated elderly ladies and poppies that give themselves in sacrifice for us. Well what makes them spend about 150,000 euro to be a candidate unless it’s that civic passion?

The income of the election candidates is the real political discriminator (what a beautiful term). Without the generous wallet ofyourhusbandoryourwifeoryourfriendinbusiness you don’t take part in the elections and above all, you don’t win. Thus if you are rich and you’ve got good networks you can become a member of the local government cabinet. If you’ve got a medium to low income and you know just the ones in your group of luckless folk, you can become an elector. The poor can elect the rich. The rich can administer the poor. If it weren’t like that how could they stay rich? The democratic route at the elections passes by the 740 {the income tax form}. A fixed income is a political failing to be paid for by delegation.

But there is a solution. It’s called random selection. It’s got the advantage of eliminating the costs of election campaigns, of bringing the city to an aesthetic normality (even the eye wants its part). As a citizen you would have to have minimum pre-requisites to take part, like having residency, being of adult age, having a clean criminal record, not having a trial ongoing, never having been selected before, a basic competence in the subject that you are putting yourself forward for.

The mothers with no previous crimes could be candidates for theposition responsible for families, the doctors for health, the traffic police and the taxi drivers for traffic, the administrators of condominiums, for the position of mayor.

The selection process should be managed by a team of magistrates with consultancy from Pierluigi Collina – {famous football referee}. We would have employees in the place of politicians; politics in place of personal interests. Is there a town in Italy that wants to have a go? Make yourselves heard.

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17 men on the coffin


Update on ex-convicts in Parliament. 8 have been eliminated and so they are now former parliamentarian ex-convicts, free to create a new life for themselves. 16 have been re-elected as they were chosen by the party secretaries who put them in the list. One has been convicted after the elections for corruption of judges. And it’s not really clear whether he wants to participate in the sittings in the 2 hours he’s got to get air. To be on the safe side, I’m leaving him in the list.
The total of the ex-convicts is thus down from 24 to 17. At this rate by the elections of 2101, Parliament will finally be clean. A happy event for our great grandchildren.

The 17 remaining are all long distance Members of Parliament. Some have been there since before Inter last won the Italian Football Championship. They are very fond of the institutions that they represent. Thanks to their experience in terms of crimes they can make laws so as to be able to anticipate them. Alternatively, and this is the dream of all those who have been caught red-handed, to eliminate the crimes so that they can once more be virginal and pure.

When counting the ex-convicts, we see way out in first place the Correctional Domicile of Liberty with 9 present. The other parties are minor. Worrying, however, are the neo parliamentarians, Pomicino and De Michelis elected in the new DC and the new PSI. Are they the new ones who go forward, or the leftovers that remain?

How can we get on top of these blessed men? Have you noticed that they are all men? I no longer know what to do.
But five years are long. Everything can happen. And yet though I would not hope for anything bad for these 17. It’s enough that they are 17 in number {unlucky number in Italy}. If for some tiny physical problem, but really tiny, they were to be obliged to depart before the end of the legislature, honest Italians, the non-ex-convicts, it is understood, would take it as a sign of a blessed destiny. Those moments of luck that every so often happen in life.


1 Berruti Massimo Maria FI
2 Biondi Alfredo (crime was then depenalised) FI
3 Bonsignore Vito Udc - European Parliament
4 Bossi Umberto Lega Nord- European Parliament
5 Cantoni Giampiero FI
6 Carra Enzo Margherita
7 Cirino Pomicino Paolo New Dc
8 Dell'Utri Marcello FI
9 De Michelis Gianni New Psi
10 Jannuzzi Lino FI
11 La Malfa Giorgio Pri
12 Maroni Roberto Lega Nord
13 Previti Cesare FI
14 Sterpa Egidio FI
15 Tomassini Antonio FI
16 Visco Vincenzo Ds
17 Vito Alfredo FI

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May 17, 2006

I don’t care!


