March 04, 2009

Nano stars

And Pippo dissociated himself ...
Can you imagine Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Moore, Joan Baez, David Lettermann during an election campaign for georgedabliubush? Imagine them keeping quiet on the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq? Imagine them shrugging off the destruction of the planet and the refusal of the Kyoto agreement desired by the oil lobby? The same people that have been financing the republican presidencies in the last decade.
The American Star System wanted Obama and they suffered Bush. In Italy the stars are nano, fixed, and indifferent to everything. Our own Star Nano System, like Fiat, is always for the government. The doormat Fazio, big baby Jovanotti, the rubbish collector Pino Daniele, the silent Vasco Rossi, mother’s boy Baglioni. The attendants Bonolis and Gerry Scotti. The former companion De Gregori, the optimist Pieraccioni. The Eagle of Arcore Iva Zanicchi. Mr. Benigni in the arms of Mastella for a fistful of Euros.
No one who denounced the lodo Alfano, the nuclear power stations, the death of parliamentary democracy, the corruptor of Mr Mills, the incinerator. I invited a few of them to V Day. They didn’t come, apart from the rare exception. They were busy. If they had participated, then “good-bye” to TV, producers, soirées, nice homes, invitations to the feasts of the parties and advertising.
Baudo dissociated himself on live TV when I said that the socialists were thieves and he kept his job. Today no one dissociates themselves anymore. Who do they dissociate themselves from? They would have to dissociate themselves from themselves. They have achieved the tranquillity of a fixed position. At Piazza Farnese, at Chiaiano, at the Grey Mouse Night in Genoa, there was no nano star.
The influence of the System’s cloned nano stars on public opinion is enormous in a TV State as Italy still is. Silence is golden, the word is silvered, and power is leaden. A lead head.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

PS: for the good ones, the few that are left, I’ll do a separate article.

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February 20, 2009

A Parliamentarian is a public servant with Special Rights


Have you ever seen a member of the riot squad charging any politicians, bankers or bankrupters? Their baton charges are reserved for protesting office workers, students and working class people. It can safely be said that the long arm of the law, lengthened by the obligatory truncheon, only comes down on the heads of the latter three groups, the destitute and the temporary workers. It is a truncheon aimed on the basis of wealth, so if your earnings exceed a certain amount, then you are quite safe. What holds true for physical beatings, holds even more true for our legislation. Powerful and ruthless when it comes to the weak, but obsequious and condescending when it comes to parliamentarians. “Dura lex, sed Brunetta lex”.
While the office worker with the broken leg is subjected to house arrest and a faxed order, the Deputy can do whatever he wishes. He can be a parliamentary absentee, he can have two jobs and two salaries and he can continue to practice his profession, just like attorney Ghedini who is paid with public money and then paid again by his client, namely Berlusconi, to defend him in the court cases against him. One of the highest parliamentary salaries in the whole of Europe and the right to a pension after only two and a half years of service. The Italian Parliamentarian truly is a public servant with Special Rights. An example to the Nation and, therefore, if the laws don’t apply to Parliament, then they should not apply to the citizens either. Public servants included. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

"Good day Beppe,
I would like to bring my specific case to you attention. I work as a nurse in a Healthcare Company and, just a few weeks ago, I was involved in an unpleasant accident and landed up with a fracture of the radial styloid and scaphoid, with a prognosis of 90 days. As you may well imagine, this situation itself was rather unpleasant, but given that there is no end to bad news, along comes the new Brunetta law. The abovementioned law highlights three important points:
1- Having to remaining available for a home visit by the medical inspector between 08h00 and 20h00, with only “one hour of fresh air per day” (from 13h00 to 14h00)
2- Having to notify the authorities exclusively by fax every time you need to leave home to go to the doctor or any other reason.
3- Loss of any salary incentives.

Point one:
I would like to know from the Honourable Brunetta whether he has ever read through the Italian Constitution, particularly articles 13 and 14 (civil relationships), which deal with the inviolable principle of personal liberty and that an individual cannot be placed in exile against his will, unlike the case with the new Brunetta law that imposes a sort of house arrest.

Second point regarding notification via fax.
I live alone and I don’t own a fax machine. In the accident I also suffered a sprain to my foot, which prevents me from walking around. The nearest shop equipped with a fax machine is about 3km away from my home and I am unable to drive, so I would like to know precisely how I am supposed to send the various notifications before leaving home so as to avoid incurring any penalties.

Third point regarding salaries.
I am being denied my freedom; I cannot return to work due to the fracture. Just like a prisoner, I am obliged to report all my movements and then, to top it off, I am also penalised in terms of my salary.
It seems to me that this legislation only penalises those that have genuine health problems, while the usual “smart alecs” will, in any event, somehow manage to get off scot-free. At this point I would like to appeal to someone in the media world who would be prepared to support me in my quest to make a point, namely to be allowed to return to work as a “plaster cast wearer”. I want to do this because I have no desire to remain “in prison” for the next three months when all that I am guilty of is getting injured. Regards." Paola M.

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February 14, 2009

The importance of being Ugo


Troisi and the importance of being Ugo

The name “Ugo” offers the bearer of the name many advantages, but even more so for the one who has to say the name for whatever reason. It takes less than a second to say “Ugo”. Ideal when barking out orders and excellent when calling the bearer to order. The perfect name for the son of Berlusconi’s accountant. A name that, if it is borne by someone with the surname Cappellacci, is perfect for a nominee. The psychodwarf is busy campaigning for the elections in Sardinia, using Government funds. Never before has a Head of Government gone out to drum up support for his employees instead of dealing with the Country’s problems, which is what he is actually being paid to do. He is currently spending more time in Sardinia than in Rome.

The Sardinian employee, Ugo Cappellacci, is treated like a doormat. Yesterday, from the stage in Cagliari, the psychodwarf called Ugo to order: "Ugo... don’t put on too many airs and graces, because we are the ones that brought you here!" Then, surprised that Ugo actually wanted to say something, much like a true P2-ist master would to an island slave, he said to him: "How many times must I tell you that, when I am around, you must keep a low profile?"
The psychodwarf promised to begin with a series of public works that “could be funded immediately”, just to garner the Sardinians’ votes. That is a crime in my opinion. Promising State resources, from his position as Prime Minister, simply to favour a specific political party, is illegal, it constitutes vote buying, only worse, given the importance of his institutional position.

Berlusconi against the rest, using all of our resources. He uses the State to do his election campaigning, as if it was his personal property, "Cosa Loro" (as opposed to Cosa Nostra). He is doing so purely out of survival instinct. But for how long can this continue if he loses in Sardinia?

Go Paris!

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February 13, 2009

Maurizio Gasparri (1956 - 2028)

Today I begin publishing a series of advance death notices, beginning with Gasparri the Sorcerer.



18 July 1956 - 13 October 2028

“His loved ones regret to announce the death of Maurizio Gasparri. He was 72 years of age. Born in Rome on 18 July 1956, he passed away in the hamlet of Predappio (Forlì) on 13 October 2028. After three interminably long years, the feeding tube that had been keeping him alive was eventually shut off. Journalist, politician, parliamentarian and minister. Father of the unfortunate digital terrestrial television and the controversial Gasparri law, a law that is attributed to him, perhaps erroneously. A former party colleague, Francesco Storace, had the following to say: “Not only did he not draft that Gasparri Law, he never even read it”. Partisan judgements aside, it has been claimed that he did not even understand it. His political career was marked by his undisputed capacity for controversy. He was well known for his television appearances based on insults and denigration of adversaries in true fascist style. Worthy of note was his comment on the initial election of Barack Obama in 2008 as President of the United States: “With Obama in the White House, perhaps Al Qaeda will be happier.” For many years he acted as counterpoint for Neri Marcorè, who regularly stole his fire. Initially a supporter of Di Pietro, claiming: “Rather Di Pietro than Mussolini”, with typical fascist consistency he later switched to Forza Italia, where he subsequently joined the AN in the new PDL party. In 2014, the PDL was dissolved by State legislation at the time of the Soru Government, because of infiltration by the Mafia and P2-ists, thereby meeting the same fate as the fascist party. Gasparri was never found guilty of anything because of his patently diminished capacity. His fighting spirit led him to create a new political force together with Clemente Mastella: “Two people for one cushy job”. The overly explicit message regarding the true intentions of these two partners resulted in the failure of this initiative. For many years he played a major role in Chiambretti’s long-running programme on Rete 4, entitled: “To whom do I bring bad luck tonight?” During the first 10 years of this Century, he was the most consistently insulted politician on the Web. A total of 230,000 video clips regarding him were posted. Abandoned by his old friends Fini and La Russa, he spent the latter part of his life on Marettimo, one of the Aegadian islands, where he whiled away his time playing on his play station, his one and only true passion. “Sic transit gloria mundi..”

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February 10, 2009

The strategy of the whoremonger


Berlusconi on the island of “Lost”

The psycho-dwarf’s political strategy is that of the whoremonger. Once you have understood this, all his actions become clearer. What are the elements of this strategy? It’s simple: the whoremonger always tries it on. He doesn’t worry about lightly brushing against a thigh, or touching a breast. If the woman stays quiet, his hand advances. If there’s a refusal he’ll say that she made a mistake, she didn’t understand, he had no bad intentions. Until the next time when he touches her arse.
Let’s take the Lodo Alfano as an example. The psycho-dwarf tried it in 2003. It was called the Lodo Schifani, called after Schifani who was promoted to be President of the Senate for this law. Then, the Constitutional Court smashed it. Any old politician without the instinct of a whoremonger would have set his heart at peace. Instead, he proposed it to the Italians again without even using a condom. Napolitano signed and while the Constitutional Court for the moment has not made a pronouncement, he can live free and unpunished. The strategy of the whoremonger is to go forward without having troublesome thoughts and in case of difficulty, as in “l’Onda degli studenti”(inundation by students}, to move back, and then, when the others are distracted, to move forward again.
The perfect whoremonger is one who is misunderstood: he doesn’t want to send the Police into the schools, he doesn’t want to offend the Constitution. “Chiagne e fotte” {privileged but complaining}, how could it be different? A true whoremonger does not want to be put on trial. He is innocent “a priori”. It’s not his fault if D’Alema was up for it, if Violante can never say “no” to him and if Fini likes the Kama Sutra. And not even if Mills corrupted himself on his own or if Previti corrupted the judges to get Mondadori. By definition, the whoremonger has nothing to do with it and he has a family to look after, usually more than one. The strategy of the whoremonger, however, in order to succeed, needs a very high number of whores in circulation, but he knows they’re never lacking. He rarely gets a refusal. In that case he behaves like a high class Italian whoremonger. Anyone who does not give it to you becomes a whore. And he tells everyone around. He confides disconsolately in Fede and Giordano and Gasparri and Cicchitto. He makes sure the word and the wheels of the printing press go round to destroy a reputation.
The whoremonger is an arch-Italian, a mother’s boy, one who used to cry as a child if he didn’t get a biscuit, one who copied his homework from his classmates. That’s why he has success. We are a nation of whoremongers and we are ashamed to say it. Let’s start “outing” and finally let’s all go whoring together in this country.

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February 07, 2009

Eluana and the end of democracy


Eluana and the end of democracy

Eluana has nothing to do with it. It is nothing more than a pretext designed to dishearten the State President and to attack his control and his role as guarantor of the Constitution. It is a head to head battle, with a shithead. The psychodwarf doesn’t want anyone around that could hinder his march towards the occupation of the institutions. Napolitano has not signed the law by decree. So the Cabinet is now bypassing him by proposing a Bill that is identical to the original decree. We must remember precisely who voted him into power. One day we may be able to take action against them for attempting a coup..
The Bill will be proposed to the Parliament of Arcore puppets, who will approve it. Is the Bill unconstitutional? Well, then we’ll simply change the Constitution! No European Prime Minister would do or say the things that this anti-democracy time bomb is about to do. Could Eluana procreate? Could Eluana survive for three or four days of enforced starvation like Pannella did? I may be a comedian, but anyone who talks like this is nothing more than a sad excuse for a human being.

Schifani has been forced into a race against time in order to get the Bill approved in the Senate. The Head of the Senate, under orders from the Prime Minister. Can’t you see that this is nothing but a farce? That Eluana is simply news to distract the masses? Another piece of terrible news comes along every day. It is not enough for us to defend ourselves against the collapse of the economy or deal with the thousands of everyday problems. That is not good enough. Every new day that God grants us on Earth, we now have to spend defending ourselves from some or other new law, decree, amendment or expropriation of our civil rights.
Our employees work tirelessly to save themselves from the magistrature and from the day of reckoning that is coming. Living in Italy is exhausting and humiliating for this Country’s citizens. While the rest of the world is trying to find a way to confront this crisis, these petty politicians, former fascists, former Lega members and full time P2-ists are using this crisis as an opportunity to strengthen their grip on power and eliminate all opposition, from the magistrature through to Parliament itself, the National Audit Office and all the way through to the figure of the State President.
They are in a hurry, indeed a great hurry. They can already hear the sound of buffalo hooves, the Niagara Falls that is heading Italy’s way. They don’t want to end up like Ceaucescu, indeed not even like Bottino Craxi (Booty Craxi). The International Monetary Fund has stated that there are some "gloomy prospects" in store for Italy. Gloomy, now there’s a term worthy of Dario Argento or some or other horror movie. They want to leave the army on the bridge of the Titanic while they make good their escape in the lifeboats.

They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

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January 31, 2009

Rasman: officers sentenced


The Rasman trial

The Rasman murder will not make any of the television news headlines, nor will it even be discussed in any of the television studio lounges where Mrs Franzoni and the Guidonia rape cases were once discussed. No one will mention that, for the first time ever in the history of the Republic, a number of the Government’s Police Officers have been found guilty of culpable homicide. In our Police Force, there are any number of men and women that put their lives on the line for the citizens on a daily basis. Hundreds of names of policemen and women murdered by the mafia and by terrorism appear in the Calendar of Lay Saints. And it for this very reason that events such as those that occurred in Triest must be made public in order to avoid any future repetition. So that the Italians can feel free to turn to the Police, who are supposed to protect them, to protect them and nothing more.


The attack

The trial

The sentence

Riccardo's family

A historic judgement

Daniele Martinelli: "Good day to everyone, I am here at the Court in Triest in order to follow the proceedings in the Riccardo Rasman trial. I advise sensitive readers not to watch this video because we will soon be screening certain images showing the state he was in when he was found after the crime that was committed by at least three police officers. These acts were perpetrated on a young man that was affected by paranoid schizophrenia, an illness he contracted back in nineteen ninety-two, fourteen years prior to his death, during his military service, as a result of a serious round of hazing that he went through at the Cordovado Air Force barracks.
In recent years, Riccardo was being treated at the mental health centre in Triest, so he was well known to and registered with the forces of law and order given that ten years ago already, back in nineteen ninety-two, they had arrived at his parents’ house with members that were receiving treatment at the mental health centre.

The attack

A number of witnesses reported hearing shots being fired, the sound of fireworks going off, and the doorman, a man called Pollanz, called the Police to come and investigate what was going on. The Police arrived at the entrance to Riccardo home, knocked and when Riccardo failed to open the door, they proceeded to call for reinforcements. Members of the armed emergency unit arrived with crowbars and gained access by forcing the door. At this point, they went into Riccardo’s apartment, which was in darkness.
Riccardo’s mood, afflicted as he was by paranoid schizophrenia, deteriorated when he either realised or feared that he was being attacked by persons unknown, because this is the nature of the illness or the feeling of persecution. Therefore, given the circumstances, Riccardo was experiencing precisely that which he already feared, or that the illness led him to fear.
He found himself being attacked by these police officers who threw him down onto his bed, and then proceeded to hit him while one officer clamped his one of his wrists with handcuffs and another officer clamped his other wrist. And what did the third officer do? He proceeded to tie his ankles together using a piece of wire because, given his state of anxiety and agitation, Riccardo was obviously reacting rashly at that moment. While he was thus bound hand and foot, the Police Officers continued to hit Riccardo, so much so that the autopsy even revealed a wound on his head, probably caused by a heavy object, perhaps even the crowbar they had used earlier although this is not certain, but the fact remains that at this point he was lifted up bodily and pushed to the floor.
He was then given a few kicks to his back and began vomiting, and one of the two police officers proceeded to sit on his back, at which point Riccardo, tied up as he was, died of asphyxia because, in the interim, the handcuffs had been joined together behind his back. In that position, with someone sitting on his back it is clear that the person has no other option but to die of asphyxia. It took a few minutes for Riccardo to die, he did not die immediately.

The trial

Given that this tragedy occurred, an official inquiry was launched, headed up by public prosecutor Pietro Montrone who, in about April of last year, asked that the case be archived given the exceptional circumstances and the officers’ need to protect themselves. However, the Rasman family’s defence team, headed up by attorney Giovanni Di Lullo, submitted the findings of an independent investigation and opposed the archiving of the case. The objection was admitted by the Preliminary Investigation Judge, who set a date for the preliminary hearing, during which the public prosecutor, after having read the findings of the investigation submitted by the Rasman family’s defence attorney, said: “Let’s not beat around the bush. I hereby withdraw my application for the archiving of this case because, in my opinion, certain facts that have emerged from this investigation need to be investigated further and indicate that there may be sufficient grounds for suspecting that the police officers may be guilty of culpable homicide. Therefore, the hearing was postponed to last week, still here in the Court of Triest and the accused opted for the expedited procedure, which was held in a closed courtroom with only the persons involved present, closed to the public and consequently also to the press, unless the accused themselves request that the proceedings be opened to the public.
We waited to hear the sentence, which failed to materialise even after a full day of hearings. Until today, when a second hearing was convened to continue discussions regarding the sentence, a sentence and verdict that we are about to hear."

The sentence

Public Prosecutor Pietro Montrone: "Yes, Yes, he accepted the majority of the public prosecutors requests"

Daniele Martinelli: "Please tell us Mr. Public Prosecutor."

Giuliana Rasman: The truth must come out! Ricky never threw any fireworks! The truth must come out! I understand, I understand, it went well so stay calm. WE won, let’s calm down.

Giovanni Di Lullo: "The two unit leaders have been sentenced, police superintendents Mis and Miraz, as has police assistant De Biasi, while police assistant Gatti has been absolved.

Daniele Martinelli: "Sentenced to how long?"

Giovanni Di Lullo, the Rasman family’s defence attorney: "They have each been sentenced to six months in prison, but the sentence was conditionally suspended.

Daniele Martinelli: "What was it that influenced the sentence?"

Giovanni Di Lullo: "The judge’s reasons will be issued within ninety days and we will have to wait to find out. All that was read out today was the provision itself and the guilty finding against the three police officers.

Daniele Martinelli: "So, were the requests accepted after all?"

Giovanni Di Lullo: "The prosecution’s requests were accepted for the most part. One of the four accused was absolved (female police officer Gatti), for reasons that we don’t know as yet. Evidently it emerged that her actions were not decisive in terms of Riccardo’s death in my opinion, however, we will only be able to know for certain once the judges reasons are made known.

Riccardo’s family

Daniele Martinelli: "Mr. Rasman, would you like to comment?"

Duilio Rasman: "Well, I was expecting something more, at least that some sort of justice would be served, because all that I can honestly say is that the blow we have taken is truly too great.
At our age, we had a son that suffered for so many years, to whom I was always very close. I dedicated my life to him in all respects and this blow has been simply too great. I believe that they too have a conscience and will have to admit to themselves that they made a mistake, because the only time I remember ever having come across events such as these was during the war. So all I can say that here in Triest we need some relief such as this, at least some form of justice.

Daniele Martinelli: "Will you be lodging an appeal?"

Duilio Rasman: "I don’t know. We will have to talk to the attorneys."

Daniele Martinelli: "Giuliana, how do you feel about this sentence?"

Giuliana Rasman: "I hope that more information becomes available at some stage in the future and that more light can be shed on everything that wasn’t said in these hearings. A lot has been said about these four police officers, but there are a number of issues that still need to be cleared up regarding the reasons why they acted in this way!
Like why it was necessary to bash down the door and massacre a person in this manner … Riccardo did not die as a result of a physical collapse, Riccardo died as a result of the blows, in a pool of blood, so there must be some other explanation as to why they acted in this manner …"

Daniele Martinelli: "Which you don’t know?"

Giuliana Rasman: "Well, in the police officers’ written statements there are certain specific things that the attorneys are already aware of, so an open hearing should be held so that the many remaining issues can be cleared up. This is because it was not only the four police officers that were guilty of anything and, in our opinion, there were a number of other people involved, including the other people in the building where Riccardo had this studio apartment.

Daniele Martinelli: "Attorney Anselmo, what do you think of this sentence?"

Fabio Anselmo: "Well, I don’t normally consider the weight of the sentences but rather the sentence itself because, in my opinion, in the end it has a proper and huge significance.

Daniele Martinelli: "Six months for a homicide."

Fabio Anselmo: "It was culpable homicide, but what we mustn’t forget is that these are members of the forces of law and order. I don’t wish to say too much as regards the length of the sentence..

Daniele Martinelli: "But are you already thinking of appealing against the sentence, or what?"

Fabio Anselmo: "We will wait and see what the written judgement says. Quite frankly, we were hoping for a guilty verdict and for some suitable legal sanction for the death of Riccardo Rasman and, in my opinion, this is what we worked towards.
Remember that we only became involved once the request for archiving had already been submitted!

Daniele Martinelli: "But why must there be some sort of special treatment in the case of members of the forces of law and order?"

Fabio Anselmo: "That is not for me to say, but let’s just say that it is a political issue about which I would prefer not to comment because I am part of the process. Let’s just say that the matter is certainly extremely complex.

A historic judgement

Daniele Martinelli: In essence , there are two important aspects to this very said matter: the first is the unusual occurrence of the public prosecutor’s withdrawal of his request for archiving at the beginning of the hearing.
The second issue is this sentence for culpable homicide, in other words only six months in return for having taken a human life, which may seem laughable on the one hand, but that on the other hand is breaking new ground in Italy because for the first time ever, a policemen has been handed down a sentence for culpable homicide. It has never happened previously and court records reflect only one previous case of a sentence for manslaughter.
This judgement will be reported in all of the legal magazines and could change the entire framework for assessing any other cases currently pending or any future cases."

Daniele Martinelli: "So, just one year ago public prosecutor Montrone was asking for the case to be archived. What did you, as a regional group of Greens, do about it?"

Alessandro Metz: "We bought an entire page of space in the local newspaper, "Il Piccolo", in order to tell the story about what was happening, because from what we were reading in the articles that were being published at the time, they were being very careful about choosing their words.
For example, the word killed was never used! Riccardo Rasman was in fact killed.

Daniele Martinelli: "Are you saying that Il Piccolo did not report the matter?"

Alessandro Metz: "They did report it, but in a manner that showed the reality in a biased way. It is one thing to report that a person that has been killed, but then it is up to the courts or a judge to decide whether it was wilful murder, culpable homicide or manslaughter, that is not for me to judge the case, but the fact remains that a man was killed.
Prior to publishing the article, the editor of the Il Piccolo daily insisted that we meet with the newspaper’s legal advisor in order to discuss, word for word, what we were allowed to say and what not. Notwithstanding the fact that we had bought a page of newspaper space, there were certain things that they were not prepared to put into print, one of these being that the four police officers had killed Riccardo Rasman.
And so, after exhaustive negotiations, we nevertheless said what we believed was important to say, toning down the language in a few areas, otherwise this news would never have got out in the most opportune manner."

Daniele Martinelli: "The sum paid to this daily newspaper by the Greens of Friuli Venezia Giulia amounted to some 3,500 Euro. Now, after this judgement, we still ask ourselves why this happened and we are left with a bitter taste in our mouths regarding the reasons why so much ferocity and malice was poured out against a young man with no criminal record who, just be the way, was also suffering from an ailment and was well known in the town precisely as a result of the ailment.
In this regard, at this point I don’t know whether or not an appeal will be lodged, as you will have noted from the interviews.

I will leave you with these last few comments made by Riccardo’s mother, Mrs. Maria. That is all from my side."

Maria Rasman: "They were all in it together! What we discovered is that it was not only the police officers, but there were a number of others involved because, for example, Mr. Pollanz was working for the Domio social cooperative, the same group that allocated the flat in which Riccardo was living, via the Basaglia office.
In other words, there are a number of connections. You understand? There are certain things that were concealed. I pray that these connections will come out into the open because our family had already been suffering for fourteen years, ever since Riccardo became ill during his military service and they eventually killed him..
We, instead... after having done so much for our son, those people killed him. We were so happy to be able to look after him and to provide everything that he needed. No one else helped him. We need to find out what really happened, it must not be allowed to remain hidden!
My son was not a criminal, nor was he a member of the Mafia, so obviously someone must have lodged a false complaint.
There is something that I must tell you! They had been badgering him already for a year and a half, ever since they found him alone. He was never alone because he was scared and was always with me or my husband, or with his sister. "Mom, won’t you come up and help me a bit with the cleaning?" Either we, or his sister would go to his apartment, but he was never alone.
On that fateful day, he stayed with my husband and I until half past seven and when we parted company at the crossroads, my son said to me: "mom, we’ll se each other again in a couple of hours..."Did we ever see him again? Taking care of a thirty-four year old son, only to have him disappear suddenly is a shame!
The reason we left our hometown of Portorose in Slovenia to come to Italy was so that we could live in peace, instead, here in Italy they killed our son and we don’t know why! We loved him so much! Our family has been torn apart by this episode! I don’t know what else to say. Our family has been torn apart! After a lifetime of work... "

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January 23, 2009

The Maroni Clause

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The demonstration called for by the family members of Mafia victims has been moved from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Farnese in Roma but will still be held on 28 January. I am told that the move is due to the Maroni Clause, inspired by Clause 22 by Joseph Heller.

Clause 22:
- article 12, Clause 1: The only valid reason for requesting leave from the front is insanity
- article 12, Clause 22: Anyone requesting leave from the front is not insane
In other words, if you are insane you can leave the front, but if you want to leave the front then you are not insane.

The Maroni Clause:
- The Italian Constitution, article 17: Citizens shall have the right to gather peacefully without carrying arms...The authorities must be notified about any gatherings to be held in public places and said authorities may only forbid such gatherings for proven reasons of security or public safety
- Maroni Clause, sole article: Demonstrations prohibited in front of places of worship.
In Italy, all main squares have a church. Citizens shall be free to demonstrate in any main square, as envisaged in the Constitution, but not in any main square with a church.

Therefore, for example, the Vday demonstration in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna and in Piazza San Carlo in Turin would not have been authorised.
The Maroni Clause is unconstitutional, and you don’t have to be a constitutional expert to understand this fact, it is enough for one not to be Maroni.
Islamic mass prayers in protest against the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza lie at the root of the Maroni Clause. Harbouring bed thoughts is a sin, but in Italy it is a good thing. I want to have extremely bad thoughts. The objective is not the Muslims, but rather the Italians that want to hold a demonstration. First they filled up the media with the regime’s bullshit, and now they want to make the squares off-limits.
All I know is that I will be in Piazza Farnese on the 28th January 2009 at 09h00, in order to demonstrate my solidarity with the families of mafia victims and the Public Prosecutor of Salerno, Apicella, as well as Luigi De Magistris and Clementina Forleo. Spread the word.

Ps: in the interests of safety, I will get myself a pair of thick shin pads so as to avoid being bitten by Maroni.

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January 18, 2009

Berlusconi’s Sardinian elections paid for by the State

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The psycho-dwarf is in the election campaign in Sardinia. With the Blue {official} cars? With whose resources? With whose bodyguards? With whose salary? With which helicopters? With what unauthorised TV concessions? With what time, given that he is paid to be the President of the Council? With what cheek, given that, with his office, he should represent all the Italians? With which State aircraft? With which State functionaries who receive a public salary? With what pressure on ENI for an election-style occupation in Sardinia? With what absence from Parliament where he is never present? Who is paying for his cappuccino and brioche in Cagliari? Are those also on his expense account?
A President of the Council cannot take part in an election campaign with public resources. A President of the Council should not be occupied full time on regional elections, first in Abruzzo, and now in Sardinia. A President of the Council should be committing himself to turning round a country that is by now on its last legs, not in using the resources of the Italians to run a permanent election campaign.
Has the Court of Accounts got nothing to say? And the Constitutional Court? And Morpheus Napolitano is not sending out a warning? Brunetta, so watchful and ferocious about the absenteeism of public employees, does he know that his boss is never presenting himself in the Lower House and that he is using public finances to be a travelling salesman. Is he going to put his name forward to be sacked? How many Ministers did Berlusconi take to Abruzzo to support wooden-headed Chiodi? How many will he take to Sardinia? “Tremorti” who is talking to the shepherds. The Ministers seeking votes rather than working for Italy.... In such a blatant way that has never been seen before.
A President of the Council in an election campaign is capable of making every promise and imposing it on the Government to keep the promise. His opponent cannot do that. What’s the point in having immoral elections? A farce worthy of a travelling salesman? The psycho-dwarf is fighting using all the resources of the nation (not his own). Soru just his reputation. Fortza Paris!

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January 17, 2009

Save your current account from the State


Dormant accounts used to finance the social card and Alitalia. Dormant accounts. What a nice definition designed to screw you. You are dormant like your accounts and other people have all the fun. You deposit your savings in the bank. You trust your bank and the person of the manager of your bank branch, otherwise you would certainly not trust them with your money. You leave your money there, dormant, so that it may grow over time, perhaps with the aid of a modest rate of interest. However, if you do not touch your account, after ten years prince charming comes along and wakes it up for you. He wears the face of the Minister of the Treasury. He doesn’t kiss your account but instead screws it. The account is woken up and the contents are transferred into the State coffers. The relationship is supposedly between you and your bank. The money in question is yours. The party using it is the Treasury.
It is nothing more than legalized expropriation. As at the end of November last year, there were some 1,071,590 dormant accounts, equivalent to some 800 million Euro.
This Government is on the bones of its arse and yesterday the “Banca d'Italia” used the term "wartime economy". This Government is sticking its hands into the Italians’ pockets, using dirty tricks such as that of the dormant accounts. This has happened before and forced withdrawals were made from current accounts during the time of the Amato Government, but this time the situation is worse.
This Government cesspool is now striking the weakest and most trusting members of society. The elderly and the Italian emigrants living in Canada, in Australia and in Brazil, who are not aware of the decree or are not in a position to keep themselves informed or to be informed. Those that are unaware that their money is about to disappear unless there is some movement on their accounts. And this is true for all types of investments:
- cash deposits made with the intermediary and subject to the duty of refund
- deposits of financial instruments in custody and under administration
- insurance contracts covered by article 2, clause 1 of Legislative Decree No. 209, dated 7 September 2005, in all cases where the insurer is committed to pay out interest earnings or capital amounts at some predetermined future date.
The bank should send the depositor a registered letter with proof of receipt in order to advise the individual that their money is about to be withdrawn by the Treasury. As far as I am aware, the bank is not required to do so for all types of deposits. Let the Treasury correct me if I am wrong.
If you have any acquaintances abroad or know any elderly people, use the Ministry’s search engine to check whether or not they have any dormant accounts and warn them immediately. In theory, for up to ten years after the date of expropriation, the Treasury can be asked to return the money withdrawn. Do you get it? You can ask for YOUR MONEY BACK... There should be some or other procedure in place for recovering your money, however, I phoned one of the banks and was told that they are still awaiting instructions from the Ministry so as to find out what this procedure will be...
The Government expropriation does not apply to deposits of less than one hundred Euro, for the time being..., but perhaps tomorrow they may even need this small change.
As regards the 2% drop in GDP forecast for 2009, Tremonti has stated that we are not living in the Middle Ages. This is true, because at least during the Middle Ages thieves were called thieves and taxes were called taxes and not legal decrees. This Government doesn’t bother to stick its hands in the Italians’ pockets, it goes directly to their banks.
Warn your acquaintances and family members living abroad, as well as any elderly people that you know. Don’t allow the Government to screw them out of their savings.

Ps.: join the Facebook group called: "Save your current account from the State"

Search for your name amongst the dormant deposits

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January 14, 2009

Pavia, a de-grillified town

Interview with the mayor of Pavia, Piera Capitelli

Once upon a time I was on TV, then they threw me out. I took to theatres. But often the theatres are not big enough to hold the numbers of the public. So I moved on to the arenas. Then I started the blog and I organized two V-Days against corrupt politics and the regime information. Now the mayors are denying me the possibility of using the arenas with the most varied of excuses. Pavia is not the only town to be de-grillified. It has not been possible to tour the show “Delirio” to many cities with the most varied of excuses.
I have often been to Pavia with 2/3 evenings in the “palazzetto” that has a capacity of about 3, 000 and for this welcome I thank the people of Pavia. In 2008 I was not allowed to use the PalaRavizza and the reason given was because it is only for sports events. The parquet got ruined. The cabinet member Portolan and the mayor Capitelli have however made this same venue available for a private party , with the guests Ale and Franz, for the company "Fratelli Della Fiore" with 500 invited guests on 11 December last year. See the article in “Provincia Pavese”. Thus it is a "parquet ad personam": it depends on who is trampling on it.

An email received from the City of Pavia on 4 December refusing the use of the venue.
From: Gianfranco Longhetti] Sent: Thursday 4 December 2008 16.42
Subject: Request to use PalaRavizza
With reference to the request to use the PalaRavizza for the day of 19 January 2009, I am communicating to you that on 4 December 2008, the City Council has adopted the decision to not make the venue available for that show.
I am available for any clarification and I offer you courteous greetings.
Director Gianfranco Longhett

The people of Pavia cannot see Grillo. Is this an order from the Veltroni camp? The mayor invites me to go to the exhibition hall, a smaller space that has never been offered before. She wants me as a participant in the Festival dei Saperi {Festival of Knowledge} in September. I already have commitments. I’m sorry. But, as of now, there’s one thing I can make known for their Festival dei Saperi: to Fxxk off!

Text of the interview:
D.Martinelli: Mayor Capitelli? Good evening. I am Martinelli, an Internet journalist. Could you give me thirty seconds before the City Council meeting starts? Thank you. Recently, use of the hall has been denied for the Beppe Grillo show. How is that?
Mayor Capitelli: Nothing has been denied at all! The cabinet member for sport has decided to not give authorisation for shows in the sports hall. This, I believe, I don’t know, but a long time before there was a request from a local agent who organises shows for Beppe Grillo. These are all things that they don’t know. I wouldn’t think of preventing someone from doing a show! If there’s a building suitable, Beppe Grillo can do it where he wants to. Anyway, Beppe Grillo does not shock politicians, at least not politicians like me, who have nothing to be shocked about. In fact, his presence has been requested for a cultural initiative. I hope the request has already got to him and that he has got the September date down because we would like Beppe to be among our guests for the Festival dei Saperi.
D.Martinelli: So you are confirming that Beppe can come to Pavia in September?
Mayor Capitelli: Yes, as a guest in a debate in which he can say anything he wants to, but he can even come before that! As long as he asks his agent Fraschini and it’s OK.
D.Martinelli: No because it seems that that regulation was issued just the day before the show. It wasn’t there before that.
Mayor Capitelli: I would say that it’s not like that and that it is malice that makes people talk about it. I’m sorry but I really have to go now. I have to deal with the snow emergency.
D.Martinelli: So it’s not true that you are refusing to give a space to Beppe? Can I talk to the cabinet member for sport?
Mayor Capitelli: You would have to telephone the cabinet member for sport because he is on holiday. A final question then I will leave you.
D.Martinelli: Anyway, it’s true that you have denied the people of Pavia the possibility of seeing Grillo in Pavia?
Mayor Capitelli: I have not stopped anyone from doing anything. – the town council – no! I have obliged nothing. Gianni Morandi has an agent who is organising a show for him in the exhibition hall. Let Beppe Grillo’s agent go and ask the Chamber of Commerce for the exhibition hall that is absolutely accessible and available. My cabinet member has said that there can be no shows in the sports hall and I am not going to overturn a decision of the cabinet member for sport.
D.Martinelli: Thus there is a venue available in the city?
Mayor Capitelli: I truly believe so, you just have to look for it and you just have to be prepared not to start arguments. I have no wish to have arguments with Grillo.
D.Martinelli: No. No one wants to have arguments. Thus what is the venue that is available for Grillo?
Mayor Capitelli: The exhibition hall! So Grillo can do just like Gianni Morandi. Great.
D.Martinelli: Thank you.
If you too want to ask the mayor for information about the PalaRavizza then send her an email.

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January 10, 2009

Free torture

Waterboarding - Amnesty against torture

Obama has stated that: “The United States will refrain from practicing any form of torture during my administration”. What this means, therefore, is that torture was practiced by Bush … All forms of torture are prohibited by the Geneva Convention, however, it appears that the greatest democracy on earth (whatever that may mean these days) was practicing torture. Ever heard about simulated death by drowning, about Guantanamo or about Abu Ghraib? If Bush was indeed the one in charge of the torturers, then he must be prosecuted.
Georgedoubleyou can ask the psychodwarf for help. He could seek political asylum in Italy. The Country of sunshine, sea and torture. Indeed, our penal code does not classify torture as being a crime. He we can continue to torture people, like in Genoa during the G8 meeting, and be absolved of all blame. If torturing someone is not a crime, then there are no grounds for claiming that an offence has been committed. It is thus possible to make a bunch of youngsters strip naked, then take them into a “torture chamber” (that is precisely what it was called), make them kneel down over the latrines and beat them with truncheons. Just as happened at the Raniero barracks in Naples in March 2001. All of the accused got off scot-free thanks to statute barring. I hereby propose the twinning of Bolzaneto and Raniero, with an exchange of prisoners. Both the left and the right wing like the idea of torture. The events in Naples took place while the left wing was in power, while those that occurred in Genoa took place when the right wing was in power. As we all know, these two sides are equally bad. In Cesare Beccaria's Country we are free to torture anyone with total impunity.
Not only does Italy practice torture at home, but it also exports individuals for others to torture. Abu Omar, an Egyptian imam, was kidnapped in Milan on 17 February 2003 by CIA agents and taken to Aviano, from where he was taken to Germany and then on to Cairo. He was incarcerated in Alexandria in Egypt and tortured at leisure by being beaten until he bled, then tied to a cross and electric shocks administered. Perhaps Obama could ask the man he has appointed as Head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, to publicly reveal the names of Abu Omar’s torturers. Perhaps all those Deputies and Senators that spend their days and nights trying to reform the justice system in order to cover their own arses could propose that torture be classified as a crime instead of rewarding the torturers as happened with the promotions granted to the agents involved in the G8 fiasco. It would be in their interest. Unless the practice of torture is abolished, it could (possible) be applied (legally) to them one day … A Nuremberg virgin, one yank of the cord, two turns of the screw, three litres of water and salt. The Italians demand nothing less.

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January 07, 2009

The Voghera housewife and maestro Pregadio

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The Voghera housewife is waking up from the TV torpor. Her husband is touching up his clogs in the garage. The instigation to berlusconpopular consumption has left her feeling muddled. The debts that she accumulated when full of trust in the tall stories from Giordano, Belpietro and Fede don’t let her sleep at night any more, but it’s her fault if the country doesn’t take off again. She can smell a strange odour in the air and it’s not Chanel number 5. And she became more distrustful right from the moment that maestro Pregadio was cut out of Corrida. Crikey. If you take away Roberto Pregadio from the Voghera housewife that’s the start of the end.

"Dear Beppe,
Here in England it’s already 1929. On 5 January, Woolworths closed (27,000 employees). It was a supermarket of tens of years of experience, selling products accessible to the working class, the ideal for the Voghera housewife, as they would say in Italy.
Closures of other great commercial networks will follow. Most of the major banks have already been ‘nationalised’ by the government. House prices have tumbled. In London not even a garage is getting sold. The pound sterling has collapsed. Waste paper like the German Mark in the time of the Weimar Republic. By the end of 2009, one million one hundred thousand employees will be without a job. In the City they have started already. So should I be crying? Not at all. I’m having a great laugh!
This crisis was needed. It is a panacea for everyone. The vendetta for those honest people who base their economy on working for others and not on consuming just for themselves. As a medical doctor, I have always worked a lot (well over 40 hours a week) . I have never had debts. I have always tried to avoid the vulgarities of the Voghera housewife (holidays in the Tropics, restaurant every Saturday night, weekends in the snow, etc…..) based on unlimited credit for everyone. And this is the point. It’s the end of the ideology of the mass market.
From the 1980s onwards, the delirium of capitalism had mapped out a market society based on the standard character , the so-called Voghera housewife. She is an ordinary person, often lazy, one who consumes 4 or 5 hours of TV a day (usually Berlusconi ‘s important soap operas, with us it means programmes like East Enders or Coronation Street) who had to have the right to everything to be able to buy everything and thus to enrich the few really rich people on the planet. Bit by bit, all the most important things in life like health, food, a home, even resting from work and sex have become a market product. The housewife no longer had to work and produce but just consume and be really insistent that all products are sold with the maximum guarantee so as to protect her day to day enjoyment. Professionals with years of experience and competence like myself, are obliged to treat their impossible-to-make-content clients (at a certain point even the "patients", from the Greek word “pazein”, to suffer, have become "customers") as though they were managers in a supermarket who had to sell themselves in the best way possible (including the ‘look’), rather than be thanked for their daily dedication and forgiven if they perhaps lose their temper with a hysterical patient after a hundred hours of being on call. And the few people that worked extra, risked more, until even collapsing at work.


If those millions of Voghera housewives and their lying husbands had studied, if they had worked their butts off and if they had kept themselves informed with true information rather than the rubbish from Bruno Vespa and Mike Bongiorno, no thief would have taken them for a ride and violated them. So shall we give them a hand? Revolutions start with pitchforks. I’ll pay for the first one hundred as long as they use them well, up the backsides of the folk mentioned above.” Giovanni Dalla-Valle

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January 04, 2009

Horoscope for 2009

Goodnight Italy, Luciano Ligabue

In January the economy will slow down, but it’ll hold up.
In February Morpheus Napolitano will be slightly worried about the GDP.
In March Tremonti will beg the Italians, Geronzi, Profumo and Passera to buy BOT, BTP and CCT {government bonds}.
In April the psycho-dwarf will give guarantees about the future of Italy.
In May Boss(ol)i will give reassurances that federalism is very near.
In June no one will go and vote in the elections
In July there will be more than 2 million newly-unemployed people.
In August Morpheus Napolitano will explain on live TV that he is worried by a possible crisis.
In September Tremonti will cut pensions and public service salaries by 30%. Still in September the public debt will be more than 1,900 billion. Still in September the psycho-dwarf will be snapped shopping in Milan’s via Montenapoleone to reassure the Italians. Bondi, Cicchitto and Gasparri will spend every afternoon in Upim (a supermarket) filling up their trolleys.
In October teachers will receive no salary and the schools will be closed.
In November the local authorities in Rome, Naples, Palermo and Bari will go bust. Still in November the psycho-dwarf will g off for two weeks to Barbados to set an example and show everyone that the crisis is a communist invention.
In December, while he is crossing the border with Austria, Tremonti will declare that the State is bankrupt and that there is tax federalism. In that each one will keep for himself what he has in his pocket.
In December the psycho-dwarf will decide to prolong his holidays for a few years and to get assistance from the super consultant Lucianone Gaucci to negotiate with the tribunals of the Republic his re-entry into Italy under house arrest.
Happy New Year for 2009!

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January 03, 2009

Five sisters may just be enough for me...

Bombings in Gaza
Click on the picture

Jawaher, 4 years of age, Dina 8, Samar 12, Ikram 14 and Tahrir, 17 years old. Five Palestinian sisters from the Balousha family. They used to live in Jabaliya, near Gaza City in a refugee camp in the Gaza strip. They were killed by a bomb. An Israeli F16 flew over the houses of Jabaliya and the Imad Aqel mosque. The plane skimmed over them in the night and its breath destroyed them. Israel wants to fight Hamas, but kills the children instead.
Can it be said, or even shouted that anyone that deliberately kills children anywhere in the world is an assassin? And that such party should be put on trial in an international court for committing crimes against humanity? There can be no valid justification for such action. Author Abraham Yehoshua, one of the most important voices in all of Israel has stated that: "We had no choice ". But there must in fact be some choice between the life of a little girl and any other option. The little girl is sacred, while the rest matters not.
Israel wants to create a security cordon around its territory by executing bombing sorties all the way from Lebanon through to Gaza. However, it won’t be their bombs that deliver the security they desire. For every civilian that is killed there will be one hundred new terrorists. For every Lebanese, Palestinian or Arab child that is killed, there will be one thousand new terrorists. When Israel massacres civilians in this way, the Country becomes no better than their sworn enemy and, for this very reason, at some time in the future they may well find that they no longer have any friends in the West. We ask Israel to be not only stronger than those that wish to destroy her, but indeed better than them.


The photograph of the five dead sisters has been circulating around the Arab world and the Middle East. A photograph of mass rage.

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January 01, 2009

Upside Down Italy

"Long live Caselli! Long live the Antimafia team of magistrates!"
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A young Sicilian lad shouted out: "Long live Caselli! Long live the Antimafia team of magistrates!" during a peripheral exhibition of Sgarbi the man convicted definitively. He was moved away by the security forces, deprived of his liberty and closed in a room. The people who witnessed the scene, apart from a few exceptions, just stood and watched. It is an Upside Down Italy. The honest one is the dishonest one. The judge is the thief. The convict is the parliamentarian. To understand how to behave it’s enough to say the opposite of the truth.
The Italian’s North Star is what is right turned upside down. He cannot make a mistake. Whoever minds his own business lives for a hundred years and whoever minds his business and ours as well becomes the President of the Council. If the lad had shouted out "Mangano’s a hero!" he would have been invited to dinner with the authorities with festive food. In a country of liars, saying the opposite of the truth, pays off.
Let no one touch the lad. He is a little hero, a rare flower. The others, those present who did not take action to defend him, are instead real Italians. Those that have to look after a family and a “capobastone” {mafia boss} .

Sonia Alfano writes:
”Once more we are obliged to take note of the shameful behaviour of Vittorio Sgarbi, mayor of Salemi, the municipal police who acted in complete and total violation of the law and of the press who, as often happens, reported false and imprecise information. The lad who challenged Sgarbi only proclaimed true information and a certain press labelled that as “accusations”. Sgarbi has a previous conviction for defrauding the State and at the first and second level for having libelled Dr Caselli and the entire Antimafia team of magistrates. Thus we are grateful to the lad who presented this challenge for having shown that in Sicily there are people who are able to shout out the truth and to challenge, legitimately, anyone who is stained by such serious behaviour. We are saddened by the outrageous behaviour of the municipal police who without right or reason took the lad and locked him in a room in the library "Franco La Rocca"... It is paradoxical that men of the State defend a convict who has defrauded those same institutions that are represented by their uniforms. We will call those who carried out these serious events to answer for their actions in front of the appropriate judiciary....” Sonia Alfano

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December 28, 2008

The reform of all reforms

Mussolini at the Teatro Lirico, 16 December 1944
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The psychodwarf has said that: "in my opinion, 2009 is going to be a terrible year ". He stated that the Government’s main priorities in order to drag the Country out of the current crisis will be to "Reform the justice system and the law on telephone tapping ". So now the unemployed can sleep easy. If they phone their wives they will at least be sure that no one is listening in on their conversations. Furthermore, even the ever decreasing number of people who are employed will not need to worry. If any public servant who is paid with their income tax money steals anything, he won’t land up in jail. In the light of an Italy that is impoverished and prediction that two million more people will be unemployed, the psychodwarf’s words ring out like the orchestra that accompanied the Jews on their way to the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Since its inauguration last spring, this Government has had only one priority, namely to prevent the incarceration of any politicians at any cost, beginning with the Prime Minister himself. The Alfano Bill has become the gravestone of democracy. In Italy, there are now four individuals that are more equal than everyone else. As regards the Mills and Bassolino court cases, the only ones taking any notice of the proceedings are the judges, while the regime media remains conspicuous by its absence.
The psychodwarf has pointed out that he: "finds himself acting as President of the G8 and the G14 for the third time, which is an absolute record ". This is the kind of statement that should make us stop and think. If someone like him can set such a record as our representative, then there is no hope for the controlled media. We are the problem. Our apathy. This Italy was never really born and it has neither body nor soul. It is like a zombie, dominated by mafia groups, freemasons and criminal politicians. There have been some highlights along the way, such as the partisan battles, Falcone and Borsellino, Ambrosoli and Livatino. But these were nothing more than isolated cases. Exceptions to the rule. For a long time now, those that have not resigned themselves and have continued to oppose the regime have been either isolated or killed and often isolated in order to be killed.
Fake democracy is no longer enough for those that are busy implementing the P2’s plans in a scientific way. What they want now is a true dictatorship. We underestimated these people badly when we believed that they had any limits. There are no limits. They are our employees, but they have now become our masters. Wastrels with an immense survival instinct and, at the moment, their survival instinct is stronger than ours. They are keeping us in a state of assisted media coma thanks to the newspapers (financed by us) and control of television broadcasts.
Waking up will be hard and when Tar Head says that: "IN MY OPINION, 2009 will be a terrible year ", perhaps he is referring to himself. On 16 December 1944, Mussolini went to the Teatro Lirico in Milan. Italy had been destroyed by the War through his doing, however, the people of Milan had a triumphal welcome in store for him. Just a few months later, in Piazzale Loreto, they had other ideas.
The only reform that is needed in Italy is Political Reform. Those that represent us cannot be above the law. The signatures of 350,000 honest Italians calling for a popular law for a Clean Parliament have been stalled at the Senate Committee for a number of months now. They have yet to be examined by Committee Chairman Vizzini of the PDL. His master will not allow him to proceed. Nor will the PDwithoutanel party of the D'Alemas and Cicciolino Veltroni.
Every now and then I think about this and I cannot understand what is going on. Why is this happening to us? What have we done as a nation to deserve politicians such as these? And how much longer can this continue?
They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

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December 27, 2008

Shoe of the year


The Baydan Ducati 271 shoe is the personality of the year for 2008. This is the most famous shoe in the world. Journalist Muntazer Al Zaidi recently donated his to President Bush who was on a visit to Iraq, the Country to which Bush has been exporting democracy in recent years. Muntazer now finds himself in prison, facing a sentence of up to 15 years, in other words seven and a half years per shoe. The court case is due to begin next week. He will be charged with attacking a foreign Head of State during the course of an official visit.
Support has come from all over the world for Muntazer, who is being seen as the victim of a judicial error. The Turkish Cmpany Baydan is busy producing 500,000 pairs of Ducati 271 shoes for all those people that especially wish to bid a special farewell to georgedoubleyoubush. We too have not held back. One Italian company is currently distributing their own model of shoe, bearing the name of the journalist Muntazer on the Arab market. Muntazer’s brother, Thargam al Zeidi, has not taken it very well. He announced that he intends to take the company to court.
The psychodwarf could also become the best ever sponsor of Italian companies abroad. Any “Made in Italy” item that a journalist could throw at him would become an instant success worldwide. The throwing of objects at Berlusconi could provide a much needed kick start for our exports. I understand that this would be difficult because the journalists can’t even get close enough to him to ask him a question. They wouldn’t even dare to throw a scarf at him, which is a pity because "Berlusconi shoes" would sell like hot cakes all around the world and would be worth at least an additional two points on our Gross Domestic Product.
Muntazer’s shoes were destroyed by the Iraqi security services for fear that they may contain explosives. This was a big mistake, it was only a gesture of affection. Let’s give our own politicians some shoes. They are facing a long walk in the New Year. The shoes will be very useful to them. Here are some suggestions for the 2009 winter-spring season.
Napolitano: an old Hungarian boot
The psychodwarf: a pair of seven-league boots to ensure a safe escape in 2009
Veltroni: brownish-pink, PDwithoutanel-coloured booties for the matinee, as well as a pair of slip-on sandals for the afternoon at the beach
D'Alema, Violante and Fassino: little red shoes and a tutu, perfect for their last tango in Arcore
Brunetta: a pair of platform shoes
Calderoli: Lega-green galoshes for pigsty workers
Carfagna: a pair of glass slippers to be worn on the next date
Gelmini: black, thigh-high leather boots, she drives me mad
Bassolino: downhill ski-boots for the refuse dumps in Campania.
Start a collection of old shoes instead of simply turfing them out. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

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December 24, 2008

Letter to Father Christmas


" Dear Father Christmas,
During 2008 I have not been good. I have told so many people to FxxK off. I have been nasty to journalists, editors, politicians, ragged arsed entrepreneurs. Please bring me something all the same. I promise you that next year I will change. It’s a little gift that I’m doing for you. I will be even more nasty, more of a bastard. I will not forgive anyone anything. The year 2009 will be my Vaffanculo Year. You who brings presents to everyone. You who has transformed the birth of Baby Jesus into a supermarket. You who are the grandpa of the psycho-dwarf and suggested the idea of the social card to him. You, with your reindeer, who are a witness to consumerism. To you I ask to bring me tonight a few gifts for the year that is coming.
Don’t let any more workers die. 1,300 have disappeared in 2008, that has already been announced. Change class. Move on to the politicians, the editors of newspapers and TV channels. A really tiny work accident for Riotta or Vespa or Giordano, a TV camera on their foot. A slight upset for Cicchitto, Gasparri or D’Alema, a basic pension and a studio flat in a housing project on the outskirts of the city.
Take an alarm clock with an exceptional sound system for Morpheus Napolitano and if it’s needed a hearing aid and a pair of spectacles. Perhaps he will wake up and will see his former mate Bassolino in the right judicial light and he will be ashamed of the Lodo Alfano.
To the precarious workers, the unemployed, the fathers of families, the single mothers, the non-European who have ended up in this delirium that is Italy, give the hope of a civilised democratic country, in 2009 apart from hope they will have nothing else.
Give to the psycho-dwarf, 10 judges of the same school as Paolo Borsellino from the Prosecutors Offices in Italy. In your sledge, don’t load up with lawyers, you have already too many at home and in Parliament. With them you pass your Saturdays and Sundays playing cops and “prescritti”. He plays the part of the prescritto as it’s the part that suits him best. Take him a helicopter as well of the brand used by Ceaucescu. In 2009 it could turn out to be useful to him.
Don’t take anything for Tremonti. He has always been playing with amnesties and public auctions of State Bonds. He tries to sell the debts of politics to the citizens. Don’t give him our money any more. A deserted auction of State Bonds in the Spring will change his life for him. He could retire and using a false name move to the Stelvio Park together with Bossi’s son.
To the Lega, give this federalism. It’s been 30 years that Umberto Garibaldi has been wanting it. Take the Mafia and the Camorra and the Ndrangheta to the hills of Bergamo and the building sites of Lombardy. Everyone must have their own federal mafia. But you have already done this, I was forgetting.
To each Italian take a wall. As high as the Berlin Wall. As long as the Great Wall of China. More resistant than the Walls of Jericho. And make them bump into the wall so that they wake up before it is too late.
Happy Christmas to all honest Italians.” Beppe Grillo

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December 20, 2008

Rosa (Russo Iervolino) you are all alone


Rosa Russo Iervolino listened excitedly to Topo Gigio Veltroni’s speech. Walterloo said that the PDwithoutanL is a party made up of decent people and that there is no room in the party for dishonest people. No one in the room stood up when he uttered these words. Everyone remained in their seats, arms resting on the armrests, from D’Alema through to Latorre and Fassino. It is a party for lily white parliamentarians.
Following Topo Gigio’s profound reflection (against a background of heartfelt self-criticism), Ms Rosa Russo Iervolino began to feel less alone. Her best councilors are in jail. Loneliness is a terrible thing. She took to the floor and said: “I really enjoyed Veltroni’s speech, which … has strengthened my attempts to re-establish an ethically strong junta in Naples …”. Never mind that he was surpassing both Totò and Peppino De Filippo rolled into one, he added that: “The timing has to be quick as possible by necessity because we are four councilors short… The reshuffle will have to be as broad as possible, otherwise I will HAPPILY get the hell out of here …”.
He didn’t bother to explain why “we are four councilors short”. As far as she is concerned, they are like Panini figurines: manca, celo. No one has bothered to say anything to her yet. ROOOOSAAAAAA, they are not missing, they have been arrested!
Rosa Russo Iervolino knows nothing, her hands are clean. The mayors are always the last to know what’s happening around them. Had Ms Rosa worked as a milkmaid in Posillipo, then she would have known precisely what was going on but unfortunately, however, she was engaged as Mayor.
Rosa has all the necessary excuses. She was close to Bassolino for too many years. A man that has become embroiled in major legal problems but refuses to tender his resignation. Bassolino will be the PDwithoutanL’s next upstanding candidate for the European elections. Rosetta, get Antonino to advise you. He will find a position in Brussels for you too. Together in Naples, together in Europe, just like a couple of lovebirds. Dumb ones however.

