Recovery of money - Argentinean Bonds

If you have bought Argentinean Bonds and you want to ask for the return of the money invested as well as the interest, you can refer to the decision of 18 March 2004 of the Tribunal of Mantua Section II.

The Tribunal has ordered the Banca Agricola Mantovana (Agricultural Bank of Mantua) to give back to a married couple, the money they invested in Argentinean Bonds.

The sentence annulled the purchase order of the 315,000 Argentinean Bonds and ordered the return of the money with the addition of the interest that would have been earned if the money had been invested with the base rate of interest.

The full text of the decision is published in "La responsabilità civile" (Civil Responsibility) by the publishers UTET in the March 2005 edition.

The time limit for the Argentinean Bonds is 10 years. To obtain the return of your cash, go to your lawyer and refer them to the decision of the Tribunal of Mantua.

Decision (in Italian)