In pure democratic-popular style the DS presented their “I don’t care!” to the result of the payment driven primaries (a euro for the chance to vote) at Caserta. The 9000 voters “hadn’t understood” and had to be re-educated with a decision from on high. The next time they will vote paying greater attention. In top position: Petteruti, in second position: Alois of the DS. Declared joint winners by the marxistafassinista wish.
At the next elections there will be two candidates for the Centre Left and not just Petteruti because, as the DS Regional secretary, Gianfranco Nappi said from the balcony of his house: “Alois came second, but only by a handful of votes.”
This argument reminds me of something: 24,000 votes difference in the national elections, just a handful…
Thinking about handfuls I would like to know what happened to the 9000 Euro paid at the primaries. If the result was invalidated, the money should be given back. Otherwise there’s the possible accusation of trickery or the circumvention of citizens who are incapable.

I’m publishing the letter of a voter from Caserta.

“On 12 March at Caserta, there were the Primaries for the Unione to choose a candidate for the position of mayor.
All the parties accepted this method and agreed to the norms regulating the primaries. Among the regulations there was one that allowed associations to present candidates. Some parties presented a candidate: the Margherita presented Ciontoli, the DS (with pressure from Bassolino) presented Alois (former member of the regional cabinet with responsibility for productive activity), the European Republicans and the association Vestigia Tifatine presented Petteruti (former member of the regional cabinet at Caserta with responsibility for public works and former member of the regional cabinet at Maddaloni with responsibility for town planning).
At the primaries, in spite of the rosiest of predictions more than 9000 people took part. This is more than twice as many as took part in the national primaries. There were long queues to vote on a day that was rainy and freezing. The voting went on until nearly midnight. Each voter had had to pay 1 Euro!

Petteruti beat Alois by 31 votes. This was contrary to the forecasts of the day before. A big influence on the victory was due to the support of the president of the Province of Caserta and above all the fact that the people of Caserta felt that Alois was a candidate imposed by Naples.
Prodi made it known through Ansa that the results of the Caserta primaries should be respected. But still the DS and Margherita did not accept this and decided to present Alois as the candidate for mayor, even though he lost the primaries.

Apart form every political consideration; this decision to subvert the results of the primaries is truly a smelly business, an anti-democratic mess. If anyone accepts to participate in a competition, if you send 9000 people to vote, if you charge 1 Euro per vote, afterwards, you can’t say “sorry, we were having a joke”. As a citizen I feel that I’ve been taken for a ride by this farce. The parties, after having grabbed us by the private parts, have got more than 9000 Euro by extortion. We want them back. And at least we want them not to be used by the parties but given to charity.

I ask the voice of Beppe Grillo to give a communication channel and ample resonance to my voice and to that of many citizens defrauded of their opinion. We have founded a campaign group: “Give us back our Euro”. It seems that for at least some of the parties a Euro is worth nothing.
Thank you.”
Luigi L.

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May 10, 2006

D'Alema and sleeplessness


Dear employee Massimo D’Alema,

It’s midnight. The new President of the Republic has not yet been elected after 2 days of voting and I can’t get to sleep. The reason why I can’t is because of my nightmare that you could be elected without having made clear statements about the phone intercepts that could relate to yourself. The intercepts that have been talked about, insinuated about, murmured about for months. I ask for a simple response to this simple question:

“Are there any telephone intercepts of compromising conversations between yourself and Consorte about Unipol’s attempt to buy the BNL?”

Just like, I imagine, many Centre Left voters, I hope that the reply is an irrevocable “no”. A null response would give credence to the idea that these intercept recordings exist and that , God forbid, they could be in the hands of the Centre Right.
Now I’ll leave you to try and get some sleep.

Good night”.

Beppe Grillo

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May 08, 2006

Open letter to Massimo D'Alema

H6S big.JPG
Comic strip by: Massimo Ciotoli

The President of the Republic cannot have shadows. Nor can he have possible skeletons in the cupboard.
In the past we have had an Antelope Cobbler and I believe that that is enough.
I maintain that our President should be super partes, have the respect of the Nation, have done something important in his life, not a professional politician.
The men and the women are there. They are called Monti, Hack, Sartori. What are the merits of D’Alema?
I’m worried. The President of the Republic must represent Italians. D’Alema represents one faction within his party. I have decided to write him an open letter.