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December 18, 2008

The Cement Exhibition


Prophecy of native Americans

The idea of the world exhibition or EXPO, comes from far away. From the 19th century. From a time when it took months to journey from London to San Francisco. It came into being so as to allow people to see things never seen before. Technology, future, constructions beyond the reality of every day. At that time, the world was not within the reach of a click. To transport the merchandise they used ships, today it’s enough to have a mouse. Italy has had the misfortune to win EXPO 2015 in Milan. Crikey we gave a good kicking to the Turks of Smirne, the only other city that was a candidate. The others stayed well away.
In 2015 in and around Milan we will be able to admire new buildings, sky-scrapers, roads, viaducts, bridges, agricultural land that has been built on, houses for people to live in, car parks, connecting roads, roundabouts, railways, light and heavy metro lines. It is a great opportunity for constructors, those who own buildings; those who like kick backs; for the mafia and for the politicians. The parties have been arguing for months to see who can put whose hat on which EXPO armchair. I’m sure they will find an agreement. The money is always ours. The appetite too is always theirs. How much will it cost the tax-payers? We will find out only when they have finalised the sums at the end. A great expense account for the various Tronchetti, Ligresti and Impregilo. Sure they’re talking of billions of euro, at least five. And straight away they're already 2.3 billion short.
Today Ms Moratti is in Rome together with Roberto Formigoni and they are carrying begging bowls. The government will not say “no” to them and they will return as brick triumph-people. The psycho-dwarf cannot deny a favour to the patriot constructors of CAI who are sacking 12,000 of the Alitalia people. One patriot, Air One’s Toto has been struck down by the red togas (or black, or blue or yellow or rainbow) in Pescara. But it’s an isolated case (for now). In fact the patriots do Great Public Works and Deaths at Work. EXPO is anti-historical, it will be a factory of tar and cement and kick-backs. A universal feeding trough, the desert of nature.
The theme of EXPO 2015 is “Nourish the Planet, Energy for Life”. Lombardy is one of the most polluted areas of the planet. From the air you can see without interruption that the construction arrives right up to the mountains. Towering above is the great Brescia incinerator, the largest in Europe. The difference between the bordering nations and Lombardy is impressive. They are green, whereas Lombardy is mousy grey.

Up goes the construction as though it were solid
Up goes the scaffolding – four magic walls
Brick upon brick in a logical design
With eyes already clogged up with cement and traffic
(La costruzione, {The construction} Enzo Jannacci)

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December 10, 2008

Umberto Garibaldi, the antifederalist


Bossi is Giuseppe Garibaldi’s heir. His true dream is a national state, a centralist one, perhaps even a bit fascist. When he tells the story of the “Comuni” in fact, he is thinking of Julius Cesar and the glories of the Roman Empire. He goes to Pontida for public meetings but in private he visits the Imperial Forums and he goes on outings to Predappio.
The Lega is a federalist party, but only during the election campaign. Once the partying is over the man from Bergamo’s valleys is derided. Bossi is craftier than Andreotti, more calculating than Gelli, more “panzanaro” than the psycho-dwarf. A great Father of the Fatherland. He deserves an equestrian statue in piazza Venezia. The Lega has done more for “Roma Caput Mundi” and for national unity than any other party appearing in Italy, apart from Fascism. “Il Duce” said what he wanted to do and often he didn’t manage to do it. “Il Senatùr” says the opposite of what he wants to do and he always succeeds. A superior mind.
Since the Lega has been in government, in less than a year, they have obtained incredible results for federcentralism:
- they have eliminated the ICI tax, the only true federal tax, for the towns
- they have privatized water, that goes from being managed by the towns to the concessionaires and the multinationals
- they have removed decision-making powers from the Regions relating to environmental policies
- they have allowed the creation of a new United States military Base at Vicenza ("Padroni a casa nostra" = “Masters in our own land”) with the prohibition on a referendum called for by the town.
- they have not eliminated the Prefects but they have militarized the cities with the army
- they have taken money away from the Universities of Northern Italy, for example 40 million euro from the Politecnico di Milano, to give 150 million euro to the city of Catania and 500 million to the city of Rome, to avoid bankruptcy
- they have ignored the presence of 90 United States atomic warheads at Ghedi Torre in the province of Brescia and at Aviano in the province of Friuli
- they have increased the cost of politics
- they have allowed European Union funding of 8/9 billion euro EACH YEAR (money entirely paid for from our taxes) to go to Calabria, Campania and Sicily with no controls. And anyone like Luigi De Magistris, wanting to check up that it doesn’t end up with the parties and with organised crime, is moved away.
Garibaldi’s Red shirts made Italy. Bossi’s Green shirts have overdone it.
-If after a few months of having the Lega in government, the centralist State has strengthened like this, what is in store for us in the future? The federal tax for the North and tax breaks for the mafia?
-It is federalism that is ploughing the furrow but it is the armchair that is defending it!

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December 07, 2008

Top of the class

De Magistris, colluding pieces of the institutions and the Council of Magistrates

The one who is top of the class never gets his hands dirty. He uses his tongue.
The one who is top of the class becomes the top dog in the news organisation. He becomes Giordano, Riotta, Vespa, Belpietro. The one who is top of the class always gets a salary worthy of the one who is top of the class.
The one who is top of the class defames without defaming, informs without informing, robs without robbing.
The one who is top of the class wants the reform of the justice system, but doesn’t want to be put on trial. He’s called D’Alema or Berlusconi. He’s a cross-party top of the class.
The one who is top of the class becomes President of the Republic, is the head of the Council of Magistrates (CSM), and leaves De Magistris and Forleo to their destiny.
The one who is top of the class cares not a fig for the Clean Up Parliament law that is stuck in the Senate, but pays much attention to Grillo’s income tax declaration.
The one who is top of the class writes in the newspapers thanks to the public financing.
The one who is top of the class always turns away towards his own side.
The one who is top of the class believes so much in Mediaset, the RAI and in Eugenio Scalfari and reckons he is such a good person.
The one who is top of the class is the first one to know, but he’s also the first to finish up in Hammamet.
The one who is top of the class ignores the 98 billion euro that the concessionaires owe the State, but he talks warmly of the social card and of the government.
The one who is top of the class gets the CNR to analyse the Biowashball (it’s as though the CNN were to turn to MIT to attack Michael Moore), but not Taranto’s dioxin.
The one who is top of the class is the first to screw the State, but elegantly, without swear words and with the correct attire.
The one who is top of the class becomes a CAI entrepreneur, sacks 12,000 people, leaves debts of a few billion to the State, but is a patriot.
The one who is top of the class is often one with a concession for our stuff, roads, water, energy. A concessionaire among peers, made up of others who are top of the class. You don’t become the top of those who are top of the class without the radio and TV concessions.
The one who is top of the class is worried about the public debt that he himself has created as the Minister of the Economy, if he tells us to buy government bonds it’s because he is a responsible person.
The one who is top of the class pays taxes but only those that are strictly necessary.
The one who is top of the class needs a population of servants and ignorant people so he can live in style.
The one who is truly top of the class is lying to himself so well that he believes himself and he gets offended if someone raises doubts.
The one who is top of the class sees the speck in the eyes of the others, but ignores the beam that he is sitting on.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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November 25, 2008

The asshole’s optimism generates monsters

Regional elections in Abruzzo. Costantini v Chiodi

I have purchased two washing machines, three fridges and a plasma screen. They do get in the way a bit, but I couldn’t ignore Tar Head’s appeal from Abruzzo. The blame for the recession lies on the shoulders of those who do not consume. Of the pretend-unemployed. The companies don’t produce and Fiat has its storage areas full of cars. It’s a law of nature. If you don’t buy, the company closes.
Italians, fish out the money from the mattress, you are worse than the people of Genoa. Just think of that man. Think about what he has had to suffer for our country which has become his property. Think of his villas in Sardinia. Of his thousands and thousands of billions. He deserves the cash. You know he is endlessly rich thanks to you. With the mechanism of communicating money. Advertising is the bribe that you pay on each purchase. When you buy a snack or a tin of tomatoes, you are funding Mediaset. The advertising is part of the price of the product and you pay that every day. When you consume, he gains. If Italy is poorer and he is really rich, there must be a reason. If you like, call it, P2.
If you don’t consume, he becomes sad and we will no longer listen to his famous jokes about the Obama who has a tan like Naomi Campbell and about Mangano, the hero of Forza Italia. If there’s a fall in the advertising income for Publitalia, Mediaset shares suffer even more than Veltroni does when he is doing Opposition. If it goes below a euro, who will be the one to tell Confalonieri?
It has taken twenty years to consume Italy, but he has succeeded. It’s true that he has had the support of the collaborationists Bossi, D’Alema and Violante. It’s true that hundreds of journalists have sold themselves. But let’s say it, the collapse, above all, is due to him. The 400,000 precarious workers who will lose their jobs by Christmas must not disappoint the psycho dwarf. Let them go with their families to the nearest branch of Mediolanum, the bank that is round them. Let them ask for signor Ennio Doris. Let them say that they have been sent by Berlusconi, the co-proprietor of the bank, and that they must consume. A loan, a mortgage with a facilitated rate and they’re off towards the nearest shopping centre for a quickie in the between the shelves.
Anyway there is a remedy for restarting consumer spending. Tremonti is working on a package for 80 billion euro that will be invested in public works. The 80 billion will be taken from the taxes paid by the Italians. We get rich and we get into debt on our own. A movement of cash to the accounts of the others. Take from the tax payers to give to the Confindustria.
Leave the light on even in the daytime. Leave the water tap running, the heaters at full blast. Use three condoms at a time, one on top of the other, and two boxes of Viagra each evening. Consume. Consume yourselves. The asshole’s optimism generates monsters

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November 19, 2008

Faroe Islands, Denmark, the slaughter of pilot whales

Denmark’s shame

When the dolphin whales get close to Denmark’s Faroe Islands it is a day of celebration. Schools close and the children come to the beach with their parents. The people dress in traditional costume, and are eager to receive the cetaceans.


The dolphin whales arrive in groups, there are many females with their young. They are sociable animals, they are curious and they are not afraid of humans. It’s the great autumn festival for the islanders. The motor boats urge the whales into the bay which is not deep.


Then they come close up with 2 kilo harpoons that are used many times on the flesh of the animal until it is immobilised. The Faroe Island executioners can then pull out the blades and cut up live fat and flesh to get through the spinal chord. The young Danes applaud while the whales cry out. Didn’t you know? Whales cry out like humans when they are being butchered. The water takes on a beautiful colour of red blood. 2,000 whales are dragged onto the shore by the courageous inhabitants of the Faroe Islands so that they can be left to agonise. Most of them rot and are thrown back into the sea.


The dolphin whale is a protected species and the number still in existence is not known.
I invite the readers of the blog not to take a holiday in the Faroe Islands, nor to buy Danish products as long as this ignoble massacre continues.
Send an email to the Queen of Denmark to ask her to intervene and promote this initiative on your own blogs.

Spread the word
Stop the whales massacre!

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November 16, 2008

She loves me, she Obama’s me?

She loves me, she Obama’s me?

Obama talks to the world by means of YouTube. Mediaset is asking for 500 million euro in damages from YouTube.
Obama is preaching the advent of social networks and direct democracy. Italy relaunches digital terrestrial and the blogger-killer law (Levi-Veltroni).
In the United States, broadband is everywhere. With us it’s in Parliament and 3,000 towns are without ADSL.
Italian politics lives on TV without contradiction. The TV has become directly political. Telepolitics. TV is destroying people’s conscience. The Internet helps to form their conscience.
The psycho-dwarf removes petals form the daisy: “She loves me, she loves me not? She loves me, she Obama’s me?” I reckon she Obama’s him.
They will never give up, (but would it be worth their while?) neither will we.



Send in your photos with the words: FREE BLOGGER":
Send an email to with:
- subject: your name
- text: the address of your blog
- attached: a photo of you with a sign saying “FREE BLOGGER”.
The photos will appear in the top bar of the blog.
Spread the word

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November 14, 2008

Sentenced criminals in Parliament come of age

Al Capone

The sentenced criminals in Parliament have just come of age. In fact, they have just hit their 18th conviction. This result was made possible thanks to the performance of Giulio Camber, PDL Senator who was sentenced to eight months of imprisonment by the Court of Cassation last September after being found guilty of blatant pretence. This was the one offence that had still been lacking in the collection of photograph cards.
Until now, Parliament only contained people found guilty of the following offences:
- perjury
- corruption of a public official
- abuse of power
- personal injury
- resisting arrest and insulting a public official
- aiding and abetting
- false invoicing
- tax fraud
- giving false testimony
- receiving stolen goods
- armed robbery
- aiding and abetting
- attempted bribery and corruption
- aggravated arson
- fraudulent financing
- corruption
- complicity in bankruptcy
Hell buddy, that’s enough to frighten even the Casalesi clan. I’m having to study the entire Penal Code just to keep up.
The signatures gathered in support of a Clean Parliament have been deemed to be valid. The Senate Commissione Affari Costituzionali is currently examining the popular law proposal. Three proposals: no sentenced offenders in Parliament, no more than two legislatures per parliamentarian and direct voting of candidates.
The Committee is chaired by Vizzini (PDL) and includes Benedetti Valentini (PDL), Incostante (PD), Adamo (PD), Bodega (LNP), Bastico (PDL), Battaglia (PDL), Belisario (IDV), Bianco (PD), Boscetto (PDL), Ceccanti (PD), Cossiga (UDC-SVP-Aut), De Sena (PD), Fazzone (PDL), Lauro (PDL), Malan (PDL), Marino (PD), Mauro (LNP), Nespoli (PDL), Pardi (IDV), Pastore (PDL), Pistorio (Misto), Procacci (PD), Saltamartini (PDL), Sanna (PD), Saro (PDL), Sarro (PDL) and Vitali (PD).
I am asking the members of the Committee whether they would be prepared to express their personal opinion regarding the Bill in question in a letter or an interview with this blog. None of them are previous offenders sentenced in a court of law and this would make an excellent starting point.
They may never give up, but neither will we.

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November 11, 2008

Alitalia: the consortium of monsters


Brussels has decided: the 300 million euro bridging loan to Alitalia is State aid. It will be charged to the State, to the "bad company", thus all of us. Happy to have a further 300 million to pay?
The billions of euro thrown to the wind for not having let Alitalia go to Air France in the spring, who pays that? The psycho dwarf or the unemployed from the factories that are closing down each day?
The newspapers have decided: the fault lies with the Alitalia pilots and cabin staff. First they isolate them, then they demonize them, then if they can, they sack them.
Even this time, the guilty ones have got away with it. Where are the billionaire Cimoli, the Presidents of the Council, and the Ministers of Transport of the last 15 years? The real destroyers of Alitalia?
It’s politics that has that has made Alitalia collapse by using it as a reservoir of votes and a placement agency for friends and relatives.
Instead, the fault lies with the pilot and the hostess in the care of a consortium full of people sent for trial and even former prisoners among whom the only ones missing are the Lupo Mannaro and the Monster of the Green Lagoon.

PS On Monday 12 November at 9:00pm, in Bologna, the Casa della Legalità and the Bologna Meetup have organised the public presentation of the investigation into the illegality of the assignment of public housing that the politicians put into effect in spite of the rights of those in the waiting list. For all the information click here. For the video click here.

On Friday 14 November, I invite all the people of Milan to go to the office and to school by bicycle. It’s the fastest, cleanest and cheapest way. Anyone going by push-bike does not depend on the price of petrol nor on the dis-service of public transport. The bicycle is revolutionary. I will be in Milan in the early part of the afternoon with my powerful legs. No to polluting vehicles that you have to pay for. No to childhood leukaemia. Yes to clean air and to the freedom to move about without the risk of being mown down. How many Milan town councillors and cabinet members go to work by bicycle? If there happens to be one I’m waiting for them to call me to speak. Beppe Grillo <<

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November 06, 2008

The brawny one of Arcore


The brawny one of Arcore is having another go. At the Cycle and Motorcycle Fair he stated, in reference to the Val di Susa: “We will use force against the blocks. There is no community or minority that can claim to stop a building site…”. He rabbited on about “16 billion already available” to do a hole in the Frejus. The problem is that the tunnel in the Frejus has already been done. It was done way back in 1800 and he has not been informed by Lunardi. Perhaps he was alluding to the Moncenisio. To the 23-kilometer-super-tunnel that will be finished in 15 years. A bit of work that is of no use to anyone but that distributes a flood of money.
Marco Ponti, professor at Milan Polytechnic, one of the greatest experts on the economics of transport in Europe and a consultant to the World Bank, wrote this three years ago:
”It started off with promises that the project would have repaid the costs by 60%. Then it went down to 40% and finally it was enough to cover 40% of the costs, excluding those of the “nodes” near to the cities, that are really expensive. According to my simulations, it could arrive at 20%; others estimate 23%. The system is destined for a default: the State will pay. Many of these projects will be started, but then there will be no money and they will be re-started for every round of voting. The Turin-Lyons is a monument to the waste of money: it will cost at least 13 billion [he was an optimist, editor], like 3 or 4 bridges over the Straits. To develop innovation it’s necessary to focus on technology, not on cement. As regards employment, nowadays the great public works have a modest multiplier: it’s no longer a matter of mobilizing the hired hands as was done in the nineteenth century. It is more evident that ours is a territory with a great touristic value for the future. Thus there are more fruitful ways to spend money. As long as there is not someone who is promising themselves great business by means of great public works.”
The referendum for the new American base at Dal Molin in Vicenza has been annulled. In Chiaiano the residents have been beaten up. In Piazza Navona in full view of the Police a truck arrived full of tricolor batons (not even a parking fine, crikey)
It is the government of the baton. The use of force as the politics of consensus. I don’t think that Italians are informed about the Val di Susa and the colossal waste of public resources. Tens of billions to enable a mozzarella to travel from Lisbon to Kiev while Piedmont closes down. In Piedmont one in four companies are going bust. Three thousand about to be sacked. Four thousand to be laid off. Olivetti will lose the factory at Agliè with 250 employees. Motorola from one day to the next leaves 370 technicians at home. Dayco, 470 workers laid off. Bertone, 1,200 workers laid off. 700 workers of Pininfarina (700 million euro in debts) at risk. Fiat closes the gates of Mirafiori until 16 November, 3,500 workers laid off.
The companies close down and holes are created in the mountains with other holes in the balance sheet. They will never give up, neither will we.

On your blog, spread the word about the waste of money for the TAV in Val di Susa.

Copy and Paste the code:

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October 28, 2008

The registered letter that kills

Pasolini and the Italians

In the last few years, there has been a flurry of registered mail. Once upon a time you ran to the Post Office to pick it up. It was a worry. Now you hardly notice them. They are simply just annoyances. The turning point came with the transfer of public services to commercial companies and payments to agencies charged with the task of receiving payments. If you kill your parents you can inherit the estate. If you don’t pay for a particular tax, they confiscate your car, your house and your Little Tony records.
Andrea has written to me from Ciampino and he has attached a registered letter that was sent to him by the municipal company ASP CIAMPINO. Cost of sending the registered letter: 3.50 euro. Payment due: 0.02 euro.

Guess who pays the cost of the registered letter, the time spent on writing it, the registration, the sending? You know already: all the clients of the municipal companies or of any other public body that sends out threatening letters.
Anyone who pays taxes in Italy is super-controlled. If even one were to stop paying, in fact, the system would collapse. The checks are so severe and detailed that they can find details that have been ignored by any qualified accountant. It’s not unusual for someone who believes that they have paid ALL their taxes to receive a registered letter from the tax collection agency and they open it with terror, slowly, slowly like you do when you are looking at your hand in a game of poker. Their whole life passes in front of their eyes. Will it be the notary’s document relating to the grandfather 25 years ago or the invoice paid a month late to the electrician who ruined them for ever? When they read the amount of 18.50 euro to be paid on the tax return of three years before for a series of reasons that can never be understood (their accountant could help for a fee of 250 euro, but it’s not worth it) they rush off to pay. Less than twenty euro…. They feel as though they have won Supernalotto.
The following day the same person receives another registered letter containing judicial documents. They are not there. They rush to the post office from their workplace already sweating. Has the next door neighbour taken out a court action? Has the company given them the sack? The former wife has called them to the Tribunal? None of this stuff. It’s a parking offence to be paid BY AND NOT AFTER …. Otherwise they will confiscate the car. But on that day they didn’t use the car, they weren’t in that street, in that city. The fine is 52.50. Better pay up rather than discuss it.
If you change your address don’t leave a trace. Don’t let anyone know where you are taking refuge.

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October 25, 2008

Goodbye TFR (Severance Indemnity Funds)


Those employees that left their severance indemnity funds with the company, have seen them grow by 3,5%. Instead, those who listened to, and took the advice of the trades union, the political parties and the financial brokers and proceeded to invest their severance indemnity in pension funds, have incurred a loss of about 20%. And this is merely the beginning. With the Stock Exchange heading downhill fast, these future pensioners will find that their severance indemnity will buy them little more than their morning cappuccino coffee and seed for the pigeons. The trades union, Confindustria, the Political Parties and the Banks have managed to swallow up yet another of the little nest eggs. The average citizen has virtually nothing left for these guys to grab. All they can do now is cut the funding destined for services, Education, the Police Service and Healthcare, until we hit rock bottom like at the time of the Argentinean investment crash.

"If you are employed in the private sector and say nothing until the end of June, your severance indemnity will land up in the managed funds. That would be enough to give you heart palpitations. For the past twenty years the mutual funds have been losing people’s money. Now the pension funds are ready to repeat the same disasters. Tacit consent is nothing more than a trap. They change the cards on the table without asking your permission. It is much like betting your life’s savings on one round of the old “under which shell is the pea” game. The claim that these funds will provide supplementary pension benefits are false: all they do is hand over your severance indemnity to the mutual fund industry." Beppe Grillo, 6 June 2007.

Read the letter written by Beppe Scienza, mathematician and expert in the field of savings and supplementary pension benefits.

Three million Italians in jail, by Beppe Scienza
"For the Italians, supplementary pension benefits have become like a prison. The trade unionists and regime economists (Marcello Messori, Giuliano Cassola, Elsa Fornero, etc.) have pulled the wool over the people’s eyes with regard to these pension funds. Around three million Italians gave up their Severance Indemnity Funds and now find themselves locked in for good. Worse still, they have been taken for a ride by parties that simply wanted to get rich quick at the workers’ expense, such as the Anima fund management company, which had the audacity to claim that: “Investing in a pension fund is the intelligent choice”. We now know precisely what kind of choice it actually was: one hiding after another since the summer of 2007.
The trap was sprung in June last year. Since then, things turned bad, only to get worse in 2008. The chemical workers know all about this since their fund (the Fonchim Fund), in September, posted a loss of 14,8% since the beginning of the year, as do the metal industry workers, whose fund (the Cometa Fund) has lost 10%, and the railway workers’ fund (the Eurofer Fund) with a deficit of 17%. These are perhaps the worst cases due to the losses incurred by the stock-linked options, however, the other funds have also done worse that the Severance Indemnity Fund.
However, the worst part is the loss of individual freedom. For those people who moved into the pension funds at the insistence of the trades union, this is tantamount to a life sentence. As long as these people continue to work, their severance indemnity will continue to flow into these funds, whether they like it or not. Even by going on pension will only mean semi-freedom. These workers will not be able to draw half of whatever amount is left over (the so-called capital portion) because this will be converted into a monthly income, with the associated conditions being decided by others.
Unfortunately they will not even be able to hope for any concession by the Head of State, because there can be no such concession with regard to supplementary pension benefits. If nothing else, however, at least they can change cell every two years. In other words, they can move from a share-linked option to a guaranteed option within the same fund. Pity that this so-called guarantee is nothing more than propaganda, what with the “guaranteed” options having shown a loss of 3% since the beginning of 2008 (see the Fonchim Fund)! If they so wish, they can even change prison, in other words, not only the management option, but also the fund. They cannot, however, buy back their freedom: after all, a life sentence is a life sentence!
The only ones that remained free are those that left their Severance Indemnity where it was. These people are now happy and safe, watching their money grow day by day (around +3,5% since the beginning of 2008). If they change jobs or go on pension they receive all of their money immediately and they are free to do whatever they like with their payout.
Therefore, those that took the advice that Beppe Grillo and I, or even the Famiglia Cristiana Magazine gave at the time, did the right thing.
But wait! Apparently the gall of the trades union knows no bounds. Not satisfied with the loss of face they suffered in terms of the schools (the Espero Fund), just a few days ago Cgil, Cisl, Uil, and others held a meeting with a view to starting up yet another two such funds covering the entire public sector (the Sirio and Perseo Funds). This has got to be some sort of a joke." Beppe Scienza

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October 17, 2008

Little aprons and Bandoleers

Corteo No Gelmini a Milano

Cutting spending on education is much like sawing through the trunk of a tree while sitting on the highest branch. Italy’s future is born in the Universities, the high schools and the nursery schools. If we have rubbish coming out of these places, then this Country will remain little more than a waste disposal site.
When we talk about education, we are also discussing employment, the firing of researchers and the 50,000 teachers with temporary contracts that will be staying at home. However, no one says a word about our young people. Nothing is said about the consequences in terms of their studies. Less funding means a drop in quality, fewer school classrooms, fewer laboratories, fewer Internet connections and fewer PC’s for the students.
In just a few short years, we have gone backwards, from the “Internet and English” touted by the second Berlusconi Government (does anyone still remember the three “I”s) to the little aprons of the third Berlusconi Government's Mrs. Germini. The fourth Berlusconi Government, if there is ever such a thing, will undoubtedly put bandoleers in every classroom.
The psychodwarf is making cuts because he has no more money. Or rather, he has no money for education. That problem does not exist when it comes to money for other things.
Catania, the failed town of former mayor Scapagnini, will soon be receiving some 150 million Euro. And the town won’t even be placed under administration.
The Rome Municipality, destroyed financially as it was by Topo Gigio Veltroni, has received 500 million Euro to help cover part of its deficit. Furthermore, with effect from 2010, this figure (FIVE HUNDRED MILLION) will become an ongoing annual allocation.
Tar Head wont make any cuts to the Provinces (which should be abolished altogether), nor to the Parliamentarians’ salaries (which are the highest in Europe), nor even to the number of Parliamentarians (the highest ratio of parliamentarians to residents, in the whole of Europe). He won’t combine the Municipal districts with less than 5,000 residents and he won’t abolish one of the Chambers.
He cannot afford to fire any of the politicians and their lackeys.
Students at the Milan Polytechnic received a letter concerning the new Academic Year. The letter informs them that:
“Legislative Decree No.112 has been published in the Government Gazette. This Decree provides that extensive funding cuts are to be made throughout the entire University system and particularly as regards staffing and also the Basic Study Assistance Fund, in other words, all of the funds that the Government invests annually in the University. As regards the Milan Polytechnic, this means a significant shortage of staff, which will particularly affect the expectations of all of those research assistants that provide their services on a temporary contract basis while waiting for an opportunity to take part in any future personnel selection exercises. As regards the extent of the funding cuts, it then becomes clear that for this Academy, the estimated 20 to 40 million Euro cut in funding may well affect the institution’s educational, research and development policies.”
The Lega’s brand of fiscal federalism is starting to bear fruit. Funding for the failed Municipalities in the South, University funding cuts in the North. Bloody hell, if that’s all it takes, even I could do their jobs.

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October 16, 2008



The consortium for Alitalia is starting to disintegrate. All the fault of the international crisis. The 16 saviours of the flagship company are short of cash. The top dog Roberto Colaninno had promised to put 150 million euro into CAI, the new company. Not his own money, as is the habit since the time of the takeover bid for Telecom Italia. He was counting on getting the money as a loan like every entrepreneur worthy of respect. The choice was sound. The bank that was due to assist CAI was in fact Lehman Brothers. These bring bad luck.... As soon as they found out in New York, Lehman collapsed after surviving since 1929 and panic was unleashed in the world Stock Markets. Colaninno is looking for other financiers, let’s wait for the next name to pinch ourselves.
According to Corrado Passera, CEO of Banca Intesa, the new Alitalia was due to start on November 1. If it starts next year, it’ll be a miracle. Even now, it’s not known which of the magnificent 16 will present themselves at the meeting on 28 October. It’s possible that to pull out will be Aponte, Emilio Riva’s Ilva and Fossati, but also the Clessidra fund, and even Marcegaglia wanted to give it all up, as reported by il Corriere della Sera. The foreign partner, it’s not yet known who it is and what weighting they will have. The only thing that is clear is that Alitalia has already gone bust, that Air One with which it is due to merge, has a mass of debts and Banca Intesa, the sponsor of the operation, is among the major creditors of both of them.
I am fascinated by the way that Alitalia has been managed. It is the Egg of Columbus. You take a company that has gone bust because of politics and Trades Unions. You divide it into two parts. One with all the debts to be laid onto the tax payers, that is called "bad company". And one without debts, called "good company" that is offered at a bargain price to entrepreneurs without money (Colaninno), State concessionaries (Benetton) or those interested in EXPO 2015 (Tronchetti). People who can sell it on after a bit of time with the appropriate gain to a foreign company that is straight away contributing capital. An example for every Italian. You package up the mortgage repayments, debts with suppliers, losses on the Stock Exchange and the mother-in-law in a bad company and pass that to the State. The house, any credit, the salary, interest you hand over to a good company and you start all over as new.
The Banca Intesa makes it known that “the consortium is of granite”. Never seen a granite consortium. A tombstone yes.

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October 10, 2008

Queues at the ATM machines

Le interviste del Blog: Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel per l'economia 2001

This morning a group of people formed a queue in front of an ATM machine. No one was actually making any cash withdrawals. They were simply talking to each other about this and that. Passers-by watched them worriedly, asking each other: “Have you noticed that there is a queue …”. Some of them stopped and diligently joined the queue. Since no one was drawing and money, the queue was getting longer by the minute. As the size of the group grew larger, so the level of fear increased, as did the uncontrolled rumours circulating that the bank had gone bust. Tellers closed, ATM machine empty. However, those at the front of the queue remained calm and continued chatting and cracking jokes. After about half an hour, one lady stepped out of the queue and approached a young man who was leaning up against the ATM machine. Then she asked him why the bank had stopped paying out money. The young man answered that he was not actually there to draw any money, but simply to sow panic.
Fear is affecting everyone, however, the stable door has been open for some time and the horses have long since bolted. Morpheus Napolitano has finally woken up and is now asking for “Ethical rules for the banks”. It’s enough to make one quake with fear. Following the psychdwarf’s reassurances, share values on the Milan Stock Exchange plunged through the floor. Why not shut it down completely for one month, and do the same with the world's most important Bourses? In the interim, meetings could be held with the world’s central banks and the G8, in order to make a number of final, mutually acceptable decisions.
For the investors, the plummeting share prices are tantamount to the holocaust. For how long can this go on? And why should it go on? The person buying the shares has already given his/her savings to a company in which he/she placed his/her trust. He/she is the one that has lost money, not the company in question. What we are witnessing is a game to the death.
Families are the ones going bankrupt, not the banks. Governments cannot make an entire banking system fail. They are in a position to create more money from nothing, and to unload it on the citizens as public debt. Money does not exist, all that there is, is debt. The citizens are the ones that end up bearing the burden of the aid granted to the banks.
When American Treasury Minister Paulson gives the banks a 700 billion dollar gift, what he is doing is dumping every American citizen into debt. They, their children and their grandchildren will continue to repay this debt through their taxes. When Tar Head states that the Italians will not lose even a single Euro, what he conveniently forgets to mention is that the Italians will find themselves indebted to the tune of tens of billions of Euro, purely in order to save the banks.
Ours is a strange society. We are born in debt, we then spend our entire lives paying off debts and then we die, leaving a heredity of debt. Debt that was created by others, namely by governments that never bother to ask for our permission. They spend our debts. Who really stands to gain anythingfrom plummeting share values of the companies quoted on the stock exchange? Perhaps it is those that are in debt and that arrange to eliminate their debts in order to avoid having to repay them?
You should also start forming queues in front of your local ATM machines. Your co-citizen’s adrenalin levels are bound to go clean through the roof.

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October 05, 2008

He who pedals is lost

Eugenio Galli, presidente Fiab Ciclo Hobby Milano

The way to beat the smog in our towns is by riding bicycles. In Milan, there are incentives for smog. Those who pollute the most, are free to drive into the town centre in their cars and poison the air, as long as they pay. This idiocy on the part of the municipality has been called the Ecopass, or the ecological pass. Those who choose to cycle into town instead, risk their lives due to the lack of cycling lanes or any other form of support. Many residents of Milan die each year, riding their bicycles, when they get run over by the cars and trucks. There is an old song that says that no flowers grow in Milan, but now, neither do bicycles.
Riding a bicycle is one of the few activities that have not yet been banned by this P2 government. That is why I am going to ask all the residents of Milan to go to work or to school by bicycle on 14 November, or even simply to go for a ride. Even people living outside of Milan are welcome to come and visit the city. I will be there, with a flaming red bicycle powered by my imposing mass of muscle. Let’s take back the air in our towns and cities.
Listen to the interview held with Eugenio Galli, president of Fiab Ciclo Hobby Milano and, above all, take a look at Milan’s cycle paths shown in the video.

"In 1980, the City Council of Milan approved the plans for the creation of a 330-kilometre network of cycle paths, which, according to the proposers, was significantly less than the average for the more advanced European cities. What has happened since then? Very little, if the truth be told! Today, the total distance covered by cycle paths, even including the odd few centimetres that are spread around here and there, amounts to a total of about sixty kilometres. The truth, however, is that Milan has no such thing as a network of cycle paths. What we’re talking about are cycling paths. I want to briefly return to this topic at a later stage in order to clarify something that we believe is important regarding Fiab. The bits and pieces that have in fact been created are pathways that are more or less in the protected area. In Milan, there is only one route that is protected and complete, one that has an origin and a destination, which goes more or less from “San Siro” to “parco Lambro”, in other words about twenty-five kilometres. The rest of them are literally bits and pieces all over the place, one hundred metres here and two hundred metres there, which are totally unconnected and, therefore, do not lend themselves to be used. Essentially, they are nothing more than a total waste of public money, in the cases where public money was used to build them. In many cases, however, these bits and pieces were not built by the municipality, but by companies, as a way to discharge certain town planning obligations. So, the net result is that what has been created is a sort of Milanese-style stew, as we like to call it here.
The existing network of cycle paths poses a whole range of significant problems, which include: significant lack of continuity since the cyclist is suddenly abandoned mid-traffic, for example in “piazzale Lotto”, and with a false sense of security! One of the many requirements for any cycling lane is that it should ensure the cyclists’ safety. Maintenance problems, problems relating to illegal occupation, because people use it to go from the florist’s kiosk back to their illegally parked cars. Problems caused by building sites. This problem has now finally been overcome, but for many years a large building site affected the cycling lane in “via San Marco” (the building site for the renovation of the building housing the “Corriere della Sera” newspaper and others), all in all a variety of obstacles, resulting in the lanes being unusable. Obstacles that may even have been temporary in certain cases, such as on market days. And then there are the design problems, for example where there are sharp bends. There are also construction problems, such as places where the materials were laid incorrectly. The cycling lane in “via San Marco” is paved and treacherous and could not be more unsuitable for use by cyclists. In many places it is weaves back and forth, another planning defect, meaning that whoever it was that planned and built the cycling lane simply failed to take into account the actual needs of the people who use it, the end-users, namely the cyclists. Those who travel in a straight line. Sometimes there are steps, humps that may be easily overcome by a motorcycle or motorcar with shock absorbers, but that pose a problem for the cyclist. This merely shows that on the only true cycling lane in the Milan also has a long list of problems, while the rest of the lanes consist of nothing more than bits and pieces. This is literally money down the drain. Furthermore, cycling mobility is not simply a case of cycle paths. This concept is one that needs to be overcome by the politicians, by the technical experts, by the media and by the residents. If the truth be told, the politicians talk so much nonsense, even those in very senior positions, that nothing surprises me any more. There is a phrase that was later retracted, but was nevertheless said. I am certain that in Milan, but not only in Milan, there are those who believe that bicycles are okay, as long as they don’t get in the way of the cars. This is nonsense though, because a pedestrian can also get in the way of cars and, in our opinion, the city needs to decide what it wants to do. Do! In other words, whether we want to create a city designed around cars or one designed around people. It is an absurd situation, which becomes even more absurd if you think that, as far as cycling mobility in Milan is concerned, we have been at a virtual standstill for the past thirty years. We are talking about serious blame here, however, since it is no use crying over spilt milk, what we are trying to do is to dialogue with everyone concerned, irrespective of political allegiance, and by “we”, I mean the Fiab Ciclobby Association. However, the objective of virtuous collaboration is to get to the point where whatever is created satisfies the existing needs and requirements. This is where the discussion regarding what Milan will do, or as happened last week, what Milan will not do, becomes an exercise in futility.
It is a major mistake to think that the use of bicycles, a means of transport that causes no hindrance, does not pollute the environment, makes no noise and offers advantages that many people are aware of today, or have already been aware of for some time because we utilise them, simply by through using bicycles, can be promoted simply by dealing with the issue of cycle paths. We are not simply asking for cycling lanes, what we’re asking for is a city that is bicycle-friendly in its entirety. For example, while we understand that we cannot expect cycling lanes to be created throughout the entire road network, what we do expect is to be able to ride our bicycles safely on the entire road network. What needs to be done? In addition to cycling paths, we are also talking about proper cycling lanes. In other words, lines painted on the tar surface. These exist all over Europe and they are becoming increasingly common even in Italy, notwithstanding the fact that there are greater bureaucratic hurdles to overcome, created above all by ministerial technical experts who apply an extremely restrictive interpretation to an issue that then becomes a sort of totem of security, which is then restrictively applied to weak mobility users, or the so-called soft users, namely the cyclists. Cycling lanes are extremely easy to create and cost significantly less than cycle paths. They can be created virtually anywhere. I am thinking, for example of the “artery”, a route that Milan residents know very well and use extensively, which goes from “viale Monza” and “via Padova” to “Corso Buenos Aires”, on to “corso Venezia” and then onwards into the city centre. Milan is a city built on a network shaped somewhat like the wheel of a bicycle and, it must be said, this “artery” is extensively used and also extremely dangerous! “Piazzale Loreto” is one of the points with the highest accident rate as regards both fatalities and injuries. This “artery” could be made safer by the creation of a cycling lane, and not so much with cycling paths. So bicycle mobility must be addressed by means of cycling lanes, cycling paths and some attention to signage. Then there is the issue of parking: Anyone arriving at their destination, be it the theatre, the cinema, the bar, the restaurant, the office or where they do their shopping, must be able to find a place to park. At the moment, people are parking anywhere, even illegally. Bicycles are locked against streetlight poles, traffic lights and parking prevention barriers, often even hindering people on foot. This situation of armed people one on one, soft users one on one, really makes no sense at all. What we need, therefore, are suitably equipped parking areas. These too must be well thought out: the kind of equipment that locks the wheel in place is not good enough, what we must have is the kind that locks both the wheels and the frame. Any cyclist knows this very well, while the designers of this kind of equipment often don’t know this. Then there is also the issue of intermodality, in other words the combined use of different modes of transport. Cyclists must also be allowed to take their bicycles onto public transport, such as the underground and street-going vehicles. This is how it works in Strasbourg, this is how it works in Vienna and this is how it works in Berlin. In Milan, and in Italy in general, the rules are very restrictive. Just today, Fiab held a press conference to latch onto the issue of dogs on trains, and we are asking what we need to do in order to enter into some sort of productive dialogue with the parties that manage the transportation system, who remain totally oblivious to the need for sustainable mobility. Utilisation of public transport also means having parking areas located near the stops. The “Milano Centrale” train station currently has provision for forty-eight bicycle parking spaces. How many will there be in the future, you ask? Well, that depends! In November 2007, in other words almost a year ago, I as regional representative of Fiab for Lombardy, together with V.a.s., wrote to Mayor Moratti, specifically with regard to the renovation work in progress at Milan’s “stazione centrale” and asking that a bicycle park be created. Just a few weeks ago, please note the delay, we received a well mannered reply, agreeing fully with our proposals, our objections and our observations, but also stating that the project in question dates all the way back to former Mayor Albertini’s administration (let’s not forget that he had a totally different level of interest for this topic, namely no interest at all) and is, furthermore, already in an advanced state (of decomposition, in my opinion) progress, at least as regards the implementation, meaning that: “Look here, it won’t be done, however, in future there will be no less than seven bicycle parks, one at each of the railway stations and even one at Linate Airport ". That’s great, but it’s a pity that we are talking about some time in the future, perhaps not even our children’s future but rather that of our grandchildren. I say enough is enough! Our association’s founder, Luigi Riccardi, recalling a phrase often mentioned by an economist, said that "The future is that time when we will all be dead". The latter aspect is the one that applies to user services: bike sharing, maps, signposting for cyclists and interactive maps are additional services that would all be extremely useful for interested users. This all points to the fact that anyone who tells you that: "Bicycles equal cycling paths", is leading you by the nose. Don’t believe them." Eugenio Galli, President, Fiab Ciclo Hobby Milan

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September 27, 2008

Italy - Seychelles

Classifica corruzione 2008 nel mondo di Transparency International
Clicca l'immagine

Italy and the Seychelles are in joint 55th place worldwide as regards corruption in the public sector. Our Country has dropped 14 positions down the list since 2007, thanks to an increase in "abuse of public office for personal benefit".
I would like to suggest to Seychelles President James Michel that his country should consider twinning with Italy. A large country such as ours could turn that tiny earthly paradise into a very significant international cesspit.
A few incinerators, two recycled nuclear power stations formerly belonging to Enel, a bit of drug trafficking on the Indian Ocean routes, some hazardous materials with which to build some schools and as many convicted criminal Parliamentarians as they want.
Italy could even provide a legal consultancy service on how to resolve the problems resulting from corruption. Our Parliamentary attorneys, namely Alfano, Ghedini and Consolo are amongst the very best that you will find anywhere. Should any parliamentarian encounter any legal problems, these three will always be able to find the perfect arbitration award for his needs, allowing him to get away scot-free and avoid the inconvenience of having to go to prison. The Alfano Arbitration Award effectively placed the incumbents in the top four government posts beyond the reach of the law. The Consolo arbitration award is aimed at providing the same protection to all government ministers, starting from Matteoli who, unsurprisingly, is one of attorney Consolo’s clients. In Italy, the laws are being made to measure by Ghedini, who holds down two jobs and also just happens to be the psychodwarf’s personal defence attorney. He defends his employer both in court and in Parliament. Today, in Italy, every self-respecting politician appoints his personal attorney to the post of either Deputy or Senator. This in order to make sure that he doesn’t land up in jail.
In exchange, the Seychelles could host the mafia members of the 41 bis and, in the event of a guilty finding in the Mills court case, Tar Head as well. In the opinion of public prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale, the Alfano arbitration award is unconstitutional. All of Italy agrees with him on this point, except for Alfano, Ghedini and Consolo (the new attack trio against the Constitution, the “Al-Ghe-Co”) and State President Morpheus Napolitano.

Posizione mondiale, Stato, punteggio

Global position, Country, points score

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September 23, 2008

Veltroni in New York


From Il Corriere della Sera dated Monday 22 September 2008: “After the intense New York days and the meetings with American writers and politicians for the presentation of his book: The discovery of the dawn, Walter Veltroni is back in Italy and is getting ready to tackle an Autumn packed with engagements.”

In one of his intense New York days, the New York MeetUp asked Topo Gigio Veltroni a few questions and they have sent me the video of this precious witness.
You have supported the war in Afghanistan, you are in favour of the new law on phone interceptions. You also said that incinerators cause no damage to health. You have said the same things as Berlusconi says. And earlier you spoke of a block on the country with a system like that. I want to ask you: Do you think there is still an Opposition in Italy? And do you think that you represent it?
What you mentioned are exactly the positions of the American Democrats, and they too are an Opposition in relation to the Right, and so… As you see, taking that parameter is not sufficient.
But I am talking about the majority of the population. The Opposition that walks in the street.
Exactly. On 25 October in Rome there will be a demonstration. And it will be a really big demonstration.
A national demonstration organised by the Democratic Party, against the Berlusconi government. So, as you can see….
And why did you not participate in Piazza Navona?
Because it was not right!
That’s not true.
We have different opinions. Democracy is like that. We can have different opinions.
I’ll ask you two questions…
No, you have surprised me enough… However I’ll expect you, eh…
In the Democratic Party
It’s not that I am against you. It’s just that who can believe in you any more?
For example, what has happened to Grillo? Since we’ve had the government of the Right he has disappeared. He has never been heard since then. When he wants to be heard, he knows how to make himself heard. He is an intelligent man.
The referendum that Grillo proposed, when are we going to have it in Italy?
But it’s not an issue of referenda.. But that can be done with a law, a referendum isn’t necessary.
Doing politics in Italy these days is difficult. But living politics … - to put forward a proposal and carry it out.
You have to win the elections to do that. It means not letting the others do wicked things and letting them instead do good things.

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September 20, 2008

Italian sharks

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Each year, humans kill 40 million sharks. Each year, sharks kill 10 humans. If a shark comes across a human, it should get the hell out of there.
Six immigrants were murdered in a single day in Castelvolturno by the camorra. An African Italian was beaten to death in Milan by a father and son pair, amidst shouts of “Dirty nigger”, for having stolen a few biscuits. An Italian pensioner has murdered two Ukranian women. He was jealous. Hundreds of foreigners die in workplace accidents in Italy, swallowed up by a manhole or incinerated in a furnace. Young foreigners, often mere children, are raped in their hundreds by so-called “good Italian folks”. The prices are very reasonable: 20/30 Euro a pop. Foreigners simply go missing in the tomato harvesting fields of Puglia. No trace of even the bones of these people has ever been found.
Italy is the global landing strip for cocaine. All of the cocaine comes through Italy via the Gioia Tauro Harbour. A single dose costs 5/10 Euro, about the same price as an aperitif. There is so much cocaine in Milan that you can sniff it in the air, free of charge.
The army stands guard at the waste disposal dumps run by “Impregilo” and the rubbish bins, while on the street corners the camorra proceeds to kill off all the court witnesses, one by one.
If an honest foreigner comes across an Italian, he should get the hell out of there. Italians have become the great white shark of Europe. What other country has more sharks in Parliament? Dell’Utri and Cuffaro have exceptionally sharp teeth. The psychodwarf has nothing but canines in his mouth, while Topo Gigio Veltroni has false teeth (since he is only a second-class shark). Where else in the world would you find criminal organisations of the calibre of the Mafia, the Ndrangheta and the Camorra? No other country on Earth has tiger sharks quite like ours.
Since the collapse of the Towers, the Muslims have become the enemy. However, since 2001, not a single Italian, not ONE, has been killed in Italy by a Muslim person for religious reasons. The Lega prohibits the establishment of mosques, which are places of prayer, but does nothing about the spread of the mafia and the drugs in the North.
One shark will not attack another …
In Italy, simple survival is already difficult enough for an Italian, however, the foreigner really puts his life on the line. He arrives here and lands up either in a transit camp or in jail. If he refuses to pay protection money he gets murdered, he is obliged to work illegally and, in the case of a female or a minor, they run the risk of being raped.
The only ones that immediately feel entirely at ease are the delinquents. They are not at risk here. In fact, they are better off here than in their country of origin. But then they are, after all, in shark territory.

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September 16, 2008

Alitalia today, Italy tomorrow

Alitalia, demonstration by cabin staff and land-based staff

Alitalia is not an airline, it is a geographic expression. If Italia {Italy} doesn’t exist why should Al-Italia, with that name, exist? It has had fictitious members of the Board of Directors placed there, in shifts, in the last fifteen years placed by the psycho-dwarf or by Valium Prodi. Administrators who have destroyed the company on behalf of others and they have gathered cash for their pockets in the order of millions of euro in salaries and final lump sum payments for loyalty to the boss. The Alitalia market is fictitious, it’s equivalent to the route Milan-Rome with prices equal to that of Milan-New York.
Its directors, (how many?) are fictitious, they are lackeys, friends, relatives of politicians. Given employment. Parked in Al-Italia like in a hangar. The national Trades Unions represent themselves. They have defended the privileges (their privileges) and betrayed the employees. They believed (?) in the election promises of Tar Head and in the Italian consortia. What did they get in exchange for the failure of the Air France negotiation?
The saviours of Al-Italia are fictitious. People, who have often been convicted, investigated, on trial. In their hands, gold becomes shit and shit gets transformed into capital gains. Expo 2015, the motorway tariffs and new building land are exchange goods. Ligresti, Benetton, Colaninno, Tronchetti. They know less than nothing about aircraft, but they know how to do their accounts.
Alitalia is a paradigm, a metaphor for Italy. It is bankrupt and without a lira. A line from the Piave that goes by Fiumicino. If Al-Italia goes up in smoke, everything can. That is why it is so important. Who has reduced Al-Italia to this? Parties and Trades Unions. The Italians have the reply on the tip of their tongue. They know who it was, but they can’t get their words out yet. The bankruptcy of Al-Italia is a symptom and a prelude to the collapse of the country. The parties and the Trades Unions know this. If the books end up in the Tribunal, those responsible will have to answer. Let Al-Italia collapse then and let there be a public trial against those who have destroyed it. Starting from the past and present Presidents of the Council.

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August 26, 2008

A tranquil Italy of fear


The mayors are in the front line against violence, but not that of the rapists. That of the tourists who come to Italy to spend a quiet weekend of fear. An inexperienced tourism. People who are exposed to risk in their tent or their camper. An attitude that ruins Italy’s reputation abroad.
A German couple with a little dog, park their car and camp on a beach at Torre Annunziata. They are beaten up, the woman is raped by three ITALIANS who according to the report, each go for two rides round in a car with her. The little dog bites one of the three ITALIANS and in revenge has his throat cut.
Giosuè Sparita, centre left mayor of Torre Annunziata has been keen to point out that the two tourists “with a bit of extra attention could have avoided the horrible episode of violence”.
Two Dutch cyclists stop at the outskirts of Rome. They put up a tent in a field at Porta Galeria, in the South. They are beaten to within an inch of their lives by two RUMANIANS with sticks. She is raped by two RUMANIAN shepherds (one has been expelled some time ago). The woman lost almost all her teeth. Now she is in hospital together with her husband.
Gianni Alemanno, the Centre Right mayor of Rome, said about the episode: “If two tourists come to Rome by bicycle and if they go and camp in a place that has been abandoned by God and by men after having asked advice about where to put up their tent from a bunch of immigrant shepherds, OK, it’s difficult to guarantee their safety. What they did was seriously imprudent.”
In their own countries Dutch and Germans, but it’s the same for Danish and Irish people, set up their tents in a meadow and sleep peacefully. With us they are raped twice, by the delinquents and by the authorities. Camping in the outskirts of Rome “abandoned by God and by men” where there are roaming “bunches of shepherds” or on a beach in Campania without “taking certain precautions” for the local delinquents is more dangerous than sleeping in a forest in Tanzania.
The Italian in HIS OWN HOME has bars at the windows, armoured doors and anti-theft devices and the tourist comes to Italy in a tent without a pit-bull and firearms?
Abroad they think that the film Gomorra is fiction, but in fact it is true. The tourists, before setting off, should be obliged to watch it with open eyes like the protagonist of Clockwork Orange.

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August 24, 2008

Workplace Deaths: "Spiral of Solidarity"


Here is a testimony from the book entitled "Morti Bianche"(Workplace Deaths), written by Samanta Di Persio and available free of charge on this blog.
"My name is Vanessa Sciancalepore, cousin of Michele Tasca. On 3 March 2008 a tragedy occurred at the Truck Centre of Molfetta, a company specialising in the cleaning of tanker trucks. The causes of the drama that brought tore our family apart are not yet certain. All I know is that the first worker who climbed into the tanker, which belonged to the Government Railway Company, in order to commence with the cleaning operations never emerged again. The tanker truck needed to be cleaned out because it had apparently been used to transport sulphur. Subsequently my cousin and his colleague climbed into the tank simultaneously. It would appear that while they were climbing down into the tank they lost consciousness because of the high levels of some lethal substance contained in the tank. The substance that caused the deaths could perhaps have been hydrogen sulphide. What is certain however is that Michele died as a hero because he was trying to save another worker.
All of these people died while attempting to save each other, a veritable chain of solidarity that cut short the lives of Michele and another four men, namely, the 60-year old owner of the Truck Centre, Vincenzo Altomare, 44-year old Guglielmo Mangano, 24-year old Biagio Sciancalepore and 37-year old Luigi Farina, all of whom were specialised workers.
On that fateful Tuesday, my sister returned home at around 18h00 and said: “Vane, Michele has been involved in an accident and it seems to be very serious”. When I heard her words I felt the blood draining from my face. I felt afraid and didn’t want to believe what I was hearing. My response was: “Oh my God!” I charged off in the direction of the hospital. I wanted to go and see my cousin. While I was trying to find him, I kept on telling myself that he would recover. When I arrived at the entrance to his ward, they refused to let me in and all I could see were my mother and my aunt, who were in tears.
At that moment I realised that the situation was indeed critical. On the day of the accident, my mother and my aunt had been together, doing some household chores. A friend of the family had come to inform them that some sort of tragedy had occurred at the Truck Centre and that a number of people had died, but that Michele was not amongst these. So they immediately tried to call my cousin on his mobile phone. A doctor took the call, saying that the youngster was in a very serious condition. My mother and my aunt then ran to the hospital but they only managed to get a glimpse of him as he was being transferred to another hospital. Michele will be remembered as the last of the workers who died on that fateful day. Initially the doctors did not hold out any hope for him, but when they noticed that he was still breathing, he was initially taken to the Molfetta Hospital and subsequently transferred to the Monopoli Hospital trauma centre. At 05h30 on the morning of the 4th March my cousin’s heart stopped beating as a result of the serious injury to his lungs. I only discovered this an hour after his death.
I had spent the whole of the previous night praying for his recovery. For the whole night I had held the rosary beads in my hand, hoping that he would awake once again, even though in my heart of hearts I knew that this was impossible. This was certainly the longest and most painful night of my entire life. It will be difficult to ever forget this event.
It is impossible to find appropriate words to describe the immense pain that one feels at such times. The last time I saw him he was laid out on a hospital bed. His blue eyes were closed, he almost appeared to be sleeping and his head was heavily bandaged. Only a small tuft of hair peeped out. I was not allowed to touch him. I just wanted to hug him, to tell him that I loved him and that he would be okay. But it didn’t happen. Now, some months after his death, it hurts so much not being able to see him and the pain is enormous. Missing him has become a kind of torment. Simply looking at him in family photographs is not enough. I sometimes almost believe that I hear his voice or see him on the street, but it is all in my imagination. I go to sleep at night hoping to wake up realising that it was all a terrible nightmare, or hoping that he will come to me in a dream. Michele was a special guy and I say this not simply because he was my cousin but because this is the truth. He had a pair of huge and very expressive blue eyes. He was fun to be with, upbeat, well mannered, sincere, gentle, sensitive, reserved and a hard worker. He started working at a very early age, initially as a barman and then as a tanker truck cleaner. Even while he was still at school, during the summer he worked part time as a seasonal worker in a number of hotels, working as a cook. He worked at a variety of summer and winter seasonal jobs in order to be able to pay off his car. He loved house music and cars, and his favourite soccer teams were Milan and, of course, Bari. He had no bad habits other than perhaps the fact that he was a smoker. One thing that I am certain about, however, is that he loved life.
I cannot recall him ever being sad and his smile was his trademark, even during the very rare arguments in which he was involved. He never caused any fights and always tried to make light of everything. He was always ready with some or other crack and it was impossible to get mad at him and not to love him. Michele and I were extremely close, we got on well with each other and we often went out together. He was thoughtful and would never leave me all alone. Every time that he returned home after one of his seasonal jobs, he always brought me a little present. Michele and I were the same age and we were inseparable. At our age, we dreamt of many things, but certainly neither of us ever considered the possibility of one of us dying. When one’s life is marked by a tragedy such as this, things inevitably change. I feel more afraid. My aunt has once again begun to smile, even if only outwardly. One’s work takes your mind off the pain, however, now and again you find yourself staring into space and the memories of that day return to haunt you. I keep asking myself how something like this could have happened.
I get angry with the Italian Government because of its failure to be strict enough in enforcing the regulations, and so everyone tends to do whatever they wish because they are never punished. I would like to see the Government doing more to tackle these problems before such accidents occur rather than stepping in only once it is already too late. But I have also noted that the Government still fails to step in, even after the event. They promised us the sun, the moon and the stars and they promised us jobs, but now, three months later, they have apparently forgotten all about us. I lived in Germany until some three years ago. Things are very different over there and not once did I ever see a worker not wearing his safety helmet or missing other safety equipment. Obviously the penalties and the inspections are imposed using very different criteria to those applicable in Italy.
Why should we have to run the risk of being killed at work? The only justification I have been able to come up with in response to such pain is that God, and Michele’s dad who passed away 20 years ago, wanted to have him at their side. Perhaps my cousin was too good to live in a world so full of cruelty, falseness and injustice. However, my torment continues: why did this have to happen to him? Everything around me reminds me of him and sometimes, at night, I almost begin to believe that the brightest star in the heavens is none other than Michele himself and that he is watching over me."
Samanta Di Persio from the book entitled "Morti Bianche".

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August 18, 2008

It runs on and on and on, the locomotive…

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Dante De Angelis, railway worker, has been sacked for having expressed his opinion on the Eurostar train accidents. Two trains split in the space of a few days on 14 July and 22 July in Milan. For lack of maintenance and for wear and tear according to De Angelis, because of an error in doing manoevres by the personnel according to Trenitalia.

Dante is a Workers Safety Representative (abbreviated to RLS in Italian) . He had already been sacked in 2006 for having underlined the lack of security of trains and was taken back on after 7 months with no pay. On 15 August he was moved from his place of work without having even received a letter of termination. A treatment that is not even reserved for rabid dogs. Giancarlo Cimoli and Elio Catania who have contributed to the current situation in the Ferrovie dello Stato {State Railways} have been moved away with handshakes of millions of euro. (Why is that, dear politicians? Why?) Dante with a kick up the backside.

The longstanding magazine of the engine drivers “Ancora In Marcia!” {Still going forward} wrote: “The sacking of De Angelis takes on the qualities of a sort of revenge by the top directors of the State Railways who are subject to criminal proceedings because of a denunciation by the RLS.” The General Secretary of the Autonomous Police Trades Union, with many members in the ranks of the Railway Police has the same opinion: “Even in the name of the more than 5,000 operators of the Railway Police who each day are in service on the trains and at the stations to guarantee the safety of the citizens who travel, we are expressing full solidarity with the engine driver and RLS Dante De Angelis who has denounced the problems connected to the breaking of Eurostar trains and the maintenance. The problems associated with the safety of Eurostar trains and the maintenance are known also to the operators of the State Police who use the trains for their work and anyway some investigations, being carried out by authoritative newspapers, confirm that problems exist. Even the magistracy, as far as we know, is investigating some recent accidents.”

Meanwhile while Dante is being sacked, another train, the third in a month has split in two. A goods train in a tunnel in Salerno. Fifteen RLS representatives have denounced the fact. We expect them to be sacked by the former trades unionist soft-and-gentle Mauro Moretti, who is today the CEO of the State Railways.

De Angelis cannot be sacked for having cast doubt on the safety of Eurostar, it’s his job. The blog is supporting the immediate return to work of Dante at Trenitalia. Passengers need people like him, who is thinking of their safety and not of his armchair of power. Furthermore, the blog will deal with high speed trains and the criminal proceedings against the top brass of the State Railways.

“Ma intanto corre, corre, corre la locomotiva…” {But meanwhile it runs on and on and on, the locomotive…}

Attached: Notification to Dante De Angelis of disciplinary action and his response to Trenitalia

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August 16, 2008

Workplace Deaths: "Poison from the heavens"


Here is a story drawn from the book written by Samanta Di Persio, entitled "Morti Bianche" (Workplace Deaths) and available on the blog free of charge.
"I was twenty years old when I lost my father. My youngest brother was 17 at the time and my eldest brother was 23. No one is every prepared for the loss of a parent, especially when you’re still young and above all when the person dies in a violent manner. My father, Domenico Bonan, died only nine months after the doctors discovered a tumour in his lung. In October 1999, after suffering a bout of coughing that had left him breathless, we went to see a doctor, thinking that the problem was merely a bout of bronchitis, however, we were given the terrible news that he had cancer. He was told that he had three months left to live, but if he was prepared to undergo chemotherapy treatment, the pain would have been more bearable and he could even have lived for a little longer. The location of the cancer, which lay between his lungs, meant that it was inoperable. They managed to keep him alive for another six months. In July 2000, he left us at the age of 56 years. From the time that the fulminating cancer was discovered, to the moment of his death, there was no discussion held between we children and our parents regarding what my father was going through. The glances were enough. One of the reasons for this was our character, which is somewhat private and reserved, but the subject was also avoided in order to avoid disturbing the family’s “peace of mind”. We were well aware of what was happening to us as a family, just as we were aware that we were doing everything that could be done. I must also admit that we were hoping that this would turn out to be nothing more than a terrible nightmare.
For almost thirty years, my father had worked in the chrome-plating department of a company called Tricom. A number of his colleagues, around twenty of them, had died before him. Their ailments had all begun in the same manner, namely, some coughing followed by bleeding from the nose. My father thought that he could still get out of there in time. All he would say was: “I can’t wait to go on pension!” He was convinced that by leaving that place he would be safe. However, that was not to be. My father loved to keep busy and he always found something to do in order to keep himself occupied. If I were to blame him for anything in particular it would be that he should have spent more time with us children.
On the day he died, I made a conscious decision to try to find out what went on in that factory. There were far too many evident signs that would lead one to think that: “Something is wrong there”. Even as far as the country in which I Iive is concerned, my father’s death was a “fait accomplis”, after all, he worked for Tricom! I began gathering witness statements from his technical colleagues, asking for tests to be carried out and legal action was instituted with my family acting as plaintiff. I carried out a number of site inspections. I realised that the various departments were not isolated from one another and that this single, large area that housed the packaging department, the chrome plating department, the painting department, the cleaning department, etc. It was perfectly possible for anyone to fall ill because no one wore any gloves or masks and there were no protection systems in place. The company’s management provided nothing of the sort and no one was ever warned about the actual risks to which they would be exposed. Even the purification plant was not working, or rather, it was only operational in the event of an inspection. Not at all surprising when you consider that the same man who had been the town’s mayor for the past twenty five years was also employed at the plant and, therefore, just a few days prior to each inspection, he would see to it that any dirt was simply swept under the carpet. From the testimonies we obtained, it emerged that just prior to these inspections the workers were supplied with masks to protect them against the dust (however, these were inadequate in terms of protecting them against exposure to any chemical substances), the operating temperatures in the tanks would be lowered to the point where no fumes were emitted, the few available suction systems would be switched on and all of the large doors would be opened in order to create some sort of airflow. Nevertheless, the mayor is now also under investigation for crimes relating to multiple cases of culpable homicide, causing grievous bodily harm, failure to apply precautions or protective measures with regard to environmental disasters and workplace accidents. In addition to hexavalent chromium and nickel, chemical analyses also revealed the presence of no less than seven different types of cyanide, lead, sodium carbonate and soda compounds, sulphuric acid, etc. When I saw the working conditions that the workers had been forced to endure simply in order to be able to feed their families, I was well and truly dumbfounded. A continuous mist was rising from the tanks that were being used for chrome plating and the operators were being exposed to this mist for the entire duration of the job. A number of people had complained about burning and streaming eyes and a burning sensation in their stomachs and throats. The panels located on top of the tanks forced the workers to lean out over the edge of the tanks. The tanks themselves were so badly corroded that pieces broke away as soon as they were touched. All this, I repeat, without any form of protection against possible splashes or fluid leaks. A number of witnesses told us that when a work piece came loose inside one of the tanks, the workers were obliged to climb up onto the edge of the tank and remove the offending item using something like a pair of pliers. Furthermore, this operation had to be performed hurriedly so as to prevent any production stoppage. There are even reports of workers having fallen into one of the tanks and I remember my father telling me about it when this happened to him and he then had to come home to wash up and change his clothes.
The entire working area was awash with hexavalent chromium and the workers walked around in the sludge. The cement floor had been eaten away and the toxic substances leeched into the ground beneath, even polluting the underground watercourses. All the former workers’ families remember the strong nauseating smell that used to accompany the workers upon their return to their homes.
Another disturbing element that emerged was the way in which the company disposed of the greenish effluent produced by the plant. Instead of being duly purified prior to disposal, much of the effluent was simply loaded into tanker trucks and dumped around the district. These operations were most probably performed at night since a number of the operators told us about certain tanks being full at night, only to be found to be mysteriously empty the next morning. They thought that the effluent was being dumped into a nearby canal, which also proved to be badly polluted, but actually, the only pipes discharging any liquids into that canal were storm-water drains. In other words, the rainwater running off the roof of the building was impregnated with all of these toxic substances as a result of the lack of any form of scrubbing systems. Unfortunately all of these facts only emerged after the death of a significant number of workers and the pollution of underground water sources by the hexavalent chromium. Apparently a number of inspections had been carried out by the USL (National Health Service) and each time the inspection reports revealed certain shortcomings, but the political backing allowed these to be simply overlooked. Everyone was aware of what was going on, but no one was prepared to speak out. Sufficient to say that the company was only given the official go-ahead in 1983, when it had already been operational since 1975. Town residents recall that the children used to go out and play in the fields, returning home later with their legs stained with green. A male nurse who once tried to report this occurrence was intimidated in an attempt to prevent him from saying anything.
Today, only my family and a few others are continuing to fight for recognition of the injuries that were caused to our loved ones. Unfortunately we have not received much in the line of support, neither from the general public nor from the judges, who are only interested in archiving the case. If all of the families involved would only do their bit, I am sure that there would be no problem in securing a conviction for culpable homicide, but I believe that they are unwilling get involved due for two factors. The first is a lack of faith in the institutions, and the second is total indifference, perhaps liberally laced with fear. Meanwhile, the guilty parties who should be elsewhere, paying the price for the injuries that they have caused to innocent parties, are instead walking around free with their heads held high."
Samanta Di Persio from her book entitled "Morti Bianche".

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August 15, 2008

The truncheon against the Police


This letter, sent in to us by a Police Services trade union representative, should make us worry, and very much so at that. At the start of this current legislature, Police Chief Manganelli made a speech in parliament, wherein he denounced the current state of affairs as regards the Justice system. What he said, in effect, is that while the Country’s policemen regularly risk their necks, the criminals are released early and, in fact, often avoid jail altogether. Manganelli was simply ignored. Just as Judge Bruno Tinti stated in “Toghe Rotte” (Broken Togas), 95% of all crimes go unpunished, thanks to certain laws created by Berlusconi, which were designed specifically to protect himself and his henchmen. What is also true, however, is that the centre-left also did its part by approving the 2006 pardon, an action that was necessary. Just as all cats are grey in the dark, corrupt public servants belong to all of the parties. While the Police Forces are being lambasted, the Army is replacing them on the streets. There are currently some 6,000 soldiers on the beat, but this number could well rise as high as 60,000. Three billion Euro cut from the Police budget (a Mafia-style warning perhaps) and a justice system that is being held on a short leash. They are preparing themselves for the possibility of another Argentina.

“Dear Beppe,

The position taken by the COISP (Police Forces Trade Union Independent Co-ordination Committee) as regards many of the initiatives introduced by the current Government has been extremely critical, because these initiatives are contrary to the both our Constitution and common sense!

We do not agree with the use of the military in order to ensure law and order and public safety. We are also against certain provisions that smack of “racism”, as we are against the introduction of the position of the mayor-sheriff, against a number of private, self-protection provisions, such as the vigilante patrols and absolutely against the unjustified and absurd cuts that have been made in the area of law and order. We are talking about three billion Euro in cuts! In addition, those cuts have come precisely at a time that is particularly disastrous for the Police Forces.

I feel obliged to point out that all, and I repeat ALL of the representative trade unions within the security and defence sector took part in a demonstration in front of the offices of the Italian Prefecture, while handing out fliers informing citizens about the absurdities being perpetrated by the current Government. These brutalities clearly also fly in the face of certain of the election promises made by the centre-right alliance during the period leading up to the last elections. Quite obviously the national television stations failed to give us adequate coverage or, for that matter, appropriate interest. In the interests of fairness, it must be said that only the local press and television stations gave the matter fair coverage.

At this moment in time we are busy deciding on what action needs to be taken. What remains firm, however, is the principle that, while we are deciding on the form of the next demonstration, we will continue in our efforts to keep the situation in the public view as regards the incoherent and contradictory nature of these state promulgated provisions.

Above all else, we must continue to energetically denounce this latest decree, namely the so-called “anti-layabout” provision, which has resulted in us being heavily penalised when compared to all of the other public institutions. The regulation provides that any Police Force employees who are ill must accept a 20 Euro per day salary deduction for the first ten days of sick leave (taking only the employee’s basic pay into account). This confusing provision also stipulates that the rule should not be applied in the case of employees that are off work due to work-related illness or injury on duty. The problem here is that “work-related” status may only be granted perhaps even six or seven years after the event. Meanwhile, the salary deduction is applied and stands firm. The legislator is obviously oblivious to the fact that you have mortgage payments to make, that you have a wife and kids to support, that you have car payments to make and that you have taxes to pay and costs to carry, just like any other person living on this planet. Minister Brunetta, the architect of this havoc, has exploited the general public’s legitimate disapproval as regards certain types of absenteeism and has decided to use this to justify the adoption of a provision that is patently punitive and discriminatory against all public servants and even more so, as I stated earlier, against members of the Police Forces.

Our Council was pleased to note and express its heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Di Pietro for his strenuous and tenacious defence of the members of the forces of law and order! Furthermore, we were equally pleased to note your stand, as expressed in the national press, where you rightly scoffed at the demagogic and hypocritical provision in question, namely, the deployment of soldiers in our towns.

I wish to thank you once again.” Fausto Fanelli –Member of the National Executive of the COISP.

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August 14, 2008

The choice of the “other world”


For the August holiday , a great book: “Manuale per una morte dignitosa” {Manual for a dignified death} by Andrè Ruellan. manuale-per-una-morte-dignitosa.jpg In a period of insecurity and of degradation, of wretchedness at our door, there’s need to look forward. Not to let ourselves be gripped by discomfort and resignation. To treasure the few certainties that are left to us. To nurture them carefully. What certainty is more certain than death? Why ignore it during life? “life is never too long to learn to leave it” The Great Consoler however has to be helped. The location of our eternal permanence is to be decided in advance and in the tiniest detail. The choice of the other world has not yet been taken from us by the Governments or the institutions. Play your hand before the “rien ne va plus”.
”There are so many other worlds and they have unequal values: many of them stay this side of what is asked of them, and almost all imply a hateful inequality between the destinies of beyond the tomb. We use the term “hateful” because the reasons for arriving at any paradise are based on conventions and they vary according to the religion followed. In this light, certain misadventures are to be feared. For example, let us take the case of a Christian who has spent his whole existence in the rigid observance of “thou shalt not kill” and who at the moment of death is a victim of an orientation error and is sent to the other world of the Vikings. Once there, he will have no chance to enter into Walhalla, the place reserved for warriors, and so he will see himself pushed into hell, that offers a decidedly unpleasant stay.
On the other hand, when that arbitrary inequality does not exist, you find yourself a more worrying leveling: the “Aralu” of Mesopotamia takes all the dead without distinction, whatever their virtues, but, once they are there, they spend their time eating dust and chattering their teeth in obscurity. That is to say that, on the face of it, the choice is not easy.
However, in the mean time, as long as the preparation for death has not been ignored, you will have tried to get to know some influential dead people. This method is the one that offers the greatest guarantee of security, and it is the only true hope that we can cling to if we think of the exchange of dossiers that can take place between one office and another. This is particularly valid for the Chinese other worlds, that are terribly bureaucratic, but it is still valid for all the others, given that, for example, the Christians recognise the efficaciousness of prayer in this environment. For them, the saints, are people who have definitely to be frequented if you want to sound the trumpets rather than burn in the flames. Once these precautions have been taken, you can start to study the proposals of the various religions. There are two possible attitudes: follow to the letter the moral principles of one of these and thus prepare for yourself a dwelling of blessings – with the help of an excellent dead person; or otherwise choose a religion that has a supportable hell, which assumes that you will behave in life like a pig and a savage. The first solution requires strength of will; that makes for an exhausting existence, but at the same time it shortens it in an advantageous way. The second, instead, is very difficult to apply since the people of the underworld have on the whole been described by sadists and in general, it’s not great ending up there. In spite of all that, it’s always possible to aim at a transitory hell, like that of Mazdaism or of Islam, rather than going voluntary to risk an eternal hell, like the Hebrew Gehenna or the Christian hell.”

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Maintained Self-Sufficient


When young people leave home to affirm their autonomy, they don’t normally ask their parents for money. If they do it is at the discretion of the parents to give it. If the sons in question want to be autonomous for life at the expense of their parents, the situation would be embarrassing. A special situation. An autonomous one who is maintained. A contradiction. Either you are autonomous or you are kept. A third way does not exist.
Anyone who crosses the borders that separate Piedmont and the Region of Veneto from the Aosta Valley and the autonomous Province of Trento has the impression of changing State. To go into France or into Austria. The substance is in the dosh, the brass, the dough, the cash. The Special Statute Regions have the right to collect taxes that other Regions just dream of. The beneficial effects can be seen in the life style of the (autonomous) inhabitants, apart from Sicily where there’s the mafia’s pay-as-you-go. Do you want a reasonable mortgage for the house? There’s the Region. The motorway free? There’s the Region. Petrol with a discount? There’s the Region.
In Italy, some geographic areas are more equal than others with the money of the others. The Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia receives four billion euro a year. The province of Bolzano three billion, eight hundred million. Sardinia six billion. The Aosta Valley one billion three hundred mullion for 125 thousand inhabitants. Sicily eleven billion, three hundred million. The Province of Trento three and a half billion. If the law is, or should be, equal for all Italian citizens, the same should apply for the tax treatment. If I am born in Mondovì, Piedmont, I must have the same services as the one born in Arnad, Aosta Valley.
The villages bordering on the Regions of Plenty want to be admitted. That happens in Veneto and in Piedmont. The citizens who aspire to being autonomous are holding consultative referenda. They too want to be kept a bit as well.
For every “up” there’s a “down” and for every Region with a Special Statute, there’s at least one Region with a Subnormal Statute. It is that one that chases away the euro for the others and has third world services.

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August 10, 2008

Insurance in favour of employers

There’s no danger
Click on the image

In the book "Morti Bianche" by Samanta Di Persio, that you can buy at a free price on the blog, I wrote in the preface that those who die at work today are still lucky. The family, if all goes well, still get some compensation. Very little, almost nothing, but at least something. Tomorrow they will have to pay the employer. If their relative falls into a cement mixer, they will have to buy another one. If he dies in a fire, the damages will have to be reimbursed. And so on. To work you’ll need obligatory insurance in favour of the employer. Del Papa of Umbria Olii wants 36 million euro from the families of the victims for the damage suffered by his company in the explosion. I expected that the Confindustria would have taken a strong stand, a call to decency by Marcegagaglia at least to keep up appearances. Instead the Confindustria expresses all its support for Del Papa. The reason is clear, if he manages to succeed, the other industrialists can do it too. Cadavers at work “non olet”. Del Papa is one who opens up the piste. The others are vultures.

Decisive position by the Confindustria Perugia about the Umbria Olii disaster. The association of industrialists has made a statement on the Del Papa situation by issuing a press release:
Umbria Olii of Campello sul Clitunno is an important company for the territory of Spoleto, a reality that until 2006 was a European leader in refining olive oil for food. This is why the Confindustria Perugia is appealing to the sense of responsibility of everyone so as not to overturn the efforts in which the entrepreneur is engaged to take the company back to the top of the sector. The recent criticisms, coming from all parts, relates to the defensive approach taken by the president Giorgio del Papa, confirm and amplify the unjust media process that has already practically led to his condemnation without appeal. In this climate, Confindustria Perugia, while deeply understanding the pain and the thoughts of the families of the victims of this tragic accident – wants to be a participant in the happenings and the future of Umbria Olii If Del Papa, while carrying out his functions as President, has committed errors or violations of the regulations, these responsibilities should be verified only by the competent bodies in the. appropriate places
It is not possible to agree with the position of those who make out that Del Papa’s choice in defending his company and the very entrepreneurial activity itself is in contrast to the culture of the people of Umbria. Del Papa, in spite of the thousand difficulties and even though he could have been sure of getting “Cassa integrazione” {payment for workers made redundant}, he has called all the skilled workers back to work and they with great commitment are sharing the efforts of the entrepreneur. The employees of Umbria Olii, themselves, in an open letter, have recognised that the company is following the right path in relation to the workers and the market, and with particular attention to safety at work and to the defence of the environment for which considerable investments have been made. To us it seems a contradiction to declare one’s own worries for the economic and employment difficulties of the area of Foligno, Trevi, Spoleto and of the Valnerina – as the Union has recently done, and then to create concrete obstacles against the relaunch of an entrepreneurial activity that has contributed for a long time to the development of that local area. We believe that the time has come to do away with the demagogical attitudes that have often been the characteristic of so many positions about this painful event, including the suffocating search for a scapegoat, damaged by such a dramatic and tragic event that has put the continuation of the company in such great danger.
This climate is not beneficial to the victims and their relatives, nor to the search for truth. With thoughts still going out to those who no longer are living, our wish is that the people of Umbria can find unity in an agreed action that on the one hand aims at safeguarding the company and the future of those who work with it, and on the other hand to ensure that any errors, by whomsoever they have been committed, are verified, as rapidly as possible and without pre-conditions, so as to be sure that such tragedies as happened at Campello are not repeated.”

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August 08, 2008

Workplace Deaths: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"


Here is a story drawn from the book entitled "Morti Bianche" (White Deaths), written by Samanta Di Persio and made available free of charge on this blog.
"The accident involving Antonino Mingolla occurred on 18 April 2006. My husband was working for a company called Cmt, a firm that had been awarded the maintenance contract for the Ilva plants. Due to his many years of experience in the field, he was appointed as deputy site foreman. On that fateful day, he and his team were scheduled to replace a valve on a certain pipeline that removed the gases produced by the blast furnaces. This task required that the workers wear masks connected to air tanks located on the ground. Prior to the commencement of the maintenance operations, Ilva was required to make the area safe, in other words, shut off the gas supply and flush the pipeline with nitrogen in order to remove any remaining traces of the gas. The flushing occurs through a number of flues. The valves were then to be shut by Ilva employees prior to handing over to the outside company for them to begin with the necessary work. In order to ensure the “safety” of the operations, the company normally handed out the masks they kept on hand, which were fitted with gas detectors, but apparently, on tat day none of these detectors registered the presence of any gas.
The pipes on which the people were working are enormous. They are three metres in diameter and are suspended some twenty metres above ground level. There were walkways located adjacent to this pipeline. On the one side was the entrance with the staircase leading up, serving both as access way and escape route. In the spot where my husband was working, there was a two-metre by four-metre walkway, fenced off by a handrail. Each time Antonino needed to move around, communicate with anyone at the other end of the working area or simply move away in order to keep an eye on the workers, or if he perhaps felt unwell, he was obliged to clamber over a three-metre pipe.
This was an untenable situation and one that was anything but safe. When a company puts a job out on tender, they should oversee the work in order to ensure compliance with the safety regulations, even as regards temporary operations. Are we honestly expected to believe that neither Ilva nor Cmt committed any safety violations?
Notwithstanding the fact that the conditions were not up to the required standards, my husband and his team nevertheless began with the maintenance procedure. If the truth were told, this was the way it had always been. They started disconnecting the pipes to insert the blank flanges that run on rails, in order to prevent any gas from escaping while the valve was being worked on.
Already early on during the day, they had encountered certain problems with the insertion of the blank flanges. At around 10 o’clock, one of Antonino’s colleagues began to feel ill due to the emission of toxic gaseous substances into the air.
When I spoke to him, he told me that he had changed the gas tank. The procedure for changing the tank was the same as it had always been previously and involved the workers moving back to a safe zone. That morning, instead, when he put the mask back on, he began to feel ill as a result of dizziness and nausea. What I think is that there were high levels of carbon monoxide in the air, which also landed on Antonino’s mask and he eventually died at four in the afternoon. His shift was due to end at 15h00. He stayed on for an extra hour due to his sense of duty and because he wanted to see the maintenance job through to its conclusion.
Only the court case will be able to establish the precise dynamics of the accident with any kind of certainty. For the time being, there is only a lot of passing the buck.
Antonino and I were the same age; we were both 46 years old at the time of the accident. We had two adolescent children who are now 15 and 16 years of age respectively. We had made a joint decision that he would go out to work while I would stay at home and raise our children. I try to provide the children with everything they may need so as to ensure that they can live in a carefree manner and, I must say, they have been extremely understanding. I feel honour bound to carry on fighting, together with the other families that have been left all alone, both by the trades union and the politicians. The only trade union that has given us any kind of support at all is the organised SLAI COBAS trade union of Taranto, who advised us to set up the “12th July Association”. Ilva has never approached us, not even as regards the conciliation attempt set up by my attorney.
Antonino was afraid because there had been far too many accidents of late. For example, I remember on of the stories he told me. On one occasion, a worker standing next to my husband fell off the scaffolding, under which ran the conveyor belts. They asked that the conveyor belts be stopped so that the man’s body could be recovered, but Ilva could not halt their production. From the year 2000, through to 2007, 16 men lost their lives in that place. That place is and always will be Dante’s Inferno, so it is appropriate to quote the phrase “abandon hope all ye that enter here”. It was only thanks to a bit of fear and irony that my husband was able to continue going to work. I am concerned about the fact that around 1,300 people die every year due to their work, that too many of these have no voice and are not ever mentioned. We are talking about an average of 3.5 deaths every day. My prayer is that no more bodies be separated and broken because these are human beings and should remain intact. What I wish for is that the hope for justice never dies, because it is difficult to face court cases where, against a colossus such as Ilva, I feel somewhat like an insignificant little ant. I cannot believe that the statute of limitations on these cases actually expires after just seven years.
During this period, hearings may be postponed for no reason and the delays increase without any valid reason, for example, when certain witnesses fail to show up. There is no respect or protection, not even after tragedy for which my husband bore no blame. There are 13,500 people currently working for Ilva, and another 8,000 currently working for associated companies. There is no other option but for them to join the other families involved in the Associazione 12 giugno and the many other associations that would like to join forces, so that we can give each other strength and to travel throughout Italy to tell the story to anyone who may wish to fight at our side."
Samanta Di Persio, from the book entitled "Morti Bianche".

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August 07, 2008

One flew over the strikebreaker’s nest

Army in the city
Click the image

Ignazio La Russa has deployed the army. Three thousand soldiers in the cities of Italy. If before this, the law enforcers always went around in twos, now they go around in fours. Two soldiers and two carabinieri or police. The mixed teams are already at work. In Milan, where Piazza del Duomo is controlled not unlike Kabul (there’s even the dog and his controller), in the first two days there have been three actions by the army, all decisive.
- First intervention: a man uses his elbow to smash a the glass of a fire alarm in the metro. “A patrol of police and military from the army arrived rapidly on the spot(*)". The guilty one was identified and denounced.
- Second intervention: two young people on a scooter didn’t stop when told to do so by a police car “The scooter was blocked by carabinieri and military in a mixed patrol at the “delle Cave” park. The chase started in via Forze Armate (where else? [editor]) and ended when the scooter entered the green space. Once inside the park, however the two youngsters got a flat rear tyre and while they were pushing the scooter towards the exit they were blocked and identified by the new mixed patrols of carabinieri and military (*).”
- Third intervention: a drunk was arguing with a shopkeeper “Military at work even in via Padova, where they are patrolling together with police officers. Yesterday they intervened to sort out an argument. But the intervention in this case was minimum. It was enough for the soldiers to turn up and bring back the calm(*)."
The deputy mayor “camerata” Riccardo De Corato was exultant: We have obtained the first important results, both in terms of deterrent and in terms of bringing back the serenity and the quiet life in problematic areas.”
The Police have always less money, they don’t have petrol for the police cars and overtime is not paid. This is why they bring out the army because the State has a ragged arse. And they make out that cuts in Police funding are increasing security. The Army is used like the strikebreakers of once upon a time.
At the Venice Film Festival the police won’t be there. The police officers have not yet received a euro for overtime in 2007 done during double shifts. If they are not paid they will not go to the Lido.
The Ministry instead of euros proposes “compensatory repose”. The 200 officers will probably be substituted by parachutists of the Brigata Paracadutisti Folgore. Cacciari has already said he is OK with that in the name of governability. One flew over the strikebreaker’s nest
(*) Corriere della Sera, 6 August 2008

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August 01, 2008

The death of Riccardo Rasman


No comment

The Rasman trial will take place in October in Trieste. The blog will follow the main hearings.

The police officers came here at two thirty in the morning. They told us that Ricky was dead, that they had taken him to the mortuary in via Costalunga. We asked what had happened. They told us that he had thrown firecrackers and damaged the ear drums of a girl who lost blood. They had called the Fire service, they broke down the door of Ricky’s one room apartment and that Ricky collapsed. That’s what they told us. We asked why they hadn’t called us, but we got no reply to that. Only five days later, on November 1, they let us see and we understood why not…. From the photographs you could see that he had been massacred with blows to the face, they had broken his cheekbone, then there was the signs of being gagged, blood from his ears, nose, mouth, you could see really well. We went into that apartment only in March, it was a disaster, there was blood everywhere, a blood stain on the way to the kitchen. Then from the photographs I understood that they had moved him with his head towards the door so as to hide the blood stain that was there. There was a fracture, his hair was full of blood, there was a fracture even behind his neck, there was blood on the table, on the walls, on the bed sheets, behind the bed on the ground, there were blood stains on the mat underneath which we even found pieces of flesh, hidden. Under the bed we found a piece of wire bent four times into a figure eight. Then the autopsy found that he was tied with wire even round his ankles, his wrists. The signs still on his body are typical of those made by wire and not with handcuffs and then not counting the blows on his back: here there were signs 4 centimetres wide left by the impact of a chair, surely to hit him they even used a chair, thus Ricky received so many blows that you would need to ask the police how come they let themselves go like this. For two firecrackers? Given that it was really Ricky that had thrown these two firecrackers! Why is it that according to us they are not to be found in the acts. We deposited the affair with the wire but they didn’t. Not even did the girl have an injury to her ear drum as they said in the beginning. Ricky was never in that one room apartment. If he was there he was accompanied by his father or by myself. He never went on his own because he didn’t live there. He stayed with us, all the time. With the fear that he had for some time, so much that he never wanted to go anywhere, the doctors had taken away his medication. The doctors when they wanted to see him, they came here to the home of his parents. After signora Pollanz called 113, the police asked for information about this Rasman. Police officer Miraz, the first to go to the one room apartment said: “this Rasman, I know him.” Then on the photos you can see the collars of the shirt dirtied with blood. Sure already in 1999 they came here to our house to beat up Ricky, round about September, a neighbour who got annoyed called the Police because Ricky listened to the radio in the car. He himself came armed with a stick with his wife and a dog to threaten him, soon after the Police arrived here to beat him up. So they knew him. Perhaps they were not happy that Ricky, put on trial for that happening was absolved. The mental health centre showed that Ricky was a person who suffered, he was a 80% sickness invalid because of his military service, during which time his fellow soldiers had destroyed his psyche by playing tricks of every type on him, they destroyed his personality and Riccardo wrote in the acts that he didn’t react when then did harm to him out of respect for the mothers of those who harmed him, so as not to make them suffer. He was good natured: he received harm rather than give it. He was in care, however it was not a cure. I and my father we were always going to the mental health centre but for this reason we annoyed the doctors because we wanted Ricky to make progress, and we had taken him to Preganziol in Pisa then luckily Ricky seemed to be a bit better, so much so that he had started to do some small jobs however I believe they had him in a bind, they told him that if he had treatment outside Trieste they would not have given him treatment. So he always had highs and lows, he didn’t have a normal life, for the medication, the doctors didn’t come to the house, it was Ricky who had to go to the mental health centre, but with that illness he couldn’t be regular… He slept so much in his life, I wonder what disturbance he could have caused, he slept so much poor thing.. everyone knew him to be a respectful person, well-mannered, even though he was ill, we was polite towards everyone…. The police officers were absolved without seeing what we had written in the acts… In that week in the daily paper "Il Piccolo" there was an article that said that they had done their duty so that they came out of this situation with their heads held high because it’s not just a matter of having a trial, now it’s time to do other investigations, because things are still not clear, thanks to our lawyer Giovanni Di Lullo who on 28 February this year presented substantial documentation and so the judges could not archive the case. They have to explain why they broke down the door of the home, how much confusion he could have done with a little radio like that is not known, there are too many things that don’t make sense. For us it’s just a fabrication, mud, just lies, lies, lies. They took down the pictures in the entrance before breaking down the door. Why did they take down the pictures? Because they knew that they wanted to act with brutality, so as not to ruin anything, because it was better to move a bottle than the pictures from the wall. The bottle is more dangerous. Then we discovered that it was they who had placed the bottle, since Ricky didn’t have any glass bottles. That evening the only bottle that we found was the Coca Cola one, the only one that Ricky could have drunk. So it was just lies, lies, lies! Calumny. Anyone who has told lies and calumny must respond to the law because it’s not possible to slander a dead person.” Giuliana Rasman

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July 30, 2008

Starving Old Folk (except one)

Cutting social pensions

January 2009. Second year of the Psycho Dwarf Era. 760,000 people lose the social pension. The true Italians rejoice. The income will be taken away from the exploiters of the people. A true manoevre of the Left. The social Right applauds. The people of the Lega show (with pride) their middle finger to the old ladies who are sucking the blood from the lombardo-veneti entrepreneurs.
Social pensions to all those over 65 and with less than 10 years contributions will be cut. Housewives, unemployed, immigrants who have come back to Italy to spend their old age, monks and nuns. This mass of do-nothings are getting 395.54 euro a month. From next year they can spend their afternoons rummaging through the bins holding the leftovers of the local markets.
Tremonti is more advanced than Cavallo, the Argentine Minister of the Economy. In Argentina, before the collapse of the State, pensions were reduced by 30%. Tremonti is cutting them by 100%. Every year the Psycho Dwarf will save about 300 million euro (300,648,400).
The old folk can die of hunger. Meanwhile there’s the 300 million donated to Alitalia, the 329 millionin fines to the European Community for the abusive Rete 4 (up until now), the billions of euro a year for assisted publishing to pay the salaries of Scalfari, Mieli, Belpietro, Ferrara, Polito, Padellaro, and Feltri, the pensions to parliamentarians after two and a half years. When the State calls, the old folk can kick the bucket. They say that the law was done for the 23,113 immigrants who live in Italy. For 2.6% of social pensions. And so as not to be seen as racist they wanted to take no prisoners.
Starve them all to save one. He is the richest man in Italy.

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July 25, 2008

Bolzaneto: interview with Giorgia Partesotti


In Italy there is not (yet) the death penalty, but there is the right to torture. The crime of torture is not set out in our criminal code. In Bolzaneto unarmed young people were hit, threatened, tortured. If at least the actual perpetrators are put on trial, those with political responsibility are for ever safe, in the Government and in the Lower House. They will never go on trial.

”My name is Giorgia and I come from Padua. Seven years ago I was 20 years old and I went to the G8. I left home thinking I would visit another city that I’d never seen, where there was the seaside, spending a bit of time with my friends, then however I found myself in the middle of a massive demonstration that seemed more like a war. I found myself in the middle of the “black block”, burned out rubbish bins, cars jumping into the air, urban warfare, I was not used to that. I had never done such a big demonstration. On Saturday, the next to the last day of the demonstration after the death of Carlo Giuliani, I was going to try to pick up my backpack, and I found myself in the middle of a cordon, that the police had split into two, so the people had started to run away to the right and to the left. I had the misfortune to turn to the left and there the police started to move towards us and started to hit us and they took us to piazzale Kennedy. In piazzale Kennedy it was full of police and they asked us for our identity cards and they didn’t give them back. They loaded us onto a little truck. They brought us to the Fiera, the centre of the Carabinieri where they started to insult us, saying that they should rape us as they had done in Kosovo, that we were prostitutes and various things like that.

After that we stayed there I don’t know for how many hours. They tied our wrists together with plastic handcuffs. In the truck I was seated and behind me there were other young people who told me not to listen, leave it be, because they hit me with a cudgel, on my legs, arms and back. I had my hands in the air, I think my photo has been seen everywhere, in the newspapers, on the TV News with my hands in the air and with a cloth on my head for the tear gas. Behind me there was a guy from Morocco that I don’t know whether he is still alive. They took us to Bolzaneto; we were standing in the same position. They started hitting the guys dressed in black. They made them kneel in lines of 3 and they made them sing: "Faccetta nera". Those that didn’t understand because they were English were just hit. They sprayed pepper spray in the cells. We wanted to cry but we weren’t allowed to cry, we weren’t allowed to talk, we weren’t allowed to do anything.
At a certain point I sat down because I couldn’t stand any more and there was another guy at the side of me who was from Verona who if you are watching this video, please contact me. He was really destroyed because he was dripping blood, he couldn’t stand but they didn’t let him sit down … then there were loads of other guys who arrived with a broken foot, who couldn’t stand but had to stand up anyway , who needed a doctor for an insulin injection, but no doctor could come in, so you could hear him shouting out in pain all the time, there was one guy in a wheel chair who had been beaten as well.. Basically a series of things that were really not humane, in the end I don’t know after how long, they took our finger prints, they brought us together casually saying “what shall we give this one?” the other policeman responded “but we’ll put down a bit of everything, devastation, looting, offence to a public official” all accusations that I didn’t even know existed, I couldn’t ask because if I had asked they would have replied that I had to stay quiet.
After an interminable length of time, they got groups of us, they handcuffed us and they took us to the Varese prison. In comparison, the prison was a school outing because the officers of the prison knew that it was temporary and that we had done nothing and that we would have been released shortly. They treated us better. They gave us something to eat. Certainly it wasn’t a great experience. Then I was lucky as the arrest request for me arrived too late for the judicial timing. So after 4 hours of prison they let me go. In the end I was one of the victim-witnesses at the trial. I gave testimony and I recognised all those I had to recognise. It was emotional and that’s it. I never again want to go into a court of law for any reason.

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July 24, 2008

Fake death and fake jail


Fake funerals, office workers in coffins in Korea.
Ko Min-su is a successful Korean businessman. He has founded “Korea Life Consulting”, a company with the objective of reducing the number of suicides in South Korea that is at the top of the developed nations with 24.7 cases for every 100,000 inhabitants.
The big Korean corporations, like Samsung and Hyundai, regularly send their employees on “well-dying” {how to die well} courses at a cost of 300 dollars. The experience involves the reading of your last wishes in a dark room in front of those participating at your own funeral and lying flat in a closed coffin for 5 minutes, with a white flower placed on your bosom. After this experience (many people cry inside the coffin) even the most depressed managers come back bouncing and their productivity increases. Any work is better than a good death.
Up until now, 50,000 Koreans have participated in their own funerals. Ko Min-su has registered the course in 17 nations and is preparing new sessions. One with a fake cremation and another with a fake lock up in prison. Ko Min-su believes that the official or the manager after a few days of fake prison will no longer be led into temptation. After that he will no longer corrupt, rob or lie.
The Italian market for fake prison has the potential to explode. A business without limits. With Regional Presidents, Senators, Deputies, public officials, managers and bankers you’re spoilt for choice. Italy is the last in Europe in the classification of transparency, at 45th position after Malaysia.
The first ones to try fake jail could be the surely innocent ones, just to remove any temptation from them: Fassino, D’Alema, Berlusconi, Dell’Utri, Tronchetti, Buora, Geronzi, Scaroni, Mastella, Cuffaro. The number of presumed innocent in Italy is so high that we should straight away build some fake prisons to contain them all. The course leaders should be magistrates, to make the experience more real. Luigi De Magistris and Clementina Forleo are the ideal candidates to transform the fake jail into harsh prison.
De Magistris and Forleo anyway have a lot of free time, they have been cleared of any guilt, but transferred for environmental incompatibility. Thus they can no longer investigate those who are surely innocent. Once upon a time, they were assassinated, now they are moved.
Fake jail for all and impunity (“fuck the Italians”) for the Band of Four.

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July 21, 2008

Naples - Korogocho

Father Alex Zanotelli, Chiaiano
Click on the picture

Father Alex Zanotelli, who is, in my opinion, a splinter of the heart of Christ, wrote and sent me this letter from Naples. The emergency business is the future of the Campania Region, a life insurance for rotten politics. The emergency justifies the means and the final objective is always money.

"My dear ones,
I write this letter to you, with my body racked with anger, from the very depths of Naples, namely the Sanità District, at the peak of this sweltering summer. The anger that I feel is all consuming because nowadays it appears that the Lies have become the absolute Truth. My lament is so well expressed by a Jewish believer in Psalm 12:
“Everyone lies to his neighbour:
their flattering lips speak with deception,
all hiding that which lies in their scheming hearts.
They slither like reptiles,
and the most vile emerge,
dregs to the very end.”
When, after Korogocho, I chose to come and live in Naples, I could never have guessed that I would end up fighting the very same battles. I came from the Nairobi rubbish dump, situated next to the Korogocho squatter camp, to find the battle being waged by Naples against the rubbish dumps and the incinerators. I firmly believe that Naples is but the tip of the iceberg, a problem that is about to smother us all. In fact, if everyone on this planet, more than six billion human beings in all, were to live like us rich people (11% of the world’s population consumes 88% of all the planet’s resources!) we would need the equivalent of another four such planets’ worth of resources, plus another four such planets’ worth of rubbish dumps on which to dispose of our refuse. The poor people of Korogocho, who live virtually on top of the rubbish dumps, taught me a valuable lesson on how to recycle everything, how to re-utilise everything, how to repair everything, how to re-sell everything and, above all, how to live in a restrained manner.
It was a great lesson that still today helps enable me to read the current situation as regards the refuse situation in Naples and Campania, a region that, over the past twenty years, has literally become a national dumping ground for all sorts of toxic waste. As a matter of fact, certain members of the Camorra, in conjunction with certain secret Masonic lodges and local politicians, had already decided that they would dump toxic waste in Campania, back in 1989 in the “La Taverna” restaurant in “Villaricca”. The reason being this decision was that it was already becoming increasingly difficult to dump our refuse in Somalia. Thousands of articulated trucks arrived from all over Italy, loaded to the hilt with toxic waste, which was then buried by the Camorra in the Triangle of death (Acerra-Nola- Marigliano), in the “Terre dei fuochi” area (North of Naples) and in the countryside of the Casertano area. This toxic waste is now “bombarding” the newborns in particular with dioxins, nanoparticles that cause tumours, birth defects and leukaemia.
The documentary programme entitled Biutiful Cauntri explains exactly what I am talking about.
To this disaster, we must also add the new disaster that is the Country’s politics, which has now become subject to the whims of the economic-financial potentates. As a matter of fact, since 1994, no less than 10 different Special Commissioners, appointed by the succession of different national governments, have overseen this Region’s waste management system. Over a period of 15 years, these Special Commissioners have spent more than two billion Euro on the production of more than seven million tons of so-called “eco-bales”, which in reality have nothing to do with anything remotely “eco” in nature. They are bundles of rubbish, nothing more and nothing less, all wrapped up in plastic, which cannot be incinerated nor can they be buried because they would pollute the underground watercourses. A significant number of these eco-bales, stacked up just outside the town of Giugliano, are currently busy poisoning the wonderful countryside known as the “Taverna del re“ (The King’s Tavern) with their percolates.
And so we have now reached the point of disaster! Today, the Campania Region has the same high incidence of tumours as has the Northeast of the Country, which at least has the factories and the jobs. We, with no factories and no work, have nevertheless been condemned to face the same bleak future. Our situation is an ecological disaster - and I say this in anger – but rather an ecological crime, the fruits borne of political decisions made for the benefit of huge financial interests. Nor does the proof lie in the fact that, upon the collapse of his most recent government, Prodi proceeded to sign two provisions: one authorising the burning of the Giugliano eco-bales in the incinerator at Acerra, while the second authorised the transfer of “Cip 6” funds (additional charges levied on our Enel utility bills supposedly to help finance the development of renewable energy sources) to the 3 incinerators in Campania that “convert shit into gold – as stated by Guido Viale- The more shit there is, the more gold we can make!”.
I became even more angry when the Berlusconi government signed the new decree into law, namely Decree No. 90 concerning waste disposal in the Campania Region. Berlusconi is forcing us, by military might, to set up another 10 rubbish dumps and construct another four incinerators. Were these four incinerators ever to become operational, the Campania Region would be obliged to import refuse from elsewhere to keep them going. The Acerra incinerator alone could burn 800,000 tons of refuse per year! It suddenly becomes patently clear, therefore, that we are not really interested in introducing differentiated refuse collection, because if this were to be implemented seriously, (say at 70%), those additional incinerators would no longer be required. For the past 14 years the political will to implement a system of differentiated refuse collection has been totally lacking. It is not only the Neapolitans that are not interested, but also those politicians that are hindering the process because they feel obliged to obey the orders received from the very same economic-financial potentates that are behind the construction of these incinerators. Furthermore, all of this is enforced with military might, thereby preventing any form of resistance or dissent, upon pain of imprisonment. The consequences of this decree are devastating for the Campania Region. ”If it is true that all citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law (article 3 of the Constitution), then the people of the Campania Region must be less equal and must somehow have less social dignity –states a recent Appeal to Campania’s Parliamentarians. That which is classified as “toxic” elsewhere, even in terms of European Union Regulations, does not hold true for Campania, and that which is classified as “hazardous” elsewhere, cannot really be so. The regulations governing the protection of the environment and the safeguarding and monitoring of the population’s health are obviously not applicable in our area. As regards the matter of the prosecuting any violations of the laws regarding waste disposal, the local Judicial police and the magistrature have fewer powers at their disposal than do their counterparts in other parts of the Country, and the new special Courts will not be able to protect the rights of the residents of Campania, as do the courts elsewhere in the country, due to this jurisdictional discrepancy and novelty ...
That is why I went to the Acerra incinerator in person, to voice my objections at Berlusconi’s press conference, organised so as to take place at the very heart of the Beast, as the people have named it. There were only a few of us there, perhaps only about one hundred people (After the thrashings handed out by the forces of law and order on 29 August 2004, the people of Acerra are understandably terrorised and are afraid to take to the streets). We tried to express our objections regarding what was happening. We distributed our fliers to the press: “Day of Public Mourning. Democracy has died in Acerra. This fact is regretfully announced by Prime Minister Berlusconi and Undersecretary Bertolaso.” During the course of the press conference (which we were prevented from attending!) Berlusconi asked Fibe for forgiveness for all that the company had been obliged to “endure” in order to build the Acerra incinerator! (I remind you that Fibe currently stands accused in an ongoing court case). What a slap in the face for the Judges! Bertolaso announced that, just the previous day, he had signed the agreement enabling Fibe to complete the work that the same company had begun earlier! Then he announced that he would be entering into private negotiations to select one of the three possible Italian companies and one foreign company to handle the waste management. The Italian company will almost certainly be “A2A” (the Milan and Brescia multi-service provider) and the foreign company is Veolia, the largest multinational company as regards water treatment and the second largest worldwide as regards waste management. It will almost certainly be Veolia that snaps up this tasty morsel and so, after the waste management contract, they will also snap up the water provision contract for Naples. How shameful is that! It is a supreme victory for the very same economic-financial potentates whose sole aim is to make money at our expense, we who eventually become little more than the latest guinea pigs. In fact, I am convinced that Campania has today become a prime example of what Naomi Klein refers to as the Shock Economy in her book of the same name! Wherever there is any sort of serious emergency in progress, the economic-financial potentates will be allowed to do certain things that would not otherwise be permitted under normal circumstances. If this strategy works well in the Campania Region, it will spread to other Regions too. (New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina has indeed taught us something!)...
Please don’t abandon us. This is a matter of life or death for us all. I write to tell you this with a heart that is full of anger. Let’s fight it!" Father Alex Zanotelli, Naples, 12 July 2008

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July 20, 2008

Brunetta and absenteeism amongst the parliamentarians

Fantozzi, absenteeism and the twice-employed

Public servants have a terrible reputation. All sorts of things are said about them. The terms Permanent Absentee, twice-employed, recommended by the politicians and rude to the public immediately spring to mind. Public Service Minister Brunetta has now decided to clamp down on absenteeism. The home visits by the sick leave inspector will continue to be mandatory, even in the event of only a single day of sick leave. No one will be allowed to get away with anything any longer. Brunetta makes the point that the inspector may drop in at the ailing public servant’s home at any time whatsoever “in order to facilitate his visitation roster”. For every occurrence of illness there will be a cut in “ all fixed and ongoing earnings or remuneration, as well as any associated benefits”, amounting to 25-30% of the total remuneration.
I like Brunetta very much because he is a real hard-arse who demands respect, just like Napoleon, with whom he shares a similar stature. I am absolutely sure that his directives will be somewhat like a lightning bolt even for the public servants “par excellence”, namely the parliamentarians.
According to an investigation carried out by the Sole 24 Ore newspaper, with reference to the Chamber and Senate data as at the end of 2007, it is possible to find out exactly who was absent during parliamentary voting sessions. Brunetta should immediately arrange to send the sick leave inspector to Arcore. Silvio Berlusconi is in fact top of the list of absentees with his 98,5% absentee record in the Chamber. We are well aware that he is never satisfied unless he comes first in everything. The current PDL spokesman, Capezzone, tallied up a total of 67,6%. In the top ten there is also Sandro Bondi, in seventh position with 87,5% and, in fifth place, the ex P2 member Cicchitto with 89,9%. All the little P2 members are running away from work. Brunetta should have them followed because we would all like to know where they go, what they do there and whether or not they are perhaps meeting with Veltroni.
The situation is no better in the Senate as regards the PDL. Marcello Dell’Utri with his 41,1% absenteeism rate takes the top spot. Just marginally below him, in second place, is twice-employed Ghedini with his 38,7%. This is the attorney that is paid for by the taxpayer and earns a parliamentarian’s salary for defending Berlusconi in every courtroom in Italy. He is without a doubt the king of the twice-employed, a legend of his own time. Here’s a little tip for Brunetta: send a sick leave inspector to the Milan Court immediately, because he is bound to catch Ghedini red handed, in the act of defending the psychodwarf against certain accusations in the Mills case.
If all the public servants had the same absenteeism percentages as the missing parliamentarians, we could just as well shut down all of the ministries and no one would be any the wiser. But does Parliament truly exist at all? If any parliamentarian is absent for even just one day, Brunetta should send out the sick leave inspector immediately. In the event that the person in question is either a condemned criminal, a statute-barred offender or someone under investigation (which will be true in most cases) then let the inspector be accompanied by a member of the Carabinieri (for his own protection).

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July 16, 2008

The Del Turco Theorem


The psycho-dwarf is right. For him the arrest of Del Turco is the “usual theorem”. The Del Turco Theorem in fact says:
”The sum of the two parties (PDL and PDminusL) constructed on the catheti is equal to the area of the tangents {kickbacks}constructed on the hypotenuse.
How much is the hypotenuse worth?
Modern Italian economic theory supplies a response with the Craxi theorem:
”The percentage of public financing, called hypotenuse, corresponds to 30% of the immaterial transactions.”
The Craxi theorem cannot be proved scientifically, but just in nature, as the financing is under the table.
An empirical proof of the Craxi theorem is to be seen in the public debt. If you do an approximate calculation of the size of the kickbacks given to the parties in the last 20 years you get by generously rounding down 1661 billion euro that is equivalent to the current public debt.
The Del Turco and Craxi Theorems are at the basis of Berlusconi’s special restricted theory of relativity (called restricted because of the dimensions of the guy).
”Justice is relative and it is applied only to others.” The researcher dealing with the statute of limitations, Ghedini and his spokesperson in the government, Alfano make it clear that for “others” the meaning does not apply to public office, to mafia people, bankers and all the institutions in the widest possible sense.
The Argentina Theory finally explains the effects of the conjunction of the Del Turco, Craxi and Berlusconi theories:
”When the kickbacks are greater than the threshold of the general poverty of the citizens, the system fails.”
The consequences of the Argentina Theory are illustrated in the Theory of Piazzale Loreto:
”When the system fails, the person responsible is hanged by their feet or escapes to Hammamet.”

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July 11, 2008



The price of food has gone up by almost 30%, that’s said by the Italians who do the shopping. We need to believe them. Industrial production is collapsing. that’s said by the industrialists. We need to believe them.
Morpheus Napolitano will sign the lodo SchifoAlfano, the space shield for the Band of Four. The psycho-dwarf will finally be safe from prison and Napolitano, Fini and Schifani will be able to, if they so wish, commit crime without risk. The Band of Four doesn’t know the cost of bread, and perhaps not even champagne. It’s immune from the rise in the cost of living. Out there. Far from the palaces, people are ever poorer, but from today, more aware that they are them, and we are just nothing.
Nadia has written to me. She’s an Italian woman who is struggling every day for herself and for her family.
Go for it Nadia. You will win. We will win.