“Dear Massimo D’Alema,

I’m writing to you having heard that you may possibly be elected as Head of State.

I believe that, especially in a complex and delicate moment like this one, that who becomes President of the Republic must offer to Italian citizens absolute guarantees of transparency and of trustworthiness. For this reason, and not because I am prejudiced about you, I believe that it would be useful for us, and for you, to remove any shadow of doubt in relation to your role in Unipol ‘s attempt to buy the BNL.

According to authoritative sources that have not been denied even after the publication of articles in the newspapers, that the investigators have telephone tapping information that relates to yourself in relation to this which document interviews between yourself and the head of Unipol Gianni Consorte.

Before Parliament, gives you our trust to guide Italy, I believe that we should also ask you to clear up once and for all what was said in those conversations. This should be done before they could be made known through other channels which might bring serious damage and could even cause harm to the image of the future Head of State.

Thus I think it is a duty for you to ask for the publication of the whole content of the conversations that were recorded by telephone tapping. Alternatively, I believe you should give a guarantee on your own responsibility that they are false and they don’t exist, before the election in Parliament.

Beppe Grillo"

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May 02, 2006

Letizia Moratti, Martyr


Tumult for May Day in Milan. Letizia Brichetto Arnaboldi Moratti, set off on foot together with her 23 bodyguards. She walked from Piazza San Babila and managed to walk 50 metres in 10 minutes and 20 seconds because she was wearing stiletto heels. Then she was stopped by whistles, loud bells and those gadgets that go “trickytracky”.

Ferrante made a useless attempt to reach her but was recognised and was kicked by the security services. The Secretary of the CGIL who had invited her, tried in vain to reach her. A group of students and workers tried in vain to reach her.

She was followed into the street she loves: via Montenapoleone. But she found however that the shops were closed. A group of “precarious workers” acclaimed her with football chants reminding her of her successes: “you have precariousised the researchers”, “you have humiliated the workers of the school with the reform” “you have supported the Biagi Law”.
However Ms Moratti did not burst into tears from the emotion as she did on 25 April when she was pushing her father in a wheelchair through the crowd that was applauding and whistling.

Comments from the politicians were not long in coming. Actually they had already prepared them as they didn’t know what else to say for the feast of the workers. Romano Prodi went for a stroll with his wife, Flavia, and said: “These things are not done.” And added nothing more. Castelli and Calderoli accused the red fascism. This is the launch of chromatic politics. Soon to follow we’ll have black communism and brown Lega-ism. Schifani, the electoral poison salesman declared: “The left is poisoning the climate.”

Ms Moratti, who understands everything about manual workers, pronounced these words: “A new era of industrial relations has begun” Worn out by the declaration she took a couple of steps in via della Spiga accompanied by her oil-industry husband and by a few supporters from Alternativa Sociale and Fiamma Tricolore. She discussed with them the fact that she is a candidate for the position of Mayor of Milan and the election strategy for the next few days.

The whisper coming from Buttiglione is that Ms Moratti will become nude in a camp for nomads so as to be able to accuse them of carnal violence, that she will visit the public housing schemes while people are being evicted by the Local Authorities so that she can be insulted to the skin and finally she will offer herself as a human guinea pig to the researchers that she has humiliated during the previous legislative term.

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April 24, 2006

Hic Sicily, hic we jump

Italy will not change until Sicily changes.
Today Italy has a great opportunity, a great person: Rita Borsellino, as President of the Region of Sicily. Rita is annoying to the right and perhaps above all to the left.
I invite those who know me, who believe in a new Italian Renaissance, anyone who wants a true change for this country to support her publicly.
Below there’s a letter from Palermo about the forthcoming Regional elections. 

“With bare hands the magistrates were killed. With bare hands the Police and the Carabinieri searched among the craters left by the explosions for the bodies of their colleagues. With bare hands the courageous priests were abandoned in their suburbs and then killed or transferred. With bare hands young people cultivate the land that has been confiscated from the Mafia only to see their crops destroyed. With bare hand