Dear Beppe,
Good day. My name is Nadia and I’m 30 years old. I work in a supermarket on the check out, 12 hours a day. I’ve recently become a mother. My son is 9 months old. I am on maternity leave. I had a salary of a thousand euro, and now I get thirty per cent, about 350 euro.
I am married and my husband is a security guard and thanks to a few hours overtime he manages to earn 1,200 euro. We live in rented accommodation and we pay 800 euro in rent. We have tried to find a place with a lower rent but there’s nothing for less. We have had to ask for a personal loan to deal with the first expenses that the young have to face when they are creating a family. The overall repayments are 573 euro and I have an overdraft of 2,000 euro in the bank.
I have asked the nursery run by the local authorities for a place because the private one is too costly. But as our income and as we are a working couple my son has been turned down because he has 25 points and there are 255 children ahead of him. The charges for the private nursery (which is open until 5:30pm), I have discovered, is 500 euro a month. I can’t afford that.
My mother-in-law is not well. My parents can’t help me because my mother is blind and my father has a pace maker, having said that my father has to look after his own health and take care of my mother.
Soon, the period of maternity leave will end. I have tried to create a part-time job. But the first thing they ask is Have you got children? I say - Yes – and they slam the door in my face. Soon, the period of maternity leave will end and I will have to resign given that I will manage to get unemployment benefit, how will I cover the bills, the "Biagi" law for which he gave his life, what use is it? If it is not applied, is it possible that in 2008 you have to work 12 hours, because if I have a son I have to be treated like that and I don’t have the possibility to change and to improve my position. I am a woman beyond being a mother and I have the right to work as is said in the Italian Constitution. Italy is a democratic Republic founded on work. The Republic recognises the right of all citizens to work and it promotes the conditions that make this right effective.
The family is an important institution for the Italian State. There was the Family-day. Why should I be in a bad way in the country where I was born, I am starting to get depressed I no longer want to go out I feel like a failure what future can I give my son if in a bit I will no longer have the money to buy milk. Is it possible that no one will listen to me, what is my situation like that it doesn’t make the news, but if I am ignored and the desperation makes me take an extreme action then yes. In order to be heard I have to go to those limits!
I have to shriek out my suffering, but I need someone who can give me a voice. HELP I AM DESPARATE! I could seem like a whinger but I wouldn’t have fallen so low if I weren’t really desperate. I know I’m not the only one to be in difficulty, but this is not a good reason not to ask for help in fact how I am doing the others can do. If there’s someone with children they can understand me – for a child you fight to the death.” Nadia

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July 04, 2008

White deaths and blowjobs at work


Samanta Di Persio has written a book entitled “Morti bianche” (White deaths), which will be published soon on this Blog, free of charge. She sent me the testimony provided by Mrs. Franca, who is battling (unsuccessfully I might add) to get some sort of justice for her husband and her son who were both killed at work, and she is fighting against statute barring, pardons and “ad berlusconian” laws.

People are dying at work, but the real problems facing the country concern blowjobs.
“Today the workplace fatality counter stands at 533 victims and the real bitterness lies in knowing its destiny, because it is destined to increase. The present Government, like the previous one, are to busy with other things. They would have us believe that the real emergencies needing to be addressed do not include the deaths of men and women that are simply exercising their right to be able to take home a piece of bread. We are stuck on the issue of tapped telephone conversations proving that, today, the primary objective is to recommend certain dancing girls, actresses and ballerinas …but we are not entitled to know all the details … However, who will explain to Mrs. Franca Mulas that the world is running back-to-front, that those who make the mistakes will never be called to account, and that those who have lost a husband and a son will never see justice done, in addition to never having received any form of compensation. Our dearest Prime Minister, the prosecuted one who spends every Saturday afternoon with his attorneys, emerges unscathed from all the court cases, statute barred, “ad personam” laws, pardons and all. The sweetener is some or other legal decree, consolidated act or sneaky little law, no matter whether or not, or if they are ever applied, meanwhile, life on Earth is very different.
Gianfranco took Franca away from their native Sardinia so as to be able to provide a better life for their family. They arrived in Bergamo. He found a job in the building industry and his 17-year old son Luciano is engaged as well. This is a large family and everyone must do their bit in order to maintain a certain dignity.
Franca: “On 28 April 2000, Gianfranco and Luciano left home early in the morning. They had to get to Briosco (Mi) to renovate an old wooden roof. My husband was driving the crane and, at around 07h30 he loaded a batch of beams, which were wet and came loose from the crane. There were two men working under the load at the time. He shouted at them to jump out of the way. One of them managed to jump aside, but the other was struck head-on and died immediately. That other person was my son Luciano. He was 22 years of age at the time. Following the accident, my husband was charged together with the company partners. I won the case and I won the appeal case, but still no one has compensated me for the damages I suffered. In addition to the pain I have suffered, I have also had to pay out tens of thousands of Euro in attorney’s fees.” Franca’s life was not only turned upside down by the tragic death of her son, because a little more than one year later, another tragic event was about to occur. “Over a number of days my husband had been working at Varese, once again on a renovation project. He had told me that the scaffolding they were obliged to work on was not up to standard and he asked me to call the ASL (National Health Service) to get them to send over one of their technicians to do an inspection. I called them and they responded by registered mail, stating that they did not have any staff available to carry out the inspection. On the 23rd July one of the platforms flipped and my husband, who had been standing on the scaffolding at the time, was thrown off. The 15-metre fall tore him away from me just like my son had been earlier.”

Now Franca is all alone, attempting to raise 5 children and having to endure the hardships of two court cases. One of these, scheduled for December, will be statute barred by that time. This is a woman in anguish, resentful because she had been hoping for some sort of justice. She has had to endure being told: “You have had two family members killed on the job, heaven alone knows how much money you have received!” Franca has received no compensation and indeed no justice either. At the time of the last hearing, the Public Prosecutor had forgotten to notify the witnesses to attend the hearing. Not even a newly graduated attorney would make such an elementary mistake. Nevertheless, using this calibre of person is precisely the reason why so many cases are eventually dismissed due to the expiry of the statute of limitations. There are many other cases that are precisely the same as Franca’s, sufficient to say that each year there is an average of 1300 workplace fatalities, few of which are ever afforded nearly the same media attention as that afforded to the Thissenkrupp case, which has certainly helped to ensure that the investigations are expedited in order to reach a speedy verdict, rather than being forgotten. No one will ever be able to give Franca back her heroes that died on the job.” Samanta Di Persio

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July 01, 2008

No country for lambs


”A wolf and a lamb, motivated by thirst, find themselves drinking from the same stream. The wolf was higher up the valley, while the lamb was drinking at a certain distance, but lower down. Hunger however pushed the wolf into picking a quarrel and so he said: “Why are you daring to mess up the water for me?
The lamb trembled and said: “How can I do that if the water is flowing from you to me?”
”That’s true, but 6 months ago, you insulted me with nasty words.”
”Impossible, I was not born 6 months ago.”
”Well then” continued the wolf “it was definitely your father who used those terrible words against me.” Then he jumped on the lamb and ate him.”
Fedro’s fable is today’s Italy.
- Giorgio Del Papa, CEO of Umbria Olii, has sent to the family of the Campello sul Clitunno victims, (4 workmen died at work) an injunction asking them for compensation of 36 million euro. To die at work, a worker has to be at least a multimillionaire. Read the injunction.
- Silvio Berlusconi after approving law in the Council of Ministers, a law that makes him safe for the duration of the legislature from every trial. And after having launched a draft law that freezes one hundred thousand trials for a year so as to avoid the conclusion of the Mills trial against him: “However it’s certain that we will explore in depth with every effort so that the interests of the few do not prevail on those of almost everyone, continuing in the direction that was indicated in our manifestos and that is made concrete in our actions.”
Crimes suspended by Berlusconi: kidnapping, extortion, robbery, burglary, mugging, associating to commit crime, rape and sexual violence, unauthorized abortion, fraudulent bankruptcy, exploitation of prostitution, tax fraud, usury, falsification of public documents, corruption, revealing official secrets, computer crime, sale of products with counterfeit brand names, possession of pornographic or paedophile material, carrying or possessing weapons even in secret, culpable homicide caused by violation of traffic regulations, calumny, defrauding the European Community, fire-raising, trafficking refuse, adulteration of food substances.
- Agostino Saccà, director of RAI Fiction, now reintegrated back into RAI: “We are starting to see a ray of light in so much darkness. I’m keen to get back to work as there is so much to do.”
- Giulio Tremonti: “The current government has worked on the Alitalia dossier with constructive substance.” The Intesa San Paolo plan with the blessing of the government sets out 4,000 sackings, double the Air France number. Alitalia has lost about two million euro a day since the block on Air France. A mountain of money that by the end of the year will amount to about 540 million euro to be paid for by the taxpayer, including the Roma Ladrona {Rome the thief} folk of the Lega.
- Antonio Scajola: “Only the nuclear power stations make it possible to produce energy on a large scale, safely at competitive costs and while respecting the environment. By June 2009 we will define the new ‘national energy strategy’ that Italy has been waiting for, for twenty years.” Nuclear power stations do not make it possible to produce energy on a large scale, they are not safe, the radioactive waste is extremely dangerous, they are not competitive when you relate the costs to other ways of producing energy and they don’t respect the environment.
- Ennio Italico Noviello, top researcher in Rome’s CNR, declared that Brescia had proposed selling its incinerator (the biggest in the world) to Campania “The proposal was to sell it for 25 million euro, less than the amount needed to complete the one at Acerra. A proposal justified by the fact that the plant is polluting the whole of Lombardy. In Brescia there is not one cattle farm without dioxin. That plant has won a prize. But on the scientific committee of the body that assigned it the prize, there’s one of the companies that created the plant. Brescia is the most polluted point in the world, just look at the satellite. Brescia’s incinerator can burn 750 thousand tons a year, but the environmental disasters there have been documented, demonstrated and verified from all viewpoints. Even the European Commission has intervened. It is incredible that someone is proposing that incinerator as a model.”

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June 22, 2008



"This autumn we take to the streets against the Government " Walter Veltroni.
We stay,
as in autumn,
in the trees,

Text freely taken from “Soldati” (Soldiers) by Giuseppe Ungaretti

Free Tibet Diffondi

Click the image

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June 19, 2008

No one can judge me


YouTubeQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

The blog is publishing the official letter, kept secret up until now, sent by Berlusconi to his letter-carrier Schifani. A scoop. Tar Head and His Retriever then agreed on a version for the Senate that would have made Ceaucescu blanche.

Dear president,
As you know, this morning the senators Berselli and Vizzini have presented in relation to the so-called “security decree” an amendment aimed at establishing priority criteria for handling the most urgent trials and those that cause particular social alarm. I want to underline that the trials relating to myself are neither urgent nor do they cause any social alarm. If that had been the case, Italian citizens would not have elected me, otherwise they would be idiots as in fact they are.
In that amendment, it established the absolute necessity to offer priority treatment by the Judicial Authorities to the most recent crimes even in relation to the modifications put into operation for fast track judging and immediate judging.
This subject area is well known to me and it has my disinterested approval. I can bear witness to this as a “prescritto” that knows the facts.
This suspension of a year will allow the magistracy to deal with more urgent crimes and not those that relate to my position and in the meantime it allows the government and parliament to put in place the structural reforms that are necessary to imprint an effective acceleration of the criminal trials, even with the full respect of constitutional guarantees, eliminating the court chronicles, imprisoning journalists and as extreme rationalization for the defendant, in the case of Silvio Berlusconi, to challenge the judges.
My lawyers, that I have had elected for my necessary protection in Parliament, have informed me that such an arrangement in the regulations would be applicable to one of the many fanciful trials (I swear on my children, that I have always been in the dark about the existence of this Mills) that the magistrates of the extreme Left have thought up against me for political battles. I am saying to you, in private, they are the usual shitty communists.
I have thus taken a view on the situation of trials and I have been able to make out that it is the umpteenth amazing attempt by a prosecutor from Milan to use the justice system for political and media ends, supported by a Tribunal that is also politicized and settled into the accusatory theory.
I am innocent. Craxi is an innocent dead man. I have not been a member of the P2. The registration number 1816 was assigned to a Freemason who had the same name as me. A P2-man, a “golpista”, a whoremonger. ”
Baciamo le mani, Silvio Berlusconi.

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June 12, 2008

Bricks of Gold, Truncheons of Lead

photo by Salmoirago

Demonstrators from the group: “No Expo” who were standing up to the building speculation, tried peacefully to hand to Mayor Moratti, some golden bricks.
Police in anti-riot gear charged the young people. To whom are the police responsible? To the citizens or to the real estate companies that have devastated Italian cities? To beat up unarmed young people with truncheons and as can be seen from the photo, to treat a young woman as a dangerous delinquent. It’s not for this that we pay the State Police. Maroni Zanna Bianca strikes in Milan. The Lega, of what is hard, now has only the truncheon.

photo by Salmoirago

photo by Salmoirago

P.S. La Casa della Legalità {House of Legality}(, is organising for tomorrow, Thursday 12 June 2008, at 8:30pm at the Starhotel - Corte Lambruschini, Genoa, a meeting called: "Tangentopoli genovese - corruzione, conflitti di interesse, voto di scambio, infiltrazione mafiosa" {Bribesville in Genoa, corruption, conflict of interests, exchange votes, mafia infiltration} with Christian Abbondanza, Roberta Anguillesi, Elio Veltri.

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June 08, 2008

The plague is all around us

Click the image

Naples is only the tip of the iceberg. Italy is a peninsula that is crisscrossed by mountains of refuse, embellished with plains full of toxic waste, broached by rivers of hazardous liquids and surrounded by a sea of shit.
Naples is reflected everywhere. Unauthorised landfill sites, unbearable stenches, putrefying sores left out in the open, and poisons dumped in the farmers’ fields have all become a feature of the Italian landscape. It’s enough to take a bike ride out into the country in order to discover these new treasures. All you need is a camera and a protective mask that is able to keep out the pestilent smells. We can all become rubbish hunters.
Naples is not alone. Naples is anywhere where there is a corrupt local council. A party that uses the “exchange” vote in order to swell the ranks of employees in the refuse collection companies. Wherever there is a company that pays criminals to dump refuse in the fields, combined with fertile ground. Naples is reflected wherever the residents turn a blind eye because of fear, indifference or absence of State control. Wherever there is some or other mayor, councillor or parliamentarian who gets himself elected thanks to the payment of refuse collection bribes, or close links with the environmental mafia.
Refuse is the symbol of the second Republic. It is the parties’ most lucrative business venture. The black hole of State concessions and the municipal services organisations, which are quoted on the Stock Exchange and are filled to the brim with public officials. The parties are a like a veritable octopus. They have devoured the entire Italian industrial system. All that remains are the incinerators and the waste disposal business.
Naples is reflected in Castellamonte, in the green hills of the Canavese area, where certain mayors and managers and employees of the refuse removal and waste disposal company ASA have landed up under investigation or under house arrest. The Prosecution has accused them of having dumped the rubbish on farm fields and ploughed it into the ground, or having stored it in unauthorised landfill sites. Naples is reflected in Piemonte where, even before the findings of the inquiry was made public: “The mayors have taken sides with the people under investigation” and “The workers support top management”.
Naples is reflected in Lombardy, in the Gorla Maggiore and Olgiate landfill sites. In the Rubbish Connection inquiry. Instead of being processed, the rubbish from the South was being laundered by mixing it in with industrial waste, after which it was being reflected in the documentation as being non-hazardous waste and sent off to Grottaglie, in the Province of Taranto.
Naples is reflected in the five hundred thousand cubic metres of rubbish lying in an unauthorised landfill site in Puglia, which has polluted the Cervaro River.
Naples is reflected in the degradation of the “Parco dell’Etna” national park where the unauthorised dumping sites enjoy greater protection than does the nature itself, resulting in a frightening example of degradation.
Just a few words are all that would be necessary in order to change everything: “Differentiated waste collection” and “Rubbish is a resource”. The plague is all around us. Naples may well represent your area, your councillor, your mayor or your party. An epidemic transmitted by indifference.

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June 05, 2008

It can’t rain all the time

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Telecom Italia is one of the companies with the biggest debts with a share value that has crashed down to 1.391 euro, a forecast of zero growth in the next 2 years, the worst activity on the Stock Market in its sector. In 1999 Telecom, would have been able to buy Vodafone and perhaps even Telefonica, its probable future owner.
Bernabè, its current CEO, was sent away by D’Alema who made a gift of the country’s biggest company to the “captains courageous” using the mechanism of the leveraged buyout. It had a nice ring. It meant that Telecom was bought using debts. Colaninno and Gnutti didn’t have the money and they got the company into debt so as to be able to buy it. In this way the merchant banker D’Alema sent up in smoke the country’s greatest asset.
It would have still been possible to save Telecom if in 2001 the unhappy Tronchetti had not arrived on the scene. If the “captains courageous” still had rags on their backsides, he just had one of Afef’s used thongs. Tronchetti became the boss of Telecom with the complicity of the banks with only 0.11% ownership. The way he managed it reminds you of Attila. Externalise. Sell. Sell off parts of the company, from Telespazio to the foreign subsidiaries (while the competitors were investing in the emerging countries) and cutting the services so as to distribute the profits, stock options and the highest salaries in the sector in Europe. The Telecom security division has ended up in prison for spying (the men Tronchetti trusted), while Adamo Bove, who was collaborating with the Milan prosecutors, slid off a fly over. But this is a story that I will come back to.
Yesterday we got to a first epilogue in this colossal destruction of value with the interview of Bernabè to The Financial Times and the announcement of the sacking of 5,000 people for a starter. The rest of the meal will be much more weighty. Bernabè said that he will cut structural costs by 40% in the next few years. How many employees is that equivalent to? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? Bernabè has a hot potato in his hands. If he doesn’t sack people, he’ll end up like Alitalia. But the tens of thousands of families who will end up in the streets (or who are already in the streets) who will they have to thank?
When Tronchetti ended his extraordinary adventure in Telecom he said: “If you look at the Pirelli results, it perhaps wasn’t worth having the Telecom adventure. But the professional balance is positive.” The professional balance is that of the management, of Ruggiero (17.277 million € 2007) to Buora (11.94 million € 2007), now a director of Impregilo (sic), to that of Tronchetti in particular. Pirelli-Telecom has in fact been worth to him 295 million € from 1999 to 2007 in stock options and salary.
Buora, in response to a question about maxi-pay packets, replied that he is completely indifferent: “It doesn’t interest me.”
It does however, interest me. And I believe that it’s of interest to all those who have been sacked and who will be sacked. I believe that it’s of interest to their families, to the mortgages that they will no longer be able to pay, to their offspring to be fed. I believe that it is of great, of vast interest, for the thousands of Italians to know about the motives why the Telecom managers got richer and yet they were destroying the company. An interest of such proportions to deserve a class action against the previous Board of Directors of Telecom.
Every person who has been sacked and who wants to join in can write to the blog.
It can’t rain all the time!

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May 31, 2008


Click on the image: Chiaiano, professor Marfella

The Public Prosecutors Office of Naples has ordered the arrest of 25 people, all of which are public officials and employees of companies with links to the Refuse Emergency Committee (Cdr). The arrests made the headlines on the day that the news first broke, but within just a few hours it was relegated to the inside pages (Corriere) or became an irritation, as in the case of La Repubblica’s headline: “Refuse, now the magistrature has begun to cause problems”. The Veltrusconi newspapers have stood together in defence of “Monnezzopoli” (The refuse scandal). The managers of the Cdr plants in Naples, Benevento, Caserta, Avellino and Salerno were placed under arrest, namely the Cdr technical manager who is solely responsible for the procedures relating to the Acerra, the Managing Directors of the Fibe company, which is part of the Impregilo Group, and Ecolog, which is part of the State Railways Group, and Marta Di Gennaro, Bertolaso’s right hand man.
The psychodwarf’s continuous presence in Naples raises certain doubts. His decree making provision for a Super-prosecution Department is yet another example of clockwork injustice, one of his long standing specialities. 75 deputy prosecutors and acting prosecutors have rejected the decree as being unconstitutional. Naples’ jurisdiction over the entire Campania Region will result in the paralysis of all the investigations, since all of Campania’s justice departments will be required to “interact with a single Public Prosecutor’s Office, thereby risking that a drop in efficiency and increased delays will affect the co-ordination of police activities by the public prosecution”. The court proceedings that are currently in progress will be entrusted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, retroactively. This is tantamount to snatching the investigations away from the people who began them, thereby causing chaos in terms of the processing of procedural documentation.
Bertolaso is embittered and talks about refuse as if it was a lost love: “The intervention at Chiaiano was good”, “The intervention by the magistrature has created problems, not only for itself, but also for the local communities”.
The inquiry that led to the arrest of those 25 people commenced in January 2008, which was already too late, but also had nothing to do with the psychodwarf’s decree.
In addition to the abovementioned 25, there are another 28 people committed for trial for crimes including corruption and fraud relating to the provision of public waste disposal services. Amongst these are the former Managing Director of Impregilo, the former Managing Director of Fibe and the salt statue that is Bassolino. The court case is due to commence in July. This blog will be monitoring the proceedings with much interest.
25+28 equals 53, or “old man” in terms of the ancient “Smorfia Napoletana”. Since I am rather superstitious, this worries me, also because the number 71, which also happens to be the age of a certain old man, totally co-incidentally you understand, in the Smorfia means “man of shit”.
Monnezzopoli is coming.

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May 24, 2008

Two sitting side-by-side on the sofa

Tar-Head and Topo Gigio, the dwarf and his tall shadow. These two individuals have agreed to export the bullshit electoral law to the rest of Europe. If it is true that in Italy it is no longer possible to vote for a specific candidate and no one any longer says anything, then why not make pigs of ourselves in Brussels as well? If the citizens no longer has the right to select the person that will be representing him/her back home, he may just as well lose this right in Europe as well.
The marvellous extra parliamentary duo also wants to set up barriers for the European political elections as well. The higher the barrier is set, the fewer the parties that will be going to Brussels. As a result, many more of the European Parliamentarians will bear the PDL and PD-without-the-L stamp of approval. Vacuum packed Carfagne and Finocchiare put forward on everyone’s behalf. The barrier was introduced in Italy in the interests of governability. This makes no sense in Europe, where they value representation.
One page at a time, one quill at a time, they are busy taking away the citizen’s opportunity to participate in public life. It is a case of “either them or the citizens”. This is a concept that they have understood very well. The People’s Laws are being ignored. The referendums are being mocked, from the one on the abolition of public financing to the one regarding nuclear power. The army in place of dialogue in Campania. Military secrecy as regards the landfill sites and nuclear waste dumps.
The sofa at Palazzo Chigi is actually the new Parliament. A place where, when Tar-Head calls, Topo Gigio always answers with: “What are you telling me nooooooow…….”. The new bullshit European law will be promulgated, because it is precisely what is desired by the sofa politics. One simply lies down and the stretching-out phase begins.
The Europeans, however, must be informed that these new European Parliamentarians have nothing to do with us. We cannot afford to keep them in the dark. If so, our reputation would go down the tubes. For this very reason, should the new law be passed after the European elections, I will request an invitation to go to Brussels so as to publicly disassociate myself from the likes of Tar-Head and Topo Gigio’s elected individuals. Secretaries, recycled ministers, sentenced criminals, lovers, wives and debutantes. The money is ours, subject to their choices.

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May 13, 2008

Nonno cocaina


They’ve arrestedNonno Cocaina” {Grandpa cocaine}. Now he’s in prison in San Vittore. An official of the State Police together with a number of officers made a sudden entry into his apartment in Milan. Giuseppe, 73 years old, with the help of his wife, Angelina, aged 70, sold cocaine sweets that they wrapped up by hand and hid in the sewing machine. A retailer. Nonno Cocaina and his wife lived on 580 euro between them. They sold cocaine to survive. The arrest has been validated. Age for poor wretches is not a mitigating factor. But it is for Previti. The Police found 200 grammes of cocaine and a few thousand euro in cash. Before getting carted off to prison, Giuseppe managed to organise for the 580 euro pension to be paid to Angelina. Dura lex, sed lex.
I don’t want any more sweets, but I do want containers…
Gioia Tauro is the Mediterranean port with the highest number of containers in transit and it is the most important in Europe for the importing of cocaine from Colombia. To increase the capacity of the port, they are planning to invest 1.5 billion euro. According to a recent report of the antimafia committee, organised crime “controls or influences a relevant part of the economic activity connected to the port and uses it for illegal traffic”.
On the one hand there is a constant movement of ships teeming with cocaine and on the other hand an old man who sells cocaine. Who would you start with?

Let’s zap Forbice just as he zaps us. Free information in a free State.

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May 11, 2008

Topo Gigio and the shadows

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Topo Gigio has appointed the 21 shadow ministers of the shadow government. We need to understand why. After having delivered Rome into the hands of Alemanno, he has simply become a shadow of his former self. If Tar Head’s government is the government of the Bagaglino variety company, then the opposition is the shadow that walks. Dead mouse shadow walking. The shadows will not present any problems for the operator, at worst they may provide him with some shade.
Veltroni has made a very careful choice. There is shadow Enrico Letta representing Welfare. Enrico is a nephew of uncle Gianni Letta, Undersecretary in the office of the Premier. As far as Letta is concerned, Italy is a family business. Then there is Unipol-Fassino-five legislatures at Foreign Affairs. And then there is the shadow party of the incinerators, consisting of the Colaninno-Bersani-Realacci trio.
At the ministry of Justice there is the well-known Lanfranco Tenaglia, to oppose the shameful laws of the past and the soon to come sickening laws. Antonio “Kriptonite” Di Pietro has been left out. They are even afraid of his shadow. If Di Pietro horrifies Tar Head and little veal head Bondi, then he must make Veltroni as scared as hell.
In any event, Topo Gigio’s shadow government has at least one function, namely, to allow the emergence of new talent that could pick up the Country’s reins at some point in the future. New faces, such as Garavaglia, Minniti and Lanzillotta.
However, a number of shadow ministers are obviously missing from the shadow government, which appears to be a Club Med for failures. Bassolino, shadow minister of refuse, and Violante and D’Alema, shadow ministers of Mediaset, a real resource for the Country and for democracy, who have protected it for the past fifteen years against all of the court decisions handed down.
Times have changed. Once upon a time, the real and true opposition went underground. Today the opposition stands in a cone of shadow.
This is the One-party Italy. A government supported by shadows.
The opposition is in the hands of the citizens. Stay tuned!

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May 09, 2008

The Tin-Cap

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A member of the Local Police Force sent me a letter. He works as a “Tin Cap” in Milan. If the controller is starving, then the controlled party is able to buy him off. His boss is in a position to de-motivate him. Carmine makes two good points:
"Social standing does not pay the bills"
"It is a very simple matter to resign, and then to go and work for the same private individual whom he was investigating previously".
"Please excuse me but I cannot take it any longer and I feel that I must say something.
I am a member of the Local Police Force (Traffic Warden) in Milan and I am on duty 365 days a year, working a variety of shifts that range over the full 24-hour period. I am a person that is normally happy with his lot in life. I don’t live in unashamed luxury, anything but…., and I thought that I was fairly well-off all told, until I happened to glance through the 2005 income tax data divulged online before it was withdrawn.
It is said that public servants don’t do very much, however, they also earn little or nothing, something that no one ever mentions. In fact, notwithstanding all the qualifications I have, namely, public safety officer, public official, investigative police officer, etc., I now find out that, excluding overtime payments, I am at the bottom of the earnings list as regards taxable earnings and compared to all those people around me. If the Country continues to starve its workers, slaves, call them what you will, financial police officers, can it expect these essential activities to run smoothly?
As regards the investigations carried out by the Financial Police, it is shameful that a certain percentage of all revenues accruing from the battle against tax evasion are paid out to the administrative personnel of the various ministries, while nothing is paid to the Financial Police, which is the true executive arm of the process. Working as investigator, face to face out in the field, is an arduous task and, given the current level of unacceptable practices, the people feel increasingly entitled to attack those in uniform and the public institutions. How can we honestly expect any member of the Financial Police, who investigates cases running into millions of Euro, to live on starvation wages and still continue to carry out his/her task diligently? It is far easier to simply resign and go and work for the very same private individual whom he was investigating previously.
”Social standing” does not pay the bills. It would be better not to have any fancy qualifications but to earn a salary that is commensurate with the cost of living. I came across jewellers who declare lower earnings than mine, while other anonymous people, people with no qualifications whatsoever, declaring much higher earnings than me.
The politicians complain about the high cost of the Public Service, however it is evident that they are subsidising the senior employees within the Public Service, those that have never been anywhere near the rock face, those who have never been there nor will they ever go there, those who know nothing about the daily grind nor about the endless bureaucracy involved in certain mechanisms. Money is being thrown away on managers and outside consultants, friends of friends that are far removed from the real problems within the institutions. In my opinion, all of this is being done very scientifically in order to ensure that there are no operational and legislative instruments, nor any resources (money) left over for the troops. In this way, the latter group, the “foot soldiers”, will become de-legitimised and de-motivated, distracted by their financial concerns, namely the bills, the mortgage,...etc. Forget about “On your feet Italy”!!!
I would be quite happy to pay 70% Income Tax if I was in a position to declare the same level of earnings as Berlusconi, Montezemolo & Co.
Regards." Carmine

Ps. I am hereby publishing the updated list of convicted criminals in Parliament 2008, with the associated crimes. Circulate the banner by means of your own blogs. Read the list from time to time so as not to forget.

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May 07, 2008

His Fullness

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"I feel that Grillo personifies, better than many other characters, the worst of the Italian. He is the arch-Italian of the worst." Eugenio Scalfari

The bank clerk, Eugenio Scalfari was born in Civitavecchia in April 1924. He collaborated with the fascist newspaper “Roma Fascista”. After the war he grew a beard so that the partisans wouldn’t recognise him. He became liberal and a banker with the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro. His love of banks and of money has stayed with him for all his life. He became a radical and a journalist. He wrote his great piece: “Has Russia already won the great challenge?” In which he states: “In 1972 the USSR will have already got to the top not just as an industrial power but also for the average standard of living of its population. All the common sayings about the greater efficiency of private initiative and of the enormous waste of wealth that is inevitably accompanying collectivism, fall like a house of cards in the light of the results gained in forty years of the soviet economy.”
After a short reflection, he became a socialist and a town councillor. He became a deputy and a signatory to the document against commissioner Luigi Calabresi.
He applauded when non-parliamentary groups laid siege to the il Corriere print shop: “These young people teach us something (….) the assault on the print shop can be a warning for all those great journalistic chains that are used to (….) hide information, to manipulate public opinion.” To be coherent, he founded La Repubblica, part of a chain that is used to hide information, and to manipulate public opinion. He becomes the great old man of the left with his great wallet on the right. Year after year he becomes a De Mita follower, a republican, a communist, a PDS-guy and a PD-guy. Wherever he goes the grass stops growing. The latest success has been Walterloo.
He has a great opinion of himself that he shows in his Sunday sermon in La Repubblica and every time he is offered the possibility. In the book, “Incontro con Io” {Meeting with Me} he revealed: “I have finally reached my fullness” Montanelli said: “I know many scoundrels who are not moralizers, but I don’t know any moralizer who is not a scoundrel. Of course, with no reference to Scalfari. Just as a reminder.”

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May 04, 2008

Compulsory statute-barring

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If a parliamentarian is accused of some crime, it is in his interest not to be found guilty. It is perfectly human. That is precisely the reason for the introduction of the shameful laws that no one is ashamed of any longer. Laws that have also landed up benefiting all of the extra-parliamentary delinquents as well. A case of all or none. The statute of limitations is administered in the name of the sovereign criminal population. The reduction of the deadlines for statute barring is one of the preferred remedies for avoiding incarceration. The average period of time required for a court case to be concluded in Italy has now reached ten years and, with a good attorney like Previti on your side, a court case can go on for much longer. How many crimes go unpunished as a result of the statute of limitations? Who says 20%? Who says 50%? Who says 70%? You are all been too conservative! 95% of all crimes are statute barred, meaning that the offender will never be sentenced. He may well be guilty, but the legal system has run out of time. Court cases are delayed due to a lack of staff, due to the three-tier judicial system, due to the dossiers from the eighteen hundreds lying abandoned in the corridors, left to the rats instead of the computers, and due to the lack of finds. Statute barring makes these delays even shorter than the miniskirts. They have now gotten briefer than a tanga. Statute barring has become a right that is not denied to anyone, least of all people like Andreotti and Tar Head. It has become a decoration, much like the title of Commendatore or Cavaliere. Cavalier statute-barred by the Shameful Law. Now doesn’t that sound good? Bruno Tinti, Assistant Prosecutor with the Turin Public Prosecutors Office, writes in his book entitled Toghe Rotte (Broken Togas) that: “…it must be said that all contraventions relating to accident prevention, environmental, ecological and pollution matters, as well as all crimes involving corruption, financial fraud, tax fraud and others relating to abuse within the family and family welfare violations, all crimes involving false testimony, all crimes involving fraud, even those against the State or Public Bodies or the European Union, all these crimes, as well as many others that I have not even mentioned, will never be punished. No court cases relating to these crimes will ever be effectively concluded. No one who has gotten involved in one of these crimes will ever go to jail”.

Statute barring is like the wind
that absolves all the delinquents
the worst of these being in Parliament …

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May 01, 2008

The Whipping Post

Click on the image
To telephone Zapping: freefone 800 055 101, from Monday to Friday between 7:40pm and 9:00pm.
The income tax revenue agency has published online all the incomes of Italian citizens in 2005. Anyone can have free access, without being identified. This was suggested to them by the Ndrangheta, by the Mafia, by the Camorra and by the Sacra Corona Unita. Padoa Schioppa and Visco, with Prodi’s blessing and by the Centre Left “united and so never to be defeated”, put it into execution. The kidnapping of people will be facilitated, the ransom can be in proportion to the income declared. Organised crime will no longer have to investigate, to presume. They can go in without risk of failure by connecting to the tax collection site.
The good-for-nothings and the tax dodgers anyway will have nothing to fear. Those who pay taxes will be punished, those who pay a lot can be kidnapped, subject to extortion, robbed.
The robberies in the villas can finally be carried out in the whole of Italy and they won’t be concentrated in Lombardy and Veneto.
Family hatreds will find free reign. Those who haven’t given a loan to the family and have a high income will be finally unmasked.
Madness. This is madness. After the Great Pardon that liberated the prisons, this former government of vile, presumptuous and deficient people supplies to the criminals, information about income and the home address of the tax payers. Paying taxes like that is too dangerous. It would be better to have a conviction for tax evasion than to be knifed or kidnapped. The tax relationship is between the citizen and the State and it must remain like that.
Let’s send an email to the next Minister of the Economy, Giulio Tremonti asking him to re-establish the rules of civil life and to block the access to sensitive data to anyone.
In the next few days I will try to find out who was the inspiration behind this mess. It’s right that everyone can get to know and that they can be responsible for any possible consequences.

P.S. From tomorrow and throughout the month of May you can still sign for the referenda promoted on V2-Day. Signature tables ready for Thursday 1 May: Altamura, Busto Arsizio, Castellana, Foggia,Gubbio, L'Aquila, Milano, San Benedetto del Tronto, Soleto, Solofra, Viareggio

No alla colonna infame Spread the word

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Download the V2-day flyer
4. The V2-day video
Click to see the video

Click to see the video

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April 27, 2008

V2-day and Petronilla the orang-outang

Clicca l'immagine

V2 day was a success because almost 500 locations in Italy and abroad participated, because 1,300,000 signatures were collected in a day, because 120,000 people listened standing up for 6 hours in the hot summer sun, economists, environmentalists, labourers, mathematicians and also Beppe Grillo. But V2 day was an enormous success, extraordinary above all for the reaction of information. For the comedy of the information, with TV news programmes that dedicated 3 minutes to Rome’s orang-outang called Petronilla and not even a second to V2 day. Five minutes to the white shark in California and not even a second to two million people who supported a popular referendum.
The information of the regime has been the best sponsor of V2 day. Unmissable some of the ways I was framed from below so as not to make the people visible. It is the same technique used by the Polish communist regime for the visit of John Paul II on his first visit to Poland. There were millions of people but it seemed that he was speaking in a vacuum.
People, if it weren’t for you I would feel at a bit of a disadvantage. I would start to think that the mad one is me. That it is right that a politician possesses three national TV channels. That Italy is considered by international institutions to be semi-free in relation to information. That in Parliament there are 70 people who are convicts, “prescritti” and on remand. Yes, the mad one is me and you too, you who came out into the streets on this beautiful sunny 25 April.

Piazza San Carlo Turin, 25 April
We are freedom mad. Thanks, thanks again, I could spend hours shouting “thank you” to you from the window. I know that you can hear me.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

Click to see the video

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April 21, 2008

Sciur padrun da li beli braghi bianchi

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The Trades Union of Journalists, the FNSI, has decided to anticipate V2 Day. On 23 April, the FNSI will have a celebration to commemorate its centenary. Basically it will be its own Funeral Day.

The president, Roberto Natale made it clear that: “the date is not arbitrary…. We certainly haven’t waited for Grillo to put forward certain issues, and some of his responses do not convince us. More than the abolition of the Order of Journalists, we want a radical reform. Rather than the elimination of public contributions, we are convinced that they are necessary to reduce certain clientele, but it’s not OK to say that every public euro is a waste, is theft.”

So, basically Natale did not wait for V2 Day to raise certain issues (which issues?) and my responses don’t convince him (and this is a serious affirmation given that he has asked me no questions). Natale does not want to abolish the Order of Journalists, but instead he feels the need for a radical reform (what?). He doesn’t want to reduce the public contributions of a billion euro a year that keep alive, for example, Il Foglio and Libero, but he proposes reducing certain clientele. Well, here’s the rub, I have never spoken about clientele. Dear Natale, what are these clientele? Act like a journalist on the occasion of the centenary and inform us.

The Funeral Day will have the following programme:
- Visit to Morfeo Napolitano for an audience with the participation of all living presidents of FNSI. Rather than an audience, more like a funeral Mass.
- Commemoration at Rome’s Capranica Theatre on the topic: Journalism: from yesterday to the future”
- Special participation of the leaders of the federal Trades Unions: Cgil, Cisl, Uil and Ugl.
- Special participation of the Undersecretary Ricardo Franco Levi, the author of the “Levi-Prodi” proposed law that suggested closing down the Internet.
- Special participation of the Minister of Labour Cesare Damiano who will talk about the triumphs of the law number 30.
- Special participation of the leader Topo Gigio Veltroni, called Walterloo, who will explain how at one time he relaunched l’Unità with the Figurine Panini albums.

The FNSI has invited Testa d'Asfalto for his machine gun imitation aimed at the reporters in the hall, but it hasn’t yet had confirmation. Natale has even revealed the ideal participant for the Funeral Day: “The 100 years are an important milestone, but rhetoric is ready to attack at any moment. For this reason we have thought about having as our interlocutor a precarious worker.”
The secretary Franco Siddi certainly didn’t hold back: “The centenary is an occasion to respond with greater energy to today’s challenges, from the renewal of the contract to the freedom of information.”
First the brass, then the freedom.

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Eight months suspended sentence

Click the video

An eight-month suspended sentence for the death of a young man. I received a letter from the mother of Andrea, who died in his workplace at age 23 of a squashed head. She makes some serious allegations. A court case was held to investigate charges of culpable homicide. There are two possibilities here: either the company managers are innocent or they are guilty. If the former is true, then they must be absolved, however, if the latter is true, then an eight month suspended sentence represents the failure of the justice system in Italy. I am very keen to read through the sentence.
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo claims that workers in general are now feeling closer to Confindustria that what they are to the trades union. He is wrong, the workers are equidistant from both. They would dearly love to tell them both to fuck off. Temporary employment has resulted in Italy having the lowest salaries in all of Europe and the workplace becoming a death sentence. Reducing the safety measures is economically worthwhile. A human life is worth less that production.

"My name is Graziella Marota and I am the mother of Andrea Gagliardoni, who died on 20 June 2006 at the Asoplast Company of Ortezzano while performing his duties as a straightforward worker.
A pressing machine squashed his skull within a matter of just a few seconds. That is the day that my life changed. I now live with pain and anguish, however, that pain and anguish has now been replaced by great anger, which is what has allowed me to continue with this battle against the so-called “white deaths”. In actual fact, I have as yet been unable to understand why this adjective is used to describe workplace fatalities.
An initial preliminary hearing regarding the accident was held at the Fermo (AP) court on 4 April 2008. In the dock, facing charges of culpable homicide, were the Managing Director of Asoplast, Giuseppe Bonifazi, and Mario Guglielmi, Managing Director of the Schio-based Mag System Srl company that manufactured the abovementioned machine, a model T A 1000/S C/8.
The former was in the dock for not having provided the worker in question with appropriate equipment and for having deactivated the only safety system in order to speed up production.
The latter, instead, was in the dock for having built and applied the EC brand mark on a machine that does not comply with the safety requirements specified in attachment 1 of Presidential Decree 459/96 and the UNI regulations, and that was in any event inadequate in terms of safety.
With these charges on the table, I was expecting a sentence that would serve as a deterrent for any employers that are still breaking the law, thereby jeopardising human lives, namely the lives of their workers.
However, the entire court case was concluded in just a few minutes. The accused requested to do a deal and Public Prosecutor Bartolozzi decided that an eight month suspended sentence would be appropriate for both accused.
However, Andrea is no longer with us, they cut him down in his prime ….. he was only 23 years old.
Now more than ever before, I scream out in pain and anger against the scandalous sentence that shows total irreverence against all of the workplace martyrs. I will continue in my relentless battle in the hope that something will change in the future."
Graziella Marota, Andrea’s mother

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April 16, 2008

They will never let go, us neither

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It was the autumn of 2007 that Asphalt Head made a gift of pasta to hundreds of pensioners in the outskirts of Milan. Fini and Casini had abandoned him. An old glory on the sunset road. Veltroni has performed a miracle. His first political action has been to exhume a political cadaver. Remember the photo of the two in a hand-shake after a strictly private conversation on the new election law? They seemed like Garibaldi and Vittorio Emanuele II at Teano. The psycho-dwarf had an incredulous air. He couldn’t believe that the PD-folk were such arse holes.

At that time there was a Centre Left government made up of tiny parties. No one was consulted by Topo Gigio about a law that would have made them disappear. Topo Gigio has been the best ally of the PDL. He brought down the government: he did, not Mastella. He lost the elections in a disastrous way. He has eliminated the Left and the Greens. It can be done. If I were Berlusconi I would make him deputy President of the Council. Anyway better a true enemy than a false enemy. The Great Pardon, Mastella at the Justice Ministry, the failure to repeal the “ad personam” laws, the isolation of De Magistris and Forleo, to whom do we give the blame? What’s the difference between the Berlusconian 5-year term and the Prodian 2-year term?

The election law is unconstitutional. They have treated us like animals that can only make a cross on a symbol. And the cross we have placed all the same whether or not we are conditioned by anti-democratic media. They represent interest groups. Those who control them, control the country.

The breaking point will be the economy. We are in a recession. Our GDP will not grow in 2008. The worst result of the world economy apart from Africa. If the GDP isn’t growing, the number of jobs gets lower. Zero growth means between one and two million fewer jobs. The three card trick, that has been going on for years, of transforming a job into two positions for precarious workers, cannot continue.

A vote for the MPA and the Lega is a signal of “every man for himself”. Each for himself and God for everyone. Just as an example, if Soru had presented a secessionist list in Sardinia he would have won hands down.

Millions of people on the right and on the left will not have representation in the new Parliament. They are precarious workers, ecologists, unemployed people, young people. To leave them out of Parliament while inside there are a hundred that are convicts, “prescritti”, under investigation and on remand is not a good idea.

Without the freedom of information there is no democracy. They will never let go, us neither. V2 day. V2 day. Freedom of information in a free State.

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April 13, 2008

100 and no more than 100

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Travaglio and Gomez sent me the list of names of sentenced criminals, statute-barred offenders, people under investigation and those remanded for trial who will be elected to Parliament. In fact, the party secretary has already elected them. All in all, there are 100 names on the list, including a number of marvellous new entries. Top class personnel. No one else in the world is able to choose a crew quite like Berlusconi (56) and Veltroni (18) can.
In other countries, such as Finland or the United States for example, it would be sufficient to nominate one of the criminals on this list to ensure that the party would lose the elections. Here in Italy, things are totally different. A sentenced criminal in your crew could help to win you the elections. Such a person brings with him/her the votes of the Mafia groups, the lobby groups and the tax evaders. More simply put, this kind of nomination is merely the price of silence. Italy is the Country of Machiavelli. If the end truly justifies the means, then the criminal justifies the votes. Finally sentenced criminals and statute-barred offenders always get a reward for good behaviour. Offenders remanded for trial or awaiting appeals, instead, are granted parliamentary immunity.
Parliament is a free zone. Meaning that anyone who gets in gets off scot-free. This is a place where the law has no access. The Italia dei Valori party is the only one whose nomination list has no black marks. Antonio Di Pietro is like kryptonite for Tar-head. Next Monday, these 100 people will be able to take up their seats in Parliament as Senators and deputies of the Italian Republic. None of you will have elected them. In return for their social conduct, they will receive a fabulous salary and earn the right to a pension after serving for little more than two years. Make a note of their names because that your taxes will be used to pay them.

Classification of parties by number of sentenced criminals, statute-barred offenders, people under investigation and remanded for trial (*):

- PDL 56
- PD 18
- UDC - Rosa Bianca 9
- Lega Nord 8
- Partito Socialista 3
- Sinistra Arcobaleno 3
- La Destra 2
- Aborto No Grazie 1
- Italia dei Valori 0

Print out the list of names and offences and circulate it. Sharing information is a duty.

(*) Source: “If you know them then you avoid them” by Marco Travaglio and Peter Gomez

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April 10, 2008

The least worst

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The least worst is the son of the worst. It is his creature. Without the worst the least worst could not exist. The worst is the reference point for the Italian. It’s useful for orientation. The Italian always tries to do better than the worst. The least worst is a leap in quality. The Italian chooses the least worst dentist, he reads the least worst newspaper, listens to the least worst TV programme, works for the least worst company, votes for the least worst party, gets his operation in the least worst hospital, eats in the least worst restaurant, drives on the least worst road, breathes the least worst air, lives in the least worst apartment, uses the least worst notary, gets to be buried by the least worst funeral directors in the least worst tomb.
The worst is the best alibi of the least worst. Rather than the worst, the least worst is always better. Anyone can do better than Alitalia, than Asphalt Head, than Telecom Italia, than the RAI. Without the worst, who would have voted for D’Alema, traveled with Air One, listened to Rete 4 or made telephone calls with Wind? However… there’s a but, why do you have to choose between the worst and the least worst? Why this blackmail? I don’t want a least worst life. I demand a normal life, in fact I want it to be beautiful, optimum, excellent. Perhaps I won’t succeed, but I must try, I’m obliged to try.
The least worst has brought us the Great Pardon, the mess up, convicts in Parliament, incinerators, the Campania-Chernobyl, Mastella as Minister of Justice, a public debt of 1630 billion euro, the lowest economic growth in Europe, the precarious work, gagged information, an unconstitutional election law, Forleo and De Magistris treated like criminals. All the sons of the least worst. The worst and the least worst are like Siamese twins. Inseparable from birth. If one dies, the other follows straight away.
The best voter of the psycho-dwarf was the left of D’AlemaViolanteFassinoLaTorre and of Topo Gigio who, new leader, publicly invites him to define together the new election law excluding the Government allies. The best voter of the DS-dioxin-now-PD is Asphalt Head. Without him, how could they justify their existence? For 15 years the worst has been their battle horse, 15 years of Italy continually sinking, of decisions against the worst never taken. But what could we have expected differently? Worst or the least worst it’s always worse.

PS This evening at 9:00pm I will be in Pescara at the Palaelettra (via Elettra, zona stadio) to support the civic list "PescaraInComune". Watch live on the Web starting at 9:00pm.

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April 03, 2008

Sick of Terminal Bureaucracy

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Italian bureaucracy has grown like an immense fig. Whoever gets into contact with it is suffocated by a boa constrictor. Step by step they become a wet rag, a piece of raging meat, a madman looking for a vendetta. The terminal bureaucracy is the true flower in the button hole of our political class. People who wouldn’t know how to manage a public bathroom become mayors, undersecretaries, Ministers, local cabinet members. Promoted to the top of their incapacity. Never responsible for anything in relation to the citizen, the one who pays them their salary. The only defence is to avoid every contact. Ignore them. Pretend that bureaucracy does not exist. That it is a farce to pay salaries to a few million Italians integrated into the system. When that is not possible, as for Alessandro, there’s just the black hole waiting.

”I signed up to AIRE (Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all'Estero = List of Italians Resident Abroad) at the Consulate at the end of November last year. At the beginning of this year, the Consulate called me back to tell me that having consulted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for cases similar to mine they were told that there’s the need for the proof of residence and not just the self-certification. In my case the Permanent Resident Card.
As they asked me to, I sent this to the Consulate via fax. I phoned them to make sure it got there. They confirmed receipt. A few days ago, on 27 March , after the important date of 16 March, the last date for the Consulates to send off the envelopes for the votes I hear the response that yes I am signed up to AIRE but not to the election lists. They have to fax the request to my town of residence in Italy. That same day they fax the request.
The town hall that should reply in 24 hours, does not respond. They send another fax. Nothing to be done. At this point I call the town hall directly. They give me another fax number. Everything seems to go well but the town hall did not give authorisation to the Consulate to let me vote abroad. We have gone past the established time limits they say
I call the town hall back. They confirm this version of the facts. They put the blame on the Consulate for not having sent the fax in time. It is discovered that as well as the request for elections, the Consulate sent the town hall my request for being included on the AIRE for the first time (the one that I did at the end of November of the previous year). Because of a directive from the Minister of the Interior, the town hall can do nothing more. There is also a directive from the Minister of Foreign Affairs that would allow “generous” town halls to accept last minute requests.
I understand all the bureaucratic problems. However I don’t understand why the citizen cannot enjoy his right to vote. I would have to return to Italy, something that has no sense and that would obviously be very burdensome. I felt like a citizen of “serie B” for two reasons:
- I was resident in the wrong town. If I had been resident in another town, they would have given me permission to vote, as I have seen happening
I don’t have equal rights with other Italians because in fact I cannot vote and perhaps I will hear people saying that it’s not good that you don’t go and vote. I want to vote, not as a concession, but as a right. I also want to be able to choose to not vote, but the voting envelope has to arrive at my house, otherwise I won’t feel that I am being treated like a citizen.” Alessandro Calia, Devon, Pennsylvania

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March 24, 2008

Start from the beginning


An Italo-Australian from Agrigento came back to Italy after forty years. He got a wicked nostalgia. He left his country in 1968 with Mike Bongiorno and Pippo Baudo on TV, and Andreotti in Parliament. Alitalia was on strike. He had to go by ship. The commuter trains were full, filthy and late. He remembered the road works from that time, happening everywhere. He remembers the Salerno-Reggio Calabria about to be finished. In his time there was the crisis of the Mezzogiorno {the South of Italy}, the problem of the mafia and the neo-fascists. He’s found everything the same. Exactly the same.
In a TV programme there was even Mino Reitano, Peppino di Capri and Gianni Pettenati singing “Bandiera gialla” {the yellow flag}. “And Pannella?” He asked me. “Is he still there?” I assured him that he’s still there and that he does a beautiful thirst strike. And Albertazzi and Raimondo Vianello? Are they OK? I told him that they are often in the prime time evening slots. “And Fede and Vespa” he went on “the TV News people?” “They have a different boss but they disinform even more than before, they have experience that is overflowing.” I replied. At that moment on the radio, Tony Dallara was singing “Come prima più di prima”{Like before but more so} and Mina was at the top of the best selling charts.
The emigrant thought I wanted to pull his leg and he started zapping the TV channels. To confirm his ideas. There was a debate about the modernity of the work of Manzoni with readings chosen from “i Promessi Sposi”, Benigni reciting The Divine Comedy and the Pope speaking from the balcony. The last car the emigrant had was a mousy-coloured Fiat Cinquecento, with a folding top. “And Fiat, how’s that going? And its current models? I took a moment, frightened of his reaction. And I showed him an advert for the new car of the year – the Cinquecento Fiat. “Mago Zurlì?” he whispered. I wanted to lie, but I didn’t manage it. “Presenting Zecchino d’oro this year as well. But there’s no more Topo Gigio. He’s now gone into politics.”
He sent me a postcard from Sydney where he went back straight away. An old postcard showing the rubble of Belice in Sicily after the 1968 earthquake, the same as today.

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March 22, 2008

Imagine three days at Bolzaneto


Imagine three days at Bolzaneto. Then imagine some police barracks in the hills on the outskirts of Genoa. Then add Fini, the Deputy Premier, in the role of director behind the scenes in the Police’s operations room. Imagine Castelli, the Minister of Justice, on an after hours guided tour of the barracks. Let’s say that he sees some young guys in the spread-eagled position. Legs apart, arms up against the wall. Imagine him then going to bed and sleeping.
Imagine the police torturing unarmed young men and women. Italians and foreigners. Imagine broken arms, smashed teeth, broken jaws. Imagine women being forced to undress in front of a number of policemen. Add some threats of rape. Imagine truncheons between the legs. Imagine detainees being forced to shout: “Che Guevara was a son of a bitch”. Imagine unarmed individuals lying on the ground. Imagine ribs broken as a result of kicks. Imagine split skulls. Imagine terrorised individuals not allowed to sleep and not given anything to eat.
Imagine Italian politicians proposing a moratorium on the death penalty. Imagine Bonino and D’Alema, as happy as larks. Imagine an Italy that, twenty-one years on, has not yet ratified the UNO convention banning torture. Imagine an Italy in which the crime of torture is not a punishable offence. Imagine the torturers of Bolzaneto being accused solely of abuse of power. Imagine that such abuse of power is set to fall under the statute of limitations in 2009. Imagine Europe classifying us as a nation of clowns, neo-fascists and post-communists.
Imagine Berlusconi and Fini arranging a new G8 at Arcore. Imagine the citizens, many citizens that want to take part. Imagine the crime of torture not yet acknowledged in Italy. Imagine Castelli being woken up in the dead of night in order to carry out an inspection. Imagine the politicians responsible for the events at Bolzaneto being punished in terms of the law. Imagine a Parliament that acknowledges torture as a criminal offence.
Imagine a midnight train taking you to a faraway place, to some country that is civilised. Imagine a gentle breeze blowing in through the open window.
V-day 25 April. Freedom of Information in a free State.

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March 15, 2008

The Olindo and the Rosa of Alitalia and Malpensa


I confess! Last night I watched a television programme. I was in a hotel room in Rome and the television was switched on at the time. I am aware that this is not an excuse, but rather an admission of guilt. On the programme Anno Zero, they were screening a debate on the sale of Alitalia and the future of Malpensa. Fassino, Bianchi, Formigoni and Maroni all took part in the debate. They reminded me of Rosa and Olindo, involved in the Erba case. Each of them loudly proclaiming his innocence. They were not even there and anyway, even if they were there, they were busy with other things. Paid by us in any event. Doing fuck-all as always, the lot of them. Maroni, Minister of Labour for five years during the five-year reign of the psychodwarf. Formigoni, Governor of the Lombardy Region prior to losing his virginity. Fassino, who is fast approaching his FIFTH term in Parliament. Bianchi, incumbent Minister of Transport. While listening to the debate, it became patently clear that the blame for Alitalia’s decade-long period of bankruptcy (it is now ten years since he was ordered to submit the accounts to the Courts) fell squarely on the shoulders of the pilots and the airhostesses. And that the Malpensa hub was built in the ideal place to encourage passenger travel. Any airport with bribery as its foundations was unlikely to do very well. Without any access roads or infrastructure, and with very few international connections. People living in Turin depart from Caselle and those living in Milan depart from Linate. Previously, only the socialists ever went to Malpensa, now it is only Bossi and Castelli who go there. The arrogance of these destroyers of Italy is endless. Italians paid billion upon billions of THEIR taxes for a cathedral in the Varese area and for the indecent, partisan management of THEIR national carrier, and now these same people try to give us a lecture on public television. This type of information must come to an end. Let us rather hear what the experts, the citizens, the workers, the inquests and the dossiers have to say. Let the politicians stay at home. Public opinion would never accept having Olindo and Rosa acting as judges and television studio guests. Please shut up. At least let us have some silence and shame on you for having destroyed Italy.

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March 11, 2008

Would you know how strange it is to be a slave in Milan…

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I went for a look round Milan. The fashion shows have moved. They are no longer held between via della Spiga and via Montenapoleone, but in via Triboniano. In a camp for nomads near the cemetery Cimitero Maggiore, recently done up new thanks to the Milan city Council’s “Rule of Law Pact”. The models come from Romania, beautiful and young, about 15 years old. The youngsters are not made up, but raped, beaten and kept without food. Then they go out onto the catwalk, perhaps a bit anorexic, for a clan of foreign delinquents who admire them nude. Completely nude. The more beautiful they are, the more their value goes up. They pay up to five thousand euro for a young girl to be a prostitute on the streets. Once upon a time, women walked out nude in front of the Nazis who selected them for the gas chambers.
Milan wants EXPO 2015 and it doesn’t know how to protect young girls, and they are hardly more then children, in its own territory. In Milan, slavery has come back. The CO2 capital has overtaken ancient Rome in badness. The young girls are merchandise on the pavements for local paedophiles. The demand is high, you can see that in full daylight. Fresh imported meat.
The camp of models however cannot be searched, and even less can it be kept under control. It’s reported in il Corriere della Sera “a few weeks ago the prosecutor Ester Nocera, had wanted to order a search in relation to a prostitute who was tired of humiliation and beatings, but a high level police officer opened wide his arms. And the reason is easily explained. Either there’s a mass search of the camp in via Triboniano or a search is useless, because a system of look-outs warns of the arrival of the officers and warns those that can to make people and things disappear in real time.”
State Police, Carabinieri, Magistrates, local Police, Guardie di Finanza, Guardians, Army: how many are there of them in all? Hundreds of thousands, but not enough for the camp in via Triboniano. The thought of a citizen is lost. How is it possible that the young girls are treated like beasts not far from Piazza del Duomo, that everyone knows about it and nothing happens. A maleficent nothing. Perhaps Italy no longer exists, perhaps we are in extinction.
Article from il Corriere della Sera

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March 09, 2008

Respecting the Rules and breaking the silence

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The ceremonial surrounding the President includes the use of the “warning”. The severe action of the President of the Republic is always preceded by an intense internal rumbling. The warning is Napolitano’s final resource and he uses it sparingly. Just in serious circumstances. When he is obliged to guarantee respect for the Rules. Then he breaks his silence and warns. Immediately before that, the sky becomes black, the Honour Guard of the President go to the bar in via Nazionale and his wife takes the dog to the Parioli.
The Rules that Napolitano watches over are guaranteeing the political-economic-constitutional-lawmaking framework. Those who govern us must operate with serenity of mind.
Rule number one: politicians are above the law.
Rule number two: the conflict of interests does not exist.
Rule number three:the “par condicio” only applies to Veltrusconi.
Rule number four: the public concessionaire of 3 TV channels, Silvio Berlusconi, can be a candidate at the elections.
Rule number five: the referendum on the election law is optional, and in fact, it will happen a year after the elections.
Rule number six: the popular initiative laws to expel convicted felons from Parliament can/must be ignored and the 350,000 signatures from citizens buried in the cellars of the Senate.
Rule number seven: the election law that does not allow for the choice of candidates is constitutional.
Rule number eight: Bassolino, D’Alema and Fassino are companions who make mistakes.
Rule number nine: Corrado Calabrò, president of the Communications Authority is “super partes” and also a good person.
Rule number ten: The Head of State who minds his own business will live for a hundred years.
Anyone who allows themselves to query the Rules “is lacking in respect”. At a certain age you sleep in the afternoon and the “violent tones” are not good for our former democracy.

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March 07, 2008

Upon the death of Brother Clemente


Upon the death of brother Clemente 1(*)

One day, if I 2(*) don’t continue to flee
from party to party, you will see me sitting
on your stone, dear brother, crying over
the flower of your gentle existence o fallen one.
The Mother 3(*) in her final lonely years
talks about me with your mute ashes 4(*),
but I, in my delusion, reach out my palms to you
and say farewell from the rooftops of Ceppaloni 5(*).
I feel the gods against me 6(*), and the secret
cures that created storms when you were alive,
and I too pray at your tranquil harbour.
This is what remains today of your many vows!
Dear Clemente, at least return the bones 7(*)
to the arms of the melancholy Italians.

Loosely translated text from: "In morte del fratello Giovanni" by Ugo Foscolo.

1(*) Somewhat euphemistically, the Author is referring to the political death of Italian statesman Clemente Mastella (Ceppaloni 5 February 1947, still alive)
2(*) The poem is attributed to long-time childhood friend Pierferdinando Casini (“Ferdy”), who shared Clemente Mastella’s (Clem) political battles for decades
3(*) The meaning to be attributed to the term “Mother” constitutes a point of discussion for the scholars. While many believe that is a reference to Silvio Berlusconi, others suggest that it is an allusion to a lady of ill repute
4(*) “Mute ashes” is the nickname given to Governor Antonio Bassolino. Just like the ashes that, in fact, do not speak, so Bassolino has never said a word to the magistrates regarding the environmental disaster in Campania
5(*) The town where Mastella was born, and of which he is lifelong Mayor. It is famous for the torch parade by the town’s inhabitants in support of Mastella’s wife, Sandra Lonardo, subjected to house arrest as a result of being accused of extortion
6(*) The “gods against him” are the forecast percentage votes for his blackmail and government party, the so-called UDEUR. Indeed, in 2008, for the first time ever a party is showing a negative voting intention. Any party accepting the Udeur will be losing somewhere between 10 and 12% of possible votes
7(*) “The bones” are actually the infamous Christmas nougat sweets manufactured by Mastella himself, using the public funding granted to his party. Every Italian would like to get their hands on 100g of these.

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March 04, 2008

When a worker dies

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When a worker dies, politicians on the Right, the Left and the Centre are indignant. When a worker dies, the day after Prodi makes a decree.
When a worker dies, Topo Gigio Veltroni makes the industrialists candidates, “but also” a survivor of Thyssen Krupp.
When a worker dies Ichino says that “We are missing a culture of rules”. When a worker dies, the President of the Republic suffers and is hopeful on TV.
When a worker dies, Maroni says “It’s not the government’s fault because the laws exist.”
When a worker dies, no one talks about law number 30, of the precarious workers, of the blackmail that they are subject to, of the law of the boss and of the empty fire extinguishers “otherwise you go home”. When a worker dies, today Fassino and D’Alema, yesterday Berlinguer and Pertini.
When a worker dies, the boss has already put money on one side.
When a worker dies, the widow and the children finish up on the street.
When a worker dies, the Trades Unions declare a two hour strike in solidarity.
When a worker dies, the fault is the helmet, it was his fault.
When a worker dies, the fault is that if he complained about the lack of safety, he would be sacked because he was a precarious worker.
When a worker dies, it is almost always an assassination.
When a worker dies, he was doing a risky job, it had to happen.
When a worker dies, they give incentives to the companies that reduce accidents and they don’t close down those that produce deaths.
When a worker dies, it’s because safety is too burdensome for the Confindustria.
When a worker dies, it’s a business fact, someone has gained out of it.
When a worker dies, if he had been a politician he would have got by for a hundred years.

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February 26, 2008

The Veltroni Incredibles


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Topo Gigio is diabolical. He has copied the slogans and the programme of the psycho-dwarf’s government. At the beginning he was offended in public and then he understood. Topo Gigio has simply thinned them down – but only slightly. A “but also” here and a “let’s start again” there. A conflict of interest splashed about everywhere. The enthusiasm of Testa d’Asfalto {Asphalt Head} for his follower (because if someone copies your programme it means they approve it and therefore that they are on your side) has reached the point of a declaration of eternal mess ups. Topo Gigio is keeping him on tenter hooks and is working in the meantime.
Day after day he’s forming a government team with the psycho-dwarf’s men. It’s like a a campaign acquired from Moggi, it’s always him that arrives first: the Roditor Cortese.
Veronesi, called Cancronesi, will become the Minister of Health. Ichino, expert on the workers’ rights in the front line in favour of the precarious workers (he would like to have ever more of them) will be Minister of Labour. Ms Bonino, who has watched over the uncontrolled flow of Roma people into Italy and over the flow of European Funds to the mafias, will continue her activity as Minister for the European Community. For the Minister of Industry, they’ve signed up Matteo Colaninno, president of the young industrialists. His father, Roberto, friend of D’Alema is one of the captains courageous with ragged trousers who started the destruction of Telecom purchased with debts. And he has also (“but also”) convicted for the Italcase catastrophe and sentenced to 4 years and one month with the prohibition of holding public office for 5 years.
The word is about that Topo Gigio wants to complete his team with Mastella’s son at the Ministry of Justice, Geronzi at the ministry of the Economy (having been pointed out by D’Alema and Bersani), Romiti’s son at the new Ministry of Val-di-Susa-Messina Bridge-new-incinerators with ample provision for the use of truncheons.
They also say (“but also”) that Topo Gigio has chosen his spokesperson, one who is in competition with Fede, Mentana and Feltri all together. He is the formidable Riotta
There’s no interruption of a dream, no emotion extinguished.

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The pleasure of dishonesty

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Italy is a paradise. You just have to get the information before you come. Anyone, like Andrea who might want to invest in a farm-based tourism activity finds the natural habitat with us. However they have to act in illegality to avoid denunciation, loss of capital, and in the most serious cases, even prison. They have to build without permission, illegally get funds from the European Community, pay suppliers without getting invoices, and not register the building with the land registration. And once the work starts, not pay any tax and wait for the amnesty. To live in Italy is a pleasure, the pleasure of dishonesty.
Dear Beppe,
I was born and brought up in Bologna and for 9 years I’ve been living in California. My wife is American and I am trying to teach my two children, Alisa and Alessandro the language and the culture of Italy. Each year we come to Italy to spend our summer holidays so that my parents can see their only grandchildren and also because I don’t want to be cut off from my roots in the country where I was born and brought up. My wish is to come back to Italy to start an activity so that North Americans can see the marvels of our country.
Four years ago, my wife and I bought a property in Abruzzo to make into an agricultural tourism centre, Bed & Breakfast and/or Country House. I have planned the structure that includes a farmhouse building for living in and two other buildings. The plan was approved last October. I dealt with the local Town Hall for the paper work and the building instructions. I have tried to approach the Region, the Province and the Mountain Community to find out if there are any grants or any low interest loans that would make it possible to complete the work in an acceptable time.
In slightly over a year after the purchase of the property, my problems started. I was denounced by an estate agent that had, against the wishes of the owner, put onto their website, photos of the land and the buildings of the property. Given the distance separating us, I proposed to the agent, via my lawyer, a transaction in a reserved form equal to 3% of the price paid. The estate agent took me to court saying that the price paid was not what is registered and saying that he knows very well how things go in Italy! After this difficulty, that is still not sorted out, I decided to make a road to provide access to the old buildings, so that the construction firms can get access even with heavy machines. I got three estimates from three different companies from Teramo and choose the one that offered the best price. When the work was finished I received an invoice which was more than double the value indicated according to the price per metre and the estimate. I refused to pay the sum asked for and the second legal wrangle started.
My legal adventures are not finished because to finance the work I am obliged to sell an apartment I own in Bologna that was gifted to me by my father in 1993. I engaged a Bologna estate agent to sell the apartment. After about 6 months they find a “serious” buyer. In November I go to Italy to sign the sale proposal and to arrange for my mother to have power of attorney so she can sign the preliminary and final contract on my behalf. Negotiations continue until the buyer, because of the gifting, can’t get a mortgage from the bank. Through their notary, they propose that I revoke the gifting. I refused this because of the related costs and risks that I would have incurred. After some discussions with the estate agent, I asked them to respect the agreement that had been signed. But the buyer renounced on the purchase because of the impossibility of getting finance. As a person who is correct and honest, I asked the agency to give them back the 10,000 euro put down as a deposit and I managed to find another interested buyer. OK, this week I have received a letter from a law studio in Genoa that orders me to pay their client the sum of 10,000 euro for the withdrawal caused by my blatant non-fulfilment of the contract
When I announced this latest denunciation, my wife, as a serious and correct Anglo-Saxon, told me to sell the lot, to give up my dreams and hopes, because a country of dishonest opportunists, does not deserve our presence….
I read recently that out of 26 inspections on 26 agro-tourism activities that are partially financed with money from the European Community, only 6 were functioning! The other 20 have become luxury country residences restructured with tax payers money. The problem is always the same. A thin thread that separates what is legal from what is not. And the politicians who should intervene are at times active participants.

I hope that things can change. Only then can I, together with many other small investors, contribute to the development of the most beautiful country in the world, bringing our experience and knowledge as emigrants. Sincerely.” Andrea from Palo Alto, California

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February 21, 2008

It’s possible to give more…..


”I’ve never asked anyone for anything. However, I’ve got 6 children, all depending on me, and a V day behind me. From the moment that it became known that I got a shortfall of 80,000 Euro, I lost the respect of my fellow citizens. What image am I giving around the place? I am the shamed one of Genoa. No one ever gives me a loan now and when my wife sends me to buy the milk, I have to pay in cash! If freedom has no price, a V day anyway costs me a mound. My relatives want to have me locked up, they don’t acknowledge me any more. Put a hand on your wallet and buy the DVD of V Day to finance the next V Day on 25 April on the freedom of information, the most important. Anyone wanting it can get it free (free, a word that makes me shiver) , but they have to do that by making a deal with their conscience and with my brother. Who gets mad!” Beppe Grillo


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February 16, 2008

German brothers, declare war on us!

Otto von Bismarck

My appeal to the German people published in the weekly Die Zeit.
”Italy is launching an appeal to our German brothers. Declare war on us. We will surrender willingly. You won’t even have to fire one rifle shot. We will throw violets and mimosa to your Franz and Gunther as they march through. You are our final hope. Meanwhile, while you reflect and prepare your armoured tanks, we would like you to take care of our public employees. Every day we are sending you by train our rubbish from Campania. Our politicians are toxic waste, we just need to add a few extra wagons, shut tight, so that they too, arrive at Berlin or Cologne. Please take them too. When they arrive, thermo-valorise them straight away. They are more contagious than Ebola or the West Nile virus. We will pay you well. I give you my word that you will not get in exchange, bonds from Parmalat, the greatest collapse in history, or from Cirio and not even shares of Alitalia, that is losing a million Euro a day. I can even reassure you about the State bonds: they won’t be part of the payment. Italy has the biggest public debt in Europe, about 1,626 billion euro. If they had to reimburse all the different types of Treasury Bonds, the Italian State would declare itself bankrupt and the people would be shooting in the streets.
I would like to suggest to you a few names for the sealed wagons. You know many of them, they are even famous abroad, like Berlusconi who offended one of your representatives in the European Community labeling him a kapò. A man who has created himself with a tiny bit of help from friends. In Italy, friendship is sacred and if the friends are called Bettino Craxi, who died as a fugitive from justice in Tunisia, or Marcello Dell’Utri, convicted for tax fraud and false invoicing and the creator of Forza Italia, or Licio Gelli, convicted for having infiltrated his organisation, the P2, in all sectors of the Italian State, you can close an eye. Friends are never betrayed, above all if they exchange the favours. Craxi, for example, made an ad hoc decree that allowed him to have 3 national TV channels with which he could do political propaganda for his party and Gelli signed him up in his organisation of delinquents. Berlusconi also owns Mondadori, the most important Italian publishing group. He was judged thanks to the corruption of the judges by his trusted lawyer, Cesare Previti, who then ended up in prison. If Merkel were to own 3 TV channels and 40 of the daily and weekly publications, she would not need to do the Grosse Koalition. She would have 80% of the vote at the elections. Why don’t you suggest it to her?
With us, the conflict of interests is a funny story that the Centre Left has been telling us for years. Its leaders in reality, pass their time talking about banks and insurance on the telephone, someone goes sailing, someone goes to Arcore to reassure Berlusconi. They are called Violante, Fassino, D’Alema. The latter two are being investigated by the Milan prosecutors. The judge is called Clementina Forleo. Her parents died in a strange accident after they were threatened and she has been made out to be mad by the media, put on trial and transferred. I would also like you to take Veltroni, the new one that is left over, a politician that got his training in the 1970s and he has been given a new coat of paint with the new colours of the Democratic Party (PD). A new brand that is a substitute for the Democrats of the Left (DS) that had replaced the name Democratic Party of the Left (PDS) that came after the Italian Communist Party (PCI). Our politicians are chameleons. They change name and colour but they stay always the same. They hope that the voters will forget that Italian politics has been the worst in Europe in the last 20 years.
I wouldn’t want you to forget Mastella who lives in Ceppaloni. A gentleman who has amused the world. He believed he was the Minister of Justice, but he had a token role. They made him a minister with a giant lollipop and a precise mission: to do the Great Pardon. The first action of the Prodi government was to liberate 24,000 prisoners and the not-put-in-prison hundreds of public officials connected to the parties. Mastella spent so much of his time being photographed in prison with the inmates that they adopted him. He had to resign because his wife ended up under house arrest for abuse of power as a public official, together with an imprecise number of leaders from his family-led party. Dini, a former President of the Council, is extra-toxic waste. He is 77 years old and his internal organs, in particular, his brain, are decomposed. His beautiful wife has been convicted for bankruptcy and sentenced to 2 years and a few months. In Italy, that’s a merit point and he is rightly proud.
I’m asking you to do a raid in Parliament to fill the wagons. You will find 24 who have been convicted and have had their final appeals, for crimes that go from association in armed gangs, to fraud, to giving false witness, to mafia association. Added to these magnificent 24 there are those who have been convicted and have as yet had no appeal or just one appeal, in all about a hundred ruffians. With us “Prescritto” means that the conviction arrived too late to end up in prison. The world champion for this crime is the 90 year old Giulio Andreotti, to be accompanied to the wagon in a wheelchair. He has been convicted for being close to the mafia, but out of time. This is why he was promoted to being a life senator. Perhaps you came to hear that the Governor of Sicily was found guilty in January, for having acted in favour of certain mafia people, and he got a sentence of 5 years, as well as the prohibition on holding public office. He ate a plate of pasties to celebrate. (He thought he would get a lot longer) and then he was forced to resign. But he won’t serve a day in prison even if he gets confirmation of the conviction at the final appeal (with us there are 3 levels of conviction). Two years are done away with for every citizen and three are a pretty little gift from the Great Pardon law from the eloquent Mastella (he’s got a waist measurement of 200 centimetres, he eats like a warthog). To make up for that, Cuffaro will go into Parliament, appointed by his party. In fact, our electoral law, imposed with a sleight of hand by Berlusconi before giving up the position of President of the Council in 2006, sets out that deputies and senators are appointed by the party secretaries and not elected by the Italians. In Parliament, there are many wives, lovers, clerks, lackeys, yes-men, convicts, mafia people, and camorra people. The citizen can just make a mark on a symbol.
Many say that we will end up like Argentina. In reality we have already done so. But we are ashamed to say so openly. There are almost 6 million precarious workers in Italy who work one month on and one month off. The luckiest earn 800 euro a month. They are young men and women who will never have a pension. Every year the number increases. Italian industry is Fiat and little else. The big groups are State concessionaires, motorways, telecommunications, energy: they are monopolies. Foreign investments in Italy have collapsed. Spain has overtaken us. In European classifications we are always next to the last or last. Each time we are competing with Greece. Italy has the highest number of frauds in relation to the European Community. European funds, about 9 billion a year, finish up almost all in 3 Italian regions: Campania, Calabria and Sicilia, where the Camorra, Ndrangheta and Mafia are in command. A black hole of mixing between politics and organised crime. I could go on for hours, but I don’t have the courage or the space. Let the train start off as soon as possible and invade us. The Italians are on your side. “Cry for me, Deutschland”. Beppe Grillo

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February 14, 2008


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Two truncheons smashed on the body of an 18 year old. Terrorists? Non-Europeans? Common criminals? No – those paid by us to protect and keep order. One of them said to an operator of the 113 service: “We’ve had a half hour battle, we hit him hard, it’s just that now he has fainted, I don’t know, he’s half dead….”
The parents of Federico Aldrovandi, killed in Ferrara after being stopped by a mobile police unit, have done everything they can to let the truth emerge from the authorities. The film clip that Federico’s mum has authorised me to publish is terrible. Federico is left for hours on the asphalt without a white sheet to cover him. Treated worse than Christ on the Cross. You can hear voices and laughter from the one who takes the wallet. It has to be seen to be sure it doesn’t happen again.
I hope that the police say something. Police officers risk their life every day for our sakes. They mustn’t have colleagues who are assassins.

Look at the blog of Patrizia and Lino Aldrovandi

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February 12, 2008

The eternal present


Letters like this are arriving at the blog every day. They leave an emptiness inside me. I feel robbed of a future together with the one who writes. No one is talking about the future any more, of tomorrow. We are living in an eternal present. And we believe that this is life, without the possibility of change. Chin up! Let’s change this country.!
”Yesterday was a splendid sunny Sunday, one of those days that makes you want to go out, to see everything in that magnificent light.
But (we know) not everything can go as you imagine it. So you see that your wife is strange, you see her thoughtful, and with shining eyes. You go up to her nervously and timorously and ask what has happened. At this point serenity collapses. You start to tell yourself that you can’t go on like this, that it’s not right that even on Sundays she has to go to work and on Monday to clean the shops for a few Euros. She never has the time to switch off. I never take her out. I never give her a surprise. With that miserable pay packet we can’t get by any more.
She’s right. It’s unpalatable, tough, mortifying. At 36 years I’m a failure. I don’t get as much as 1500 Euro. With a mortgage of 700 Euro a month, utility bills, the car, taxes and school dinners (yes I have two splendid children), payments on the car, petrol, condominium expenses and so on. We don’t even manage to do regular shopping.
So, “angry” I take the two children and go out with them. I take them to the park and then to the fun fair. I let them enjoy themselves like I haven’t done for ages. On the way back I looked at them in the mirror of the car. I heard them chattering and laughing, and I started to cry. Yes at 36 years old, I cried like a child. Then at a certain moment the youngest one, saw that I was crying and said: “What’s up dad?” I replied: “Nothing. I’m happy because I see you happy.” I’m a liar. I should have replied that I was sad because I had spent the last 16 Euro on the fun fair, that I was sorry because Father Christmas couldn’t stretch to a playstation, that I didn’t know how to pay two utility bills, that the fridge is empty, that mum is right, I never give her a surprise.
Dear Beppe, I’m letting off steam and you will have received thousands of similar letters, but today I decided to write to you because while I was in front of the press, I remembered that about 10 years ago I had a tiny accident. A spring from a trolley for the containers suddenly came away and flew across my forehead. They gave me one stitch, and a few months later a cheque for 250 thousand lire arrived. The idea flashed across my mind to put my hand underneath, in the press and that way I could pay off the utility bills that are outstanding. But I was afraid.” Alessio

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February 10, 2008

Silent consent, as practiced by SKY


Theft has now evolved into silent consent. This is how it happens. The customer is advised in a discreet manner that his/her silence will result in higher costs and will increase the revenues of the service provider that has sent out the notification. People usually overlook the letter and either fail to read it at all, or only read it distractedly. That is the point when silent consent to dip into the reader’s wallet comes into play. Silent consent, when perpetrated on large numbers of consumers, generates significant additional income for the company concerned, with virtually no additional costs.
SKY recently inserted a letter into the free magazine that it sends out to all its subscribers. However, not everyone even opens the magazine, which is sealed in a plastic pouch. And, even having ripped open the plastic pouch and paged through the magazine, not everyone bothers to read the letter. The letter is not enclosed in any envelope and appears to be simply another insert.
All those people that fail to say anything will be paying an additional 90 cents per month.

Dear Customer,

We hereby advise you that, with effect from this month, the existing SKY Magazine will be replaced by the new SKYlife Magazine.
This copy of SKYlife is included in the price of your subscription. With effect from March, you will be able to decide whether to continue receiving it at an additional cost of 0,90 Euro per month, which will be reflected on your monthly invoice, or whether to continue receiving only the SKY programme schedule summary at no additional cost to you, this by calling the toll-free number 800 835 005 or by filling in the applicable field in the Do-it-yourself section on the website.

We thank you for your time and wish you “Good reading” with Skylife.
Cordially yours,
Angela Gemma, Customer Service Manager

I am not sure whether or not the law allows the imposition of any payment for services that have not been requested by means of silent consent. If it does, then it needs to be changed. Whoever uses this tactic of silent consent is acting improperly towards the customer.
SKY is making us pay an extra 90 cents per month for our silence. As far as SKY is concerned, we are not customers, but simply sheep waiting to be sheared. We should all cancel our subscriptions unless SKY changes its attitude towards us and shows a little more respect for the customer.

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February 03, 2008

White Eyes on Planet Italy


The honest ones are Italy’s real problem. Without this vile category of individuals, we would be able to live in peace, without denunciations, without scandals and Mastella’s wife banished to Ceppaloni. Italy would be pacified and serene.
The honest ones are the true “dropouts”. It is they who are the disadapted ones. All the other citizens have white eyes, without pupils. They see reality through Fede, Riotta, Vespa, Mentana, and Ferrara. The honest ones have normal eyes. They see the world as it is, not as it should be. They are dangerous. Aliens to be exterminated.
Italian society is standing up to them with effective actions, even though they have not yet cleared it all up. Different categories are producing antibodies of their own. The honest journalists have bodyguards, like Saviano, or they can only write in assisted newspapers that no one reads, like Travaglio. The judges that are equipped with pupils, the ones that see Berlusconi and D’Alema for what they are, end up on trial. The CSM always does, without discounts, what is in the interests of the country. The category of politicians is almost perfect. The honest ones are no longer a problem, they have disappeared. Geronzi’s eyes are the whitest in Planet Italy. A guarantee for the bankrupts and the AIDS bond. With him, the banking system is safe from the contagion of the dregs of the honest ones, who anyway have been marginalized and have taken cover abroad.
If information, politics, and finance are all under control, unfortunately, there are in existence in the population, fringes of delinquents who are anti-system, anti-incinerators, anti-convicts in Parliament, anti Dal Molin NATO base, anti mafia, anti camorra, anti TAV in Val di Susa, anti privatization of water, anti conflict of interests.
Insidious people who, through a clear demonstration of honesty, really want to go against the interests of the country. Antidemocratic people. Honesty in Italy is subversive. But in the face of this annoying anomaly, a remedy will be produced. The five year Berlusconian term of office that is awaiting us, will finally take the infected part of the nation and restore it to health. After that there will only be white eyes and pretend hair like all the rest. The honest ones will become a legend.

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Pardoned for having committed the crime


Italy is an advanced democracy based on the law. Our laws are our strength. There are so many of them, somewhere around 300,000/350.000, that no one knows them all. For every provision on the statute books, there is also one to the contrary, an exception to the rule, a legal interpretation. The number of attorneys in Rome alone is greater than the number in the whole of France.
For the past number of legislatures now, the Italians have been getting themselves elected in order to improve the laws. They want to legislate to cover crimes committed before they were elected. First comes the crime, then the self-pardon. Innocence, notwithstanding the fact of having committed a crime. Their actions are also somehow a social act. Together with a certain Prime Minister, by way of example, anyone guilty of financial fraud is automatically absolved of any guilt. This is now an ex-crime, which can now be committed in all honesty.
The psychodwarf led the way in terms of self-legislation. Democratically speaking, the same facility must now be extended to one and all. It works in the same way as the self-certification process. Based on his/her personal requirements, anyone is now free to introduce an appropriate law to suit him/herself, personally approve the law, and then submit it to the Municipality. In the event that this law clashes with that submitted by another citizen, the next step is to apply the law of the jungle. Should one of the two contenders happen to pass away in the interim, the survivor would, in any event, be entitled to a pardon. This is what often occurs, albeit it a more tacit manner.
Self-legislation would cause the soft underbelly of the State to emerge, namely, the part that, quite rightly so, does not wish to be tried for its crimes while everyone else always gets off scot-free. All this without having to pay for any costly matters such as having to bribe judges or buy off the journalists, something that not everyone can afford to do. A simple sheet of normal paper, a do-it-yourself law and a signature, and then you are free to commit any crime.
The election campaign has already begun: “Free and honest theft for everyone”!

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February 02, 2008

A blunt projectile


NBS (New Bullet Services) wrote to me offering a full made to measure bullet home delivery service. I think that this is an excellent opportunity for everyone, not only for politicians and journalists, but also for the common citizen. Support from the institutions jumps into action the minute a duly wrapped bullet is delivered. The neighbours look at you with pity, reverence and even a spot of jealousy. We now immediately move away from the old phrase “Do you have any idea who I am?” to the more in vogue “Do you have any idea what calibre of bullet I just received?” From mine’s harder than yours, to mine’s a bigger bullet than yours.

"Dear Mr. B. Grillo,
Any real VIP needs a bullet. Status symbols and pardons for crimes committed are now passé, just like the Ferrari and the holiday home at Porto Cervo.
What makes all the difference today is receiving a bullet, however, it must be delivered professionally. Dear Mr. Grillo, have you ever asked yourself why it is that bullets are received one at a time and only one per person? Have you ever stopped for a moment and wondered about the simultaneous nature of the deliveries and, above all, about the receipt of said deliveries? Given that the Postal Services are busy with everything other than the transportation and delivery of mail, how is it possible that the bullets are always delivered to different people yet they all arrive at precisely the same time? In addition, nothing is ever said about the calibre, whether or not they are explosive (Dum-Dum) or with an X cut into the tip, or whether they are made for war or for hunting purposes? Have you noticed that no one has ever been apprehended for sending a bullet to someone?
Well Mr. Grillo, enough is enough! Let’s approach this new era with a certain level of professionalism. Our company is offering you a number of special services and all you need to do is to select the one that is most in keeping with your status:

YES! I WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE (tick the letter of your choice):
a) A truly well-worn bullet (slightly scratched over time) wrapped in a badly torn piece of bribe-type paper
b) A buckshot bullet (ideal for those wanting to appear to be mafia victims)
c) A variety of different war-style bullets with attached silencer, in a “extreme suburbs” package (“'bbanda da 'a Magliana” model)
d) Bullet accompanied by a stencilled threatening letter
e) Bullet hole on a load bearing wall of your own home, with a variety of traces and a dead cat
f) Assorted bullets, threatening letter and apprehendable scapegoat (subject to negotiation following a visit to the site)
g) Brief gunfight in front of the house, with not less than 20 cartridge cases, bloodstains containing traces of at least 3 different types of human DNA (ideal for ensuring the arrival of the renowned Parma RIS unit)
h) More extensive fire fight with bomb-type sound effects, at least 40 cartridge cases littering the ground, various bloodstains including up to four people’s DNA (one of which is female) and tyre tracks, as well as 3 bullet holes in the wall and one person apprehended (with Olindo-type expression)
i) Tension strategy service, complete with brief kidnapping (subject to negotiation following a visit to the site). Cordially yours, " New Bullet Services

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January 29, 2008

The Trip to Rome


The psycho-dwarf is threatening a March on Rome if there’s not straight away a vote according to the rubbish law that he got them to approve so hurriedly in 2006. The law that was kept alive so happily for 2 years by the Centre Left REMOVES from the citizen the right to have a preference vote. It means, for example, that Cuffaro and Cirino Pomicino can be elected as Senators by Casini and by Berlusconi and the citizens can just stay and watch.
Asphalt head definitely said about putting off the elections: “Millions of Italians would pour out onto the streets to ask for that.” Bossi has piled it on: “If we don’t go and vote we will have a revolution. There are just a few weapons missing but sooner or later we will find them.” Some sympathiser has sent him calibre 38 bullets to get him started with munitions. In a normal country they would at least be under house arrest.
The probable future head of the government, whose number of “non-convictions for time out” we’ve lost count of, has a couple of trials ongoing. One for corruption in judicial documents together with the lawyer David Mills that should be finishing in April. It’s an extraordinary coincidence with early elections. And for which he risks getting a sentence of 6 years in prison. Another for presumed slush funds relating to the Mediaset TV rights. In no democracy in the world could a person be a candidate for the premiership with two trials ongoing. Think of Obama or of Hilary accused of corruption. I’ve got the suspicion that Italy for some time now, is not a democracy, but a docile dictatorship.
To the march on Rome, a strong and implacable response must be given. Italians!!!!!!!!
Everyone for the “Trip to Rome”. If the psycho-dwarf sounds off his trumpets, we will make a noise with our bells. If there is a march, I will organise a mass tourist outing in the Eternal City. The route will file past the Headquarters of the parties. An occasion that cannot be repeated to see the ruins of politics. And to take photos of our employees. An event to be recounted to our grandchildren. Better than the fall of the Berlin Wall. Italians!!!!

Click to see the video

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January 27, 2008

The great legislator


The psychodwarf has already kicked off his election campaign. At his age, he has very little time left over in which to destroy Italy completely. In the Senate, he has just completed a purchasing spree with Dini and Mastella. An option has been taken on Topo Gigio Veltroni. He has successfully completed his task of tearing apart the majority. He will be taking over D’Alema’s position in the “prison of liberty” and he will go on to write many books on Africa for the Mondadori publishing house. He will also, from time to time, be dribbling around the Arcori villa with Ronaldo and Cafù.
Tar-head already has his election programme ready. A “very simple law”, which will limit the scope of telephone tapping "only to investigations concerning terrorism, the mafia and the camorra". An act owed to the delinquent politicians, with five years of prison for anyone who illegally taps into telephone conversations, or who divulges the content. And, in the event that the content is published, a "two million Euro fine for the editor".
I fail to understand why all this prudence is necessary. Why allow telephone tapping in the case of the mafia? Let’s get rid of that as well. And in the case of the camorra. As far as terrorism is concerned, it would be worthwhile to specify left wing terrorism and leave it at that. Right wing terrorism doesn’t count. Telephone taps only for the communist terrorists. If the psychodwarf is going to create such a bullshit law, he may as well go the whole hog. Just imagine what would happen if one of his friends, who also happens to be a friend of a friend, receives one of those telephone calls….. and the judge is not for sale. How embarrassing that would be.
The scene surrounding Prodi’s defeat at Palazzo Madama is merely a mirage. They are claiming that Valium lost out. Not true, because everyone lost out. Everyone who contributed to the destruction of the Country was present in the house. No one was missing. They were celebrating, eating mortadella, spitting, boozing, uncorking champagne bottles, passing out and insulting. For a few hours the Senate was the biggest waste disposal dump in Italy. These men are our employees. We must take back control over our own lives. It is, after all, not as miserable an existence as they would have us believe.
The psychodwarf has been holding Italy hostage for the past fifteen years. No one would be able to bear another five years of the same. Not even him, with or without the telephone taps.

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January 20, 2008

Convicted and Content

Click to see the video

Once upon a time there was a happy cuckold. Today there is the happy convict.
For Cuffaro five years and the prohibition on holding public office is better than the title of “Cavaliere” or “Commendatore”. Casini is emotional, he thought it would be worse, at least 20 years. The psycho-dwarf called the “coppola boy” to give him his congratulations. The convict is, above all one who has been persecuted, a political refugee. For him Parliament is the logical haven. When he gets to the Lower House or the Senate he can finally commit crimes in blessed peace.
D’Alema (it has a strange effect on me to say his name, it seems to be talking of a defunct) explains that there is no conflict between the Caste of the politicians and that of the magistrates. And it’s true, the magistrates are only chasing, in accordance with the law, the Caste of the delinquent politicians, because they are delinquents not because they are politicians. But confusion has sovereign reign and the difference between delinquent and politician is getting ever less clear for the citizens.
Dini, the consort of the spry bankrupt, talks about democratic emergency. I don’t know why, but when I see him I’ve got the impression of pulling the chain in the lavatory. Perhaps a reflex reaction with regards to dung. The Mastella family set up on their own. They’ve all been got, from the father-in-law to the wife. It’s not done to set up disloyal competition to mafia families. Sooner or later you pay.
The President of the Republic, Napolitano, stays silent. The President of the Senate, Marini, stays silent. The President of the Lower House, Bertinotti, stays silent. The President of the Council, Prodi, however, is talking. He’s giving his moral support to the ceppalonic investigated one, and to his wife who is under house arrest. What do these people represent? Everything, but not honest Italians.
De Magistris can stay in Catanzaro, but not as the Prosecutor. He can stay only if he no longer does investigations. They have taken away from him the investigations as well as 8 months of service. His used car not yet. At this point, those under investigation, Mastella and Valium Prodi are guilty. Anyone who abuses their own position to block the work of the magistracy is guilty “a priori”. In fact they are twice guilty. The tsunami is arriving. Can’t you feel the smell of someone who is soaked in the air?

PS The snow is melting. I repeat: The snow is melting.

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
Clicca l'immagine

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January 17, 2008


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

The Lower House applauded Mastella many times while he was attacking the magistracy. A convinced solidarity of those who risk the same end. Italia dei Valori and the PDCI stayed silent. The ceppalonic one together with his party resigned.
Prodi is for the interim at the Ministry of Justice. Let him give the Ministry to Antonio Di Pietro. It is perhaps the only way to survive the anger of the Italians.

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
applause from the Caste (1) all around me
applause just you Sandra (2) you’re not there
but where are you who knows where you are
perhaps you too are under arrest
because you were singing
but why sing
if I sing all the Caste goes to prison with me
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
applause oceans of dirty hands
all around me
but your hands Sandra
I’ll never see them again
I’ve got a lump in my throat
arrest me with you (3)
why sing
act as a spy but why
if I sing the Cosca will not applaud me any more
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
a magistrate is not
is not a robot without a spirit
Prodi (4) I have been for you
like a disc that does the Great Pardon (5)
and then gets thrown away
applause from the Cosca all around me
applause just you Sandra you’re not there
who knows where you are
perhaps you too are under arrest
because you were singing
but why sing
but why sing
if De Magistris (6) is no longer there
ah ah ah ah
but why sing
but why sing
why sing if the Caste loves me
why sing if the Caste applauds me

(1) Applause by the whole of the Lower House on 16 January 2008 at Mastella’s attack on the Magistracy with the sole exception of Italia dei Valori and the PDCI
(2) Sandra Lonardo, wife of Clemente Mastella and President of the Regional Council in Campania, under house arrest
(3) Clemente Mastella is under investigation for 7 possible crimes, among which is the attempted abuse of power in relation to the Governor of Campania, Antonio Bassolino
(4) Prodi expressed his solidarity with Mastella and turned down his resignation.
(5) The Great Pardon in 2006 was put forward by Mastella and it meant that those responsible for financial crimes and crimes against the Public Administration avoided going to prison.
(6) Luigi De Magistris investigated Mastella and Prodi until the Why Not investigation on the distribution of European Funding was taken from him.

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UDEUR arrested!


I’m publishing this letter that I’ve received from Marco Travaglio:

Dear Beppe,
We are all dismayed and bowled over, because of what has happened to the so-called Minister of Justice Clemente Mastella and to his numerous family members. As well as to his party, that really is the same thing.
We are dismayed, bowled over, but above all we can’t believe the terrible stuff that is happening to so many wonderful people. In fact, apart from Signora Sandra, president of the regional council in Campania, her son's father-in-law Carlo Camilleri, former provincial secretary of the UDEUR, the Udeur regional cabinet members for Campania, Luigi Nocera (Environment) and Andrea Abbamonte (Human Resources); the Udeur mayor of Benevento, Fausto Pepe, and the Udeur leader in the Region, Fernando Errico, and the Udeur regional councillor Nicola Ferraro as well as a further 20 administrators of the Udeur. Practically, they have arrested the Udeur (a month ago the only Udeur Under Secretary, Marco Verzaschi ended up in house arrest for the ASL scandal in Rome, while another regional councillor in Campania, Angelo Brancaccio, landed up in prison before the summer when he was still in the DS. But as soon as he got out of prison he got into the Udeur on penal merit).
Mastella, who is still a free man, is under investigation in Catanzaro for the "Why Not" investigation that was set in motion by Luigi De Magistris and then snatched away by the general procurator as soon as it reached Mastella, who meanwhile, not only failed to resign, but asked the CSM to remove De Magistris from his path. However, Mastella resigned today, but only for a few minutes: then Prodi rejected his resignation, leaving him in his post – that is – incredible as it seems – still MINISTER OF JUSTICE.
However, his wife, has not resigned (in Naples, these days, there’s even the risk that a resignation of a politician will be accepted): so, I seem to understand, she will direct the Regional Council from home, that is from her lounge in the Ceppaloni villa.
At the moment, no one knows anything about the accusations laid against her and the other 29 who have been arrested. But the whole Parliament – with I gather, the exception of Di Pietro and the Italian Communists – has closed ranks around their man that is the most representative, giving him tumultuous applause and a standing ovation while he was insulting judges with subversive words, which even to Craxi would have seemed excessive, but not to Berlusconi. So basically, the Caste (ever more similar to a cosca) has decided that the accusations – (that no one knows what they are)– are without foundation and those who have been arrested are all innocent. To start with. A white coup. No a black one. A very black one on live TV.
Apart from Alfredo Mantovano of AN, no one asked how the Minister of Justice came to know that his wife was to be arrested and to present himself half way through the morning with a great written speech, even with citations of Fedro. Basically, how is it that the arrests are announced hours before they are executed?
And why were those arrested not taken at dawn to prevent the risk of someone fleeing? Even this time, the leaking of information has been useful to those under investigation and not to the magistrates. And naturally to the so called Minister.
The vice-president of the CSM, Nicola Mancino, rather than open a file to protect the judges attacked by the Minister, has immediately assured “human solidarity” to the Minister and to his loved ones (do we have to stand prepared for the transfer of Santa Maria Capua Vetere’s prosecutors and the GIP, in the wake of what is happening to De Magistris e Forleo?). The ambidextrous senator Lamberto Dini has taken the occasion to denounce a “disturbing fact when the magistrates have it in for our wives” (his, Donatella, having got bankrupt with some of her companies, was in fact sentenced to 2 and a half years for fraudulent bankruptcy, though the punishment got completely pardoned thanks to Mastella). Basically it is the umpteenth attack on the values of the traditional family based on marriage: after parliamentary immunity, we need a lovely relationship immunity.
As was observed by the signora Sandra Lonardo in Mastella from house arrest: “this is the bitter price that, together with my husband, we are paying for the defence of Catholic values in politics, from the principles of moderation and tolerance against every form of fanaticism and extremism”. What are they waiting for to invite her to talk at the Sapienza University?” Marco Travaglio

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January 14, 2008

Veltroni’s used cars

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

Veltroni lied to millions of Italians on live TV. In 2006 on Fabio Fazio’s programme : "Che tempo fa". Would you buy a used car or a democratic party from a liar? The TV makes it possible to say an untruth. No one remembers. No servant journalist will remember. However, the Internet has an incredible memory.
Before being elected as part-time Mayor of Rome for the second time that after his term of office he said he would withdraw from political life. And he stated that with a challenge: “Let’s see if it’s true or not.” Well. We know. It’s false. In another country his career would be finished. With us it’s only just started.
"Fabio Fazio: They say that the battle should be between yourself and Casini. Has this whisper ever reached your ears?
Walter Veltroni : Look, I’ve heard so many rumours. In the Economist they wrote about Fini and myself.
Fabio Fazio: But you’re always there however. This is the constant. factor.
Walter Veltroni : That gives the security that it won’t be me. The fact that it’s always me is the guarantee that it won’t be me. Really I think that if I am the Mayor of Rome again in the next five years, then at the end of this second 5-year term I will have concluded my experience of politics.
Fabio Fazio: Truly?
Walter Veltroni : Yes, because you mustn’t do politics for life. You need to go on doing the things you believe in by doing other stuff. There are so many things you can do. I know that when I say this, everyone is looking at me saying: “Well look what a crafty one, he says that but it isn’t true!” We’ll talk about that in 5 years time. Let’s see in 5 years time if it’s true or not.”
Read all the posts of the “Caste of newspapers”

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on with the tag V2-day
Click to see the video

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January 02, 2008

Bluebeard’s Justice


For anyone wanting to be liberated from the wife for a 20 year old from the East or to inherit the apartment, Italian law offers great possibilities.
In his book “Toghe Rotte”, the judge Bruno Tinti gives precious details to aspiring wife-killers.
First of all you need to have a wife and a good reason to get rid of her, then you can eliminate her. Anyone who wants to, can give expression to his sadism as it’s not considered to be a serious aggravating factor.
After the homicide you must then straight away rush to the Carabinieri to give yourself in, explain the details of the crime and make it possible to trace the weapon used to carry out the crime (bodkin, pistol, hammer etc.) There’s no longer any danger of the evidence being tampered with or of escape. Thus arrest is not necessary. While waiting for the trial it’s possible to continue your normal life.
For a wife-killer the sentence is life. But the husband can show that he “acted in a state of anger determined by an unjust fact carried out by others” (art. 62 n.2), for example adultery, to be ready to recompense the relatives of the former wife (art. 62 n.6), and ask for the fast-track trial.
The judge, with his calculator in his hand, starts to do subtraction.
- without aggravating circumstances, the sentence is not life, but 24 years in prison
-take off a third, art. 62 n.2 (state of anger) = 16 years
- take off a third, art. 62 n.6 (recompense) = 11.33 recurring years
- take off a third, art. 62 b general circumstances (allowed for everyone) = 7.5 years
- take off a third for the fast-track trial = 5 years
- if the murder happened before May 2006 there’s a discount of 3 years for the Great ceppalonic Pardon = 2 years suspended on condition of good conduct.
If the Justice system is particularly severe with a sentence of 3 years, the husband is placed in the hands of the social services.
Wife-killing is worth it. A book, the sponsorship of a make of male underwear and an evening with Bruno Vespa. You can achieve economic tranquility. In Italy, wives are useful even when dead.

PS. The judicial trial is valid also for husbands.

Bruno Tinti on Anno Zero Click to see the video.

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January 01, 2008

The war of the grandparents

Dini, aged 77 years and 7 new points for the Government, is not giving up. He’s thinking about the future. He’s the new grandpa. Politics’ sprightly little granddad. In 2006 he voted for the Great Pardon. His wife Donatella Pasquale Zingone Dini was convicted in December 2007 and sentenced to 2 years and four months for the 40 billion bankruptcy of the Sidema company of which she was CEO. For fraudulent bankruptcy. A crime that got pardoned because of the Mastella-ceppalonic-Great Pardon. What luck!
Dini should add an extra point to his seven proposals. To ask that his wife should not benefit from the Great Pardon. Monica Lewinsky almost made Clinton resign for a private service. I don’t know that Dini got any. But if Hillary had been convicted of bankruptcy, Bill’s career would have ended the next day. You can’t claim to govern the country if you can’t even manage your own family. The most you can do is to go off to the park.
Dini has started the War of the Grandparents. He’s aiming at being President of the Republic by laying traps for 83-year-old Napolitano. He’s also aiming at being leader of the Senate in place of 75-year-old Marini. In the meantime he would be content to be the leader of the technical government in place of the 69-year-old Valium Prodi, or of the 72-year-old psycho-dwarf.
In The War of the Worlds, the aliens came out from under the ground to exterminate us. Our governing grandparents come out of the old people’s homes to go into Parliament with the same intention. The Government is safe thanks to the vote of the life-long senators. Ms Montalcini of the hair like Pinocchio’s fairy is as old as a great-great-grandmother and Andreotti is a life-long “prescritto” and so cannot die. The costs of politics are destined to increase. In Piazza Montecitorio {location of Parliament} care-workers, nurses, companions and ambulances to get to hospital in an emergency will cost us as much as a Budget.
“The time of old age indeed is sweet, but all too soon it slips away. There’s no certainty about tomorrow. The false teeth whistle and go.”

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December 27, 2007

Pardon for Vallanzasca

Click here to watch the video

Mastella never stops, not even at Christmas time. Now he has asked for pardon for Bruno Contrada, the former Manager of SISDE sentenced to ten years for collusion with the Mafia. State President Napolitano has forwarded the request he received from Contrada’s attorney.
Mastella has said that: “Pardoning Contrada is something that is due”. He failed to specify to whom. Perhaps to certain politicians involved in the mafia killings? To organised crime? The Italians have asked nothing of the Minister for Pardon and Remission (no mention of Justice, ever). Not even Paolo Borsellino’s sister, who wants to meet with Napolitano as soon as possible and who recently spent half an hour with the psychodwarf.
Rita Borsellino stated that: “I believe that the possibility of pardon is extremely serious. Contrada was sentenced for crimes that he committed, betraying his position as servant of the State, the very same State that Giovanni, Paolo and many other institutional representatives knowingly laid down their lives. I understand the feeling of pity that some may have for a person in Contrada’s state, but his court case has left permanent remains of certain doubts regarding the fact that the manager of Sisde continued to state what he knew regarding the collusion between the institutions and the mafia organisation. Those that will be making this decision should be aware that these doubts will also forever hang over their actions. Any State must know how to distinguish and remember, otherwise their is a risk that perhaps tomorrow the same thing may be legitimate and pardon may then also be due to the mafia bosses, something that would be unthinkable in a democratic Country that is based on justice. My request to the Head of State was made not only as Paolo’s sister, but also as parliamentarian and an Italian citizen.”
The “vittime di via dei Georgofili” Association and the Caponnetto Foundation have come out against any pardon being granted.
Contrada worked within the institutions, but on whose account? If he refuses to answer this question, then he must remain in prison. Or is the fact that he does not answer perhaps very reason why a pardon is being requested?
From Francesco La Licata’s book entitled: “Storia di Giovanni Falcone” after the failed attempt to kill Falcone in his house at Addaura:
“Do you understand what has happened? There was a meeting of minds. There was a merging of interests …” But between whom? “I will tell you some other time”. He never mentioned it again, however, he was clearly alluding to the fact that, between the mafia and other powers, there were certain State bodies or private powers that had, at some time, made use of these bodies and of the mafia itself.”
I propose an exchange: pardon Vallanzasca instead of Contrada. At least Vallanzasca was not paid by us to commit his crimes within secret services, and always exposed himself personally.

Ps: Our so-called institutions are always looking back at the past. What we need is Springtime, we need to discuss our future instead of constantly being obliged to discuss Contrada, Mastella and Napolitano: 220 years of age between the three.

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December 24, 2007

The money under the Christmas tree

Photo by Debbie C.B.'s

Tomorrow is Christmas Day, its coming announced by a terrible crime that hit like a falling comet star. A woman from Bassano del Grappa was murdered and cut to bits. The value of this life was put at 800,000 euro by her kidnappers. Her name was Iole Tassitani, daughter of a notary, she lived alone with her two cats and was 41 years old.
The commercialistic Christmas has had its sacrificial victim. Christmas has become an end in itself, a celebration of commercialism and money. The only remaining thing that is still sacred is the current account. Everything is judged in monetary terms. Human life, a child’s organs, water and air. A kind of papier-mâché capitalism rendered toxic by the loans that ruin entire lives, invented by television, which makes money from boxes during prime time viewing, with questions worthy of Grade 1 students. Sex s big business, on the pavements, on calendars and in the buying and selling of senators. Politics is all about bribery, corruption, tax fraud, fake invoicing, legislative corruption and illegal financing. Of the 24 parliamentarians sentenced, almost every one is guilty of greed.
I remember, as a child, hunting for the cotechino hidden in the middle of huge communal plate of risotto. The one who ate the fastest would get to the cotechino. Now we no longer have that sense of competition, nor is there any cotechino at the centre of the plate. They always get to it first in the kitchen.
What will happen to us in this Country of contradictions, where the mirage of easy riches belies a real lack of money?
Our people refuse to resign themselves to the fact that they are poor and, if they cannot be rich, they believe that they must at least pretend. An appearance of nothing being wrong, all built on debt.
What is the value of money not needed for survival? It is worth nothing, in fact, it constitutes a debt, which we repay with our time and our love. It is like a drug that is making society go crazy. More so than cocaine or heroin. And it creates monsters that kill.
Avoid getting into debt, if you can, and this Christmas, give your children and your grandparents a big kiss from Beppe. Merry Christmas!

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December 20, 2007

Appeal to the UN against the death penalty in Italy

photo by Roberta Grilli Romani

The UN moratorium on the application of the death penalty represents a small step forward for mankind, but a gigantic leap for humanity. The spectre of the hangman has been defeated. Prodi claims to be proud for Italy.
China, however, experienced a brief moment of terror. The hundreds of executions carried out in that country, using bullets paid for by the targets’ families, could well be called into question. As could the expected presence of 104 nations, including Italy, at the next Olympic Games to be held in China. And what about the Dalai Lama, who hears no lessons from Bush with regard to Tibet, but only repetitions of Afghanistan and the military base at Vicenza, and Valium Prodi, who failed to meet with the Dalai Lama for “reasons of State”. Any normal Italian would have been only too happy to host the Dalai Lama in his/her own home, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. And he/she would have considered it an honour. A State honour. These politicians that fly low while grabbing everyone by the b…s, just who the hell do they think they are?
Sergio D’Elia of the Rosa nel Pugno Party was the symbol of Italy’s participation in the call for a moratorium.
This is the man that was “Convicted and finally sentenced to 25 years in jail for armed assault and complicity in murder, for having been a member of the Top Leadership and having taken part in the planning of the attack carried out on the Florentine Murate Prison, in which warder Fausto Dionisi was killed on 20 January 1978. Subsequently, he was elected as Member of Parliament, and was immediately appointed as Chamber Secretary by the Unione coalition.”
Not a single Italian Parliamentarian has ever asked for a moratorium on the death penalty in Italy. There are 1500 executions occurring each year in the workplace, in other words 4/5 per day. This is an epidemic that must be stopped using strong measures. The Government must get a move on. If 4/5 politicians were to die every day in Parliament whilst carrying out their institutional duties, perhaps then Saint Emma Bonino of Confindustria would take an interest.
In Italy, company profits are apparently worth more than human lives. On today’s front pages, there are full-page reports proclaiming: “The UN, a historic “No” to the death penalty”. Much smaller and at the very bottom of the page: “The workplace, endless slaughter, five victims in just one day”.
The lives of the family fathers working in the factories are far more important than anything else. Even the UN should be more involved.
Send an e- mail for a moratorium on the assassination of Italians in the workplace, for the attention of United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-moon:

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December 18, 2007

Temporary Merry Christmas

photo by hape_gera

Hey Guys, please send me the odd positive letter as well! Every morning, after having read your accounts, I feel somewhat led to commit suicide. For this very reason, today I have decided to make a change and to publish an e-mail I sent in by Francesco. He is a fortunate, 30-year old guy who works as a teacher, earns a salary of 1,172 Euro for no less than nine months of each year, and is paid by the State with only a the odd month of delay. He is just a big baby, spoilt rotten by his mother. Good luck to he that can afford to live like that.
Temporary work is fast becoming the norm, an epidemic, and soon the majority of Italians will be employed on a temporary basis. The few that are still employed on a permanent basis will be seen as profiteers, shoo-ins, or exploiters of the population.

Download the book entitled "Schiavi Moderni" (Modern slaves), as it makes ideal reading for a Temporary Merry Christmas.

Dear Beppe,
My name is Francesco, I am 30 years of age and work as High School literature professor. I have Degree in Classical Arts and I trained to become a literature and Latin teacher immediately after completing my degree. For the past three years I have been a fully qualified lecturer, to all intents and purposes.
At the time of our Practical Training (the notorious SSIS), we were told that we would have to endure a certain period of temporary appointment, or "gavetta" (working your way up) as my colleagues call it. Difficult years in other words, years of replacement teaching, of odd hours of work here and there, of ridiculous salaries and uncertain posts.
I have not received a single cent since June. After the end of the school year, I was obliged to make do during the summer, hoping to receive new calls for work in September.
At the beginning of the new school year, Minister Fioroni appeared to come to our aid, establishing that, in the case of long-term temporary posts, namely those lasting for an entire year, the Treasury Ministry would be responsible for paying the salaries, rather than the High Schools’ funds. This was meant to ensure that all the lecturers were paid regularly and would no longer have to wait five or six months for their money. At least in theory, I should be one of the beneficiaries of this new directive, and I use the term “should”: I am currently working at a High School, with an annual contract, I have more than one hundred students, I travel 80Km to work and back each day, not to mention the meetings, interviews and class counselling, overtime, school trips and educational help-desk duties.
To say nothing of the salary. At the end of November I received my pay for October: 1,172 Euro. Nothing more since then. Some of my younger colleagues have not been paid since September. I am fortunate to be a true “big baby”. I still live at home with my mother, who at least loans me money for petrol while I wait to get paid.
It is a popular belief that teachers do not work hard enough and that we are lazy, good-for-nothings: eighteen-hour working weeks are seen as a real luxury. I am personally responsible for more than one hundred students. Do you honestly believe that eighteen hours per week leave me enough time to manage, organise and prepare the necessary class work? These hours are doubled at home. Piles of homework to mark, lessons to prepare and tests to draw up. They appoint us in September and terminate our services in mid-June, a total of nine months of salary. We are not entitled to get sick, nor to take any days off.
I worked hard at university in order to get my degree as quickly as possible and was then immediately accepted to do my two-year teaching qualification, which I completed successfully, and yet, I am still obliged to borrow petrol money from my mother.
Dear Beppe, we have no certainty of receiving a salary at the end of the month, we are constantly juggling loans and bank overdrafts and we are forced to accept help from our parents. This notwithstanding, we are not classified as temporary workers to all intents and purposes, we are not “Modern-day Slaves”, we do not work in the call centres or pieceworkers: we are lecturers and, as such, we should not complain. And yet, we too cannot get a home mortgage, nor can we even remotely think about starting a family.
Unfortunately, books are not edible. Regards.” Francesco

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December 17, 2007

Buffon with no net


Rocco Marzio, the fifth of the men killed at work in Turin, has died after undergoing two operations.
In addition to ThyssenKrupp, Turin also hosts Fiat, whose current Chairman also happens to be the current Chairman of Confindustria. Following its foray into progressive advertising and then into deceptive advertising, Fiat has now invented deplorable advertising. One of the ads shows Buffon, the super-goalkeeper who is the symbol of the family-owned Team, launches himself like Tarzan amongst the nonexistent parapets, and this without any protection. The reality existing on many construction sites is clearly demonstrated by the goalkeeper, however, to encourage such a thing is truly excessive, certainly paternalistic and perhaps even criminal.
The AITeP, namely the Italian Safety Officers’ Association, has done some appropriate touch-ups on the photograph. I invite you to spot the differences between the two photographs.


Buffon, send Montezemolo up onto that scaffolding!

To complete the story in style, I invite you to reflect on the data sent to me by Marco Bazzoni, Safety Worker Representative from the ANNO ZERO website:
NUMBERS (prepared by Giusy Arena and Filippo Barone)
774: workplace fatalities between January and September 2007
34,051: workplace accidents in 2006 (Inail)
8.450: safety inspectors for 5 million companies
30: safety inspectors in Turin for 68 thousand companies (1 for every 2,266 companies)
93%: sentenced in court but never go to prison (Mario Almerighi, magistrate)
150 thousand: cases statute-barred each year (Ministry of Justice)
+ 8,1%: profit generated for the company, per year, per employee
+ 0,4%: per year on each employee’s salary
+ 90%:increase in large industrial companies’ profits over ten years
+ 5%: increase in employees’ income over ten years (Ires-Cgil)
We would like to express a special word of thanks to Ires-Cgil for their assistance."

Additional note by Marco Bazzoni, who disagrees with certain of the data:
930,000 workplace accidents in 2006, not 34,051
1.950: safety inspectors (or workplace safety officers).

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December 10, 2007

High speed guillotines

Photo from "Midnight Meat Train"

The National Railways overlook nothing, not even the smallest detail when it comes down to increasing the speed of their trains. In the spirit of their motto, “The sooner we leave, the sooner we get there”, Trenitalia has devised another new way to speed up the departure of the trains.
The train driver is no longer obliged to check whether the warning lights indicating the closure of the doors are on or off before departure. It is meant to be a productivity incentive for the railwaymen. What happens in reality is that anyone jumping on board at the last moment remains trapped in the doorway until the train arrives at the next station. According to railway workers, these sliding doors have caused some 800 accidents and four deaths since June, and this at Roma Termini, Pietrasanta, Torricella and Verona Stations alone.
The first class, 'Gran confort' carriages, whose doors close in guillotine fashion, appear to be the worst offenders. One man that has most certainly sampled the ‘great comfort’ for himself, is train conductor Antonio Di Luccio, who was dragged 100m by the train and had one of his legs and a foot amputated. “And yet the installation of safety devices would not require any major investment, especially considering the amount of money that is being spent on repainting and advertising”. Dante De Angelis, train driver and safety representative at the time, was fired and later re-engaged.
Conductors spend their weekends at home in training, closing the doors to their houses hundreds of times, as quickly as possible. If their wives ask any questions, they are told that: “It is for my own safety”.
Trades Union Representatives from Sdl, Orsa, Cgil and Uil have lodged statements requesting urgent intervention by the judiciary. Trenitalia remains unconcerned, and the company’s response has been that: “the figures have so far not indicated any increase as regards lack of safety”, and that “the safety criteria will increase with the introduction of new technologies”.
Whatever could these new technologies be? Following on from the “guillotine doors”, could we perhaps next be treated to “first-class electric chairs”, “sealed carriages with nerve gas” and “conductor’s noose”?

“But the locomotive runs, runs, runs
and the sound of whistling steam, it almost seems to be alive”
Francesco Guccini

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December 09, 2007

Work is a killer

photo from

Yesterday at the “alla Scala” opera house, one minute’s silence was observed in honour of those that were burned alive at the Turin steel manufacturing. Then, off we went with Wagner. State President Napolitano had just got back from the centenary celebrations for Mondadori, the writer D’Alema’s publishing house handed to the psychodwarf on a platter thanks to Previti’s corruption of certain judges.
The top leaders were there, together with models with long legs and balcony-style boobs. It would appear that Pertini rushed to the serious burn unit of the Turin hospital. It is said that he spent the night with the families. However, 1500 dead per year is more than worth a night out at the Scala.
The Government should call a special meeting of the Cabinet in order to implement urgent measures to improve workplace safety, however, this is a government that does not even have the courage to receive the Dalai Lama. When people die as a result of empty fire extinguishers and 16-hour shifts, the factory owner should be summarily thrown into jail, without passing go, and the factory should be shut down temporarily. The current centre-left Government, with its two trade unionists in the Chamber and the Senate, and its trade unionist Minister of Labour, is making us hanker back to the days of Berlusconi.
They are at each other’s throats for days on end because one soldier is killed in Afghanistan, a soldier who should not have been therein the first place, while ignoring a slaughter that has been going on for two years now. Why is this? I don’t know what the answer is. The Maroni Law has only increased the danger, because the temporary worker who is employed for only a few months does not have adequate time to learn the job, while the employer has no interest whatsoever in investing in any form of training. This flood of illegal immigrants, who are often the first to become victims and who are never legalised simply because it is not worthwhile. In the morning, the person who is unemployed doesn’t get to eat, but the one who is employed, leaves his family in order to go and risk his life. The odds of getting a visit from the inspectors are the same as those of winning the Superenalotto, one chance in every thirty years. We are absolutely top of the list in Europe as regards fatal accidents. In its latest report, the Transparency International organisation places Italy in second place in Europe in terms of the corruption of political parties, our only saving grace being Bulgaria. Top of the list for work related deaths and second for corrupt parties, could there just perhaps be some link?

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December 05, 2007

No to bullying parliamentarians in our schools


At one time we used to attack the ovens, now we are attacking parliament. Just this morning, the night watchmen broke through the barriers surrounding Montecitorio, before being stopped by the Police. The night watchmen do not want to be forced to accept fixed-term contracts and, in order to indicate their intentions, they goaded the deputies to come outside with shouts of: “Fools, Fools”. Night watchmen, taxi drivers, National Police, all within a few days. Which will be the next group to protest?
After V-day, the parties commenced with a gentle restoration. De Magistris, who was investigating European funding, namely, billions of Euro used for vote exchanges, was relieved of responsibility for the inquiry. Clementina Forleo is to be transferred out by the Upper Council of the Magistrature.
D’Alema is safe, Mastella is safe and Prodi perhaps did not need to be saved, but he made the psychodwarf look mean. He was talking while Valium, instead, quietly carried on. The judiciary being held on a leash and special laws being made to measure for politicians, and members of their families, have become an everyday practice. Dini’s wife was convicted of fraudulent bankruptcy and had not said a word to her husband. Nevertheless, she will not be sent to jail thanks to the family pardon and, meanwhile, her husband continues to exert his influence in the Government...
Convicted politicians are shamelessly interviewed, paid homage and smothered in media saliva. Dell’Utri, Gianni De Michelis, Bossi and Vito issue statements as if they were Leading Patriots. I believe that even they take pity on the journalists and their Principals.
The politicians are getting dangerously close to our guys.
An attack was launched against the psyche of a group of youngsters just yesterday by a de-Unipolised D’Alema at the “Istituto Tecnico Cristoforo Colombo”. The de-Forleized spoke on the topic: “The youth and the parties”, after having explained that he also feels the attraction of Faith and that he is not in favour of homosexual marriages.
Herewith some of the questions asked and answers given:
Youth: "Parliamentarians’ benefits "?
D’Alema: "I have always paid for my own cinema tickets "
Youth: "You are involved in judicial matters"
D’Alema: ”Look, I assure you, I am not involved in any matters”
Youth: "Islam?"
D’Alema: “...Traditionally, Islam is tolerant, if only we had not gone out to upset them with the crusades (1)”
Youth: "anti-politics?"
D’Alema: “It is difficult for anyone with power to give it up (2), that will depend on you”
Politicians that are barred, investigated or condemned do not make good role models for our youth. They should not be allowed to speak in Italian schools. I appeal to the headmasters, fight against investigated or condemned politicians and place the picture bearing the script: “No to bullying parliamentarians in our schools” at the entrance. And always notify parents beforehand so that they can take appropriate precautions.

(1) the last of the crusades took place in 1271
(2) Freudian slip

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December 03, 2007

The Vatican uber alles

Mussolini signs the Lateran Pacts

In Italy, there is always a common denominator in politics, whether they be centre-left or centre-right: it takes its orders from foreign powers. The first of these is the Vatican and the second is the United States. The former dictates our laws, while the latter sets up military bases in Italy and enrols this country in wars, just like the mercenaries of old.
Of the two, the Vatican is by far the most dangerous, without any doubt. It has much more experience behind it and (always) wins its battles by having them fought by the devoted Italian Parties that are sitting in Parliament.
Telmo Pievani, who has documented the full story in his book entitled “Sante Ragioni” (“Sacred Reasons”) has written me a letter.

Dear Beppe,
I wish to talk to you about the numerous “castes” that we have in our Country. What I am talking about is the ecclesiastical caste and its ever-increasing number of disciples that are active in the constitutional field and in the media.
I am a teacher of scientific philosophy by profession. In collaboration with a journalist friend, I have written a book intended to be an analytical discussion of the “Sacred Reasons” that are adopted by the leading figures of the Vatican hierarchy in order to justify the religious conditioning of the fundamental choices affecting the life of each and every citizen, from birth to death, from school to family and from bioethics to civil society. We are told repeatedly that it is not a matter of faith, nor of personal conviction, but rather a matter hat is the result of “proper reasoning” and “natural law” and, as such, is applicable to everyone. We took this matter seriously and verified that what we are dealing with is, in fact, a kind of non-existent rationality that is ideological and entirely unfounded. We have examined the consequences of these contradictory “reasons” – converted into State laws by increasingly industrious politicians, evenly distributed throughout both formations – regarding all our lifestyles. We have come to realise that the cultural climate in this Country is changing rapidly, and that as regards certain important issues, such as the freedom of scientific research, freedom of teaching and freedom in the biomedical field, there is a very real and documentable regression at play. A kind of creationist literature, which we thought was limited to American evangelical fundamentalists, is instead being spreading throughout our schools and our media. The Corriere della Sera newspaper and the RAI television channels are reviewing certain books that violently discredit the theory of evolution, and are filled to the brim with untruths, insults and scientific howlers. The latest “work” by Rosa Alberoni, “Il Dio di Michelangelo e la barba di Darwin” or “Michelangelo’s God and Darwin’s beard”, is presented in Rome, at a very prestigious venue, by former Ministers like Rocco Buttiglione, by RAI news service directors and other eminent figures such as Monsignor Rino Fisichella.
Let’s try to analyse a number of recent facts, namely certain documents, Parliamentary decisions, fund allocations and public statements. Here are some examples:
- the publication of the new Ministerial guidelines regarding Law No. 40 have been delayed, notwithstanding the overwhelming amount of data indicating its counterproductive effects of that unfortunate piece of legislation in terms of new births and discrimination against women
- as regards the bill relating to “de-facto” couples (Civil Solidarity Pacts, Stable service relationships, Civil relationships, ...), the restricted committee of the Senate, which was supposed to draft the bill in its final form, received approximately two thousand amendments, which will certainly bring all the Committee’s activities to a grinding halt for the next few months
- the law relating to living wills: as at June this year, the attempt being made to consolidate the eleven law proposals submitted into a single proposed bill had not as yet produced any results
- nothing further has been heard about the law relating to religious freedom
- funding for the research into exclusively adult stem cells, a unique case in terms of research ethics guidelines by the State: Minister Turco has firmly rejected an appeal from scientists working on previously gathered embryonic stem cell lines, and is even talking of a “gang war” between rival researchers
- the National Bioethics Committee has gone into what is essentially a permanent stall as a result of disputes between the secular minority and the (overwhelming) denominational majority. Influential secular scholars and scientists, Elena Cattaneo and Cinzia Caporale, have been “removed” from their positions as deputy chairmen
If these snippets create the impression that Parliamentary and Ministerial activities are grinding to a halt…… is not so, in fact:
- within the scope of is deliberations regarding the Budget, the Senate, with only one of the twelve senators voting against the measure, voted in favour of extend the exemption granted on the payment of Rates and Taxes on properties belonging to Religious Bodies and used for business purposes
- Minister Fioroni gave the go-ahead for the payment of the initial instalment of the State funding for equivalent schools (private), t the tune of around 127 million Euro. The Minister pointed out that “these amounts, to be credited immediately to the individual educational institutions, only constitute an initial instalment in terms of the envisaged funding”.
These facts are seldom if ever mentioned in the Italian media. It begs the question as to whether we have become a Country that practices conditional secularism. Kindest regards.” Telmo Pievani, Bicocca Academic University of Milan,

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November 29, 2007

The “Lescano” Trio


The Chief Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation, Delli Priscoli, has asked that disciplinary action be taken against Clementina Forleo. This is a triumph in terms of the standardisation of the judiciary and politics. Delli Priscoli is D’Alema without the moustache. Clementina says that: “On the 8th September, my colleague Imposimato asked me to meet him in a restaurant in Rome, where he warned me about certain pressures that were being exerted on Delli Priscoli. Either Imposimato was right, or otherwise he must be a magician”.
Delli Priscoli writes that Clementina “violated her duties of impartiality, propriety and equilibrium” by requesting authorisation to make use of the telephone conversations between Consorte, Ricucci and the “Lescano” Trio FassinoLatorreD’Alema, and Forza Italia gang members Cicu and Comincioli. It is alleged that Clementina “arbitrarily involved the financial escapade quintet in the unjust affair”.
Clementina is also said to be guilty of other misdeeds against the State Police and the Carabinieri. I will refrain from describing the misdeeds so as not to cause you concern, but I can mention that she had even uttered the now famous phrase “It’s time to end it” to two policemen who had, in her opinion, “brutally thrown an immigrant to the ground”.
Delli Priscoli did not appreciate the fact that Clementina had requested that her attorney be provided with the documentation relating to the motor vehicle accident in which her parents were killed. An “accident” announced a few days earlier. In fact, in trying to figure out whether or not her parents had been assassinated as a result of the investigations in which she was involved, Forleo is accused of having “failed in her duty of propriety”. Clementina Forleo is far too courageous, we don’t deserve her. She must resign from the judiciary. The Courts have now become a non-entity where only the unfortunate few get convicted and, perhaps, not even they. We don’t need heroic magistrates, but rather, courts that work, effective laws, honest politicians, real Justice Ministers, but not Mastella.
We don’t need to have judges stopped in their tracks by means of TNT or disciplinary procedures, judges that risk their lives, and those of their families, on our behalf.
What kind of a people have we become? What has become of us? I look at myself in the mirror and even I am disgusted.

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November 19, 2007

Forza Italia has dissolved itself


I’ve got two bits of news for you, one good one bad. The first is that Forza Italia has been dissolved. The second is that Berlusconi has founded the Partito del Popolo Italiano delle Libertà {Party of the Italian People of Freedoms}. The PPIL. Also called the Partito dei Prescritti Italiani in Libertà. {Party of the Italian “Prescritti” enjoying Freedom}. For the moment it has two members: the psycho-dwarf and Ms Brambilla. Andreotti has already put forward his application. A kiss in the square with Vittoria, in freezing Milan, was the moment of creation for this new formation. Thus ends the “forzaitaliota” era that started 23 November 1993, and lasted 14 years. Can you remember what we were like before they came into the field?
Once upon a time we had …. safety on the streets, jobs, Justice, industries that have now disappeared, a land that was not yet degraded. News was servile but not yet completely messed up.
Once upon a time there was the future, a word that today means nothing, it’s frightening. It’s best to invest everything in the present. The future will take care of the debts.
Our offspring have become precarious workers that depend on us, with no certainties. The only one is that they will live worse than us. Our current accounts have dried up. A house has become a good that is extra luxurious, an object for speculation.
The country is poorer, sadder. He has become richer, more joyful. Pure coincidence?
The opposition has made him work. D’Alema has put in committed himself more than all the others, and he has worked. He has dedicated himself to the destruction of Justice, to the disappearance of information and the growth of his patrimony. His objectives have been achieved.
The PPIL wants to go beyond that. It’s been fourteen years that we have been digging and he wants to go beyond that.
A seventy-year-old who “wants the great party of freedoms that we have always dreamed of”.
Berlusconi, when you leave, please remember to turn out the light.
Tell people about this initiative: copy and paste this code
Anche io sono ammastellato

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November 17, 2007

Coup d'état Trials


Click the video

Last Sunday after the death of Gabriele Sandri, Coni, the RAI and the Police found themselves under attack. Similar episodes only happen when you have a coup d'état, not for football. There has been a discussion of a sick football, of too much liberty given to the fanatics, of great times when you went to the stadium with your young son to give him a feeling for his own team. There has been no talk of the real reasons for the revolt. If it’s enough for one young man to be assassinated to attack the symbols of the State, what will happen in the future when we are faced by more serious issues? Gabriele was a pretext to lift (a tiny bit) the lid of the pressure cooker that is Italy. If politics does not lower the heat in the future the pressure cooker could explode.
Many people think this, like Cristian

”I’m writing because of the killing of Gabriele. This country has no future. If you go and watch a match and you get killed, it could have been in the park with the family and the upset was about who stole your stereo from the car, but since they have allowed themselves to shoot from the other side of the motorway (risking to get the driver of a coach and cause a calamity) aiming at a car that was driving off after a punch up in a car park?
You will be asking why is there so much violence? The answer is in our TV News every day. This country has its back to the wall. People can no longer manage to get to the end of the month, to pay the mortgage, to pay for food, the abuse operated by the companies for electricity, telephone, petrol etc. … all things that we can’t do without… and when they come to impound your house, who comes along to take it from you? the police … If you don’t pay a fine, who comes to confiscate your car or your furniture bought with the savings of hard work? the police… Who comes to get under the hair of the shopkeepers who work: NAS, the Finance police, the labour inspectors, the local police who get stressed about strange laws, that if you don’t respect they talk of fines with penalties. Services are always fewer and more costly.
People are afraid, stressed and they get to the end of the month with difficulty, you tell me what they should think of the institutions. I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a football fan. I’ve never been to see a match. I don’t care a fig about football… but I could find a way to get this country to change I would get moving too .. Have you ever asked yourselves what would happen to you if you had no milk, no money to pay the electricity, the medication? What would you land up doing? Try it out one month and see. You would even end up killing if it were necessary. Just think what they care those people if you accuse them of terrorism, They’ve got to the end of the meal.
Here’s what happens to the fans. They get to the end of the week stressed out by the system and they pour out their stress onto the police who represent the sick institutions, their anger … - and you want to call these acts of terrorism - but if you please .. go to the home of the Italians and a good half of them will tell you the same thing that I am saying… in recent times we have had the chance to see on more than one occasion what is happening in Italy. Just think about Beppe Grillo and the response he is getting.
But if there had been an Osama Bin Laden in his place, have you ever wondered what would happen? I’ll tell you: a revolution in the true meaning of the word. On the one side, the police (obliged to enforce respect for this law), on the other, the “terrorists” as they call them… (they are simply Italians who are tired and impoverished by the system). But if these terrorists were to get power one day, as happened in the last world war who would write the history books? And what would they say of the other side? Have you ever asked yourself? Cristian T. Italian citizen

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November 14, 2007

I’ve been Mastella-ed too!

Anch'io sono ammastellato

I’m driving back from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. I’ve even been through a snow storm in Switzerland. Once I’d got through the Alps they told me on my mobile that Clemente Mastella, Minister of Castes and Injustice is suing me. According to Ansa: “what has really infuriated Mastella is another of Grillo’s remarks, published in different newspapers: “The magistracy has been halted by the politicians. Once, in 1992, with Falcone and Borsellino, they used TNT. Now it’s the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.”
Where’s my mistake? The type of explosive? Didn’t they use TNT in 1992? Or perhaps the politicians didn’t intervene in any way in the Why Not investigation? Or Mastella has never been a Minister?
Those who share these three incriminating points:
1 - The magistracy has been halted by the politicians
2 - Once, with Falcone and Borsellino, TNT was used.
3 - Today it’s the Minister of Justice who intervenes directly.

can sign up to the initiative "Anch'io sono ammastellato" {I’ve been Mastella-ed too!} with their first and second name and put this box on their own blogs so as to give it a wide distribution.
I’m pleased that he’s suing me. It means that Clemente Mastella will finally be obliged to clear things up in a public debate whether or not there was political interference in the Why Not investigation and who set it off. We are all curious....
The news item as reported by Ansa. The news item as reported by Ansa.
Tell people about this initiative: copy and paste this code
Anche io sono ammastellato

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November 12, 2007

Comienza la selva de la Universidad de Bologna

Click the video

A young disabled Spanish lass has written to me. She has arrived in Italy to study with the Erasmus project. She chose Bologna. It was described to her as the best University for adaptations for disabled people. To get to the lecture theatre she has to do the trail of Indiana Jones and in the trickiest bits get her companions on the course for foreigners to drag her along in their arms. Once upon a time we made ourselves known to foreigners when we were abroad, now we do it here in Italy.
When you’ve read this look at all the film clips at the end.

“Good day,
I am a young disabled Spanish lass (in a wheel chair) aged 22 on the Erasmus in Bologna. The problem is that I wrote to all the Italian Universities that were offered in my University to find out which were equipped and which weren’t. According to everyone, the best was Bologna.
I asked whether I should come and have a look at it beforehand and the University told me that it wasn’t necessary. When I arrived I discovered that nothing that they had told me was true. After solving the problem of lodgings and after starting the courses that I had to attend, often and with different responsible people, I discovered that they have allocated me to lecture theatres with stairs that I cannot access. Many times I asked for a change of lecture room and for a solution to be found. Last week was the last and they have done nothing. Their solution for keeping me calm is to try to find accessible lecture theatres for the second semester. I am not calm because they are showing me a lack of respect and they are preventing me from attending the lectures. Not knowing what to do I have done the videos of the structures and on how I am meant to get to the lectures. According to them they had never had this problem. They told me I could come without problems. I thought that it would be positive to show the true reality of the University. I would be pleased to know if you could help me in some way. This is not right! A thousand thanks for everything. Greetings.” Maria Plágaro.

La selva de la Universidad de Bologna:

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November 10, 2007

Those with previous convictions in Parliament, mafia people in prison

Click to see the video
15 years separate us from 1992. The mafia has gone from the season of the bombs to the season of the pax sociale. In this period the bosses have ended up in prison with a certain frequency. Every two/three years the capture of a bosses’ boss. In the mean time the politicians under investigation stay free.
Paolo Borsellino said: Politics and mafia are two powers that live under the control of the same territory, they either are at war or they come to an agreement.”
And that’s how it was, but the agreement signed up to at the beginning of the 1990’s between the mafia and a part of the politicians must not have been very favourable to the mafia families. For them the prison is long lasting, for the others nice houses, beautiful women, Dom Perignon and TV appearances. And when will the families finish?
Perhaps it’s time for the mafia to review the contract and change some of the clauses. It’s not to be tolerated that the mafia people, after risking their life and being personally exposed, end up in prison for years, while the politician gets away scot-free. To the politicians with previous convictions and those who are prescritti, there’s Parliament, to the mafia people, if they are lucky, there’s l'Ucciardone {a prison in Palermo}
Lirio Abbate and Peter Gomez have written a book called: “I complici”. Abbate has an escort. He can’t be protected from the mafia, but to keep away from the untouchables. He has revealed too many names and surnames of politicians, parliamentarians, and State officials. The ones that in prison will never go.
I’m giving a few lines from the introduction to the book:
"When the newspapers (very few) and the citizens discover, with a delay of years with respect to the top politicians, the names of the Parliamentarians, regional deputies, Ministers, local cabinet members, and mayors who frequent (or have not just occasionally frequented) the bosses and those convicted for affairs relating to the mafia, the reaction of their colleagues is zero. Or rather there is a reaction: they shout that there’s a plot. The principle of elementary prudence that in mature democracies leads one to exclude and marginalize those who have questionable friendships is never triggered in Italy.”

The book "I Complici" by Lirio Abbate and Peter Gomez is published by Fazi editore.

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November 09, 2007

Christ Stopped at Capanne


Drugs are forbidden everywhere in Italy except in Parliament. The non-Parliamentary citizen who uses hashish is a criminal to be punished. Aldo Bianzino was arrested for cultivation of Indian hemp in his kitchen garden. He was a carpenter. He lived with his family at Pietralunga, on the hills near Città di Castello. In the prison at Capanne he was beaten to death. The forensic pathologist discovered 4 cerebral haematomas, damaged liver and spleen, 2 broken ribs. He leaves behind a wife and child. He was 44 years old and he had never hurt anyone Slim build, blond hair like the hair of another carpenter who landed up on a cross. On the other hand, Aldo first landed in an isolation cell and then in the cemetery. Judge Petrazzini has started an enquiry for voluntary homicide. The blog will follow the forthcoming events and will go to visit Pietralunga.
There are two causes of Aldo’s death. The first is the detention of those who use cannabis. The second is the impunity of those who dishonour their uniform and behave worse than the criminals.
The first reason is absurd. It fills up the prisons with drug addicts and with casual users. Giovanardi, the party companion of Mele (women-cocaine- champagne), does not agree on this. He wants 4 years in prison for a gram of hashish. (Read the interview).
The use of cannabis should be decriminalized. There would be fewer pushers, less financing going to organised crime, and no longer prisons that are bursting at the seams.
Even the Court of Cassation has confirmed that the domestic mini-cultivation of hashish is not a crime if “it is not substantially cultivation in the technical-agrarian sense and that is if it is not done as an enterprise”.
This is crazy.
Institutional violence is becoming a fatal vice, after Aldrovandi, Bolzaneto and Scuola Diaz.
This is from the website called Il Pane e le Rose:
”So Aldo was subjected to a fatal beating by the prison guards, while he was in the isolation cell, probably after flying into a rage. Beating up by personnel who are employees of the Ministry of Grace and Justice turns out, one more time, to be a current practice in a Prison for the prisoners who cause problems. This is practiced by specialist personnel who use professional techniques aimed at avoiding denunciation on the basis of superficial forensic evidence. We have to imagine in their formal completeness the arrangements behind these practices.
There will be a secret manual that describes the procedures to be followed for beating up; there will be training routes with experts who teach the technique and the most appropriate moves and they will supervise the rolling out of the programme, a training schedule, a careful evaluation of the attitudes and the ability of those who are called on to actually put into effect the techniques in their day to day work…”
If what has been reported is true I suggest that the prison massage is also practiced on the Parliamentary population who use drugs on the floor of the House, in their offices or in the hotels of the capital.

I invite everyone to participate in the National Demonstration for Aldo Bianzino in Perugia on Saturday 10 November 2007.

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November 05, 2007

TNT? Why Not?

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Gioacchino Genchi, the expert appointed by Luigi De Magistris has been removed from his post by the Catanzaro Prosecutors’ Office together with the captain of the Carabinieri Pasquale Zacheo who had been following the Why Not enquiry from its inception. In Genchi’s report, published in Secolo XIX, the names of the protagonists of the enquiry are given. As well as the names that are already known (Romano Prodi, Clemente Mastella, Lorenzo Cesa) there are also the names of Francesco Rutelli, Giuseppe Pisanu, Gianni Alemanno, the inevitable journalist Renato Farina and the president of the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà, Giorgio Vittadini.
Genchi reports the telephone conversations of the various people. Mastella is always in pole position. He talks confidentially with the person under investigation Antonio Saladino, former president of the Compagnia delle Opere della Calabria, and with Luigi Bisignani, former member of the P2, convicted and sentenced to three years and 4 months for the massive Enimont kick-back. In equal second place are the names of Prodi and Rutelli, "Er Cicoria" as Genchi relates: “There are even numerous telephone contacts between Antonio Saladino and Francesco Rutelli, about which Saladino had also noted the details of the use of various mobile phones, from home and from the office of the party”
Genchi has written on his site: “They have added up all the costs of the General Prosecutors Office of Catanzaro, and they said that that was the money used by De Magistris to pay my fees. Wow! Just so it is clear, and I challenge anyone to demonstrate the contrary, judge De Magistris has not yet paid me a single euro for my work. Not even the cost of travelling on the ferry from Messina to Villa San Giovanni. I knew, furthermore, that to accept work from him would not have brought any benefit to myself. I would have been able to keep working on robberies, mafia affairs and murders. I wonder whether it’s also for this reason that someone wants to stop me. I am not afraid of the threats and my conscience is clear. I have always been aware of the risks of my work. In truth, I had never considered the possibility of being kidnapped for a ransom. With the million Euro that Mastella says I have received from De Magistris, going to Calabria becomes dangerous just for that! Apart from the irony, this is my work and I am proud of it.”

Summary of the previous episodes of Why Not:
- Mastella asks for the transfer of De Magistris
- the CSM postpones the decision until December and they don’t transfer him
- the news of the investigation is leaked and published by Libero
- the investigation is removed from De Magistris by “avocazione” {work is claimed by his superior}
- the trial documents are transferred to Rome with a blitz on the Procura di Catanzaro {Catanzaro Prosecutors’ Office}
- start of the checks to transfer the Why Not case to the Tribunale dei Ministri {Tribunal of the Ministers}
- removal of Gioacchino Genchi, the expert working in the investigation
- removal of Pasquale Zacheo, the captain of the Carabinieri who had been following the investigation
De Magistris has talked about dark powers and of TNT. Will this be the next move?

Read the complete report by Gioacchino Genchi.

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November 04, 2007

Let those responsible pay the bill

Photo: Ansa

An officer of the Carabinieri explains how the politicians manage our security. Certain questions are put forward. I would like your help for the answers. Find the names of those responsible for:
- the negotiations for enlarging the European Community to Romania without imposing any conditions
- the degraded state of the Tor di Quinto station in Rome
- the explosive Roma camp in that zone that is without any services as well as the hundreds of others in the same conditions in the whole of Italy, from the banks of the Tiber to the outskirts of Milan.

Dear Beppe,
The episode of the rape and massacre of Signora Giovanna Reggiani in Rome has brought out horror and indignation. The blood, the pain, the fear of the Italians falls on the conscience of those who govern, the politicians and the top civil servants who have managed “the security system” in the last ten years. They have dispersed with arrogant approximation, the professional, democratic and civic values of the law 121/81 born from the involvement of the tremendous years of terrorist aggression by all the social, political and trades union forces without ideological distinction. The new Minister of the Interior and the Head of the Police are pointing out the lack of personnel and of funds that the Police are having to cope with. But the problem hasn’t arisen today. No one can have missed the issues of “globalisation” with the inevitable social and crime results for our country.
Well then, why and by whom has the “security sector” been weakened with a management that is more attentive to groupings, ambitions, misunderstood competition between the different police forces with contradictory measures that are not known to the general public?
An example: a recent decree has set out “obligatory early retirement” (note that this is not on request) for hundreds of police officers with a precious array of experience in fighting terrorism, widespread criminality organised at a national and international level, clandestine immigration, drugs and money laundering. Not just that, but they have restructured things so as to have lower numbers in post in future. This is an absurd measure going against the current thinking in the world of work and while there are discussions about “scales” to increase the pension age. Paradoxically, today we ask for more police personnel; obviously to be trained up! Furthermore the “security system” has had to do without thousands of “auxiliary” police officers.
The “mobile units” have been reduced everywhere (in Rome they have even been halved), the maintenance of the vehicles is difficult. Petrol supplies are low. Certain Police headquarters (thinking of the one at S. Antimo where a tobacconist was killed recently) and police stations of the carabinieri have been closed or are at risk of closure. Anyway everything is functioning with a reduced number of personnel and with reduced hours, and it’s a miracle if you see the clearly defined “neighbourhood police officers”.
The so-called “security package” is a slow but important rethink but it risks being just a surface alibi, in these conditions even an aggravation to the operating machinery if there is not a global intervention, at 360 degrees, on the sensitive and complex cycle “control of the territory – application of the law - certainty of the penalty – justice – possibility for social living”
In this situation, it’s necessary to seriously and courageously identify the causes and responsibilities at all levels of so much approximation in taking care of the “security-good” as an effective service in a democracy.
- who was responsible for the negotiations for enlarging the European Community to Romania without imposing any conditions?
- who was responsible for taking care of the usability of the disgusting dark railway station of Tor di Quinto in Rome?
- who was meant to check on the squalid and explosive Roma encampment in that zone with no services?
The tardy proclamations, the rhetorical responses, the shrugging of shoulders, the loading onto others, are no longer enough.
As regards the Police, let the general public know about the subtle process of counter-reform that has devalued the democratic reform intended by the law 121/81 In these conditions the thanks going to the “protectors of order” are even greater (whichever branch they belong to) for the daily difficult commitment that they have in the interests of the democratic institutions and in the interests of the general public.” Ennio Di Francesco, former officer of and director of the Polizia di Stato; promoter of the “movimento democratico di Polizia”; in “obligatory early retirement”

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October 30, 2007

Convicts and Promotion

photo by Benjamino
The 24 convicts are standing solid as a rock in Parliament. No one is taking a step backwards. The first to hand himself over to the voters and resign will become a national hero. But they don’t understand that. How many years will be needed for them to be taken out of our hair? In three years we’ve only been liberated of Previti. They are long-term convicts. Drug addicts who can’t break the habit.
The government is not indifferent. One at a time it helps them regain confidence in themselves after their trial and conviction. It’s true that few have been in prison, but all are honorary detainees.
Last year Vito and Pomicino, the former convicted of corruption and sentenced to 2 years and the latter for illegal financing and sentenced to 1 year and 8 months and for corruption and sentenced to 2 months, have been appointed to the Antimafia Commission. Since they’ve been there, organised crime has become the top company in the country. If Andreotti (prescritto for life) were also there, it would become the top European multinational.
The government does not forget the convicts in Parliament. And there’s a reason for that. Imagine the day the current Ministers and undersecretaries finish up in court because of any old judge like Forleo or De Magistris. Who would help them? Today it’s your turn, tomorrow it’s my turn and the CSM is for Mancino.
Gianni De Michelis, once defined as a leftover from a whale, a great chaser of ministerial women and author of the book: “Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera: guida a 250 discoteche italiane” {Where are we going to dance this evening: guide to 250 Italian discos} has been promoted. This happy initiative to the benefit of the convict sentenced to 18 months for motorway ring roads in the region of Venice, and sentenced to 6 months for illegal financing is the work of Massimo D’Alema.
To understand what we should expect in 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has brought together a committee of experts called : “Gruppo di riflessione strategica”. {Strategic Reflection Group} The people who are in this will get together in a meeting room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss energy, production, commerce, security and the future of the world. The Charon of the Left has sent Gianni De Michelis to be part of the group. The appointment of the former ballet dancer is because he is president of the Institute for Relations between Italy and Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Far East.
I expect there’ll be other important gestures in relation to the convicts. The bombers at the Defence Committee, the brigands at the Minister of the Interior, the extortionists at the Treasury. Let us give them hope for the future and let’s give Forleo to D’Alema.

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Advertising always rings twice


photo by Doxieone
My letter box is mine. It’s private property. I don’t want to pay the tax on refuse to get rid of advertising. Flyers, guides, catalogues, special offers. If I’m away from home for a week it mounts up to a couple of kilograms and my postbox gets jammed. There’s no more room. They leave the packages and letters from fans on the ground on the foot path. I’m thinking of training up a dog against abusive post people.
To resolve the problem it’s possible to put up a notice on the letter box. I’ll publish some on the blog. Put your ideas up on Flickr with the tag/title: Posta Pulita
Dear Beppe,
I have ascertained that about half the paper that I throw away every week (and that goes to clutter up the already difficult and costly process in the city of “recycling”) is not paper that is useful to me or that I really use!
Absurd, isn’t it? I want to explain better. 50% of the paper for which I pay the refuse disposal tax (the Tia/Tarsu) is commercial advertising and money-making activity for which the income goes exclusively to the advertising agency and not to me. Part of my refuse tax should thus be paid by them!
Every day enormous, bulky and unwanted brochures, newspapers, catalogues from IPERCOOP, PANORAMA, GIGLI, LEROY, MEDIAWORLD, ESSELUNGA, EMMELUNGA, MONDO CONVENIENZA, etc. that already by mid-morning have filled the letter box making it impossible among other things to use the letter container so that my own private post “overflows” so that utility bills and important letters fall out and thus anyone passing by could pick up important and personal information.
Some people have brought a court action and have won. Here’s the verdict given by the Justice of the Peace in Bari:
Unrequired Advertising and existential damage”. I believe that I have understood that it is enough to put a label or message on the letter box expressing our wish not to receive generic advertising that has not been asked for by the house owner. After that if the publicity agencies continue they are committing an offence and can immediately be asked for existential damages ( subjective moral damage and biological damage)
Let’s do it too! And each week in our towns and villages there will be fewer tons of paper and poisonous inks to be disposed of, one extra step towards the environmental culture and a step back from thermovalorising-incinerators.
I’m giving this particular quote from the Justice of the Peace: “the specific function for a letter box is to collect the correspondence addressed to the person named on it. That is the only legitimate person who can extend its use to other things, not excluding that of receiving any sort of advertising. Thus where the owner of the letter box has unequivocally expressed a wish to the contrary it is evident that no one can be allowed to behave in a way that goes against that wish.” Warm greetings” Fabio B.

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October 27, 2007

The Stadium Councillor

At the San Paolo stadium the councillors and cabinet members of Naples City Council have a hard life. It’s true there are 120 tickets made available to them, even though there are only 60 of them. But the personnel checking entrants do not show them respect and casually ask them for identification each time. After getting through the entry points, their nightmare continues. Once inside the stadium they have to put up with “rough manners” from the control personnel and they are derided by the “non-political” spectators and attendees. The places allocated to them are always of “secondary value” while the Region, the Province and other scroungers "are acting like Lords".
So as to protect their image, the City Council has voted for an agenda item. The Naples Football Club would have to allocate to the City Councillors “with priority” the central positions in the stand and check their identity with a simple card. The agenda item underlines particularly that the City Councillors “honour the sporting events with their presence”.
The concession of 120 tickets is part of the contract for the Stadium. Well then, why are they not allocated to the citizens of Naples on a random basis? The San Paolo stadium belongs to the citizens of Naples not their employees.

PS I’m attaching the account of the expenses for V-Day and the total of your donations received into the account of the Banca Etica. Thank you to everyone who sent a contribution. Read the summary. Read the summary

PPS Today in the Parco Dora neighbourhood meeting room in Piazza Umbria 28 b – Turin, a press conference about the “Day of the Friends of Pino Masciari” to be held on 28 October in Catanzaro, in Turin and in many other cities. Look at the Pino Masciari blog.

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October 22, 2007

All together with Passion

De Magistris sees the Centre Right and the Centre Left in agreement, with the exception of Di Pietro. All together with passion to save their backsides. The Centre Right finds its own DNA in Mastella. Cicchitto and Casini adore him. He is Berlusconi’s future Brambilla of the South. Meanwhile the Centre Left stays silent. Prodi and Veltroni play the silent game. The old tactic of the Christian Democrats of struggling to survive so as not to kick the bucket. The Minister of Justice under investigation, the Minister of Foreign Affairs under investigation, the President of the Council under investigation. At the next meeting of the Council of Ministers they can catch them all.

Borsellino’s brother has written me a letter to make your blood freeze.

”The news of the claiming of the Why Not investigation by the General Prosecutor to take it away from the Prosecutor De Magistris is something that leaves you without breath.
Only once in my life have I been in this state of mind.
It was 19 July 1992 and I had just heard on the TV news of that attack that had the aim of preventing from continuing on his journey a Judge who in the course of his investigations, had arrived too close to the origin of the cancer that corrodes the life of the Italian State.
Once Paolo Borsellino was dead, the ignoble pact set up between the Italian State and the mafia criminals was able to continue its journey and today we see the consequences of the moral degradation to which this disgraceful pact has brought us.
Yesterday it was necessary to kill two judges one after the other, because they alone, were fighting a fight that the Italian State not only has always refused to fight, but that has often fought on the side of those who should have been the enemy to be weeded out and often they have put arms directly in their hands.
Today not even TNT is needed, today it’s enough, in the light of day, to take away an investigation in which one of the few courageous judges still remaining was about to arrive at the level of the “untouchables”, so that all continues to work as established.
Because this caste, by now completely set apart from the real country and from the honest people who still exist, even though, unfortunately ,they are guilty of a silence that by now is mistaken for indifference if not with connivance, can continue to shamefully govern our country and to cultivate their exclusive interests in a State that it considers by now to be their own exclusive property.
Today it’s enough that an unworthy Minister like signor Mastella can blackmail a vile Head of the Government, perhaps involved in the same lurid trafficking, threatening a government crisis, for a whole political class to square everything up around their worthy representative and they exercise as a consequence who knows what type of pressure on the wobbly leaders of the magistracy to get the “avocazione” of an investigation and thus the inoffensiveness of a Judge without even needing TNT as was needed for Paolo Borsellino.
We have arrived at the end of the Italian Republic and the State based on the Rule of Law.
In a civilised country, Minister Mastella would not have been able to ask for the transfer of Dr. De Magistris who is conducting the investigation in which the person being investigated is the Head of the Government and the very same Minister.
If the decision of the General Prosecutor is not immediately annulled by the CSM, we will be facing the end of the independence of the magistracy and consequently of the very State based on the Rule of Law.
President Giorgio Napolitano, even though he has been asked many times, continues to keep quiet on these vile things demonstrating that the rhetoric of the State and of the institutional role of the guarantor of the Republican Constitution have not become in this disgraced Italy, anything but empty words.
Forty years ago I went away from Sicily because I considered it was impossible for me to live my life in a place where the rule of law was only a set of words in the dictionary. Now I no longer believe that it is a life worthy of being called with this name and thus a life that is worthy of being lived in a country where illegality has become the law of the State.” Salvatore Borsellino

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October 14, 2007

Free Rape


Free rape. The leap in quality in respect to the rape of once upon a time has finally happened. It couldn’t be otherwise in a country that is adrift. The locations for rape are no longer the dark alleyways, the parks in the deepest night or the places of ill-repute. They are the bus stops, at midday, the entrances to the churches, the rubbish bins when you go down and throw away the rubbish.
Is it perhaps a sign of the times? Another taboo shattered? Another phase in sexual liberation?
Where are the women? The surviving feminists? The associations? Why are they not taking action? Why are they not blocking the city with a demonstration like once upon a time?
Such contempt for the female body has never before been seen in this country. The woman has become an object to be penetrated on the back seat of a car in Bologna, to be dragged by a rope into a hut in Milan, or to be beaten and possessed on a staircase in Spresiano. Every day. In the light of day.
Will it be necessary to bring in the walkabout version of the chastity belt as protection? To make oneself look ugly with a beetroot mask? To simulate serious physical defects?
Rape is becoming an epidemic. The analysis of the sperm of the rapist is routine in the hospital. Tits, vaginas and bums are present in all the programmes and in all the advertisements.
If this is sexual equality, if this is respecting women, then I prefer the burka.

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October 09, 2007

Mastella at Columbus Day


The Ceppalonic one has driven along Fifth Avenue in New York for Columbus Day
A sash for “honored guest” around his body, seated in a white Ghibli that’s smaller than him. He paraded like a rare beast. He seemed like the cartoon character Magilla the gorilla in a utility van. The bersaglieri played the tune “Va pensiero”, and then the national anthem, and then in the stand a tenor sang “Vincerò”.
The Minister away from home, with an escort of just 4 body guards, risked terrorism in an open car. From a distance, in view of his size, it looked as though he was on a tricycle. His international status came out when he greeted “four crazy people” with a “vaffanculo”. They were Italians with placards in support of De Magistris. The magistrate for whom the CSM, because it didn’t find any reason for urgent action, has put off the decision until December.
Mastella’s courage when faced with terrorists who are following him in his homeland and abroad, is to be rewarded. The Council of Ministers must equip him with a “mastellamobile” of adequate proportions and with bullet-proof glass.
The blog is starting a competition. Let designers put their designs on Flickr with the name or tag “mastellamobile”. I’ll publish the best and I’ll send it to Prodi.

PS. I repeat once more: I AM NOT SUPPORTING any national civic list.
In a few days I will publish the first bit of information about local civic lists.

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October 05, 2007

Desecrated Borders

A country can’t live beyond its means. A country cannot throw onto the shoulders of its own people the problems caused by tens of thousands of Roma people from Romania who are arriving in Italy. Valium’s objection is always the same: Romania is in Europe. But what does Europe mean? Haphazard migration of people without work from one country to another? Without knowing the language, without the possibility of a welcome? Every day I am receiving hundreds of letters about the Roma people.
It’s a volcano, a time bomb. It needs defusing. We could have had a special arrangement for Romanian people. Other European countries have done this. We could have done serious checks at the point of entry. But nothing has been done.
What’s the use of a government that does not guarantee the security of its citizens? What is it governing? Those who pay for this insecurity are the most vulnerable, the older people who live on the outskirts, in the social housing projects.
Once upon a time, the borders of the country were sacred. The politicians have desecrated them.
I’m publishing a part of one of the numerous emails.

"I am an Italian citizen… married to a Romanian citizen! I am not racist!
I have a house in Romania! I have friends in Romania! I have relatives in Romania! My company is registered in Romania! I started working in Romania in 2002! I have seen a bit of everything there!
Then I heard Prodi and his beautiful Europe at 25.. the great community, and I laughed to myself! Romania inside Europe! Who would ever have the courage to approve this crazy idea!
Every day you hear people talking about Romanians in Italy… it’s a continual shame – for my wife … for me!
Millions leave this country… as they had always hoped!
Coming into the European Community to abandon their own country… they did that even before coming in!
Why do we have to put up with the decision made by a handful? Where are our national boundaries? What is the Nation?
My wife is Romanian! My granny was a Croat! But I am Italian! My children will be Italian! My wife has become Italian! She too makes a contribution to my family … to my home… to this nation! ENOUGH from those who don’t deserve it! Get out of this State! Schengen has not done any good! It’s no use to us Italians nor to the Germans! It’s only useful to these to take advantage of it to come here and do what they want!
We are fighting the mafia every day! Poverty! We have an infinity of problems in Italy! Not even we are ready to welcome them! We can’t give them a home! Our forefathers built this nation with their sweat and hard work! ENOUGH! I’m left wing. I was left wing! Enough now! Let the rot get out from our country… from our prisons.. from our streets!
Instead, welcome to those who want to work and make progress together! LONG LIVE ITALY!" Nicola B.

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October 02, 2007

The unknown public official


The Committee to Authorise Proceedings in the Lower House has given the green light for Fassino. D’Alema’s case has been sent to Strasbourg.
After two months, they discovered a procedural twist. It happened by chance. It was an unknown official working for the Lower House who discovered it. After the “unknown soldier”, the “unknown official”. The official promptly alerted Giovanardi, the President of the Committee to Authorise Proceedings. President Giovanardi told the DS representative. The DS representative immediately called Violante. Violante immediately telephoned the DS-dioxin senator and lawyer, Calvi. Calvi sent the happy news via radio to D’Alema sailing on his yacht Ikarus.
Two days later, having been reached by a homing pigeon, even Fassino knew. He didn’t fail to give a comment supporting the justice system: “But what are we talking about. It’s not a political matter, it is exquisitely judicial. The law is clear and you can’t go against the law.”
The local house of liberties was immediately in rapture for D’Alema. Bruno of Forza declared: The error was Forleo’s. We can’t go on beyond this.” You can’t say that Forza Italia doesn’t pay back its debts.
Transferring the decision to the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs led by (well what a coincidence!) Forza Italia’s Peppino Gargani, is a serious political error for D’Alema to be making. The first is that he is not showing himself to be different from his friend the psycho-dwarf. The second is that if the decision is taken in Strasbourg, then in that city there’ll be a demonstration: D’Alema day, to explain to all the foreign press that a Minister of this Republic is more equal than common citizens in relation to the law.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

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September 30, 2007

Chin up!


Those who listen to the speech of a politician instead of going to lectures, get “training credits”. That happened for the Pisa University students who were present at Bertinotti’s oration. Those who give their support to a judge who is doing his duty against the mafia clans and the castes, are suspended from school. That’s the way Italy works…
Aldo Romagnino head of the liceo scientifico {scientific high school} “Siciliani” has suspended the young people who protested against the “mastellata” of the transfer that the CSM has been asked to do of the prosecutor Luigi De Magistris. Will the Minister of Education send in his inspectors? Will the head teacher be referred? Will some of the head teachers have the good taste to dissociate themselves from this action?
Italian citizens are intimidated from when they are tiny. If they were to grow up free and courageous like the young people from Calabria of ammazzatecitutti, tomorrow they could become dangerous lovers of justice like Scopelliti and Borsellino.
In its programme, the P2 had the control and influence of the institutions, starting with information. A plan that has almost met with success, except for the magistracy. In no democratic country has there been a total war against the magistracy as has happened in Italy with dozens of judges who have been murdered, prosecutors offices allowed to have no resources, laws in favour of delinquents.
Some young people are showing that they have more balls and civil courage than all the parliamentarians together and they get suspended.
Shout like they do. Like they are shouting in the streets and squares of Calabria: “1,100,1000 De Magistris”.
On 8 October, the CSM will make a pronouncement on the request to transfer De Magistris, a month after V-Day. Stay tuned.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of law in Calabria.

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September 23, 2007

Dangerous Blogs

Click here to see the video

The Internet was born free. One of its laws is transparency. You can’t hide anything on the Internet and you can’t tell lies either. The Internet means the end for the politicians who say one thing and do another. Anyone who starts a blog should know that. A politician can end up like Gentiloni overwhelmed by a mass of requests (not dealt with) about Rete 4 (and always off playing tennis with Ermete) or, even worse, like Mastella.
Talking about Mastella is like shooting tuna in a tin. I can no longer keep up with him. He has started a blog, so that he can have a dialogue with the citizens, but he’s not publishing the thousands of negative comments.
The positive ones are only coming from Ceppaloni.
The Internet cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour. A blogger wrote: “Mastella has a look like a badly counterfeited banknote.”
Others have gone further and have cloned his blog so as to be able to comment. When the Minister of the Great Pardon publishes a post, straight away, they publish it as well and let people comment. Among the most popular are:, e

Today’s ceppalon-byte:
The ceppalonic: “Has asked the CSM to arrange for the preventative official transfer of the Catanzaro prosecutor, Luigi de Magistris". According to some: “The move comes right at the time that the prosecutor, Magistris is weighing up whether to write the name of the minister on the register of those under investigation.” From

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September 14, 2007

The charge of the 101


D’Alema has revealed the unheard of charge of violence on V-Day. He attributed to someone (to myself? to the participants?) the wish to “break the teeth of the politicians”.
The title of the article in la Repubblica is: “On V-Day a useless charge of violence” written by the journalist Luciano Nigro but dictated by Eugenio Scalfari. This title is a complete condemnation of the terrorists of 8 September.
I have the videos of the day available for viewing by the Digos (secret police). Dangerous old ladies and mothers with shouting children in-training-for-the-brigades as well as people with their bicycles with an eyebrow lifted. Watch these dangerous “shit anti-politicals”, as they have been defined by some of the media, waiting in a queue in Turin. They can be seen in this film clip.
To talk of a charge, dear DS people of la Repubblica, there’s just those 101 who are members of the Democratic Party.
The Pope has come to your aid. Today he declared that “the vegetative state is life”. There’s still hope.
According to D’Alema, the 325,000 people who signed “posed a problem but are not giving a response” Is a popular law not a response?
The Italians who protest are not doing anti-politics but POLITICS. They want to do politics. You could say they are anti politicians, against these politicians.

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September 13, 2007

After V-day


Our employees are putting more wood on the fire to heat up the Italy pressure cooker. If RAI and Unipol are the first response to “after V-Day”, I’m waiting in terrified expectation for the next responses. Marco Travaglio, a survivor of the standing ovation in Piazza Maggiore has written me this letter which has thrown me into a tiz.
”Dear Beppe,
Only a few days have passed since V-Day and already there’s the need for another one. Considering that our political class, perhaps because of its really low average age, has speedy reflexes. It had an immediate reaction to Saturday’s tsunami. Veltroni and Prodi have placed Fabiano Fabiani, a youngster aged 77, on the Board of Directors of the RAI in place of the famous Berlusconi-ite Angelo Maria Petroni. They divided the others into lots, now they are dividing themselves into lots: it’s bipolarism. Fassino, the Secretary of a party that is now disbanded, so as to avoid finishing up on the park benches, has asked Prodi to do a reshuffle to add a Ministry, possibly for himself (a request that even Prodi judged to be unreceivable noting that his government, made up of 103 including Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Undersecretaries, is already the most over-blown in the history of the Republic and should be possibly reduced a tiny bit). Meanwhile, D'Alema and Fassino, still as a way of responding to the appeal made in the streets for justice that is equal for everyone, give themselves absolution with two unremembered “memos” on the Unipol case, in fact asking the Committee to Authorise Proceedings in the Lower House to turn down the request from the gip Clementina Forleo to authorise the judicial use of their telephone calls with the neighbourhood wide boys: the phone calls that demonstrate their involvement in Unipol’s attempt to takeover the Bnl. The two of them claim that they have committed no crime, which is part of their legitimate right of defence. But then they go a bit further, saying that it’s Forleo who has committed the crimes with an “illegitimate” order because she has written that D'Alema and his trusty senator Latorre have committed market rigging and insider trading without the Prosecution having written either of their names in the register of those under investigation: so if there is no investigation on these two, you can’t understand why the use of their telephone calls should be authorised. But they are joking: the 2003 Boato law set down that telephone intercepts containing the voice of a parliamentarian cannot be used by judges without the permission of Parliament. So the Milan Prosecutors could not investigate the two DS parliamentarians on the basis of telephone calls that as they have not yet been authorised, and so are as though they don’t exist. To investigate them, she needs that authorisation. Now D'Alema replies that the authorisation must not be given because he is not being investigated. The reasoning (if you can call it that) brings to mind a famous humourous novel, “Catch 22” in which a pilot in the military air force pretends to be mad so as to be exonerated from flying war planes; but the doctor explains to him that only mad people fly the war planes, so since he is mad, he is OK to carry out those missions.
PS. Among those who defend D'Alema there’s even the lawyer Guido Rossi. He’s the very same person who presented a denunciation to the Milan prosecutors on behalf of the Dutch bank Abn Amro against Fiorani, and thus triggered the process that began the investigations into the takeover deal. Now he is defending one who is “investigatable” in that investigation. His case reminds me of the lawyer Taormina who called for the arrest of signora Franzoni for the Cogne crime. Then he became the defence lawyer and called for the arrest of the judges who arrested her. Is it that Rossi who is defending D'Alema is Taormina in disguise?” Marco Travaglio

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September 03, 2007

Corpses cooked in oil, garlic and parsley

Once upon a time people went to the woods for mushrooms and truffles. Today it’s possible to find corpses under an oak. Either fresh or seasoned. It depends on the day. The luckiest ones find them still whole in rubbish bags. There’s no lack of bits and pieces with the trunk in a bush, the legs in an escarpment and the head buried deep under a beech. Someone has really got serious about the return to nature, to Mother Earth.
The mushroom hunters are worried that the fashion will spread. As long as it’s 2 strangled young Romanian women or a young man with three bullets in the skull they can still tolerate it, but if it should go beyond that? If the fashion gets more widespread, the woods will see more Italians walking around looking for excitement.
A real corpse is not an everyday thing. For dinner the corpse is served up every evening with abundance on the TV. Every TV News offers a hundred. The detective stories now take place in the morgue. The segmented bodies are the true protagonists.
You now starting to see signs saying: No tipping of dead bodies in the villages of the Valtellina. Some humanitarian associations are turning to the assassins with the invitation: “You too can donate a cadaver for the organs, don’t get them lost in the woods”. In Parliament they’ve been talking about it for a bit. The getting rid of cadavers abandoned by unpunished criminals is a potential business. The Incineration of cadavers with energy recovery is not an idea to be ignored. The dead people are eco-sustainable and anyway, they can no longer vote.

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September 01, 2007



Do you remember Libero Grassi? He didn’t want to pay the pizzo. With great courage he went on Santoro’s TV programme. He denounced the mafia phenomenon. The State was indignant. The mafia killed him. That’s how things go in this wretched country.
The Confindustria through the regional division of Sicilian industrialists has decided to expel the business people who pay the pizzo. A decision that risks the closure of the Confindustria in Sicily. If all those who pay are expelled they’ll need a new organisation. How about Confimafia as a name?
The idea of attacking those who are obliged to suffer is worthy of the Marquis de Sade. In parliament there are people who have had explicit dealings with the mafia. Why don’t we expel them rather than the industrialists? Those who don’t pay can have their shop set on fire. They can be shot. If they put up with blackmail it’s because they don’t believe that the institutions can protect them. And sadomasochist Montezemolo what’s he doing? He’s expelling them. The mafia people will laugh till their sides split. They won’t believe it. They’ll think it’s a joke of the fearsome Minister of Justice. The property owner who sings with Little Tony, just to be clear.
The Confindustria has opened up a new route: punishment for those who are subject to criminal blackmail. For the honest citizens attacked by the criminal underworld, the State could take back their passports, it could whip them on the soles of their feet, confiscate their goods. Strong with the weak, weak with the strong. Perhaps this initiative is a flash of genius to make the mafia disappear. For fear of repercussions both from the mafia people and from the State, anyone paying the pizzo will have a double reason to keep their mouth closed.
Omertà, justice and liberty.

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August 31, 2007



On a planet a long way away from the earth, there exists true democracy. It’s not the planet Papalla as some could think, in fact it’s called Veltrolandia. In this wonderful land that is not spherical in shape, but worm-shaped, everyone is better and they go to the cinema at least once a week.
Elections aren’t necessary. The candidate for Prime Minister is created by parthenogenesis. It’s the miracle of a great advanced democracy. The Elected One is recognised by signs. He is the sole candidate by acclamation of the party secretaries. He is talked about on the front pages of the newspapers and on the second and third pages. Every day he is interviewed about everything. He knows about knowledge. He is the Elected One…..
He is not a parliamentarian. He has not yet won the rigged Primaries (even there they cheat when it’s a matter of the Elected One). In spite of this everyone loves him. The Confindustria and the Trades Unions, (even in Veltrolandia that’s how they are called) have a natural instinct to support him, for the interests of the citizens and also for their own interests. More than anyone, the Government straight away considers him the leader destined to lead the people. His programmes are sublime. His wishes are proudly taken to the Council of Ministers by Romano Prodi, a case of someone with the same name as the terrestrial Prodi. Harmony reigns in Veltrolandia. The people know that nothing is better than their democracy. Comparative advertising does not exist in that happy planet. The choice is always one, it’s very good and abundant, and of the parties.
The Elected One will come to Italy next year together with the students of his planet to raise awareness about Third World poverty. He will offer himself as an abusive windscreen cleaner in Rome’s Piazza Venezia and then he’ll be off to the Maldives.

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August 25, 2007

Ambulances and official cars

The newspaper l’Unione Sarda reports that the convoys of politicians are more important than the ambulances. They have priority. The injured person has to understand, to accept the priority of politicians. If he goes into a coma it’ll be for the fatherland.
It doesn’t matter that what is described is true, it’s worrying that it could be true. It can happen and it does happen. The official cars with the siren sounding that are taking our employees to their holiday homes using the emergency lanes really do exist. Stop them. You in the queue. You are extra. Ask the parliamentarian for his driving licence and vehicle documentation. The reason for violating the highway code. He will reply: “You don’t know who I am”. Keep calm. Reply: “one of our employees”. If he insists, make a note of the registration number and denounce him for abuse of power. First read him his rights: "The people should not be afraid of the ones who govern, but those who govern should be afraid of the people.”
Our employees no longer need to instruct their servants, anyway it’s natural. Italy of services that are denied, of services that are private. Always with our money.
The politicians should use public transport, as happens in other countries. If they are in a hurry, a taxi. If they don’t do that it’s because they are afraid of the citizens. To carry the escort of the psych-dwarf or of Ms Moratti a whole carriage on the metro would not be enough.

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August 23, 2007

The Politics of Nothing

The theatre is empty. On the platform, there are psycho-dwarfs, ballet dancers and pimps moving about. You can feel the loneliness of power in the news that arrives from nothing. It’s metaphysics, not marketing any longer, it’s air, fried air. There are no spectators in the hall. Only journalists in the dressing room for masturbators. It’s the politics of the masturbators. I recite, I dictate and I read my work. The public financing of newspapers helps the ejaculation.
They’ve got power in their blood and also in the blood of their blood. It’s a hereditary disease. The politicians are carriers without symptoms who transmit the virus. Senators and deputies are almost always sons, nephews, cousins of the ones who have gone before them. The true caste is in the blood, brown and not blue. The parliamentarian brings his son to palazzo Madama to show him the place that he’ll leave him as an inheritance. The citizen takes his son to the bank to show him the mortgage that he’ll leave him as an inheritance.
The Democratic Party seems like the album of the figurine Panini. The Partito delle Libertà is like the Postalmarket catalogue. The Nothing is devouring reality. The media are the first power, no longer the fourth one. The others are a creation of the media. Our employees are a creation of the media. They do not exist, they are only a megaphone of themselves, a disc that has got enchanted.
The costs of politics is a venal sin. A target invented to avoid discussing the real problem: the political class. A foreign body to the country. Whether it costs a little or a lot, it should still be sent home. V-day. V-day. V-day.

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August 20, 2007

Believe, Obey, Pay taxes

photo by ontypes
A person convicted for kick-backs announces the tax strike. A person with multiple time-outs, former P2 member, follows him, but you have to understand him: he’s got the Saturday night viagra fever.
The press offices talk about it as though it were serious. The political journalists do political analysis. The economic journalists do economic analysis. The citizens who can, dodge taxes. The ones who can’t, pay even for the others. But Rossi and Capirossi go abroad. The great tax dodgers have always dodged and Bossi, for them is superfluous, almost annoying. The public debt is going up like a rocket. The growth is among the lowest in Europe.
No one bats an eyelid.
In this making a racket about nothing, the just tax has arrived. The shadow leader of the government made the announcement at Rimini. In fact the Secretary of State of the Vatican Tarcisio Bertone declared: “Everyone must pay taxes because it is a duty and this must be done with just laws.” What these just laws are, has not yet been revealed. In the meantime Visco, Calderoli, Mastella, Volontè (Udc), Bertolini (FI), and Urso (An) all say that Bertone is right. The cardinal’s words are the new mystery of the faith, their interpretation varies according to the observation point. But they are always good and right: for the tax dodger and for the tax collector. The Prime Minister Bertone is on all the pages of the newspaper, including the second and the third and at the top of the TV news. This is the real news, not the tax people. That a person who is outside the institutions can influence the State and the public debate on taxes. That he involves St Paul to discuss a modern State.
Cardinal Bertone added: “The politician must look out for the weakest and the poorest, and be careful not to carry out any unjust action even in the distribution of the resources of the State.” Let him offer himself as a candidate at the next elections, he’ll win hands down and we will finally be able to do without expensive front men.

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August 16, 2007

The 8 speed penguin

photo from
The 8 speed penguin is on sale in the best sex games shops in Paris. However the product with most sales is the lady’s rabbit. It’s sold like hot cakes. Even the duck for the bath has been a great success. It’s Do It Yourself sex. The loneliness of the modern woman. Technology helps. The Mp3 vibrator is the consolation of empty beds. The voice of Bogart or Pitt makes you dream. The rest is done by the vibrator. There’s no limit to the market for sex toys. It has pushed out the old sex shops. China will soon find out and will become production leader. With trade marks that guarantee like Mattel. Manufacturing defects could cause damage that is decidedly worse than lead poisoning. What if the penguin gets a faulty gear box and reaches 76 speeds? And what if the voice on the MP3 player, in error is that of Mastella singing: “Roma non far la stupida stasera” {Rome, don't be silly tonight}? In such a case, the physical and psychological damages could be incalculable. The only way the women could forget would be in a convent.
For next autumn there’re hoping to release a web cam version with the MP3. Basically a gynaecological examination. The male is superfluous, doesn’t always work, and you have to pretend to give him some sort of satisfaction. Better the rabbit or the multiple elephant with a double trunk that will go on sale at the end of the year. Ladies order it now.
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August 13, 2007

Caruso Precarioski


Repeat with me in a loud voice one hundred times:
Caruso is not left wing -
Caruso is a Forza Italia spy -
Caruso is a Confindustria militant.
Done? Do you feel better? Can you see more clearly now?
Caruso’s statements about Treu and Biagi have done more damage to the precarious workers than Montezemolo and Tremonti.
The heat has gone up to unthinkable levels.
They have used Caruso to cancel out Napolitano, those killed at work and the precarious workers.
However I am taking the opportunity to thank the supported typographers Feltri, who have promoted the book Schiavi Moderni with their articles. It has already reached 200,000 copies downloaded and all the bookshops want it. It’s truly this summer’s book.
Cicchitto has said that the book is culturally contiguous with terrorism. Schiavi Moderni is the collection of witness statements of precarious workers, of young people without a future and no longer of desperate young people. Where is the contiguousness? Cicchitto and the P2 were not contiguous, he was right in it.
Caruso has said that he will participate in V-day. Nothing against that. Entrance is free. But he has to do it as a free citizen not as a politician.
Have you noticed? For some time now, three wars have been going on with their dead: Iraq, Road Traffic Accidents and workers. In reality Iraq is in the bottom position. A bang on the head and a fall from a height are more frequent.
It’s a war declared by profit at all costs against those who work. The one who dies stays there and the one who counts the money always finds peace.
The Government has made a video about the one who goes to work and ends up at the cemetery. Shame that you never see it on television. You never see it. Watch it on the blog.

Ps: Download "Schiavi Moderni"

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August 10, 2007

Ethnic Sexual cleansing

If Giancarlo Gentilini can call “culattone” he who uses his “c..o”, can the one who uses his “c..zo”, be called “”?
Gentilini wants ethnic cleansing for gays. He hasn’t thought where his declarations will lead. He wants to depopulate the region of Veneto, 4.7 million inhabitants, there are a few fewer males than females, about 2.2 million. According to the statistics about 7% of these are homosexual. Gentilini wants to deport 150,000 people. A labour force that would then be replaced by heterosexual non-Europeans. Those that he jokingly wanted to drown with a bazooka. However Gentilini has more respect for the women. In fact he reckons that all the stones of the Dolomites would not be enough to stone the female adulterers of Treviso. What a hard life for the sheriff in the middle of whores, gays and non-Europeans. “Culattone” is an old term, it has the flavour of the stable, of manure, of Nazi concentration camps, of detainees with a pink triangle on their chest. I’m suggesting other terms that Gentilini can use next time: sodomite, pederast, Sapphic, Uranian, homophile, gay, queer, LBGT, two-spirit and same-sex attracted. Or even human being, Italian citizen, person with the same rights as the heterosexuals, and the same as the celoduristi padani.

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August 04, 2007

I hate August

photo by mariotto52
I hate August
with its tanned behinds, the creams and the big umbrellas.
I hate the empty cities. Friends far away. Our sons and daughters abroad.
I hate the August newspapers, the interviews with footballers, the quizzes, the sudoku and the forecasts for Autumn.
I hate the heat of the motorways, the toll queues at Bologna and Rome on the TV News and the comment about the traffic.
I hate the road works, the accidents, the lorries, the narrowing of the lanes
I hate the summer heat in the South and the first snow in the North. I hate the old folk alone with the dog, the bread shop with the blind tight shut, the cars stationary for weeks with dust. I hate the shutters closed round the houses, the burglar alarms that make a noise for hours.
I hate the still thoughts of August, the forced repose, the gardens burned by the sun, the loneliness, so harsh of 15 August.
I hate the fast food on the motorway, sweaty people, ice-cold drinks, queues for the loos, the scratch cards and the latest compilation. I hate the postponements until September, the air that’s still and humid, the dried-out plants in front of the restaurants on holiday.
I hate the repetitiveness, the consumerism, the waste of August. I hate the pretend joy, the pretend holidays and the pretend money of August.
I hate the fry-ups of fish at the seaside, the sorbet in the square, the polenta with mushrooms in the mountains,
I hate the rediscovery of nature in August, the goats, the horses, the cows, the ducks seen as though it were the first time. But what I hate most about August is the sense of emptiness, its indolence, its putting off, its making us go round for nothing, the “closed for 4 weeks”.
I hate the calendar of 12 months. Eleven without August, are more than enough.
And I even hate me who’s writing these things.
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August 03, 2007

Italia flambé

photo by foivosloxias
Fire purifies. Someone gets reduced to ashes every so often but the cement structures are saved. New buildings, new investments, new jobs.
The fire-setters are benefactors of the GDP. Without them how many would be twiddling their thumbs in Italy? The real estate companies would have to put them on their Boards of Directors. The mayors appoint them cabinet members for development. Lupo Benni says his bit about Italian fire.

“In Italy there’s something burning even when all the fires are out: then the fire-setters of forgetfulness move into action. A few days ago all the newspapers had headlines saying that Italy was on fire, that thousands of tourists had risked death, that the emergency services had been tardy and that prevention was zero. Some know-all flame expert rushed in to describe the identikit of the arsonist with his social disadvantage, perhaps a mum that was not sufficiently warm. Someone else immediately called for the death sentence by grilling or by microwave. Someone more seriously indicated the guilty ones: the mafia, and all the little and big arsonists who hope to get an advantage that is economic, pastureland, cement or blackmail money
Giorgio Bocca wrote words that can be shared about the end of common interests, of what should be the wealth of everyone. And there have been lists of measures that are useful and necessary. Ensure the efficiency of the law that stops speculation in land that has been burned, the land registry of fires, the obligation to have fire barriers for everyone, the increase in watch positions, especially in the days when heat and wind are forecast, the use of the army, the increase in the fleet of planes and helicopters, and still more. What’s left of those days? Forget Peschici, forget the Canadair pilot that died, forget the scary numbers of hectares that were burned. I’m already reading that if America doesn’t manage to put out its fires why ever would we be able to do it? And when on the TV I see the word Sardinia, I already know that they won’t talk about the fires that have devastated it, but of the Billionaire. There you are, just look, the Billionaire has had more space in this week’s TV News broadcasts than the problem of fires. The arsonists of idiocy and resignation have once more started to set fire to Italy. The trees don’t vote. Remember that at the next unexpected, sudden, inevitable fire. And telephone Briatore, perhaps he will have a fire extinguisher, or a champagne pump.”
Stefano Benni (il lupo)

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July 31, 2007

The only candidate

The night of 30 July there was a meeting of the technical officials of the Democratic Party in formation. On precise indications from the single candidate Uèltron (he’ll never admit it but he is the only candidate) they threw out the names of Pannella and Di Pietro as candidates.
Uèltron declared: “The more candidates there are, the better.” What’s important is to know which ones. And to know first. The armchair is won at the table. Otherwise what kind of democratic game is it? The absolute losers Adinolfi, Schettini, Colombo and Gawronski are admitted. Possible winners, or anyway the egg breakers are eliminated before passing “go”.
A sole party with a sole candidate. The inspiration for this came to the democrats who are forming it by reading Mein Kampf and by studying the old speeches of il Duce. Winning without taking part is worthy of a great strategist. Winning while pretending to let others take part is worthy of the great Uèltron.
However, the problem is not political. It’s technical. In fact it was the technical people who decided the destiny of Italy. Their names are marvelous. They are the seven new fathers of the Fatherland: Nico Stumpo, Roberto Agostini, Margherita Miotto, Nicodemo Oliverio, Rino Piscitello, Fausto Recchia, Francesco Graziano.
The technical officials took advantage of the precious collaboration of Moggi, Geronzi and of veiled allusions from D’Alema. In two hours, before midnight, they decided.
Then off they went to have their fill at i Parioli, apart from Pannella who started a hunger strike with a reduced fat cappuccino

PS.: Previti is no longer a deputy. Still 24 more to go.

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July 30, 2007

Cocaine, sex and the UDC

Let Casini reject Cosimo Mele’s resignation. The first deputy to resign for having gone whoring is a hero. Instead of stealing, extorting, lying, corrupting, he simply gave in to the pleasures of the flesh. Look into his face. One like that had an absolute need of a whore. Two call girls and a bit of coke at the hotel Flora are the trade union minimum.
Mele must be protected. In the past he has defended “our Christian identity” and he asked that cocaine-addicted deputies be kept out. He has wanted to experiment, to see, to touch personally. He’s relevant. He entered. The one who is without a whore, let him throw the first stone.
Cosimo, 50 years old, admitted: “It was a little adventure that evening”. Casini who wants a test on the parliamentarians for drugs, tells his folks first so as not to create useless embarrassments. If the house of tolerance for the liberty is for the family day, this episode reinforces the principles.
Lorenzo Cesa, the secretary of the UDC, in fact commented “The life of a parliamentarian is hard if it is done seriously, rich in commitments outside the home, with many days alone in Rome….”. Human understanding and that is right. The family members of our employees should join them in Rome. Reunite themselves, even in the flesh at the expense of the tax payer. And between a parliamentary sitting and the next, the family love-making should be facilitated. With rooms kitted out for the occasion with a gigantograph of the psycho-dwarf and his 5 minders on his knee.

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July 24, 2007

Go for it Clementina!

photo by
Clemente Mastella, Minister of Caste and Justice, to Romano Prodi:
" Dear Romano, if Di Pietro thinks that our colleagues in the government have had criminal attitudes, he should resign".
Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Republic coming from the Ds, to the Superior Council of the Magistracy:
"I’m reminding everyone not to put into trial documents, opinions and references that are not pertinent".
These will never let themselves go on trial. Never ever. The Forza Ds cartel has the control of Parliament.

Go for it Clementina!
I’m publishing a piece by Marco Travaglio.

"Even the President of the Republic of Untouchable Mandarins, in front of the CSM, wanted to give his beating to gip Clementina Forleo, guilty of “opinions that are not pertinent and excessive”, that is of striking at the majesty of six parliamentarians who two summers ago made takeover bids for banks and publishing houses in cahoots with neighbourhood wide-boys and they told each other of the telephone intercepts that were being carried out (since D’Alema is very intelligent, he telephoned to tell Consorte about the intercepts on his telephone).
According to Napolitano, with this “leaking of information” public opinion was disorientated. In fact, it is exactly thanks to judge Forleo and the newspapers that published her orders, that public opinion has understood everything very well. And that what is “not pertinent and excessive” is the behaviour of the politicians attempting takeover bids, not that of the judges who discovered them and put them on trial.
And that the true leaking of news is that by those who told the politicians and the wide boys that they were being intercepted, thus ruining the investigations at the crucial time, and certainly not the newspapers who are publishing documents that are not secret, that is public documents.
Napolitano, as well as Marini and Bertinotti, presidents of the Parliament of the investigated and the convicted, is like the so-called Minister of Justice, Mastella, alarmed at the publication of the orders of Forleo before these reached Parliament. Perhaps his very costly staff (the Quirinale costs five times as much as Buckingham Palace) forgot to explain to him how these things happen: given that in 2003, the law obliged the judges to ask the permission of Parliament to use telephone intercepts in which there is the voice of a Parliamentarian, the gip Forleo asked for that permission with two special orders. And in accordance with the law, these were laid before the chancellery of the Tribunal last Friday, available to those who are under investigation and their lawyers. From that moment the orders ceased to be secret. The lawyers have copied them and without committing any crime, they passed them to the journalists. The journalists, without committing any crime, have told the citizens about them.
No violation of secrets. No leaking of news. So what are the highest positions in the State talking about? Is it possible that they have nothing to say about the honourable D’Alema, Fassino, Latorre, Cicu, Comincioli and Grillo (Luigi) who were attempting to takeover banks by abusing their power, in the face of their own electorate?
Is it possible that every time the thermometer indicates a fever and the doctor diagnoses an illness, the top people get angry with the thermometer and with the doctor?
Anyway, if Clementina Forleo and her colleagues in future, want to avoid being massacred by the politicians of the caste, rather of the clan, they know what they have to do.
1) Never intercept a delinquent VIP, so as to avoid the risk of them talking to a politician.
2) If however, an intercept gets away and there's the voice of a politician talking to some scoundrel, pretend that you don’t recognise them.
3) If the worker transcribing the telephone conversations still recognises the voices of politicians, throw the stuff away and change the worker.
4) If the crimes go back to two years earlier, even if the time-limit has still not run out, burn everything because – as D’Alema and Prodi say - “anyway it’s old stuff”.
5) If the Prosecution insists on asking for the telephone calls to be sent to Parliament, don’t explain in the order why these are criminally relevant, or better still, say that it’s all a load of rubbish and beg the Houses of Parliament to deny the authorisation.
6) Never lay the orders before the defence lawyers so as to avoid them finishing up in the newspapers and never mind anyway about the rights of the defence.
7) If you don’t agree with the way the pm has done things, flatten them anyway, because suddenly, flattened judges in the Prosecutors Office are pleasing.
8) Before doing absolutely anything, go on a pilgrimage to Ceppaloni for the necessary authorisation to proceed from the national super-prosecutor anti-justice Clemente Mastella." Marco Travaglio


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July 20, 2007

Prize-winning Italian Butchery


YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

The English journalist Mark Covell was in Genoa’s Diaz Parodi school on 21/7/2001, shortly before midnight. He thought he was in a democratic country. He was mistaken. He is one of the 66 foreigners who were butchered by the police forces. Added to this are 27 of our own who were butchered. In fact it was “A Mexican butchery operation", as the vice quaestor Michelangelo Fournier has admitted. And he added: "When I arrived at the school I saw 4 police offices, of whom two were in uniform, and two in civilian clothes and they were being high and mighty with about ten people on the ground on the first floor. They were not my men.”

Mark Covell survived with nothing much:
- an accusation of terrorism
- eight broken ribs
- both lungs perforated
- under arrest for three days.
In fact if he had been transferred to Bolzaneto he would have had a taste of “the kangaroo walk”. A variation on football where the footballers are robust representatives of the forces of order arranged in two lines. The football is the non-aligned journalist who receives weighty kicks as he proceeds forward.
According to Mark, a good 76 police officers have been accused of abusing human rights.
They will be put on trial as is right, but who are the politically responsible people of this slaughter? Let’s identify them. It’s easy. For once it can be you naming names. Then we will apply the “Vaffanculo walk”. Two lines of citizens to get them going. They walk in the middle. Insult anyway has been decriminalised.
At Genoa, Saturday 21 July 2007, 4:30 pm, at the Sant'Agostino Museum - piazza Sarzano 35r there’s the meeting: PRIZE-WINNING ITALIAN BUTCHERY, to discuss: “Who controls the police forces? Who guarantees constitutional rights?” By the Truth and Justice Committee for Genoa.


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July 10, 2007

Released on Bail


Il Corriere di Bologna has reported the news (*) of my arrest. I would like to deny this, at least for the time being. The photo of my arrest is obviously a photomontage. I am more handsome. The article that explains the reason for the handcuffs as being my statements against the Biagi law, is very convincing. I have read it to my family and they agree with the journalist. They wanted to hand me over.
It takes very little for a tall story to become the truth. It’s enough that the one in charge in this country wants it. Today you are a citizen, tomorrow a subversive, a terrorist. He who has the media is the one who gives orders and explains to us that the laws like the Treu and the Biagi ones are good for young people. The same who see their pensions with binoculars. Big step or little step.
I’m publishing another letter from "Schiavi Moderni". We’ve had 120,000 copies downloaded. Give a copy to your employer.
(*) It is clearly a false creation by the author.

Three degrees of hire
Dear all,
I would like to shine a light on another aspect that the various labour market reforms have brought out. I got my degree at age 24 with good grades. The various short term contracts on placement and on projects have meant that my professionalism has radically changed: from the psychology degree now I have ended up doing application programmes for a big multinational…. I still haven’t really understood how it came about, but as I didn’t find work as a psychologist I have “recycled” myself into something that gets paid.
The special think is the type of contract that I’m involved with: the tiny company that I work for has hired me (called body rental) to an intermediary that is in the ICT business in my city. In turn, this company gives me to a big multinational, but not directly, but through another company that deals with the personnel of the multinational… I’m not sure if that’s clear: Let’s say that I earn 1 unit, my company to hire me out earns 3, if we keep that proportion unchanged, the first company to give 3 gets 9 and the second company to give 9 gets 27 from the multinational.
So I say, if I get 1 and they get 27, is there a logic to it? I believe there isn’t.
It doesn’t make sense that on my limited competence, they are making such commercial figures. That way they are paying for so many company cars and are speculating on a few days of sickness, that logically is not paid to me!
There’s something perverse and I’ve found myself in this mesh without even understanding how, without being able to choose, because if I had said “no” my tiny company would have let me stay home. Because there’s not enough work inside the company to keep us all occupied. So flexibility is welcome if it is designed to give us all work, but not with such absurd gaps between employer and worker.”
V. B. 22.02.2006 10:37

PS Download the book: "Schiavi Moderni"

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July 01, 2007

Fausto Previnotti


photo by metaphotos

Bertinotti and Previti live together in the same chamber. One is the president and the other is a parliamentarian. One should throw him out, the other isn’t batting an eyelid. They are the new DICO {civil partnership} of politics.
We are the ones giving him his payments.
Previnotti has declared about Cesarone: “Cesare Previti either stops being a parliamentarian or he stays in post”. Furthermore, he pointed out that the hypothesis of a suspension of his parliamentary mandate seems in contrast with the general principles of the constitutional system and with the rules.
And Bertinò, what’s he saying?
Previti has been sentenced to 6 years for corrupting judges and is prevented for ever from holding public office. For more than a year he has been an abusive deputy. In all this time, Previnotti has not found a way to throw him out.
And Bertinò, what’s he doing?
Previnotti wants the reduction of the costs of politics, he states this using direct and popular language on the topic of the collaboration between the two branches of parliament: “At the last in the joint convocation of the respective offices of the Presidency to face up to the topic of reducing the costs of politics, but also today when signing this protocol that sees involved subjects that are so different in their belonging to the majority and the opposition.
A protocol that indicates an important step in the sense of that simplification that is requested by the country and is a witness to those directed institutional reforms that are necessary starting from the bi-chamber-ism that today has become imperfect, passing on to the election law, but also placing a hand on the topic of reducing the costs of politics.”
You talk to me (and Bertinò talks like he eats) of the cost of politics and we are paying a convict to make laws? Previnotti has become the chamberlain of the Chamber. It hardly matters to him whether its flowing over with convicts. He is “super partes”, they are all his children.
Previnotti has already reached pension age, let him flee together with Previti to some fiscal paradise. The deputies, orphans would not appreciate it, the Italians would do “ola”.
PS “Io preferisco pronunciarmi ex ante piuttosto che ex post, e siccome non mi è dato di pronunciarmi ex ante non lo faccio nemmeno ex post.” {I prefer to talk “ex ante” rather than “ex post” and since I can’t talk “ex ante” I won’t even do that “ex post”.) a Previnotti quote in Wikipedia.

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June 23, 2007

Three shots, one hundred euro

photo by Patrick Houlihan

Politicians have changed strategy. They are tired of hearing that they don’t tackle the problems and that they refuse dialogue. They have decided to get their face about. Whatever it costs. They are our John Wayne, but with body guard.
If there are whistles, they no longer dodge them. It’s the new politics.
The citizens whistle at Prodi for taxes, they batter with their fists on the car of Bertolaso for the rubbish tips, they swear at Cuffaro for the incinerators, apart from the psycho-dwarf, and they feel better.
It’s like going to the stadium. It’s useful to let it all go. Certainly, the Italians would like to go further, to get down to action, but this for now, is not allowed.
The pass word is to be there, to prove your virility. Not everyone can accept to be treated like a piece of shit and to smile, smile. And to explain what a sense of the State means to thermo-value the population, at any cost, with various tumours. On live TV, Rutelli managed that. He was like Charles Bronson: “Please visits our incinerators.”
The journalists are nothing less. It doesn’t seem true to them to describe true politicians, pure and strong. Forged in steel kick-backs challenging the crowd. The pig-mess, called Val di Susa, pardon, or gag on intercepts, they are made holy by contact with the people. Always at the right distance, let it be understood. The politician that has the courage of his stupidity is admirable, eligible to be a cover person, very good for licking.
The police force is paid to allow the politicians this action of popular information. Once upon a time they defended them against the mafias , the Red Brigades, today against the citizens
Our employees want to make themselves liked and the most timid goes to Fiorello to sing. Instead of going to the magistrates.
Suggestion for the reduction of the Public Debt: in the Fun Fairs, set up stalls run by the State for throwing beetroot or cauliflower at the politician invited along for the occasion.
Three shots, one hundred euro. For Mastella two hundred and fifty. There’d be a queue from Milan to Rome.

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June 17, 2007

Tax Federalism

foto di sugaree_gd

Break ranks. Tax Federalism is arriving. The regional presidents of the North are the new musketeers: one for all and everyone for themselves.
Bresso wants the Catalan model for Piedmont. Galan wants it really serene and with shekels. Formigoni wants to lighten the tax burden in Lombardy.
The psycho-dwarf is always ahead of everyone. He would give money to no one: he wants a tax strike. At the end, the argument is always the same. It’s the famous fifth article: who has the money has won.
Public administration is the primary source of jobs in many regions of the south, and gets the top place in the city of Rome.
The south and a part of the centre live on public jobs and pensions. A region like Sicily should have the GDP of Belgium or of Greece. Instead it is the homeland of incinerators and regassification units. Of Scapagnini and of Totò Cuffaro.
When the Savoys arrived in Naples, they immediately took away the State Coffers. This gave rise to the myth of the Cassa del Mezzogiorno {Coffers of the South}.
That became a transfer of taxes to the non migrant people of the south. A way of not removing the population of the South. A form of pay-back to an occupied sovereign State.
A South that is assisted and abandoned by the mafias. A North without industries at a European level. The Tax Federalism is a detonator, if it gets through, Italy disappears. Everyone knows that, even the ambidextrous Left. If the North becomes federalist, with just a few tiny DS enclaves with waste-to-energy plant incorporated, the deal is done.
Tax Federalism, however, exists already. It is applied with rigour and professionalism by the tax dodgers. The numbers that are proclaimed by the politicians are getting bigger, to the amazement of those who are indignant. Enormous.
Equal to ten, twenty, thirty budgets. We manage to dodge more than we produce. The ones who dodge are usually producing and those that produce are in the North. Or am I wrong? So what is the North complaining about?
Italy stays on its feet with the North dodging taxes, with tax revenues going to the South and with the public administration in the centre. A circus balancing trick. But who believes in it any longer?

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June 11, 2007

For whom the siren sounds

A TV appearance for a parliamentarian is like pissing: when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go. They can’t stop themselves. The AN senator Gustavo Selva had to comment on the jubilant demonstrations for the arrival of the Atlantic Emperor Giorgio Bush. Selva is more than 80 years old, the age of big nappies. Rome’s traffic blocked him. No taxi, no blue car available.
He pretended he was ill. He asked for an ambulance. With the siren he cut through the police cordons. He arrived just in time for the programme at the La7 studio.
Like a gentleman he excused himself on live TV: “I apologise for being late, I was in the square in front of the parliament. Today the cars can’t get there. In the end I took an ambulance….” “An old trick used by journalists”.
And unfortunately the ambulances in the capital are what they are, perhaps driven by volunteers… “Shameful”, Selva said in fact, “I waited 35 minutes before the ambulance brought me to my destination. I will complain to the Prefect and the police chief: in this city one can even die….”
I propose an alteration to the 118 service. If Selva calls, then instead of using an ambulance, take him to the hospital in a horse-drawn funeral carriage. The citizens would help him on his journey, with songs and joyous dances. And encouraging gestures.
And then, though no one would want it , if Gustavo were to go up to heaven on the carriage stuck in traffic, they’d need a small deviation to take him to the nearest cemetery. And to finish up a great talk show live in via Nogaro, at La7, about the morethanmature disappearance of the senator.

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June 09, 2007

Buttiglione-flavoured Ice Cream

Buttiglione wants ice cream in the dining room. He and the female senator from the Ulivo party wrote that in a letter, to the Senate officials:
“We are writing to you with a request to improve the quality of life in the Senate. The dining room is not supplied with ice cream. We think it would be useful if it were and we are certain that we are representing the ideas of many others. Is it possible to have this? It’s a question of adapting the services of the Senate to the needs of people’s normal daily life. We look forward to hearing from you and offer you courteous greetings.”
A Buttiglione ice cream is this summer’s success. Egg-shaped, with a background flavour of coprolite, cone-yellow, sticking to the palate. Will the ice cream sellers who are displaying Buttiglione’s ice cream please send photos and I will publish the best ones.

A Buttiglione ice cream
lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream
sunk into a Senate armchair
a lemon ice cream
is truly lemon

Is it good?
While another summer goes by
swindling laws and coloured beads
here this is what I’ll give you
and the sensuality of Casini
here’s the gift I’ll give you
citizen coming into my life
with a suitcase of perplexities
ah, don’t worry that it’s all gone
this man will give you lots more things

A Buttiglione ice cream
lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream
sunk into a Senate armchair
while another summer goes by

I’m offering you a shower in the bathrooms of Palazzo Madama
that are the abyss of tepidness
where like nocturnal oceans
the voices of mess-ups reverberate
and I’m offering the psycho-dwarf’s moon
for the nightmare that you love
and a strong shake of my hand
for you so that you never again escape from me …
A Buttiglione ice cream, a lemon ice cream

And I offer you the intelligence of the parliamentarians
so that there’ll be at least a bit of light
in our room in the sad hotels
where the hot night will melt us

Like …. A lemon ice cream
A Buttiglione ice cream, a lemon ice cream

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June 05, 2007

Precarious worker in Antarctica

photo by ruttyboy

I’m publishing here my introduction to the book "Schiavi Moderni" {Modern Slaves} and one of the hundreds of statements: "Precarious worker in Antarctica "
The Biagi law brought precariousness to Italy. A modern bubonic plague that strikes workers, especially those who are young. Before it wasn’t there. Now it is. It has transformed work into short-term projects. The pay is charity-hand-out.
Rights are unreasonable expectations. Everything has become a project so that the Biagi law can be applied and new modern slaves can be created. From cleaning the toilet to answering the telephone.
Employed workers have been transformed into entrepreneurs registered for sales tax, without money, without security. TransBiagic workers.
A sub-species of slave. Less well protected than slaves from the South. The Biagi law is a left wing law for a work policy that is ultra-right wing. Copied from the Pharaohs.
Call centres instead of Pyramids. Used for the exploitation of workers. Without security. Without anything. Not even dignity. Not even the hope of the manual workers of the 1950’s. The ones who lived on sacrifices, but knowing that their children would have a better life.
This book is the common story of a generation who are paying all the debts of previous generations. All the mistakes. All the mafias, all the scandals, all the destructions of companies by scoundrel financiers. A generation that will never retire. A generation that is paying the pensions of the old people. That is getting angry. That has no political representation. A generation without money, without TFR {end of job handshake}, without hope in the professions. A generation of modern slaves.
The Biagi law was meant to get young people into the world of work. Instead it has transformed young people into low cost merchandise.
In this chasm, even workers aged 40 or 50 years have finished up. Not wanting to die of starvation with their families, they have adapted. They have got registered for sales tax and they have joined the precarious people.
Tens of thousands of people have written to me. I have chosen a few hundred witness statements and I have grouped them together by topics.
There are outbound and inbound telephone slaves, public slaves and no-profit ones, entrepreneurial slaves. Call centers organised like penal colonies.
Kapo-office-concentration-camp-manager. Even slaves for no pay. An infernal universe that is at the same time surreal, comic. In which everything is allowed, everything upside-down.
A-place-no-place where the entrepreneurial risk belongs to the precarious worker and the profit belongs to the employer. It’s like “Alice in Wonderland”.
It’s “The precarious worker in the Italy of Wonders”. Italy has become the land of low-paid work. We outclass China. Shame that there’s a lack of work. There’s just the low-cost worker. An all-Italian record.

“Dear Beppe,
The writer comes from your city, is aged 39 and believes in your work and the Internet. OK – perhaps my story has been a bit luckier than others but the result doesn’t change. I graduated in Genoa in 1994.
Three years later I got my doctorate in geophysical research. I’ve participated in 10 (!?!) scientific expeditions to the Antarctic for the National Research Programme working on aspects of climate change.
OK perhaps not everyone knows but thanks to the various Biagi laws, and the others before his, for 8 years I lived on 800 euro a month and I had to get by with bits of work to survive.
That when you go off on an expedition given that you are the son of a no-one, they even pay you half the daily allowance that your more fortunate colleagues get with a real contract (apart from other aspects that I’ll tell you about in private).
And that the banks laugh in your face when you go to ask about getting a mortgage or you are too ashamed to go because you know how they will look at you.
Today I can say that I am lucky because I’ve got an annual research contract for three years (that is it ends every year and they take me on again) and thus it doesn’t get long-service points and pay increases (that is my salary stays the same) and for the pension (it’s comical to say that) these years are worth half (that is I do four years like this and they are worth two). But, as I said, I’m lucky.
My girl-friend, a biology graduate, for more than a year, has been working for free (don’t be horrified Beppe, I know that the word annoys you!) at the Higher Institute for Health with the promise of a Biagi contract!
I’ve got friends at the university (lower case “u”) of Genoa who have lost their 800-1000 euro a month after 10 years of promises and of deception. Then we pay 30 thousand euro a month to our politicians to be taken for a ride and to have our intelligence insulted. Let’s send them home! All of them!
I want whoever is representing me and is being overpaid to be immaculate! Not even a parking violation.
S. U. 21.02.2006 12:09"

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June 04, 2007

The young industrialists at Santa Margherita


At Santa Margherita, the young industrialists have been the object of a media paedophilia of overwhelming brutality. Mature comedians have talked without censorship in front of young people of not much more than 30 years. The young president Matteo Colaninno, son of the industrialist convicted of preferential bankruptcy, suffered in silence.
Fini spoke about election laws with no one leaving the auditorium, or more courageously spitting in his face.
The election law that prevents citizens from choosing their candidate was what he and his former government colleagues actually wanted. Bersani denounced that “there are dossiers published by the newspaper of the Berlusconi family” with no one getting up, or more intrepidly, giving him a kick in the balls.
The law on the conflict of interests, the ex-Cirielli, the Pecorella are still there, as is Mastella and the applause for the psycho-dwarf at the conference of the Democratic Party have passed into History. Bersani stated that his hands don’t tremble. Fini repeated that perhaps his ears are singing.
Appearing in front of the young people in the audience Marchionne and Cordero, like the Madonna and St Joseph. Tronchetti and D’Alema were busy at Valencia on Luna Rossa. They were tacking into the wind. Marchionne stated doubts about the activities of Cordero: “Luca does what he has to do and that has no relation to what I do or Fiat.”
But isn’t Cordero president of Fiat? Luca, shame on you! Give back the wages to the Mirafiori workers!
Cordero turned to Fini and Bersani as examples of “responsible and capable politics”. Then he pulled out his balls with unforgettable words: “Yes to the correct relationship, to the rights-duties of citizens to bring a problem to the attention of who has to solve it without feeling that there’s need for a response with non-existent behind-the-scenes-research”.
That’s better than Peppino and Totò. It seemed like John Kennedy in Berlin with instead of “Ich bin ein berliner”, “ Ich bin sim salabin”.
Montezemolo continued to parade himself in front of the young people in the auditorium giving an example of discrete culture: “Without our employees not even Nembo Kid would manage to win this challenge (growth): we have a great obligation to them and a great responsibility.”
At the end of the day, full of sound bytes for the young people present, Bersani went to Piacenza to eat tagliatelle and ragù with the captains courageous Gnutti and Colaninno. Fini immersed himself in the waters at Santa Margherita and then unfortunately he re-emerged.
Luca said goodbye to the open-mouthed young people inviting them to “leave the stomach out”. The willful ambiguity of this expression was the subject of the dinner of confindustrial offsprings. Between a fish and a lobster .and a phone call to dad, the discussions continued until late into the night.

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May 30, 2007

Travelling in the twilight


Someone has given me a book called "Viaggio nelle tenebre" {Travelling in the twilight} by the Centro Aurora, the National Centre for children who have disappeared and those who are sexually abused. I've read it. I felt sick. It's right that you too should feel sick. I will ask the publishers for permission to publish it on the blog.
It's a document on paedophilia, on organ trafficking and on Satanism. The principal actors: children. Stage: Italy

From the book:
"In Italy calculating exclusively the data on the declarations made from the year 2004 to March 2007, we see that there are 3,399 minors who have disappeared and are not yet found.
Some disappeared children will sadly be destined for organ trafficking like macabre spare parts. The estimates relating to this are to say the least chilling and they present a real table of prices…. 50,000 euro for a new born, 30,000 a liver, 15,000 the corneas
According to the Trieste District Anti-mafia Division, it is a place with a lot of traffic for the buying and selling of organs so much so that a dossier on the topic has been presented to the Ministry of the Interior. Pier Luigi Vigna, National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor has denounced that just in 2004 there have been about 30,000 victims of trafficking in human beings."

Italy is even active in imports from abroad:
"Italy is denounced by René Bridel, the UN representative of the International Association of Jurists for the Defence of Democracy, by the daily papers "La Nacion" in Buenos Aires, "O Globo" in Rio de Janeiro and "La Repubblica" in Lima: our country is defined as the biggest importer of Brazilian children, as the biggest purchaser.
Léon Schwartzenberg, euro-deputy, has stated that: "From 1988 to 1992 four thousand Brazilian children have left their country for Italy. The official reason is always adoption, but of these youngsters looking for a family only one thousand have been found alive…."

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Organ Trafficking and Disappeared Children


Listen to Maria Rosa Dominici, judge for children at the Bologna Tribunal. It makes you think. If even children are becoming objects of commerce, there's no longer any future. In the blog more than once I have denounced the abandonment of street children and the disappearance of hundreds of minors each year. Nothing has happened.

YouTubeGoogle VideoQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

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May 26, 2007

The caste


Do you know what really really gets me angry? Working for the upkeep of parasites. Untrustworthy employees. I’ll go slightly beyond that: thieves. Thief seems to me the right word for the one that gets ten times the salary that is due when it is due.
The precarious workers, the pensioners, the small entrepreneurs every morning when they wake up, put on one side ten, twenty, a hundred euro. They are the taxes for the salaries of the State thieves. He’s a thief if he uses a public position to get privileges, from a free funeral to a baby pension.
He’s a thief if he prevents the justice system from functioning with bankruptcies cancelled and balance sheets that change from false to true.
Miracles of impunity of a whole political class. Stella and Rizzo call them a caste, but it’s a compliment. They are men and women without any particular qualities who have won a prize from lotto and live at our expense, their name is miserable.
The blog has interviewed the authors of the book: “La Casta” {The Caste}. Before reading it, take valium. A passage is given here.
“Let’s remember briefly just four points.
First: among the great countries of the West, Italy is the one with the highest number of elected parliamentarians.
Without counting the Life Senators …. We have one parliamentarian for every 60,371 inhabitants as against every 66,554 in France, every 91,824 in Great Britain, every 112,502 in Germany, not to mention the United States: one every 560,747.
Second: the salary of a deputy has grown from 1948 to today in real terms that is allowing for inflation, by almost 6 times and today it is 11,703 euro.
Third: no one gets anywhere near the 149,215 euro basic salary of our European deputies.
Not only do they get more than 44,000 euro more than the Austrians, but they get almost double the salaries of the Germans and the British, three times the Portuguese, four times the Spanish…. The list doesn’t take into account extras like travel expenses for a euro-parliamentarian and his collaborators “calculated automatically on the most expensive air ticket without the need for documentation”
As well as the “important extra allowance for the collaborators, for whom not only is it not necessary to document their pay, nor even their existence” … “The calculation of 30-35.000 euro is probably approximate and low rather than high”.
Fourth: the lack of patience on the part of many parliamentarians in relation to those who calculate in their salary the money for the collaborators and often so hypocritical as to be indecent….they pay the collaborators under the table (between 500 and 1,500 euro) and for this they get from the Senate 4,678 euro and from the Lower House 4,190 a month.
A Le Iene programme uncovered the little game showing how in the Lower House out of 629 official collaborators the ones who are employed according to the rules are only 54 and all the others were paid in cash.
How much? “for my enrichment” quickly replied the Margherita representative Cinzia Dato…. “Politics has big costs. So each one has to get by” explained roman-style the National Alliance representative Carlo Ciccioli.
“How much do you pay your briefcase carrier?” “Four or five hundred euro a month to do one thing. Four or five hundred euro to do something else…”

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May 25, 2007

Amato and the antimafia style


As a job Amato is Minister of the Interior. In the past he was adviser to Craxi for many years. Craxi finished up in exile and he in the government.
He went to Palermo for the 15th anniversary of the Capaci slaughter. A young man reminded him of the 25 convicts in Parliament, of Cuffaro who is a defendant in a trial for seriously aiding and abetting, of the absence of the State in Sicily.
Giuliano the Apostate socialist did not pull back from the exchange with the courage and the culture that mark him out.
With a harsh face he comforted the young man calling him a populist leader, an unjust justice-alist, a rhetorician, an emotive, a unilateral.
He then added so as to show his ability to use the language of Dante: Don’t create this conflict between the Island and the Continent, in this way you are using the typical style of the island populism.”
The Mafia can sleep soundly. The Minister of the Interior has completely defeated an antimafia Sicilian student. He has set an example. Now he can go back to Rome to have a chat and have a coffee with two convicts Vito and Pomicino, elected to the Antimafia Commission, and with Andreotti, a person who is always informed of the facts.

Palermo, 23 May. - (Adnkronos) – Exchange of views between the President of the Student Consultation body in Palermo, Francesco Cascino and the Minister of the Interior, Giuliano Amato during a debate in the Bunker Court Room under Palermo’s Ucciardone prison. On the topic of Italy that changes: politics, institutions and society during the commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the Capaci slaughter.
In his speech, the young student, turning to Amato brought to mind that in Parliament ’25 convicts are seated’ talking also of the President of the Region of Sicily Salvatore Cuffaro, defendant in a trial in Palermo for seriously aiding and abetting to Cosa Nostra.
‘I’ll give you a suggestion signor Minister – said Francesco Cascino – when you go back to Rome tell your colleagues that here, in Palermo there is the mafia’. And again: ‘in the Antimafia, put your heart, your stomach, your balls’
Immediate was the reply from minister Giuliano Amato: ‘I didn’t like your speech at all, it sounds just like a ‘populist boss’.
You express in a unilateral, rhetorical, emotive way without leaving space for a discussion, a just feeling that is widespread, but without reasoning about this it is a dangerous exercise that is poisonous for democracy’.
Talking of the 25 parliamentarians who have been convicted, Amato said: ‘I have the courage to reply to you that I have to distinguish between convictions and convictions, there can be convictions for minor crimes that allow, once the sentence has been served, the full rehabilitation, while other convictions don’t lead to rehabilitation.
If you don’t make this distinction you become an unjust justice-alist' In his speech, the student spoke about Beppe Grillo’s blog.
‘We can’t learn about these things from the Internet – he denounced – but we are obliged to go to the Internet’. And Amato: ‘Grillo does like you. I am convinced that people like Grillo are useful but it doesn’t mean that they are the source of truth’.
And then he replied once more with a hard face: ‘you can’t tell me and the government ‘when you go back to Rome tell them that here is the Mafia. We know that very well, we are part of a political movement to which the fight against the mafia owes a lot.
I could reply to you, remind those in Palermo that the mafia is here. You too have institutions here. Thus don’t create this conflict between the Island and the Continent, in this way you use styles that are typical of the island populism. If you have this passion, use it for a democratic battle and certainly not for a populist one.’

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May 18, 2007

Line Rental and the Luna Rossa

photo by ea6abn

The Telecom Italia fixed line rental should be abolished. It’s a tax not a service.
A tax that goes towards financing Luna Rossa, “The Telecom Italia Group with a 49% participation in the consortium “Luna Rossa Challenge 2007”, and supports the challenge of the Italian boat in the Valencia regatta.”
Does Luna Rossa bring benefits to Telecom Italia clients? Is Telecom Italia’s target market among yachtsmen?
The fixed line rental also finances the Golf Open Championships. Are Telecom Italia users golfers?
With the control of the backbone, Telecom has in fact got the monopoly of fixed line services. The other operators have to pay to get access. And they are paying a competitor to finance golf and yachting rather than to reduce the debt.
In the last few days I’ve heard no more talk about the separation of the backbone from Gentiloni and about Telecom intercepts. Now Tronchetti’s gone, is the citizen deceived? The Telecom tax-payers are going to be emotional about tacking towards the wind or a hole? If ADSL doesn’t get to you there’s always Luna Rossa or a beautiful green. Those Telecom people who are precarious workers, outsiders, sacked, deceived shareholders, dream of Valencia and Tronchetti the yachtsman and they sing:

And the red moon talks to me about you
I ask if you are waiting for me
and it answers: "If you really want to know,
here, there is no Tronchetti..."
And I call your name to see you
but everyone who is talking about you
is answering: "It's late, what do you want to know?
here, there is no Tronchetti!...

The only hope are the killer whales and the giant squid.

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May 17, 2007

Crimen Sollicitationis


The video that has been viewed the most recently is a programme of the BBC that was transmitted on 1 October 2006.
It refers to an official document of the Catholic Church called “Crimen Sollicitationis”, that explains how the Church hierarchy should hide sexual crimes.
Below a part of the transcript is given.

Father TOM DOYLE, Canon Lawyer: Crimen sollicitationis is indicative of a world-wide policy of absolute secrecy and control of all cases of sexual abuse by the clergy. But what you really have here is an explicit written policy to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy, to punish those who would call attention to these crimes by churchmen. You've got a written policy that says the Vatican will control these situations, and you also have, I think, clear written evidence of the fact that all they're concerned about is containing and controlling the problem. Nowhere in any of these documents does it say anything about helping the victims. The only thing it does is say that they can impose fear on the victims, and punish the victims, for discussing or disclosing what had happened to them.

KENYON: The procedure was intended to protect a priests reputation until the church had investigated. But in practice it can offer a blueprint for cover-ups. The man in charge of enforcing it for 20 years was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the man made Pope last year. In 2001 he created the successor to the decree. In spirit it was the same, overarching secrecy with a threat of excommunication. He sent a copy to every Bishop in the world. But now he ordered that the Vatican must have what it calls 'exclusive competence'. In other words, all child abuse allegations must go exclusively to Rome.

FR. DOYLE: It's all controlled by the Vatican, and at the top of the Vatican is the Pope. So Joseph Ratzinger was at the middle of this for most of the years the crimen was enforced. He created the successor to crimen, and now he's the Pope. This all says that the policy and the systematic approach has not changed.

KENYON: Cardinal Ratzinger's new decree was a missed opportunity to modernise the church's approach just as its biggest scandal was about to break in America. Colm travelled there to discover whether these were isolated cases sadly mishandled, or a Vatican policy of cover up

COLM: At the same time as the scandals were erupting in Ireland in 2002, hundreds of cases were emerging here in the United States. A US report tells us that almost four and a half thousand US priests have been accused of raping or sexually abusing children.

KENYON: Its epicentre was Boston. The same stories repeated time and again. The church quietly shifting accused priests from parish to parish. Allegations of a systematic cover-up. Colm tracks down Patrick Wall, a former Benedictine monk who became the Vatican approved enforcer of crimen sollicitationis in his Minnesota diocese.

PATRICK WALL, Former Benedictine Monk: I was part of the system that was getting chewed up and being used deceptively, and it was a real dark night of the soul. Everything that I had trained for, you know, well over a decade to do, I found out that I wasn't working for a holy institution but an institution that was wholly concentrated on protecting itself.

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May 15, 2007

Good Bye Garibaldi


Everything passes except Andreotti. States, Empires, religions. Time deletes them and consigns them to the history books. The Italian State, post-unification, post-monarchic, post-fascist and currently chatto-postcommunist, will pass like all the rest. But when? If Italy had six months of life, what would the Italians do? Would they be celebrating?
An English gentleman is suffering from stomach pains. Like the Italians during the speeches of their politician employees. In hospital they gave him six months. That starts off the best time of his life.
He spends everything he has on holidays, luxury restaurants, hotels. He puts to one side an outfit for his funeral: black suit, white shirt, red tie. At the end of the sixth month, the doctors realize that he has nothing wrong. A mistake.
The former patient is desperate: he is ruined economically and he’s not even dead. Here, with us it’s the opposite, we continue to tell ourselves that Italy is a true State, that it is in optimum health. The Italians are suspicious, but they are also incurable optimists who believe in providence.
Five years of the psycho-dwarf have given them back hope. Hope for change. For five years they hoped to be cured of gastro-intestinal pains.
The digestion was what it was with all the shit to be swallowed. The elections should have changed everything. But it changed nothing, or almost nothing. Which is the same thing.
The former voter is desperate: he is politically destroyed and yet still alive. We have done Italy. What’s missing are the Italians. Let’s throw in the sponge. We have tried and we haven’t succeeded in 150 years. The idea of Italy has failed.
Let’s go back to the States before the Unification of Italy: to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to the Bourbon Kingdoms, to the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia.
To before Garibaldi, the Risorgimento, the slaughters in the South, fascism, two World Wars and the destruction of the Second Republic. We were better off and we had better health.

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May 12, 2007

An appeal to the Camorra

photo of the river Sele

The umpteenth request for help to stop the destruction of a part of Italy that is still uncontaminated has arrived from Serre.
I’m turning over the request to those who truly are in charge in Campania: to the Camorra, or as Saviano says, the System.
Not to the State, nor to the emergency commissioner for the rubbish emergency (see the video). Not even to the emergency commissioner for the emergency commissioner.
And they really exist. An Italian version of Russian Dolls. First there’s Napolitano, then Prodi, then Bertolaso, then the number one commissioner, then the number two commissioner. We’re just missing commissioner Maigret.
The rubbish problem exists because the Government believes the Camorra should deal with it and the Camorra that the Government should deal with it.
The Camorra in Campania should put its hand on its conscience and do a clean sweep. I’m convinced that in a week, if it wanted, Naples and the surrounding area would become like Switzerland. Give the Government a moral slap. Its image would go to the stars in the opinion of the citizens.

“I am Dr Monica Sepe and I’m part of the campaign group "Serre per la vita" {Serre for life} that was set up last December when we heard that Commissioner Bertolaso wanted to allocate a refuse tip to our territory.
We live in Serre, a village with 4,000 inhabitants in the Province of Salerno. The Commissioner has identified as a site for a tip, a nature reserve on the edge of the river Sele, in a humid zone of international importance, of a Site of Community Importance that is therefore protected by many environmental conditions.
Following a petition presented by the town of Serre, the judge, the President of the first civil section of the Salerno Tribunal, maintained that this site is not suitable because of its environmental importance.
Instead of taking action by presenting an appeal, as possible according to law, the Commissioner has asked the government for a decree so as to get round the decision of the judge.
What we ask is that the law in Italy is not valid only for the citizens, that the separation of powers in a State that reckons itself to be democratic, still has value.
If a judge has said that this site is not suitable, I don’t think, I don’t believe and I don’t want to believe that the Government can by-pass this decision with a decree.
What we are asking is really simple: that the law is respected by the institutions so that the citizens can find them to be an example.
We have carried out a protest that was more than peaceful. We have followed the legal channels without ever doing anything remotely illegal. Even when we were baton-charged by the police on 14 March we stayed seated on the ground singing the Italian National Anthem with the national flag unfurled. The same flag on which the police have sworn allegiance.
In spite of all this they continue to insist on having a site that is not suitable where there are very special environmental features. Otherwise a nature reserve would not have been established.
Here are the breeding grounds of species of birds that are protected as they are in danger of extinction. The river Sele provides water to 40,000 hectares of land and gives life to 15,000 agricultural enterprises.
It’s not possible to pollute this river, or it will be the death of the Sele Plain. .”
Monica Sepe

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May 09, 2007

Racism Italian Style

photo by hanneorla

Italians are not racists. They don’t want to be racist. The Italians are nice people with pizza and mandolins. An Italian can accept to be labeled in different ways: tax dodger, mafia, corrupt.
That’s not a problem. He finds these are compliments. But if you call him a racist he turns into a beast. And the further he is to the left, the more he gets angry.
It’s a fight with himself. A struggle that has resulted in Italian-style racism. A racism that isn’t there but exists. A racism that makes us all feel better. In other words, the Italian has removed racism.
He has done it with discretion, giving due weight to the news.
If a Polish baby is shot in Naples and dies, if a guy from Sri Lanka is knifed in Milan, or if people from North Africa are buried alive in Puglia during the tomato harvest, the news is given with discretion.
It’s on the tenth page for a day. If the dead person is indigenous, that’s the trigger for the murder hunt.
The death of a foreigner is hardly noticed. The death of one of us is noted much more.
If .there’s the mass rape for 30 euros of children who are foreign, even aged 12 or 13, in the streets of the whole country, that’s folklore.
If one of our girls is attacked it goes on the front page. If foreign children are thrown into the streets to ask for alms or to sell their bodies, that’s folklore. If that happens to an Italian child, the parents land up in prison.
The Rumanian murderer is a monster, the Italian one is a delinquent.
Our foreigners are compared to foreigners living in their own home. Numbers, not people. Who thinks about the 50 people a day who die in Iraq or in the Darfur slaughter? The prisons are full of foreigners who haven’t understood the rules.
Exactly. They are rules that aren’t there. In our country that doesn’t exist, the rules are an option.
The Italian knows that, they get by, they go ahead and survive, they go into prescrizione without ever passing “Go”. However, the foreigner goes directly to jail, because they believe that impunity is a life style, not a crime.
Sarkozy has won to bring back the law. Veltroni has said that the rule of law is a right, without specifying for which income band. Whoever is not yet racist will become racist. It’s the country that wants it.

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May 07, 2007

Straw Dogs


News is like a bulletin of war. Every day children are raped, killed, pensioners are cut to pieces in their beds, sick people in the hospitals treated like butcher’s meat, women raped, politicians (but then what does this term mean?) ignorant, convicts, parrots of the small screen.
The violations of the law (but then what does this term mean?) are in every street, in every death on the pedestrian crossing, in every abusive car park, in every violent pimp, in every prescrizione, pardon, amnesty.
The diseases that were almost conquered in the Age of Enlightenment are coming back, leprosy, tuberculosis, are with us again. Also back are the usurers, the pawn shops and the ghettos. We’ve got modern Middle Ages.
You can ignore the news, you can turn off the TV for ever, but when it’s your turn you can no longer pretend nothing happens. First, always think that the victims are the others.
The Italians could become incapable of controlling their reactions. Usually they suffer, stay silent, like dogs that are beaten.
But if the hospitals become cemeteries, the politicians convicts, the tribunals places of impunity, the taxes pay for do-nothings, the streets land of no one, the loans usury, work exploitation and death.
Even the Italian, chloroformised by the media, tools for the mass craziness of power. Even the Italian can catch fire like a straw dog.
It has already happened and it will happen again.

“Heaven and Earth are impartial;
They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs.
The wise are impartial;
They see the people as straw dogs.”

Tao Te Ching

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May 06, 2007

Our Previti, Who art in Parliament…


I was hoping that Bertinotti, in between an appearance as Fiorello and a trip to Mount Athos would find the time. Or that our employees overcome by an attack of vomiting would throw him out. Instead, Previti, convicted for corruption of magistrates, is still there.
A latrine is a latrine. You cannot change it’s use. But every so often you need to clean it out, disinfect it.
Otherwise whoever makes use of it risks getting a nasty infectious disease, kick-back-itis, corruptitis, prevititis, mastellitis.
Parliament can certainly put up with the presence of Previti.
He’s one of them. But I can’t. It’s nothing personal. Previti is a gentleman of a certain age who has spent his life protecting the psycho-dwarf in the tribunals.
A full-time occupation. A responsible position. A worrying one. But his salary as a Parliamentarian, I don’t want to pay any longer. Let him pay for his cigars on his own, not with my taxes.
Previti is a symbol. The symbol of impunity. Of the law that is equal for the rich and different for all the others. If Previti stays there, every other Parliamentarian is responsible. And shows themselves to be worse than him.
They hide behind the procedures, priorities, agreements in commission, party solidarity. Previti is certainly a more impressive figure with his haughtiness, that he shows off without shame, than all the rest of Parliament.
All together passionately. Whoever touches Previti touches each of them. A proposal for the President of the Lower Chamber. Open each session with the sign of the cross and a prayer.

“Our Previti, Who art in Parliament,
Hallowed be Thy Surname.
Thy Kingdom come.
The Will of your patron be done, in the Lower Chamber as it is in the Upper Chamber.
Give us this day our daily ad personam laws.
And forgive us our corruptions,
as we forgive those who corrupt us.
And if you lead us into temptation,
save us with the prescrizione. Amen”

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May 04, 2007

Justice Time Frames

photo: dariuszka

Which comes first, the cause or the effect? The response to this question is fundamental. If you answer “the effect” you are lost. Italy is the daughter of unknown causes and undesired effects.
The few people who denounce the causes are themselves considered to be effects to be removed as soon as possible.
The effects of the causes have become our life style, products of the lack of social, environmental and economic policies. The precarious workers are an effect, the destruction of the environment is an effect, the Italian Stock Exchange is an effect.
No one raises the question about them any more. The effects without cause are the preferred tools of institutional powers: Consob, Parliament, Confindustria. They are bomb-proof alibis.
Travaglio has justly denounced the gagging of journalists with the new intercept legislation. But even here, we’re talking of the effects and not the causes. The publication of the intercepts has eliminated Consorte, Ricucci, and Fazio.
The same outcome would have resulted from a speedy trial or rather a normal trial. Free information, the little that is around, is becoming a substitute for trials that never end. And if they have no end they have no sentence.
The Justice reform must start here: the certainty of the trial, that no longer exists. For a simple argument in the condominium, you can wait 18 years. To set free and unblemished Berlusconi 13 years. The judges had even forgotten what they had to judge him for.
He always gets by because they confuse him with a cause, whereas he is only a collateral effect of the disintegration of Italy.
Yesterday I was informed of the date of the appeal hearing asked for by Fininvest against me, after they lost at the first hearing.
It will be at 9:00am on 3 June 2010. I’ve asked them to bring this forward, partly because my lawyer has an advanced age. They told me that they will do something: perhaps they will make it start at 8:30 am.

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May 02, 2007

The worker of the year


The ancient Romans had bread and circuses. Today we have only got the circuses left. The bread is precarious.
In the Coliseum, the gladiators that died were fewer than those who die on the building sites. The feast of the workers should be moved to 2 November, the day of the dead.
And May Day should be dedicated to the worker of the year. Someone will be found… For 2007, the title is won hands down by Tronchetti.
After 6 years when he has worked day and night, finally on 25 April his Liberation has arrived from the Spaniards.
And as luck would have it without the partisans, the externalisers and the unemployed following.

From la Repubblica, 30 April 2007:
Marco Tronchetti Provera, the yachtsman, leaves his Pirelli inflatable and walks along the duckboards in the port of Santa Margherita...
After a whole day at sea taking part in regattas, for Tronchetti it’s time for every day things.
But it truly is a short break in this long day of sport, third in the Coppa Carlo Negri and for him a first, he is absent with justification from the conclusion of the Telecom operation.
Dark blue jacket, hand shakes and hugs, smiles for everyone. Tronchetti is visibly tranquil and he’s not hiding the fact.
Straight after the end of the Pirelli Board of Directors meeting, he joined his wife Afef in the Portofino villa on Saturday evening.
And by 11 in the morning he was already at sea, at the helm of his Kauris III, the yacht in the maxi category for the race. Two swift races, intense, with a stiff but variable breeze, that exalts the men and women of the sea.
A few hours at Portofino with the family and then in the evening, back at Santa Margherita, this time at the helm of the Pirelli runabout PZero.”
Tronchetti will say: “Today’s regatta was great, the wind changed from one regatta to the next, it was more pronounced in the second."

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April 24, 2007

Without stealing


The weak brother is a recurring figure in the History of Italy. The relatives normally let the more able brother look after him and this one acts as a life-long father. Massimo Moratti is the weak brother of all weak brothers. He’s even managed to force Paolo Berlusconi into the background.
He can be forgiven anything even intercepting Bobone Vieri. To avoid damages, the family has nominated him President of Inter. They have allowed him a lifelong income of a few tens of millions of Euro a year for the players. He’s OK with that.
Every so often his big brother Gianmarco asks him to sign the transfers. People trust him and his good Bugs Bunny appearance. And that’s how it’s been even for the Saras IPO on the Stock Exchange.
The Morattis have pocketed 1,700,000,000 euro. They needed that to strengthen the team. The share was quoted at 6 euro at the time there was the collapse in the energy market. Anyone buying lost 12% in a single day.
JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, the banks responsible for the placement, gained 12 million euro each thanks to the ups and downs.
Summary: someone decides that the price of 6 euro is right. Savers believe, buy, and lose. The Morattis and the banks gain and the prosecutors investigate.
Where was Consob? Cardia shed light. Yesterday’s championship was not won by Inter yesterday.
The brand name hasn’t belonged to them for some time now. They sold it, after a correction on this blog, to Inter Brand srl for 159 million euro.
The prosecutors are investigating a hypothesis of “balance sheet gaps for which no one is under investigation” (Corriere della Sera). I’m sure that it will turn out to be a hypothesis that is without foundation. Massimo wins but without stealing.

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April 23, 2007

The little house in Canada

Villa di Arcore

Politics feeds on itself. On centres, lefts and rights. On new groups, new names. Fassino has talked about a house that is newer and more beautiful. Fassino has cried in Florence as Occhetto has in Bologna.
Berlinguer died in time to not have to cry as well. D’Alema, like Franti in the book Cuore, smiled instead. Berlusconi has been found triumphant.
He made a few brief notes. His participation in the Democratic Party is just 95%. A bit later, when he gets to 100%, he’ll merge it with Forza Italia.
After participating in Fiorello’s TV programme as a political walk-on Bertinotti has taken refuge on mount Athos in a prayer cell.
The Red Flag will triumph over him…

The little house in Canada (translated from B.Grillo)

When you see Fassin alone in the city
perhaps you’ll wonder where he’s wandering to
Alone, without an aim. Alone… but there’s a reason:
He had a little house in Canada (*)
with pardons, conflicts of interests and lots of intrigues there
and all the voters who passed by
said: “What a disaster the little house in Canada”!
But one day, out of spite, D’Alema burned it down
and the poor man was on foot without Unipol
”So what did he do?” you’ll all be asking.
But this is the surprise that the intercepted one will tell you:

He built another tiny little house in Canada (**)
once more with pardons, conflicts of interests and lots of intrigues there
and all the voters who passed by
said: “It’s still disgusting the little house in Canada”!

And loads and loads of houses he rebuilt but, however,
That psycho dwarf with the help of the moustached guy
set fire to all of them
You all know that!

He built another local prison house in Canada (***)
always with pardons, conflicts of interests and lots of intrigues there
and Berlusconi, Letta and Dell’Utri who passed by
said: “How beautiful is Our House in Canada”!

(*) PDS
(**) DS
(***) PD

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April 21, 2007

Chiampa, Chiampa, Chiampa. Lèon, Lèon, Lèon.


Chiamparino was born in 1948 at Muncalè. He was a busy boy. He used the sand in the courtyard of his home to make car parks and tunnels.
A sign of his predestination. In the future he will build the underground car park of Piazza San Carlo and will often spend the weekend in Val di Susa in the TAV building sites with a bucket and spade.
He meets Mastella during a school trip to Ceppaloni, they play at cops and robbers with a pardon and they have their afternoon snack together. At that point he’s convinced that his future lies in politics. At age 25 he’s already leader of the PCI in Moncalieri.
During his life, always busy, he does everything, always paid for by the State: town councilor, secretary of the province, member of the Lower House and also Mayor. The latter position originates in a sad story.
In fact he substitutes Turin’s Mayor who died suddenly. From that moment Chiampa wears a black arm band and has a characteristic funereal presence.
The plebs love him, but would like to see him working for at least once in his life. In the 1994 national elections the manual labourers of Mirafiori send him a message. They give a mass vote to the Forza Italia candidate, Meluzzi, who is standing against him.
Chiamparino understands. He invites Lunardi to his home for dinner and after they have washed the pots he revives the economy of Piedmont and his own electoral fortunes.
Cement, bypasses and incinerators become his ideological reference points, together with the cemeteries where he spends his Friday evenings searching for inspiration and trying to control the exhumations.
Berlusconi notices him because of his battles and decides to help him by proposing Buttiglione as Mayor of Turin. A happy choice. Buttiglione loses abysmally.
Chiampa wins with the number of the beast: 66.6%. He starts to get fit by running in the mountains talking at a distance to the inhabitants of Venaus who would like to keep him informed.
Incinerators fascinate him and he decides to make them into his new crusade. Chiampa Chiampa Chiampa. Lèon Lèon Lèon.
Watch the fantastic video with Chiampa water-valued done by the young people of the Turin meet up.

PS. Today 21/04 at 5:00pm I will participate in a public debate about incinerators and about Mediapolis at la Serra in Ivrea. There’ll be Maurizio Pallante a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment as well as Lega Ambiente, the FAI and other organisations.

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April 15, 2007

Open letter to Carlos Slim


Forty years have gone by since the death of prince Antonio De Curtis, known as Toto. I have taken one of his famous letters to write to Carlos Slim Helù. The richest man in South America, the second richest man in the world with 53,000,000,000 dollars, the owner of America Movil that wants to buy Olimpia.
The 3 Euro per share that he wants to give Tronchetti seems a folly. On the Stock Exchange the share is quoted at 2.3 Euro. But if through 33% of 18% and the willingness of AT&T he manages to dismember Tim Brasil then he and Tronchetti will have done the business.
Telecom Italia will be without an international presence after having sold everything in the last 5 years. The famous reduction of the perimeter proportional to the opening of the forum of the small shareholders.

Estimado Señor Carlos Slim,
quiero llamar su atenciòn con esta mia para decirle una palabra... Disculpe si son pocos... ma tres euros por cada acciòn, punto y coma, a nosotros nos impresiona mucho porque en este mismo año hubo una gran mortandad de bueyes como usted bien sabe. Punto! Dos puntos! Esta moneda sirve a usted a confortar la pena que tendrà el "tronquito"... coma, punto y coma...
porquè tendrà que dejar las "stock options" que pagamos nosotros mismos de persona... que son los que escriben esta carta porquè el "tronquito" es "manager" que se aplica... que se tiene que coger un premio de mayorìa... que debe tener una de las orejas en el lugar de siempre, es decir en la Seguridad. Punto, punto y coma. Punto, otro punto y coma! Salutando atentamente los pequeños accionistas de Telecom Italia. Que somos nosotros..."

Italian text (translated into English):
Dear signor Carlos Slim,
I am coming to you with this letter of mine to say a word to you. Forgive me if there are few … but three euro per share, semi colon, we are a bit short as this year there has been a lot of deaths among the beef cattle… as you well know. Full stop! Colon!” This money is of use to you to be consoled after the sorrow connected with Tronchetti… comma, semi colon… because he will have to leave the stock options that we ourselves are paying for in person.. and we are writing this to you because Tronchetti is a manager who applies himself … who must have a majority premium…who has to keep his ear in the usual place, that is on the Security. Full stop. Semi colon. Full stop and a semi colon! Saluting you indistinctly the small shareholders of Telecom Italia. That we are…”

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April 14, 2007

The evil grin of the unpunished


In Italy, the resident population is divided into two parts. One part is unpunished. The other is normal. To be unpunished is a status symbol. The main motive of the attraction that our country has for the mass of people from outside the European Union. A condition to be envied. Whoever gets there finds themselves at the top of the social scale. It’s worth more than riches. The rich can finish up in prison. The unpunished never. The laws don’t even get near them. The lawyers and the friends of the friends sort everything out.
There are various levels of unpunished, a pyramid structure. At the top there are the gentile classes. Then the politicians. Then their servants. Below that in layers one on top of the other, there are a few million people.
It’s easy to identify the unpunished. They have an evil grin that sets them apart. That particular expression of the unpunished, of people who are indifferent to laws. Whole groups are unpunished.
Financial, political, ethnic, criminal groups. There are clubs of extra-legal unpunished people. If the State by mistake or just casually tries to enforce the law, the unpunished get angry. They scream at the provocation.
If they can, they change the laws. Otherwise they change the features of the police forces. Whole neighbourhoods can go out into the streets to support the unpunished.
A citizen with a clean record who pays taxes and who holds dear the good of the public cannot intervene against impunity.
They would be accused of being racist, extremist and a bit fascist. They have to delegate the police and certain party office workers: our employees in Parliament and in the Government.
Cesare Beccaria maintained that the certainty of punishment is necessary in a State based on the rule of law. We are a State based on the other side of the coin. We have the certainty of impunity. However there is the usual exception. If you annoy the unpunished, then you are punished in accordance with the law. The punishment is implacable for those who denounce the system. RESET!

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April 11, 2007

The violent arm of the law


In Italy there’s no dictatorship, but just formally. Follow what I’m saying: there are 350,000 laws. No one really knows how many there are. Their application is often arbitrary. However, no one knows them better than the Public Administration. They are a strong and powerful weapon for managing and controlling.
The violent arm of the law is the registered letter that arrives at your house and tells you of the penalty based on article X of the regional law Y that is connected to the decree Z and on the orders of the town council W. You either comply or you are ruined.
Under a certain sum, the accountant or the lawyer have a single piece of advice: pay up. Above a certain sum you have to pay them and then hope. If then you get doubts like: “Why me and not all the others?”, you don’t have to think the worst. It’s just bad luck.
And the bad luck of the Public Administration is not blind-folded. They always have their eyes wide open. If you pay taxes they check on each tenth of a Euro. If you cause a company to go bust (do you remember Parmalat?) it often avoids getting on its high horse.
It’s clear that with such a vast number of laws, we are all guilty of something. It’s simple maths. So, when faced with an audit or a fine, it’s best to accept guilt and sort out what is needed.
A month ago the blog dealt with the cementification of the Fiera area in Milan and it interviewed the people leading the citizen associations. From that moment things have got worse. In the city that has the most fly-posting, the most graffiti and among the dirtiest in Italy. I can bear witness: I have been by the Navigli near the Darsena and I was ready to vomit.
In this city some flyers were attached to the lamp posts. To announce an open meeting for the inhabitants of the Fiera area about the construction of 900,000 cubic metres of cement that no one wants. A meeting that the Town Hall should have organised ages ago, before taking any decision. The fliers measuring 50x70 cm got a fine of 43,672 euro.
An enormous sum. Now I would like to ask a question to Moratti and to the city cabinet member for the development of the territory, Carlo Masseroli (email). The abusive election flyers, did they get a fine? And who paid the fine? And how much did they pay? Did the violent arm of the law take action on that occasion?

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April 07, 2007



In honour of MacDonald’s a new neologism has been created: McJob. It’s in the English dictionary. And the definition? “Underpaid job, without stimuli, with few benefits. It needs low competence and is often temporary and offers few or no benefits and opportunities for promotion”

MacDonald’s don’t agree. For them the McJob is a job to hope for. But the globalisation of the hamburger has its price to pay. And if among these there are shit jobs and global deforestation you can’t protest against the dictionary.
If the word McJob is annoying to the butchering multinational, what should we say for the word “precarious work” or MacBiagi? “short term job, needing no competence with intensive exploitation and for which you need to have a degree.” And for “fallen at work”? “Murder of a worker for lack of safety measures not punishable by law”. And what for the Casa della Libertà? “Association of lawyers and entrepreneurs created to decriminalize crimes that members are said to have committed” And for financier (as an alternative to Tronchetti)? “An individual who is in good society, well dressed, who aims for personal enrichment through the debts of others, both private individuals and companies”.
It would be necessary to rewrite the Italian Dictionary. To give the words their meaning. Incinerators? “Producer of dioxin with high thermal dispersion with the production of tumours on a large scale”.
Political party? “Association of citizens with the intention of carrying on political activity for one’s own exclusive advantage”.
Decolour? “Eliminate with bleach the independent directors from the list of those in the Board of Directors”
Italian Stock Exchange? “Chicago of the 1920s, wild capitalism of America’s Robber Barons of the early 1900s (neologism introduced by Guido Rossi on 06/04/2007).
Today I was out walking on the hills at Nervi. A lady said to me: “Good day”. I replied: “To you too signora”. It’s great when the words have their meaning.

PS: The book “Modern Slaves” will soon be available. Order it now.

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April 01, 2007

The Torregiani Murder


Murder is just murder. Qualified murders on the right or left, don’t exist.
Since 1979 Alberto Torregiani has been using a wheel chair. He was hit by a bullet during the robbery in a jewellery shop when his adoptive father, Pier Luigi Torregiani, was murdered. In the days that followed, PAC, Proletari Armati per il Comunismo, {Armed Proletariat for Communism}claimed to have murdered “pig Torregiani”.
Cesare Battisti, one of those responsible, was captured. He escaped from prison. He was accused of four murders. In his absence, he was sentenced to stay in prison for life. He took refuge in France and then in Mexico.
Then again in Paris where he became a writer of black novels. He was protected by the Mitterand law on ex-terrorists. His extradition was requested. When it was granted he escaped.
The French saw nothing. He has recently been captured in Copacabana in Brazil. Perhaps he will be extradited to Italy. What a life.
You can see that Battisti wasn’t familiar with the Italian Justice System. If he had stayed, he would have been inside for 4 or 5 years maximum. He would have written a play about his life, for the TV. He would have become a conference participant held in high esteem in public debates, in the Universities, in the Council Chambers of the Local Authorities.
Alberto Torregiani wants justice to be done. And you can understand him. He is paying his proletariat life sentence in a wheel chair. But if Cesare Battisti comes back to Italy he will become a hero. And with the first amnesty he’ll be straight out.

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March 28, 2007

The GDP of Cluster Bombs

A child walks through a meadow and finds a new toy, brilliant yellow, with a tiny parachute. A gift from the sky. A gift from the arms producers. The child touches it and if he doesn’t die, he loses an arm, a leg, his sight. The gift is a ‘cluster bomblet’. A single bomblet contains from 200 to 600 mini explosives that cover an area as big as a football pitch. The bomblets are an historical inheritance from Adolph Hitler. He romantically called them “butterfly bombs”, and he unleashed them on Great Britain. Once Nazi-ism was defeated the bomblets stayed.

The United States used them without restraint in Vietnam. Russia has adopted them in Afghanistan and in Chechnya.According to humanitarian groups, Israel has distributed 4,000,000 bomblets in the Lebanon. 40% of which have not exploded. After the Normandy landing of our soldiers on Lebanon’s beaches I’ve no more news of them. Perhaps they are clearing mines. It’s the beautiful GDP, cluster bomblets are produced, sent out and cleared. The consortium of producing countries usually has the wisdom not to send them out on their own territory. According to Human Rights Watch in Iraq and in Kosovo, the bomblets have killed more civilians than any other weapon. According to there are three types of bomblet State:

The many States that produce them

The few States that use them

The affected countries are always the same ones.

However, there is something that we can do. Ask the Italian Government to approve the draft law 374/97 relating to the banning of anti-personnel mines including cluster bombs. “Even though Italy has signed up to the Convention on anti-personnel weapons, it has not yet ratified protocol V on the unexploded bombs as the ratification legislation is blocked waiting for the opinions of the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Productive Activities. Of the 10 States that ratified the Convention, only 23 have signed the additional protocol.” From

Put your signature here to ban cluster bombs. 200,000 signatures are needed.

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March 23, 2007

War Crazy


I want to put in a good word, to say something positive about the Italians: they don’t love war. For centuries they have preferred to avoid it or get others to do it. And rightly so. They are not ashamed of that.
The politicians haven’t understood this and they don’t want to understand it. One is still in 1945 and the last one brought down the government. The dream of the Italian soldier in war is still the same: an adventure with a woman.
The Rape of the Sabine Women is patriotic history. Faccetta Nera (little black face) is the song of the Ethiopians and then of Ethiopia. The Italian looks after the family.
During the retreat from Russia we sang “Mamma….. just for you my song flies” and the Germans didn’t make out whether we were having a joke at their expense or not.
The wars of independence were won by the French. The first world war was a massacre of deserters with mass shootings. The second world war we lost, then won, then it was a draw. Even now we don’t really know how it ended.
We get to today with the peace mission in the home of the others. With the multinationals of war in other people’s homes.
The occupied kidnap us willingly. They know that we are there against our will, that we are friendly and that the government will always pull out of the hat a few million euro.
The Eni technicians kidnapped in Nigeria have been a great publicity episode for the terrorists. If they had kept then still a few more days they would have enrolled them in the armed struggle against the multinationals.
We live through the American occupation with indifference. If there’s a war they’ll take the necessary measures. But the wars are ALWAYS for them and NEVER for us. Sooner or later we will pay the consequences.
Italy has won the Oscar for “Mediterraneo”, a film in which the integration between Italian soldiers and the occupied Greek population was total, carnal, familial. Our ideal is occupation. Mastrogiacomo has come back to Italy.
He has said that he will never go back to Kabul. He’s done his duty: he has brought a waft of peace. At the peace talks table there will also be the Taliban.
The terrorists have been freed, but perhaps they are patriots. What’s sure is that they are in their own home and we are in the home of the others.
Long live Italy, Italy that has no fear.

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March 15, 2007

Transvestite parliament

photo by Elmada

The C factor has hit the Prodi Government. The spokesperson Sircana has been photographed according to authoritative sources in a road full of transvestites. The 'Velina Rossa' agency near to Massimo D’Alema asks him to resign with these words:
“We consider the honourable Sircana to be an upright person, but in the face of certain accusations he can do nothing but perform a dutiful act: resign immediately from his role as spokesperson.”

Prodi had dedicated two points out of twelve of the new pact between allies to Sircana. He had made him invisible. And he was going for a walk in a road full of transvestites. Just think what would have happened if he had been photographed in intimate circumstances with the parliamentary convicts.
Nothing. In fact. The transvestites transit.. How can you avoid not being photographed? There’s no road without transvestites and no incinerators without DS.
To Prodi I propose a solution to save the face and the backside of Sircana: Emma Bonino and Rosy Bindi. Sircana should do his duty as the male chauvinist spokesperson. He should get secretly photographed with them in a place apart. His reputation would be saved.
Massimo D’Alema has on numerous occasions been seen in political intimacy with Berlusconi. And he’s been photographed without modesty. The independent agency 'Bolina Nera' has written:
“We believe the honourable D’Alema to be an upright person, but in the face of certain accusations he can do nothing but perform a dutiful act: stay at his post to guarantee the ex Cirielli and Pecorella laws.”

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March 10, 2007

A Country of Respect

Scots in Milan from

Respect: a sentiment that leads to the recognition of rights, roles, dignity, decorum in relation to things and people and abstain from causing them offence. (translated into English from Garzanti Dictionary 2006)
Respect in Italy does not exist. Companies don’t respect their clients or their workers. Often precarious, at times murdered. Politicians no longer respect anything: for them the citizens are an optional. Virtues are bullying and ignorance. Italy is a free State. Freer than the others. Where you can do anything. Yes absolutely anything. Better than Disneyland and Las Vegas. And you don’t even have to pay the entrance fee.
Word has got around the whole world. Thousands of happy Scots from Celtic Glasgow transformed the sagrato of Piazza del Duomo into a latrine of beer and vomit. The police in force assisted with great respect. On the motorways Swiss cars flash by at 200 kilometres an hour, free in the Country of the Ferrari. In the bars, they take not just the cash box but also the cashier on the floor. What more could you want in life? It’s a day dream. No rules, no rights except one. The natural right for the family invoked by the Minister for Pardon and Vatican Justice. Rutelli is working to get things changed. He has thought up a new logo, a total respect symbol. Half way between a lumbago and a Parma ham. Rutelli is now completely drained. You could even say he has touched rock bottom. He held a conference in English and he’s got sub-titles.

A speech of enormous political value that will attract thousands of anthropologists and language scholars to the Bel Paese. Attracted by a fundamental question. If Rutelli is a Minister in Italy, what are the Italians like? The Italian people are perhaps the connecting link between the primates and human beings? And is it necessary to show them respect, or is it OK to throw nuts and bananas to them?

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March 09, 2007

A microphone for your nose


A song for Pippo.

”I’ll give you a microphone
A red microphone to break your nose
A microphone for each of your tears to be consoled
It’s a microphone for your nasal cavity
I will give you a rose
A white rose like Bonolis
A white rose that will be useful for forgetting
Every tiny pain
I’m called Fabio and I’m from Turin
I was born in 1948 and I’ve been living in the RAI since I was a child.
I thought I was talking to the devil
That’s why they enclosed me in the Vatican for 40 years
I’m writing this letter to you because I don’t know how to speak
Forgive the handwriting like that of a first form child
And I’m shocked if I experience an erection
But the fault is in the hand that won’t stop fiddling
I’m like a piano with a key broken
The dissonant harmony of a Forza Italia orchestra
And RAI and Mediaset are very similar
In the bit of light that penetrates the opaque windows
I still shit myself because I’m frightened
For the society of the sane I’ve always been rubbish
Smelling of piss and saw dust
This is a mental illness and there is no cure
I’ll give you a microphone
A red microphone to break your nose
A microphone for your nasal cavity
And a rose that can love you
I will give you a rose
A white rose like Bonolis
A white rose that will be useful for forgetting
Every tiny San Remo
Journalists are question marks without sentences
Thousands of space ships that don’t go back to base
They are rag dolls hanging out to dry in the sun
The journalists are apostles of the God that pays them
With the psycho dwarf, I’m making an armchair for me
My pathology is that I’m still alone
Now take a tape measure… measure mine
And look at me and him … who is the most vain?
In the pavilions we made love in secret with Buttiglione
Carving out a corner just for us
I remember the few seconds when we felt alive
Not like true information stacked up in the archives
Of my memories you will be the last one to get lost in the fog
In spite of everything I still wait for you
And if I close my eyes I can feel your hand nearly touching me
I’ll give you a microphone
A red microphone to break your nose
A microphone for each of your tears to be consoled
It’s a microphone for your nasal cavity
I will give you a rose
A white rose like Bonolis
A white rose that will be useful for forgetting
Every tiny pain
I’m called Fabrizio and I wear heels
Dear information I’ve been waiting for you for thirty years
It’s you who’s mad when you believe
When even Pippo betrays me
I’m leaving you this letter and now I must go
Forgive the handwriting like that of a first form child
And are you shocked if I still experience an erection?
Be once more surprised because Fabrizio knows how to use the microphone”

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March 05, 2007

Pay extra for fast train and robbery


The tourist leaving Milan’s Central Station for the South is a new pioneer. A frontier hero. He doesn’t yet know that. But what’s waiting for him is a journey worthy of Gary Cooper and the Prodi government.
Before getting on the train he usually is the subject of theft. There are 6 a day. If he escapes the bag snatchers, once settled in his seat, having squashed the ticks and the flees, there’s nothing he can do against the walking salesmen. Hankies, condoms, razor blades. Followed by the beggars with laments and infants and signs round their necks.
Not even the shadow of railway controllers.
The train finally sets off for the land of the Sun. The night arrives. Passengers retire to their couchettes.
Then the robbers come into action.
They close the Trenitalia personnel in the toilets. And if you have used a toilet on a train you know what that means. They smash the locks on the carriages with sleeping compartments. They wake up the tourist with a couple of blows. They take everything, going from one compartment to the next. And they get a lift in the cars of their colleagues who are going alongside the train.
The tourist arrives cleaned out at Siracusa, at Messina, at Palermo or at Villa San Giovanni. Regenerated from the thrashing received. And for this happening, for this “extra” emotion, he doesn’t even have to pay extra.
In 2006 there were 29 robberies on trains. In 2007, there have been 10 in the first two months. A rhythm of 60 a year. The Compagnie des Wagon-Lits has asked Minister Amato to intervene. They say they cannot go on like this.
Amato can make a pact with the robbers. Introduce a robbery supplement to the ticket. You pay 20% extra for organised crime at the start of your journey. And then you sleep soundly. And furthermore, the Polfer {Polizia Ferroviaria = Railway Police} would no longer be needed. In the end everyone is the winner.

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March 03, 2007

The sacrament strike

photo by kencf0618

In Italy there’s a class of people that worry me. They are the interferers. An interferer is someone who minds everyone else’s business without knowing a thing about them.
The interferers are often on the Talk Shows, they make declarations and they worry about the problems of civil society. Problems that they themselves don’t have. That don’t even come near them. Confindustria, politicians, journalists talk pompously about the Biagi law. In the absence of the people affected. The precarious workers.
Ministers, undersecretaries, Trades Unions express their opinions on those who have died at work. In the absence of the families of the victims.
And the Vatican talks about the Family. A topic that has always been dear to them. Perhaps because the clerics don’t have families.
It’s a form of nostalgia. Civiltà Cattolica warns about the dangers: “of a text that from the viewpoint of the common good is worse.” And the president of the commission on the Family, Monsignor Anfossi doesn’t even want to hear anyone talking about the DICO { DICO = "DIritti e doveri delle persone stabilmente COnviventi"= Rights and duties of stable cohabiting couple}. Because “it’s similar-to-marriage destined for homosexual couples.”
Most Italians are in favour of DICO. Exceptions are the altar boy duo Andreotti-Mastella and a few others. Even Casini, in the secrecy of the divorced is in favour.
Our employees don’t feel like tackling the problem. Let us do it. Let’s declare a sacrament strike. Until the DICO has been approved. Starting with religious marriages. Then we’ll follow with baptisms and funerals. Perhaps freezing the relative for a bit.
The damage to the economy and the image of the Vatican would be enormous. Interrupting the cash flow for the sacraments would lead to bankruptcy.
If even this measure didn’t work, the government could start to interfere in the Vatican. Propose a referendum to get the priests to marry. As Mother Nature wanted. And by substituting the Swiss Guard (Guardie Svizzere) with the Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza).

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February 24, 2007

The 12 points of the Law


The crisis needed a turning point. A strong position. Prodi has done what he had to do. He has been inflexible with his allies. He has put down 12 points that are black on white. He sang them clearly. The points are “not negotiable”.
For schools he asked for “A strong commitment for culture, schools, universities, research and innovation.”
For the South: Constant attention and concrete commitment in favour of the South, starting with security.”
For social security, “Reorganisation of the social security with great attention to financial compatibility and giving priority to low pensions and the young. With a commitment to finding a quota of the resources necessary by rationalization of costs by even unifying social security bodies.”
If Moses had carved out the Ten Commandments with the same clarity, the world would be beset by chaos. However the Secretaries of the Parties have accepted.
With such restrictive points they can stay calm. And manage their own business. On one point, Prodi wanted to be even more precise. Really picky. About communication. Actually 2 of the 12 points are about Sircana.
His spokesperson who “…. to give greater coherence to communication takes on the role of spokesperson of the Executive” and “ If there is any contrasting opinion, the President of the Council has the authority to express the position of the government”
From this you can deduce that Sircana has been speaking in a personal role, and if they were contrasting positions, he kept quiet. Thus all the time.
In the 12 points, worthy of fanfanirumoforlanidemita’s DC, Prodi has inserted 2 things that he will definitely do: Afghanistan (1st point) and the Turin-Lyons TAV (4th point). Be gracious, dear employee of the Council: I have left you a folder with gold lettering. It contained the Citizen Primaries. If you can, can you give it back to me.

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February 21, 2007

Frozen Grandpa

photo by Corto Maltes

Olmo Sivieri, born in 1914, spent 3 years in a freezer at minus 20 degrees, in Aosta. It seems that once dead, his son Gaetano put him there. It was the grandson that found him as he wanted to drink a cold Pepsi Cola.
The hibernated grandpa allowed the son to take home a monthly pension of 2,500 Euro. For a pension like that it’s worth hibernating a grandpa even alive. The son didn’t feel like throwing away this gift from God, and without wanting to, he has given new life to the Italian economy.
The young people are without work. The old people tend to save. Putting a pensioner on ice revitalizes the economy. The higher the value of the pension, the truer the concept. Just think of the pension that the grandchildren of Padoa Schioppa and Romano Prodi could be raking in.
Freezer companies with the slogan “the air of your home” would be flourishing. Together with the old person, you could keep even minestrone and cod to be defrosted. The substitutes, hired to show themselves around every so often. To trick the pensions authorities. There would be so many more job openings. Everyone would certainly copy the head of the family, the one who imitates the psycho dwarf kept nice and cool in the mausoleum at Arcore. To prevent the defrosting of the Centre Right. The elderly pensioner gives flavour to the broth and pays the pension. Problems of possible decomposition, (always possible) and the disappearance of the fixed income could be sorted out with an insurance policy.
With the Findomestic for example. You give up a fifth of the pension and you entrust the mummy to them. If then a young couple happens to be lucky enough to have 2 parents who are pensioners and need freezing, well each one would have their future assured. A pension like an Indian potentate, well just like a parliamentarian.

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February 14, 2007

Tronchetti and stable-mates go home!


The Italian-style farce has lasted too long. In any ordinary company of the size of Telecom Italia the top brass would have resigned immediately after the intercept scandal. Here, they are still there.
There are two possibilities: either they knew or they didn’t know. But I’m a good person, like MontezemoloMuzioScevola who puts his reputation on the line for Tronchetti.
I want to believe that the Bovisa manager duo TronchettiBuora did not know. In this case, given the immense proof of incapacity demonstrated, they should disappear; never let themselves be seen by the shareholders. But they are unmovable, powered by relationships, of the good salons and stinking.
A national shame. A defeat of politics, of the economy, of common sense. And of the previously invincible Guido Rossi.
I have bought a page in today’s Repubblica (English). I have written the text entitled ‘Tronchetti and stable-mates go home!’ I hope that it will wake up the odd conscience. That someone will understand how low we have fallen. RESEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!

First PS: Anyone wanting to contribute to the costs of the advertisement can make a donation to the following current account:

Account holder: Beppe Grillo
ABI 05018
CAB 12100
c/c 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
Reason: tronchetto dell’infelicità.
(The initials and the amounts will be published in the next few days).

Second PS: The Share Action initiative is continuing!

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February 10, 2007

Nowhere man


Mastella from Ceppalonia has received an “Advice of Judicial Proceedings”. It was sent by the Naples prosecutors’ office. It states that he is being investigated for fraudulent bankruptcy when Naples Football collapsed in 2004. Mastella was vice president of the Board of Directors.
The “Advice of Judicial Proceedings” is not a guarantee of guilt. And for me the man from Ceppalonia is innocent until he’s proved otherwise. Free Ceppalonia!
The Minister of Justice has my full solidarity for his splendid defence with which he faced up to the journalists. He blew them away with his celebrated eloquence stating that:
- he had never taken an interest in the management of the club
- he had never received any payments
- he had been invited to take part only because he was an “illustrious fan”
It is completely obvious that an illustrious fan cannot be informed of the facts. He is a nowhere man. He knows nothing. He cannot know anything. He is not there to control how the club is going, but to illustrate and at the same time to give it shine.
We need football shiners as well as shoe shiners.
The position of illustrious fan could take on even judicial value: of do-nothing, ask-nothing and know-nothing. In this way he would be protected from actions by the magistracy and could then continue to shine in the VIP box.

Ps: Nowhere man on YouTube

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February 07, 2007

Signora Maria

Piero Ricca - Occupazione case EN.jpg

Google Video

Maria Cartago is 89 years old. She is a delightful lady who arrived in Milan from Ruvo in Puglia in 1947. Since the death of her husband she’s been living alone in her public housing apartment in Milan. She doesn’t want to go to hospital to have tests on her heart.
She’s frightened that her apartment will be occupied and that she will no longer be able to get back in the home where she has lived for 54 years. Abusive occupancy of the homes in her via Inganni neighbourhood is at 30%. It’s a national phenomenon: from Milan to Cagliari to Rome. Illegality converted into a property system.
After the publication of an article about her, signora Maria has received reassurances from the Town Hall. Someone will guard her home while she is in hospital. Once upon a time it was people in hospital who were guarded. Now it’s the homes of the people in hospital that are guarded. Theft of property inside an apartment is a crime. To steal a whole apartment, walls and contents is however allowed…
A new, job description, apartment guard, can be listed alongside body guard.
Piero Ricca interviewed signora Maria in her own home.

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February 05, 2007

Broken windows

'Broken window' describes a type of social behaviour. If one window in a building gets broken, it’s likely that another one will. If there are two broken windows, the probability that a third is added gets greater. If however the window gets mended, the process usually stops.
Italy is the Country of broken windows. Every time a window is damaged, there’s immediately the queue to:
- break an unlimited number of them
- find a justification for the new antisocial behaviour
- and if necessary, make it legal
Legalization of antisocial behaviour, more simply called “crime”, depends on its dimension. The more people who practise the crime, the more likely it is that Parliament will make a law to make it acceptable, or at least not to be punished.
Normally however, this is not necessary. It’s enough to raise the level of tolerance. Or to insert bureaucratic procedures to block any possible chance of remonstrating or denouncing. If some naïve citizen protests, someone explains to them the rules of uncivil accommodation. It helps to call them populists, demagogues or man in the street.
To insist on the application of the law if it is not being respected, in Italy is an antidemocratic exercise, a wee bit fascist.Every day, new ways are explored, new windows are broken. The pioneers, if they manage to get followers, become successful people, untouchables. At times fugitives from justice. It can happen that they even get squares and streets named after them.
And that they are called statesmen.
The Italian is anthropologically fascinated by broken windows except when the broken window is his. But, in this case, after being initially indignant, he resigns himself and goes off to look for a stone.

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February 01, 2007

Milan-type horrors

Piero Ricca - Milano Citylife EN.jpg
Google Video

900,000 cubic metres of cement. Three skyscrapers up to 23 storeys and 210 metres high, 9,500 car park places. An increased flow of cars estimated to be on a par with a middling-sized town: 20 to 25 thousand cars in an area that is already jammed.
This is the future of a Milan neighbourhood: The Fiera zone. With the Citylife project. The city councillors have not listened to the voices of the thousands of inhabitants of the area.
And when they submitted 3,000 authenticated signatures to explain their reasoning they were not even received by the Cabinet member for the development of the territory Carlo Masseroli (email).
The disaster of the Fiera zone is another step in the removal of natural human rights. In Milan, after the air, now they are taking away even the light of the sun.

Fiera Zone Milan – Before and after

The homes of the Fiera zone will be blacked out by the sky scrapers. So will the tress and the few areas of green. A future of excrement PM10 in the dark.
According to the architect Giuseppe Boatti, interviewed with professor Giorgio Ragazzi by Piero Ricca, the City Council will lose 163 million Euro from this operation. And this is why they have denounced it to the Finance Court for damages to the national heritage. But it is the citizens who will lose 163 million Euro. Their Euro. Not Masseroli or Morattiwifeoftheoily.
Watch the film clip, read the approach to TAR and the reasons for No to the umpteenth ravaging that would damage our lives. We only have one life. Let’s not have them take it away from us.

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January 30, 2007

The indifferent


We live in a virtual reality. In a virtual country. We have a virtual Parliament. Virtual tribunals. Virtual schools. Virtual information. Virtual laws. Virtual work. Virtual duties and rights. The citizen, consequently becomes virtualized. In order to survive, they pretend to live in a real world.
Like a sane person in a mad-house. What remains unexplainable is how this virtual country manages to keep going. You can ask how long it can still keep going. What are we waiting for?
What we have arrived at is indifference. If everything is virtual, a man can die of a heart attack in a coach in Turin and his companions can keep going on their outing to San Remo.
If all is virtual there’s nothing to worry about for the occupation of democracy by the parties. The economy of the country is held up by mafia income. If the mafia didn’t invest their earnings (well above the GDP) in Italy, we would be bankrupt. Dishonesty has become the system. Indifference is a habit.
The collapse of Alitalia is not news. Gronchi and Geronzi being convicted and then getting reintegrated straight away is not news. Telecom spying on the judges is not news.
When the rot can no longer be hidden, then the news comes out. If the rot is useful in a battle between bands then it is revealed as news. It’s true that there are tiny areas of hope.
People who get angry and go out into the streets. For the moment, that’s just local. At Vicenza, Val di Susa, the cities affected by the incinerator plague. They are survival spasms of an organism that is not completely destroyed.
We live in a reality that is mediatically modified. The parties and their media hypnotize us like a serpent with rabbits.
Tomorrow, in front of the mirror, think about that a moment. And start off your day with a change gesture. And then describe it in this Blog. I need that. All the readers of the Blog need that. To recharge themselves. Reset.

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January 28, 2007

Ministers not informed of the facts


Photo: from L'espresso

The Ministers are people who are not informed of the facts. No one ever tells them anything. And when they are informed of facts that are in their area of competence. On things in the public domain. On the stuff that they should administer for us. Then, feeling found out, they react. They get indignant. They are surprised. They make declarations. They make inspections.

A journalist with L'espresso has denounced the hellish conditions in the Policlinico di Roma: "Starting from the porter who clocks in for his absent colleague, to the out of date medicines, right up to the violation of safety and hygiene regulations. Contagious and radioactive laboratories are unguarded, there's dirt and cigarettes everywhere."
After the results of the inquiry were published, the Minister Livia Turco sent the NAS Carabinieri to 321 public hospitals to inspect their hygiene conditions. "It wasn't an action that needed taking" she explained. 181 were not OK.

A Repubblica journalist camped out in Rome's civil Tribunal from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm every day for a week:
"I had the chance to take away documents wrapped up in newspaper. I could have brought out whole trials by hiding them in two lawyers briefcases. I could have penetrated into the most intimate folds of the existence of men and women who for the most varied of motives have been dragged into the justice system by business partners, employees, husbands, wives, competitors, patients, insurers, fellow residents, legal doctors and even by their children. And everything completely or almost within sight. Everything very near. It would be enough to stretch out your neck and open up your bag."
The Minister of Pardon and Justice Clemente Mastella declared:
"Amazing and chilling, but at the same time I notice that it is a situation that it is possible to live with. Even though it doesn't correspond with the needs for privacy nor for justice. I believe that from 2010 we will be able to use telematics for these actions, so as to be able to avoid nasty surprises."
The extraordinary thing is that the facts that have been brought to light have happened in Rome, not in Cuneo or Crotone. At two steps from the Ministries of Health and of Justice. Rome the centre of the world.

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January 24, 2007

The half sermon on the Mount


The weak in Italy are used as guinea pigs. Any bad that can happen, happens to them first. Usually only to them. They are the guinea pigs of our society. The canaries used in the mines to avoid firedamp
The weak live near incinerators. The weak have their public housing removed from them by delinquents. The weak can never allow themselves to disobey the law. The weak don't know lawyers.
The weak are the first to be robbed by fictitious gas inspectors. By the offers of the financiers of the "never-never". If a delinquent is freed thanks to the pardon, he is certainly a neighbour of a weak person.
The weak cannot get sick, they would die. They drink water that's chlorinated, breathe PM10, have the central heating turned off. The weak are usually honest people. They respect the institutions. That's why they are not respected.
Every good law needs a period of experimentation. The weak have this social function.
It's a meritocracy and they preserve the stronger classes from undesirable consequences. A cut to pensions, a new ticket for health services, the Biagi law, a pardon, will they produce social reactions?
The weak are here for this. If they survive, well then you can do it. To the weak our eternal recognition goes. To the weak I want to dedicate a proto evangelic sermon. More proto than evangelic.

The half sermon on the Mount.
"Blessed are the weak, because for them there are the outer suburbs.
Blessed are the weak, because they will be consoled by Previti.
Blessed are the weak, because they will inherit the debts of their parents.
Blessed are the weak that hunger and thirst for injustice because they will have their fill.
Blessed are the weak, because they will find the pusher just outside the house.
Blessed are the weak, because they will see State television.
Blessed are the weak, because they will be called populists.
Blessed are those who are weak because of the justice system because theirs is the reign of Regina Coeli. {Queen of the Skies prison}.
Blessed are you who are weak when they insult you, they persecute you, and lying they say that you are demagogues for my sake.
Be happy and rejoice because great is your social function: that of getting kicked in the backside."

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January 22, 2007

Assassinated on the job


I have received the umpteenth notification from Marco Bazzoni, workers representative for safety. In Italy, work is now worse than AIDS. Unemployment is a problem but in compensation it protects us from an early death.
A labourer working for the State Railway has been knocked down by a moving train. While using a pneumatic drill. And he couldn’t hear anything. Who sent him out to die on that railway line?
The term “fallen at work” is an outrage. Work doesn’t kill. It’s assassins that kill. With a first name and a surname. For lack of care. For greed. Let’s change the words. From now on, let’s say assassinated at work.

PS Elio Catania, the former president of the State Railway, was accompanied to the door for his bad results. With a golden handshake of seven million Euro. He’s back on track as a Board member of Banca Intesa – San Paolo. Best wishes to all his current account holders. Wonderful choice Passera. Wonderful choice.

Rome 19 January 2007 – “We want to know how it was possible that Massimo was alone working on an open track with a pneumatic drill that covered up the noise of arriving trains.”
On the basis of this question a committee has been formed to investigate the truth about the death of railway worker Massimo Romano. It is made up of workers and RSU and PLS delegates of all relevant trades unions, to cast light on the causes of the mortal accident that happened on 15 November near to Monterotondo station, on the Roma-Orte line.
Massimo Romano, labourer with RFI, aged 42, was knocked down by a train in transit, while he was working with a demolition drill on the tracks. This tool however has been found and taken into custody by the police. It was found far from the scene of the accident. In the early days it was said that his presence on the track was not in accordance with his duties. Among other things this is an element on which the magistracy is basing its investigation.
“We don’t want a veil of silence fed by the company to blur the conscience of the workers themselves and that memories of him get covered in dirt so that it is he who is considered responsible for the tragedy” – says Domenico Testa, RLS delegate of the Orsa Trades Union. He is one of the promoters of the initiative.
Stefano Pennacchietti, FILT-CGIL delegate continues “He was a mature and expert worker – and it is in fact not credible that he went on his own initiative to do some work. Our scope is to avoid this tragedy from falling into oblivion and to maintain the battle for security.
The number of accidents is on the increase even in the State Railways that should really be giving a positive and advanced model of work organisation and above all in terms of safety.”

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January 15, 2007



The Erba slaughter is a symptom. A signal. How many signals arrive every day from the body of this sick nation? Two deaths in Rome for fire. People from outside of the European Union squashed like mice in disgusting apartments. Carabinieri beaten up at Livorno while they remove cars parked in forbidden places. To make space for the passage of the fire officers to put out the fire. Eyes stolen from corpses in hospital.
Each morning it's a battle. The mail box brings poverty into our homes. The bulging utility bills for public services. Heavy fines for late payments, even by a single day.
Poisonous taxes like Ici, a tax on saving up for your own house. Payments on debts for the car, the dentist, the school. Children who disappear. Hand held tightly by their parents at each step. And the cruel destruction of the environment. Traffic without order. Dust from cars and from the incinerators that gets inside you. Without anyone lifting a finger. With DS dioxin on the left and oilies on the right.
Home, sixty square metres, becomes a refuge. The new cell for slaves. For those who can afford it. And from a screen the incapables materialize. The ones that make declarations. Every day. Having incapacity in power generates monsters. Olindo and Rosa are symptoms. But it's just the beginning. Others will come.
The group photo in the courtyard at Caserta is a view of the decadence of the nation. Have you seen it? The ones in the photo are deciding our future. With those photos.
They don't even know how to get a knot in their ties. Two days of summit conference like a soufflé. To put up 100,000,000,000 Euro for the South. People in the South don't want that money. One reason is that they won't get it anyway. The money will get stopped on the way. At the Termini station in Rome destined for the parties and the ministries.
And what's left into the pockets of the various mafias. The Cassa del Mezzogiorno has impoverished the South and fattened up the parties. History repeats itself. Without the restoration of the rule of law and investments from abroad the Mezzogiorno {South of Italy} will not take off. 100,000,000,000 is equal to 3 Finance laws. THREE FINANCE LAWS.
They are talking about energy and Rubbia's not there, of infrastructure and Piano's not there, of culture and Fo is not there. There's a deaf noise left. Can you hear it? It's your stomach. The stomach of the nation. That is hungry for the future and for renewal. A noise that brings change or madness. RESET!

P.S. From Maria Fida Moro: "I'm taking advantage of your patience to thank all those who have been supporting me and who have expressed their affection and participation. If anyone wants to write to me, they can do so at"

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January 13, 2007

Pannella intercepted


Pannella has done a big one. He has intercepted the Ministers in conclave. And he broadcast it on radio radicale.
This morning the Blog entered the Caserta Palace. And he intercepted the great old liberist, liberal, libertarion. In a reserved place. The citizens of Italy have the right to know everything about him. It's a question of sound transparency. It's a scoop. Let the audio go round. But don't tell anyone. You know, for privacy.
Download Pannella's audio.

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January 09, 2007

Thanks Gianluigi